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What Are the Benefits of Dermalux LED Flex Treatment?

2023.06.09 22:30 LaserMedicalClinic What Are the Benefits of Dermalux LED Flex Treatment?

What Are the Benefits of Dermalux LED Flex Treatment?
There are many advantages to using Dermalux LED Flex Therapy. Here are some of the ways you can utilize it:
-Skin Resurfacing -Acne Treatments -Hyperpigmentation/Uneven Skin Tone -And More!
If you want to get this amazing hyperpigmentation treatment, we can help!
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2023.06.09 22:27 xSaturnityx (Also tried r/shrooms) APE and B+ growing conditions?

Wanted to make sure I'm doing it OK. (APE and B+)
Do they need a light?? Like a uva+b light? If using an AIO bag do I need to keep the room itself humid? Spray bottle mist the room? Or just keep them in a sealed bin and mist the bin and keep hydrometer inside? Best temp and humidity? Heard 70-80 for growing and ~85 for fruiting?
And this might sound dumb but..... What do I do after? Like do you just dry it out in low temp oven? Whats some signs to look out for? (like how do I know if its contaminated)
Sorry if it sounds dumb. Just new to it
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2023.06.09 22:26 chrismatic13 How Would You Evaluate The Pritchard Pick?

I think it’s all but sealed that Pritchard’s tenure is over in Boston. Payton was projected as a low ceiling, high floor guy who could provide an offensive boost off the bench. It’s interesting that his best, arguably only great season, came with Ime as the head coach (Oregon guy who knows what it’s like to come off the bench). Pritchard was drafted 26th overall and drafting after the 20th pick is often a crapshoot although there are few diamond in the roughs every year.
I think it’s important to contextualize the draft Payton was selected in. Payton was drafted in the 2020 NBA Draft. This is significant as we know because this was the first draft post Coronavirus outbreak and the season was shortened so there was no March Madness. Also, the amount of in person workouts were minimal in comparison to previous years. With so much uncertainty, I can see Danny being in win-now mode and wanting to draft a 4 year starter with extensive film.
Would you say the Pritchard selection was a good pick with knowing how it turned out?
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2023.06.09 22:26 Yzzyl I don’t know what to do..

Me (32m) and wife (32f) had our first child in December las year. Pregnancy was better than expected, no big changes in mood, but now..
She is a SAHM until september when the kiddo goes into daycare, so now she is with him all day long. From the beginning, I have been as involved as I can with the kid and helping the mother to have all her needs met: cleaning the house, doing all groceries, cooking, cleaning, taking care and staying with the baby as much as I could (especially during rough sleep periods) to give her a break and some time for herself. Now that I am back to work, I have much less time, also I do manual labour so I arrive pretty tired but still do as much as I can when I come home, especially staying with the kid and give her some time to do her things.
Problem is, I don’t know if its hormones or PPD, but she seems to get angrier by the day for the smallest details, or for things that either I do wrong or I don’t do, most times because she doesn’t explain herself what she wants me to do, or says it from the other side of the house and i obviously don’t hear her.
Like today, came from work very tired but still, cleaned the kitchen and played with the baby till comes time to put him to bed, which she does because she breastfeeds him to sleep, thats her routine. Told her that i wanted to rest for half am hour cause i didnt hace a break all day, she says ok. 45 minutes later she is angry as hell cause kid wont sleep and I haven’t come to help her put him to sleep (which I told her, to call me if she need any help)..and like this a lot of situation where damn if I do damn if I dont.
Its like I cant win with her, there is always something wrong that I do, blaming me every time for things that maybe cause I dont do them a lot, Im still learning. Told her, with a kid and especially a baby, its a neverending process of learning, and failing sometmes of course. But small thing that can be fixed immediately no problem. So of course, I just end up frustrated and sad, and it seems that does t matter how much I try, there is always something..its like walking on glass around her. Watch your step ultra carefully or she will explode.
And im honestly not happy. Im happy with my son and enjoying him a lot, but she is sucking all that joy out when she gets mad so fast. I don’t know what to do.
I obviously don’t want to separate or anything, I tried talking to her about her outbursts and says she will try to fix it but never does, and its happening every day now. I try to not give her reasons to get mad, but I’m sorry, im not perfect. I get things wrong sometimes.
Do I try to get her to ser a therapist or something? Does she need some PPD medicine? (If its PPD). I know as a new mother there are a lot of new emotions, a complete lifestyle change, body changes, mood changes, relationship transforms from just the two of us, new responsibilities, being home with a baby all day (which I told her, to try and go on walks, go to a mall, do some activity with the baby, also encourage her to have some me time and go shopping, with friends for a coffee when I can stay with the baby)..I love her, I tell her every day, I kiss her and hug her every day and tell her how an amazing mom she is, and that I know that taking care of him all day is way harder than most jobs and she is doing it amazingly. And recently as hes grown a bit, we try to find some time for ourselves as the relationship has been pretty much Operation: Take care of baby above all else, so intimacy is at all time low levels.
What can I do to improve the situation? How can I help her?
Tl;DR Wife, as a new mom, is getting mad at the smallest details and its becoming very frustrating amd troublesome as she gets mad in front of my son. Don’t know what can I do, what the problem might be and how can we solve it.
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2023.06.09 22:26 FormalSmoke Official Images: Air Jordan 1 Low Brown Elephant

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Official Images: Air Jordan 1 Low Brown Elephant
The Air Jordan 1 Low continues to gain popularity and with colorways like this it’s easy to understand why. Dubbed the Air Jordan 1 Low SE “Brown Elephant”, this Air Jordan 1 Low comes covered in earth tones of Hemp/Metallic Gold-White-Light British Tan-Black as the sneaker starts off with a white smooth leather on the base of the upper which is joined by tan suede overlays. The highlight of this Air Jordan 1 is the brown elephant print Swooshes plastered on the side panels. Gold Jumpman branding on the tongues and insoles, black Wings logos on the heels, Sail rubber midsoles, and black rubber outsoles cap off this Air Jordan 1 Low that will be releasing in the coming weeks for $120. Stay tuned to Kicks On Fire for updates.
For a complete guide including official photos, release dates, pricing and where to buy, visit: Air Jordan 1 Low Brown Elephant.
In Nike news, who’s a fan of the upcoming CLOT X Fragment X Nike Dunk Low?
UPDATE (6/9): First previewed back in February, we now have official images of the Air Jordan 1 Low Brown Elephant to share with you. Retailing for $120, look for these to drop later on this year. Stay tuned for a release date.
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2023.06.09 22:26 LeafyTotoro High Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in Apartment

I rent in an apartment complex and I have four Airthings VOC sensors (three in the apartment and one outside).
When I am at home during the day with my wife with the windows closed, our VOCs are low and can hang around 50 ppb so it seems that our unit is not the source of the VOCs. Around 7 pm, VOCs spike in our living room (that is on the north side of unit) when we don't cook in the kitchen and therefore, we air our apartment to return it down to around 50 ppb before going to sleep.
When we go to sleep, the VOCs in our apartment can spike between 2000 ppb to 5500 ppb, while the outside air is at a normal VOC level. Most of the time the VOC spikes higher in our bedroom (south side of the unit) than the living room (the north side of the unit) and we've tested this by keeping our bedroom door closed.
I have two units below me who smoke, one on the south side of the unit and one on the north side of the unit. The one on the south side tends to smoke weed every night and the smell of weed comes up into our bedroom washroom. The south side tenants below me tend to be awake between 10 pm through 6 am to smoke from my experience.
I initially purchased a Blueair Classic 605 and the DualProtection filter, which did nothing to help with the VOCs. So, then I purchased an IQAir GC MultiGas with 12 lbs. (5.4 kg) granular activated carbon & impregnated alumina. When the VOCs spikes, the IQAir unit doesn't seem to reduce the VOC levels, but it has reduced the amount of dry throat and tingling I experience when I wake up in the middle of the night.
I have no clue if these VOCs these are toxic and do not seem to be filtered out by the granular activated carbon & impregnated alumina. What kind of testing is available to determine whether or not I am being exposed to toxic VOCs?
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2023.06.09 22:25 Street-Jury5016 Finally pulled the trigger on a baby veiled, finding differing information on feeding.

Finally pulled the trigger on a baby veiled, finding differing information on feeding.
How often and how much should I be feeding the little guy? What's a good recommendation for keeping the humidity? I live in eastern nm. I'm also finding differing information on lighting. Not worried about cost, just want the best stuff for my little guy. this is the kit and setup I have, I plan to upgrade the size when the new one comes in. Would like to know what to upgrade, a good dusting schedule, and where is a good place to get terrarium safe plants? Would walmart or lowes be okay? Should I have substrate in the tank? How big should my feeders be? I also have a pink toe tarantula and a Vietnamese forest scorpion. Can I house them in the same room? (Obviously different enclosures but wanted to clarify.) I have nothing but free time to dedicate to the care of my dude, and just want the best for it. When is a good age to switch from crickets to Dubai roaches? Should the roaches be live or will freeze dried work? I currently have the lights suspended about 6" above his tank. Is turquoise/light blue a good color while he's sleeping? I've also seen differing opinions on handling, with some sources saying you shouldn't handle unless absolutely necessary, to regularly handling being okay.
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2023.06.09 22:24 pottymouthgrl Help us choose how to decorate around our gigantic TV

We’ve lived here for nearly a year and haven’t done anything to this house. It’s a 1980 ranch but we both love craftsman/industrial/rustic style decor. Scale reference: the tv is 75” and the ceiling is 11’ at the peak, 16’ wide. The tall paneling would be about 6’ with a shelf and the short would be 4’ with artwork affixed to the wall or perhaps gallery rail molding. We have Govee strip lights around the tv that we use a lot so that plays in to the decision as well. The room is 20’x16’ so we feel it can handle a heavy wall like this. Note: the art isn’t what we actually have, it’s just representative.
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2023.06.09 22:23 Zeronev [OFFER] [25USD/Hour] Unity3D Professional Developer 7+ Years of experience Networking APIs Advanced Game Features

Greetings, Chris here.
(Please refrain of asking about my low rate, I am not located in the US.)

Are you tired of your previous developers ghosting or taking too much time for features?
This doesn't happen if you have me on your project. With me, it will see the light of day!
I have experience building FPS, card games with complex interactions, city building games, multiplayer game features, complex turn based combat systems, item databases, RPGs... Just to name a few. Feel free to ask me anything.
I've worked for small clients and big companies located worldwide like KFC, KidZania, NURUN and high end VR rooms located in Mexico City.
With around 7+ years of experience, I've worked on small basic games to large scale games like MMORPGs like the game Arcane Waters. (Responsible for the design and implementation of the multiplayer turn based combat system).
- Great ability to quickly identify the root cause of problems in code and also great at deciding and designing solutions.
- Highly efficient to achieve considerable amount of progress in a relatively short amount of time. I don't get stuck in a single feature like other developers.
- Expert with anything related to animation implementations like complex and highly polished animator states, multiplayer implementation, event based UI systems, UI animations and overall advanced game features. (Mirror Networking for Unity).
- Experience in creating advanced editor tools in Unity3D.
If you're interested in learning more about my work or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm happy to provide video examples of my work if required.
- Chris Palacios
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2023.06.09 22:23 Direct_Emergency_582 Which headlight are you running on your FXLRST?

Good buddy of mine got hit yesterday riding one of his vintage bikes around town. Old timer drove straight into him. Luckily he’s fine, though his bike is not. Got me thinking about upgrading the lighting on my Low Rider ST so I’m more visible to all these drivers who have one foot in the grave already. I don’t hate the stock light but it could be brighter, especially during the day. What’s everyone running? I like the Baja Designs lights but they’re pricey and seem fiddly to install. Needing to run a dedicated wire all the way back to the battery.
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2023.06.09 22:22 Zeronev [For Hire] [25USD/Hour] Unity3D Professional Developer 7+ Years of experience Networking APIs Advanced Game Features

Greetings, Chris here.
(Please refrain of asking about my low rate, I am not located in the US.)

Are you tired of your previous developers ghosting or taking too much time for features?
This doesn't happen if you have me on your project. With me, it will see the light of day!
I have experience building FPS, card games with complex interactions, city building games, multiplayer game features, complex turn based combat systems, item databases, RPGs... Just to name a few. Feel free to ask me anything.
I've worked for small clients and big companies located worldwide like KFC, KidZania, NURUN and high end VR rooms located in Mexico City.
With around 7+ years of experience, I've worked on small basic games to large scale games like MMORPGs like the game Arcane Waters. (Responsible for the design and implementation of the multiplayer turn based combat system).
- Great ability to quickly identify the root cause of problems in code and also great at deciding and designing solutions.
- Highly efficient to achieve considerable amount of progress in a relatively short amount of time. I don't get stuck in a single feature like other developers.
- Expert with anything related to animation implementations like complex and highly polished animator states, multiplayer implementation, event based UI systems, UI animations and overall advanced game features. (Mirror Networking for Unity).
- Experience in creating advanced editor tools in Unity3D.
If you're interested in learning more about my work or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm happy to provide video examples of my work if required.
- Chris Palacios
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2023.06.09 22:21 Zeronev [For Hire] [25USD/Hour] Unity3D Professional Developer 7+ Years of experience Networking APIs Advanced Game Features

Greetings, Chris here.
(Please refrain of asking about my low rate, I am not located in the US.)

Are you tired of your previous developers ghosting or taking too much time for features?
This doesn't happen if you have me on your project. With me, it will see the light of day!

I have experience building FPS, card games with complex interactions, city building games, multiplayer game features, complex turn based combat systems, item databases, RPGs... Just to name a few. Feel free to ask me anything.
I've worked for small clients and big companies located worldwide like KFC, KidZania, NURUN and high end VR rooms located in Mexico City.
With around 7+ years of experience, I've worked on small basic games to large scale games like MMORPGs like the game Arcane Waters. (Responsible for the design and implementation of the multiplayer turn based combat system).

- Great ability to quickly identify the root cause of problems in code and also great at deciding and designing solutions.
- Highly efficient to achieve considerable amount of progress in a relatively short amount of time. I don't get stuck in a single feature like other developers.
- Expert with anything related to animation implementations like complex and highly polished animator states, multiplayer implementation, event based UI systems, UI animations and overall advanced game features. (Mirror Networking for Unity).
- Experience in creating advanced editor tools in Unity3D.

If you're interested in learning more about my work or have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm happy to provide video examples of my work if required.

- Chris Palacios
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2023.06.09 22:13 On_the_hook Looking to set up a wireless switch

I'm looking to install a light switch in the living room. The switch for the living room light is in the kitchen, there is also an entry way on the other side of the room. Currently there is one switch by the entry door that controls the porch light, but not the room light. I want to add a double gang next to the entry room for the porch light and also control the room light. Is there a switch or something I can use to piggyback off the existing switch and run the new switch as a remote? I can scavenge power from the porch light switch to power the new switch. Thank you
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2023.06.09 22:12 Conventions Not sure what to do, looking for advice

I'm a 21 year old guy. For reference, I started working at a country club at 17 and started washing dishes, then moved my way up to pantry then cooked on the line a mix of all 3 stations for 2-3 years. With all said and done I have 3 years of cooking experience across both stations. I originally wanted to be a chef as a career and I loved cooking on the line and enjoyed learning so much but after years I just didn't like working the line and all the extra stress that comes with it when it's busy so I went back down to pantry for the same pay which I was happy doing.
Anyways I got out of the industry last year and started my own landscaping company which I love doing. Don't get me wrong it's great working regular hours and working M-F being my own boss but no matter what I don't have the same satisfaction from working in a kitchen. Plus having to track expenses/income and how my income isn't guaranteed, and having to worry about expensive equipment breaking has really been stressing me out recently.
Something inside me wants to go back into cooking and continue my career. I know the industry is low pay, long hours, weekends/holidays etc but the country club I work at seems it's a lot better than most places on here. It's a "career" job so to speak as 80% of the kitchen has been at this specific job for decades. I'm 21 and already have full benefits and around $2000 in my company 401k from them. I'd have 40 hours year round and 10-20 of OT in the summer. I'd be working 5 days/week in summer and 3 days/week in winter (I'm on good terms with the country club so I can go back full time anytime I'd like)
All the guys I work with work like animals in the summer but they're all middle class. Exec, sous, banquet chef, and my fellow pantry guy all live well and have nice homes. For instance the other pantry guy I work with makes $25/hr in a high COL state but has a 4bd home all paid off, 100k in his retirement and works 6 months a year and takes 6 months off of work period each year.
Just wondering what I should do, keep growing my business or go back into the industry? Would be nice not having to worry about stuff breaking and just showing up and getting paid, but obviously I feel like owning a business has more opportunity. I don't care about being rich or becoming an exec chef with all the added stress and responsibilities, I just want to live comfortably and afford a comfortable lifestyle. Any opinions on what I should do are appreciated, especially if anyone else has either left/went back to the industry and could share their perspective?

Edit: I run my business full time but I work pantry 1 day a week as to not "burn a bridge" so to speak while I grow my business

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2023.06.09 22:10 BehaveRight I can’t figure out this light fixture

No set screws, the glass spins around… won’t come off. Trying to change the bulb. I’ve just discovered I’m a moron. Help.
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2023.06.09 22:05 MikeAwk Did the Egyptians not make record of Ra literally descending from the sky in a bell craft?

I know this happened around 4000-6000 or so years ago, but for something that spectacular to happen, before I found the LOA I heard nothing about a being like Ra specifically becoming earth bound from a spaceship or something of the sort. If this happened, why are their no hieroglyphs anywhere of a spacecraft of some sort, or no depictions of the golden beings that ra claimed to be? Why are there no documents of them having helped build the pyramids? I feel as though there is nothing that actually proved their presence here, unless I am wrong.
Here is a section of the material that talks about it, for your reference.
You stated yesterday that you appeared in the skies over Egypt at that time. Were the Egyptian entities able to see you in their skies?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
23.3 Questioner: What did they see, and how did this affect their attitudes?
Ra: I am Ra. They saw what you would speak of as crystal-powered bell-shaped craft.
This did not affect them due to their firm conviction that many wondrous things occurred as a normal part of a world, as you would call it, in which many, many deities had powerful control over supernatural events.
23.4 Questioner: Did you have a reason for being visible to them rather than invisible?
Ra: I am Ra. This is correct.
23.5 Questioner: Can you tell me your reason for being visible to them?
Ra: I am Ra. We allowed visibility because it did not make any difference.
23.6 Questioner: I see. Then at this time you did not contact them. Can you tell me the same— answer the same questions I just asked with respect to your next attempt to contact the Egyptians?
Ra: I am Ra. The next attempt was prolonged. It occurred over a period of time. The nexus, or center, of our efforts was a decision upon our parts that there was a sufficient calling to attempt to walk among your peoples as brothers.
We laid this plan before the Council of Saturn, offering ourselves as service-oriented Wanderers of the type which land directly upon the inner planes without incarnative processes. Thus we emerged, or materialized, in physical-chemical complexes representing as closely as possible our natures, this effort being to appear as brothers and spend a limited amount of time as teachers of the Law of One, for there was an ever-stronger interest in the sun body, and this vibrates in concordance with our particular distortions.
We discovered that for each word we could utter, there were thirty impressions we gave by our very being, which confused those entities we had come to serve. After a short period we removed ourselves from these entities and spent much time attempting to understand how best to serve those to whom we had offered ourselves in love/light.
The ones who were in contact with that geographical entity, which you know of as Atlantis, had conceived of the potentials for healing by use of the pyramid-shape entities. In considering this and making adjustments for the differences in the distortion complexes of the two geographical cultures, as you would call them, we went before the Council again, offering this plan to the Council as an aid to the healing and the longevity of those in the area you know of as Egypt. In this way we hoped to facilitate the learning process as well as offering philosophy articulating the Law of One. Again the Council approved.
Approximately eleven thousand [11,000] of your years ago we entered, by thought-form, your— we correct this instrument. We sometimes have difficulty due to low vitality. Approximately eight five zero zero [8,500] years ago, having considered these concepts carefully, we returned, never having left in thought, to the thought-form areas of your vibrational planetary complex and considered for some of your years, as you measure time, how to appropriately build these structures.
The first, the Great Pyramid, was formed approximately six thousand [6,000] of your years ago. Then, in sequence, after this performing by thought of the building or architecture of the Great Pyramid using the more, shall we say, local or earthly material rather than thought-form material to build other pyramidical structures. This continued for approximately fifteen hundred [1,500] of your years.
Meanwhile, the information concerning initiation and healing by crystal was being given. The one known as “Akhenaten” was able to perceive this information without significant distortion and for a time, moved, shall we say, heaven and earth in order to invoke the Law of One and to order the priesthood of these structures in accordance with the distortions of initiation and true compassionate healing. This was not to be long-lasting.
At this entity’s physical dissolution from your third-density physical plane, as we have said before, our teachings became quickly perverted, our structures returning once again to the use of the so-called “royal” or those with distortions towards power.
I know ra said, it made no difference to the Egyptians whether they were visible or not, but really, how is a spacecraft becoming visible in the sky normal to any time period where that simply did not exist? You’d think that because it happened it would be engrained in their mythology, but it really isn’t. It kind of disappoints me.
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2023.06.09 22:04 Profecionallystupid Respect Jason Grace Thread [All] (Long)

Some time ago, I made two posts with some of Percy's best feats. The first one can viewed here. And the second: here.
Now I know that Jason isn't the most liked character in the fandom, but I like him. So I wanted to scale him.
Contents: Strength, speed, reaction speed, skill, durability, actual powers, Tl;dscaling, closing segment.

He was able to throw a club hard enough to knock down a Venti. Even causing it to curve so that it would hit Dylan when he tried to doge:
Jason threw the club. It seemed useless with the winds so strong, but the club flew right at Dylan, even curving when he tried to dodge, and smacked in the head so hard he fell to his knees
The Lost Hero
He was able to deflect a spear hit from a giant:
Jason raised his javelin to block the giant's next strike-a big mistake. Don't fight force with force, a voice chided him-the wolf Lupa, who told him that long ago. He managed to deflect the spear, but it grazed his shoulder, and his arm went numb.
The Lost Hero
The same giant was able to cause the entire mountain to shake just by slamming the butt of said spear into the ground:
Before they could get very far, Enceladus slammed his spear against the ground. The entire mountain shook.
The Lost Hero
Moving onto House of Hades, we see him casually shatter a metal with a kick, firmly putting him into the superhuman category of strength. Not only that, but he managed to stagger and knocked a giant to his knees:
One last time Jason flew at [Clytius], kicking him in the chest, and the giant's breastplate shattered. Clytius staggered backward..He fell to his knees, and the demigods encircled him
House of Hades
He was able to cut through a statue made of metal with help from Piper:
Piper and Jason went to work on Hygeia. They slashed through the statue's knees
Blood of Olympus
We are now done with Jason it the strength department. Obviously, he lacks many feats in this department, especially compared to Percy, but he is definitely stronger than an average human.
He was able to stab a giant:
[Jason] rolled away from the giant's first spear thrust and jabbed Enceladus in the ankle. Jason's javelin managed to pierce the thick dragon hide, and golden ichor-the blood of immortals-trickled down the giant's clawed foot.
The Lost Hero
This might not seem that impressive, but Jason was being slowed down by Gaea. The Giant was being helped by Gaea. Finally, the giant was predicting Jason's attacks:
Enceladus' spear missed him by a millimeter. Jason kept dodging, but the ground stuck to his feet. Gaea was getting stronger, and the giant was getting faster. Enceladus might be slow, but he was not dumb. He began anticipating Jason's moves, and Jason's attacks were only annoying him
The Lost Hero
We see this here again:
Enceladus let him approach, grinning with anticipation. At the last second, Jason faked a strike and rolled between the giant's legs. He came up quickly, thrusting with all his might, ready to stab the giant in the small of his back, but Enceladus anticipated the trick. He stepped aside with too much speed and agility for a giant, as if the earth were helping him move.
The Lost Hero
Reaction/ combat speed. This is where Jason really shines. As he has several impressive feats:
He was able to keep up with Lit. The same guy who was so good, he earned the name Reaper of Men:
Lit charged.
The guy was fast. He slashed and sliced, and Jason could barely dodge the strikes, but his mind went into a different mode-analyzing patterns, learning Lit's style, which was all offense, no defense.
The Lost Hero
He can react to giants:
Jason raised his javelin to block the giant's next strike-a big mistake. Don't fight force with force, a voice chided him-the wolf Lupa, who told him that long ago. He managed to deflect the spear, but it grazed his shoulder, and his arm went numb.
The Lost Hero
He scales to Percy in reaction speed and was able to amaze Piper:
[Piper] rolled to the edge of the road and looked back, dazed and horrified, as [Percy and Jason] crossed swords, gold against bronze. Sparks flew. Their blades blurred-strike and parry-and the pavement trembled. The first exchange only took a second, but Piper couldn't believe the speed of their sword fighting.
Mark of Athena
The same guy who I scaled to have reaction speed as fast as 10 milliseconds. And the average human reacts at 250 milliseconds.
He can react to lightning:
Jason called down another lightning strike, but Ephialtes caught it on his spear and deflected the blast, melting a life-size plastic cow. He slammed a stone column out of his way like a stack of building blocks. Percy tried to keep the lake churning. He didn’t want Otis rising to join this fight, but as Ephialtes closed the last few feet, Percy had to switch focus. Jason and he met the giant’s charge. They lunged around Ephialtes, stabbing and slashing in a blur of gold and bronze, but the giant parried every strike. “I will not yield!” Ephialtes roared. “You may have ruined my spectacle, but Gaea will still destroy your world!” Percy lashed out, slicing the giant’s spear in half. Ephialtes wasn’t even fazed. The giant swept low with the blunt end and knocked Percy off his feet. Percy landed hard on his sword arm, and Riptide clattered out of his grip. Mark of Athena
While technically not reacting to lighting, Percy fought a giant who could, so Ephialtes' reaction speed=Percy's. What I'm getting at here is Ephialtes can react to lightning. Percy can keep up with Ephialtes. So Percy=Ephialtes' reaction speed. Jason=Percy reaction speed. Therefore, Jason=Ephialtes' reaction speed.
Too much for you to follow, here:
Jason swung at the first spirit. His blade passed through it and the creature's smoky form disintegrated. The second spirit let loose a bolt of lightning, but Jason's blade absorbed the charge. Jason stepped in-one quick thrust, and the second storm spirit dissolved into gold powder
The Lost Hero
There you go.
He reacts to arrows:
This time Jason's senses were on high alert. He felt the air ripple as an arrow materialized, racing towards Nico's chest.
Jason intercepted it with his sword and deflected it sideways.
House of Hades
Now, Romans use a type of composite bow called a Sagittarii. Composite bows can shoot arrows as a speed of 250 to 370 feet per second (76 to 113 m/s).
Also keep in mind that he is nearsighted. Giving him even less time to react than normal:
"Oh, of course!" Asclepius said. "You're a bit nearsighted! Simple fix."
He opened the drawer, whipped out a prescription pad and an eyeglasses case. He scribbled something on the pad, then handed the glasses and the scrip to Jason.
Blood of Olympus
So all in all, he has some fast reaction speed. Well above human.
Next up, skill.
He can keep up with Lit, a man so deadly, he was named the Reaper of Men:
Lit charged.
The guy was fast. He slashed and sliced, and Jason could barely dodge the strikes, but his mind went into a different mode-analyzing patterns, learning Lit's style, which was all offense, no defense.
The Lost Hero
He did all of this:
"I slew the Trojan sea monster," Jason continued. "I toppled the black throne of Kronos, and destroyed the Titan Krios with my own hands. And now I'm going to destroy you, Porphyrion, and feed you to your own wolves."
The Lost Hero
He killed the Trojan sea monster and killed a Titan without a weapon.
He is immune to, or at least, resistant to electricity:
Dylan's form flickered. "That was enough lightning to kill twenty men!"
The Lost Hero
He survived this:
Enceladus let him approach, grinning with anticipation. At the last second, Jason faked a strike and rolled between the giant's legs. He came up quickly, thrusting with all his might, ready to stab the giant in the small of his back, but Enceladus anticipated the trick. He stepped aside with too much speed and agility for a giant, as if the earth were helping him move. He swept his spear sideways and met Jason's javelin-and with a snap like a shotgun blast, the golden weapon shattered.
The explosion was hotter than the giant's breath, blinding Jason with golden light. The force knocked him off his feet and squeezed the breath out of him.
The Lost Hero
While this is an already impressive feat, we have this to make this even more impressive:
The javlin's destruction had released so much energy, it had blasted a perfect cone-shaped pit thirty feet deep, fusing the dirt and rock into a slick, glassy substance.
The lost Hero
He was uncut by plastic shrapnel:
Together, the giants picked up a fake mountain as big as Percy's New York apartment and hurled it at the demigods. Percy and Jason bolted. They dove into the nearest trench and the mountain shattered above them, spraying them with plastic shrapnel.
Mark of Athena
He can tank a hit from a giant trident, although he was in a lot of pain:
Jason managed to avoid the prongs of the trident again, but the giant swung the other end around and smacked him in the chest.
Jason reeled back, stunned and in pain. Polybotes came in for the kill. Just before the trident would have perforated him, Jason's ventus acted on its own. It spiraled sideways, whisking Jason thirty feet across the courtyard.
Powers. This is another place he is impressive in. He has several abilities he can call on in a clutch:
He can correct aim of things he throws:
Jason threw the club. It seemed useless with the winds so strong, but the club flew right at Dylan, even curving when he tried to dodge, and smacked in the head so hard he fell to his knees
The Lost Hero
He can control air pressure:
[Jason] felt a tugging sensation in his gut, and the air pressure dropped so rapidly his ears popped.
The Lost Hero
He can summon Tempest, a horse made of wind and electricity:
Suddenly the air turned cold. Piper's ears popped. About fifty yards away, a miniature cyclone three stories tall tore across the tops of the sunflowers like a scene from The Wizard of Oz. It touched down on the road next to Jason and took the form of a horse-a misty steed with lightning flickering through its body
Mark of Athena
Jason and Percy working together can create a massive storm:
On the deck of the Argo II, Percy and Jason stood together, their swords crossed. Annabeth got a tingle down her spine as she realized the boys were working together as one, summoning the sky and the sea to do their bidding. Water and wind churned together. Waves heaved against the ramparts and lightning flashed. Giant eagles were knocked out of the sky. Wreckage of the flying chariot burned in the water, and Coach Hedge swung a mounted crossbow, taking potshots at the Roman birds as the flew overhead.
The Mark of Athena
Jason can fly and carry people with him:
Jason summoned the wind to carry him and Piper to shore
Mark of Athena
He can cause water to boil and temporarily blind Piper:
BOOM! Lightning stirred the water into a boiling cauldron, steaming and hissing with electricity. Piper blinked the yellow spots out her eyes as the god Achelous wailed and dissolved under beneath the surface
Mark of Athena
He can use wind offensively:
The demigods rolled to either side, and Jason summoned the wind, using the giant's own momentum to shove him into the water
Mark of Athena
He can get angry enough to generate electricity:
the air turned electric-literally, as Jason started throwing off sparks.
Mark of Athena
He can melt iron and cause gold to steam:
Just then, thunder boomed overhead. Lightning flashed, and the bars on the nearest window burst into sizzling, melted stubs of iron.
Jason flew in like Peter Pan, electricity sparking around him and his gold sword steaming.
House of Hades
Jason has the ability to track people who use winds as a method of transport so things like air spirits can't run from him:
Jason couldn't exactly see him, but he'd had enough experience controlling the wind that he could track the angel's path-a warm wisp of red and gold zipping across the street..
House of Hades
He can control the four winds and even construct this out of wind:
[Jason] thrust out his hand. A swirl of dust shot toward the nearest horse. A lasso-a rope of wind, more tightly wound than any tornado-wrapped around the horse's neck. ..In less than a minute he had tethered all four venti. He reined them in, still whining and bucking, but they couldn't break Jason's rope. It felt like flying four kites in a strong wind-hard, yes, but not impossible.
House of Hades
He uses wind defensively:
Jason summoned gusts of wind to last aside javelins and arrows. He deflected a vial of Greek fire right up the throat of a gryphon, which burst into flames and spiraled into the pit.
House of Hades
He can carry others without having to fly himself:
Three dead Romans rose into the air and flew across the chasm. Then three more joined them. Finally Jason flew himself across and his squad began cutting through some very surprised-looking telkhines
House of Hades
He can use a sword or a javelin:
Jason slashed his gladius in a wide arc, vaporizing the nearest suitors; then he vaulted onto the table and jumped over Antinous' head. In midair he willed his bade to extend into a javelin-a trick he'd never tried with this sword-but somehow he knew it would work.
Blood of Olympus
He once more demonstrates his ability to create objects from air and now he can encase himself in air armor:
[Jason] raised his arm and summoned a lasso of wind... He lashed out with his wind rope, searching for strongest, most ornery *ventus in the storm.
He lassoed a nasty patch of storm cloud and pulled it in. "You're serving me today."
Howling in protest, the ventus encircled him. The storm above the ship seemed to lessen just a bit, as if the other venti were thinking Oh, crud. That guy means business.
Jason levitated off the deck, encased in his own miniature tornado. Spinning like a corkscrew, he plunged into the water.
Jason is capable of summoning weird lightning stuff at the bottom of the ocean. Also worth noting it is still as deadly and didn't shock Percy who was also in the water next to him. On top of that, he can now separate the volts to attack multiple targets instead of just one:
But [Jason] couldn't think of a better option. He thrust up his sword. Immediately the blade glowed red-hot.
A diffuse cloud of yellow light billowed through the depths, like someone had poured liquid neon into the water. The light hit Jason's sword and splayed outward in ten separate tendrils, zapping the basiliks.
Blood of Olympus
He can carry a current throughout his body, holding it for latter:
With a deafening blast, a white-hot bolt arced from the sky, straight through Jason's body as he leaped, wreathed in lightning, at the giant king.
Jason fell on King Porphyrion with such force that the giant crumpled to his knees-blasted with lightning and stabbed in the neck with a golden gladius.
He can blast a 30 foot giant off a clif:
Porphyrion lashed out wildly with his spear, but Jason cut it in half with his gladius. He charged in, jabbing his sword through the giant's breastplate, then summoned the winds and blasted Porphyrion off the edge of the cliff.
Blood of Olympus
Tl;dr and scaling: So Jason is powerful. He is definitely superhuman in al physical states. I am going to say, city level durability. His power level is at mountain level.
Closing segment: Honestly I think he could have been more powerful if we'd seen him in more books. Also I didn't use a Trials of Apollo feats as there I didn't find any. If you see any feats I missed let me know so I can scale them. So what did you think? Did this make you see Jason as more or less powerful than you originally thought? Who else would you like me to scale?
Respect Jason Grace, son of the sky god, Zeus!
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2023.06.09 22:01 Active-Froyo-1474 Oxygen level

A lot of the time when I start having a flare up or something my oxygen will go to 95 and I’m aware that’s not that low because my doctors tell me such but for me I start feeling light headed and I’ve even slurred my words once when it dropped to 95. Does that happen to anyone else???
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2023.06.09 22:00 Liliviolet2003 My childhood home was evil.

Hey, long time lurker, first time poster. I've spent countless hours listening to the stories other people come to share here and every time I hear the "share your own story" line that most videos end with I always think about my childhood home. I've been hesitant to share this story as It honestly fills me with fear even thinking back on it. But anyway, here is the story of my childhood that we now realise was evil.

My name is Lili (Lily) and I was the joint youngest of 5 children. My twin brother Daniel, my older brother Blake and my two older sisters, Annaliese and Katie. This story all begins with our childhood home located in Wales, United Kingdom.

For as long as I could remember our house always felt off. Let me just say, I still don't even know If I fully believe in the paranormal and I constantly try to explain these happenings away. But as I'm slowly starting to realise, some things really just cannot be explained away easily.

So the first occurrence that was told to me by my Nan actually happened to my Mum and Dad before me, Daniel, Annaliese and Blake were even born. Apparently my parents got into a huge argument and my Dad stormed off downstairs intending to sleep in the living room that night. My Mum who was equally as angry at this point too, went to their bedroom and turned out the lights to go to sleep.
It wasn't long before my Dad was awaken to my mother frantically screaming his name sounding terrified. My Dad, with the thinking that my Mum was just trying to agitate him, ignored her and continued to watch TV. A few moments later, My mother comes rushing down the stairs, clearly startled by something and pointed toward the roof, lost for words. My father then still quite angry said "What?" and it was only when he realised that something was seriously wrong as my mother, almost in tears said "Dean, there's a little girl by the wardrobe." My Dad, who has never believed in the paranormal and still doesn't to this day, gave my Mum a weird look. She talks him into coming up to their bedroom with her and still quite frantic, my Mum explained that when she had turned off the bedside lamp to go to sleep, she heard moving coming from the wardrobe, at first, she wasn't frightened as she assumed it was Katie, who was only 4 at the time, coming into the bedroom. My mum said "Katie?" out loud and waited for a response, assuming Katie was playing a prank as she was a playful child who did so quite often. After hearing no response back, my Mum turned to look at the wardrobe and saw what appeared to be a little girl stood by the wardrobe. It wasn't she got a proper look that she realised, the figure was far too tall to be her 4 year old daughter. That's when she screamed my Dad's name and turned on the bedside lamp and by then, the figure had disappeared.

My Dad told my Mum that she was quote "being stupid and it was probably her imagination" However, my Mum was adamant of what she saw. Also, my mother wasn't at the time a believer in the paranormal and to be honest, even now to this day, she's reluctant to admit something beyond this world exists. However, in attempt to calm her nerves my Mum went to Katie's bedroom only to see that my sister was indeed still asleep.

My own occurrence still isn't very clear to me and I'm hoping I might find some insight with the readers into what was actually happening to me here. Up until the age of about 9, I was sharing a bedroom with my twin brother. We had bunk beds and at one point, my brother refused to sleep on the top bunk anymore. When my Mum asked why, he told her that he quote "keeps getting pushed to the edge of the bunk." Confused, my mum asked him to explain what he meant. Angrily, my brother said "It keeps trying to push me off!" before bursting into tears.
Now something to note, my brother is autistic, it's very mild but my Mum put it down to just that and approached me asking me if I would switch beds with Daniel. Now, I'd always wanted to the top bunk and I put up no argument with her request and so me and my brother switched, he now had the bottom bunk and I had the top. It wasn't long before I started to experience strange things however.
In the beginning I would just find it slightly cold, despite it being summer and having a thick duvet. I brushed it off and ignored it, however I really just couldn't get warm no matter what. I continued to think nothing of it and just began wearing warmer pyjamas to bed. A few weeks into this, I was asleep and out of nowhere, I woke up just as I slammed into the floor and began to cry.
Now, my Mum tried to convince me that I had a nightmare and simply just "rolled" off the bunk, but I was adamant that wasn't the case as a few days before, I'd felt really uneasy and always seemed to "roll" near the edge of the bunk.
Now make of that what you will, but I think that my brother was telling the truth about something trying to push him off the bed and I think the same thing happened to me too.
I'm aware this post is getting incredibly long so I'm going to try and explain the last story as briefly as I can.
When I was 9, my parent's decided to switch us around in terms of bedrooms as obviously, a male and female shouldn't share a room up to a certain age in accordance with British Law. So, I moved into Katie's bedroom, Blake moved in with Daniel and Katie actually wanted to move in with Annaliese, so that's what the setup was now.
My sister's old bedroom was a box room, it was tiny. But, I was happy to have my own room and I really didn't mind. I can't remember much around this time but I do however remember that this is when I started to get absolutely awful reoccurring nightmares every single night.
The nightmare would always go the same. I would wake up, it was dark and (I know this is going to sound crazy but it's a dream) My mattress would begin to lift and i'd float downstairs, still on the mattress. It would lead me to the kitchen where we had an adjoining laundry room in the back. I would get off the mattress and on the wall next to the laundry room door, I would see the shadow of a woman. She was incredibly tall, seemed to have afro like hair and she would never actually speak to me but I would feel an overwhelming amount of fear and I try to run away only to find I couldn't move. My Mum would then wake me up as I was screaming and crying so loudly.
I would tell her about the nightmare, she would brush it off and that was that.
I continued to have this exact same nightmare every night until we eventually moved house when I was 11.
I'd really appreciate if anybody can give me any advice as to what was happening. My Nan, who has always been a firm believer as she has also had many experiences herself has always said that quote "that house is evil" and would explain how uneasy it made her feel.
There are still many more stories but I'll leave it here for now as this post is already super long.
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2023.06.09 22:00 dlschindler [Murder Of Crows] S1E6 My Crow Speaks To the Darkness

I awoke in the darkest hour of the night, sweating and cold. I felt as though something had just left us there, or perhaps still remained. A cold fear crept along my clammy skin. I looked over to where my talking crow was asleep, nested on the pillows.
Detective Winters was snoring in his own bed. The open window was watching me until I looked up. Then the feeling was gone.
I laid back down. When I slept again I dreamed of the woman I had left behind in my home. It seemed so long ago. I wondered if she was still there. Somehow I knew she was. I suddenly couldn't stop thinking about her. I really didn't like her, yet my instincts told me to worry about her. So I did.
As dawn crept light across the twisted landscape outside the hotel window I thought of her. Then I got up and ate my sandwich out of the fridge and drank some water out of the sink. I left piece of it for Cory and went to brush my teeth.
Detective Winters woke up as his phone was ringing. He listened and said very little. I could tell he was talking to his boss.
"Ready to go?" He asked me as he laid back down.
"I am; are you?" I nodded at his prostration.
"Let's stay and eat." Cory suggested as he fed.
We all shuffled out of the hotel room to the car, Cory flitting from place to place and finally gliding to the car, boldly.
Three crows took the opportunity to scold him from the wire above. He avoided them and looked at me. He said:
"You should know your old home. Or sadness will prevail." Cory told me.
"I know." I took him with me into the car, hugging him gently to me.
"What is it?" Detective Winters asked me with consideration, looking in his rearview mirror at me.
"There is a woman I left behind in my home. I have started worrying about her." I told him the truth.
"I thought you were homeless." He handed me his phone.
"Are you?" I asked him. Sometimes I adopted Cory's mannerisms when dealing with people, not intentionally.
"Touche' Mr. Lord, touche'." Detective Winters went ahead and lit a jacked-up looking rolly: all bent and with bits of tobacco sticking out of it. He opened the car door a crack while we sat there. I dialed the number.
"Isidore?" I said her name when she picked up.
"Christ, Lord! I thought you were gone forever!" She exclaimed. She started saying a bunch of stuff about the house and bills before I said:
"I don't care about the house. I called for you." I said.
"I need you to come back. I can't do this on my own. I know you won't leave me, why are you gone?" Isidore started crying into the phone.
"Isidore, how can you say that? We barely know each other. I invited you in, I didn't think you would stay. That's why I left, because you wouldn't." I explained honestly. I had only just spent a few nights with her and we barely had more than a conversation before that. Then she had just decided she was in love with me and moved in. Not that she had anything to move, she had arrived with her toothbrush and pajamas. I'd thought it cute, until she stayed.
"I know you." Isidore sounded strange.
"Yeah, I know you too. It's not like that. What do you want from me?" I must have sounded different to her than I meant to, for she simply said:
"Just your love."
"I can't just love you." I claimed. I was lying. I fell in love with people all the time. I did actually care for her, I was just being very cowardly about it at the time.
"Then accept my love for you." She negotiated.
"Fine. Is that all? Are you okay?" I asked.
"I am not okay. I literally need you." Her voice was very quiet when she said this. I believed her, even though I did not want to.
"I have to go. I have work to do. I will call you..." I paused as Detective Winters made a gesture of walking fingers and a knock on a door. I hate charades. "I will come see you later."
Then I hung up as she said 'goodbye' and told me she loved me.
"Let's go. She's fine." I shrugged and restored his phone to his hand.
"Her name's Isidore?" Detective Winters chuckled. "That's like calling a girl Charlie. It's kinda cute, I guess."
"She doesn't need a cute name." I promised him.
He ignited the engine and drove us to the scene of murder. Beholding the darkness within the earth filled me with fear and dread. Detective Winters told me over and over that I was going with him into the darkness. I refused to go down there, panic sweeping me in strokes instead. I was suffocating on my own doubt of survival, anticipating such an adventure.
Cory was left behind as he dragged me by handcuff to his wrist into the dizzy and pale threshold. Then by mere candlelight we went amid the cackling specters of the dim. I closed my eyes to see, knowing it is the way in such a place.
I remembered the mirrored veins of the paths above this place. All of them followed the water and it rode the top of the stones. Therefore I knew my way, as surely as I knew the paths that had formed directly above, in the young forests amid the ruined heath. Without the sky, without my bird, without my sight, I was paralyzed by fear of the dark dwellers. There was only one way out and that was forward. In my paralysis I had no control over myself except to know I was fleeing in panic, unable to stop.
I looked down to find the handcuff was free and the light shone from the floor, spinning. With his thumb broken to free his hand, Detective Winters was laying there examining the injury.
"We have to leave." I hissed in terror. I hunched down.
"You ruined my thumb." He snarled back. His eyes rolled and he actually fainted where he lay. I took up the flashlight and used it to bath his body in light. There I left him and continued to escape the place he had brought me.
Upon the kill I stumbled, alone. There the chalk outline remained. Two children. Looked like they were dragged and discarded in a heap. The extension cords all went to one junction and split into the three lanterns that shone in that one room as day. I was in the heart of the labyrinth, I had escaped nothing. The handcuff hung freely and I looked at its shiny surface.
Reflected there in the polish of the cuffs I could see the shape of one of the dark dwellers. It was on the wall and ceiling behind me, watching me from the darkness. I turned and it skittered into a crack in the wall with lightning quickness, its many centipede legs making it look like the animation of a flipbook, its length rippling in the darkness.
I staggered back in mortal mystery. My eyes were wide and I choked on the breath I had exhaled, trying to scream in sheer terror. Then I closed my mouth on my tongue, knowing with reptile swiftness not to make a sound.
For they were all around me.
The ceilings and the corners of the floors and the corridors filled with their monstrous shape. They were more like spiders, or something I cannot even describe. Their movements in the darkness were so quick it was as though they were one shape and then the other as they flailed and flung themselves at blinking speeds through the shadows.
Without the light I would be torn apart as the two victims that were taken before we arrived. I could not breath, knowing I would die in the darkness. One of them put its dark spindly scythe of black chitin into the light for a split second and I saw the urticating hairs bristling, ready to impale me with a thousand needles just by touching me.
I lifted what I thought was a rock, to defend myself. I pulled it free from the edge of the corridor, from under some rags. As I held it up I found a better grip, shifting my fingers into its grooves. The creatures scattered. I was breathing heavily, still gripped by terror.
I had to escape back out of there and I somehow took a step out of the light back the way I had come. Or so I thought. I turned and turned again, feeling my way along with my left hand on the wall. My right hand held the object which now felt light for a stone. My panic had subsided and I had moved without thinking. I was lost in the darkness.
I felt my way along. I kept thinking I could hear the creatures. Then up ahead I saw the light. In the middle of the light stood a policeman, gesturing for me. I stopped and watched. It came closer, the eyes horrible and empty of life. Then as it escaped the light I saw it was merely an illusion. Somehow it could hide what it looked like, refusing to be seen in its entirety. The creature came for me and then I screamed.
It was a flash of scythe-like spider legs by the thousands and its many horrible eyes and its beak-like mandibles. It was coming for me out of the darkness, a silhouette against the lanterns beyond. I was screaming and curling away from it, about to be torn to pieces by it.
Resounding gunblasts flashed brightly and lit up its awfulness. The bullets tore into it, black ichor splashing where its flesh was. Then it fell over, twitching and curling and steaming. It quickly dissolved into a puddle of nightmares.
"What in Hell was that?" Detective Winters was shaking violently and still aiming his gun, even though he had emptied it.
"How should I know, Detective? This is your crime scene." I complained. I was shivering and sweating and knew there were more. "There are more of those things."
"My Lord, are you alive?" Cory called into the hole.
"It's your crow." Detective Winters sighed in awe.
"I know that. How did he get out of your car?" I wondered, distractedly.
"I left my window down, I think." Detective Winters realized; his own mind easily choosing to think of something else.
"You think, or you know?" I demanded, severely stressed. I accepted the flashlight and trembling, he removed my handcuff without reason, while I was holding the light. I tried to hand it back and he gestured for me to wait a second by holding up one finger. He looked at my freed hand without realizing what I was holding.
"Jesus, I just 'think', okay? Sorry." Detective Winters reloaded his weapon and grimaced. It looked very difficult with his ruined thumb.
"My Lord, are you alive?" Cory asked a second time.
That is when we all heard them. I heard them and Detective Winters heard them and Cory heard them. Their voices froze my blood. The damned things were speaking! The penultimate horror I felt was a sweeping and cold knowledge of them. That they could speak and had their own language was fearsome in its perversion. Nothing like that should exist and to give it intelligence was the work of a mad creator. Their language challenged Man's place in Creation, putting something so blasphemous in place of the Will of Man. Such a horror could break my mind with every syllable that they uttered with inhuman mouths. They did not only speak their chittering abomination, for some of them whispered plain English from the darkness as well:
"This is the home. This is the darkness. It belongs rightly. All the food. The flesh is food. This belongs, too, the flesh, the food." They spoke in a unified and horrifying whisper.
"My Lord, you should come out of there. The Folk of the Shaded Places will kill you for trespassing. Then they will eat you." Cory called to me from above.
"I got that!" I shouted back and the sound of my voice stirred the one nearest to us.
"Time to go!" Detective Winters made me go first with the light.
We made our move and instantly it was as though the walls and ceiling had come alive. They were all around us, shifting rapidly, each taking the place of another to avoid the light and the gun. I shone it on them and they fled the beam. Likewise, Detective Winters let them have a taste of his firearm as he shot a bullet into each one that got too close.
Breathing rapidly and wide eyed we emerged to find the rest of the policemen had already departed. Only Detective Winters's car and Cory remained. I had expected some sort of rescue, as though getting out would mean safety. I looked at the object I held: it was a skull.
I turned back and stared into the darkness down there. Cory flitted to my shoulder and said into my ear:
"They will come right on out that hole and snatch you back in if you get too close."
"Thanks." I nodded, my mouth hanging open as I stood in waves of terror. Part of my mind had not escaped. I needed to go back down there and get it real quick. It would only take one second.
"Hang on." Detective Winters curled over and threw up a bunch of thick chunky bile onto a hapless banana slug. He reached down and used a leaf to flick it out of the vomit onto some nearby moss. "Sorry about that."
"Must go now." Cory advised in urgent repetition.
I went and got in the car and watched the horror hole with dreadful apprehension. I set the skull up front on the passenger seat. Then I tried to learn how to breath normally again. I noticed that Detective Winters's driver side window was actually down.
Eventually Detective Winters had managed to light the smoke he had kept behind his ear that entire time. It was sagging with sweat and he took a few unhappy puffs before he flicked it down into the hole. I prayed none of the Folk would come flailing out and entangle him, kicking and screaming, into the dark.
"We are lucky to be alive. If that really happened." Detective Winters decided we both had merely freaked out in the dark down there as we drove away. He held up his dislocated thumb and added: "We couldn't die."
"Death will always happen." Cory objected.
Detective Winters handed me his phone and I put in the address. Then the GPS guided him to my old house as the sun went down. When we pulled up she was waiting, her bags packed. She got into the car.
"I'm coming with you." Isidore told me and Detective Winters. "I won't stay here alone. Oh Lord, I've just got to say it. I just have to tell you."
"Well, not right now, maybe later." I looked out the window, away from her. In my mind I could still see the outline of those creatures. The horrible flash of their bodies. My heart pounded in anxiety, just thinking of them. I had always known of them, knew they existed. I had never, not even in my most dreaded nightmares, dreamed of meeting them.
"Your husband works with me. I am Detective Winters." Detective Winters introduced himself, again holding up his dislocated thumb. Isidore said nothing to him. She had her own ways.
"I am Cory." My crow spoke to her. She did not understand. She said:
"He is so cute!" Isidore told me. Then she wouldn't tolerate me looking away from her. She took my hand and placed it over her belly. I was very surprised to find that so much time had passed already, since I had left. I looked and she was glowing as we drove under dappled streetlights.
"Nine months." I realized.
"I have wanted to tell you for so long!" Isidore smiled.
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2023.06.09 21:57 dlschindler [Murder Of Crows] S1E5 My Crow Speaks To The Sleepless

"I hate zingers. I was told, growing up, that they are for the weak-minded. Like a 'Jedi mind trick', you know?" Detective Winters was doing something on his phone in our hotel room. His voice startled me as I lay half asleep on my own bed. He was sitting on his bed, half undressed, smoking under the fire alarm. I had no idea what he was talking about.
"Will you open a window? Cory has very small lungs." I requested.
"Cough." Cory said in perfect English. Then my talking crow imitated the hacking and coughing of Detective Winters in the middle of the night. It went on for about as long as a mummer's dance and then ended with the sound of a man spitting.
"Jesus would have sworn for a bird like that." Detective Winters applauded the performance and then used the lit cigarette in his mouth to light another and then he put the smoldering one in his mouth and used the lit one again to finish lighting the fresh tobacco. Then he accidentally scattered the rest of the brown stringy stuff all over the floor. He swept the remains of his new rolling kit off with the spill and shrugged, laid back, and puffed away.
"Goodness." Cory flitted down and inspected the stuff. He liked it too much and I told him to stay out of it.
A knock came upon the door. I already had a bad feeling. I'd read my horoscope and Detective Winters's too. We both had it coming our way. Nothing good could come from 'non-dairy starlight' and 'niche holes on the border'. Those phrases meant no sense, and yet our stars translated to those words, as they danced drunkenly across the keyboard of the starry skies.
"You get that." I stiffened.
"Uh, I always get it." Detective Winters smiled at me weirdly for being weird. He wasn't feeling the terror I felt. For a man who hated zingers: he sure took fear literally.
"One knock, my Lord. Very bad." Cory told me. I nodded, I already knew something was terribly amiss. Just because the armed and half naked policeman in my bedroom was blundering forward to grip the doorhandle without regard, didn't mean that we were safe. Only terror gripped my heart as my crow went to the bedpost and squawked in alarm, "Must go now!"
He opened the door and it was the same maid from before. She was wearing her regular street clothes instead of her uniform. She reminded Detective Winters that he was a policeman. He agreed and she asked him if, as a policeman, he could help her. He agreed to that too.
I didn't want to go, but I had no choice. Gagging and swaying stiffly like a terrified zombie I went with them; knowing this was going to be very bad, because I had read those weird horoscopes and believed them. Sweat shot out from my upper lip as I gibbered helplessly in dread:
"Where are we going?" I asked in apprehensive discernment, finally getting the words out of my sweaty lips.
"We are going to Sesame Street and Brooklyn Ave. You ever gone there before?" He accepted one of the woman's menthol cigarettes and fumbled with the book of matches from the hotel that was in the ashtray of his car. Then he put the cigarette to his lips and lit it while driving. He eventually cracked the window and let out most of the smoke.
"Why don't you open your window?" The woman asked. I was very afraid of the kind of trouble she was asking for. If I opened the window I might lose Cory in an awful way. Trembling I reached out and took the window's lever and opened the window a crack. Then I reached over and got the other one too. She smiled, like a golden devil, and cracked her window and then got her's down to about halfway. By then only the odor of the smoke remained.
"That's probably good." I gulped.
We got to her apartment and went inside to meet her husband and her son. The boy was tied to his bed and his eyes were terrifying and horrible. His face was monstrous and contorted and looked like a bad makeup special effect. Except that was his actual flesh. He struggled mightily and for a moment it was as though he would break free and rampage like an angry animal. His teeth glowed in the shade, sharp and ready to bite. He looked at us.
As his eyes met Detective Winters, the man froze. Then some of his hair started to wither and wilt. It became brittle and grey. He staggered backward and fell. I tried to avoid the gaze of whatever that was. It only wore her son, but something else was with us, watching us from within him. As Detective Winters made the communion of eye contact it had known him and known itself to him. Thus kin to its ways, he had fallen to the shock and horror of something unfathomably horrifying beyond words. The meaning of such a thing is simply instinctive, and to not know it is a blessing, and it cannot be known to someone until they have seen it, smelled the fruit-candy sweetness and the sulfur of its breath. Heard the voice of an angel, but not one from Heaven.
"Open the window." It commanded. The voice of this creature was not made by a human-will, yet it was from the lips of a child. Horrible and deep and grinding like a thousand souls on wheels of torture, all crying out this one phrase in unison, and then as one voice together and tormented and irresistible.
I quaked and fell back against the wall, refusing to look at it. I crept along the wall until I got to the shades. Then I drew them and let in the light. I gasped at the surreal horror I could see then:
The whole city was covered in flesh. Parts of people twitched and dripped and dangled everywhere. Skinless ones dragged their feet, leaving trails of themselves as they went. I heard a rumbling, or rather saw it, sensed it somehow. The clouds convulsed and began to drip and it was then raining. The rain was blood.
I screamed and fell back. Cory flapped around the room and the demonic thing with us was laughing. I clawed my way to the door, frantically. Detective Winters got up suddenly, and with a wild look in his eyes. His head was struck upon the shelf and a clacking monkey doll with chimes fell free onto my back as I crawled out the bedroom door.
The vision of ultimate horror burned the landscape into my memory. Once it is seen, it cannot be unseen. As I looked around I could still feel its presence on everything. I clawed at the floor, slick with the butcher's offal, but it was just the carpet. The fear was real, and as I held myself and cried in terror: I knew the carnage was still all around me, invisible. There were bodies hung from ropes, and chopped apart, and torn, and there were dead staked to the ceiling, and vivisectioned. Only I knew they were there, even if I couldn't see them. I had seen them and knew they still remained. My heartbeat slowed and I felt the clacking of the monkey on my back. I shook myself free of it and went and hid in a corner.
"My son, he is feeling better! You two have cured him! How do you do this? No exorcism? Nothing?" The father was in tears and holding up his son for us.
"Let's get out of here." Detective Winters helped me up. Cory rode on my outstretched left arm, nervously. I kept lowering my arm to which he would click his disapproval, each time. Detective Winters helped my shocked frame into the car and tossed the toy monkey onto the seat next to me. It had most likely followed us out of the apartment, or else he had carried it. Certainty is for the weak-minded, I concluded, as I stared at its malevolent glass eyes.
We got back to the hotel room and one of us put the monkey on top of the television.
"Time to get some sleep." Detective Winters stated. He laid down stiffly, like some kind of rigid corpse.
"Must go now." Cory hid behind my head on the pillow and softly called.
I watched sleeplessly as the horrible thing sat there atop the television. I could only speculate that it was the cause of the child's malady and that removing it had made everything better. I stared at the infinite evil in its dark glass eyes. Suddenly it started to chime its little chimes, clashing them loudly in the darkness.
"Oh, gawd! It's awake!" I yelled and sat up. Cory fluttered around on the bed, flapping frantically.
"What! What's happening?" Detective Winters woke to a start.
We laid back down and I started to fall asleep. As my eyes slowly started to close the absolute terror I had felt since the beginning was starting to subside just enough to catch my breath. Maybe I would not get left forgotten in the starry skies. Perhaps the wall of sleep had an unlocked door for me to get through safely to the other side. My eyes were fluttering shut when suddenly the monkey chimed again, evilly and terrifyingly in the dark.
"That thing!" I shrieked in gross terror as I woke suddenly.
In the darkness its shape sat there ready to pounce on the sleeper. It was watching our eyes close with its own eyes always wide open and staring, shining in the darkness. The toothy grin of the diabolical creature anticipated this third calamity upon our dying nerves.
My sleep brought the image of the mirrored eyes. I stared into a mirror, seeing its marble glass amid the tufted spiky hair. The monkey in the mirror wanted out; as I dreamed in a delirious fog. My dreams told me of its true nature in the true world. The one we shared alongside it.
The doll was merely where its existence met ours, like a kind of intact vortex. The space between the walls of the whirlpool, as it drains into the darkness, gurgling. I was staring too deeply into that darkness and there it was. I could see its true form there. It clambered up out of the darkness, held back only by the glass of the mirror.
Enraged, the monkey glared and snarled at me. It showed its sharp teeth and then it began hitting the glass. It threw itself against the glass over and over. As the glass fractured and broke, it began the crawl through, shrieking and snarling in terrifying rage. Its flesh was cut to the bone and it peeled off its own face coming through the broken glass like that. Then it came crawling across the floor to get to me, its hate-filled eyes glimmering over its vicious teeth.
Sleep was not a safe place to be. The chime blasted again, clanging loudly and diabolically. I jerked to my feet with a start, the image of the nightmare still clinging to what I thought I was seeing.
Except as I blinked away the nightmare I could see the dark liquid of its true form writhing back into the shape of the doll. Its shadows scattered across the wall like animated flames with no color. The foul smell of sweet and rotting things filled the air. I could hear its growl from the doll and from all around and from within my own mind, echoing from the memory of Dream.
Then without warning there was a loud detonation and blinding flash. The doll exploded into thousands of tiny sticks that were painted in red stripes. Detective Winters put his gun back into the holster.
"Perhaps now, we can get some sleep." He had a bent rolly in his mouth with bits of tobacco sticking out of it every which way. He managed to get it lit without setting it on fire and smoked it for a minute before he snuffed it out.
"I am too afraid to." I yawned.
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2023.06.09 21:53 Citrusface A Gaslands Refueled getting started budget guide.

This is a budget guide to getting started with Gaslands Refueled. I wanted to compile a comprehensive list of how to get started playing Gasland for as little money as possible. This guide assumes you have no experience with miniature gaming and model / terrain building.
Step 1: Buy the Book. Get some dice. Get some templates.
This is arguably the most expensive part, but, buying the book is non-negotiable. You need it. Buy it physical or digital - but buy it. I would also highly suggest buying Gasland dice and acrylic templates. It makes things go a lot smoother.
Step 2: Take a walk.
Grab a plastic container and a grocery bag and go outside and take a walk. On your walk you are going to look for a few things that will aid you in building Gasland's terrain and cars.
We will get in to how to build terrain later, for now, just collect some stuff.
Step 3: Take a trip to the Dollar Tree (Or Poundland, or Dollarama, or whatever)
The dollar store is the best way to get most everything you need to play. Gaslands is one of the most accessible miniature games out there since it is so approachable from a monetary standpoint. The items below are pretty much everything you need to build a board and cars.
Keep in mind, your store may not carry some of this stuff, or some of this stuff may just be out of production by the time you find and read this. But no worries, you'll find something similar to stand in its place. Get as much or as little as you can afford - If its your first time doing something like this, don't overwhelm yourself, just get a few cars and a weapon pack and some super glue. I would also pick up the cubes and buildings if they have it, just for some ready-made terrain. I would avoid paint from the dollar store unless you know it's a good brand.
4: Go to Walmart / Lowes / Home Depot / Micheals / Amazon / FLGS Walmart is probably the best bet to have all this in one shot, plus you can get some of the things here that you can get at the dollar store. These things are going to be a bit more expensive than a dollar, but they are going to make your gaming experience that much better.
This the stuff you will absolutely need to modify all the other stuff you purchased at the dollar tree.
5: Watch Youtube
There are so, so, so, many people out there making things for cheap. I don't really know how to write a tutorial on how to build and make everything you need for miniature games, but YouTube is you best play to find guide for quick and easy miniature stuff. Here are some channels I would recommend:
So, there is a good start point for things to buy and watch, here are some quick start tricks and tips for you to consider.
Okay! That is all I have - but I would ask for the community to weigh in on this as well - let me know what suggestions, tips, things you can buy cheap, YouTube channels, whatever you think is helpful - I will add them to the post and credit you. I wanted to make this before Reddit implodes so new players have an easy way to get started when they search on the Google.
submitted by Citrusface to gaslands [link] [comments]