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The community for fans of the classic "The Simpsons Hit & Run" video game.

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Simpsons TV Show. The /TheSimpsons subreddit is fan base of redditors who love The Simpsons. The Simpsons is an American animated sitcom created by Matt Groening for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The show is set in the fictional town of Springfield and parodies American culture, society and television.

2023.06.10 00:08 Electrical_Hair_3610 Should i try other weapons?

The shield is pretty much the only weapon i use, I’ve maybe used the sword and the trident for one/two runs before sticking with the shield. It works great for me and i like the play style. Does playing with different weapons add another level of fun to the game?
P.D: Already escaped hell 10+ times, currently developing the story and getting higher in the rage contract
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2023.06.10 00:08 random37t Trouble breathing, headaches, dizziness after exercise (since puberty)

I am 30F
(English not first language, please ask me if unclear) When I exercise, I am fine.
I mostly notice this during school long distance runs: my grades were OK (C), but after the run, about 2, 3 min after slowing down, I cannot breathe.
I always feel very bad, trying hard to breathe, panic, dizzy, disoriented.
I went to a doctor once, and he listen to my lungs, but he said it is normal. I ask him "Like this I am fine, but if I work hard 30 min, and I stop, I cannot breathe". He said this is normal, so I stop asking.
Fast forward 15 years, I am still with these problems. My friend said this is not normal. She said I should ask here.
This is how it goes:
I do activity (at least 30 min). Can be moving boxes, running, anything. I can do it 2h, I am fine. BUT
I stop doing activity. My heart beats fast, I cannot breathe. I start feel dizzy. Usually last ~30min
It stops. My head hurts, my legs hurts even if exercise not involve legs). I feel nausea. My chest hurts. (sometimes only 30min sometimes 2h)
My friend says maybe this is panic attack. But I don't understand, if I just move boxes, why panic?
I need to know this is serious (need to take savings see doctor)? If it is, which doctor I see for this?
Or can I take some medication? if it is cheap, I can buy it and try.
Thank you for free advice!
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2023.06.10 00:08 briggssteel Rice Hulls

Ok everybody, how often are you all using rice hulls? Only for hazy IPAs with a lot of adjuncts or other wheat beers or do you use some for all beers? Has it helped with efficiency or clarity running into the kettle and what percentage of your grist are you adding?
The biggest issue I’m having with it currently is that when added to Beersmith it’s adding water to the mash to account for this and then it changes my lactic acid addition quite a bit. I’m not sure if that’s accurate or if I should keep the exact same water ratio and acid addition as if I weren’t adding them and possibly pre-soak them?
For example I’ve got a hazy ipa recipe we’ve yet to brew for a 5bbl batch that’s got 30% worth of flaked oats, malted oats and flaked wheat so I added 13% of the grist (72lbs) into Beersmith. With the rice hulls it’s saying I need 80mL of lactic to hit a mash PH of 5.26. Without any it’s saying I only need 60mL to hit 5.26.
The current brewer said they haven’t been using any for even wheats or hazy IPAs without stuck sparges but wondering if that luck might run out at some point. Maybe it’s just not necessary for all brewhouses depending on the system? I don’t know.
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2023.06.10 00:07 Gel_007 The Founding Chapter 7

June 19th, 327
We decided to construct some more structures to take care of the refugees that we rescue, assuming that this goes off without a hitch. Augustine asked Elock about the collar and she revealed that the collar had a size changing enchantment attached to it. Once the seven day period is up, the collar will shrink, crushing her airways which would instantly kill her. So Augustine teleported her back quickly which would kick step one of our plan into gear.
cut to Elock’s pov
Shopkeeper: Hello welcome t- oh! Welcome back sir!
A: Hey there! Project took longer than expected, but luckily an extra set of hands makes heavy work pretty light!
Shopkeeper: What can I say? She’s one of the best. And also sir, if you don’t mind me asking, what were you working on? I didn’t see you anywhere in town.
A: oh- uhh I’m from the town over!
Shopkeeper: Are your memories already slipping? I paid the town next to us a visit to chat business with a friend and I never saw any structures being constructed.
A: I- I live at the far end! Perhaps you missed it.
Shopkeeper: …Alright then. have a nice day sir.
A: …you too…cya
Elock: humming hm, hm, hmmm! walking towards the back
Shopkeeper: Elock…
Elock: eep! Yes sir!
Shopkeeper: Would you mind telling me what you 2 were doing?
Elock: oh! Just a house for his extended family. Nothing special.
Shopkeeper: “just a house”? Alright then…you’re off for the rest of today…go to the slave house. takes off her collar
Elock: Thank you! runs off
Shopkeeper in thought: …those eyes…they seem to both see nothing and everything at once.
Shopkeeper: I’d appreciate it if you’d look into it a bit sir.
“Very well, I’ll inform my boss about it and I’ll get to your problem right away”
Shopkeeper: thank you sir
Lulio: huh…very well then, it’ll be well worth your time I believe…
“Thank you sir”
Lulio: I think you’ll do well…Akano
Elock: bursting into the slave home owned by the shop keep Woo! Man that was nerve wracking, for a second I thought he was gonna catch on!
Thoughts: Alright! Now! Time to get on with this operation! Augustine’s counting on me and I can’t let him down!
plops down next to fellow slave
Elock: whispers hey!
Slave: eh?
Elock: um…I- words dying in her throat
Slave: …
Elock: ah- mm… you wanna get out of here?
Thoughts: Why did I say that?! I’m so stupid!
Slave: …you know they’re gonna send us back here again instantly right? Cute dream but it’s just that: a fantasy. gets up and leaves
Elock: hey, wai- sad sigh
next day
Another slave: Nice fantasy…leaves
Elock: getting demoralized
Slave: potentially losing my life by going with your outlandish proposal is a risk I’d rather not take.
Elock: defeated
the next day
Shopkeeper: Hello again sir! Another project I presume?
A: yup! I’d like to take the same slave again, she really made the work quick.
Shopkeeper: good choice! rings bell ELOCK! Get your ass over here! The nice gentlemen wants your services again!
Elock: hey A- Sir…
A: Nice to see you again. tosses gold onto the counter and leaves
A: So how'd it go?
Elock: no one was on board with the plan. They all claimed it was insane and had no conceivable way of working!
A: Expected. Not everyone has the same high risk-high reward mindset, c'mon let’s get to Zach first and then we’ll build off from there. teleports
Z: hmmmm I understand, they’re scared, they've only known brutality and slavery their entire lives. They fear that if this goes south, then they’ll be subjected to a fate worse than death itself.
Elock: look of guilt
A: I’m fully aware of the dangers that come with this. But we do get discovered, I’ll gladly take on every army they throw at me if it means that you guys would survive.
Elock: Augustine!
Z: We know how much you wanna help them Augustine, but you don’t have to take on a mountain on your own. We’re both here for you.
A: right…sorry.
Elock: please, it’s alright. We can figure out some other way. Knowing you, you’ll be able to craft something before dinner.
A: I’ll take that as a compliment. Thanks Elock.
Z: Augustine.
A: yes?
Z: Are you familiar with the concept of mental projection?
A: Somewhat, they briefly skimmed over it in training back at the facility. The art of projecting imagery into other people’s mind on the battlefield to mentally erode them.
Z: precisely, but instead of breaking will, we’ll be building it.
A: What are you saying here?
Z: What if instead of trying to get slaves to get on board via words, why don’t we let them see for themselves what waits for them if they comply?
Elock: That’s genius! When they see the paradise that could be in their hands, there’s no way they can turn that down!
A: not a terrible idea, but I don’t think I have the chops to project an image into the mind of every slave in town, my skills in that department are unfortunately pretty lacking.
Z: Why don’t we go to the island again so you can familiarize yourself with the image you’re projecting, then use the mana crystals to give yourself some extra power?
A: Smart move, let’s do it.
exits cabin
A: Alright, time to go.
teleports both of them
A: Okay let’s get down to busine…where are we?
(Instead of being greeted with the base of a mountain range, they were still in the forest. Miles away from the cabin.)
Z: I- I don’t know!
A: I didn’t do anything different! But it’s alright, I remember the direction to go in, we can still fix this.
Elock: Alright then.
10 minutes of walking later
A: Get a move on Zach! We’re almost there! Shouldn’t be much farther!
Z: Hah…I- losing his breath how are you- how are you 2 still so energetic?
Elock: I’m a leopard. I'm meant to be agile!
A: This anti magic field’s edge shouldn’t be more than a few more minutes away! We should be out in about…NOBODY MOVE!
Elock and Zach: freezes in place What's wrong?
A: …we’re not alone. Someone else is here!
Elock: I don’t hear or smell anyone else besides you guys. Are you sure?
A: Yes I’m sure! I can sense another source of energy here!
???: I would say I’m impressed that you managed to detect me since I pride myself on being able to move like a shadow…but I sort of expected this with talent like yours.
Akano: Hello Augustine, been a while hasn’t it?
A: Akano? What’re you doing here…
Akano: boss sent me to hunt you down, anonymous source requested it.
Augustine thoughts: No doubt it was that shopkeeper.
Akano: Now since we’ve spent some time together, I’ll give you 2 choices. You can drop your sword and come back with us unharmed, or I paint this forest a lovely shade of red with your blood an-
A: Bring it on…
Akano: hm. As you wish…
Akano dashes towards Augustine with lightning speed, expecting to end this quickly.
An explosion sends a strong gust of cutting air across the forest. Zach and Elock took refuge behind a thick tree, powerless to do a damn thing to help.
Akano: oh ho! Quick on your feet are you?
Augustine who dodged into a tree: guess you can say that.
Akano: Well, I guess it’s time to turn this up a notch! pulls a strange amulet, with a large red gem resting in a gold frame
Augustine: hm?
Akano: Master Lulio entrusted me with this and I won’t let him down!
The amulet begins to glow once Akano puts it around his neck, The energy being given off was palpable from a mile away, to the point it could be severed with a knife.
The attack sends multiple large scale wind slices through out the area, yet even with this jump in power, Augustine doesn’t seem fazed with him perfectly dodging and blocking every slash as Akano watched, perplexed
Augustine: Your display of power is impressive. I'll give you that.
Akano: Keep talking little brat, the power contained within this amulet is beyond even your understanding!
Augustine: Oh really? What evidence do you have to back that theory up?
“What I’m saying is that even though you claim that this amulet is never before seen, you haven’t managed to land a single hit yet.” Augustine sneers.
Akano: beginning to seeth in rage
Augustine: In fact…you seem to be the most injured one so far…
Right on que, a small cut appears on Akano’s face as he looks up to see that Augustine blade is stained with his blood with a small smirk beginning to form on his face.
Akano: …You’re dead meat…
Akano launches towards the tree as Augustine simply leaps into another tree as it gets cut down, Akano sends jets of cutting wind at Augustine but he simply blocks or avoids them with seemingly zero effort. What confuses Akano even more is why he isn’t fighting back, with the worst attack he’s thrown so far being a small cut.
Akano: What’s wrong?! WHERE’S ALL THE TALK NOW HUH?!
Augustine: still dodging
Akano attempts to piledrive Augustine with his sword and successfully impales him through the chest.
The Augustine on his sword dematerialized as the real Augustine appears next to him
Augustine: Hey, nice effort.
With a swift kick, Augustine sends Akano flying into the trunk of a tree. Instantly causing him to cough up blood.
Augustine: I never wanted it to end this way, I apologize but this was your own doing.
Akano: barely mustering enough strength to stay conscious don’t think you’ve won yet brat…I’M FAR FROM DONE!
The amulet begins to glow a furious red as Akano leaps into the air, as he prepares to pour every last drop of his remaining strength into this attack as a last ditch effort to take Augustine down.
Elock: Is…is he gonna be alright?!
Z: Augustine has a knack for worming his way out of sticky situations, but I’m nervous even with the power he holds.
Akano unleashes a maelstrom of erratic sword slashes down towards Augustine, even faster than before. Augustine increases his speed to match but still gets 2 large cuts across his torso and arm. Seeing this Akano smiles and picks up his pace, confident that he would kill him.
Augustine: slightly pressured and tired look from dodging so much
Akano’s face changes from glee to horror as he watches Augustine blast a tree with a fireball to launch himself to his position. Augustine was now no more than a few feet away from him and there was no way he could raise his sword up to block in time. “This is it” he thinks “This is how I’m gonna go out? Taken out by a boy turned monster?”. Everyone holds their breath as they wait for the killing blow where they watch Augustine raise his sword up to Akano’s neck, waiting for the splatter of blood to rain down on the trees…but it never comes. Instead of beheading Akano, Augustine slams the edge of his sword on the chains of the red amulet, breaking it. The amulet drops towards the forest floor and Akano’s power instantly fizzles out. The amulet clatters onto the ground as Augustine gracefully lands in a tree with Akano falling hard on his side.
Akano: I- trembling and confused at what just happened I’m alive?!
Akano looks up to see Augustine holding his amulet, looking at him, not with rage…but sympathy.
Akano: I’m…Why didn’t you kill me?!
Augustine: Because I’m not like you, slaughtering people just to fuel your own ego.
Zach and Elock observe the confrontation, in awe.
Akano: Don’t come at me with that moral high ground! And I’m not done yet! grips sword
Before Akano could draw his blade, Augustine appeared in front of him holding a device in his hands.
Augustine: So this was the reason why I couldn’t teleport. slashing the black, rune carved tablet into bits
Akano: …feeling panic wash over him
Augustine: Just…do something for me alright?
Akano: looks on with confusion
Augustine: Just…try to be a better person after you get out.
Before Akano could question what he meant by “get out” Augustine pressed his finger onto Akano’s forehead and at that moment, Akano felt something he hadn’t felt in a long time: relief, like all the burdens of working for the grand Templar suddenly couldn’t touch him anymore. Still in this feeling, Augustine focused his energy into Akano, teleporting him away. Akano awoke on a strange beach, confused.
Akano: gah…what…happened? What did he even do? That sensation, it felt…good. Now where am I-
Basitin: HALT!
Akano: ah!
Basitin 1: How did you get on our island stranger?
Basitin 2: take him to the king, he’ll know what to do.
Akano: Basitin…KING?!
Augustine: sigh of relief with his wounds almost done regenerating That was scary, I’ve never been in a real fight before, he was stronger than I thought he’d be. turns to Zach and Elock you guys alright?
Z: Augustine…That was…
A: what? Why are you looking at me like tha-
Elock: INCREDIBLE! pounces on him the way you effortlessly dodged almost all of his attacks was so cool! And the way you took him down was just like in the fantasy books!
Z: Elock let go! You’re gonna squeeze him to death!
Elock: oh! Sorry!
A: It's alright, though maybe I should stop performing those feats in front of you then.
Z: So Augustine, where should we head now? A clearing with torn up trees isn’t exactly what I call subtle.
A: They’re gonna come looking for him by following his amulet’s energy signal. Disposing of it is what we should do, but there are some properties of it that I wanna explore so… grabs his sword and smashes the gem, taking a small chunk to observe at the cabin
A: alright let’s get this out of here. focusing his energy onto the amulet, he teleported it away to a place that no one would find it. No one at all. No sir
Smol basitin child: Hey! What’s this shiny red rock?
Another child: don’t know.
Smol basitin: whoa! It shoots fire, and the warmth feels so nice and…intoxicating…
A: They still might find this carnage though, heading back for the day I think is the better idea.
Z: well if you say so then.
A: Luckily with that device destroyed, I can teleport again.
Elock: let’s get out of here then!
A: very well. teleports
later that night
Z: Augustine you doing alright?
A: yes I’m fine, tomorrow it’ll look like these injuries were never there.
Z: No I was talking about your feelings, I thought you’d be demoralized after that attack.
A: quite the opposite actually, it felt good letting some of my feelings out in that battle.
Z: I see. I was expecting you to actually kill him, but was surprised when you just broke his necklace.
A: Guess the memory 2 guards I slayed in the facility during the escape still burned a bit.
Z: I understand.
Augustine’s thoughts: goes back to a conversation he had with Elock years ago
Young Elock: Augustine, how do you define a hero?
Young Augustine: hm?
Young Elock: I read a lot of fantasy and mythology books about epic battles and legendary heroes, what’s a hero to you?
Young Augustine: That's a pretty subjective question but I don’t think I’m the right person to answer that. I’ve always defined heroes as people who can take the villain down and nothing more.
Young Elock: I guess you can say that.
Young Augustine: So how do you define a hero Elock? Might as well get a second opinion.
Young Elock: Oh! Um! I’ve always believed that heroes are people who can both save the day, and send the villains down the brighter path. Not through power but through words, not simply killing them.
Young Augustine: Huh…that’s a new concept, pretty cool. I’ll give it some thought.
Young Elock: Thanks!
“Am I really a hero doing this?”
Elock: Augustine. You ok? You look lost.
A: snaps back huh? Oh right, sorry I was daydreaming.
Elock: disappointed that the plan failed?
A: I- yeah I suppose so.
“Well perhaps I can help with that”
A: Who said that?!
Z: Elock was that you?
Elock: I didn’t say that.
“It was me!”
Everyone looks around the cabin to see who’s talking.
“Oh my masks…HEY! IDIOTS! DOWN HERE!”
Everyone looks down to see…a white cat?
Z: a cat?
Elock: awwww! It’s so cute!
A: Oh it's you again. Hey there.
Z: Wait Augustine was this the weird cat I saw in the forest a while back?!
“Have some respect, Doctor! I’ll have you know that I have the ability to take your insides to the outside!”
Z: Who the hell are you anyways? And what are you doing here?! And how are you creepily talking inside my head?!
“Well if you insist”
“My name is Nora, or Lady Nora”
Z: shudders L- Lady Nora?! PLEASE FORGIVE MY RUDENESS!
Nora: oh please, get up from the floor already! Do you seriously deal with this guy everyday?
A: Normally he’s calm and collected. Guess in the presence of superiority he’s pretty shy.
Nora: typical humans.
Elock: Excuse me, lady Nora! But what are you doing here? Don’t you have more important business to take care of?
Nora: Dragon duties get pre-tty boring after a while, so I’m always looking for new stuff to do.
Elock: but that only answers one question! What are you doing here?
Nora: to help…duh.
Elock: really?
A: huh?
Z: what?
Nora: Yeah, I’m here to help. What?
Z: Is this a trick?! Are you waiting for us to reveal our plans to you just for you to tell the grand Templar?!
Nora: Are you deaf? I JUST SAID I'M HELPING YOU! And besides! I already know about your plan! Jeez your mind is easy to peek into!
A: Why are you helping though? Surely there are more interesting things you could be doing…not that we’re turning down your offer though.
Nora: Why does anyone do anything? When you get to my age everything’s pretty boring.
A: yeah…don’t think we’ll be getting there anytime soon. But how do you plan on helping? I mean I get how much power you hold but what can you do to benefit us?
Nora: You'll know it when the time comes. I’ll need a few days…and also! manifests a key out of nowhere for your buddy’s collar over there.
A: Oh! Thank you! Elock! You’re free now!
Elock: picks up Nora and presses her against her face Thank youuuuuuuu!
Nora: ACK! Get off me! I know you’re happy but limit the physical touch!
A: how’d you even get the key anyways? I thought that the shopkeeper held the sole copy!
Nora: oh! It was simple really, just made him a deal where for the key I show him uhh ahem a “pleasurable” fantasy if you know what I mean.
A: oh…OH…
Nora: right…anyways. I’ll be ready when you guys need me. Once you get your crap together I’ll be ready.
Z: very well then.
June 20th, 327
Zach wakes up to see Augustine sitting at his desk, tinkering with the red crystal sample seemingly puzzled and intrigued at once. Elock is still asleep on the bed as Augustine let her have it.
Z: what’cha doing there?
A: oh! Hey Zach! I’m just testing this sample I got from Akano’s amulet and it’s pretty interesting. First off, the size of the crystal never seems to shift no matter how much I use it, with me charging energy into one of our slabs of steak and the crystal never changes size at all! What I’m more curious about is the steak. I used my sword to cut it and to my amazement it started healing the cut right before my eyes, so in essence I imbued that piece of meat with my regenerative properties! Unfortunately it didn’t last long as the high amount of energy destroyed the steak’s cells and quite literally liquifying it!
Z: interesting…
A: But that does raise some red flags unfortunately…
Z: why’s tha- oh…you don’t mean…
A: yeah…that means that one day…I might befall the same fate. But when? I don’t know. And I don’t wanna think about it.
To be continued…
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2023.06.10 00:06 LostCauseSPM My genie garage door opener suddenly stopped connecting.

I've had this genie alladin wifi garage door opener for a few years now. It was great, didn't have to double back and check to make sure I closed my garage door. Suddenly one day it loses its wifi connection. Hey, maybe it broke, right? So I get another one and it is completely unable to detect my wifi signal. Has anyone else run into a similar situation? Everything else still works, cameras, ring system, just not this one thing. Could it be my router...?
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2023.06.10 00:06 ProgenyDev Progeny - A V5 Character Creator

Hi! My name is Odin and I'm a software developer from Munich.
Over the last months I have built a character creator web app for V5: Progeny
Vampire is a game that has many hurdles to climb for newcomers and I think character creation can be daunting and confusing. That's why I built an app that aspires to make creating a typical first character as easy as possible.
This is basically a beta release, so please give it a try and let me know about any bugs and suggest improvements! (Progeny is currently not optimized for running on small screens, so the layout may look weird on phones/laptops) You can reach me here on Reddit or on Twitter
Progeny is open source and free forever. Source code here
PS: Ofc I'm following the Dark Pack rules.
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2023.06.10 00:06 RealHumanOnline Grimmspeed dry con air filter

Grimmspeed dry con air filter
Hey everyone so I just got the Grimmspeed dry con air filter for my 2020 wrx. EVERY picture or video I have seen of these filters has the opposite construction of mine. (The white side is usually red and the red side is usually white) I’m sending a message to Grimmspeed but would you all still run this in your car?
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2023.06.10 00:05 Upbeat-Curve-1749 I hit into a parked car lightly- No damage

Hi everyone, Roughly 6-7 months ago I was pulling out of work In a bit of a rush (personal emergency) and I lightly hit into a parked Vehicle with no one inside. I left my car to go inspect the Vehicle and I am 99% sure no noticeable damage was caused to the vehicle and none to mine. (saying 99% coz I was a bit stressed and might not have properly properly inspected) but most it could have been is a scratch! This was all witnessed by some girl who was parked next to the car, I walk over and ask her if she wants to inspect the damage (since she was proper staring me down) and she kinda shrugged her shoulders and didn't care enough... Fast forward 6 months I just got a call from my insurance telling me I hit into a parked car and caused serious damage and it was witnessed by someone. I don't want to admit to this as there car is not expensive and I could not see any damage at all but I'm scared I'll be taken advantage for and rinsed. Im sure they have no CCTV as it wouldn't have taken this long. If I genuinely caused damage I would pay for it but I know it couldn't have been anything bad. Help please!
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2023.06.10 00:05 ClickAccomplished153 A new activation Joystick

Hey Brawl Stars community! I wanted to share an exciting new feature called the 'Power Tap.' This special ability becomes available to all brawlers once they reach Level 5. The Power Tap adds an extra layer of gameplay mechanics and strategy to your battles. I haven't decided of cooleown time and no. of uses for them. Here's how it works:
Bull : With the Power Tap, Bull gains the ability to instantly stop his Super charge at any moment.
Mortis : The Power Tap presents Mortis with a fascinating decision. When Mortis doesn't have his long dash charged, activating the Power Tap grants him a long dash ability, closing the gap between him and his opponents. If Mortis already has his long dash charged, using the Power Tap will cause him to lose it.
Bibi : Similar to Mortis, if Bibi's Home Run bar isn't charged, activating the Power Tap grants her an immediate Home Run attack. If Bibi's Home Run bar is already charged, using the Power Tap will cause her to lose it.
These are just a few ideas to spark your imagination, and I'd love to hear your thoughts and suggestions on these concepts! Let's discuss and see if the Brawl Stars team can bring these Activation joystick abilities to life. Happy brawling, Redditors! 💥💪🌟
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2023.06.10 00:05 alucryts Here's a resource to search what affixes can appear an your gear slots

I couldn't find any resource online to show which affixes could appear on a specific slot for a specific class, so I made one:
Make a copy of the sheet, then select the slot and class. Hit the button and it will make a list for you of the possible affixes that can show up on that piece.
1) you probably have to allow sheet access to run the macro. it's running a script to find the list off of a master list of affixes on the second tab.
2) there are definitely some mistakes in here....if you find any let me know ill fix them. This wasn't supposed to be too deep but just a quick project.
3) it's not pretty or formatted. I really don't care enough to make it pretty lol.
4) The data is pulled from the link on the sheet. it goes to a website that has each affix and a list of slots it applies to.
I'm sharing this just in case this helps anyone like it has me. If someone has a better version of this please share!
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2023.06.10 00:05 reindeermuffinbeet Gorjana Alice Necklace Sale

Check this out for Gorjana Alice Necklace Sale. Find the best deals for you by looking at the current promo codes and coupons on that page. You'll always find the newest coupons, promo codes, and deals on that page. Choose one to apply to your order and save money.
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2023.06.10 00:05 erbie_ancock Can you help me understand this pattern of negative emotions?

Hello good people, I have ADD, Anxiety and depression and lately I have noticed a pattern of strong negative emotions after social situations.
I am not completely sure what is happening because it is very chaotic. It usually feels like a mix of deep sadness, guilty conscience (as if I had done something awful) and also anxiety (as if something terrible is going to happen). I also feel very sad/sorry for other people.
I also suffer from overthinking/social anxiety but that comes later. This feeling I am talking about hits me hard almost the moment the situation is ovewhen I come home. It is strange because I am very introvert and love my alone time. So why is it that I suffer like this when I come back home where I love to be? This happens every time, even if the social situation was very enjoyable.
Thank you for reading and for any advice you might have.
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2023.06.10 00:05 AutoModerator [Updated] Agency Incubator by Iman Gadzhi

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2023.06.10 00:05 drizzy117 McHire bot broken?

I applied to my local McDonald's and the McHire bot gets back to me saying it's moving me forward in the hiring process, and to pick one of the two available interview times. It says to pick a number (for example 1) which I do then it hits me with this -
“I'm sorry. Can you please restate your question for me?”
What do I even do there's no way around it? It's already bad enough I'm being asked by a bot
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2023.06.10 00:05 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Course Complete)

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2023.06.10 00:04 Wayne_kur Enemies dealing WAY too much damage.

This is getting ridiculous at this point. So I have GDB'S the Revenge, which comes with Wildcat. and I have Valravn. I made sure to rearrange my load order to where GDB was above Valravn, and used the power in GDB to disable the features of Wildcat.
Now I am running into a new problem where enemies would hit way too hard. Mind you I am level 28 playing on adept difficulty, wearing superior silver armor (I have the AE edition). And I am running Ordinator with a good chunk of the armor skills filled up.
I had to repeat a specific section in a nordic ruin several times because a bandit would stagger me, then proceeded to 1-2 hit me with an elven dagger. So if anyone has a solution or can recommend a mod to help with damage modifiers I would appreciate it.
submitted by Wayne_kur to SkyrimModsXbox [link] [comments]