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Question for the BPSO’s in the group

2023.03.25 05:40 Just-me216 Question for the BPSO’s in the group

Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I’m sorry, it’s a bit long.
I’ve known my now ex BPSO since April 2016. Things were good, looking back I can see the moments where there was mania and depression, but it was just life. He was diagnosed with depression over 20 years ago and took antidepressants off and on.
In December 2021 he lost his mom. They were very close, he’s an only child. 3 months later, to the day, he lost his father. They had a tenuous and fractured relationship and there were a lot of unsaid words and unsettled feelings. Feelings of abandonment, etc. He did not deal with grief at all. He was drinking significantly and the grief manifested in anger. The most insignificant tiny things would have these huge angry reactions.
But I stood by him, waiting for the grief to show up. Not knowing what to do, so I was there. If he needed time alone, he got it. If he called me at 2am, I answered. I listened, I freely gave hugs, wiped away tears, tried to make him smile, and gave him hope for the future.
In September 2022 we left for a week long vacation that was supposed to be heaven on earth. The first two days were, and then heaven turned into hell. The next 4 days, he was drunk. He was either mean and angry or ignored me. And then on day 6 I walked into the hotel room and found him passed out on the balcony, I honestly thought he was dead. He was drunk on another level, I spent the next 12 hours checking to make sure he was breathing. When he sobered up, he admitted that he thought he had handled his parents deaths, but he hadn’t. And the place we were on vacation, years ago he had apparently promised his mom that he would bring her. All of that was too much to process. He apologized and we had the last couple of days and then headed home.
The next week was great, things were back to normal, taking about the future, making plans, etc. Over the next month, there were moments of depression, but then his uncle died in October 2022. He was profoundly affected. He stepped in and started making arrangements for his uncle, much to my horror. He was in no emotional state to do it, but his family was oblivious. He’s a very dominant alpha male personality, that’s the mask he wore in front of them. I watched him at the funeral, half expecting him to have a nervous breakdown. But he held it together, until all the family stuff was over and he broke down in front of me.
We got to Thanksgiving, the first one without his parents. A couple of days before, he started planning a birthday trip for me. He started suggesting summer plans for us with our respective kids. A lot of reminiscing about the past, all the good times we’ve had, laughing and just enjoying each other. I had gotten an irregular mammogram results before Thanksgiving and had a follow up ultrasound the week after and he had said he would go with me, without me even asking.
And then everything just broke. Thanksgiving brought on a manic episode, the likes of which I’ve never seen. Suddenly he “never loved” me. I was “overwhelming and suffocating”, I didn’t “understand” him. He walked away, said vile and mean things, didn’t go to my appointment with me, never even asked about the results. He ghosted me, surrounded himself with new random strangers, they were “his people”. He spent upwards of $25K in three months on sporadic expensive trips, alcohol, etc. All the while making me the enemy, after years of saying how amazing I was.
This person who vowed to love you forever has decided you’re a horrible human and they “never” loved you. Your good qualities that used to be loving, caring, comforting, suddenly you’re “overwhelming” and “suffocating”. They have forgotten you, as if you never existed. And there’s nothing you can do about it. They made a decision without your input and you’re expected to just accept it, no questions asked, and turn your feelings off. Their own words, text messages, voicemails, photos and videos, those don’t even remind them of you. It’s as if you were just erased from their mind, but all the trashy random surface level people were chosen to stay. It’s like trying to convince someone with amnesia that they actually know you.
On NYE he sent me an email with a series of rewritten narratives of our life, calling me names, saying I’m a narcissist, asking why I thought he was miserable without me because he doesn’t even think of me (yet he was emailing me on NYE at 10:30 pm).
Then a month and a half later, he remembers my birthday and sends me a Happy Birthday message.
Earlier this month, another email of how he never loved me, etc etc.
And then two days ago, he randomly unblocked me on Facebook. I only noticed because he showed up in a Facebook memory.
How do feelings of years and years just turn off? Please help me understand. If I’ve misspoken, please forgive me. I’m really just trying to understand.
Also, he is unmedicated and in his early 50’s.
Thank you in advance. Your insight is so appreciated.
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2023.03.25 02:25 zogprop Nhung Truong, left paralyzed during a jugging assault, suspect Joseph Harrell bond cut in 1/2 by judge

A 17-year-old along with his 19-year-old accomplice have been arrested in connection to a violent robbery that left a Vietnamese mother paralyzed last month.
On Feb. 13, Joseph Harrell was captured on surveillance footage physically attacking Nhung Truong, 44, during a robbery at the 9800 block of Bellaire in Houston, Texas.
Authorities said Harrell observed Truong withdrawing a large amount of money from a bank in Chinatown before following her for more than 20 miles to Bellaire. According to investigators, they were able to locate the getaway vehicle and identify Zy'Nika Ayesha Woods as the driver.
The two teens were arrested late last week.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqPWSjWDIjw "Houston teen bond cut in half after allegedly paralyzing woman in jugging incident"

A lawyer for a violent teenager who paralyzed a mother of three by body-slamming her during a robbery had his $200,000 bail cut in half by a sympathetic judge on Wednesday.Houston police arrested Joseph Harrell, 17, and Zy’Nika Woods, 19, after Harrell robbed Nhung Truong of $4,300 and body-slammed her on Feb. 13. Truong suffered cracked ribs and a fractured spine, leaving her paralyzed from the waist down.
Judge Kristin Guiney originally set bail at $200,000 for Harrell and $50,000 for Woods, the getaway driver. According to Fox News, prosecutors asked for a $200,000 bond for Harrell who had previously posted $100 bond for an unlawful carrying of a weapon charge. However, Harrell’s lawyer, Catherine Evans, argued successfully on Wednesday that Harrell’s family couldn’t afford 10% of the bail amount ($20,000) to bond him out of jail.
“I requested a bond considerably lower than what Judge Guiney actually set and informed her that the client’s family was currently unable to make his bond,” Evans told Fox News Digital. Additionally, it was confirmed that bond conditions are in place that would place Mr. Harrell on 24 hour house arrest and require him to wear a GPS monitor should family members be able to post sufficient bonds at some point in the future.”
The brutal attack on Truong was caught on a nearby surveillance camera. The camera also caught the license plate on Woods’s car. Woods was arrested and she quickly confessed, implicating Harrell. 12 days after he robbed Truong, Harrell allegedly robbed another woman of her purse. The second victim and her husband tracked Harrell to a Houston address using a tracking device in her purse. When they arrived at the address, the woman recognized Harrell standing outside and called 911. While waiting for police to arrive, Harrell allegedly drove past them and asked if they needed something. They replied that they didn’t, at which point Harrell turned around, drove past them again and pointed a black handgun at her, according to police.
Harrell is now being held on a combined $130,000 bond for both robbery cases.
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2023.03.24 20:04 Jackfish2800 Airplanes are required to have 4 navigation lights for night time flight, yet people on here are constantly saying one light objects or orbs

Aircraft position lights are required to be lighted on aircraft operated on the surface and in flight from sunset to sunrise. In addition, aircraft equipped with an anti-collision light system are required to operate that light system during all types of operations (day and night).
4-3-23. Use of Aircraft Lights
a. Aircraft position lights are required to be lighted on aircraft operated on the surface and in flight from sunset to sunrise. In addition, aircraft equipped with an anti-collision light system are required to operate that light system during all types of operations (day and night). However, during any adverse meteorological conditions, the pilot-in-command may determine that the anti-collision lights should be turned off when their light output would constitute a hazard to safety (14 CFR Section 91.209). Supplementary strobe lights should be turned off on the ground when they adversely affect ground personnel or other pilots, and in flight when there are adverse reflection from clouds.
b. An aircraft anti-collision light system can use one or more rotating beacons and/or strobe lights, be colored either red or white, and have different (higher than minimum) intensities when compared to other aircraft. Many aircraft have both a rotating beacon and a strobe light system.
Left and right position lights must consist of a red and a green light spaced lat- erally as far apart as practicable and installed on the airplane such that, with the airplane in the normal flying position, the red light is on the left side and the green light is on the right side.
So from dusk to Dawn all aircraft are required to have 4 lights a red port light and green port light and one white tail light as well as anti colloquial strobe. All aircraft including military.
So if you are going to say something is a plane operating at night then show where you can see the operating lights. The strobes in particular are visible for miles. All lights require one mile minimum visibility.
Pilots are serious about this and many many planes have automated lights and newer cree type that don’t burn out easily. I know on occasion a red or green may go out but the odds of all four lights going out at the same time is damn near zero.
The rules for credible evidence have to go both way in a reasonable discussion. While many of these orb objects may be satellites, space stations, etc they are not planes or helicopters period.
Filters and Topics Images News Videos Books Shopping Maps Flights
Left and right position lights must consist of a red and a green light spaced lat- erally as far apart as practicable and installed on the airplane, as well as white stern section light and warning strobe light.
https://www.govinfo.gov › pdfPDF Federal Aviation Administration, DOT § 23.1389 - GovInfo What lights are required on aircraft at night? In addition to the red, green, and white position lights (red to port, green to starboard, and white astern), regulations require one anticollision light for aircraft flying at night. This can be either white or red, and may be either a mechanically rotating beacon or a flashing strobe. https://www.aopa.org › march › lig...
Light'em up - AOPA More results Do planes have to have lights on at night?
No person may: Park or move an aircraft in, or in dangerous proximity to, a night flight operations area unless: The aircraft is clearly illuminated. The aircraft has lighted position lights. ... Anchor an aircraft unless: Has lighted anchor lights or. It is in an area where anchor lights are not required on vessels. https://www.cfinotebook.net › aircr... Aircraft Lighting - CFI Notebook More results What aircraft lights are required to be on and at what times? a. Aircraft position lights are required to be lighted on aircraft operated on the surface and in flight from sunset to sunrise. In addition, aircraft equipped with an anti-collision light system are required to operate that light system during all types of operations (day and night).Dec 18, 2013 https://aviation.stackexchange.com › ... When to use beacon, anti-collision, strobe, logo, and navigation lights? More results What is the FAA definition of nighttime? Do planes always have their lights on? How many strobe lights are required to fly at night? Where would you find the requirements for aircraft lighting? What lights are required in aviation? What lights are required for VFR night? Can I fly without strobe lights? Are landing lights required at night VFR? Feedback Web results
Federal Aviation Administration (.gov) https://www.faa.gov › mediaPDF Chapter 10 - Night Operations
Pilots are encouraged to turn on their landing lights when operating within 10 miles of an airport and below 10,000 feet. 10 pages·2 MB https://www.faa.gov › media PDF Airplane Flying Handbook (3C) Chapter 11 Pilots are encouraged to turn on their landing lights when operating within 10 miles of an airport and below 10,000 feet.
Simple Flying https://simpleflying.com › aircraft-li... Aircraft Lighting: The Rules And Roles Nov 12, 2022 — All aircraft must have an anti-collision light intended to attract attention to the aircraft (both day and night operations); All aircraft must ...
Cornell University https://www.law.cornell.edu › text 14 CFR § 91.209 - Aircraft lights. - Law.Cornell.Edu (1) Operate an aircraft unless it has lighted position lights;. (2) Park or move an aircraft in, or in dangerous proximity to, a night flight operations ... Web results
CFI Notebook https://www.cfinotebook.net › aircr... Aircraft Lighting Pilots are further encouraged to turn their landing lights on when operating below 10,000', day or night, especially within 10 miles of any airport, or in ... https://www.cfinotebook.net › night... Night Operations Airplane Equipment: · Light arrangements help determine movement of flight of other airplanes · Pilots are encouraged to turn on their landing lights when ... People also search Aircraft position lights Regulations FAA aircraft lighting requirements Night flight requirements for private pilot Night flying requirements Night operations aviation 3 definitions of night Aviation Web results
Airplane Academy https://airplaneacademy.com › whe... When To Use Aircraft Lights (Beacon, Position, Strobe, etc.) Position / Navigation Light Requirements. 14 CFR 91.209(a) says that you must use position (navigation) lights from sunset to sunrise. There is an exception in ...
Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association https://www.aopa.org › march › lig... Light'em up Mar 5, 2010 — For anticollision lights, the rules require an effective flash frequency between 40 and 100 per minute (although for overlapping flashes,
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2023.03.24 19:39 CilobanaFreak Interesting case. Any questions comments, advice, input is welcome!

Age: 20 Height: 5’10 Ethnicity: Caucasian Weight: 165lbs
This sub-reddit does not allow pictures, pm me for them if you are interested. In the first picture I had gotten an x-ray in my right shoulder due to severe atrophy & weakness in my right pec & tricep as well as heavy fatigue & pain in my shoulder (not my deltoids somewhere within the shoulder; pointing to it would be like pointing to the center of the earth.)
This lead me to notice huge asymmetry between clavicles. I only noticed this because I am an aspiring bodybuilder & strength athlete. They said I had an old fracture that I never noticed and that there is nothing they can do. They did a nerve test to be sure there was no nerve damage. Fast forward to June and I have now been referred to the university of Minnesota and had 4 calcifications that were pinching my nerve removed from my neck and c4-c7 were fused (someone or something is looking out for me I guess.)
Today (3/24/23) I went in because SOMETHING is wrong in my shoulder still. The surgeon said my rib was not connected or fused in todays x-ray (circled.) Which is what is likely causing an unnatural click in my shoulder (yes I know the difference my left shoulder clicks in a much more natural way)
(2/2) What’s odd is that it was not there in the original x-rays (also circled) though my shoulder feels relatively the same as before my surgery while working out. Today he said my clavicles look relatively symmetrical and that it’s just the atrophy making it look that way which is the polar opposite to what he said when I got the original x-ray. My UMN surgeon for my neck noticed the callus and said it would take time to move back to its original position just 2-3 months ago.
I’m really at a loss of words, I just want to workout like I used to (I’m only 20) I was benching 250lbs for reps in high-school and now I can’t even bench 180lbs once. I also don’t quite understand how this change could happen. Any opinions, questions, advice is welcome!
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2023.03.24 18:30 MatildaTheCat13 3/23 Drunken Facebook Live Recap

3/23 Drunken Facebook Live
We open on MS trying to pick a position for her phone, repeating, “listen, listen.” She finally sets it down and asks if we can hear her and see her. ‘Cause here’s the thing, here’s the thing (she’s been repeating herself a lot and it’s been 30 seconds).
The worst British accent you can imagine kicks in
She says she’s been sitting at home, completed all she needed to do for the day (lol like what), so she goes to the fridge to see if there’s anything fun, juicy or naughty in here. She reminds us that they had a party a few weeks ago and produces a Bud Light Lime Platinum Seltzer which, in a 16oz can, comes at a whopping 8% ABV. “Crikey,” she says, because she’s apparently already had 3 of them because she was feeling a little thirsty and they’ve hit her like a ton of bricks. She claims she hasn’t drank in a few days. She says something about not being able to shotgun and then the video jump cuts.
“Am I frozen? Can you see me? Let me know if you can see me.” She asks, making a box around her head with her hands. “Send me hearts if you can see me; send me something” because she just got another spam call and wasn’t sure if she was back.
(We’ve dropped the British accent, but then the blaccent starts halfway through this…) So here’s the thing about this spam call. The person that had her number before her, his name starts with A and she calls him by a slightly different version of A. She doesn’t think he ever paid his taxes. She says she changed her number last year and whoever A is (“A if you can see this - hello - you need to pay your taxes”). She did a deep dive to see if it was for her and was getting paranoid. She repeats herself again saying, “whoever A is you gotta pay your taxes ‘cause they keep calling me and trying to get me to pay your taxes and I’m not going to do it because I got too many to pay honey.” and flicks her tongue like a snake several times. [2:30]
She goes on to respond to a comment that the seltzers are not that good but they do the job okay and walks off screen saying she’s going to see what else they have. (The British accent is back.)
She returns brandishing a bottle of Don Julio but says she doesn’t drink that because it’s reposado. There’s another bottle or two (she says “these are C’s and I can’t reach them”). Apparently there’s a lot up there.
Someone must have asked about shots because she says, “shots?! Not of that…maybe of Titos… should I take one? C’s gonna wring my neck when he gets home.” She laughs and then clarifies that no, just kidding, “he’s not gonna do shit.” She takes another large swig of the seltzer and remarks that, “these are sneaky little devils” (No shit they’re almost 2 times the ABV of an average beer). She clearly intended on doing some work, like making graphics, listening to the Girls Next Level podcast and determined that she deserved a little (she clicks her tongue a few times) ‘cause she hasn’t been drinking and working out like crazy (she stops to make a grabbing gesture at the camera and taps her nails on the counter) repeats that she’s been working out like crazy and then loudly burps and decides that she’s gonna have a little midday cocktail. So she’s just working on making graphics and gets through about 2 and half these in and “oh my godddd”
She replies to comments. (“Same, M, same.”) Must be a follower. Not a name I recognized. So she decides that it’s time to do a shot because she wants to get real with us, as she has a lot on her mind. She walks off screen and we hear a grunt of her trying to climb on the counter but she returns, deciding that she didn’t want to risk breaking the stove. She decides to go back and try again, one by one and reaches up - sticking a foot way out as the only part of her in frame. The first bottle she grabs is bourbon whiskey and she makes a bunch of retching noises at it.
She’s off screen again. “This is what mama wants,” but she can’t reach it. There’s more walking off screen, this time the opposite direction to grab a chair. She’s back in frame setting the chair down and says she normally only drinks tequila but if it’s not tequila, she’ll drink vodka. But not reposado. Anyways, she’s back closer to her phone screen now with the bottle of Tito’s. It’s not got a lot left in it. She grabbed a shot glass at some point and is now unscrewing the cap while still holding the shot glass.
“Here’s the thing. I’ve got a lot on my mind and I’m just feeling very share-y.” She pours a shot about 80% full and imitates Shrek saying, “that’ll do, donkey, that’ll do.” And then mutters, “I am probably such a disappointment to my parents.” She grabs her Starbucks tumbler and laughs that she’s going to wash it down with a little collagen.
Shot goes down. She sips the tumbler; it’s basically empty. She refills a tiny bit from the fridge water dispenser.
“Here’s the thing.” She stops again to recover from the shot. “I have a lot of things to cover.”
Number 1: (she pauses for like 10 seconds) “Should I go back to school?” She starts saying she’s having a mid-30, then corrects herself to say that she’s going be 30 in a few weeks and asks if she’s having a crisis. Should she go back to school? Should she be an FBI agent? She doesn’t fucking know. “What do I want to do when I grow up?! Like I’m having one of those breakdowns.” She says she loves her job and wants to keep doing it but she wants it to feel like fun and not a job, you know what I mean? She says she feels in between, like she’s being called to do something big but isn’t sure what it is. That’s the problem. And she keeps praying, and praying, and praying and god’s not giving her any answers. She feels like god’s giving her different paths and she asks why not give her a compass or a map, like “we have mapquest.” She will print off the directions like she used to. She just doesn’t know what her path is. And it’s not that she’s scared, she’s excited - she just wants to know what it is. “Can someone shed light like on this?” She asks the chat if anyone else felt like this coming up on their thirties. “I feel like it’s building up inside me like a champagne bottle.” She demonstrates what she means by sliding her hands up her chest and pushing her boobs up and remarks, “look at these saggy old boobs.” So it’s like a champagne bottle that’s about to pop and this is what she’s supposed to do but she doesn’t know.
She has a secret to share. In the back of her mind (it’s not a forever thing she doesn’t think) but she’s always had a calling to-
She cuts herself off to read comments of people agreeing and someone is in the same boat. So she loves her job and she’s never gonna quit social media or Red Aspen or network marketing in general because she thinks it’s a smart move. But she knows she’s supposed to do something and she doesn’t know what it is.
So it’s something she’s been pondering on the backburner. She wants to open an influencer studio. Kind of like somewhere that people can go and shoot content but that might not make sense to you if you’re not in that wheelhouse but it makes sense to her. It’s where you go to shoot fun content, drink mimosas, do social media training. She wants to open a social media academy.
She starts complaining about having the longest hair on her face. Apparently it’s bright red.
M comments again and so does someone named A (no not our tax guy, A) who apparently JUST told her boyfriend that she wanted to open a studio so MS says A should message her so they can talk.
She’s being TOTALLY vulnerable right now because she’s SO prideful and she hates being like ehh about things but she feels really intimidated by paperwork and contracts and things of that nature (sure explains the fucked up house purchase, huh??) So that makes her apprehensive. Someone comments that they could see her opening a bookstore/coffee shop. Which she gets excited about because her other idea was a “champagne library kind of???” (Even she doesn’t sound convinced, which is fine because why are all of her ideas excuses to drink?) Oh good, she clarifies that her, “biggest passions are alcohol” well not passions, she laughs. She enjoys it. She’s gotten to a point where her relationship with alcohol is healthy enough for her to be like, “I enjoy drinking. I like it. I don’t have any fucking kids running around. Whatever.” She’s going to enjoy it while she can because she doesn’t know if she wants kids or not. “That’s a whole nother fucking wine down Wednesday story.”
She starts a couple times, stops to mutter a viewer comment under her breath, and then says that she doesn’t want to share too much because she’s scared that people will steal her idea. But she knows she could do something really good. Asheville is becoming such a hotspot for bachelorette weekends. (There’s a comment from a parent of three boys and this person apparently drinks because of them. Lovely.)
It used to be -if you used to follow her for a long time - you would know her relationship with alcohol used to be really bad and it was every single day going ham. Now it’s like an every now and then she gets a huh - feeling.
She wants a place where women can come together, share ideas, be inspired, get a little buzzed because she feels like we’re more open when we do that. And she just wants it to be an encouraging and inclusive space. That’s what she would want to work around all day every day for the rest of her life. Big sigh. She doesn’t know. Apparently M knows about a space in Charlotte that is similar and MS agrees but the space doesn’t really speak to her. She’s never had a passion to go there because something feels like it’s missing. It’s not, “MS.” She wants all the things she loves: books, plants, bird feeders and bird baths, pink, bubblegum, champagne, mimosas, playboy. When she thinks of what’s in her brain, those are the first things that come to mind. (Hey it makes sense since she’s basically half drunk all the time). She just wants fun, girly, everyone is accepted, everyone can share ideas and mesh and maybe they’ll have fuckin’ spray tans there. She doesn’t even know. She has this idea - it’s so big that it literally keeps her up right now. It could have spray tans, lash extensions, LIKE A BEAUTY BAR. She just has so many different things. She wants to do so many things.
She mutters I don’t know a few times, considers an outdoor space for this academy and responds to another comment. She says struggling and in a weird phase of life where “who am I?” Like zoolander. But it’s exciting. She prefaces this by saying she doesn’t know how long people have been following her but she went live about a year ago in tears saying she doesn’t know what she wants to or where she fits in. She says she was in a really bad place then but now she’s in a place where she’s excited. And she’s gonna be really honest - she loves instagram but she stops and says she’s gonna need another shot for this, which she starts pouring. She says she’s totally gonna wanna delete this video later (I see how well that worked out…) so if we’re here, soak it up.
She goes and gets more water. She says she’s a Don Julio, Patron, Casa Migos girlie (she’s replying to a comment) not a Tito’s girlie. (For the record, the shot glass is about half full this time). The shot goes down, she sips water and grimaces at the taste. “I feel like I could light a match and it would just start on fire” (referring to her breath.)
So what was she just saying? She stops to reply to F, who is apparently very close to her house and should bring her ass over. She hears a horn honk outside and she panic shuffles off to see if C is home. He’s not. (No shit, there’s 45 more minutes to go and I wish I was kidding.)
What she’s feeling is like - she stops again to justify the water sipping and technically it’s her leftover collagen.
She remembers about “the gram” and reminds us that she’s probably going to delete this later because she’s going to feel like a fucking idiot. “It’s almost like both times that my account went away -” she stops again to ask if anyone is going to be offended if she vapes. Apparently if you are, she doesn’t know what to tell you. She hits the vape and expels a large plume of white smoke up towards the ceiling.
“So both times my instagram went again -like it just happened again- it’s the weirdest sensation because it’s like I haven’t been upset about it.” She mentioned that earlier when she was doing her nails an hour ago. It was the weirdest sensation that she just feels free and by no means does she want that to happen. It sucked financially. She felt like it had a hold on her and feels like god is like “what are you doing? You could do so much more. But what? Just give me mapquest! I’m so confused.” And like she said she will never give up network marketing because in her heart and gut and she’s speaking from a tipsy place like it’s just silly not to have that source of income and she’s wearing the nails right now so why wouldn’t she do that? She thinks she’ll be in network marketing until she’s 80 (not retiring sounds about right lol). She feels like she just needs to own something but doesn’t know what it is. She has a vision but doesn't know.
More comment reading. She lives for girls. She’s such a girl’s girl. A girl’s hangout is her fucking shit. She’s even thought about hosting “MS Gras” since she’s from New Orleans cause it’s a play on Mardi Gras and doing all the - she stops to lean in to read a comment and starts giggling.
One of her friends from middle school, K, has jumped on. She says she hopes she’s not making a fool of herself (too late) but if she is, there’s only 44 of us here. She asks, “remember back in the day when you would go live and there would be like 10,000 people watching?” (this has never happened.) Apparently we would be an OG real one if we remembered that. (I don’t think delusions count as memories.) When she was live she was going through that horrid break up and apparently passed out on that video. It was a combination of antidepressants, wine, and a hot bath. She went live and went burrr (she mimes leaning forward like passing out). It was actually more like 4000 people on there because it used to be like that. She shouts out someone whose name has been popping up for years.
She asks if we want to hear a secret. She’s feeling like - she says this is literally what it’s like to hang out with her in real life. Just so we know. (She tells someone, “fuck him and fuck that basement.” I think maybe referring to her ex D, whose parents let her live in their basement for awhile? Someone please correct me.)
She says C is definitely the guy she wants to marry and seems a little surprised with herself that she said that. “Whaaat that’s so weird. I wanna marry him so bad. He’s just the best.” That’s her secret. She’s just weird about stuff like that. Those are the things that she only says in person to her best best friends. Like she “def wants to marry C. He’s literally the best human. I’m pretty sure he was like an angel that was dropped into my lap.” He’s the greatest and she burps again. “And I like toot on him all the time and he doesn’t even care.” He likes that about her (must be the tennis ball smell, amirite?). She repeats the line from the earlier nail live that apparently, “it’s like hanging out with my best friend except you're hot.” She slaps herself on the chest like she really felt that compliment.
She says again she doesn’t know. She asks if she should just get a job and then groans very loudly. She’s very confused. [20:03] She says she needs to be out of her house more. She repeats herself then pauses and continues contemplating what she said. “Who would have thought that 3 of these guys would send me because back in the day I used to take like 15 Trulys ” (she’s holding up the platinum seltzer again.) “Now I can drink 3 of these and I’m feeling like a rockstar.” (I know math is hard but Truly is 5% ABV. These are 8%. Yes, 8 > 5.)
Someone in the comments suggests that she and KG should open something. She agrees and calls KG one of her best friends and is about to remind us that she lives nearby until MS gets distracted by the dishes she “just can’t with” in the sink.” In terms of proximity, MS says she could spit and hit KG’s house. They do talk about stuff like this but we have to understand that KG has 3 kids 10 and under and that’s a lot going on. MS goes on to say that KG is very smart, has lots of connections and resources and would definitely support and encourage MS but KG just has a lot on her plate right now.
MS laments again that she’s having this breakdown where she knows she’s meant to do something big and then thinks “well maybe I should just get a new tattoo.” and she says god is like, “girl stop. Stop selling yourself short. Stop playing small.”
At the beginning of the video she walks in holding what appeared to be a piece of black fabric. It was bunched up and hard to make out what piece of clothing it was. Well, wonder no more because she was also working on her laundry and holds up her bra. She says people have been asking what kind of bras she wears so this is it. It looks to be a satiny black piece with some scalloped lace on the top edges and has a small pink bow on it. It also has an underwire. She says it’s a Victoria’s Secret Body by Victoria Demi and it’s unlined but no padding. I’ll say now that in trying to recap this, if this seems like she jumps from topic to topic with no seemingly coherent transition, you’d be right. All these breaks are her interjecting into her own speech.
Her neighbor SW comes on right as she’s agreeing about maybe starting a podcast and whines that SW should come over. She makes a pouty face and tells SW she’s “having a breakdown.” She goes back to showing off the bra and says, “SW I am lit right now come over immediately. Actually don’t cause C and I are having date night but whatever.” She is now trying on the bra over her shirt and says again this is the bra she wears and that this is probably the question she gets most in her DMs. The bra has now been tossed to the side.
She mutters a comment about doing a vision board for turning 30 but decides to entertain the podcast idea instead, though she doesn’t know what she would talk about. Like just daily things? Like this is what she’s doing?
She coordinates with SW again about going to their hairdresser’s house to get her hair done. Apparently she’s going at 2 to get it washed and styled (presumably for the trip in a couple days) because she doesn’t feel like doing it. (Does she ever feel like doing anything besides getting drunk?) She goes on to inaudibly mutter some comments.
Back to the podcast. She thinks people would be bored because she doesn’t have that much to talk about then tries to take a sip of the seltzer but realizes it’s turned around in her hand so she adjusts.
Someone says she’s funny so she could just get drunk and - she cuts off reading the comment and starts a story about how while she was getting her spray tan today, she was thinking about what to call the podcast (there’s another vape hit at 24:05). She stumbles over her words but comes up with, “In love and a little drunk” or “Late and a little drunk.”
She resumes comment reading to confirm with SW about the hair appointment at 2 and must catch someone complaining about her reading comments because she says, “oh I’m reading comments that’s SO annoying. I hate when people do that and I do that.”
Podcast again. She says she doesn’t give a fuck and wants to be able to drink on her podcast and do whatever she wants. She repeats the title ideas above but again says she doesn’t know and doesn’t think she has that much valuable information. “I’m good at social media. Well not that good cause my instagram keeps getting fucking deleted.” She says she’s been self-employed for the last 6 years so she should have some knowledge to give.
I’ve lost track of the number of times she’s said, “I don’t know.” Anyway, a podcast could be cool, she thinks. She claims she’s being vulnerable again and says, “I sell myself short and then I’m like… do people really want that? Do people want this business or that podcast?” She replies to a comment that she’s not good at writing. She wants to write a book but then she’s like “I’m not good at [writing].” She says god has infiltrated her and wants her to do something scary and hard and to her, anything she hasn’t done is hard. She was talking to KG about this apparently and KG says that lots of people think that social media is hard and comparatively it comes so easy to MS because “if you like me, you like me, if you don’t, you don’t.”
There’s comment reading, muttering and a random observation that her teeth look kinda white. Apparently social media was the one thing that came easy so where does she go from here?
She’s explaining how KG, SW, and herself get their hair done at S’s house because they all live so close together and apparently when one girl is getting their hair done, another will pop by (must be nice being unemployed). Anyways, she’s recapping SW and says SW “missed the pow wow” (yikes bro.) She reiterates that she’s having a midlife/thirties/third life crisis. She thinks she’s supposed to do something really good but can’t figure out what it is.
Seltzer sip. “I’m definitely no role model so we can scratch that off the list.” (Wait, we’re not gonna volunteer at Big Brothers Big Sisters like we said after the racism incident?) She stops to examine her fake lashes and says they look kinda good. (Drunk goggles work on the person wearing them, too?)
Normally when she gets into one of these moods, she thinks she should go get another tattoo or piercing and shift that energy into something else but this time, “something’s a brewin.’”
She gets asked if she misses working in medical aesthetics and says that’s something KG brought up. “You were so good at that; you were so knowledgeable about it.” She agrees and says she did love it but admits that she’s being a little prideful about working for herself. And she can’t be an injector unless she becomes an RN and kudos to everyone who is a nurse or NP or CNA because she doesn’t want to do that (spoiler: they don’t want you either). She grimaces and says she feels bad saying this but doesn’t feel bad saying that she doesn’t want to go to hospitals. “I’m not like a caring-” and she cuts herself off. “I’m caring but not” she’s turning her hands over themselves trying to find the words. “But not like that. I don’t know if that makes sense. Sorry.” So anyways she loves the industry but in order to make the most money you need to be a nurse or a doctor and she doesn’t really have that passion for people and tries to laugh it off. She does have a passion for plastic surgery and injectables.
She has so many ideas it keeps her up at night. She’s still talking about how she loves and know so much of that industry. “Like this is how much botox you need, this is the filler you need. Like I am so good at that.” She has no shame in going back as an employee or medical assistant and that’s fine but doesn’t want to have to wake up at 7am to work for someone else.
More comment muttering and she asks SW if she’s ready for Florida. “I almost just flashed you but then I would definitely get deleted off facebook, too.” Seltzer sip. Another comment starts with, “my little family is moving your way,” and she viscerally recoils, shaking her head, starts pouring another Tito’s shot and says, “I’m going to tell you right now if your kid was over here, I would be doing this in the kitchen.” There’s a small sip in the shot glass and she drinks it. She winces again at the taste and chases with water. She loves her niece and nephew but would be like, “do you want to watch another movie? I’m not very maternal.” The only reason she’s even considering kids is because C is a lot more… a parent than she is. A commenter named J says she missed things like this and MS says she’s embarrassed and definitely going to delete this. “Well, I’m not embarrassed. I am who I am. But I am deleting this.” Vape reappears. [32:55] “If you’re going to screen record me and blast me to a troll page, do it now.” And double flips the bird.
So C is the only one that she ever thought about having kids with because he is a lot more sensitive and sweet and she’s a little more like… … she grimaces trying to find the words “like oh you want to do this? Why are you wasting your time? Like just go do it then. Like what are you doing?” She asks J to come here and hug her. C is very much a Pisces and very much needs to think about all the options and then make a decision while she’s like “it’s not that hard just do it.” They’re definitely opposites.
She shouts out B. She and B went to high school together. B has all these “gorgeous babies and I’m like ugh how do you do it. I’m jealous.” She makes a considerable pout. She doesn’t know how to do it. She doesn’t know how to raise a kid. In perfect timing, she hits the vape again [34:17]. “Look at me! I can barely take care of myself! Are you kidding me?!”
J calls her by her “government name” and MS says people are apparently surprised when they find out that’s her real name. Like what would M be short for? “M is a weird name. Like I don’t know. Blame my mom. Call S (her mom).”
She wishes more of us lived there. She thinks she needs to get a hobby other than just her job because she’s bored. She’s read 18 books this year, in 2 and a half months. “You can only create so much content. Just so you guys know.” Seltzer sip. Showing off nails.
She feels bad for not being the average influencer. “Like all these other influencers have like a million followers.” She rolls her eyes, belches louder than I’ve ever heard, and apologizes for it. Then burps 3 more times. “I’m definitely deleting this. I feel like all these other people have so many followers and I’m like what am I doing wrong? It’s like the richer you are, the more followers you get.” Vape hit. [36:16] “It’s like you have to be really, really, really, really rich. I live in an average house. It’s cute, it’s nice but it’s average. And it makes me sad that I’m like, I would not settle for anything less than white cabinets because I thought like that’s the influencer thing to do. And I’m like, that’s sad.” She does like white cabinets but, “it’s so crazy how instagram has like brainwashed me.” Comment muttering. Showing off nails. “These are my new fucking nails, girl.” Someone asks how to get those nails to stick. She tells M to go watch her previous video because in it she explains that if your nails don’t stick, this is what you’re doing wrong. She demonstrates by pressing her nails into her palms that she can press as hard as she wants and they are not coming off. Just take your time and press each one down for 30 seconds. Comment muttering.
She has to pee and asks if we can wait. Then polishes off the seltzer. She walks off screen and you hear the can hit a container of other recyclables. She crosses back through the screen the other direction and says “Am I having a breakdown on Facebook? Good god.” She goes to the bathroom and her urinating is audible, even with her phone still in the kitchen. [38:04] The toilet flushes and she appears. “Okay, I’m back.” She starts washing her hands in the kitchen sink and reads comments. Gasping she goes, “You guys could hear that!? No! No! Stop! Wait, could you really hear it?” She winces and laughs. “I don’t care, I feel you guys are all my best friends. I mean there’s only 50 people here. You guys have to be loyal.”
More whining about what she wants to do and what her calling is. “Did you guys hear me toot? ‘Cause I tooted, too.” She smacks her forehead.
Real question. “Send hearts if you’re ready for a real legit question.” She confirms she tooted again. She needs advice on something. She’s off camera for something going in her tumbler, I think. Apparently she and N are going to get together next Friday.
She had cut herself off to reply to N but is back on track to remind us that she’s going to turn 30 on April 10. She was born on Easter Sunday. Fun fact. They apparently brought her to her mom in a little Easter egg. Commenting muttering. “Really? ‘Cause I feel like I’m such a mess!” she smooshes her face. She says her parents were really poor and lived in downtown New Orleans. Like really raggedy projects. So while her mom was in labor, “for fuckin’ forever,” her dad, being a gambler, went to the casino and hit the jackpot. It was $15,000 and at the time that was a huge amount of money. Compared to 1993, that’s like double now. He picked her mom up in a limo.
So she’s celebrating her 30th, which is a Monday, Easter is the day before, and she’s hosting her family for Easter. It’s going to be lit and apparently Survivor themed. There will be things for the kids but when they go down for a nap there is going to be “Survivor shit. Like you’re voted off. The tribe has spoken.” So she has some stuff that weekend and doesn’t know what she wants to do. C says she needs to be ready the whole weekend because he has stuff planned Friday and Saturday. Comment muttering and yelling to commenter M that F from earlier is in Charlotte, too. Burps. Repeats C has plans for Friday and Saturday. Easter is Sunday and her birthday is Monday so she’s torn. She kind of wants to do a solo trip. She loves being alone. It’s what she likes and is comfortable with. C is okay with it. She loves traveling alone and everyone who has followed her for an extended period time knows she’s been to NYC several times alone, DC, Florida, even Mexico. She enjoys being alone so it’s nothing like that. So she needs opinions. It’s either Paris, and if it was Paris, it would just be exploring and, “eating like a lot of fucking baguettes. I don’t know; I’m living my best Emily in Paris. Like I’ll get a chocolate croissant or something.” Or she goes to West Palm Florida alone and do a spa –
So she’s confused because if she goes to Paris alone the flight is $4500-$5000 because she “wants a bed on the plane” or she could go to West Palm, take all that cash and have a badass spa, beach day. For her, her happiness has always been by herself. Her mom, to this day, would ask if MS wanted friends over and MS would say no. She’s always been like that. Comment muttering. She just needs 4 days. She could take the money that she was going to spend on a first class, Delta One flight to Paris and do a badass spa, beach day. She definitely wants to do something just for her for her 30th. Comment muttering. (I swear to god I didn’t screw up and recap the same shit twice - she literally just repeats herself so much.) So West Palm. She laments that her poor niece also rubs her hands together, like MS is now, when thinking about something. Someone in the comments suggests a private beach, cabana, shopping spree. She seems excited now and says that’s what she’s been playing with. She wants to have a fun weekend with her family but wants to make it about Easter but her birthday is the day after Easter and this is still real life, like people still have to work. (Just not her.) So just 4 or 5 days in West Palm with shopping, a good spa - top of the tier spa. “The thing is with Paris is that it’s a long ass flight. I would want food, I would want a bed. All the things.” So she could cut that in half and still do a badass weekend in West Palm. “Or a badass fucking like 5 days.” Plus out of Asheville, they have Allegiant flights, “for like nothing.” She could get to West Palm for like $80.
Now here comes a part I thought we’d never revisit but it’s been living rent free in my head ever since. She asks viewers if they remember when she surprised C with a trip to Spain, “and then Covid happens. Rude.” They had to cancel it. She goes to refill her water again. They were “going to go to Paris - going to go to Barcelona and Spain but then Covid…and I couldn’t even have fun. I couldn’t go.” Water sip. “I’m thinking solo trip to West Palm. Badass spa, nice-ass resort. I think that’s the move.” She says she’s about to jump off because it’s been forever (there’s still 12 more minutes), her phone is about to die, and she’s so embarrassed. Comment reading and muttering. Someone must have asked her where she would go if she could go anywhere and she’s contemplating the question while tapping her nails on her teeth. She asks the person if they’ve ever done Rome because she thinks she would do Rome. She says she also has an adventurous side, “so maybe Portugal? Ugh. Barcelona. I feel like Barcelona is calling me.” She says hi baby to someone and then another comment mentions a trip to Santorini and she goes, “Santorini? Fucking do it. Let’s go. Santorini are you kidding me? Should I go there for my 30th?” She’s gone back to the fridge and is bent down, reaching the bottom shelf for another seltzer.
KG and JT are on the live now. “I am just drunk and spilling my guts, so anyone who wants to record this to share later about what a fucking dickhead I am, go ahead and do it.” She opens the can using the end of a spoon.
Back to the West Palm idea. She’s thinking 5 days, spa, beach, everything, cabana, private everything. She could pay what she would have paid just to get to Paris.
And here’s the left turn none of us saw coming. She says she’s thinking bachelorette party. “Are you ready SW, KG, and JT?” She’s swaying side to side, dancing and hyping this moment up. “JT come over! Come over! You’re literally right by my house.” she yells. “Come here right now or I’m going to be upset.” Seltzer sip. “Vegas. Vegas penthouse for my bachelorette. Like a Vegas - fucking Vegas penthouse. I want it to be like Hangover style. I want to wake up and there’s a fucking tiger in my room. I want to wake up with strippers and tigers in my room and that’s that.” More whining for JT to come over. JT replies and MS asks her to bring her something from Sonic. She gasps and asks if JT will bring her those tater tots with the chili on them. “Is that like a thing? At Sonic?”
She’s replying to a comment: “No, I’m not getting married. I mean I feel like it’s coming soon. Coming soon to a theater near you. We’ll see. But when I do get engaged…” JT is trying to confirm the order and she repeats that JT should bring the tater tots with the cheese on them and like, chili. She’s apparently literally across from MS’s house. She repeats about the Vegas penthouse. Then pauses. Sighs. “You guys I’m a fucking mess.” She looks out the window and realizes that her umbrella has “rolled down the fucking bank. It’s fine.” She greets CW, who she calls, “Sug,” like half of sugar, it sounds like. (I don’t know if CW got married but I’m going with what would have been her maiden name then to differentiate from MS’s boyfriend, C.) CW is important because CW is her ex-husband, BW’s sister. Her “ex-sister-in-law. Old sister-in-law from when I was married.” She tells CW she was talking about it the other day and realizes that this year on July 12 she would have been married for 9 years, then makes a grotesque face, smacks herself in the forehead and says, “that’s crazy.” So CW and MS have always been friends. She repeats it would have been 9 years. “Can you imagine? That’s insane.”
“See I can keep friends with my ex sister in law, why does my instagram keep getting deleted? I don’t understand.” She invites CW (who she keeps calling Sug) to come see the house because “it’s cute.” Apparently Sug misses her and she misses her, too. She reminisces about a place they used to go together (Carowinds - an amusement park) that she went for the first time since then last year and it was so fun. She asks if there are any roller coaster riders in the house because she rode the biggest roller coaster. More comment muttering and she reminds us she was “literally married to her brother.” Seltzer sip. “How many of you guys didn’t know I was married? This will be my second marriage.”
“To be fair I had more fun with you than your brother.” she’s replying to CW again and laughing. “Love him but I always had more fun with you.” JT must have teased her because MS says, “JT shut up.”
“Yeah I was just an old married broad.” (At 21. Riiiigght.) “JT are you coming over or no? Cause I can wait until you get here cause you’re literally across the street.” She’s commenting on the hair on her face again.
She starts to talk about her first wedding but stops to burp again. “So picture this.” (she makes a camera with her hands in front of her face.) “My first wedding um this just tells you how old I am. This tells you how old I am. My first wedding, my bridesmaids’ dresses. Guess what color they were. Just guess. Just guess. Bridesmaids dress colors. The theme!? The theme of my first wedding was lemons! I’m not joking. Like the fucking fruit or whatever it is. Lemons. That was the theme of my first wedding. That’s how old I am.” Seltzer sip. “The color of my bridesmaids’ dresses - it was a different time, it was a different time. Bright yellow, no. It’s so embarrassing. It’s not that embarrassing. I mean it was a good wedding. It was a good ass wedding. Like everyone tells me they had a bomb ass time at my wedding but... Green, no. Not pink. Zebra print oh god. Zebra print with the pink sash no that was like homecoming. Lemons were a vibe at the time. They really were. They really were. So this was 2014.” She takes a step back. “I had blue. I had blue bridesmaid dresses and the whole thing like all the centerpieces -” Someone in the comments, I’m guessing CW is saying, “blue you made me wear blue.” All the centerpieces were a bowl of lemons. “But that was like kind of the vibe back then. It was blue and yellow.” She doesn’t know what it will be the next time she gets married. “Probably just like neutrals, like everyone can wear what they want. Nude, beige, blush pink kinda thing. Okay it was not bright blue. It was not that bad. It was just like regular blue.” (The photos we saw were teal but whatever. I don’t expect her to remember her own wedding or be able to accurately describe colors.) Her dress wasn’t yellow. It was white. No, it was ivory. And it was this huge strapless princess dress.
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2023.03.24 16:27 absolutkaos GAME #74: Detroit Pistons (16-57) @ TORONTO RAPTORS (35-38) - 7:30pm (EDT) on SN1 -

Game Number: #74
Date: Friday March 24th, 2023
Current Streak: L2
Tip Off: 7:30pm (EDT)
Venue: Scotiabank Arena (Toronto, ON)
Boston Celtics (2) 50 23 .685 117.8 112.2 5.50
Philadelphia 76ers (3) 49 23 .681 0.5 115.4 110.2 5.01
New York Knicks (5) 42 33 .560 9.0 115.3 112.8 2.70
Brooklyn Nets (7) 39 34 .534 11.0 113.3 112.9 0.81
Toronto Raptors (9) 35 38 .479 15.0 112.9 112.2 0.85
Official Media Game Notes: TORONTO RAPTORS
🍁Canadian TV🍁:
US National TV: N/A
Legal Streams:
Spread: Raptors -14.5
Total: 224.0
Money Line: Raptors -1300
PG 💰 Fred VanVleet 💰 Killian Hayes
SG 🧣 OG Anunoby 🧣 Jaden Ivey
SF 💯 Scottie Barnes 💯 (Q) Isaiah Livers (Q)
PF 🌶️ Pascal Siakam 🌶️ Marvin Bagley
C 🔨 Jakob Poeltl 🔨 James Wiseman
Achiuwa, Precious Questionable Injury/Illness - Right Hamstring; Tightness
Banton, Dalano Out Injury/Illness - Left Thumb; Sprain
Barnes, Scottie Questionable Injury/Illness - Left Wrist; Soreness
Harper Jr., Ron Out G League - Two-Way
Porter Jr., Otto Out Injury/Illness - Left Foot; Surgery - Second Toe Dislocation
Trent Jr., Gary Questionable Injury/Illness - Right Elbow; Stiffness
Wieskamp, Joe Questionable Injury/Illness - Right Hamstring; Strain
Bogdanovic, Bojan Out Injury/Illness - Left Achilles; Tendinopathy
Burks, Alec Out Injury/Illness - Left Foot; Soreness
Cunningham, Cade Out Injury/Illness - Left Tibia; Stress fracture
Diallo, Hamidou Out Injury/Illness - Right Ankle; Sprain
Livers, Isaiah Probable Injury/Illness - Right Hip; Soreness
McGruder, Rodney Out Injury/Illness - Right Foot; Sprain
Stewart, Isaiah Out Injury/Illness - Left Shoulder; Impingement
Crew Chief Referee Umpire Alternate
John Goble (#10) Mitchell Ervin (#27) Matt Myers (#43)


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2023.03.24 14:17 Smart_Dumb Game Thread: Indiana Pacers (33-40) @ Boston Celtics (50-23), March 24th, 2023. 7PM

Home Team March 24th, 2023 Away Team
50-23 33-40
Celtics Pacers
Time: 7:00
Game Preview
Pacers Betting Odds
Spread ML O/U
+12.5 +560 234.5

Projected Starters

PacersPG - Andrew Nembhard • SG - Buddy Hield • SF - Bennedict Mathurin • PF - Aaron Nesmith • C - Myles Turner
CelticsPG - Marcus Smart • SG - Derrick White • SF - Jayson Tatum • PF - Jaylen Brown • C - Al Horford


Pacers • Chris Duarte - Questionable (Sore Left Ankle) • Tyrese Haliburton - Questionable (Right Ankle Sprain) • Kendall Brown - Out (Right Tibia Stress Fracture)
Celtics • Payton Pritchard - Doubtful (Left Heel Pain) • Danilo Gallinari - Out (Left Knee ACL Repair)
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2023.03.24 14:14 jaeltm Trouble with weight loss after surgery?

I'm super frustrated. Over two months ago I had some major surgeries in 3 different places (rod in my lower leg along tibia, and plates/screws in both my upper and lower arm) after being hit by a car and breaking 9 bones. It was intense. After getting out of the hospital I had gained about 13 pounds, but I was SUPER swollen and had been there for over a week, so it made sense. Cut to now, 2.5 months later, I am still up by 10 pounds since I left the hospital. The first 3 fell off pretty quickly but since then absolutely nothing has changed. I have no idea how long it takes my body to return to a normal state (hormones, swelling, and everything) after such intense trauma and surgery, but I am so annoyed! I worked hard to lose that weight only for it to come back basically overnight and not go away. Any encouragement or advice? I really need it about now 😭
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2023.03.24 13:07 86Eagle My experiences from 36 Queen Street while growing up in what was once North America's richest town

Buckle in, it's a long one.
This is not a work of fiction, this is my actual experiences and you can check Google Earth for the address if you so desire. But please read to the end before you do. If you recognize the address you will know who I am, so just message me a PM if you do.
When I was young my father secured a job working in the town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia here in Canada. This was around 1988 if my memory serves me correctly. We moved from one end of the province (Cape Breton) to the other quite literally and for the first month or so we stayed in an apartment until my parents found this great old house for a decent price at the time.
The first time I saw it the house gave off a presence, not evil or sad, but it seemed happy that it's walls would be once again filled with people and that it was a proud old home. For reference the house was built in 3 parts. The oldest was basically a huge box, with very elegant but basic wood work. The next part was built on not too long afterwards and was more of a rectangle but with a Victorian styling that met the older style. And the newest part was build in the 1970s and tacked onto the back of the Victorian part so the house was shaped like an L with the top of it being the oldest.
I was told to wait at the house while the rest of my family (dad, mom, older brother and sister and a twin) drove to the realtor's office to get the keys because the moving truck was coming. While I sat outside I had my first experience.
In the room that was to become my bedroom on the second floor I could see the curtains pull aside and just a dark figure standing there. I thought it was a person because it took a minute for the curtains to droop back down to where they were. I told my dad but all he said was it was probably a draft since the house was a few hundred years old.
We finally got our stuff moved in and were pretty stoked to explore the house. It was huge and for a long time when solicitors came to one door on the main part of the house they'd end up going to the door on the newer part of the home as well thinking it was apartments.
Over time and with visits from neighbors we eventually learned that the house was built for a sea captains daughter and her new husband in the mid to late 1700's. After that it was a Civil War hospital (keep in mind that Nova Scotia was once almost part of the New England States), a home for the mentally challenged, a retirement home, a school house and had a few other hats I can't recall. The old school bell system was still in effect though, it was fun to piss off the neighbors with it because the outside bell was ridiculously loud. Also in the basement a stone was carved with a Civil War officers name which was really a cool find.
Anyways, over the next few years a lot of things happened in the home. The toilets would randomly flush, or you'd hear running feet upstairs and voices echoing through the house. This in itself drove my father nuts, he was an ex infantry officer and had no qualms about a fist fight or using a belt or whatever on us if it got pissed off. He was pretty abusive by todays standards, even by standards of years ago (that's another story though and it wasn't completely his fault between shift work and my poisonous mother).
One of the first clear experiences I ever had was in the summer of I think 1990. I was sitting in my bedroom playing Nintendo trying to use my brother's Arcade pad with my feet for one character and the controller in my hands for the other (may have been the SNES) when I heard voices clearly downstairs.
"Alright unpack the bags before anything else" "Are we going to start baking cookies soon?" "As soon as the bags are unpacked we can start them" "Yay"
I may have a few of the words mixed up but it was clear. Very very clear. And as a kid I waited for a bit until I thought they might be done and I wandered down stairs.
And my mother and sister were just getting into the house and had no intentions of making cookies at all when I asked where they were.
After this I had a friend come over and ask why nobody answered the door when he rang the bell. I had no idea what he was talking about but he said that he was a light in the house moving around and when he knocked on the door someone looked out at him but he didn't know who. I told him that would be impossible because we had gone to my grandfather's funeral for 3 days which was about 3.5 hours away.
To backtrack a bit I had mentioned my father, people running and toilets flushing. For about 3 years my father would sit at the supper table and have his weekly rant about "Stop f*cking running in the house, it wakes me up" and "If you are coming home from school and I catch you you're grounded for a week". He actually got into a fight with my older brother over it several times.
One night at supper time he said he had to get a plumber in, and he told us what happened.
He was sleeping during the day to prepare for his night shift (he worked for the Coast Guard at the time but as an on land radio operator) when he heard running up the stairs. He jumped up, bolted to the stairs and ran up them trying to catch whoever was home. He saw the bathroom door at the top of the stairs close and ran in to see the handle on the toilet pull down and flush.
For a while he wouldn't sleep during the day in the house. He slept in the truck, or went to a friends house so he wasn't alone. I still think there was more to the experience because my dad didn't believe in squat for the paranormal, unlike my mother who 100% did. After this there was a shift in his belief and not once did he ever mention the running or flushing until almost 20 years later.
But wait, there's more.
People would come from the neighborhood and ask about the place at random times, or other kids would hear the stories about the old haunted house we lived in. We had sleep overs a lot with random kids who wanted to check it out. Why? Because that's how things were back in the day. There was even a room where someone had died mysteriously (with records to back it up). I made some friends that way...kind of strange though.
Around 1992-3 my mother decided that they would have a séance in the kitchen. A few family friends popped by as well as a descendant of someone we knew who died there. My mom set out the candles, turned off the lights and made sure noise couldn't be heard from anywhere else. I believe about 8-10 people sat around the table and nothing at all happened for a while. Then someone had their legs grabbed and tugged under the table as if it were a joke, and that caused a stir. It went quiet again and I'm not sure how but someone heard the person beside them choking. The lights came on and the choking stopped, he got up and had his neck looked at then left.
To this day he will not step foot on that property. Not after having faint handprints left on his neck. He was also the family member of the person being called to.
At times when sleeping you'd also feel cats crawl on the bed, or someone sit on the edge like they were looking over you. It was comforting more than creepy and we all got used to it. The weirdest thing was the dreams. I can't even kid that I dreamt of places and things I had never even remotely though existed, people as well. It's odd that as a young adolescent I had a reoccurring dream of a small house by a small river, some willow trees by it and a blond wife. I tried drawing it as a kid and the thought still gives me a fond 'memory' which is messed up.
My family had experiences as well. My sister would say someone was watching her at night, my older brother said some guy in a black suit would tell him to get out of his room (which now that I think about it the room was pretty small so maybe a servants chambers). My twin had experiences as well.
The final experience I had in the home was when I was 15. At this point my parents had separated, older brother and sister moved out (foster homes, etc, I don't remember) and my brother and I had moved with my mother about an hour and a half away. A few months after moving out my dad came and picked us up and we went back there since he still lived there (he was on a career course that had him staying in a hotel for a bit in Halifax at the time).
After a bit of talking we pulled a few cots into the kitchen since the heat was turned off in the rest of the house. We used a space heater and the oven to warm it up and it was pretty nice. When it came time to sleep we did.
Until a few hours later (possibly midnight but that's pretty cliché).
Directly above us we heard a huge piece of furniture being scraped across the floor. We heard footsteps. We heard things being scraped even more and dropped. And we heard voices. Til today I can recall exactly what was said.
"Come on, we have to get this out of here. It's all gone tomorrow" "We have to get it out soon or we won't" "Lift that up"
Clear as a bell that night. It woke us all up and we asked my dad who was upstairs since he did have a border staying at one point (he was away travelling for a bit, was an artist). I recall him saying "Just ignore it, go back to sleep". And we did, not thinking about it much more.
In the morning he wouldn't even admit to hearing a thing. Absolute denial. My brother and I went to check upstairs to see what was moved around.
Now this house as I had said was old. Really old. In the Yarmouth County Museum it's one of the houses that is on a map from the 1700's and it showed. The main staircase to the second floor was about 5 feet wide and towards the top spiraled a bit to the left (90 degrees). When you got to the top you could go to the newer part of the house by turning a sharp right and walking through a door and if you looked before you went into the door you could look straight down the stairs.
The other way upstairs was through a servants entrance and steps. Do a search for this and you'll see that at my current size, 6' and 250 pounds and shaped like a wrestler, I probably couldn't get up those stairs easily nowadays. This was the route we went upstairs to check it out.
And when we got there the only thing to walk on was a few boards because my father had pulled them all up to upgrade the electrical. He didn't want to go through the ceiling in the kitchen because it was a sub-ceiling and he had only recently found that the original was a pounded copper tile ceiling 2 feet above that. And yes, over the years we found some really weird stuff that was hidden because it went out of style, or was undesirable, etc.
So that told us the voices, stomping, dropping stuff, and so on that we heard the night before wasn't people. At least not from today. It's probably one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life regarding the paranormal and sticks with me to this day as clearly as can be.
Yarmouth is an old town, once the richest in Americas, and I don't mean the US or Canada alone. I mean the richest in the Americas. If you go there today you'll see a lot of simply gorgeous architecture that's extremely old as well. And most of it has stories of hauntings. I'd almost say that the town, with its stories past and present chock full of murders, rum running, pirates, rich sea captains, Civil War hospitals and so on make it one of the top haunted towns in North America.
But this has to come to an end. After going back home my dad came to visit. He told us that the house had burned down; the fire department believed it was possibly arson or rodents in the electrical.
I dream about the house today like it still exists sometimes, and I ache to go back before my family was fractured. The house deserved better than to just burn down. Strange enough the house beside it, which was built by the same family, burnt a few years later. The old nunnery and the original sea captains homes still stand to this day though, and I'm waiting until some day they go on sale and I have the money.
Because I know from the past being told that the Cann House is also haunted.
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2023.03.24 04:14 unyieldingrageZz why do always have chest pain on my left side.

I'm a African American male. 155lbs, height, 5 inches and 7 centimeters. I never drank alcohol nor smoked or used any drugs in my entire life. My medical background is as follows. I have hay fever, I got into a car accident when I was 10 that fractured my ankle, shattered my shoulder with supposed bone pieces on shoulder blade or plate and a whiplash from getting knocked out by the impact or the sedan.
When I was seven I was hospitalized for pneumonia. Anyway so this started like 3 years ago, I would get pains in my left chest from out of nowhere and sometimes to the point where I thought I was having a heart attack. In which cases I have been In the emergency room a number of times only for the doctors to run EKG, blood test and x rays for them to tell me nothing is wrong with your heart instead they keep saying muscular skeletal pain. I used to think it was my diet but yes I indulge in the occasional Chinese takeout, chubby hubby ice cream, burger king. But it can't be because my diet is like 90% healthy food, cooked vegetables and lean meat or no meat with grains. For almost every meal.
I exercise pretty often performing lots of pushups throughout the day and walk 2 miles every day along with a very physically demanding active job that requires lots of lifting and pulling and pushing. It's baffling me and is starting to piss me off because today I had to leave work early after eating I went to go do some pushups and later I felt the pain and left work early.
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2023.03.24 01:32 Acceptable_Section34 2nd DUI - while on supervised pbj from my first DWI long story and another human being looking for answers …🙏🏾

MARYLAND - Honestly , i don’t know where to start .
But I will start with my first time I have gotten in trouble w/ the law was when I was driving drunk and made a illegal U-turn and accidentally got close to a parked car w/ someone in it then argument about me touching his car was made then I blacked out ended up refusing the breathalyzer i taken into custody and released 3 hours later.
Ended with a pbj DWI got 5 charges dropped down to one 2 years supervised probation no points on license I have gotten in right turn classes virtually and interlock before court all of this occurred in 2020 - 2021
soo now I messed up and slipped away in my current situation while on my probation has been 10 months in it was a accident gone wrong in December 23 , 2022 . On my way home from work I have gotten into an accident due to an aggressive driver that swerve around me to get by on a 2 lane road of course I was 5 shots in due to the gratitude of a client that offered for a job well done so I got pissed off and tried to do the same like I said it was a 2 lane road and with my luck there was a incoming car I managed to swerve a little to avoid a major impact but the truck that swerved around me slowed down so I was not able to get back in my lane and hit the incoming car left fender of the car then my airbag blew and was knocked unconscious woke up in the precinct and found out I blew a .23 and cooperated .. there is alot of foul play and police didn’t ask me if I needed medical attention got out finding that I had a fractured nose and been having a bad headache in the back of my head I was locked up for 27 days and my lawyer had gotten me out on house arrest my court date for that is may 3rd 2023 yes I got a vop when I told my po and warrant but my lawyer also got the warrant recalled and quashed I have enrolled in treatment outpatient.
Yes I am a bit anxious and scared of my freedom being taken away .
Other than that I would like to see other outcomes from people instead of my own negativity thoughts I have a family of 2 boys 1 year and 4 year and old , my women . I’m self employed
Contractor delivery for Home Depot installation on appliances.
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2023.03.23 21:58 mr_boizoff Sony Linkbuds S review. The story of one mistake

Sony Linkbuds S review. The story of one mistake
Market analysts can make mistakes, it’s true. They mostly do it when they try to sell us something already existing but very slightly modified as a revolutionary product. Next generation stuff! A breakthrough piece of crap! And all that ‘cutting-edge’, ‘unleashed’, brand new experience’ nonsense, you know. Or when they just want everyone to fall for a completely audiophile model. But sometimes the analyst goes to the other extreme by totally underestimating the product and thus setting a completely inadequate price. I mean, lower than it should be.
It’s very rare, but it happens. And this is exactly the case of the Sony Linkbuds S TWS headphones (hereinafter: LS).

Why such a name?

As of March 2023, the Linkbuds series only includes 2 models:
  • the Sony Linkbuds – those weirdest TWS with holes in them that you’ve probably heard about, but never seen with you own eyes;
  • the Sony Linkbuds S, which are the main character of this story; these are the perfectly classic in-ear headphones.
The Linkbuds S and no-S are ideologically and technologically two completely different devices. They’re different both in sounding and in usage scenarios. One can only guess why Sony put them in the same range.
The Linkbuds S should probably be WF-1000xm3½ instead, since ideologically these are certainly closer to the WF-1000XM series, I think. This is why you’ll see quite a few parallels I draw between these and the WF-1000xm4.

What’s included

The headphones come in a wee cardboard box, and this is what else that wee box has inside:
  1. 3 pairs of removable eartips (that makes 4 pairs in total with those already put on the headphones);
  2. a short USB Type-C cable;
  3. some papers.

Software/smart functions

These headphones can do all the tricks a decent pair of TWS headphones should be able to do in 2023.
  • Active noise reduction. See more about it below.
  • Acoustic transparency mode. With an adjustable level, by the way, as well as the ability to pull voices out of the general external background.
  • ‘Talk-to-hear’ mode. It’s when you’re listening to your music and minding your business, but once you say something, the acoustic transparency mode turns on and the music stops automatically. It’s actually a very convenient thing, especially during warm hat seasons: it allows you to stop by a coffee shop and order some fancy pumpkin spice matcha flat white whatever without taking the headphones out of your ears. You don’t even have to take off your gloves!
  • Multipoint connectivity. That is, these can be connected to two devices at the same time. You don’t need to switch the source from smartphone (while commuting) to laptop (when you’re finally at your office) to dive into the conference call immediately. Seamless!
  • Auto-pause when removing the headphones. It’s just it.
  • Equalizer. 5 bands + bass control, 3 custom presets, as well as 10 preset settings.
And a whole lot of other bells and whistles, such as the algorithm to determine whether you chose the right eartips, the DSEE Extreme sound ‘improver’, the ability to automatically change headphone settings depending on certain external conditions, the voice assistant, the Spotify and Endel (whatever it is) integration, the earshape analysis for subsequent 360 Reality Audio use, etc.

Design, build quality, comfort level

The build quality is excellent, and I’d separately praise the LS plastic enclosure texture. It’s somewhat sandpapery, and thanks to it it’s exceptionally difficult to actually drop an earpiece when taking it out of its case.

The LS are certainly smaller than the WF-1000xm4,

and this is where a smaller case size derives from.


There are no decorations on the case’s outer surface, the headphones are almost invisible when in use and don’t stick out of your ear. You could sleep with them inside. I mean, you can sleep on your side, how’s that! The inside holds a contact pad for charging and a proximity sensor. The left/right headphones are also there.

As you might have guessed, the headphones are perfectly comfortable to use: they fit into any ears, stay in any ears, and all the smart doo-dads just work as intended. Actually, the WF-1000xm4 do that all, too.
The standard Sony Headphones Connect app has the same set of options as for the WF-1000XM4 but with customization of control gestures. The headphones capture the source device without failure as soon as they’re removed from their case and never lose hold of it when in use.
The noise reduction is basically at the same level as in all the WF-1000XM models, that is, it’s the best or almost the best on the market.
It’s worth noting separately that the mics here are quite surprisingly good. I’d say these are the best mics in TWS headphones I’ve ever tried… in a low-noise environment, but still. When it comes to loud street noises, they’re just averagely lame microphones, that’s it. Getting back to some more or less quiet home or office environment, the LS mics deliver excellent speech quality: not only it sounds intelligibly, but it also can be analysed in the sense of frequencies! And this is the side of the LS where they’re basically the best choice for work meetings, especially since they connect exceptionally to laptops (at least to Windows 10/11 machines).

Technical specs

  • Design: in-ear closed-back.
  • Drivers: one 5-mm dynamic driver.
  • Weight of a single earpiece: 4,8 grams.
  • Weight of the case with the headphones inside: 35 grams.
  • Bluetooth version: 5.2.
  • Dust and moisture protection: IPX4.
  • Audio transmission protocols: SBC, AAC, LDAC, LC3.
  • Battery time: 6 hours with active noise reduction enabled.
  • Case charging time: 3 hours.

Subjective sound impression

I’ve been testing these headphones for about 80 hours with Galaxy S23 Ultra (LDAC) and Galaxy S22 (LDAC) smartphones as the sound sources.
No background hiss spotted, and the maximum volume level isn’t the loudest but still good enough to call it ‘very loud’.
After like 3 minutes of testing I was like ‘Daaaaamn! Sony, are you guys serious?’. Because the LS sound great. It’s a little tense around the very top of the upper frequencies, but otherwise it’s just fine. And I’ve spent about 3 hours straight testing them, refusing to believe my ears and playing tons of tracks trying to find at least something to bitch about.
The headphones feature quite an energetic sound delivery, but only in terms of highlighted subbass. This is actually the rarest case when the subbass of some TWS headphones can be pointed out as ‘fast’ and ‘collected’. The middle frequencies are here, too, and aren’t too low. The upper section of the frequency range is uniformly ‘suppressed’, but it’s even, so it’s a good thing! The overhangs of the ultra-high section of the range at around 13 kHz can be barely heard or not heard at all, but then, up to the audibility threshold, the headphones reproduce the recording pretty accurately. As a result, the LS sounds thrilling, powerful, but at the same time very real and comprehensive when it comes to sound nuances over the entire frequency range. Awesome setup, you know! And it can be improved even a little more. I’ll show you below.
The sound stage is a bit narrow, and the ‘it sounds in my head’ impression is here, hard to deny. However, not any music would demonstrate it. Talking about modern popular (I mean, not exactly pop, but just popular) music, that part around the 13 kHz isn’t exactly full of details, and seems that such a lack of saturation spoils the overall impression of sound volume.
Subjectively, I would prefer the LS to any other headphones currently on the market, regardless of their price. However, I haven’t tried, for example, the FiiO WF5, and I’d love to try them SO HARD. #FiiO, send me your #WF5 to review, #pleasepleaseplease! Comparing the LS with Sony WF-1000XM4, Soundcore Liberty Pro 3 or Samsung Galaxy Buds2 Pro, I’d definitely choose Linkbuds S, since the sound tuning is a piece of cake glazed with awesomeness. That is, be it with the default setup or after equalization – freaking great sound.

Measurements before equalization

The headphones were connected to a Galaxy S23 Ultra (LDAC) smartphone. A measuring rig conforms to the IEC60318-4 standard. For each of the earpieces, the measurements were made until 3 to 5 reliable and stable measurements were obtained for the left and right channels; any deviant measurement results were excluded. The smoothing is indicated on the graphs. I’ve described the limitations of the rig and the headphones measurements in general in this article.
The Sony Linkbuds S frequency response without equalization, please:

Some raised subbass, an absolutely comprehensive middle range section and a pretty shameful dip around the 12 kHz, which is exactly the reason why the sound stage seems that narrow.

Measurements after equalization

You can adjust the sounding to the better – don’t expect some radical changes, though, it’s just a significant improvement. To do so, use the following equalizer setting in the proprietary app:

The frequency response would look like this:

The 20–1000 Hz section becomes dramatically smoother, although we just can’t erase a slight rise on the subbass side completely. And this is not exactly a bad thing – it’s actually a good and right thing! It all will be gone with the street noises kicking in. The 1–2.5 kHz segment is just perfect! Look at it! Then, up to 10 kHz the curve is lowered by 1–3 dB compared to what a conventional ‘neutral’ curve would look like, and this prevents any sibilants to show up without masking any track details.
Unfortunately, the dip at the 12 kHz is still here. You’d probably suggest somehow balancing it by shoving your earpieces a bit deeper inside your head? Or, in this case, inside the rig’s auditory channel.

Tried that trick, didn’t work.

Comparison with Sony WF-1000XM4

Let’s conclude the LS VS the WF-1000XM4 sound comparison with some measurements before equalization:

The WF-1000XM4 certainly sport a more of a V-shaped sound vibe, and the LS are kinda smoother. The dip at the 12 kHz is present on both curves, but it’s a lot deeper in the LS.
Measurements after equalization:

These are somewhere close to each other, except for, again, the 12 kHz area – it looks better in the WF-1000XM4, but the LS wear it better at around 1-2 kHz.


The Sony Linkbuds S are the best TWS headphones currently on the market across all their features and capabilities.
Yep, I really mean it.
For just $158 (min price as of 03/15/2023), the happy users enjoy some really great sound (with a perspective to improve it even further via equalization), LDAC and LC3 support, fantastically versatile ergonomics, extensive range of functionalities, excellent noise reduction, dust and moisture protection, majestic mics. The headphones feature all you can think of. I’d wreck a ship and cast away on a desert island with those in my pocket! I’d… I don’t know, ‘I would trust the LS with my life’ (C). What the LS don’t feature are wireless case charging and NFC. But f*ck it.
Sony seem to understand this too: the WF-1000XM4 were all over the media long before their release, but the Linkbuds S were released, let’s say, without fanfare. Like, ‘There’s another model we did, but please don’t mind us, we’ll just leave it here, alright?’ To be honest, I don’t even see why you would need the WF-1000XM4 when you can buy the LS, since the latter are clearly more preferable in terms of sound, ergonomics versatility. Would you add some $25 to $80 to your receipt just to have an elite opportunity to wirelessly charge the case and to do stuff with NFC? I wouldn’t.
The whole marketing promotion of the LS is really confusing, since the LS are hands down the best (THE BESTEST) headphones for music listening, the best headphones in terms of active noise reduction, but also great for gym and work meetings.
Checkmate, WF-1000XM4.
So to buy or not to buy? Aren’t you on the way to your local store or typing the online-marketplace address? Damn, do it right now.
P.S. The only category of users I wouldn’t recommend the LS for are gamers. These don’t support the AptxLL, and the 86-ms delay (according to Rtings) is inexcusable for sure. But just so you know: for me, mobile gaming isn’t something you’d call a significant, important or just separate industry. Sorry, not sorry. Go grab the LS and be happy.
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2023.03.23 21:26 Different-Ad-4963 Do you think I’ll see 100%

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2023.03.23 20:28 Monkeydp81 Windwail Highland's Forgotten Settlement

Windwail Highland's Forgotten Settlement



Part 1
Part 2

Residential Complex:

The final area is highlighted below in yellow
Residential Complex Approximate Area
This area was likely residential in nature as it has both the largest area and the most ruins within.The majority of these ruins are indicative of small structures, something likely to be a house. It also has the remains of cobbled pathing, something not seen in the other two areas. Exact details about the pathing can be seen below.

Path Remains:

This area of the Windwail ruins has the unique feature of the remains of cobbled paths. An example of which can be seen below.
Cobble remains
Little of the actual cobble used for the path remains visible. The reason it’s still a path lies in the cobbles that are likely buried underground. These cobbles prevent plant growth by both draining water out of the area much faster than soil, but also giving plants less space to put down roots. As a result the ground from the path remains barren. These paths also give a much clearer demarcation of where exactly the various structures in this area were located.


Due to the large and spread out nature of this area I’m going to have to do things a little differently. Below is a map of the area with every ruin marked and labeled. As such locations will only be described on the map and not in the ruins descriptions as was done before.
Part 3 covers ruins 1-9 while part 4 will cover 10-21.
Key:Clovers: Path markers for my own self reference
Stars: Ruin Locations
Red Line: Approximate path locations
Ruin #1:
Angle 1
Angle 2
This is undeniably a building of some sort. The north eastern wall is almost entirely complete and the space the building occupied is easily discernible as 3 of its 4 corners still survive. The floor was likely tiled because of the presence of a barren path of soil within its perimeter. The arch seen on the far right in both angles was almost certainly a doorway arch as it would line up nicely with the path remnants this ruin is connected to. Its location just outside the main bulk of the ruins leads me to believe that this building was likely used for storage or gatherings. The use as a storage facility would explain the small path remains between it and Ruin #4. This is because such a location would be visited frequently, but nowhere near as often as a home. The lack of cobbling on this path further supports this as it was likely not important enough to require such technology and special attention.
Ruin #2:
The ruins in the background is another one of the inverted arches and the one in the foreground is likely the remains of a pillar. I believe that this particular ruin was intentionally buried at some point in the past. My evidence for this is the unusual rise in the ground that the inverted arch sits on, as well as the fact that the left side of said inverted arch has been almost totally exposed. It seems unlikely that natural soil would erode like that. Additionally there is likely the remains of another floor as seen from the large barren spot. The pillar appears to be a much cruder version of the pillars found around the religious complex as it is made of four smaller columns combined to make one big one. Overall it’s likely a building stood here, what kind of building I don’t know as the inverted arch remains a mystery to me.
Ruin #3:
The ruins in the background of this picture are undeniably that of an arch. The pillar in the foreground's purpose is unknown and not enough survives to delineate a purpose. I believe this arch to have served a decorational purpose. Sort of like a welcome to the city monument. I say this because it sits upon raised ground compared to the path going through the main area. It sits in the perfect place to show off the prosperity of the settlement to visitors. This is further backed by there being no signs of cobbling/flooring near it, making it unlikely that it ever supported a roof.
Ruin #4:
This seems to be the remains of another arch of some kind as seen from the curved bricks on the right side. Curiously this ruin lies directly next to another example of the unmarked stonework seen in the last part. This could have been a part of an arch over a path as it is very close to the path remains that lead to Ruin #1. But it’s one of those ruins that exists in a too incomplete state to really be sure. The purpose of the unmarked stone column also remains a mystery as I can think of no real purpose for such a small column being located there.
Ruin #5:
Once again we have the ruins of an arch of some kind. This one seems to be partially buried meaning it is likely much longer than what we can see. Interestingly it has a small patch of barren ground to the left of where it has fallen even though it would have originally been standing up a fair distance away from that patch. Although that path could exist for entirely natural reasons such as not getting enough sun. I’m leaning for towards it being a natural occurrence because this arch remnant would fit in very nicely with Ruin #6.
Ruin #6:
Another arch remnant comes in as Ruin #6. This ruin is almost totally buried but luckily the curved part of the arch just barely remains above ground. I see it as highly likely that this arch was a part of the same structure as Ruin #5. If you follow a straight line from where the column section of the arch likely is, it puts you pretty close to where Ruin #5 likely originally stood. The reason the arch in #6 is facing the opposite direction to #5 is either because A: These two ruins were different arches within the same structure, or B: One of them twisted to face the wrong way when it collapsed. The structure they may have once been a part of is long long gone. Thus knowing what they were used for shall remain unknown.
Ruin #7:
This ruin is the first one here that I believe could have been a personal residence of some description. I say this as it is located close to the main (and cobbled) path, shows signs of a foundation, and said foundation is not very large in size. Behind the ruin on its left side (most of it is hidden by a rock in this image) there is another column of unmarked stone. This column's proximity to a marked ruin makes me think that it was at one point a part of the same structure. This is further backed by the fact that if you approximate where it would have stood before falling it lines up almost perfectly with the edge of the barren soil. Why those bricks are unmarked is unknown. A possible explanation could be habitation by a different civilization after the original fell in this area. Finally, some of the barren ground in this area looks like it directly connects to the main path, leading me to believe that this building also had a pathway leading up to it, something that is only otherwise seen in Ruin #1.
Ruin #8:
This ruin consists of the small pillar seen in the center of the image, as well as a fallen column of unmarked stone on the left. It sits very close to the main cobbled path but does not have any indication of having been part of a structure at any point. It’s possible this column existed for entirely decorational purposes due to its proximity to the main path. Or maybe it’s what remains of a gazebo or something similar for people to relax outside in. There’s simply too little left of whatever it was to make a solid guess.The unmarked stone on the other hand, seems to be a part of the stone it lays upon. This implies that someone was carving it out of the stone from the cliff. Or this is just a dev error. I’m leaning more towards badly placed asset than having a meaning.
Ruin #9:
This ruin is a rather large column of unmarked stone sitting right next to the main path. On its right sits a pile of large stones. It feels like these stones may have once been a part of whatever the column was used for. I say this because these stones block what would have been the probable path leading to Ruin #7. It feels unlikely that stones would just be put in the way of a path without having some sort of use. Maybe they were once paving stones, or part of a garden, or even just purely for decoration. Or maybe they came to be there after this civilization fell. This is all just speculation after all.

That concludes part 3. I thank you for your patience as I writing these out is sort of a little passion project. However I have ADHD, which means that I can only write in short bursts about once a day. I want to say sorry for the repeated use of the same syntax but each of these ruins are written as basically a separate analysis and there's only so many words in English to describe certain things. Part 4 will be out whenever it's done (likely a week or so). Until then I hope this is of interest.-The hopefully soon-to-be Genshin Ruins Expert
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2023.03.23 20:07 ATobiaMD A further look into: 'Jaws'

Movie: Jaws (1975)
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water, Peter Benchley’s “remake of Moby-Dick” was adapted to the screen. Inspired by the 1916 shark attacks down the shore (NJ), Jaws is the tale of a rogue shark that terrorizes the small island community of Amity.
Nearly 60 years before Peter Benchley’s seminal novel, a real man-eater lurked in the waters of the Jersey shore. Between July 1 - July 12, 1916 [1], four people were killed and one injured by a rogue bull shark. The 1916 shark attacks inspired Jaws (1975), the tale of a white shark that terrorizes the small island community of Amity. A remake of Melville’s Moby-Dick, Jaws caused many moviegoers to be afraid to enter the ocean in the summer of ‘75 and established the notion of the great white as nature’s number one killing machine.
How Jaws relates to the field of psychiatry
First described by Walter Bradford Cannon [2], the hypothalamus influences various emotional responses including the fight-or-flight response. Building on Cannon’s work, Jeffrey Alan Gray (1987) described a sequence of defensive responses that occur depending on one’s proximity to danger: a) alert or vigilant immobility, b) fighting, c) escaping (flight), and d) tonic immobility. While the first three have been extensively studied in humans, tonic immobility has been primarily investigated in animal models.
Interestingly, tonic immobility has been implicated in the diminishing numbers of great white sharks in recent decades [3]. Once thought to be nature’s apex predator, there have been increasing reports of pods of killer whales hunting great whites utilizing tonic immobility by turning the shark on its dorsum thus inducing a natural state of paralysis. Tonic immobility is a limbic system function that serves as an animal model for dissociative-like symptoms experienced in the anxiety and trauma- & stressor-related disorders including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).
Much like a zombie apocalypse serving as a backdrop to the Romerian group dynamic [4], the imminent threat of the great white shark serves as the setting for the film’s main characters to interact thus coining the phrase, “Jaws has nothing to do with a shark [5].” Sheriff Brody has a past psychiatric history significant for specific phobia, natural environment type (irrational fear of the water) and acts to mediate the conflict between Hooper and Quint, both of whom have histories of prior trauma. Hooper had an experience with a thresher shark that “ate his boat” when he was young. Quint also shares his encounter with a thresher’s tail when he shows Hooper a scar on his right leg. Right after, Brody points out a tattoo on Quint’s left arm of the USS Indianapolis, marking Quint as a survivor of the worst sea disaster in US naval history. Quint relates the account of the ship that was torpedoed by a Japanese submarine. Of the approximate 900 men who entered the water, only 317 survived; largely the result of the largest shark frenzy in recorded history (probably the oceanic white tip).
Despite having past traumatic experiences, both Hooper and Quint chose careers at sea. This likely represents their employing denial and reaction formation, thus developing a counter-phobic attitude [6] that results in their running towards (instead of avoiding) their fear.
The final line of the movie, “I used to hate the water…I can’t imagine why,” illustrates the effect of flooding in extinguishing Brody’s learned (avoidant) behavior. Of course - and ironically - Brody’s “therapy” takes places when the Orca is flooded after having been rammed by the great fish; a reincarnation of the rogue sperm whale that sank the Essex in 1820 (inspiration for Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick).
  1. Cindy E (2013) The Matawan Man-eater: The Real New Jersey ‘Jaws’ of 1916. Weird NJ.
  2. Brown TM, Fee E. Walter Bradford Cannon: Pioneer Physiologist of Human Emotions, Am J Public Health. 2002 October; 92(10): 1594–1595.
  3. Andrew C Revkin (2003) Atlantic Sharks Found in Rapid Decline. The New York Times.
  4. Jovanka Vuckovic, George A Romero (2011) Zombies!: An illustrated history of the undead. St. Martin’s Griffin.
  5. Tobia A, MD, Annibali C, MD, et al. 300: Psychiatry Taught Through the Lens of Film and Natural History. Psychol Behav Sci Int J. 2017; 1(5) : 555573. DOI: 10.19080/PBSIJ.2017.01.555573
  6. Ken Wilber (2000) Sex, Ecology, Spirituality. Shambhala.
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2023.03.23 18:09 superior2099 Type 1 Fracture

My kitten jumped from a bookshelf climbing it for the first time and fractured her hindleg. I've been getting estimates for surgery ranging from 3k-5k. My vet was closed so I had to take her to the emergency vet. I cannot afford this type of surgery and the recasting visits afterward, is there any hope of helping her heal by replacing the splint myself, and keeping refilling her pain medication?
PELVIS, RIGHT PELVIC LIMB (March 18, 2023): 4 projections include a VD extended projection of the pelvis and orthogonal projections al in pelvic limb.
The pelvis and coxofemoral joints are unremarkable. The gluteal and thigh musculature are normal in appearance. The right stifle joint is unremarkable. At the distal right crus, there is a complete fracture of the distal radius, centered at the physis. There is cranial displacement of metaphysis relative to the epiphysis that remains in reduction relative to the hock. The fibula is unremarkable. There is focal soft tissue swelli centered at the distal right crus, however this is partially obscured by imaging technique. The right pes is unremarkable. The included left pel is normal in appearance.
There is a Salter-Harris type I fracture of the distal right tibia centered at the distal physis with cranial displacement of the metaphysis rela the epiphysis (that remains in reduction). The distal right fibula is normal in appearance. The remainder of the right pelvic limb is unremarka
Unremarkable pelvis/coxofemoral joints. Unremarkable left pelvic limb (limited assessment)
Orthopedic consultation is recommended in the further management of this patient. In the interim, external coaptation is recommended.
Edit: Added when it happened.
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2023.03.23 17:20 BrushUrNutsKid I just posted about my friend dying, but now I'm asking for prayers for myself.

Hey guys. So I want to tell my story. On February 22nd I had a mini stroke and fell down some stairs and broke my back and two ribs. Also my cheekbone was fractured and I had blood and vomit on my face. There was also blood on the ground all around me. I wasn't found for 12 hours and when they found me my eyes were darting back and forth left and right.
I was rushed to the hospital and I was unresponsive for the first 9 days. By unresponsive I don't mean laying there with my eyes closed. I was totally "awake" but I wouldn't respond to anyone. I was just staring straight forward without even blinking. Eventually after a few days I would hear people come in and watch them walk through the room but still I wasn't responding to anyone besides giving a thumbs up. Keep in mind I don't remember any of these first nine days. I had a good friend of mine come in and do deliverence on me on day 6 and he laid hands on me and delivered me from quite a few things but I don't remember any of this. I was just told this. The cool part about this is at the very end he told me to "say Jesus" and I said "Jesus" and then he said "say thank you Jesus" and I said "thank you Jesus". So even though I wasn't able to respond or think or anything like that I still was able to thank Jesus. He did end up coming again on day 12 and doing deliverence with me again, this one I remember.☺️
I "woke up" on day 10 and had a lady sitting next to me, the one who found me, and I had no idea who she was. I kept apologizing for not knowing who she was, because she told me that I have known her 4 months, I've been to church with her, I know her son, I've been to her house, and the only reason I know who she is now is because she's explained to me how I know her. She has been so good to me. She came to the hospital every single day I was there, 14 days. Even when I couldn't respond or talk she just sat there with me in silence... I guess. I don't remember anything until day 10 so this is what I've been told.
So I "wake up" on day 10, the same day they were taking me into emergency surgery for my back. I had to get a spinal fusion T1 to T6 and up to my cervical. I'm 29 and now I walk with a cane. I am in SO much pain, I've never been in this much pain in my life.
Here's the worst part. My memory has been effected tremendously in the most negative way possible. I don't remember the year prior to this accident, and some things even before the last year. My memory is spotty. Last night I was at the store and a lady came up and gave me a hug and said she hasn't seen me in forever and I looked at her like I saw a ghost. I could not remember her for the life of me, and I felt really bad. It wasn't until I got out in the car I had a glimpse of memory of who she was. It's like my brain is running in slow motion now.
All this is to say I need prayers guys. Please don't look at me different for this, but I'm a Pentecostal Christian, and I have a great relationship with the Lord. I do deliverence over the phone once a week with the guy who came to the hospital and delivered me. It helps me a lot. But more prayers can never hurt. Please pray for my pain, and my memory. Losing my memory feels like I have lost half of my life. It is very frustrating.
You guys are awesome. Thank you so much!♥️
https://ibb.co/jrHdYMr https://ibb.co/6BsQ2MH
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2023.03.23 15:55 Intelligent_Towel_11 Table that ruined my night last night

I knew it was gonna be a bad night when my very first table, two older ladies seated at 33, opened with “We’re gonna be a little high maintenance.” I was not in a mood to pretend that was cute, but I took their drink order without complaint (1-shot Tito’s martini, extra dirty, extra olives, with the ice from the shaker served on the side. Specialty cocktail with a “heavy pour”), apologized to the bartender, and told myself “it’s just one table”. I was the dinner opener, and between my arrival time of 3:00 and the next server’s arrival time of 3:15, I got sat 6 tables. The MOD (no host till 4) didn’t even do me the courtesy of seating them all in my section or even in its proximity. Then he immediately disappeared to do whatever managers do in the office (watch TikTok), with no support staff to help me run food/water tables/answer the phone etc etc! Would have been okay but 33 was exceptionally high maintenance to the point where I started to think they were just messing with me. Martini lady’s friend spilled her drink all over the floor within 30 seconds of receiving it. After her martini, Martini Lady demanded to sample two red wines from our adjoining winery before insulting the quality then finally picking one, then asked me for a new glass of ice to pour into it every 10 minutes. These ladies were there for nearly 4 hours, during which time obviously we got busy, and I had to continue to cater to their insane whims while taking care of my own full section on the complete opposite side of the restaurant. But it was fine. High maintenance old ladies are a solid 40% of our clientele so whatever. But then. The check. Obviously they wanted it separated. The lady whose drink I cleaned off the floor tipped me $6 on $45. Insulting enough. Martini Lady’s check came to $57.something. She paid with a $50 Visa gift card. I let her know she still owed seven dollars and change. When I came to collect, they were gone and she had left 8 dollars in cash. And had attempted to tip on the gift card that had no money left on it 🫠 All that work for literal change. The worst part though? Finding out they’re regulars 😭😭😭
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2023.03.23 15:19 Zorothegallade I'm Fixing Throne of Night, Part 13 of ?? - War in Dammerhall, The Mausoleum

Previous Post
Drive document
Told ya this was ready already. The next one will cover the rest of the locations in Dammerhall and the final dungeon of Book 3, which should hopefully let DMs who want to run a 13-level campaign about dwarves reclaiming their ancient kingdom everything they need to do that. It might take me quite a bit of time (real life commitments and other projects eat away at the time I have for this) but be assured I am still working on that.

D - Necropolis mausoleum

This tall building of gray stone has a downward staircase leading to a sturdy iron door , which is barring the only entrance. The door and walls have somber dwarven faces and runic circles carved on them.
The mausoleum is the center of operations of the Necropolis, where the unquiet spirit of High King Gurnir has taken residence with his most élite undead retinue. If the PCs are allies, they can use the mausoleum as a base and even request magical items listed under each room’s Treasure entry if they can convince Gurnir to let them take it with a DC 30 Diplomacy check. The only item Gurnir will not relinquish until destroyed or laid to rest is the Scepter.
Otherwise, they are likely here to destroy Gurnir or put him to rest, whether on their own terms or on behalf of Lady Dirge.
The mausoleum is completely dark, and its ceilings are 15 feet high. All walls are decorated with carvings and bas-reliefs depicting the feats of the dwarves that are (or were) interred here, from battles fought by soldiers to the discoveries made by scholars and masterpieces crafted by artisans.
All inner doors of the mausoleum are made of reinforced stone and have 60 hp and hardness 10. As long as the desecrated obelisk in area D2 exists, the entire mausoleum is affected by CL 15 desecrate and unhallow spells with a specially prepared dispel magic effect tied to it, which attempts to dispel hide from undead, death ward and any spell with the good descriptor from creatures entering the building. Furthermore, if anyone within the Mausoleum attempts to cast one such spell or a spell that employs positive energy, the dispel magic effect attempts to counter it: this latter effect can only occur once per minute. The effects of desecrate are already factored in the statblocks of the NPCs in this section.
Finally, as this crypt belongs to Gurnir’s ancestors, he’s able to use his forebear’s visage spell to communicate via the bas-reliefs on the wall.
If the PCs destroy any of the undead occupants of the mausoleum but Gurnir isn’t destroyed yet, he is quick to summon replacements by pulling back troops from the city, which return in 2d4 hours. The warsworn in area D5 is the only exception.

D1 - Atrium(CR 8)

The entrance to the crypt sports a large sunburst carved into the floor. Two unlit braziers stand at the sides of the room.
The iron gate giving access to the mausoleum is open if Gurnir is expecting allies. Otherwise, the PCs will have to either break through (80 hp, hardness 10, DC 30 to force) or pick the lock (DC 35) on the gate.
Creatures: A group of powerful wights is constantly keeping watch here. They attack intruders on sight to stop them from going any further.

Wight guards(4) CR 4
XP 4,800(1,200 each)
Advanced unhallowed wights
hp 42

D2 - Obelisk Room(CR 10)

This room is almost entirely taken up by an ominous obelisk standing tall at its far end, which glows ominously with a sickening thrumming.
This room houses one of Gurnir’s most aberrant creations: an obelisk that was once a prayer memorial to the spirits of the dwarven forefathers to wish the dwarves interred here a safe journey to the afterlife, now corrupted into a beacon of necromantic energy by the ghostly king and his minions.
The obelisk is the source of the unhallow and desecrate effects that permeate the entire mausoleum. It can be removed by casting dispel evil on it and succeeding at a DC 26 caster level check or destroying it (it has 720 hp and hardness 16); the necromantic energies churning within it deal 2d6 negative energy damage to anyone physically striking it.
Creatures: Two more of Gurnir’s creations are guarding the obelisk by coiling around it: they are enormous snakelike constructs made out of linked vertebrae and rib cages and animated by fell energies named tombslithers. They attempt to neutralize anyone who tries to damage the obelisk with their dance of death before tearing them apart with their teeth.

Tombslithers(2) CR 8
XP 9,600(4,800 each)
Variant advanced necrophidius
NE Large construct
Init +3; Senses darkvision 60 ft., low-light vision; Perception +0
AC 20, touch 11, flat-footed 17 (+2 Dex, +8 natural, -1 size)
hp 105 (10d10+50)
Fort +5, Ref +7, Will +5
DR 5/bludgeoning; Immune construct traits
Speed 30 ft.
Melee bite +18 (2d6+12 plus paralysis)
Str 24, Dex 15, Con —, Int —, Wis 11, Cha 1
Special Attacks paralysis(1d4 rounds, DC 17), dance of death(DC 19)
Base Atk +10; CMB +18; CMD 30(cannot be tripped)
Skills Stealth +10 Racial Modifiers +12 Stealth
SQ death-infused
Death-Infused(Su) A Tombslither has been created via foul magic fueled by negative energy. As such, it counts as an undead for effects that can target or affect undead (such as desecrate; the bonuses from the effect are already factored in the stat block) and can be harmed by positive energy and healed by negative energy as if it was undead.
XP Award: Award the party 9,600 XP if they successfully neutralize the obelisk.

D3 - Burial Room

This chamber is lined with stone sarcophagi, each depicting the likeness of a dwarven warrior on the lid, his or her hands clutching an actual weapon embedded in the stone of the lid.
The corpses in the eleven sarcophagi lining this room haven’t awakened yet. At your discretion, either the PCs or an NPC may use spells such as animate dead or create undead to turn them into powerful undead creatures. If this happens, the newly created undead arm themselves with their respective weapons if they haven’t been taken away already.
Treasure: The warriors within the sarcophagi were buried with the weapons they wielded in life embedded on the lids. The weapons can be pried off with some effort. In total, they amount to three masterwork warhammers, four masterwork greataxes, a mithral earth breaker, a +1 mithral battleaxe, two +1 heavy maces, and a +1 giant bane true mithral greataxe.

D4 - Memorial Hall(CR 11)

The walls of this hall are covered in rows of carved runes.
This hall is where the names and elegies of all the dwarves who should have been buried in the mausoleum, but whose bodies were unable to be recovered. There are about 100 names carved in total.
Haunt: The undead uprising has awakened several disquiet spirits who gravitated to this room, lamenting the dreadful fate of those who were denied their eternal rest. These spirits have taken the form of a haunt.

Lament of the Unburied CR 6
XP 2,400
NE persistent haunt (Area D4)
Notice Perception (DC 20 to hear sobbing coming from the walls)
hp 27 Weakness fooled by hide from undead Trigger proximity Reset 1 minute
Effect The haunt telepathically sends a mournful moan to all living creatures in the area, making them shaken for 6 minutes (Will DC 16 negates).
Destruction The obelisk in area D2 must be neutralized or destroyed, and a funeral ceremony must be held reciting the names of all memorialized in the carvings.
Creatures: A group of will-o’-wisps has taken residence in this room, basking in the agony of the mournful spirits. They have a truce of sorts with Gurnir and will not attack his allies, though they will glut themselves on the PCs’ fear and cackle contentedly if they become shaken from the haunt. For enemies of Gurnir, they wait invisibly until the haunt triggers and then eagerly attack.
Will-o’-wisps(4) CR 6
XP 9,600(2,400 each)
hp 42 (Pathfinder RPG Bestiary pg. 277)

D5 - Contained Monstrosity(CR 14)

Whatever this burial hall must have once looked like, it is now in shambles. Stone rubble fills the room, and the remains of skeletal bodies and broken weapons are scattered about.
This was yet another burial chamber, though it is now unrecognizable due to its current occupant rampaging through it. The entire room counts as difficult terrain. A barricade has been erected to block off entrance in the room, but it can be clambered over with a DC 15 Climb check or smashed down (40 hp, hardness 5).
Creature: Gurnir once attempted to create a powerful undead from the warriors buried in this chamber, but while he partially succeeded, he was unable to control it. The uncontrolled warsworn fortunately proved unable to exit the room in its agitated state and is currently dormant. If attacked from the corridor, it will retaliate by using its animate objects, telekinesis and scrap ball attack to damage the PCs at range.
Gurnir won’t resent the PCs if they destroy it, seeing as it serves no purpose for him, but will appreciate it if they use magic to take control of it and employ it in fighting the Hazzuk-Mun.
Once controlled, the warsworn can be made to calmly squeeze out of the mausoleum within 10 minutes.
Treasure: The room contains a total of ten greatswords and four suits of masterwork full plate. The warsworn uses them against the PCs with its spell-like abilities (each suit of armor deals 2d6 damage when thrown via telekinesis). Embedded in the warsworn is a wand of enervation Gurnir used in creating it, with 7 charges remaining.

Lesser Warsworn CR 14
XP 38,400
NE Gargantuan undead
Init +0; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +24
Aura frightful presence (60 ft., DC 26)
AC 26, touch 6, flat-footed 26 (+20 natural, –4 size)
hp 189 (18d8+90)
Fort +12, Ref +8, Will +16
Defensive Abilities channel resistance +4**; DR** 10/bludgeoning and magic**; Immune** undead traits
Speed 40 ft.
Melee 2 slams +20 (2d6+11 plus energy drain)
Ranged scrap ball +9 (2d6+11)
Space 20 ft., Reach 5 ft.
Special Attacks absorb dying creature, energy drain (1 level, DC 23), trample (2d6+16, DC 28)
Spell-Like Abilities (CL 18th; concentration +22)
3/day—extended animate objects (7 Medium weapons only), telekinesis (violent thrust, heavy armor only)
Str 28, Dex 11, Con —, Int 9, Wis 16, Cha 19
Base Atk +13; CMB +28; CMD 38 (can’t be tripped)
Feats Awesome Blow, Blind-Fight, Greater Overrun, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Overrun, Lightning Reflexes, Power Attack, Step Up, Strike Back
Skills Climb +30, Perception +24, Swim +27
SQ profane magic

D6 - Room of Ashes(CR 11)

Several niches surround this room, each with various large urns standing inside.
Though burial is the typical way of honoring the dead in dwarven culture, in some cases such as during plagues or wars it was infeasible to arrange for the burial of every victim, thus cremation became a necessity. The burnt remains of over 200 dwarves are stored in the urns here.
Creatures: Relomin, one of Gurnir’s retainers, is keeping vigil in this room, joined by two burning wraiths who rose from the souls of the cremated. If the PCs start a noisy fight with the will-o’-wisps in area D4 or are fighting Gurnir in area D7, they come to join the battle in 1d4+1 rounds. If the PCs previously attacked the Mausoleum or the obelisk in area D2 is destroyed, Relomin relocates to Gurnir’s room to defend him, leaving only the wraiths here.
Thane Relomin CR 10
XP 9,600
Female dwarf graveknight fighter 7/stalwart defender 2
LE Medium undead (augmented humanoid)
Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 ft.; Perception +12
Aura sacrilegious aura (30 ft., DC 17)
AC 34, touch 14, flat-footed 31(+11 armor, +5 shield, +2 Dex, +2 dodge, +4 natural)
hp 110 (7d10+2d12+54)
Fort +11, Ref +7, Will +9
Defensive Abilities bravery +2, channel resistance +4, rejuvenation; DR 10/magic; Immune fire, cold, electricity, undead traits; SR 21
Speed 20 ft.
Melee +1 battleaxe +18/+13(1d8+11 plus 3d6 fire), slam +11(1d4+2)
Ranged throwing axe +15(1d6+8 plus 3d6 fire)
Special Attacks weapon training (axes +1), channel destruction, devastating blast(6d6 fire, DC 17), undead mastery (DC 17), defensive stance(9 rounds/day, +2 AC, +2 Will, +4 Strength and Charisma), defensive powers(halting blow)
Str 21, Dex 14, Con —, Int 12, Wis 18, Cha 16
Base Atk +9; CMB +14; CMD 26 ( vs trip and bull rush)
Feats Dodge, Endurance, Shield Focus, Combat Reflexes, Bodyguard, Power Attack, Weapon Focus(battleaxe), Weapon Specialization(battleaxe), Improved Critical(battleaxe), Improved Initiative, Mounted Combat, Ride-By Attack, Toughness
Skills Intimidate +23, Perception +12, Profession(soldier) +16, Ride +22 Racial Modifiers +8 Intimidate, +8 Perception, +8 Ride
Combat gear potions of inflict serious wounds(2)
Other gear ring of tactical precision, +1 flaming battleaxe, +2 heavy steel shield, +2 mithral full plate, masterwork throwing axes(3)
SQ armor training 2, phantom mount, ruinous revivification
Languages Dwarven, Necril
During Combat Relomin positions herself next to an ally and activates her defensive stance, defending them fiercely with her Bodyguard feat and attacking any who dare approach.
Morale If fighting alone, Relomin retreats to heal when reduced under 22 hp. If she’s protecting her liege, she fights until destroyed.

Ash geists(2) CR 6
XP 4,800(2,400 each)
Variant advanced wraith
LE medium undead (incorporeal, fire)
Init +7; Senses darkvision 60 ft., lifesense; Perception +12
Aura unnatural aura (30 ft.), ash cloud(5 ft.)
AC 22, touch 22, flat-footed 17 (+7 deflection, +5 Dex)
hp 67 (5d8+45)
Fort +10, Ref +8, Will +10
Defensive Abilities channel resistance +2, incorporeal; Immune fire, undead traits
Weaknesses sunlight powerlessness
Speed fly 60 ft. (good)
Melee incorporeal touch +10 (1d6 negative energy plus 1d6 Con drain and burn)
Special Attacks burn(1d8, DC 19)
Str —, Dex 20, Con —, Int 18, Wis 18, Cha 25
Base Atk +3; CMB +10; CMD 25
Feats Blind-Fight, Combat Reflexes, Improved Initiative
Skills Diplomacy +12, Fly +9, Intimidate +15, Knowledge (arcana, religion, planes) +9, Perception +12, Sense Motive +12, Stealth +13
SQ create spawn
Languages Dwarven, Ignan
Ash Cloud(Su) An ash geist is constantly surrounded by a swirling cloud of scorching ashes which grants it concealment from ranged attacks and deals 2d6 fire damage to every creature that ends its turn within it. Moderate or stronger winds or taking area damage from a cold or water effect disperses the cloud. The ash geist can reform the cloud as a full-round action.
Treasure: In the center southern niche, a ring of immolation can be found by searching the room with a DC 30 Perception check.

D7 - Gurnir’s throne room

This vast hall’s walls are covered with bas-reliefs depicting dwarves performing feats of heroism, building mighty walls, slaying dragons and giants, and donning lavish jewelry. Beneath the largest decoration of all, a noble dwarf raising an exquisitely carved scepter, a tall throne carved of stone stands imposingly in front of a round table..
This is the hall where Gurnir holds council with his closest allies. As the room where the late king was supposed to be buried, this place holds a lot of sway on his spirit, both binding him to the land of the living and acting as the seat of his power. On the throne a special glyph has been inscribed, which will trigger a desecrate effect centered on it if a command word is uttered.
Creatures: Gurnir can be found in this room, holding the Scepter of Dammerhall, one of the three symbols of rulership of the ancient dwarven kingdom, in his ghostly hands. As a legitimate High King of Dammerhall, his bond with the regalia is so powerful that he can wield and manipulate them with his incorporeal body as if they possessed the ghost touch property.
The interactions between the PCs and Gurnir will depend on their standing with him. One way or the other, the undead king must be put to rest if they are to claim Dammerhall. There are two ways they can go about that:
Destroy Gurnir
This is the most straightforward example, and the only one available to Overlords, as Gurnir will not compromise with them and defend the necropolis fiercely against drow, not even considering making them allies of convenience against the Hazzuk-Mun. To permanently banish Gurnir from his undead existence, his ghost must first be destroyed, the obelisk in area D2 destroyed or dispelled to remove the unhallow effect on the mausoleum, and a hallow spell must be cast in the throne room.If the PCs haven’t made an enemy of Lady Dirge, she can instead bless the area and prevent Gurnir’s rejuvenation after he’s been destroyed.
Either way, Gurnir’s destruction sends a wave of despair among the undead still fighting in Dammerhall. The chance to encounter patrols of undead in the streets of Dammerhall falls to 25% and the Hazzuk-Mun gain 10 Integrity points as they gain the upper hand against them. The PCs also gain 5 points of Attention from Lady Dirge, who awards them their final rewards according to the table at the beginning of this chapter.
Lay Gurnir to rest
Explorers who either ally with Gurnir or reach him after recovering the Axe of Dammerhall (area XX) and the Sash of Dammerhall (area XX) can alternatively get him to pass on by showing him a Dammerhall once again ruled by a legitimate heir to the throne, be it an actual descendant of the ancient kings or a successor nominated by Gurnir himself. For all his folly, seeing the great city being once again under dwarven rule is the one thing that will convince him to depart peacefully from this world.
When granting audience to the PCs in person (whether they are his enemies or allies), Gurnir starts by rambling on, musing bitterly on how he plans to strike back at Hazzuk with everything he can muster and cursing the psychopomps for meddling in his justified vengeance. If the PCs interject and broach the topic of who will rule Dammerhall once Hazzuk is slain, Gurnir snaps to attention. Read or paraphrase the following:
“Who indeed will rule Dammerhall. Do you believe you can shoulder the responsibility of that station? Return our glorious kingdom to its ancient splendor? Do not besmirch the greatness of our kingdom by implying you can reclaim it by merely marching troops through its lands and placing a crown upon your own head!
No, Dammerhall will not have its new High King so long as Hazzuk still draws breath in our palace and the three regalia of the dwarves lay scattered. If it truly is my blood, or at least those of the true warriors of Dammerhall running through your veins, you will not make such a claim until you have reunited the scepter with the axe and sash, and painted the palace’s floor with the usurper’s foul blood!”
If further pressed, he keeps directing the PCs towards recovering the two regalia and killing Hazzuk. At this point, he will not attack the PCs, secretly hoping they will accept and be up to the task, or at least damage Hazzuk’s forces while trying to achieve them.
If the PCs return to this room after achieving those feats, Gurnir’s attitude shifts dramatically. After briefly asking to confirm that the dwarf carrying the two regalia is the one laying claim to the title, read or paraphrase the following:
The ancient ghost rises from his throne, holding the scepter in both hands. In a booming, solemn voice, he speaks to you.
“The bloodline of Dammerhall is restored. The lineage of kings continues. By the name of the Tarnhammer inscribed in our ancestral regalia, and baptized by the blood of the usurper, I declare you, [name], my legitimate successor, heir to the throne of Dammerhall, Jarl of the kingdom beneath the mountains, High [King/Queen] of the Dwarves. May your rulership be keen as true mithral, solid as the bedrock, and long-lived as the caves.“
Said that, he presents the scepter and waits, unmoving, for your hands to take it.
After the PC who is to become High King has taken the scepter, Gurnir draws one final, relieved sigh. His crooked visage turns briefly into the stern, wise image of a king, before the ghost dissipates completely into thin mist. A wave of stillness washes over Dammerhall, the last command of the king’s final vigil compelling the undead to abandon their unlife. Incorporeal undead instantly dissipate, while corporeal ones march to the Necropolis and crawl back into their graves, returning to rest unending. This resolution earns the PCs 8 points of Attention from Lady Dirge.

Gurnir Tarnhammer, undead High King of Dammerhall CR 15
XP 51,200
Male ghost dwarf sorcerer 10/fighter 4
LE Medium undead (augmented humanoid, incorporeal)
Init +1; Senses darkvision 60 ft. Perception +10
AC 21, Touch 17, flat-footed 20(+4 armor, +1 Dex, +6 deflection)
hp 171 (10d6+4d10+112)
Fort +13, Ref +7, Will +12
Defensive Abilities channel resistance +4, rejuvenation Immune undead traits
Speed fly 30 ft.
Melee Scepter of Dammerhall +15/+10 (1d8+6), corrupting touch +7 (15d6) or corrupting touch +12 (15d6)
Special Attacks corrupting touch(DC 25), frightful moan(DC 23), telekinesis, malevolence(DC 23), corrupting gaze(DC 23), touch of destiny 8/day
Sorcerer spells known (CL 10th, concentration +16)
5th(4/day, DC 21) - cloudkill
4th (6/day, DC 20) - freedom of movement, animate dead, bestow curse
3rd (7/day, DC 19) - protection from energy, vampiric touch, fireball(DC 21), air geyser(DC 21)
2nd (8/day, DC 18)- blur, false life, blindness/deafness, shatter(DC 20), web
1st (8/day, DC 17) - alarm, break, repair undead, ray of sickening, floating disk, true strike
0 - mage hand, prestidigitation, detect magic, read magic, bleed, touch of fatigue, daze, acid splash, ghost sound
Str -–, Dex 12, Con —, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 22
Base Atk +9; CMB +10; CMD 20 (can’t be tripped)
Feats Eschew Materials, Arcane Strike, Iron Will, Craft Magical Arms and Armor, Lightning Reflexes, Leadership, Weapon Focus(heavy mace), Weapon Specialization(heavy mace), Ability Focus(corrupting touch), Spell Focus(Evocation), Greater Spell Focus(Evocation), Combat Casting
Skills Diplomacy +10, Intimidate +13, Knowledge(arcana) +11, Knowledge(nobility) +11, Perception +10, Spellcraft +18, Stealth +9 Racial Bonuses +8 Perception, +8 Stealth
Other gear Scepter of Dammerhall
SQ bloodline(destined), fated +2, it was meant to be 1/day, bravery +1, armor training 1
Languages Dwarven, Elven, Undercommon, Necril
Before Combat Gurnir casts mage armor on himself every day. If the obelisk in area D2 is destroyed and there isn’t a graveknight providing him with the benefits of desecrate, he uses a standard action to activate the desecrate glyph on the throne, afterwards he casts blur and freedom of movement on himself. The bonuses from the spells have already been factored in his statblock.
During Combat Gurnir casts greater command from the Scepter to make his enemies lie on the ground, then casts cloudkill to wear them down while they’re immobile. Afterwards, he activates his corrupting gaze and blasts them with his array of offensive spells, resorting to melee combat with his scepter and corrupting touch only as a last resort.
Morale Gurnir fanatically defends his throne room until destroyed.
Treasure: Besides Gurnir’s equipment, the room contains several treasures and magic items, some of which are heirlooms Gurnir had brought here from the other crypts, and others magical items he and his followers used to grow his army of undead. In total, there are two scrolls of harm, a ring of feather falling, a wand of resist acid (CL 7) with 15 charges left, a jar of stone salve, two scrolls of summon monster V, a diamond-studded mithral bracelet worth 2,500 gp, an exquisite map of Dammerhall embroidered in gold stitching worth 1,800 gp, a leather pouch with ten blood-red rubies worth 250 gp each, 270 mithral coins, 1350 gp, 6500 sp and 8,800 cp in dwarven coinage.

Scepter of Dammerhall
Slot none; Aura strong (conjuration, enchantment, transmutation); CL 15th;
Weight 8 lbs. Price 42,600 gp
This exquisite scepter, carved out of stone and decorated with an intricate pattern of runes and dwarven heraldry, is one of the symbols of rulership of the ancient dwarven kingdoms. It can be wielded as a +2 heavy mace, and grants the wielder a +5 competence bonus on Knowledge(local), Knowledge(nobility) and Knowledge(history) checks related to dwarves and dwarven culture and settlements. Finally, it acts as a magical staff. If the wielder is a dwarf, they can cast the spells as if they had them on their spell list and once per day they can attempt a DC 20 Wisdom check to restore one charge to the scepter. It can cast the following spells:
Command (1 charge)
Forebear’s visage (1 charge)
Stone shape (2 charges)
Wall of stone (2 charges)
Greater command (3 charges)

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2023.03.23 15:10 StarkingHound Am I wrong for getting upset that another man called my girlfriend while her & I were in bed together?

I was told to post this here, so I apologize if this is the wrong sub-reddit. I just really need some opinions. I know this is a lengthy post, but any advice would be tremendously appreciated.
Before I get to the issue at hand, I'll give some quick backstory. I've known this girl for 4 years through social media. We started dating 7 months ago, but she put off meeting me until last weekend. She routinely came up with excuses, or that she was too busy & something came up. She has a 7 year old son, so I tried to be understanding of that, & we kept it long-distance until she was free - though we were abundantly clear that it was a committed relationship. We texted all day, called every night for hours at a time.
During this time of dating, before meeting, I discovered that she has been hospitalized in the past for self-harm & placed in the psych ward. Her sister also committed suicide. So I was aware that she has some mental health struggles. She has a diagnosis for borderline personality disorder, bipolar, & autism. Her previous relationship ended badly because she began screaming at the guy so much so that he began to also self-harm & had to be hospitalized as well. Before that guy though, she was married for 3 months.
Now, fast forward to this previous weekend when I finally met her for the first time. We spend the weekend together, everything goes pretty well, we're clicking decently, & I ask her how she feels towards being in person & if I look like my pictures, because I know meeting in person can be jarring & I wanted to make sure she was satisfied. She comes across as very thrilled, happy, she's constantly touching me, cuddling me, laying her head on me, laughing & smiling, holding my hand during a trip to the store, & constantly making out. Everything is great for the most part aside from some general anxiety & weird awkward moments. We have sex multiple times & she was extremely enthusiastic about it, even though that she didn't directly initiate it because of trauma from a previous relationship that she made clear to me - she always wants me to initiate it, & I understood that fine.
The final night we spend together, she receives a phone call while in bed laying next to me. It's a friend of hers, a guy, who demands to know where she's at, who's she's with. She says "Now isn't a good time. I'm with someone. I'll talk to you later." - the guy doesn't stop & begins getting progressively more upset, asking my name, how long she's known me, & wanting her best friend's number so that he can text her. The call goes on for 10 minutes, & eventually after her saying that she's on a date, they end the call with him saying that he wants to talk later in private.
I ask her many details about why she feels the need to answer to him, & why was he so flirtatious with her. She brushes it off as him being friendly & that they've known each other for a while, & that he helped her through her divorce. We have a pretty heated argument, that lasts 2 hours. I stay calm & reasonable but firm, she tries to brush it aside by saying that she knows how it looks, but it's not the case. We go to bed, & I walk her to my front door the next morning. She tries to hug me, & I tell her that I'll talk to her later while giving her a quick hug in return. She turns back & tells me that she loves me as she's walking down the steps.
She later texts me that day, going off on me, saying that I don't look like my pictures, that I edit them so heavily that she didn't even recognize me in person, & that I'm not going to find anyone if I'm not genuine with them. So I explained to her that I've sent her videos on Snapchat, of my face, for months. Not to mention all of my pictures on Facebook & Instagram. She clearly knew what I looked like, Snapchat filters or not. I've told her that, sure, I gained some weight during the pandemic & wasn't as muscular as I used to be, even a slight receding hairline, but she knew that before coming & told me that she doesn't care. Regardless, she says to me "I know I caused a fair amount of damage with that phone call, but you need to understand what you did also wasn't okay. You didn't even hold me while I was crying, & you were mad at me, rather than the situation. You've broken my trust & I can't look past it. You made me feel so unwanted that last night, like you didn't even want me touching you." - so now, we've broken up & removed each other.
I've tried to call her, & ask her to talk about it at least over the phone, but she refuses. I asked her if she felt this way, then why not say so in person because we could've had a better goodbye. She said "I can't think clearly when I'm in front of you. I didn't even realize that I felt this way until I left. I love you so much, but sometimes that's not enough. You've fractured my base level of trust by not looking like your pictures on social media. I didn't even recognize you when I got out of the car." She then admits to me that after thinking about it, that I'm right, & that her friend probably does have feelings for her. She said all of her guy friends end up falling for her, & that she's sorry about it. I told her that I asked her immediately if I looked like my pictures, & she tells me that she has no memory of me even asking that. And then 10 minutes later, she sends me a text saying that she remembers me asking her at least 3 times & says "so why did you ask me so much then? You clearly know you don't & that's why you asked" - which lead to me being confused, because literally 10 minutes ago, she said she didn't remember us even having that conversation.
I can't help but feel like she's deflecting the blame of that phone call onto me for something wild & out of nowhere. If she was displeased, then why stay the entire weekend, have sex with me, & pretend to be happy? She said our bond was more important & that's why she stayed, but I really don't buy that. She was constantly telling me how happy she was, & how great everything is - and planning her 2nd visit with me. She told me that she seethed with anger on the way home with how I got upset over the phone call. She said I had a right to be slightly mad about it, but not act like it was the end of the world. While I was trying to calm her down, she kept declining my calls & telling me that her brain is wanting her to do "bad & reckless behavior" which I took to mean self-harm.
my girlfriend broke up with me for no reason & I'm confused as fuck. I desperately need some guidance here.
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2023.03.23 13:17 suhiab1 [Store]Store of TI8/TI9/TI10/Nemestice/Aghanim's Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache

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