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Appliance questions, comments or complaints

2010.07.14 16:21 ZenGhost Appliance questions, comments or complaints

This sub-reddit is for almost anything related to appliances. Need to fix your stove, cook-top, oven, refrigerator, washer or dryer? Thinking about buying a new one? You've come to the right place! Please post your questions, comments or complaints! If you sell or service appliances your opinion is very valuable, but advertising and spam will not be allowed in posts (with the exception of the monthly recommendation posts).

2013.07.11 01:41 Keeping up with the Stepfords

Come to share your experiences about your abilities as a "Domestic Goddess". Your husband will be home any time! So, put on your aprons, heat up your ovens, slip into those heels and get to doing what you do best! Feel free to share any ideas about keeping house all while looking your best.

2020.10.18 18:28 themadkingnqueen Scam Home Warranty

Do you or someone you know currently have a home warranty or are considering getting one? Curious about getting more work for your company by becoming a technician with a home warranty? Have some questions about your home appliances and/or major systems? Been ripped off in the past by a home warranty company or technician of the same? Well you are in the right place. I'll tell you what I know, help in any way I can. For free.

2023.03.25 11:33 Grafiada Accepted July waiting for class date.

I would like to start off by stating this is my opinion.
United Aviate is a new program. Being accepted is a privilege on its own, but with that of course it’s reasonable to feel frustrated with the waiting. I feel as though that people went into this with a timeline and plan set up in their heads when they got their (conditional) acceptance by aviate and now that it’s not going according to plan they are getting frustrated.
I think it’s important that we show better maturity and patience in regards to the words and post that are being placed as it is in no one’s intentions to make anyone wait. I’m sure they are working as best as they can to get everyone into the school and have them eventually take their first flight as a paid employee at united.
It can be good to use this blog as a source of information and questions or concerns we have that we can all help each other with. I know when I read the emails sometimes I can be uncertain about the meaning of something so I then check on this page.
I just don’t think that it’s helpful to constantly talk or demean the program we are all eagerly waiting to start in. I also don’t think it looks good on us to be so negative or demanding towards a program of their future employer.
Don’t get me wrong I’m right there with all of you on being at the edge of my seat waiting to get a class date, but I think there is a classier way of conveying our questions and concerns.
I hope everyone could understand where I’m coming from and understand what I’m trying to say. So with that I can’t wait to see all of you at the school sometime!
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2023.03.25 11:32 Odd_Will9176 4070ti

I have just bought a 4070 ti for my computer, I have a asrock b450 steel legend and a Ryzen 7 3800x (I know I’m cpu bottlenecked) I also have a evga 700 watt gd 80+, and I was wondering if it will work with that psu and not set my pc on fire, I haven’t found any answers so far.
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2023.03.25 11:32 Ok_Visual_8268 ASUs router parental control help

XD6 parental controls and Fortnite
Hi, I’ve setup my XD6 with the parental controls for my kids devices and all is working well except my 11 year old is blocked from Fortnite on his Nintendo switch. It was working on my old ASUS router so it’s a setting on this one.
I’ve made sure he can access gaming and peer to peer but it’s still not working.
Anyone know what setting I need to change?
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2023.03.25 11:32 Chrismaniak Replace portion of text, reveal on click

Hide portion of text, set visible on click Hi everyone. As I'm not an expert in JS, I'd like to pose a question pertaining to a short program segment, I'm struggling to compose: How would you go about programming something like this:
From a given text, hide all comments, and make them visible on click. A comment starts with "//" and ends in a newline. Is it possible to replace the comment (the text that is enclosed in "//"and newline) with "// followed by a button", that disappears and shows the hidden comment when clicked? The given text mighthave multiple comments.
Many thanks in advance! I appreciate all the help, JS is not my forte.
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2023.03.25 11:31 Obeythesnail Some helpful things.

I have two things I've been using loads, thought it might help:
Youtube has a timer that you can set that will ask you if you need to take a break! Ive been using it to interrupt my mindless shorts watching where I lose all track of time.
I have a samsung watch (I know this is costly) But even a cheap sports watch would do. Ive been setting the coundown timer and holding myself accountable for not losing track of time during tasks, I'm one of the "that'll take 5 minutes" when I have no concept of 5 minutes people. (The watch also has a find my phone function. This has been a huge help for me as I lose EVERYTHING lol.)
I know its not much but I wish someone had told me about the youtube timer!
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2023.03.25 11:31 LivingRefrigerator72 Long Cycle: 2x28kg/2min + 1min rest + 2x24kg/1min. 4 sets. Pace 7-8 with the 28s and 9-10 with the 24s. Keep grinding!

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2023.03.25 11:31 _Constellations_ How to play in 1080p.

I had the following issue I assume many will have and I want to help you.
By default, the game always runs in 4K for me. There is no fullscreen option only windowed and windowed borderless. Windowed entirely removes the option to change resolution, and in borderless it shows it's running in 4K but it's greyed out and you cannot change it.
This is a serious problem for those of us who run our desktops in 4K but do not game in 4K because of performance issues (such as me playing on a GTX 1060 6Gb, on a 65" TV in the living room).
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2023.03.25 11:31 Delasong Unsafe case progression?

My spouse and I were placed with our first foster child last year, at the time he was 10 mo old, severely malnourished and on a feeding tube. Bio parents had to complete a 24 hour pcu stay but failed to do so. During their stay they demonstrated they were able to successfully set up and operate the feeding tube and pump, however would never do more than 1 feeding consecutively, and were actively lying and trying to convince the nurses not to feed him. There's a language barrier and parenting classes were waived as well as a psych eval. We have a document in which the hospital stated the child will be repeatedly hospitalized or die if he remains in the care of the parents. The only training or education that's been provided to bio parents is how to operate the feeding tube and pump. We've pointed this out to our case worker multiple times over the past year as well as the GAL and there's been no follow up to offer the parents any sort of extra information or training. Last year our case worker mentioned to us the GAL had never conducted an investigation into this case. The current plan for reunification is to start expanding visits then move to overnight visits and just hope for the best.
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2023.03.25 11:31 sureting87 Autoimmune Thyroiditis

I’ve been diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis for 20 months now and been on carbimazole since then but unfortunately my hormone still in a whack and my doctor suggested me to do the surgery and the date is set. But I am thinking about get a second opinion or try other alternatives like eastern medicine, acupuncture etc before I chooses that route. Does any of you who have tried other alternatives beside western medicine able to treat your thyroid problem?
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2023.03.25 11:30 AutoModerator [Get] Chase Reiner – AI Profits

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2023.03.25 11:30 Bubbly_Cheetah513 I have two identical uv 5r And one is substantially better at receiving my local repeaters one pretty much can’t pick it up at all I’ve double and triple checked they’re all in the same settings any ideas or just the nature of cheap radios

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2023.03.25 11:30 John-Smith-24 Honestly v5 is incredibly different from v4...Not really what I wanted.

Previously, when you type in "a blond woman who looks like Xena the warrior princess", it'd return with four pretty interesting almost oil painting style portraits, perfectly incapsulating what you meant. Now with just returns four random real-life-looking women in cosplay costumes lol...It's almost like it pulled four Instagram pictures from the internet and be like, "here you go!". Somehow I feel that v4 seemed a lot more sophisticated.
PS: Specifying the styles did not help either. It looks like v5 is dead set on creating hyper-realistic pictures that look like real people. I'm guessing that's what it's built for...? And it's doing TOO good a job at that?
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2023.03.25 11:29 School-Subject I know I was a first-time SB, this is ridiculous!

Never letting the sd set the prices again. Hard to believe that I let a man handle setting the price for our first m&g. I thought his salary would lead him to be naturally generous in his reimbursement. But it turned out:
2 hours of my time at a café + a bit of kissing in the car = $60
Yup, only one zero after the six. If I were him, I’d be ashamed of myself. For any kind of man, wanting to land a young lady with good-looks and superior intelligence to match, sacrificing a measly sixty bucks is going to do nothing but leave her with an upsetting opinion of you. Do these cheap men not realize this or are they just trying to see if they can possibly get away with being cheap?
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2023.03.25 11:29 coonster121 Tax relief on self-funded training

Hi folks, bit of a long and complicated one so apologies in advance. Tried searching for an answer on the web but to no avail.
Long story short, I am an Irish national working as a pilot. I will shortly be based in the UK where I will be working for a Maltese registered company. Said company offers both permanent contracts and the option to go down the contractor route.
Prior to my employment I had to undergo a type rating which allows me to fly the aircraft the company operates. As with everything in the industry, these tend to cost a lot of money. I had to pay €10000 myself and will have monthly deductions equating to ~€400 per month. These costs are unfortunately the norm within the industry these days.
From my research, there is a flat rate expenses allowance totalling £1022 per calendar year which I could avail of. There seems to be another option of a tax relief if your work expenses are greater than the set £1022 per year which I may be entitled to.
BAPLA, a pilots union, has been campaigning for greater transparency around tax relief on self funded training. The HMRC grants employers tax reliefs should they fund any essential training but seems to take an individual paying on a case by case basis.
If anyone would have any guidance for me or has been in a similar situation to mine, I would be grateful for any advice. Many thanks!
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2023.03.25 11:29 Dry_Sky_4593 Facebook Ads Got restriction

My co. Account got restricted. Restrictions were can't run ads. But confusing part it only 2 ads were stopped out of 10? Even the customer care didn't understand. And thoes 2 we're oldest ad. He keep saying I must have edited ad set. But i didn't. Thoes ads were running for 15 days. I just wanted to know, how was your experience and what did you do after.
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2023.03.25 11:29 iiMark575 LeedsLive need educating on how clocks work on Daylight Saving…

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2023.03.25 11:28 Alistr2001 Need advice: Player Return soon after leaving

So... how to put this. Welll I've been a DM for several years now running this 3 or so year long campaign. It's been a lot of fun and up until a few weeks ago all players had stayed... but them ofcourse the killer of DnD happened... scheduling... I was adamant about sticking to saturday... not for any malicious reason but because it's quite literally the only day I can DM and it works for the rest of the group who either have classes or work.
And then we move onto what happened... a player had to leave because they could not do Saturdays. It was impossible for a reshift in the session date (plus it's not fair on the rest of the group or myself to have to reschedule a set timetable that has worked for so long) so with a heavy heart they left. We had it so their character stayed behind to help out a place in need of repair that only he could do
Now.... what bothers me is leading up to this session we did have a few saturdays where they couldn't make it but the session wouldn't reschedule and then they suddenly could make it. (Also doesnt help this was happening around the same weekend they wanted to play a game). It also wasnt uncommon for them to play a game whilst in session
ANYWAY now that they left we continued the game smoothly for two sessions and now they suddenly can come back.... in game it's only been 1 day... so it doesnt make sense lore wise... plus we set something big up as a finale for his character... I cannot really have them come back quite yet but feel well a bit insulted that they can suddenly make it when scheduling didnt match theirs for a while.... I feel like they were hoping I'd bend the schedule around them and not the group...
Sorry for the rant.. but wanted to know if anyone has experienced anything similar and how they dealt with it.
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2023.03.25 11:28 Kittibop Help making my autistic wife feel taken care of.

I have ADHD. I think I give 100% in my relationship. I work hard to keep her in mind whenever I do things, and I always set aside time in the day to go over things in the house that need to be done, and do them.
However, many tasks are either invisible, or the incorrect way to handle them is what presents itself to me. We fight over it a lot. For instance, I left something wet in the laundry machine. I didn't remember where the fan goes, and put it in the wrong spot when she asked.
Big blow-up example: I cooked and forgot about the kitchen until the following morning. When I got up and saw that I left it dirty, I was devastated, and immediately cleaned it. But it was too late: She had gotten up before me and wanted to make coffee. It ruined the day for her, and I was out of it too all day, being driven to misery by her anger and my efforts to make up for the mistake.
She tells me I don't care about her (specifically, "I think she has a vagina so she's in charge of these things", which hurts horribly to be told). It's not true, I'm giving 100%, I just never got the option to clean the kitchen. You can't do something you never thought of, right? I do put in a lot of work to develop habits to prevent these kinds of mistakes, but I'm incapable of being on 100% of them, which is what she needs.
She says that when I don't do everything, she has to expend 100% of our mental effort as a couple, making sure that everything gets done. But I'm at my limit, and I have to accept that I am incapable of accommodating this.
So the advice I need. How can I relieve the pressure so she doesn't have to expend that "100% mental effort" despite chores sometimes not getting done or getting done right? How can I help make it more palatable when things in the house aren't quite the way she needs them to be?
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2023.03.25 11:28 Appropriate-Group738 Feeling like I’ve lost a friend when a guy friend develops a crush on me

Hey girly pops, I’m mostly writing this to vent and potentially gauge your opinions on a situation I’ve been noticing. Has anyone else found that when one of their male friends develops a crush on them, they become meaner, dryer, or more distant instead of flirtier? For example, I have this guy friend that I know likes me thanks to intel from his friends, but I’ve continued treating him the same. I’m not interested in him like that but he’s a friend that I value dearly and he’s started avoiding eye contact face to face, making less conversation and even sounds kinda mean whenever he does speak to me, but then stares at me from across rooms. For reference, he’s known as being extremely bubbly, fun, and lovable, so that’s also why this is quite jarring. He has a crush on me but he’s going treat me badly to my face and not act like the friend I knew him to be? This has happened with a few separate friends, but this particular instance was the most devastating given how jovial and friendly this guy was to me before. I feel like I can’t have guy friends because they usually develop feelings and then start acting in a way that genuinely hurts me and makes me question myself even when I know I’ve done nothing wrong.
Does anyone experience this too? I feel like the common narrative is guys that like you start acting flirtier to you so when I found this to be my general experience it felt quite isolating and strange. Any insight would be so so helpful <3
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2023.03.25 11:27 daniil-a How to change welcome page "By ...." ?

How to change welcome page
Hello folks
Need your help:
I need to change this By line. I alreadt turned my account as Private in Newsletter Settings and added another one which is Public but still have my name on Welcome Page. Do you know how to change it?
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2023.03.25 11:27 Striking_Sound_7778 To my fellow WW, what was IC like for you guys?

How did your therapist navigate your emotions? Were you held accountable for your actions and forced to look deep? Or did they simply validate your emotions and help you set boundaries with your BS?
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2023.03.25 11:26 zonulkop You have 2 environments: dev and prod. You are required to create multiple webservers and dbservers with their own variables. You also have to use terraform cloud. How would you set this up (blueprint)?

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