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2023.03.25 11:29 BurnoutJackal I want to talk about my experience, as a person with ASD, in Warframe.

English is not my native language, and what I'm say may seem utter nonsense, but myself I consider it important. I not be offended if you all decide that this is unreadable garbage. 🌈
I REALLY like Warframe. Here I rest. Before that, I played in Destiny, which caused me some disarrangement, but in Warframe it's completely the opposite, and I'm so glad that I nevertheless decided to expand my zone of perception, and go after my buddies in Warframe. But sadly, in my language, community is terribly toxic to newcomers. They things, that if newbies easier to play, than they used to, they are unworthy of help. I would have continued to play anyway, but thanks to my buddies I made a lot less mistakes than I could.
I usually notice problems with story and lore, gameplay, and I with caution approach to games that I don't consider monolithic. I can't explain... I have a form in my head, that tells me how perfect everything should be. And if it's not, I get really sick of every mention of it think. But in Warframe that doesn't bother me at all. Absolutely. This is so marvelous and amazing! I this moment in Warframe, some moments, and my brain not react to them at all. Plot holes, storytelling problems, gameplay roughness - I don't care, because the story and gameplay in Warframe is still amazing! It's like living all life with head, what wrapped in barbed wire, on which twisted hot sticky polyethylene, and then suddenly it all disappeared. It's an amazing feeling. I also really like the visual style. It style like a dream, or AI art, when everything around is so fluid and changing, and often you see a picture that suddenly becomes different. For some reason, it relaxes me. And the plot, it so close to me. And I love that there are so many choices for player, as to who the Operator and the Drifter are, and it doesn't contradict world story in any way. For example, in my canon, main character is Drifter, and the Operator's universe is alternate.
I really like frame system because that I'm not limited by one class. I like games like The Elder Scrolls, where I can adapt to situation and not be locked into one role. But there I feel myself very bad from Khajiit. I like cats, and that way they talk about themselves in the third person, it`s like conecting to me... but their lore and strange things make a complete mess in my head. With Argonians, everything is much simpler and good, and they are so monolithic and fluid same time ... and these are the things that give me problems when I come contact with games and their systems. And not only, bruh.
From this I constantly feel guilty from that I not being able to play some relevant frames. Either their mechanics break my brain, or their skins break my brain, or their existence breaks my brain. Huh. And I have a special story with Nekros. It's fine, as long as I don't go into frame editor and try to change color... every time I change something, I put in a piece of myself. And for me, this is a whole special operation for many hours, because every color, every shape, I feel in my head by taste, by sound, sometimes by smell. And often this is all terribly contradictory. Everything not should be too dirty and full of detal, everything not should be too sterile. I very like natural colors, they don't give me attack. But bright, chaotic, iridescent, brilliant colors, cause me a stunning and an attack. I very love brightness and contrast, but I need use it right. But if I see something, that is not right for me, I will feel all sounds, smells and tastes, that relate to these colors and shapes at once. They will get stuck in my head, and there will be only colors and shapes before my eyes, and it will take me about 6 hours to recover. So, Nekros Prime evokes these feelings in me with his meaning, that gets into my head. Nekros style is a stereotype of a necromancer, or lich. I think this is wrong, because death, disease, parasites - this is all life. Life is not a cycle, it's just processes that are cyclical. And I want to reveal this in Nekros, otherwise it will be wrong actions for my mind. But if I don't, my brain will scream, that I need to do this urgently in order to fill empty cell with correct fragment. This happens to me very often, and I feel terrible. Therefore, I like to play with multifunctional classes that not create chaos. Or bright classes in which I don't have to do much. That's why I love druids and warlocks in World of Warcraft, but I really feel bad for Bards and Artifacts in DnD. Just like DnD itself, it`s for me true fictions ultimate chaos. Maybe It's not bad, but my brain becomes too overwhelmed by magnitude, brightness, ability to think and fantasize without rules, that it goes off the rails. And it all, that i can explane to you, turns Necros into a rainbow lord of connections with everything in all, and my brain explodes like a burnt out light bulb. I won't show it. I avoid even thinking about this appearance, although I, like a possessed, want to create it again and burn my brain. I bought almost all him skins, in order to collect something that will not blow my mind. I very love default warframe skins, and immortal skins, suddenly, with right coloration, are amazing! It`s my Nekros - For me would be much easier, if he had a skin that makes him more occult, like Limbo-style. But we have what we have. But I really like his helmet. And this is my favorite Rino, he looks like a dragon. And so amazing! I was a little disappointed that instead of a logical dragon skin... he became a bug. For some reason, this palette does not burn my brain, and I feel myself good. But this Nekros... Gentleman warlock, who summoning demons, would be much easier for me. But Caliban can't buff loot. Hah. And I don't know how to deal with feeling, that I'm doing something wrong, because such frames cause me irreparable discomfort. Last time, in order to get rid of attack, I had to delete my account and start all over again. -_- Therefore, I try to create a positive sensory background around me, that this does not happen. But often, some things aren't meant to be, and there's nothing I can do about it other than avoid them. This is especially sad because I LOVE loot. I collect EVERYTHING that can be collected. But then I have Khora, that is also great.
I've seen trailer and first details about the Soulframe, and I think it suits me a lot more than Warframe. But this slow combat... At least I hope I can put together a Scavenger character, who can buffs everyone for loot, and wreaks chaos on the battlefield with various demonic pets, to be able to loot, lol.
My brain was itching, so I needed to talk about all this. I hope you understand what I'm talking about.
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2023.03.25 11:09 Stellalunathebat Rant about what Helped my Dizziness

Ironic that I'm posting this at 5 AM bc my sleep is fucked up.
In Jan I posted about sudden dizziness that landed me in urgent care with ongoing test results that showed absolutely nothing wrong with me. I started having extreme fatigue, and ongoing dizzy spells. It was so bad, I quit my job and remain unemployed for 2 months. I am still dizzy today, but a lot better. My revelations:
List of suspects: 1) I am more depressed/ anxious than I've ever been in my entire life. 2) I am in the worst shape I've ever been. My BP is high and so is my cholesterol. 3) Persisting neck / shoulder pain 4) Poor diet, sleep habits, lifestyle choices 5) Allergies
The worst part is it all started in yoga where I'd been trying to better myself. Returning has been sad, I can't even sit and stretch without being breathless / dizzy.
Correlating remedies to the above I've tried.
1) Doc put me through all the blood work / labs which came back normal and asked if it's possible I'm just deeply depressed. Idk what to say to that but I quit my job which was a huge contributor to my depression. I took two months off and spent it trying to fix myself.
2) Exercise helps general depression but tbh, I felt so bad (physically) I could barely get out of bed some days. Slow walks outside and seeing sun helped. Also, temporarily on bp meds.
3) Neck / shoulder pain severity HIGHLY correlated to my dizziness. Meaning the worse the neck pain, the worse the dizziness as well.
I chucked out my old bed and went through two trial runs of mattresses; an absolute PIA. Also, PILLOWS!! My cheap Costco pillows which I actually enjoyed were tossed out in favor of something more supportive. I am apparently the goldilocks of pillows; not too dense, not too fluffy. I spent 1.5k on a new bed and $100 on a new pillow and I sincerely believe this was the key to alleviating my dizziness. Shoulder and neck pain much better. Pillow selection was not by comfort, rather I tried different ones that alleviated my pain. I actually found that what worked for me was not necessarily what I found most comfortable.
4) Poor sleep (ex: me rn) HIGHLY correlated to extreme fatigue and mildly correlated to dizziness. Even if I'm sleeping til noon, I try to get 8 hours. Currently trying to fix my sleep rhythm.
Cut dairy which is large contributor to general inflammation/ unwellness, per my rheumatologist. (Dependent on ethnicity.) Miserable, I miss milk but I can physically see the difference in my skin and how I feel. I drink oat milk now.
Lifestyle wise, I keep a tidier home. I spent my time off becoming a reseller to get rid of all my hoarded stuff. My hoarding caused a lot of dust and poor house hygiene. This helped with better air quality, leading to better sleep and general wellness. Also, making my bed every morning is strangely therapeutic and happy.
5) Allergies actually causes a LOT of unexplained illnesses. I see an allergist for other health issues and it can cause dizziness, acid reflux, stomach upset, inflammation, headache, fatigue. Far more than your seasonal sniffle. Aside from the poor support and backaches caused by my very old bed, I'm convinced it was infected with every allergen and pollutant out there. Finding the main source of my allergies has vastly improved my life. I breathe, sleep, and live better.
Final thoughts are that these are general things that everyone has already heard. But it really is a slow trek towards figuring it out and getting better. It took a lot of reflection to figure out what was not working for me in my life.
Perhaps my hypochondriac ass is dying of some hidden disease, but I'm trying to convince myself that maybe it's a lot of small wrong things culminating in disaster. I'm trying to fix them one by one.
I also still think I have underlying and undiagnosed health issues which are causing joint pain. Although the bed and pillow helped immensely, I suspect there are other health reasons causing my neck and shoulder pain.
Maybe nobody reads this, not even sure it's helpful but I really can't sleep and needed to vent. ✌️
TLDR: tossing my bed basically alleviated 80% of my issues including dizziness. Also, pillows.
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2023.03.25 10:05 ManicTypist Vag smells like sulfur after tampon use...IDK what to do....

I have been on the strugglebus getting an OBGYN because of insurance, like, it's March 25th, and I'm still trying to find an OBGYN and get an appointment (need a mammogram, having severe breast pain, I feel lumps), and now, today, I decided to wear a tampon because I ran out of pads. Well, I had to drop medication off to SO, and I put a tampon in at... I want to say, 12/noon, and then changed it at 4:00, and went and dropped off medication to my SO, and came back around 7ish, took my tampon out to replace it with a pad (L. Brand, which I will not buy ever again because they have completely downsized their product and are misleading women by not putting any measurement on it, so I'll be returning the item), but anyway, so like... I took the tampon out and it smelled so freaking bad.
I haven't had this smell in a long time, when I used to wear tampons and before that when I was in middle school with the heaviest flows on the planet (when I thought that this smell was normal), but like, since I'm older now, I'm like, "this is not passing the smell test", and by that I mean my hooha smells like sulfufarts with iron.
It is revolting, and since it's Saturday at 1am, and I don't have an OBGYN yet, I have no clue what I should do.
I'm worried I have BV or AV or yet another yeast infection that isn't visually able to be seen, or something, but regardless, IDK what to do over the weekend. I guess, just go to an urgent care if it gets worse?
Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.
I do not like that this is happening, it is like smelling a decaying skunk on the road, and I only had a tampon in from 4-7, and 12-4 before that, so a total of 7 hours of tampon use.
I'm actually falling asleep hardcore, so I hope this post makes sense.
tl;dr period smells horrific after wearing a tampon for the first time in a LONG time, and although I was having heavy bleeding before putting the tampon in, when I took it out and peed, there was nothing, no blood, only pee and the most horrific smell I have ever had the displeasure of smelling.
I'm falling asleep, but I appreciate any assistance in this matter. Peace.
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2023.03.25 09:58 neuro-resurgence I think i got urinary retention real quick

I’ve (23M) been backed up recently so i got walgreens brand nasal spray, (Fluticasone Propionate) and Mucus Relief (Guaifenesin 400mg) tablets. 100% an Idiot for this but i took both at the same time for the hope of quicker relief. Then like a hour later i really had to pee with all the water i drank. But it’s now felt like i have to push to get what’s left out. I plan to stop by a urgent care tomorrow to see why but will it go away if I stop using the one or both? All i get online is that I have a enlarged prostate which i wouldn’t know
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2023.03.25 09:52 AssociationNo6008 Small Loans for emergencies and someone with limited savings

Long story short I'm in need of some semi urgent dental care and it's going to cost me around 4K. Unfortuantly I don't have the money upfront. I'm a full time worker, I rent a unit in my own, I have car loan expenses, rent, utilities as well as a long list of expenses that I've put off. I've saved a total of $1000 in the whole 15 years I've been working (since I was 16!) due an obsessive shopping compulsion. I've worked hard on this and l'm improving which is how I've saved the $1000, please no hate as l've been dealing with a lot of past trauma and mental health issues that believe caused the compulsion. Basically - does anyone have any advice for me? I need this dental work or I risk loosing my teeth and time is ticking! They offer AfterPay but I cannot join these sorts of services for obvious reasons - just too tempting. I used to be part of LatitudePay and had a credit card, I cleared that account and closed it and I reconsidered opening it again for this but I see they've closed down. I'm not really knowledgable on current finance and how to really navigate my finances so I would really appreciate any advice and dumb it right down for me please!
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2023.03.25 09:44 rotibulat SS: Campus DLC - An Inquiry into the Division between Social and Life Sciences

This thought had been stuck and bothering my mind since I got SS (Shitty Skylines): Campus DLC after its release (two years) because I often think about this even before playing Cities Skylines (where the game and its DLCs provide a release to develop my fantasies and thinking), so I decided to vent out for an reflection essay here.

There are three tiers of campus complexes from the DLC: Trade School, Liberal Arts College, and University - with each three of them presenting three faculties. I will examine the unspoken power relations that underlies the decision in choosing the taught subject attached to the campus complexs. There are two clusters of faculties in every tiers of complexes: social and life sciences (which should have been at the same level instead of needing different tiers to be unlocked), with its third tier faculties neither fit to those two categories and required a separate classification once the other to are unlocked. The table below will sums up the division of each educational faculties in regard to each of its role in the game's societal simulation:
Social Science Cluster Life Science Cluster
Trade School Police Academy - maintain violence School of Tourism and Travel - encourages gluttony
Liberal Arts College School of Education - introduce literacy for thought control School of Environmental Studies - exploits land, sea, and air
University School of Law - bureaucracy became ritualized, sanctified School of Medicine - experimenting with dangerous substances
Some of real-life countries had separation of social and natural science classes (ex. France and Indonesia that I could think of) since high school, hence I think it is needed to provide the ideology that underlies at CS: Campus' choice of its college subjects. Law and Medicine are both ancient subjects that are staples of higher education in all cultures, however sometimes the basic purpose of those studies became visible when its modern educational equivalent (Trade School) peels its bare purpose of higher education to human needs (food and belonging). All of them provide generalist labor that can be flexible when switching career at a particular sector or industry, and there are no purpose in keeping Liberal Arts College and Trade School once the University is unlocked with its ancient disciplines of Law and Medicine. The explanation of the table are below:

Here you can see the maintained violence (and coercive apparatus) required to keep the well behaviour of our cims. It starts with the militarized Police Academy in our hypothetical Trade School Polytechnic to bring order into the streets whether it's from criminality or other living things that disturbs city amenities. Then, those uniformed officers will become more civilized and became a little bit 'intellectual' where they would able taught the little cims in the schools to regulate and cultivate their behavior to be discipline since early childhood. The task of educational apparatus to instill fiction of a religious belief or a state government, ends in the University-level where those robed lawyers and its flashy clothing will turn itself into rituals, religions, sects, and sanctification, to the point it has almost no difference from theological schools.
Social science faculties provides techniques and methods for population control through producing fictions (be it in forms of religion or state) from its crude ways to sophistication, starting from the gaze of a police, the endless task of a teacher, and the bullshitery jargons by a lawyer. All social science stems from this curiosity of an out-of-control rapid social change with ever-accelerating industrialization (especially with CS: Industries installed). All of those professions and curriculum stems from the gluttonous religious clerics, which in modern days it's increasingly being replaced by corporate and state administrators to escape the guilt of slaughterhouse and toils of farming - educational stream for lazy persons. Their ability to control people are always in the name of people's welfare, where they in fact are bards and storytellers of the most generic kind.

The basic needs is the theme of this cluster: food and resting needs of humans where order was not required to fulfill those needs, without the guilt of destroying other living organisms. Main theme for the establishment of School of Tourism and Travel provides the quality meal through its chefs and entertainment for cims and guests alike to make sure they are not getting suicide due to the dullness of buses and metros. Its ever-expanding needs of humanfolk then upgrades to School of Environmental Studies, where it actually taught geology and geography to provide insatiable needs of humans for food (agricultural soil to grow) and rest (external energy to power up plants and made cims lazier on their Chirps) without the guilt of destroying surrounding 'wild' organisms. The School of Medicine is the apex of all, from their humble beginnings in planting herbs at the University's backyard, to engineer surgical equipment and producing synthetic drugs.
There are no difference between a food chef and a apothecary (whom made physician's recipes where they could do it by themselves), from the saying 'food as the best medicine' to an actual physician in providing pleasure and healthiness to affected cims. Hard-workers tend to go on this clusters where they do not mind serving other people to the point where we could find records of royalty to despise medical professionals due to their status as care-workers (though their career trajectory and prosperity are all the same and only differs in their talents). No difference between a kitchen's chef, naturalist's yard and a physician's laboratory in terms of its purpose to the cims as a whole. In my games, the purpose of hospitals and hotels are the same and I frequently put those two buildings into a same district (and should have been in the real-life, where leisure is the luxury kind of a sick care).
SS: Campus are all fun and games until the player are able to unlock all of the three campus complex tiers, the balance had been broken from the duality balance of complementing social and life science. With the unlock of third faculty buildings, the ideology of those campus complexes become networked. School of Economics (Liberal Arts College) and School of Engineering (Trade School) provides a perfect balance between social and life science clusters for cims purpose without any need of an exalted University in our modern age:
Social Science - Liberal Arts College Life Science - Trade School
The Most Distinguished Modern Subjects in Replacing Sacred Arts of Law and Medicine School of Economics - training clergies in counting the morality of cims by taxes and narrating the foundation of fictions needed by a city: religion and state School of Engineering - provide tools for insatiable consumption of the city and solutions to make cims ever more gluttonous in cuisine and leisure
A single higher education institution becomes two and competing with each other, then the unlocking on School of Science (University) completely broke the balance: transposing heritage of social-life sciences balance into Economics and Engineering schools, and damaging the continuity of ancient educational reputation by introducing modern science subjects in the University complex which consists two exalted faculties of Law and Medical professionals since the ages of Plato, Buddha, and Confucius.
Wish someone will do the same for the ideology underlies the industrial and park districts in Industries and Parklife DLCs.
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2023.03.25 09:41 thejoie12 Revive Daily Reviews 2023 (URGENT UK, USA CUSTOMER REPORT) Read This Before Start Your Sleep Support!

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2023.03.25 09:19 ThatAnxiousPerson- Is my progressive cough concerning?

15 afab 5’3 97lbs I have mitral valve prolapse. I am not on any mediation.
Is my progressive cough concerning?
For the past 1-2 months I have started coughing seemingly out of nowhere and it’s only getting worse. It started out as me coughing a few times a day, nothing concerning. But that evolved into me coughing every few hours, to every hour, to every 30 minutes, to now having a extreme coughing fits every 5-20 minutes. The coughing used to just sound like a normal cough but over the past few days it sounds more like I’m choking or like a dog barking. The coughing fits last about 2-3 minutes and are non-stop along with me gagging. They are painful in my chest and throat. I have coughed up mucus about 60% of the time during these coughing fits. The mucus ranges from cleayellow to orange with red in it. Lately I have also noticed an increase of spit/mucus in my mouth and I have to constantly clear my throat. I do have some chest pain, primarily over my heart and along the sides of my ribs. I do have a Heart condition so as soon as the cough started I went to my cardiologist. I had full testing done on my heart and there was no noticeable worsening or new condition to my heart. Over the past few days I have had a mild on and off fever (99.6-99.7 F) but no other symptoms. It might also be worth mentioning that my mystery knee pain/swelling that started a few months before cough has become more noticeable with the cough. Should I go to a doctor? Urgent care?
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2023.03.25 08:45 chuck1011212 Accelerating your FIRE goals via the Middle East option

I want to bring this subject up because I don't see anyone really talking about Americans working in the Middle East (Safer locations only: Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman, Turkey) as an option to accelerate your FIRE goals. It has really worked great for me.
I am currently working in Qatar. Clean, safe, nice people, things to do, bars that serve alcohol, can also buy alcohol at the state run liquor store, superb brand new underground Metro, cheap Uber rides, home to the outstanding Qatar Airways and direct flights to most all of the cool places in the world, cheap food and grocery delivery. Qatar is much smaller than Dubai, but is moving in a similar direction to Dubai and encouraging tourism. Nothing to do in Qatar on the level of Dubai yet though.

The perks of Middle East (Kuwait, Qatar, Dubai, Oman) FIRE acceleration -
Good money, but long hours. Typically 12 hour shifts with two days off per week
Housing provided free - The quality of the housing is generally great but differs per company. i am living in a really nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in walking distance to food and the Metro.
No bills other than the ones you create for yourself - A cell phone bill is typically the only bill and mine is $20 per month for 4g 8 gigs of data and unlimited calls and txts. 5G is available here too.
No insurances if you don't own a car - I hate insurance companies
Lowered US federal tax liability - You can typically add 25% to your take home vs. same pay in America. The first $122'ish thousand of pay is not federally taxed. This number changes every year. Also no state taxes depending on how your state is setup for overseas work. Side note: Could be beneficial to change your state of residence before going overseas to avoid paying state taxes in states that still tax you even if you are overseas. This can be done easily if you do your research - even without doing an actualy state to state move.
World travel experience - Being on this side of the world is great for travel. Get a travel credit card for travel perks.
Cheap and excellent health care - Low monthly cost for a world healthcare plan and no copays or out of pocket costs at all for anything as long as you stay out of the US. You read that right. Go to the doctor, pay $0. Go to the hospital, pay 0$. If you need health care while in the US on vacation or something, expect deductibles and the typical BS that we live with in the US.
For example: I went to the local Turkish Hospital here in Qatar (which is super new, clean and amazing) for an ear infection and had no appointment. We typically go to what they call hospitals for a doctor visit, as they are fully featured hospitals that take walk-ins as their normal operation. I saw a real doctor and was in and out of the hospital in 15 minutes INCLUDING getting my prescription. Try that in America at any establishment. I paid $0. If I had some exotic health problem then maybe I would consider going to America for treatment, but for most everything it is far better here.
They generally like Americans in the above Middle East countries

How to find work:
I have experience with and can recommend looking for a US company doing contract work for the US government on US military bases in these countries. These include Vectrus, General Dynamics, Leidos, Ratheon, CACI and other government contract companies. These jobs are not typically well advertised on job boards such as Indeed and can sometimes take some inside info to find. (like knowing somebody working there already) The DoD contracts change all the time, and some listings for jobs are advertised even before a government contract is awarded to a company. This is frustrating, but it is the game. This just means to expect to apply for overseas jobs and expect to hear nothing for most applications.

Here is the strategy that worked for me:
Get a DoD contracting job at your local (or any) military base in the US and then use that as a springboard for your overseas adventure. This will get you the required DoD experience and security clearance stuff. Then you are an easy pickup for any overseas contract. You can then talk to your coworkers at the US military base that have experience overseas and they can discuss their experience with you before you commit to an overseas contract job.

Best bet is to google top 20 US government contract companies, then go directly to each company's web site and search their job listings from their site. This sucks, but it is what it is. You can typically search by physical location, which will get you some listings quick if you know where you want to live.
Additionally, I recommend you do a resume overhaul by someone that does it professionally on Fiver or other sites. For 75'ish bucks, one of these guys will clean up your resume and get it looking good plus make it standards complaint. Standards complaince is the key. This will make it super easy to apply on these company sites and will automatically fill in their information gathering fields for you based on what is on your resume. If your resume is not standards complaint, these fields will not auto populate for you and applying on company sites will be a lengthy and miserable effort.

Also, there are options for working for local companies in the host countries directly. This could be doing things like working for the oil companies or being a teacher at the local private schools or doing IT stuff. This option comes with lots of unknowns. Be sure to do your research as much as possible before committing to one of these positions including speaking to a currently employed American there that can guide you with any questions you may have. You will likely be working with lots of other nationalities, so be ready to learn about other cultures and deal with some language barriers.

Some countries are friendlier than others about bringing your family members. Your employer should help with this, but be ready for it to test your patience. Kids that need school will likely need a private school and this will have some cost. A spouse could find work also, but I don't know much about this. I am single and don't have any of these experiences to provide valid info on this subject.

Freedom and privacy:
Nope. If you are a gun totin' freedom of everything type person, this is not the life for you.
You will give blood to be here. Literally. They test the blood for who knows what and use it for who knows what. You will also give fingerprints to be here. They have video surveillance everywhere and some places require an App on your phone for this or that, which also tracks you. If this is a problem for you, don't come to these places. It is that simple.

Do your research, but these countries are all significantly safer than America. In some cases, the entire country is safer than the typical American small town. Let that sink in. I don't lock my apartment door unless I am sleeping. This includes while going out of the country for week(s) long vacations.

Always remember that you are a guest in any country you go. Leave your attitude at home, be patient and smile. You don't need to learn a language, but learning a few words will be helpful. Everywhere you go outside of the US will allow you to get by just speaking English. Speak slowly, use few words and talk like a caveman and you can get by with English most anywhere.

Overseas Saving Strategy:
You are not going to be taxed like in the US, so contributing to a 401k may or may not be beneficial. Depends if your company matches or not. Obviously go for the match if they have one as that is free money. If not, then consider your time to FIRE and whether you wanna max out 401k if you are not getting the tax benefits as well as the timing of your FIRE. If you are 40 and want to FIRE before 59 and 1/2, then pumping your 401k without the tax perks is not going to benefit you and could hurt you if you want to withdraw early. Instead, pump money into a standard investment account so that you can access this money when you are 45 or 48 without penalty.
For me, I am not currently putting anything into a 401k. I am taking 75+% of my income and putting it into a low cost set of index funds. The rest, I am taking awesome vacations in Asian countries scoping out what my FIRE life will look like. I don't plan on returning to America. Ever.

You can expect that you will get a similar pay per hour as you may get in the US for the same job. The difference is the guaranteed and required overtime as well as the perks of paid living expenses and reduced or 0 income tax. The days of guys getting massive pay for working in a war zone are generally gone, but we are not entertaining working in a warzone in this post. I have never considered war zone work even though it has been presented to me.

I also like to play with this fire calculator to see where I am and check on my goals and progress:
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2023.03.25 08:44 witchystoneyslutty Why do people go to the ER for migraines?

I’m just curious- I’ve never gone to the ER for a migraine. To me, the ER or urgent care or any kind of medical facility is a migraine nightmare. Fluorescent lights, people, noises, smells, being vertical….nope nope nope. Plus, my copays are killer! I can’t afford to pay that much every time I have a migraine. Yikes.
Can they even help??
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2023.03.25 08:29 dindudbdurc urgent care near me big natural tits videos learning ally video game fuck google scholar girls sucking dick videos prime day 2021 anal sex orgy nfl playoff picture big dick bitch full videos cowboy bebop netflix free gay cam best tutorial. nude male celebs tumblr windows 11

urgent care near me big natural tits videos learning ally video game fuck google scholar girls sucking dick videos prime day 2021 anal sex orgy nfl playoff picture big dick bitch full videos cowboy bebop netflix free gay cam best tutorial. nude male celebs tumblr windows 11 submitted by dindudbdurc to eudhuudoonc1 [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 08:05 Jason_T_Jungreis I wrote and outline for a Ratatouille 2: Give me your thoughts

Hey so I had an idea for a plot of a Ratatouille sequel and wrote it. I just came up with it so, it's definitely a rough draft. Tell me what you think:
Many years prior to the original film, Lehmann and his intern Kaiser are two scientists who run the Schwartzchild Animal Testing facility in Brandenburg, Germany. For a long time, Lehmann has been trying to genetically engineer a Rat to have enhanced taste and smell, with the goal of using the rat for purposes such as sniffing out environmental toxins. After numerous failures, he finally succeeds when a lab rat named Elise gives birth to a genetically engineered small grey rat. This rat survives birth and is confirmed to have enhanced taste and smell when he refuses to eat food with rat poison. He is compared with the control, the other brown rat Elise gave birth to who was not genetically engineered. The brown rat attempts to go for the food with the poison, confirming the grey rat was successfully genetically engineered. Lehmann and Kaiser are ecstatic that their experiment was a success, and begin plans to replicate the grey rat’s genome to see what it was that made him survive, and to make more rats with enhanced smell. They also name the rats. They give the grey rat the name Remy, and the brown rat the name Emile. Giving birth to them significantly weakened Elise. Kaiser and Lehmann believe she will not be able to give birth to any more rats. They decide she is therefore no longer of use to them and kill her.
Django, the father of Emile and Remy, realizes from this that rats are disposable to humans, and that he and his sons must escape from the lab ASAP. He figures out how to pick the lock of his cage, then figures out how to use the computer to unlock Remy and Emile’s cage. He free Remy and Emile, still infants at this time. This sets off alarms, and Kaiser and Lehmann frantically search for the missing rats, but Django and his sons evade them. Django escapes from the lab with his sons on his back and board a train. They stay in the train for days until they find in a cargo box that is unloaded from the train. Once off, they search until they find a cabin with an existing colony of rats. They join this colony.
In the present day, Remy continues to cook at La Ratatouille with Collette and Linguini. The restaurant continues to be an enormous success, with lines around the block. While Remy is happy to be able to cook, he is still upset that he can not publicly take credit for his work. He confesses this to Django and Emile, but Django simply reminds him that as a rat, it simply isn’t possible.
One day, Lehmann is vacationing in Paris with his wife Johanna and their kids. They decide to dine at La Ratatouille, as his wife, who owns a small cafe, is a fan of fine foods. At La Ratatouille, they run into Skinner, who is also eating there just to see how good it really is. Johanna recognizes him from the numerous cooking magazines she has read. She inquires what happened to Gusteau’s, and Skinner tells all of them about the cooking rat and the health inspector. Intrigued, Lehmann asks Skinner for more details about Remy, and eventually concludes that this is his missing rat. Skinner tells him that this rat likely works at this restaurant here. Lehmann asks Linguini, the waiter, to meet the Chef, however Linguini is evasive. This strengthens Lehmann’s suspicion. Lehmann decides to buy a human rat trap, and put rosemary, a spice that his genetically engineered rat would have a particular attraction to, in it. He leaves the humane trap outside La Ratatouille. Sure enough, when Remy goes on his break, he sees the rosemary and goes in. He gets trapped in the cage. Lehmann rips out one of Remy’s whiskers, causing him to bleed. Lehmann then puts a drop of Remy’s blood next to an alley cat, and leaves the whisker near the alley cat, to make it look like Remy was eaten by the alley cat. In the kitchen, Collette and Linguini aren’t sure where Remy went. They go out and look for him. They see the alley cat with the blood on his mouth and see Remy’s whisker. They believe the alley cat killed Remy and somberly go back to La Ratatouille to inform Django and Emile.
A few days later, Lehmann and his family arrive back in Brandenburg with Remy. Lehmann has plans to preform DNA tests on Remy, but his wife points out that they can also make money by having Remy cook at her cafe. Lehmann brings Remy to his wife’s cafe and orders him to cook, but he refuses. Johanna then tells Remy that he will receive public credit for his cooking, which encourages Remy to try cooking for them. Lehmann advertises that he successfully genetically-engineered a rat who can cook, and convinces the Brandenburg Department of Health to allow Remy in the kitchen, as he is a cleaned lab rat. News spreads of the genetically-engineered cooking rat, and Johanna’s Cafe soon becomes one of the most popular restaurants in Brandenburg. Remy also begins to enjoy receiving public credit for his work, and no longer wants to go back to Paris. Ghost Geusteau appears to Remy and reminds him of how Collette and Linguini’s restaurant will not survive without him, but Remy ignores him.
Back in Paris, La Ratatouille has had an enormous drop in popularity. Collette works endlessly to try to keep the Restaurant afloat, but she simply lacks Remy’s talent for cooking. The Restaurant only makes enough money to stay afloat because of Anton Ego’s donations, but even that is starting to run out. Linguini and Collette desperately miss Remy, as do his family and the entire Rat clan.
Lehmann and Kaiser use Remy’s fur to finally identify the gene that allows him to survive as a genetically engineered rat. They manage to design genes for rats that have an even better sense of smell than Remy, and they also manage to accelerate these rats’ growth. They make deals with some companies to sell some rats to sniff out toxins or explosives. They use others to help in Lehmann’s wife’s Cafe. They even give some to Skinner as a way to repay him for telling them about Remy.
As the rats reach a mature age, Skinner opens a restaurant using his genetically engineered rats as cooks, however he does not advertise that he has rat cooks, as the rats were imported illegally and Paris’ department of health is much more strict than Brandenburg’s about rats. He purposely opens it on the same block as La Ratatouille. As Skinner’s new restaurant grows in popularity, it takes away La Ratatouille’s few remaining customers. La Ratatouille can no longer financially sustain itself and is forced to close. Desperate and out of work, Collette and Linguini apply to many jobs, but no one wants to hire them after the failure of their previous restaurant. Collette and Linguini are forced to move into a dingy one bedroom apartment to save money, and allow the rats to move in with them. Finally, Skinner offers Collette and Linguini a job at his new restaurant, however he drastically underpays them, forces them to work long hours, and generally mistreats them in general in order to reassert his dominance. One day, Collette overhears Skinner talking to Lehmann on the phone and hears them talking about the original genetically engineered rat and how he is currently cooking at Johanna’s restaurant. Collette realizes he means Remy and that Remy is still alive. Linguini, Collette, Emile, and Django decide to go to Brandenburg to try to find Remy. Skinner warns Collette and Linguini that if they take time off of work, they will be fired. Linguini and Collette decide to take the risk, as if they can get Remy back they won’t need to work for Skinner’s restaurant anymore. They leave for Brandenburg and he fires them.
At Lehmann’s wife’s Restaurant, Remy is beginning to doubt himself, now that suddenly the other human workers have been replaced by rats who can cook even better than he. Remy reluctantly stays on the job however, as Lehmann’s wife continues to praise his cooking. One day, Remy overhears Kaiser and Lehmann talking about him. He goes to overhear, hoping to hear them praising him. Instead, he hears them talking about Remy’s genetic engineering, and how much of a success it was. They discuss how they have successfully improved upon Remy’s genome to make Rats who are even better cooks. It crushes Remy to learn that he is only the way he is because of human experiments, and that they are just trying to replace him and destroy his uniqueness. Remy now views his cooking skills only as byproducts of human control and no longer wants anything to do with. He flees and goes to live in the sewer as a true rat. As he had been enjoying cooking at the Restaurant, Lehmann had not seen a reason to hold him in captivity.
The next day, Collette, Linguini, Emile, and Django arrive in Brandenburg and go to Lehmann’s wife’s restaurant. They ask about Remy, however Lehmann’s wife says that Remy fled the previous day. Linguini, Collette, Emile, and Django begin to search Brandenburg for Remy. Finally, Django and Emile find him living with a colony of rats in a sewer. They ask what happened, and Remy explains what he overheard from Kaiser and Lehmann. Django and Emile try to convince him it doesn’t matter, but he is unconvinced. Eventually, they try simply convincing him to return to Paris. He agrees to this, but won’t commit to cooking. Emile and Django hope that by just being back in Paris, Remy will regain his love of cooking. Remy, Django, and Emile reunite with Collette and Linguini, and return to Paris. Once in Paris, Remy still refuses to cook however, and wishes to live as a sewer rat. Django and Emile try to convince him to go see the rats cooking in Skinner’s kitchen. He is reluctant to at first, but Ghost Gusteau convinces him to go see it. The three rats go to Skinner’s Restaurant, but when they are outside, an alley cat chases them. They manage to get into a small hole in the wall and escape. Remy has the idea of going into the restaurant and making meat for that cat. He does this and feeds the cat. The cat eats, and warms up to Remy. The cat, who is revealed to be anthropomorphic, thanks Remy for the meat, and reveals that Skinner starves him so that his only option is to hunt for rats. Remy asks why he would do this, and the cat tells him that even though most of the rats are able to cook, many don’t want to, and only do so because Skinner forces them to. Skinner uses electric shocks and starvation in order to force the rats to cook. Horrified, Remy, Django, and Emile go to speak to the rats in the kitchen, which is currently closed, and learn that the cat is right. They also learn that Lehmann and Kaiser tortured the rats working in Lehmann’s wife’s kitchen also, and that they torture rats to force them to do things like sniff out toxins in chemicals. Additionally, Lehman and Kaiser preform horrific experiments on their animals. Django confesses that he knows and tells Remy and Emile what happened to their mother. Remy tells the rats in the kitchen that the cat will not hurt them now, and they flee the kitchen along with the cat. They then decide they want to free the animals in the Schwartzchild lab once and for all. They go back to Collette and Linguini, and communicate to them what they wish to do. Collette and Linguini agree, and the group goes to Brandenburg to carry out a plan.
In Brandenburg, Johanna is expressing serious reservations about torturing rats in order to force them to cook, however Lehman reminds her that he is the reason she has a cafe at all. He reminds her how for years, he gave her cafe some of his grant money (which is illegal), and that that is the only reason it still exists. Now, he cafe is only popular because he gave her his rats. He tells her that she needs to pay him back for that money, or he will take his rats and money, and then her cafe will go out of business.
Remy and the others arrive in Brandenburg, and go to the Schwartzchild lab. They come up with a plan. First, the rats would chew through the wires and cut the power. Then, they would feed the cats guarding the rats so they warm up to rats. Then, Django, who still remembers how to get out of the lab, would free the other rats using the computer. They put this plan into action. Remy makes some tasty meat with the help of Collette. The rats successfully chew through the wires, and then they break in to the lab. They feed the meat to the cats, who do indeed warm up to them. The cats agree to help them free the rats. The rats and cats infiltrate the lab and Django successfully uses the computer to free the rats. Right when Remy and his clan of rats and cats meet up with the freed rats, Lehmann activates a back-up generator and the power goes back on. Realizing that he is coming, Django has an idea. He whispers it to the rats and cats, and then hurries off to the control room. Lehmann comes into the room, sadistically eager to watch the cats kill the rats. The cats chase the rats into a room, and Lehmann follows. Just as it looks like the cats will kills the cats, they suddenly attack Lehmann by clawing and sratching him. The rats join in by biting him. Lehman, who is taken by surprise, is quickly overwhelmed. The animals injure him a bit before leaving through a door. Django, who is watching on security footage, closes the door the rats and cats leave through. He then opens another door, which connects Lehmann’s room to the room with the Dogs who Lehmann experimented on. They had escaped from their cages during the blackout. The dogs rush in and maul Lehman to death. Django erases all camera footage of the attack. He then opens all remaining cages, allowing all animals to escape. The rats and cats flee together. They then rendezvous with Linguini and Collette. The group then goes to Lehmann’s wife’s restaurant and free the rats there.
Later that evening, the police investigate Schwartzchild lab and find Lehmann’s body. Unaware of Remy’s scheme, they conclude that lab did not comply with existing safety standards. They also witness videos of animal cruelty committed by Lehmann and Kaiser. They therefore arrest Kaiser and shut down the Schwartzchild lab. The police also find correspondence between Lehman, Kaiser, and Skinner. They find evidence that Skinner admitted to illegal animal trafficking, and also videos he sent to him torturing rats into doing his bidding. These videos are sent to French authorities, and Skinner is arrested.
Django and Emile try to convince Remy to continue cooking, but he is still reluctant to do so. Remy also (wordlessly) explains his reluctance to Collette and Linguini. All four work to convince Remy otherwise. They explain how simply having an enhanced sense of smell isn’t enough. Django points out to Remy that he was brave enough to enter the human world. Collette points out how he was brave enough to experiment. She points out that Skinner could cook, but he didn’t care about making him quality food. She could cook, but she only wanted to follow what Gusteau did. Remy was willing to experiment. The rats who were forced to cook would not do that. Finally, Remy speaks with the ghost of Gusteau. Gusteau points out that as long as Remy is talented, he doesn’t need to be the very best. It was a lesson that he, Gusteau, never learned. He become depressed when Anton Ego made him feel he wasn’t the best anymore. He let that end his life, when he should have been content with just believing being good was enough. Remy is finally convinced to go back into cooking. He, Collette, Django, Emile, and Linguini res turn to Paris. As Linguini and Collette were the most recent employees of Skinner’s restaurant, they are given it now that Skinner is in jail. They begin working there along with Remy and the few genetically-engineered rats that actually enjoy cooking. Furthermore, because the population doesn’t fear genetically engineered rats anymore, Remy can freely take credit for his cooking. The restaurant ends up being a huge success. The rat colony once again lives in the attic of it. This section ends with Linguini proposing to Collette.
We also see what happened to Johanna. She regrets her actions that she committed against animals while her husband lived. As she lost her restaurant, she is now forced to work at a fast food restaurant as a fry cook. While she doesn’t enjoy preparing the cheap food and is forced to live much more humbly, she is also happy to be free of her husband’s abuse and threats. This overall makes her into a better person. She tells her kids that although she and they will all have to live more humbly for a while, she explains that in a way she feels they all deserve it for she and her husband’s cruelty to animals and that they can learn from this.
This is the end.
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2023.03.25 08:03 Prtmchallabtcats Wisdom tooth extraction, infection, cough

Hi. I had a wisdom tooth extracted three days ago, that had been obscured by my gum and with almost half of it missing due to a giant hole. I was told to call with any questions but the office has been closed ever since and now it's the weekend and my country's healthcare is honestly a mess unless it's life or death.
So the infection was all the way down to the jaw and had reached the nerve. Lower left side. The site itself is very warm to the touch, but a lot less sore and not as swollen.
My worry is that I've been coughing since yesterday, in a way that feels like my lungs are a little infected. Like there's a taste, and my breathing is rattly. The paper I was given says to call them if there is a "high temperature" but it doesn't specify of they mean me or the jaw. I'm handicapped and a parent and I can't go spend a day waiting for urgent care (it would take the whole day at least) if it isn't. I don't drink or smoke.
Should I be worried? Is there a chance the infection is now spreading around and it's going to kill me?
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2023.03.25 07:51 Doubtful-Tech666 Masticatory Muscle Myositis. Urgent enough for urgent care or is my Tuesday appt ok? 4 year old male golden retriever.

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2023.03.25 07:28 PM_Me_Your_Backside Cracked rib (26m) pain got significantly worse after improvement?

Got hit in the ribs during martial arts approximately 3 weeks ago. Went to urgent care after and they suspected a cracked rib. this past Wednesday the doctor suspected the same and ordered an X-ray just to check. I’ve been resting except for running which doesn’t cause any additional pain. Doc said if it doesn’t hurt youre fine to do it. Have stopped lifting and contact sports.
There was very significant improvement until Thursday when it felt like I went backward two weeks. Now I’m in more pain with a limited range of motion again. Is this normal or anything to worry about? Or is just the normal course for this type of injury to waver back and forth?
I am in an armed forces and only got 2 more weeks of limited activity so worried about that not being enough with current pain returning. And access to doctor is very limited. Although I understand there is nothing to do about rib injury.
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2023.03.25 07:15 SnooCalculations2567 Is one armpit lump a reason to see a dr? Can you even make an appointment anywhere without a gp?

Hi, TLDR at bottom. So I have no idea how long this has been there, but today I found a lump(assuming lymph node) in one armpit that is visible and kind of hard but not sore.
-no other current symptoms besides fatigue, I can sleep for 9 hours on off days and still wake up exhausted and end up sleeping most of my off days away/struggling at work :/
-the fatigue is new the last 6 months
-31f, 124 lbs(5’7), only medication is spironolactone from a dermatologist for hormonal acne.
-No diagnosed conditions, but also never had my own doctor. I do have insurance.
-had positive monospot and negative ebv panel in December for mono-like symptoms (ebv indicated a past infection, I mention it because they felt my neck lymph nodes at urgent care, which were normal but maybe this one is just from whatever virus caused those initial symptoms + ongoing fatigue?)
TLDR: do I need to try and find a doctor over an armpit lump? Lots of skin cancer in my family and an aunt and grandmother had breast cancer, so nagging fear of lumps, but at the same time I don’t believe it could be that.
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2023.03.25 07:13 MorganGanem Covid test not valid for Visit Japan Web, plz help.

Hi, my wife and I are departing for Japan on March 26th. We are not fully vaccinated, so we just got our Covid test today at an urgent care and both tested negative. I uploaded our certificates on to Visit Japan Web but when they were reviewed I received an email titled “(Quarantine Documentation Center) Please resubmit your test certificate”. It went on to state “This test certificate is not considered valid because we could not confirm required items, or they did not satisfy requirements.”
The nurse told us that the test we got was we adequate for international travel. The test we received was called “Sofia SARS Antigen FIA - Varied Sofia SARS Antigen FIA In Range SARS-Cov=SARS-Cov-2(COVID-19)AgPresenceInRespiratoryspecimen Negative by rapid immunoassay”
Maybe I entered the type of test and sample incorrectly on Visit Japan Web? Has anyone else experienced this? Any ideas on what we should do? We only have today to figure it out and I’m panicking a little.
Thanks very much :)
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2023.03.25 06:56 Horror-Impression411 Are these related or am I jumping to conclusions?

I had orthopedic surgery last month. Since then, my life has been… not fun. A few days after surgery, I developed a fast heart rate (think can’t get it below 140bpm) and high blood pressure. I went to urgent care, they said could be a PE and get to the ER. Obviously I was fine and they did a chest CT with contrast which was negative. At this time I had minimal symptoms, only dizziness and shortness of breath. EKG and a normal panel of blood tests came back normal except for high platelet and d-dimer, and high WBC. Went to the ER two days later with stroke symptoms. Left side went numb, felt like I was in a dream almost, I was falling for 30 sec—1min. Brain MRI came back fine. Referred to neuro. I visited my GP who did more tests and we figured out I have hyperthyroidism, anti RNP antibodies (2) and ANA is 1:160 speckled. I’ve still had racing heart and dizziness. I developed food allergies (birch oral allergy syndrome.) around that time I was seeing pinpricks in my vision and still do occasionally. My eyes droop sometimes and I just feel like there is something wrong. My face flushes more than usual. Went to cardiologist and was told my palpitations are anxiety and to stop focusing on them. Not even a holter! I’m anxious but this doesn’t feel like my normal. I’m always tired. No more numbness but I get random aches and pains, and hand weakness especially in the morning, can’t open a jar etc etc. i space out randomly and have really hard time finding words. I have swollen glands and seem to have contracted a cold or virus. Sore throat, mild fever and body aches. Swollen armpits. I feel out of it. Apparently I have fluid in my ears? I get headaches when I didn’t used to, neck pain, and stiffness. I worry this is just somatic anxiety or I’m going crazy. Am I? Nothing adds up. What doctor should I go to? My rheumatologist likes to tell me everything is fine but my blood work is always a tiny bit positive. Who am I to question someone with years of experience, but then again I hurt and want it to stop. I have taken Ativan and it definitely helps anxiety but I just feel so wrong.
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2023.03.25 06:39 Aggravating_Basket80 Does my car have a blown head gasket?

I have a 2005 Nissan Altima, with 213k miles.
2.5L 4 cyl engine.
At about 200k miles, I was sitting at my daughters' school at idle, and all the sudden the car started overheating.
I, (stupidly perhaps) drove them home from school by carefully trying to keep it from overheating too much on the way home.
Refilled the coolant at home, and everything was fine for a while (couple thousand miles). The heater slowly went out, and I checked the coolant, to find it was low again. I refilled it, the heater worked again for several thousand miles, but I keep having to refill the coolant regularly (every couple thousand miles).
It has not overheated again since that first incident.
I am also burning oil at about the same interval.
The car produces some white smoke, but not a ton.
It also produces a burnt popcorn smell.
The engine also revs at idle, and idles high. I have not yet cleaned the throttle body.
If I drive without pressing the gas, it idles at about 35MPH.
I have to press heavily on the break when stopping because the car is idling high, and wants to accelerate.
I have changed the oil multiple times since the overheating incident, changed the spark plugs, changed the valve cover, and pcv valve.
Do I have a blown head gasket? Does that explain these behaviors?
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2023.03.25 06:05 ContributionOdd5436 Getting weighed at the doctor

I recently went to an urgent care center for some sinus meds. At every doctor appointment I’ve ever had I’ve been weighed and the result written down. Today this office didn’t know I’m trans, i was gendered correctly at every stage of the visit, and I was not weighed. I was simply asked my weight. Is that a normal thing at an urgent care clinic or do men just get believed about their weight by doctors? There was a scale in the room, they just didn’t bother to use it. I was a little taken aback.
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2023.03.25 05:52 Scary_Ad_8919 I am an American woman without a nose, but I learned Korea

I am Rhonda, an American woman who lived in Majang-dong, Korea until recently and was forced to return to the United States to serve her sick parents.
I have been very happy in Korea for over three years, but my only family, my mother, suddenly got cancer, so I came to America to take care of her.
Since I lived a happier life in Korea than in the U.S., I persuaded my mother to live in Korea before she was sick, but I regret that I couldn't break my stubborn mother's heart these days.
After living in Korea for more than three years, it was such a touching country that it made me realize that life and happiness in the United States were really nothing.
Of course, ordinary people wouldn't have felt this much, but in my case, I have a bad appearance that I can't live as normal as others. I currently have a look that is hard to imagine for others who don't have a nose at all. Of course, it wasn't without a nose in the first place, but an accident in the United States caused the entire nose to lose its appearance, and the optic nerve of the nose to remain a little bit, so you have a sense of smell that you can smell very finely.

I was able to lose my sense of smell itself, but it was fortunate for me that I avoided the optic nerve by about 3mm. Because of this situation, if I look at myself from the front, I have a bizarre appearance that would only come out in movies. However, I think it was the last good luck that came to me that there was no nose after I got to know Korea and Koreans. Before I came to Korea, I had a rough life that was completely different from other women who worked as employees of a huge butcher's factory in the United States.

Unlike other women, I've been very interested in bone techniques that require a lot of delicate work, and when I was 20, I first got into a small land mill in a town in the United States where I lived. There was a reason for making a lot of money, but the work at the land factory was harder than I imagined.
Even for ordinary men, the work of a meat factory creates a lot of physical fatigue beyond imagination, so for ordinary women like me, it was virtually impossible to do meat processing without superhuman mental strength. Perhaps that's why, at that time, it was very difficult for me as a woman to get the opportunity to work in a meat processing factory, as I rubbed my hands and told them to give me a chance to work in a meat processing factory for even a day. But fortunately, one factory accepted me and I was able to learn a little bit of work there. The first time I became interested in bone work was largely due to my father, who is now dead. My father had the ability to do the work of bone, almost like a craftsman, and I watched him from a very young age like a hands-on learning experience, and I thought he was really cool I'm a woman too, but I dreamt that I'd have my own skills to do that one day. That's how I ended up working for more than two years at a land factory in the United States where I first got a job. By the time my friends met me and said that my body smelled mysterious, I was able to adapt to the work of the meat factory to some extent, but also to imitate a little bit of bone technology. My body always smelled like meat and my arm muscles were numb every day, but I felt like I was getting closer to my father, who I respected, so I could feel proud every day even though the work was hard. But I didn't know until then. I never dreamed that this kind of hard happiness would turn into hell overnight hell. The day I changed my life was a boring day as usual. That was a time when I had to deliver large quantities of meat to a cafeteria in the U.S., so I went to the factory early in the morning and did simple preparations to deliver the meat. Because of the nature of the bone-breaking work, the tools used are also rather strong, so I was very carefully arranging the tools one by one in the factory and waiting for other workers to come to work. But at that time, I didn't know what I was thinking, but I thought I could do it with a small bone, and at that time, I didn't fully master the work skills, but I thought I could do it with a small bone. Immediately I went into the primary separation using a little rope saw, and that's when I lost my nose for the first time. It was a much weaker tool than I thought it would be, because it was my first time working on a bone, so I came into contact with it in a very dense area, and it bounced off in an instant and passed through my nose. All of this happened at a really unexpected moment and it was an accident in less than 10 seconds. At first, it didn't seem like anything happened, but then I realized that something was wrong with my nose. I grabbed my nose in a hurry and ran to the entrance where the employees went to work, and that was the first time in my life that I experienced a sense of faint. When I opened my eyes after a brief faint, it wasn't an environment where I could breathe coolly. My nose was covered with a ton of bandages and I was so frustrated to breathe that I couldn't even get a grip on the situation. Shortly after I came to my senses, a doctor came and urgently operated on me, so the optic nerve of the nose could remain, but I couldn't save the appearance, and he said, "I might be surprised if I took off the bandage, so I couldn't understand why I should be prepared." Until then, I thought that I only had a scar on my nose, and I was nervous while recharging my physical strength day by day because I thought I could rest in the hospital for the first time in a while, but I was able to have some rest. But after all the treatment, the first day I removed the bandage, I looked at the nose in the mirror and was really embarrassed. It's because there's not even a shape of the nose that's hard to say it's a nose, and there's a woman in the mirror with a really bizarre appearance that I've only seen in movies.
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2023.03.25 05:47 nothingunique12 Very Frustrating experience with UPS Canada

Hi everyone. I am new to reddit.
Just wanted to share a very frustrating experience with UPS Canada and any input is appreciated. Long story short, I have a package with today as the delivery date. Prior delivery date I paid for import taxes by phone as per the instruction by a UPS employee who called me personally. Didn't expect this would be the main reason for causing endless of headache after.
The day before delivery I noticed on the tracking that it still shows the outstanding balance. I was reassured by the Brokeage Support Team that the correction has been completed and basically there should be no problem with delivery.
Today as the delivery day, I purposely stayed at home all day just to ensure I can receive it. In the afternoon this update suddenly came up:
The latest tracking status is: We tried to deliver the package, but were unable to receive payment. A second attempt will be made the next business day
I was furious and still am. Upon seeing that tracking status that they were unable to receive payment, I immediately called customer service and here is what happened:
Now in my time is 9:45pm. I highly doubt any driver will be coming over now. And mostly I have to wait until Monday.
Basically none of those urgent messages sent by those agents did any trick. My concern now on Monday is what if the same error occurred again saying no payment could be collected and no one showed up. I asked earlier for the item to be hold at the depot for pick up but they said they couldn't do so.
Very highly unlikely that I will be using UPS again after this. I hope none of the individuals I spoke to lie to me. I have a feeling they just don't want to deliver my package...
Appreciate you taking the time to read and any feedbacks are appreciated.
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