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2018.01.04 18:19 lewisz1000 MathMentors

Welcome to MathMentors! This is a community that aims to provide homework help and tutoring for people of all levels of math, ranging from prealgebra to calculus.

2023.02.22 00:38 telmar25 Reading and language arts programs

Hi, while my kids are in public school (3rd and 4th grade), I have had good results supplementing their math over time, first with Kumon, then transitioning to Russian Math and then Beast Academy as we learned more about the advantages and disadvantages of various programs. My kids are deeply knowledgeable about math, but don't have that same deep knowledge about reading and language arts. I feel like there are a huge number of supplemental programs for math, but very few for reading and language arts. It would be ideal for me to use one that at least involved digital tracking or some digital element, as opposed to just a paper curriculum.
We used Lexia Core5 when it was provided by our school system during the pandemic, and that was OK, but my kids breezed through it. We enrolled one in AoPS Academy language arts classes, but I felt like that program was very ad hoc compared with Beast Academy. We used IXL very briefly until I realized that that site was very superficial. And Khan Academy for language arts seems more like a supplemental resource rather than a program. Does anyone have recommendations?
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2023.02.14 04:15 olimewy Chance a junior with a low gpa for NYU, CMU, WashU, and others

Intended Major(s)
visual arts, studio art
GPA, Rank, and Test Scores
No AP courses are offered, only “AT” (Advanced Topics) courses. Not many are available to juniors. Currently taking AT US and AT Entrepreneurship. AT US requires passing a placement test and getting a recommendation. AT Entrepreneurship requires taking two STEM courses and submitting a written statement (there is only one other junior taking this course besides me). For senior year, most of my classes will be AT level. Currently in the 2nd highest level math and highest level french.
Not written
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2023.01.30 10:58 cLowzman How WWE Should Be Booked Until WrestleMania 40

° Austin Theory gets injured by a random Mustafa Ali attack on January 30th episode of Raw.
° Mustafa Ali only stops the attack because of the several tag teams trying to break this up he sees Kofi Kingston and goes to attack Kofi Kingston instead.
° Austin Theory is medically cleared despite his injury to defend his United States Championship at Elimination Chamber where he retains
° Then Seth Rollins, who faked an injury earlier that night reemerges, lowblows Austin Theory, punts him, throws him to the Author's of Pain and Mustafa Ali putting him and Kofi Kingston on the shelf. Seth Rollins is a heel and the Monday Night Messiah is back.
° Instead of the United States Championship being vacated an interim Championship tournament is held.
° Sami Zayn fights valiantly in a gauntlet match to challenge Roman Reigns in Night One of WrestleMania but fails to Karrion Kross.
° Sasha Banks and Naomi returns at WrestleMania and defeat Damage Contrl, Aliyah and Raquel Gonzalez, and Asuka and Alexa Bliss to become Undisputed Women's Tag Team Champions.
° Dominik Mysterio defeats Seth Rollins at WrestleMania and sets his sights on Baron Corbin.
° The Hardy's return to dethrone the Usos and become the Undisputed Tag Team Champions.
° Edge returns as a full time wrestler checking names off of his list including AJ Styles, Bron Breakker, Omos, Bobby Lashley, Johnny Gargano, Walter, Pete Dunne, Kevin Owens, Grayson Waller, LA Knight, Karrion Kross, and Axiom
° Sami Zayn sides with Shane O'Mac and wins an unsanctioned match at Elimination Chamber to get him reinstated.
° Shane O'Mac then resumes his rivalry with Kevin Owens and they have their WrestleMania match with Shane O'Mac winning the rivalry as goes on hiatus; not ends.
° Rhea Ripley challenges Charlotte Flair and loses as Charlotte Flair gets herself disqualified.
° Adam Pearce announces Austin Theory is getting his Money In The Bank contract reinstated as his cash in was on an United States Champion, not a World Champion.
° the night before Money In The Bank Austin Theory wins after The Viking Raiders and New Day repel the Bloodline and cashing in on a Roman Reigns singles match by pinning Ridge Holland to win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.
° Seth Rollins and AOP beat down Austin Theory some more send him packing again.
° Elias vs. John Cena finally occurs at WrestleMania 39 in a Hollywood Dream Match and Elias wins.
° Elias and Ezekiel have a best of seven series against the Hardy's
° Roman Reigns beats down the interim WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Shinsuke Nakamura for fun.
° WWE licenses the Queen of the Ring name and books the Queen of The Ring in a not stupid way, with all of the QOTR matches being on the SuperCard.
° Brock Lesnar evolves into something new and distinct from cowboy Brock and ends his trilogy with Bobby Lashley victorious. No longer a goofy dumbass comedy character.
° Brock Lesnar also returns as a full time wrestler crossing names off of his list.
° Eventually Brock Lesnar vs. Edge is scheduled for SummerSlam.
° Chad Gable kicks Otis out of Alpha Academy and replaced him with Gable Stevenson.
° Otis rebounds with his brother Tucker Knight and reform Heavy Machinery and they take their revenge on Alpha Academy causing them to implode. Then afterwards Otis turns on Tucker not forgetting what happened.
° Otis, now a singles wrestler again wins the MITB contract again and a contract to reinstate his kayfabe wife, Mandy Rose.
° At Survivor Series AJ Styles argues he's still MITB since he unhooked the briefcase at WWE towers all the way back. The briefcase dropping into Otis' hand didn't make it Otis'.
° AJ Styles briefly reunited with Omos of the Hurt Business force Otis to put the briefcase on the line at Survivor Series.
° AJ Styles wins the Money In The Bank briefcase at Survivor Series.
° At SummerSlam, Seth Rollins has Roman Reigns number no longer as Reigns vanquishes Seth Rollins and laters repells his lackeys.
° Day One as a SuperCard is reinstated and the first match is championship unification between Nakamura and Theory with Theory being victorious.
° Ricochet defeats Austin Theory later that night for the United States Championship.
° At the 2024 Royal Rumble The AOP end the Hardy's Undisputed Tag Team Championship reign.
° Otis pummels AJ Styles and climbs the ladder to regain his Money In The Bank contract.
° 2024 Royal Rumble, Austin Theory takes out Number 30 Solo Sikoa to replace him and then Otis cashes in on him during the Royal Rumble Match in the ring.
° At WrestleMania the AOP offer to sell their Undisputed Tag Team Championships to the Usos, but they refuse causing them to be stripped of the gold.
° At WrestleMania Shane O'Mac vs Kevin Owens occurs in three stages of hell with Kevin Owens winning and finally putting their feud to rest.
° Elias finally wins a Symphony of Destruction Match at WrestleMania after getting the song licensed for the match and pins Braun Strowman.
° Bayley and Sasha Banks revisit their rivalry with Sasha Banks making Bayley tap out.
° Austin Theory renews his hostilities with Seth Rollins as redebuting Murphy cost him the newly regained WWE World Heavyweight Championship, in the meantime Austin Theory managed regained the belt with help from Tucker Knight, put AOP and Murphy out of commission, and defeats Seth Rollins in their WrestleMania blow-off.
° Otis makes Tucker Knight count the lights in their WrestleMania blow-off and sets his sights on Austin Theory.
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2023.01.27 14:34 Primary-Speed-5093 High level figure skating coaches

After the recent coaching changes I started wondering abt coaches in general. I know Yuzuru is usually popular for being Orser's student but didn't he learn his amazing jump technique from a Japanese coach? Does that coach train anyone else atm? It would be great if more ppl were taught good technique it's hard to unlearn these things when you're older. Anyways I wanted to shortlist some popular high level figure skating coaches for singles skaters plus a few of their notable students for the ones who aren't very well known.
KOREA (we almost never talk abt individual fs coaches in Korea but the following 3 have lots of fan favourite skaters)
Hyungkyung Choi- Yelim, Eunsoo, Minsol, Yujae
Hyunjun Chi- Jun, Haein, Chaeyeon
Park Bit-na - Jia Shin
Kinoshita Academy(Mie Hamada) - Satoko, You , Rika, Mao Shimada
MF Academy (Kensuke Nakaniwa)- Rinka, Ami
Sysmex (Sonoko Nakano) - Kaori,Mai, Tatsuya
Utako Nagamitsu- Daisuke, Keiji , Takeru, Nozumu
Noriko Sato- Wakaba, Kao , Rion
Machiko Yamada- Midori, Sota, Rino Matsuike
Rafael Arutyunyan
Frank Carroll - Evan Lysacek
Tom Zakrajsek - Mirai Nagasu
Tammy Gambill - Karen, Audrey, Amber
Coaches based in EUROPE
SSS (Stephane Lambiel)
Young goose academy (Lorenzo Magri) - Kurakova
Michael Huth- Carolina Kostner
TCC (Brian Orser )
Ravi Walia- Kaetlyn Osmond
Lee Barkell
Sambo-70 (Eteri)
AOP (Plushenko)
Mishin - Liza, Kolyada, Plushenko, Yagudin, Kostner
Tatiana Tarasova - Ilia Kulik
Nikolai Morozov - Shizuka, Miki Ando
Ofc there many more coaches but I picked the most popular skater's coaches. If there is anyone I missed pls let me know.
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2023.01.14 02:32 contr4st_ AMC 8 Resources

I am currently prepping for this year's AMC 8, as well as future AMCs in my schooling. For the past few weeks, I've been going online to look for resources that could help with my learning. I've got the main websites and sources, like AoPS (Art of Problem Solving), Khan Academy, Math Academy, Various youtube channels, etc... I feel like I am missing out on some stuff so if any of you experienced out there could recommend any websites/books to get better at mostly competition math? (If you know of any other reddit posts asking the same question as I did, pls add link).
Thanks in advance.
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2022.11.21 03:09 HowToBook Rate My Provisional Survivor Series Card

Firstly before I start listing off what's occuring I need to explain where my TEW save is. The save started just after MITB and ran months ahead of WWE as I was doing it.
I have had breaks and what not hence I am only on Survivor Series
I have resigned the talent WWE have resigned
But I haven't called up Solo Sikoa yet
AJ Styles has broke his back in the build up to Clash at the Castle which was a cursed show for myself as originally Drew was to face Roman and got injured for 2 months, then AJ got injured.
Sami Zayn broke his leg in a match against Drew McIntyre also.
Furthermore the tag titles are now in the hands of the Street Profits in a storyline where The Usos have been disappointing Reigns and making Reigns heavily insecure.
Damage Ctrl has not yet debuted and Sasha and Naomi have come back to join the Bloodline as honorary members. Reigns let Banks and Naomi join as they knew their worth and left but the Tribal Chief needs them to wrestle for his company
G1 style tournament being held for Crown Jewel where a Smackdown and Raw bracket for both men and women were held with Finn Balor winning the men's and Sasha Banks winning for the women
Judgement Day have been heavily pushed and Dominik Mysterio has not yet joined
So here's the Card
Main Event - Winner Takes All War Games Roman Reigns (C) and the Usos Vs McIntyre and the Street Profits (c) Vs the Judgement Day (Reigns is making the play that he'll win the tag titles back, McIntyre is teaming with the Profits to back off the Bloodline, Judgement Day are in to eat up the pin and make it War Games like Sanity Vs AoP and Roddy Vs Undisputed Era Solo Sikoa is making his debut to help the Bloodline win with weapons making himself the street fighter NXT was building him up as)
Bray Wyatt Segment, I want to set up Wyatt Vs Wyatt as a match, it'll be a cinematic angle more than a match but it'll be Uncle Howdy Vs Fiend more than anything. I want Howdy to tame the Fiend as opposed to beating it
IC Championship Vs United States Gunther Vs Bobby Lashley (who wouldn't want to see this match)
Sheamus Vs Braun Strowman, Brawling Brutes targeted Braun after Braun returned
Smackdown Women's Championship Liv Morgan (c) Vs Sasha Banks (Banks won the Grand Prix at Crown Jewel)
Cody Rhodes comeback vowing he's going to win the Rumble, Seth interupts setting up a finale between them at Day One, Loser leaves Raw (Nd joins Smackdown lol)
Raw Women's Championship Bianca Belair (c) Vs (Now Heel) Asuka (Damage Ctrl run in was planned) (Asuka turned heel on Bliss and targeted Bianca)
Karrion Kross Vs Adam Pearce (Kross has been a bit of a dick as of late pushing round management instead of losing to McIntyre, he's attacked people backstage etc.. Adam Pearce has tried everything to stop Kross, set up Kross Vs Ricochet at Survivor Series but Kross brutalised him so Scrap Daddy said he's gunna do it)
Team Logan Paul (Logan Paul, Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods, Rey Mysterio and Dominik Mysterio) Vs Team Miz (The Miz, Otis, Gable, Ciampa and Austin Theory) - Basically Ciampa is fed up with his team let the faces beat Alpha Academy, tag himself in and go on a tear eliminating the New Day and dropping Rey Mysterio before tagging Theory, leave himself out of the match until Logan and Dominik eliminate Theory leaving a 3 on 2, he then eliminates Rey and Dominik leaving Paul and Miz to fight it out. Paul beats Miz and Ciampa ruins him shouting about not being a real wrestler
Grudge Match Seth Rollins Vs Matt Riddle (Their Rivalry was delayed as Seth had to face Roman at Clash in the Castle)
Edge Vs Kevin Owens (Owens claims he's the best opportunist and Canadian and will beat Edge)
Team Flair (Flair, Nikki Cross, Doudrop, Shayna Baszler and SUPRISE Entrant Mandy Rose (only for the night before she goes back to NXT) Vs Team Lynch (Lynch, Mia Yim, Alexa Bliss, Shotzi Blackheart and Raquel) (I didn't send Lunch on a break like WWE did after Summer slam so this is her "lol going on break now" match)
Number 1 contenders match for Raw/Smackdown (winner faces either Gunter or Bobby Lashley on their next show (main event of a week show), if they are on Raw they face Lashley, if they are on Smackdown they face Gunther)
Gargano Vs Ali Vs Butch Vs LA Knight (Pete Dunne is winning so he can have a Belter against Gunther like Sheamus did lose and put the blame on Sheamus so they can feud and he can claim back his real name of Pete Dunne)
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2022.11.12 23:32 nWo1997 Some not-as-remembered moments from the first half of the year

As I listened to old wrestling podcasts at work, I realized that there was a lot of stuff I forgot happened this year, or stuff that I felt like only I and a few others remember. This was, after all, a chaotic year for both WWE and AEW, so matches, moments, and storylines from the first half of the year (before those big changes in the companies) might have slipped some minds.
This post started as a question of what some of those things were, and while that is still on the table, the post kinda turned into a list on its own. I figured that we'll be getting a lot of lists next month, so I'm focusing on the first 6 months this year. Figured I should get ready, or at least try to provide some pre-prepared moments for them. Also, it's getting late on my Cake Day and I should probably do something.
These aren't necessarily good moments or bad moments. These are mostly things that at least seem to have been slightly forgotten, and are mentioned to make you think "oh yeah, that happened." And, in total fairness, some matches that you should watch that may have been missed.
WWE Main Roster
NXT UK (really, I could say "all of the things from NXT UK," since about 12 people watched it and I'm one of the 12, but still. Also, these are by the air date, not the taping date)
Did these trigger any memories for you, buried in those of life and the second half of the year? What are your forgotten moments from the first half of this year?
EDIT: forgot a few. I'll try to leave it at these.
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2022.11.07 15:26 ArkansasOfficeProd If school is just the building they go to in order to be taught, it is hard to get excited but with a little organized effort students can become engaged and excited to be participating in making their school year great! It can start with posters and banners promoting school events & activities!

If school is just the building they go to in order to be taught, it is hard to get excited but with a little organized effort students can become engaged and excited to be participating in making their school year great! It can start with posters and banners promoting school events & activities! submitted by ArkansasOfficeProd to u/ArkansasOfficeProd [link] [comments]

2022.10.28 23:48 learning-to-programm How to best use openstax to study?

I've just started the pre algebra openstax book, and i was very excited, but now after reaching the end of the first section and skimming it a little, I'm starting to reconsider my approach.
I'm wondering, if I want to develop some strong math fundamentals (and also advanced skills when the time comes), should i do all the exercises? Like, not that I'm trying to be lazy or anything; but there's an overwhelming amount of exercises. I was wondering if it was recommended to do all/most of them, or just do a few and skip the rest once you feel comfortable, or do every odd one or something?
That is, assuming you're trying to get the most out of the book, in a reasonable amount of time.
While searching this sub for this topic, a common suggestion i found was to use it alongside Khan academy.
Another observation i saw, was that openstax exercises are relatively easy and repetitive (compared to something like AoPS); so i thought maybe i could each section on openstax, and do the respective exercises there and in AoPS? What do you think (is it a good idea in my particular case)?
For some background: i decided to start (re) learning math from scratch because i had some gaps in my knowledge. I found this video inspiring, and it is what gave me an idea of where to start initially and a rough roadmap. The problem is that it recommended following AoPS - and as we all know, those books are really expensive. So i then found out about openstax, and it looked like a good alternative to AoPS's curriculum.
But anyway, the reason main reasons I'd like to learn math are to 1) prepare for an undergraduate degree in Computer Science or Engineering, 2) prepare for the admission tests required to get into those majors in the first place lol, and 3) For the sake of it, (a lot of people mention developing strong problem solving skills due to getting better at math, plus it would enable me to dive deeper into DS&A, and give me a foundation to understand cool things like game dev).
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2022.09.30 18:17 BunyaminS54 Any suggestions for this draft?

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2022.09.02 19:57 cLowzman Fantasy Booking Teams in WWE (Quickie)

Ciampa, Ricochet and FTR form the New Club after beating down AJ Styles and the OC.
Seth Rollins reforms The Acolytes with Austin Theory and AOP with a beatdown of the returning American Nightmare: Cody Rhodes.
The Street Profits disband amicably.
The Mysterios disband on bad terms but without a fight or rivalry.
The New Day get their revenge on The Brawling Brutes now lead by the Bruiserweight Pete Dunne, they lose their next rivalries to The Viking Raiders, New Club and Acolytes and then win their final rivalry defeating The Original Club and Imperium.
The Bruiserweight Pete Dunne takes over as leader of the Brawling Brutes after Sheamus loses the IC Championship to Walter and attacks the reformed New Day. Pete Dunne the next day ends up winning the IC Championship from Gunther and entering a year long rivalry with The Usos and Alpha Academy. After the year long feuds, Pete Dunne in his 2nd IC Championship reign gets dethroned by Big E and the Brawling Brutes turn on each other.
Damage Control rebrands as the New Golden Role Models and defeat Boss N'Glow and various women's tag team in a Survivor Series gauntlet match for WWE Women's Tag Team Championships.
Otis turns face beating Chad Gable after he was a sore loser against Gable Stevenson in a submission match.
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2022.08.31 12:03 morondrill Math enrichment classes for a 2nd Grader

My 7 year old loves solving math puzzles and I am looking for classes than can keep him engaged and help build his problem solving skills.
There are a lot of options with few reviews online. Any recommendations for fun math classes for a second grader?
The programs that I am currently considering - Russian School of Math (Redmond), Prime Factor Math Circle (Redmond), Aops Academy (Bellevue)
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2022.07.02 01:35 Drakeishere_RUN A New Era in WWE - Part 3

July 18th 2022

The Bloodline open the show to make an announcement. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns reveals that he will be starring in a new horror film directed by a young up and coming company called Sinaster Productions. Follow us on instagram! This project will take him away from the company, so after he smashes Brock Lesnar at Summerslam; he's taking a hiatus with the championship. Solo Sikoa will win the King of the Ring Tournament and hold the fort down while Roman is away. The Uso's will continue as the most dominant Tag Team Champions of all time. The Bloodline is forever. TRIPLE H'S MUSIC ERUPTS THROUGH THE ARENA! The Game makes his way out in a suit and soaks in the huge ovation from the WWE Universe. Reigns asks HHH why the hell he thought it was a good idea to interrupt The Tribal Chief. The King of Kings is here to make his own announcement, effective immediately; Triple H is the new CEO of WWE! Mr. McMahon is gone, and so is all of Roman Reigns' good will with the Board of Directors. The WWE needs a champion who appears on the show, is already ready to defend the title at all costs. Reigns tells Triple H that he keeps this ship afloat, he better acknowledge him and leave the Tribal Chief's ring immediately. They go face to face, as HHH announces that Roman versus Brock at Summerslam is cancelled! Brock Lesnar has suffered an injury and will be unable to compete..... The Game leaves the ring and walks up the ramp before finishing his announcement. At Summerslam, Roman Reigns will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in an Elimination Chamber Match!!! The Bloodline are furious with Paul Heyman begging Reigns not to unleash his wrath.... Triple H says that the King of the Ring Tournament will continue, but tonight is about Qualifying for the Elimination Chamber. Let the show begin!


We get a recap video of Triple H's huge announcement and see World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns leaving the arena with Paul Heyman in a limousine.

Earlier today, Michael Cole sat down with Bobby Lashley, who introduced his new manager Malcolm Bivens! (Resigned by Triple H) Bivens builds Lashley up like the destroyer he is, and promises Tommaso Ciampa that The Almighty haveth no mercy for the wicked.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Bobby Lashley w/ Malcolm Bivens vs. Tommaso Ciampa
Winner- Bobby Lashley by pinfall via Spear. (10:21)

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Seth Rollins vs. AJ Styles
Winner- AJ Styles by pinfall via two consecutive Styles Clashes'. (16:17)

A video package highlighting the new WWE United States Champion Rex Steiner's huge debut last week. Rex Steiner promises to be a champion of the people, and defend the US Title weekly.

Cut to Austin Theory approaching Triple H backstage. Theory realizes that Mr. McMahon isn't in power anymore, but maybe Triple H could do one last favour for his father in law and fire Adam Pearce. HHH tells Theory to cut the crap, he no longer has special privileges around here, BUT he will be given the same opportunities as all the other superstars. Tonight, Theory will have a chance to qualify for the elimination chamber...... against Drew McIntyre! Theory wants to talk about it but The Game tells him to go get ready, the CEO has work to do.

Non Title Match\ Ludwig Kaiser on commentary*
Winner- GUNTHER by pinfall via Lariat and Powerbomb. (4:05)

Next up is a pre-taped segment where Riddle visits Randy Orton at the hospital. Riddle surprises Orton with balloons and congratulates his best friend on a successful surgery. Hilarity ensues. Orton hugs Riddle and tells him to go back and kick Kevin Owens' ass. Riddle says he'll be on RAW next week, and he's coming to get KO!

We get a hype video for RAW's newest superstar Wes Lee. He has no limits inside or outside of the ring, and next week he'll make his RAW debut and start his rise through to the top.

King of the Ring Opening Round Match
Omos w/ MVP vs. Dolph Ziggler vs. Bobby Roode
Result- Omos wins by submission via Torture Rack. (4:09)

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Drew McIntyre vs. Austin Theory
Winner- Austin Theory by disqualification. (6:09)

Singles Match
Kofi Kingston vs. Chad Gable w/ Otis
Winner- Chad Gable by pinfall via Rolling-German Suplex. (8:26)

WWE United States Championship Open Challenge
Rex Steiner (c) vs. Jinder Mahal
Winner- Rex Steiner by pinfall via Military Press Powerslam. (1:16)

Backstage AJ Styles approaches Finn Balor and tells him to stay out of his business. He doesn't need help to win matches, he hates outside interference. He's the best damn wrestler in the world and he'll prove it by himself. Balor warns Styles, he'll learn that it's good to have friends around here soon enough.

Over in Adam Pearce's office, Triple H commends him on the job he has done as General Manager. The Game won't always be here to stop the madness that goes down, so he has hired Pearce a security team..... The Authors of Pain walk into frame. Triple H pats his boys on the back and promises Pearce that this two are the right men for the job. Triple H leaves them to get acquainted. Pearce tries to introduce himself, but appears a bit intimidated by his shows new security.

Squash Match\ Bianca Belair on commentary*
Mandy Rose w/ Toxic Attraction vs. Aliyah
Winner- Mandy Rose by pinfall via Bed of Roses. (3:19)

Kevin Patrick is backstage with Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and the man who is about the wrestle in the main event Butch. Sheamus says they are now known as the Foreign Horsemen, and they are going to be a dominant group that beats the piss out of everybody. Butch starts to cut a promo but becomes enraged, attacking the camera man!

Backstage, Adam Pearce and The Authors of Pain approach The Bloodline's locker room. Knock. Knock. Knock. Solo Sikoa whips open the door, looking at AOP sideways. The Uso's approach as well wondering what the hell is up, Uce. Pearce informs them that the main event for next week has just been made, and The Bloodline will be in a six man tag team match. Their opponents will be The Creed Brothers and a partner of their choosing. Sikoa says The Bloodline look forward to breaking some bones next week, and there's a brief face off with The Uso's and AOP.

Main Event- Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match
Finn Balor w/ Rhea Ripley vs. Butch w/ The Foreign Horsemen
Winner- Finn Balor by pinfall via 1916. (11:15)

CONFIRMED FOR NEXT WEEK (Go Home Show to Summerslam)

8 Upvotes & Part 4 will drop tomorrow
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2022.06.17 06:48 duffingtonbear How much calculus knowledge is required going into AP Physics C?

Taking AP Physics C this coming year as a junior and I'm going to be concurrently enrolled in Calc BC. Thus, the only prerequisite calc knowledge I have going into this class is the very simple derivative rules I learned at the end of my precalc class (chain rule, product quotient, inverse, trig derivatives, all that basic stuff). Right now, I've been self-studying a good amount of calculus using Khan Academy as well as the AOPS book, but I'm wondering how much calculus I should learn going into the course.
I've asked friends and have gotten very very mixed opinions lol. Some say I shouldn't worry about it at all, while some say they wouldn't recommend it until I take the Calc III course my school offers.
I'm just looking for a brief list of calculus topics I should self-study going into the course. My friend told me to study basic derivatives/integrals as well as differential equations and U-sub. Any similar lists like that would be super helpful. Thank you!
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2022.05.31 07:10 BorBurison Comic Finn update

Respect Finn the Human

"This won't work."
"...Why not?"
"Because you're not just trying to kill me. You're trying to kill an idea. And killing an idea never works. I'm Finn the human, and I'm the one thing you can't destroy. You can call me hope."
Born to two humans and raised by two dogs, the life of Finn closely resembled that of the main universe Finn, until the return of the Lich. Instead of trying to reach the Time Room and wish for the extinction of all life, he found a Bag of Holding and decided to suck Earth into it and throw it into the sun. This caused the citizens of Ooo to band together in order to defeat the Lich, resulting in the Lich being thrown into the sun and (mostly) out of the series. Even with this causing changes to the course of the series, Finn remained more or less the same, continuing to be the hero of Ooo for the whole series.
Source key
Even though the comics aren’t canon to the show, most of the events of the show happen in the comics as well, so Finn should reasonably scale to his TV show counterpart
Comic Jake
Striking (with weapons)
[Root sword]()
[Snake sword]()
Finn Sword
The Sword of Lun
Eons ago, ancient beings called the Cosmic Elementals ravaged the universe. That is, until Lun, the Cosmic Elemental of Ice, betrayed her brethren and sacrificed herself to seal them away, creating a magical sword to re-imprison them should they ever return.
Candy sword
Ribbon sword
Dimension sword
Primordial Ooze
While exploring the caves under his house, Finn and Jake's father Joshua discovered a cavern filled with strange goo. This goo was pure spacetime, with the ability to wipe any living thing it touched from existence. The only thing remaining of whatever it touches is a statue that would return them to existence if broken.
While Finn was an agent of S.W.E.E.T.S, Finn was given equipment by Peppermint Butler to help him and Jake steal the Oilyfaunt drive from the King of Ooo.
Hat of Popular Glamour
“You can’t judge yourself by what others think and do, Jake! I’m GLAD you haven’t changed too much, because I love you how you are. You’re the only magical dog best friend I’ve got, and that’s so important to me. Who cares if Casey gave us an easy job for the wedding? I’m sure it wasn’t meant to mean “Jake is immature and this is the most complicated thing he can handle.” PROBABLY it was meant as “Jake is important to me and I don’t want him to be distracted with work during this special day!” Besides, an easy job just gives us more time to enjoy the ceremony!”
“You’re right, Finn! I’m super amazing and my insecurity has been ERASED! How’d you get so wise, buddy?”
“It was easy. Y’see, I have this really smart best friend.”
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2022.02.03 15:43 virgin77i Rebooking the Mens Rumble

So I already did the booking/predictions but that sways more on the fantasy side of things considering the "Forbidden Door" shit so now I'm gonna rebook it more realistically now that the rumble has passed and might keep a few things the same

I'm gonna keep the 1st 3 entrants
  1. AJ Styles
  2. Shinsuke Nakamura
  3. Austin Theory
Very good start and I will also keep AJ as the ironman
  1. Shane McMahon
Shane should be in this match just not at #28, putting him here let's us (or WWE) revisit the storyline between AJ and Shane aswell as this Shane/Theory thing
  1. Bobby Roode
  2. LA Knight
  3. Kofi Kingston
  4. Omos
  5. Chad Gable
  6. Randy Orton
Omos elimination stays the same with Gable directing traffic to eliminate him, I'd have Omos do the Kofi elimination spot instead of Kevin and and putting Orton 1/3rd of the way in gives him more time to spend in the rumble as the hometown guy
  1. Sheamus
  2. Ricochet
  3. Sami Zayn
  4. Johnny Knoxville
  5. Bron Breakker
  6. Dolph Ziggler
  7. Rey Mysterio
  8. Big E
  9. Dominik Mysterio
  10. Happy Corbin
  11. Drew McIntyre
  12. Montez Ford
  13. Riddle
  14. Otis
  15. Cesaro
  16. Kevin Owens
  17. Damian Priest
28 Bad Bunny
  1. Shelton Benjamin
  2. Roman Reigns
Removals: Angelo Dawkins, Ridge Holland, Rick Boogs, Brock Lesnar & Madcap Moss
There's no need for Dawkins, Boogs or Madcap at all. Ridge will act as a muscle ala AOP & Murphy in 2020 and no brock ever
Roman will have lost his Universal Title to Seth Rollins in the opener
  1. Shane McMahon by AJ Styles
  2. Kofi Kingston by Omos
  3. Omos by Gable, Styles, Nakamura, Theory, Roode & Knight
  4. Bobby Roode by LA Knight
  5. Johnny Knoxville by Sami Zayn
  6. Sami Zayn by Bron Breakker
  7. Dolph Ziggler by Bron Breakker
  8. Ricochet by Bron Breakker
  9. Rey Mysterio by Dominik Mysterio
  10. Dominik Mysterio by Bron Breakker
  11. Chad Gable by Randy Orton
  12. Happy Corbin by Drew McIntyre
  13. LA Knight by Bron Breakker
  14. Riddle by Alpha Academy
  15. Otis by RKBRO
  16. Austin Theory by AJ Styles
  17. Montez Ford by AJ Styles
  18. Shelton Benjamin by Shinsuke Nakamura
  19. Damian Priest by Bad Bunny
  20. Cesaro by Sheamus & Ridge
  21. Bad Bunny by Roman Reigns
  22. Big E by Roman Reigns
  23. Sheamus by Randy Orton
  24. Bron Breakker by Roman Reigns
  25. Shinsuke Nakamura by AJ Styles
  26. Randy Orton by Roman Reigns
  27. Roman Reigns by Drew McIntyre
  28. AJ Styles by Kevin Owens
  29. Drew McIntyre by Kevin Owens
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2022.01.26 23:20 ExplosiveCarnage [Spoilers C3E11] (Slight Spoilers for Tal'Dorei Reborn) Disappointing NPC Design Redesign

So I recently received my copy of Tal'Dorei Reborn. I'm not particularly planning on running a Tal'Dorei campaign nor do I play in games that are likely to allow me to use the homebrew subclasses, so going into this book I was here specifically for the monster statblocks. This post is specifically about the Vox Machina statblocks offered at the very end of the book. I will go into detail about why, but in short I was dissapointed with the method used to translate Vox Machina into NPCs. They are mostly 1-1 translations. I understand why, some people want to use the Vox Machina as they are in their campaign. But, in my opinion, player character sheets make for poor NPC combatants. A level 20 player has to keep track of 22 slots, which is a lot, and keep track of gods know how many spells- which most people end up forgetting for the most part. If you wanted to run VM as the original group (Excluding Vax and Tary) as they are offered in this book, you have to keep track of 77 spell slots and remember the effects of 76 spells. This is accounting for repeats between characters, and the effects explained in the statblocks themselves.
To be clear, I love CR, I love Matt and his monster design. But I think these statblocks can be streamlined to be more DM friendly without sacrificing creativity and challenge.
You can skip this paragraph, it's just to give a bit of context as to why I care. I am personally in the process of translating some previous characters (a handful are mine, some are my friends characters) into teachers at an adventurer academy. I had hoped this book might spark an idea in me that changes how I do this. It did give me the idea to list spell levels next to abilities, acting as a compromise between how WOTC are doing monsters going forward and not making counterspell redundant. But for the most part, it made me realize why direct translations don't work as well as think more carefully about how I lay out statblocks to make running them easier for myself. The purpose of this post is to fuel the ideas of others, as well as let me put some ideas into words, not to dunk on CR.

For the Purpose of this Post, I will talk about Grog's statblock. If people want it, I'll also cover Scanlan in a future post to show how Spellcasters can be better streamlined. I don't want to go over each member of VM though, as I don't want to deter people from the book nor invalidate it for some people. While translating Grog may seem simple enough, looks can be deceiving. At current, I have some issues with the statblock provided. - Firstly, it's minor but his hit points using his class die rather than being based on his size. This has been done before, but as far as I know only in Hoard of the Dragon Queen and that was before the system had truly been set in stone. Every monster since then has followed this system. Out of personal preference I'm going to make it 23d8+138+46.
- Secondly, Grog's main thing is attacking. It should be a fairly simple process, considering it's what you'll be doing the most. But let's break down how this will actually work. First, you go to roll an attack roll. You have to remember to check for Reckless, and for Great Weapon Master. This forces you to look at three separate sections of the statblock every time you attack, and Grog gets three of these. Oh, you've rolled a crit! Now you roll damage. You need to read the damage for the weapon, the damage addition from GWM and remember to check Brutal Critical. This takes precious seconds out of a fight which already take an eternity to resolve. GWM just doesn't make for a good ability to stick on an NPC. Players can afford to take a gamble most of the time, but the system is less forgiving to NPCs. There's also the rage ability, which will get its own seperate paragraph. In short, I appreciate the fact that the rage damage is already in the attacks so I don't have to remember that, unless Grog falls unconcious at which stage I need to remember to remove it with each attack. Regardless, I don't think either rage nor GWM are suited to an NPC, and for my redesign I will replace both abilities (for damage purposes) with the Brute trait. Brutal critical is fine, but I think it shouldn't be a trait and should instead be included in the description of each attack so the DM is reminded of it every time they go to roll damage. Reckless is fine as it is.
- Thirdly, influencing initative is great for players, less so for DMs. Especially in an encounter with multiple combatants. Feral Instinct means that you as a DM need to read Grog's sheet before rolling initative. I'd much rather substitute it for something like blindsight, or changing the affect so it prevents Grog from being surprised.

- Fourthly, Spell Breaker is complicated and not very useful. Exchange it for Magic Resistance.

- Fifthly, I'll now come onto Rage. Having to refer to his bonus action section constantly is inconvenient when running a monster. I'd rather not have to scour his sheet every time he takes damage or is subjected to a condition to check if he's resistant or immune to them. In my redesign I'll remove this ability entirely, and I'll take a page out of WOTC book when they translated a barbarian player into an NPC. I'll make Grog permanently resistant to non-magical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing damage. If this isn't potent enough for you personally, remove the non-magical part. I'll also make him permanently immune to being charmed or frightened. In doing so, I can put these parts of his character in the sections I as a DM are used to seeing them- the damage and condition section of a statblock under the actual stat arrays. A small change that just speeds combat up a little more for me. I'll also get rid of the damage buff, as already stated, and make it so he always makes 3 attacks.

- Sixthly, Grog physically cannot fail the Relentless Rage saving throw. The only way as written to actually kill him is power word kill. For my redesign, I'll change it to be more similar to undead fortitude to allow Grog the potential to actually fail.

- Now for the stuff they didn't include in the sheet that I want to. His racial abilities are completely absent from the sheet, for seemingly no reason. In my Redesign, I will include these traits. Grog was around before the Goliath updates, so I didn't include the cold resistance but feel free to do so at your own games. Secondly, second wind is fairly easy to translate and missing from the statblock. I'll have it just heal a flat 20 instead of a roll, for simplicity. Finally, I want to honour his battlemaster side a little. I was tempted to add abilites like the Martial Adept's options each time it hits with an attack, but that would overbloat the attack descriptions. Instead, I will give Grog the NPC version of the parry ability.

- Finally, Why do none of VM have legendary actions? I don't expect every group in their campaigns to have them. Some groups are completely unheard of in the greater world. But Vox Machina are living legends known across a continent. This is exactly what legendary actions are for! I'm giving Grog legendary actions. I want one of them to give him more mobility options, in case hes being absolutely pressured into fleeing by his friends but also to encourage me and my fellow DMs to use the enviroment more. Taking inspiration from the boots of feral leaping, I'll give Grog the ability to jump 25 feet as a legendary action without AOPs. Next, I'll reintroduce one of Grog's weaker abilities. Intimidating Presence. I'll rework it slightly, but hopefully making it a legendary action gives it greater utility then having to waste actions on it. Finally, doubling down on using the enviroment, I'll give him an ability that will allow him to take advantage of his jumping even in flat terrain.

After all my changes are in effect, Grog ends up with a CR of 20, a but higher than his previous one. Although he's still in the same sort of power range, and this is only using book numbers. In practice, he will likely be around the same.

TLDR; Some player abilities aren't great for an NPC, and where you place abilities on the sheet is important. The places you need to look on the sheet in order to do things should be kept to a minimum, while avoiding overbloating the action descriptions.

(Made using the Homebrewery)
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2021.11.23 01:03 RegExr Available Now: Pop! Deluxe Album Nsync . Order The New 23 Wide Deluxe Album Exclusively At Walmart Today! Purchase Links

Hi everyone. Preorder links for this product will automatically be added below as they are found. If you find any links not listed here, post them below for other people to see! A small commission may be earned through purchases made via links on this post. Proceeds are directly used to fund this automated service.


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2021.08.11 04:26 Oistcute I'm a 10th grader.

I'm a 10th grader who's looking to get into competition math. I hear AoPS is a really good resource. How do I get started with this and maybe achieve my unrealistic goals? So far all I'm doing is Khan Academy (I'm doing geometry).

P.S: I'm really far behind. Due to the pandemic, I only finished algebra I in 9th grade. I'm gonna take algebra II/trigonometry (yes, where I live it's 2 subjects joined into 1 class/course) or geometry. So yes, I'm, like a fetus to the math world. It will take an insane amount of work and learning to even have a chance at competitions. But math is interesting, so just go for it.

PS 2: I really struggle with proofs. They really screw with the head. And on the SAT math, I find "passport to advanced math" super hard.
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2021.07.02 19:26 Ok-Anywhere7861 AP Chem: To those who want to study over the summer and prep for/during the school year.

I've seen some posts about people asking for some AP chem help so here it is.
Well, it's your lucky day. Here is a folder of resources (textbooks, practice tests, review books, cheat sheets, study guides, etc.) I compiled over the school year. Favorite it, star it, IT IS GOING TO COME IN HANDY so PLEASE USE IT FREQUENTLY.
And also for a study plan: Firstly, search up and go to Chemistry 2e (not the atoms first edition). Here is the link to the textbook Ch. 1 Introduction - Chemistry 2e OpenStax The link below shows you what to read. You shouldn't be reading everything. There is practice to do while reading and I advise you do it and do some end of chapter problems too. Next, you gotta familiarize yourself with the course and exam description for AP Chemistry, it'll tell you what to learn. AP Chemistry Course and Exam Description, Effective Fall 2020 ( Then, search up Abigail Giordano on Youtube, she's an AP chem teacher and should have around 6k subscribers, and go to her playlists. She should have an AP chem collegboard playlist with around 90 vids. Use it religiously; it pretty much covers everything. Unit 1.1 - Moles and Molar Mass - YouTube If you need additional help, go to Khan Academy or Organic Chemistry Tutor on Youtube and watch some videos. By the time you're taking the AP chem exam, Khan academy should be done with their revised AP chemistry beta course, so use that religiously as well. * AP®︎ Chemistry (Beta) College Chemistry Khan Academy I recommend the Princeton Review because it is aligned to the course and exam description, but it is not exactly necessary to have any review book with all my resources compiled. edX (cooper union clep chemistry) edX Courses View all online courses on , chemmy bear – Resources for Chemistry and AP Chemistry! , and seneca learning Seneca Free Interactive Content & Questions for Grade 8-12 ( are other free resources. Best of luck!! Also, if you need additional help, pm me.
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2021.06.27 02:20 Ok-Anywhere7861 To those who want to study over the summer and prep for/during the school year.

Well, it's your lucky day. Here is a folder of resources (textbooks, practice tests, review books, cheat sheets, study guides, etc.) I compiled over the school year. Favorite it, star it, IT IS GOING TO COME IN HANDY so PLEASE USE IT FREQUENTLY.
And also for a study plan: Firstly, search up and go to Chemistry 2e (not the atoms first edition). Here is the link to the textbook Ch. 1 Introduction - Chemistry 2e OpenStax The link below shows you what to read. You shouldn't be reading everything. There is practice to do while reading and I advise you do it and do some end of chapter problems too. Zumdahl and other textbooks sometimes go into too much depth, but it's your choice. Next, you gotta familiarize yourself with the course and exam description for AP Chemistry, it'll tell you what to learn. AP Chemistry Course and Exam Description, Effective Fall 2020 ( Then, search up Abigail Giordano on Youtube, she's an AP chem teacher and should have around 6k subscribers, and go to her playlists. She should have an AP chem collegboard playlist with around 90 vids. Use it religiously; it pretty much covers everything. Unit 1.1 - Moles and Molar Mass - YouTube If you need additional help, go to Khan Academy or Organic Chemistry Tutor on Youtube and watch some videos. By the time you're taking the AP chem exam, Khan academy should be done with their revised AP chemistry beta course, so use that religiously as well. * AP®︎ Chemistry (Beta) College Chemistry Khan Academy I recommend the Princeton Review because it is aligned to the course and exam description, but it is not exactly necessary to have any review book with all my resources compiled. edX (cooper union clep chemistry) edX Courses View all online courses on , chemmy bear – Resources for Chemistry and AP Chemistry! , and seneca learning Seneca Free Interactive Content & Questions for Grade 8-12 ( are other free resources. Best of luck!! Also, if you need additional help, pm me.
Edit: Got a 5 too without a review book
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2021.05.08 03:21 koknuy Should I buy aop's book on introduction to geometry or should I use khan academy?

Basically my geometry skills are very weak. I heard that aops's books go in-depth on topics. but is it really worth the money or should I just go with khan academy's course on geometry?
P.S: I'm in grade 9 studying algebra 1 and in grade 10 I'm going to study high school geometry, if that makes any difference.
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