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[UK/Anywhere] [Sell] Discounted full bottles from last week, open to deals!

2023.03.19 11:19 natsby [UK/Anywhere] [Sell] Discounted full bottles from last week, open to deals!

Hi hi! Am having one of those days where I have had enough and am determined to sort everything in my life out - so here are some full sizes that I've lowered the price on, but feel free to haggle because I just want a flat with less stuff in lol.

Onto the sales!


Arcana Craves


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab

Darling Clandestine


Nocturne Alchemy


Also, freebies to choose from (1 per person):




Siren Song Elixirs

Thanks for looking!

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2023.03.04 20:07 mastrncmmndr An Old School TOA Progress and Loot Log!

Hey everyone! Welcome to my Tombs of Amascut progress and loot log! After recently rediscovering my love for OSRS after a 2 year stretch of burn, I've decided that it's finally time to hit the lategame -- max combat, and more importantly, get some lategame gear! The Tombs of Amascut will be my first raids content done on the account -- I'm looking to consistently clear 400s with midgame gear and win the shadow lottery to push 500s!
And of course, I'll be logging each run -- what's more old school than an old-school-monsters-forum progress/loot log!


  1. Goals and Updates
  2. The Method
  3. Stats
  4. Gear + Inventory
  5. Invocations
  6. Fun Stats!
  7. The Log!
  8. Supporters
  9. Closing Thoughts

I. Goals and Updates

II. The Method

III. Stats

Hit Points: 95/96/99
Attack: 82/82/99
Strength: 78/88/99
Defense: 76/76/80
Prayer: 77/77/92
Magic: 97/97/99
Ranged: 98/99/99

IV. Gear + Inventory

Helm of Neitznot
Amulet of Fury
Barrows Gloves
Fighter Torso
Dragon Platelegs
Infernal Cape
Dragon Boots
Dragon Defender
Abyssal Dagger => Osmumten's Fang
  1. Crystal Body
  2. Crystal Legs
  3. Necklace of Anguish
  4. Ava's Assembler
  5. Bow of Faerdhinen
  6. Ahrim's Robetop
  7. Ahrim's Robeskirt
  8. Imbued God Cape
  9. Occult Necklace
  10. Book of the Dead
  11. Trident of the Swamps
  12. Toxic Blowpipe (Amethyst)
  13. Dragon Dagger
  14. Bandos Godsword
  15. Saradomin Brew
  16. Saradomin Brew
  17. Saradomin Brew
  18. Super Restore => Saradomin Brew
  19. Super Restore
  20. Super Restore
  21. Prayer Potion
  22. Prayer Potion
  23. Prayer Potion
  24. Super Combat Potion (3)
  25. Ranging Potion (1) => Crystal Helm
  26. Stamina Potion (1) => Abyssal Whip => Saradomin Brew
  27. Super Anti-Poison (2)
  28. Divine Rune Pouch (Thrall Runes)

V. Invocations

Starting (150)
Current (400)

VI. Fun Stats!


VII. The Log!

Also noting fail count on KC to mark how many attempts before that KC was achieved :(
  1. Dragon Medium Helm, 26 Raw Sharks, 2 Torstol Seeds 80k??? 35:26 150I 4 Deaths
  2. 634 Souls, Cache of Runes - 2045 Death Runes 467k 31:49 150I 1 Death
  3. 20 Dragonstones, 6 Ranarr Seeds, 5 Torstol Seeds 411k 31:59 150I 1 Death
  4. 398 Soul Runes, 14 Battlestaffs, 39 Diamonds 274k 31:34 150I 0 Deaths!
  5. 4 Dragon Medium Helms, 9 Ranarr Seeds, 14 Battlestaves ~568k 32:52 165I (On a Diet) 0 Deaths
  6. 37 Raw Manta Rays, 67 Potato Cacti, 67 Gold Bars 30k??? 34:38 180I (Mind the Gap, Blood Thinners) 0 Deaths
  7. 42 Diamonds, 28 Dragonstones, 7 Torstol Seeds 480k?? 32:43 190I (Ancient Haste) 0 Deaths
  8. 80 Sapphires, 14 Battlestaffs, 35 Raw Manta Rays 100k?? 35:16 200I (Penetrated) 1 Death
  9. 89 Sapphires, 71 Raw Shark, 4 Dragon Medium Helms 287k 33:33 215I (Stay Vigilant) 1 Death (Did not stay vigilant)
  10. ELIDINIS WARD 5.4M 33:33 (exactly same as previous???) 230I (Jungle Japes, Shaking Things Up 0 Deaths (w00t first purple!!)
  11. 25 Cactus Spines, 172 Gold Ore, 14 Lily of the Sands 87k 33:43 245I (Walk the Path, -EZ Invos) 1 Death (Obelisk lamps stay active after 0hp!!!)
  12. 114 Raw Sharks, 23 Dragonstones 316k ??:?? 260I (Not Just a Head) 2 Deaths (Zebak prayer greed, Akkha memory skip fail)
  13. 3 Blood Essence, 10 Snapdragon Seeds, 20 Coconut Milk 520k???
  14. 2 Blood Essence, 5 Dragon Medium Helms, 18 Lily of the Sands 456k
  15. 706 Death Runes, 23 Dragonstones, 7 Ranarr Seeds 542k
  16. 17353 GP, 69 Gold Bar, 2 Blood Essence 140k??
  17. 14 Lily of the Sands, 182 Mahogany Logs 91k ??:?? 280I (Blood Thinners, Jungle Japes, Shaking Things Up) 1 Death (Exact obelisk orb damage)
  18. 264 Gold Ore, 78 Dragonstone 968k 40:02 300I (Deadly Prayers) 0 Deaths FIRST EXPERT!!
  19. 9 Snapdragon Seeds, 14 Toadflax Seeds, Cache of Runes (1113 Soul Runes) 573k 41:07 315I (More Overlords) 2 Deaths (Slipped on a peel trying to reset red-x; Spitting scarab Deadly Prayer combo with melee scarab)
  20. 606 Soul Runes, 6 Dragon Medium Helms, 39 Dragonstone 951k 42:04 330I (Lively Larvae, Arterial Spray) 1 Death (Red-X screw up) FAIL COUNTER: 1
  21. 18 Snapdragon Seed, 15 Toadflax Seed 675k 42:14 340I (Gotta Have Faith) 1 Death (Zebak pot alignment) FAIL COUNTER: 2
  22. 5 Dragon Medium Helms, 249 Dragon Dart Tips, 99 Emeralds 768k 41:24 355I (Softcore Run) 1 Death (Mage Scarab had 2 hp) FAIL COUNTER: 4
  23. Masori Crafting Kit, 94 Rubies, 62 Raw Manta Rays, 1427 Death Runes, Thread Of Elidinis 384k 42:04 365I Blowing Mud 0 Deaths!
  24. 11 Torstol Seeds, 130 Sapphires, 87 Rubies 201k 45:59 385I 1 Death (Messed up my attack range w/ blowpipe at Zebak)
  25. 298 Gold Ore, 106 Potato Cacti, 12 Snapdragon Seeds 488k 45:04 400I 2 Deaths (Early Baba red-x death, walked into an akkha orb and combo'd for 70 damage) FIRST 400I!!!! 8.22% unique chance despite the deaths! FAIL COUNTER: 8

VIII. ~~ Supporters ~~

None yet :(

IX. Closing Thoughts

That's it! Supports, comments, or simple bumps greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.01 12:21 ViralMedia007 🔥 SurfShark VPN: ⚡️2 Months Free + ⚡️82% Off (Unlimited Devices) : 3200+ servers in 100 countries, No information collection, Fast connection speed & More) via Freebies Global 🔥

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2023.03.01 12:21 ViralMedia007 🔥 SurfShark VPN: ⚡️2 Months Free + ⚡️82% Off (Unlimited Devices) : 3200+ servers in 100 countries, No information collection, Fast connection speed & More) via Freebies Global 🔥

🔥 SurfShark VPN: ⚡️2 Months Free + ⚡️82% Off (Unlimited Devices) : 3200+ servers in 100 countries, No information collection, Fast connection speed & More) via Freebies Global 🔥 submitted by ViralMedia007 to FREECoursesEveryday [link] [comments]

2023.02.10 02:55 SynapseReaction [WTS][USA]Destash - Fountain Pens, Glass Pens, Ink Samples, and other Stationary Supplies

Shipping to USA only. Using Paypal Goods & Services.
Selling a bunch of pens and stationary stuff. Prices are listed for items individually. Shipping is not included in price, (edit to add) include zip code in DM/PM and I can get the estimate.
Update 2/11/23 - Everything that's been crossed off has been sold and shipped. Also, - I lowered the price of the Washi tape. And if you buy all the tape shipping will be free. - 2 ink samples left. If you buy a pen you can have one of the remaining samples for free;
Whats for Sale:
Pens - All pens are A2 condition - Dipped only, and have been cleaned and flushed. Basically new no signs of use.
Glass Dip Pen - A2 Condition. No Signs of use. Both are light pink
Ink Samples - All have been only used to swatch, have not been put in any pens or used for other uses. Some have been rebottled.
Price per sample:2mL - $1.50 4mL - $3.00 5mL -$4.00 10mL $9.00
Samples Availble:
Washi Tape - Slightly used to practically new (only took a small sample). Can buy individually or as bundles it’s up to you.
Freebies - Just ask and I'll add them to your package.
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2023.01.20 17:06 SixMonthsDone Long but thorough review of the marketing degree program from someone who just completed it

I could not find much information on the BSBAMK (Marketing) degree program when I first started looking into it, so I thought I’d document my experience for those who may be looking in the future. I have no idea if there is a demand for this information, but I have kind of used my account to document my WGU journey, and I think it will be cool to have this info to look back on for personal reasons if nothing else. So let’s get into it.
Beginning with the most asked questions before jumping into tips/overview:
BSBAMK Tips/Overview (Some of this will apply to any major):
I hope this helps someone out there! :)
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2023.01.20 12:00 ColinLab [PC/XB/PS/Switch/Mobile] (DLC) Minecraft: 2023 New Year's Celebration

Day Name & Team Type/s
Day 01 Lucky Hat & Lucky's Minigame Mayhem By Logdotzip Character Creator & 1 World
Day 02 Brimstone Wings By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 03 Monster Jacket By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 04 Fly Suit By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 05 Designer Glasses By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 06 Skydiver Helmet By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 07 Explosion-Proof Suit By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 08 Archaic Diving Tank & Trident City By Shallguinn Schematics Character Creator & 1 World
Day 09 Archaic Diving Helmet By Shallguinn Schematics Character Creator
Day 10 Drowned Captain Coat By Shallguinn Schematics Character Creator
Day 11 Drowned Captain Hat By Shallguinn Schematics Character Creator
Day 12 Sea Horse Mask By Shallguinn Schematics Character Creator
Day 13 Sea Horse Fin By Shallguinn Schematics Character Creator
Day 14 Waterlogged Floaty By Shallguinn Schematics Character Creator
Day 15 Lava Monster Hear & Rising Lava Parkour By Dodo Studios Character Creator & 1 World
Day 16 Lava Wings By Dodo Studios Character Creator
Day 17 Dodo Head By Dodo Studios Character Creator
Day 18 Lava Bumbag By Dodo Studios Character Creator
Day 19 Lava Pants By Dodo Studios Character Creator
Day 20 Lava Shirt By Dodo Studios Character Creator
Day 21 Lava Shoes By Dodo Studios Character Creator
Day 22 Palm Leaf Hat & Holiday Resort By Cracked Cubes Character Creator & 1 World
Day 23 Palm Tree Hat By Cracked Cubes Character Creator
Day 24 Palm Tree Sunglasses By Cracked Cubes Character Creator
Day 25 Palm Tree T-Shirt By Cracked Cubes Character Creator
Day 26 Bumper Car Suspender By Cracked Cubes Character Creator
Day 27 Flamingo Suspenders By Cracked Cubes Character Creator
Day 28 Shark Shorts By Cracked Cubes Character Creator
Day 29 Rabbit Sweaters & Monster Attack: Nian By Next Studio Character Creator & 1 World
Day 30 Cozy Bun Hood By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 31 Hopping Hands By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 32 Lantern Pigtails By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 33 Tufted Tail Shorts By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 34 Lunar Rabbit Jacket By Minecraft Character Creator
Day 35 Lucky Rabbit Mask By Minecraft Character Creator
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2023.01.17 18:34 Pompuswindbag Randomized Reddit TDI Episode 22 (VOTE IN THE COMMENTS)

Randomized Reddit TDI Episode 22 (VOTE IN THE COMMENTS)

The Triple Dog Dare Challenge
Elimination Ceremony
Emma’s happily eating her marshmallow while Jasmine just holds hers. Scott and Shawn are the only ones without a marshmallow. Chef gives the final marshmallow to…..
Shawn is highly disappointed, Jasmine and Scott walk him down the dock of shame. Scott tells Shawn that even though he always thought Shawn was insane, he still felt Shawn played the game well. He’s sorry Emma had to ruin everything. Jasmine tells Shawn that she’s going to win for him, and when she does she’ll split the hundred grand with him! Shawn gasps and asks Jasmine what about her cage fighting school and flower shop? Jasmine shrugs and says some things are more important.
Shawn takes Jasmine's hands and tells her if she wins, he’ll increase the height of the ceilings in his zombie bunker. So they’ll be able to weather through the zombie apocalypse together.
In a confessional Jasmine says that’s the romantic thing any guy has ever said to her.
In a confessional Scott is almost teary eyed at everything.
In a final confessional, Emma is gagging herself at how schmultzy the whole thing is.
The boat of losers arrives, Jasmine gives Scott her number and a kiss goodbye as Shawn gets on the boat and is driven off the island.
Episode Proper Begins:
The final three campers eat their “All You Can Eat” Pancakes Breakfast; they're all looking at each other with a glare.
In their confessionals, Emma talks about how being in the final three means she has to take on the toughest task yet. She knows she ticked off Jasmine and Scott and NEEDS to win the next immunity challenge. Jasmine talks about how Scott’s lack of fear about getting dirty is his greatest strength while Emma’s desperation to win at any cost is her’s. She’s going to have to hunker down and let loose her inner-australian to be able to win immunity. Scott says he feels weird, when he started he wanted to kick off everyone on his team. Then he wanted to pretend to be friends with his team….now he…actually feels sad about seeing them gone? Scott asks himself what has happened to him.
Chris announces it’s time for the Final Challenge. Whoever wins will earn themselves Immunity and a spot in the Final two, the other two will have their fate decided by the audience.
Chris leads them to the theater area where they all sit at three tables. He states if you take a dare and complete it, you’ll get a freebie. Or you can deny a dare and give it to someone else. Last camper standing will win their ticket to the finals.
Chris asks if everyone is ready, Emma says “This is for Kitty”. Jasmine says “This is for Shawn”. Scott says “This is for Papi”
Round 1
Emma is first alphabetically, so she gets the first dare. It lands on Noah who dares her to kiss Chef’s sweaty stinky sock. Emma says in a confessional if she wants a chance against Jasmine and Scott she needs freebies. She kisses the sock after Chef makes it into a hand puppet and is given a freebie.
Jasmine is upset next, she lands on Taylor who dares her to eat a Dozen Deviled Eggs in Under a Minute. Jasmine shrugs and devours them. Getting herself a freebie.
Scott’s up and he lands on Miles, he has to carry a bunch of meat across a lake of hungry sharks. Scott’s nervous and triple dog dares Emma. She uses her freebie.
Emma- 0 Jasmine- 1 Scott- 0
Round 2
Emma lands on Dakota who dares her to drink a blended smoothie of Chef’s mystery meat. Emma takes the dare and gulps it down. Earning a freebie.
Jasmine lands on Cody who dares her to drop a tray of icecube down her pants and let them melt. Jasmine is fine with this and completes the dare. Earning another freebie.
Scott lands on Duncan who dares him to lick Chef’s armpit. Scott shrugs and goes through with it. Earning a freebie.
Emma- 1 Jasmine- 2 Scott- 1
Round 3
Emma lands on Pete who dares her to wrestle an alligator. Emma says in a confessional she needs to even the playing field. She triple dog dares Jasmine, who naturally uses her freebie.
Jasmine lands on Rock who dares her to eat dog food. Jasmine says this one’s pathetic and eats it. She says in a confessional she has meals with her cat all the time. Jasmine earns back her freebie.
Scott lands on Sky who dares him to get covered in pig poop. Scott says he does that on a weekly basis on Papi’s farm, but he dares Emma. She uses her freebie.
Emma- 0 Jasmine- 2 Scott- 1
Round 4
Emma lands on Jen who dares her to chew her own toenail, slowly. Emma accepts and completes the dare. Earning a freebie.
Jasmine lands on Jacques who dares her to eat a live cockroach. Jasmine triple dog dares Emma who uses her freebie.
Scott lands on Dawn who dares him to dress like a chicken, do the chicken dance, and eat chicken feed off the ground. Scott does it and earns a freebie.
Emma- 0 Jasmine- 2 Scott- 2
Round 5
Emma lands on Trent who dares her to dress up like a baby, she triple dog dares Scott who uses a freebie.
Jasmine lands on “Get Your Head Shaved” by Chef. She triple dog dares Emma….who refuses. Saying she knows the audience loves her enough to want to keep her around.
Chris says that since Emma’s out, it’ll be down to Jasmine to see who can complete the remaining seven dares fastest. First to Seven Wins Immunity
Lightning Round 1
Dare 1
Get slapped by Chef
Chef begins slapping Jasmine and Scott repeatedly, eventually Scott gives up.
Jasmine- 1 Scott- 0
Dare 2
Make out with a fish
Scott does it with ease while Jasmine hesitates
Jasmine- 1 Scott- 1
Dare 3
Rechewing a wad of Harold’s Chewed Gum
Scott has no problem with that, Jasmine again hesitates.
Scott- 2 Jasmine- 1
Dare 4
Wear a bee beard
Both stay perfectly still, Scott suddenly sneezes and gets stung a bunch.
Jasmine- 2 Scott- 2
Dare 5
Sit in a pool full of leeches.
Both hate this, but Scott gives up first.
Jasmine- 3 Scott- 2
Dare 6
Drink Powdered Fruit Punch from the Communal Toilet
Jasmine finds it disgusting, while Scott goes for it. Knowing if he doesn’t he’ll lose.
Jasmine- 3 Scott- 3
Give a Purple Nurple to a Sleeping Bear
Jasmine creeps up slowly and quietly as she can to the bear, Scott waits and runs up to twist the Bears’s nurps. The Bear roars and chases both of them out of the cave. Chris says Scott has won Immunity! The audience needs to vote for either Emma or Jasmine to get eliminated!
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2023.01.04 14:31 arsachdeva Recode Studio's Genius Customer Acquisition Strategy

Instead of appreciating unique ideas and helping small businesses (with proven business concepts), it seems to mock, diss, and make fun of 'unpolished' entrepreneurship, as it looks from the recent episode where Recode faced a similar fate.
Recode faced ridicule and was called 'Jugaad' by multiple Sharks on Episode 1 of Season 2. But what's a business without a little 'jugaad'?
Recode customer acquisition strategy (on which the sharks laughed) is a classic case of how to hook the buyer with a freebie and make them ambassadors for life.
Instead of giving a 'good to have' or useless free product, it's freebie — a free luncheon at a five-star hotel with a 4-hour seminar caters to the ambition of small-town makeup artists who want to make it big in the industry.
What is seminar-based customer acquisition strategy of Recode Studios?
As per their pitch, Recode conducts a 4-hour seminar-style class in Tier-II & Tier-III cities of India. It distributes pamphlets about the seminar among college girls inviting them to learn about the makeup industry at a nominal cost of 1500/— and start their career, upskill, or learn from the best.
The brand pools in experts to conduct the seminar and also gives free Recode products worth the amount of the seminar to all attendees.
The craze for cosmetics and makeup compels aspirational girls to 'own their destiny' and sign up for such seminars. Topped with influencer marketing, Recode successfully grabs the attention of thousands (if not more) in a short span of time.
And if you look at the social media numbers, you'll realize the hype is better than many 'funded' startups with large marketing teams.
Why Does Recode's Customer Acquisition Strategy Work?
In India, personal handholding is often seen as a sign of 'care'. People are naturally 'suspicious' of buying online. You would have heard 'this is a scam' a million times from your mom/dad whenever you try to convince them to buy from an unknown / less known brand.
We are a country that sticks to its brand — take Parle G, Nirma, and Bajaj, for example.
In such a scenario, Recode cracked the perfect way to create a long-term brand recall and loyal relationship with the customer. In a world where D2C struggles to make an impression in customers' minds, Recode is a classic case study about the 'offline-online' sangam.
There can't be a better way to talk to the customer than by giving them a 'value-packed' lesson on how to use a product to improve their lives. Isn't it what HubSpot taught us about content marketing? Isn't it what all online gurus preach — Give, Give, Give!
Recode took the advice to heart and now enjoys excellent revenues and a promising path to long-term profitability, which many unicorn startups are yet to dream of.
According to their pitch, they will clock 30 crore in revenues soon — which isn't bad considering the hiccups and challenges a small-town entrepreneur faces.
They are an inspiration by every standard.
And the best part is that each of their 'students' or attendees becomes a future customer and even influences others to buy Recode products.
You can't even imagine how many 'jargony' tactics are at play here —
Customer acquisition
Brand recall
Brand ambassadorship
Influencer marketing
Referral marketing, etc.

No matter what you call the Recode guys, I'd call them genius.
No matter what the world says — network marketing, jugaad, or luck, they are true entrepreneurs in spirit.
And when the sharks commented about their spontaneous decision-making, I guess they forgot the classic startup strategy of 'breaking things' fast.
Innovation has no boundaries, and Recode showed us how ingenuity still works in India (or, as sharks said — Jugaad).
All the best in finding the perfect Jugaad for your business!
What do you think about Recode?
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2022.12.31 23:59 HattedSandwich [WTS] Help Me Buy Star Wars Things: AR-15, AK74/Krinkov, TP9/MP9 Parts and More [CA]

I recently found out about Hot Toys and their 1/6 scale Star Wars collectibles and I've completely lost my mind. Buy my spare parts and help me continue to strangle my wallet!
I am not a deal shark, so if my prices are high and you'd like to make an offer, go ahead! All prices shipped, I want to get rid of this polymer stuff for some Chinese plastic. Add fees for G&S.
If you are serious about an item, call dibs. I'll respond in the order people placed interest, even if it takes me a few hours. Please use PMs and not chat; I am one of the 12 people in the world who use Reddit mobile and not the app or desktop site.
I update sold items after payment is received. If an item is not marked at the bottom as sold, it is still available.
Magpul Polymer ACR Stock adapter for ACR rifles $12 shipped
Rare Steyr Trapezoidal pistol sights, since only 12 people in the world actually bought A2s..... asking $24 shipped. Take off from my L9-A2.
Custom Smith TP9-N magazine well funnel/enhancer, brand new. Decided I like the stock magwell and did not install this one. Asking $42 shipped.
Magpul MOE M-lok handguard, carbine length. In very good condition, was a take off from a rifle my wife bought me years ago. Asking $25 shipped.
Storm Werkz SAM7k-44 stock adapter plate, basically brand new. Asking $40 shipped.
Olight Special charging cable. I have no idea why it’s labeled special, but that makes it more valuable, right? Per Amazon this cable was made specially for PL minis and Baldrs but I’ve used it for PL pros without issue. Freebie for whomever wants it.
Princeton Tec Switch Rail helmet/weapon navigation light. Virtually brand new, asking $35 shipped. SOLD
Zenitco RK-5 foregrip with super-high-speed-tactical-storage-compartment. Like new, with virtually no wear. Asking $75 shipped, again if that's astronomical make an offer. Last I knew Zenit was unobtanium. SOLD
Zenitco (yes, the big Z) B11-U handguard for AKS74-U/Krink style rifles/SBRs. Please note that I modified (trimmed down) the tang to make this compatible with an Arsenal SAM7k-44r SBR. Beautiful handguard, rugged Russian quality, markings intact and prominent. I'm more open to offers on this one since it's modified. Ballparking $150 shipped, but let me know if I'm way off base; been years since I bought it. SOLD
For anyone who wants to see the B11 on my Krink, here you go. There is no wobble when it's installed, and it holds firmly
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2022.12.31 23:58 HattedSandwich [WTS] Help Me Buy Star Wars Things: AR-15, AK74/Krinkov, TP9/MP9 Parts and More [CA]

I recently found out about Hot Toys and their 1/6 scale Star Wars collectibles and I've completely lost my mind. Buy my spare parts and help me continue to strangle my wallet!
I am not a deal shark, so if my prices are high and you'd like to make an offer, go ahead! All prices shipped, I want to get rid of this polymer stuff for some Chinese plastic. Add fees for G&S.
If you are serious about an item, call dibs. I'll respond in the order people placed interest, even if it takes me a few hours. Please use PMs and not chat; I am one of the 12 people in the world who use Reddit mobile and not the app or desktop site.
I update sold items after payment is received. If an item is not marked at the bottom as sold, it is still available.
Magpul Polymer ACR Stock adapter for ACR rifles $12 shipped
Rare Steyr Trapezoidal pistol sights, since only 12 people in the world actually bought A2s..... asking $24 shipped. Take off from my L9-A2.
Custom Smith TP9-N magazine well funnel/enhancer, brand new. Decided I like the stock magwell and did not install this one. Asking $42 shipped.
Magpul MOE M-lok handguard, carbine length. In very good condition, was a take off from a rifle my wife bought me years ago. Asking $25 shipped.
Storm Werkz SAM7k-44 stock adapter plate, basically brand new. Asking $40 shipped.
Olight Special charging cable. I have no idea why it’s labeled special, but that makes it more valuable, right? Per Amazon this cable was made specially for PL minis and Baldrs but I’ve used it for PL pros without issue. Freebie for whomever wants it.
Princeton Tec Switch Rail helmet/weapon navigation light. Virtually brand new, asking $35 shipped. SOLD
Zenitco RK-5 foregrip with super-high-speed-tactical-storage-compartment. Like new, with virtually no wear. Asking $75 shipped, again if that's astronomical make an offer. Last I knew Zenit was unobtanium. SOLD
Zenitco (yes, the big Z) B11-U handguard for AKS74-U/Krink style rifles/SBRs. Please note that I modified (trimmed down) the tang to make this compatible with an Arsenal SAM7k-44r SBR. Beautiful handguard, rugged Russian quality, markings intact and prominent. I'm more open to offers on this one since it's modified. Ballparking $150 shipped, but let me know if I'm way off base; been years since I bought it. SOLD
For anyone who wants to see the B11 on my Krink, here you go. There is no wobble when it's installed, and it holds firmly
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2022.12.13 14:51 halflife_3 A Very Merry Christmas Megathread

Please Spread the word if you find it useful
Personal care
Computer Components
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2022.10.18 23:01 Carrot-Relative Total Drama Island My Way Part 4 The Finale

To anyone of you still reading thank you.
Hook Line Screamer
All of the Cast are watching a Horror Movie. Heather has to sit separately from the rest of the Cast her Cover now blown even her ally Duncan does not want to be next to her she is still sure she can survive Elmantion. Owen hits on Izzy using tips the Guys gave him. Despite hating her Noah does take Heather's side about Horror Movies being Pointless Gore saying most horror Movies would never even start if the Main Chacther just did not decides in Live in a House where there Previous Owners have Died or Disappeared and/or if they never enter any dangerous place to Investigate like Forests during Night Secret Tunnels etc. Chris still leaves the Island with Chef Cameraman and Interns and leaves them a Fake Newspaper that their is a Escaped Serial Killer on the Loose. Other than Owen Izzy and Geoff the others know it's a Trick. Noah and Heather don't even want to do the Challenge. Owen and Izzy still sneak off to make out. Chef sees them and chases them through the woods. Izzy stops at the the Hill. Owen is still scared and accidently slams into Izzy knocking her off the Hill and then landing on her. He keeps running because he is too scared he did not realize what he was doing. He does run into the Tent being Disqualified from the Challenge and so is Izzy because she was Caught. Izzy is still mad at Owen and won't let him get to Second Base. Noah goes to use t Bathroom and sees Heather and freaks out. Heather chases him out. Noah runs into the Forest and ends up getting caught by Chef. Chef still lures Geoff with the fake Ice Cream Truck and catches him. He also Catches Heather like he did in cannon. Noah does try to help Owen earn Izzy's trust back. Duncan beats Chef wining the challenge. Gwen beats the Real Physco Killer with the Chainsaw and Hook.
Immunity: Gwen and Duncan.
Noah- Heather Gwen Leshwana Izzy(Lost Tie-Breaker)
Heather- Noah Duncan Geoff Owen(Won Tie-Breaker)
8th Place: Noah. Heather has spent 2 days convincing the Girls to vote for Noah. They hated her but she reminded them if she goes the Guys alliance could be Invincible. She got them to vote for Noah since he is the weakest one out of the alliance.
The Tie-Breaker is too watch one of the most Gorsiest disgusting scenes in Horror Movies longer than the Opponent. Heather manages to Beat Noah barely.
Notes: Noah was fun to write but has the Least plot out of anyone left. I was originally planning to bring Eva but Noah had unresolved plot with Owen and I wanted a Guy elmanited her to balance the Gender Ratio.
Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
Izzy is still mad at Owen not as much as Cannon since Noah did help fix some things with them. Chris each gives them a Animal to catch whoever catches their Animal first. Wins a Feast whoever does not get their Animal Last is auto elmanited. The Second to Last Person to catch their Animal has to Clean the Communal Bathrooms. Chef will Assign them a Animal to catch. Owen is Assigned a squirrel. Duncan is Assigned a Racoon. Gwen is assigned a Duck. Leshwana is assigned a Frog. Izzy is assigned a Deer. Heather is assigned a Bear. Heather complains about this Chris really does not care. Owen has a Bug net. Gwen has Bird seed. Duncan has a Chainsaw. Izzy has a Ax. Heather has a Dart Gun with only 2 darts. Owen does uses his Survival skills he learned while at camping with his Grandfather using Acorns and nuts to attract the Squirrel and catch it. Owen does manage to catch the Squirrel. Gwen does also catch a Duck. Duncan catches a Racoon. Duncan makes an alliance with Heather again. He does tell her a plan to catch the Bear. Heather does agree to Duncan's Plan not wanting to be stuck cleaning the Bathrooms. Heather does manage to get the Bear to chase her while the Bear falls into the net. Duncan does hit it with a Dart. It's weak enough for Duncan and Heather to force it into the Cage. Leshwana has already got her Frog before then so Heather has Cleanup duty.
Immunity: Owen. He shares half his Food with everyone except Heather.
7th Place: Izzy. She did not catch her Animal in Time.
Owen does apologize to Izzy once more and manages to con
Notes: She is a fun chacther but she is a returnee and can't go further than the others.
Trial by Trial by Tri Armed Trialethe
The Campers are Separated into teams. Whoever the most points wins the Reward. Whoever comes in Second Place won't be Elmanited.
Heather and Owen
Gwen and Geoff
Leshwana and Duncan.
1st Challenge: Win a Eating Challenge. The food that falls does not count.
Leshwana and Duncan do a Rock Paper Scissors to chose who gets to eat. Duncan wins and Leshwana still shoves the Food too fast even though it does not count. Gwen and Geoff do decent. Owen does not want to do anything hoping Heather would be sent home if he lost. Heather sees this and warns him that Gwen and Leshwana made a Truce with her to vote out one of the Guys and she can easily beat him in a Tie-Breaker without a Problem.
Heather and Owen. Point: 1
Gwen and Geoff: Point 0
Leshwana and Duncan: Point 0
2nd Challenge: Row a Boat to Boney Island.
Heather tires to fake being nice to Owen to get him into a alliance but he knows what she is doing. Leshwana tells Duncan that Courtney told her about bunny before getting the boot. Leshwana after hearing his story feels more sympathy for him she promises to keep his secret even though their on International TV. Leshwana still beats up Duncan once they reach Boney Island.
Once reaching the Island Chris informs them they have a job to return Part of the Tiki Doll to a Cave in Boney Island in Return for 1 Point.
Gwen and Geoff bond the Same way as Cannon. Duncan and Leshwana fail and so do Heather and Owen. Geoff does throw the Tiki Doll in the Cave winning a Point.
3rd Challenge: Stack the Heads in the Correct Elmantion order if Gwen and Geoff/Heather and Owen they get the Reward and Duncan and Leshwana will be headed to Elmantion. If Duncan and Leshwana win they will be a Tie-Breaker for the Final point for 2 teams.
Heather makes fun of Izzy in this Challenge. Owen promises if she keeps making fun of Izzy he will throw the challenge and she will have to face him and take the risk of losing a Tie-Breaker. Heather decides to shut up and just work on the challenge. Leshwana still stands up to Chris for Duncan and gets him back on the Challenge.
Heather was able to memorize the Elmantion order well since she did get 7 people sent home while Owen was cool with a Majority of people in Island.
Heather and Owen: 2
Gwen and Geoff: 1
Leshwana and Duncan: 0
Immunity: Heather and Owen.
The Reward is a Feast. Leshwana and Duncan due to getting no points will be sent to Elmantion. There were quite sad they were just getting along but Duncan and Leshwana do wish the other one good luck and Duncan tells her not to hold back he won't either.
Losers: Duncan and Leshwana
Leshwana- Duncan Geoff Owen(Won Tie-Breaker)
Duncan- Leshwana Gwen Heather(Loses Tie-Breaker)
6th Place: Duncan(Secondary Villain). The Tie-Breaker is Arm Wrestling. Duncan does actually make Leshwana struggle but she manages to win and accidently snap his wrist
. Duncan is furious but still respect Leshwana for her strength. She does the Same.
Hate Campture
Duncan does have to wear a Cast after Leshwana snaps his wrist most of the Cast try to avoid him since they are mad at him and Heather for getting half the cast elmanited. Lindsay is also a Outcast a good chunk of the cast don't forgive and/or trust her for working with Heather. Sadie decides to give her another chance. Lindsay did help her find her confidence. Katie does not trust and her and Eva do verbally bully Lindsay. Tyler did to defend her saying they were quite unpopular and would have lost anyway but Lindsay tells him it's okay she understands it will take them a long time to forgive her. Zeke is not sexist anymore Eva's Superhuman Strength convinced him Girls can be just as strong as Men and Heather taking out 7 Players convinced him Girls can be smarter than Guys sometimes too.
Chris comes and asks the Cast to give their Opions on how they felt about the Game and what they Learned.
Noah does admit he learned to treat his friends with more respect.
Duncan was glad he got into TDI since he met Courtney DJ Geoff Owen Trent and Gwen.
Chris asks what's their Opions on the Final 5 not much changes.
Duncan does understand playing the Game is needed but time Heather went too far.
Gwen and Owen are cool. He is okay with Leshwana.
Zeke: Finds him funny and is thankful to him for trying to help save him from being booted.
Eva : She dislikes Geoff for how dumb he is and not doing as much as the others to get far.
Tyler: Geoff he likes him
Justin and Noah: He finds Geoff annoying for how dumb he is.
Sadie: She likes Still a little bit salty about him voting for her when Courtney was a Option.
Cody: Not much of a Opion on Geoff since they never spoke.
Beth and Katie: They find his Relationship with Bridgette cute.
Harold: He did not like Geoff at first due to bullying him now that he apologized he is neutral on him.
Courtney: Find Geoff annoying and she would rather see even Heather win since he did not take the Game seriously even once do she does appreciate him making Bridgette happy.
Trent: Besides Gwen and Owen he sees Geoff as the most deserving winner because of how cheerful he was through the whole game and never held a Grudge against anyone even Duncan.
Izzy: She find his funny and it's nice to see someone who does not really take this game seriously.
Bridgette: She loves him and feels he is most deserving winner.
DJ and Duncan: They think of him like a Brother.
Chris asks them who they feel deserves to win.
Geoff- Duncan DJ Bridgette Tyler Zeke
Owen- Izzy Noah Cody Sadie
Leshwana- Courtney Justin Harold Lindsay
Gwen- Trent Beth Eva Katie
Heather- Nobody
Chris asks who they think are going to win.
Zeke: Geoff
Eva: Leshwana
Justin: Leshwana
Katie: Heather
Izzy: Owen
Tyler: Gwen
Cody: Gwen
Beth: Leshwana
Sadie: Geoff
Courtney: Heather
Harold: Leshwana
Trent: Gwen
Bridgette: Geoff
DJ: Geoff
Lindsay: Leshwana
Noah: Owen
Duncan: Gwen
Camp Castaways
Owen makes an alliance with Geoff to keep the Guys alliance alive. Gwen and Leshwana break their truce with Heather as they are Certain the Guys will vote for Heather them. Heather still tries to make a alliance with Owen still faking feelin regret by fake crying and even trying to Bribe him with food from Last Challenge whatever she does it does not work. Heather gets Angry about this and locks the Confessional Door with a Large stick when Owen is inside. The Hurricane still happens Confessional is thrown in the Air and lands on the Ground hard enough to knock out Owen and takes the Cabins a Lake when Geoff Heather Gwen and Leshwana are sleeping. As soon as they wake up they fall in the Sea and a few seconds get chased by a Shark to the Cabins. After realizing there Shipwrecked. Geoff starts to ask where Owen is. Heather does remember she locked him in the Cabins she quickly feels guilty and Gwen sees it on her Face. She and Leshwana demand know what she did to him she admits to locking him in the Confessional. The Cast are furious. Leshwana even threatens to throw her to the Sharks. Geoff does calm down Gwen and Leshwana telling them are still shipwrecked and they need to find a way to safety first. Owen wakes up and manages to bust open the Confessional Door only to find he is at Sea and he waits until he reaches land. Once there he slowly starts lose his mind after spending Hours at Sea only to get to a Island with No People only Coconuts which most aren't edible but he ate it still and drank the water from Sea which is Seawater which only left him more Thirsty. Yeah he was forgetting all of his Survival Skills. Later began to Confess all of his Secrets to the Confessional Camera to free his Conscious before he dies. Luckily it ran out of Battery so it missed most. When looking for more Coconuts he gets chased by a Dinosaur. The other 4 finally reach Land. Heather immediately starts to look for Owen. The others were Surprised she was actually Concerned. Geoff decides to go with her. Heather tells Gwen and Leshwana work on making a Boat while they are away. After escaping the Dinosaur. Owen makes Mr. Coconut to keep him Company after another Hour and looks around the Island for more Food. Heather and Geoff find him and Owen began to attack them with Arrows. Heather and Geoff dodge it. Heather does try to Offer Owen an Snickers bar if he calms down. All the Noise draws the Attention of the Dinosaur the Pterodactyl . It tries to grab Owen Heather manages to push Owen of the way but gets grabbed by the Pterodactyl instead Geoff manages to Save Heather by hitting it's wing with a Arrow causing it to drop Heather and crash into a Large tree. Heather and Geoff bring Owen back to Gwen and Leshwana. Heather and Geoff do give him food they stole from his ''secret stash''. They reach Gwen and Leshwana. Owen is still crazy until Leshwana slaps him until he turns sane again. Owen does thank her and Geoff for saving him until she admits Heather actually went and found him and she deserves a Thank you as well. Gwen does give Owen some of her Water bottles to keep him Hydrated. Gwen and Leshwana boat is finished. Everyone tries to ride on it back to the Island. The Pterodactyl and some of it's friends which are smaller comes and tires to attack them for Revenge. Gwen Leshwana manage to fend off the rows Smaller ones. Geoff hits the Biggest one where it he hit it with a Arrow. Heather has to steer and accidently crashes into a Huge Rock because of this the others ends up on the shore of other side of the Island they were already on. The others are about to give up Gwen does get them to look more around the Island. She does find the Treehouse a large snake comes chases them up into the Treehouse. The snake waits for the Campers to come down so it can eat them. While stuck there Owen tells them to confess to their sins so if they die at least they have a free conscious. We don't get too see any of their secrets. Gwen does see a Camp from Treehouse . Owen gives them the Idea to dress up as Hunters and raid the Camp. Everyone agrees because they are Desperate. They all run to the camp with staff. They find Chris's place where there is a lot of food on the Table. Chris presses a Button on his watch summoning the Interns. There is 10 of them he orders them and Chef to attack the Campers(with Tasers) Whoever knocks out the most Interns wins. Geoff gets them to work as one team to take the Interns and Chef. He is the first one to fall. Owen and Heather gets knocked out next. Leshwana manages to knock out the last Interns before getting Tasered by Chef. It's up to Gwen and she wins by kicking him in the nuts full force and taking the Taser shocking him Chef falls making Gwen the winner.
Chris rewards all of them with the food. Before saying they will have to come back to the Island in a Hour to vote off someone.
Immunity: Gwen.
Leshwana- Heather Geoff Owen
Heather- Leshwana Gwen
5th Place: Leshwana. Heather convinced the Guys alliance that Leshwana and Gwen are too much of a threat at this point in the Game. If she(Heather) loses the next challenge they can vote her off she can't vote back but is she goes Leshwana and Gwen can easily beat them in a Tie-Breaker. Geoff and Owen agree they don't have what it takes to beat Gwen or Leshwana in a Tie-Breaker and vote off Leshwana since Gwen is Immune.
Notes: Island is not Lashawna's season to win I had stay another eposide because it seems more proper for Heather to take her down like she promised in the first eposide.
Are we There Yeti
Chef takes the Final 4 back to the Island in there sleep. Once they wake up he explains the rules of the challenge and they will be working in teams once again. Heather tells Chef what if Gwen throws the challenge. Chef tells Gwen she is not allowed to sabotage the challenge or she will be disqualified on the spot. Gwen still tells the Guys while she is bummed about Leshwana going home she understands they were just protecting themselves and begs them to win the challenge. Chef leaves telling them to be back by nightfall. Geoff does not steal from Chef he just counts on Owen's knowledge of the outdoors to win the challenge. Heather and Gwen argue more than usual since Heather got Leshwana booted. This attracts the Bear which chases them into a lake. They lose all their stuff and Heather convince them to get to the Boys. Once reaching them Heather tells Gwen to act like they are all scared and need their help. Owen and Geoff allows them to Owen's Campfire. Gwen hangs out next to Owen. Heather sleeps next to Geoff he even lends her his Jacket since he thinks she is somewhat trust worthy after last eposide. Once he wakes up he realizes he left the Map in His Jacket. Once he wakes up he and Owen tries to run to Chef in Time but the Girls beat him to base. Owen still eats Chef sticky donuts.
Immunity: Gwen and Heather
Owen- Heather Geoff(Won Tie-Breaker)
Geoff- Gwen Owen(Lost Tie-Breaker)
4th Place: Geoff. Heather just finds Geoff more tolerable and less of a threat. Gwen did bond more with Owen since they are on the same team. The Tie-Breaker is too steal Sasquatchanakwa cubs whoever reaches to the Finish line with it's Cub wins. He drops them right outside of Sasquatchanakwa 's Cave. Geoff is trying his hardest to take one while being quiet. Owen lures it out with a Sticky bun he saved. Geoff wakes it up on accident it's cub tries to scratch it's face off and begins to Chase Owen. Who manages to roll down the hill and present the Baby to Chef on time.
Geoff decides to look on the Positives he is the last member of the Killer bass and he had plenty of fun and made friends that he normally with people would not have even talked too. Gwen and Owen do give him a Hug before he leaves even though Heather is a bit hesitant she joins she has bonded with in Camp Castaways when looking for Owen.
Notes: Owen got massive chacther development this season and won 2 Immunity challenges. Geoff only won one by Luck and never had much plot besides Duncan's Sidekick. He is still a fun chacther.
I triple Dog Dare you.
Chef serves Pancakes as a Reward to the Top 3 for making it this Far. . Chris tells them to go to the Confessional booths and tells the world what they have to say about the Cast and how it felt being on TDI. Heather makes them same talk Gwen did in TDI Finale in cannon about TDI cast being insane perverts' morons etc. Only Geoff Bridgette and DJ are included in her Sane Circle. Owen says he thought he was going to be 5th one out at best but know he has chance at winning he thanks everyone except Heather while the Challenges were rough and so was his depression hanging out with them made TDI the best month of his Life and tells them to wish him luck. Gwen tells them she hated all of them at the Beginning with the exception of Noah Trent and Leshwana. However she grown to like most of them and considers a few family once she realizes she let this out on accident she tries to rip the Camera out. Chris tells them to get to the docks where the Semi Final challenge will take place. Chris explains to them they will have to take dares from Players who have been booted You can get Freebies by winning a Dare and use it to pass on a Dare to someone else. Whoever refuses a Dare without a Freebie is out of the Game. Instead of having to drink from the Toliet. She has to drink the Kitchen Grease. Heather has to eat 3 full plates of Chef's worse cooking from last night. Gwen still makes the same deal with Owen in Cannon . Gwen and him combo Heather with dares just like Cannon. However she manages to willpower just enough until Gwen is has used her last bottle. Lindsay's Dare is too shave her Head. Gwen does not have any more bottles left. Owen is about to pick someone to do the dare. Heather tries to convince Owen that Gwen is a Bigger threat since she had to trick other people to win Immunity half the time and promises him Half the Money and any snacks he wants. Owen tells her yes it would be easier to win against Gwen but real friends value Loyalty to their Own friends over their own desires. He dares Heather to get her head Shaved by Chef she shouts that she refuses before trying kick it away from her and it falls and cut her Hair just like cannon. She is furious but Chris said she refused so she did not do the Challenge and she is finally Elmanited.
3rd Place: Heather(Main Villain of the Season). For reasons above.
Everyone at the Playa Da Losers cheers she has finally been taken down. Heather shouts empty threats about suing Chris. Chris Celebrates with Gwen and Owen for beating Heather before telling them they have 3 days until the Last Challenge who win the 100K
The Very Last Eposide Really
Heather sends Gwen a Muffin pretending it's from Trent. Gwen gives it too Owen. Here are the Supporters for the Finalists.
Owen: Zeke Izzy Tyler Beth Sadie Harold DJ Noah Duncan Geoff Heather
Gwen: Eva Justin Katie Cody Courtney Bridgette Trent Lindsay Leshwana
Chris ask them there plans for the Money. Gwen plans on using it for College and to help her mother. Owen plans on using it half for College and other needs and spend the Rest on a Huge Party on a yacht where Everyone is invited except Heather
Owen: Zeke Izzy Tyler Beth Sadie Harold DJ Noah Duncan Geoff Heather Justin Katie Courtney Lindsay
Gwen: Eva Cody Bridgette Trent Leshwana
Chris tells them they are allowed to pick 2 Helpers for the Final Challenge out of all their Supporters they don't have to share the Money either.
Owen: Noah and Izzy
Gwen: Trent and Leshwana.
Most of them the Challenge is the same Gwen is not mad at Trent for being Kissed by Heather it's because he believed Lindsay when she said Heather has something to tell him about Gwen and how she is not who she thinks she is. Owen is not tired from running it's because the Muffin has sedatives to make him tired quickly. As Gwen is running. Heather leaves a Snare for her which she tries to break out of and it snaps her Ankle. Owen scolds her for this. Heather yells at him if he did not eat the Muffin that was for Gwen he would have already won it's not like he has a chance without her because of his weight. Leshwana and Eva team up to grab Heather and force her into the the Confessional Owen shat in. Trent motivates Gwen she came to far too lose because of Heather. Owen also says he won't win not like this. Trent helps Gwen up and Jogs with her to the Finish line. Izzy and Noah do the same with Owen. Both Gwen and Owen start to run after a while without help and jump to the Finish spot the winner of Total Drama Island is
Gwen. She manages to get past the Pain long enough to reach the Finish before Owen.
Runner up: Owen.
Winner: Gwen.
Heather manages to break out of the Confessional after 20 minutes of slamming the door open. She is angry to hear Gwen has won. Gwen has Geoff help her throw a Party for the whole cast except Heather even the Interns Chris and Chef are allowed. Chris hands her the Final Marshmallow which she keeps as a Trophy. The Guys alliance minus Owen since he is still tired toss Chirs in the Lake. They also chase Chef. Heather meets with Gwen and does apologize for breaking her Leg and admits she should have just accepted her defat. Gwen pushes Heather into a lake because she smelled like shit. They will be back to being enemies the next day but decide to have to help the boys catch Chef.
The End.
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2022.10.10 14:49 HockeyPowerRanker /r/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week 0: Change of Management Edition

/Hockey NHL Power Rankings Week Oct 3, 2022 - Oct 9, 2022

Thank You

Thank you to all of the volunteers doing the power rankings. Each ranker has their own system and have their own reasonings and analyis. It truly is a lot of work.


steckums b1wein lang14 timmablimma small_mouth eatingasspatties sandman730 mdlt97 mcrsft3brdev maxpowr9 sarcastic__ driftshade11 silkeystev recockulous doggo0732 hrint aggravating_bet_2702 nodessb dagetawayman421 rasera hockeycross


lang14 thatmikeguy429

An Extra Thank you

Thank you to keepitsteadyidiots for running the power rankings for so many years, hopefully now you can spend more time on what truly mater, your loved ones, and I would rank that very high. But really thank you, from all of us.


The visualization contains historical data, so you can see how your team has done over time. Hopefully, we can run this for many years in hopes that we can see the rise and fall of teams by /hockey opinion.
It automatically updates so feel free to bookmark. You can find it here


How does this work? Throughout the course of the week rankers are able to access an app that will allow them to rank teams. At the end of the period we calculate the average ranking for every team and collate all of the analysis provided by rankers.
The app then generates a post that is first proofread and then posted to /hockey!


Ranking (avg) Team Delta Overall Record Record This Week Comments
1 (1.6) Colorado Avalanche - 0-0-0 0-0-0 We are the Champions! It feels awesome to start the season this way considering I started ranking during the 48 point season. Just want to say WOO WOO to all the Avs fans out there (I know it is kind of cringe, but so is saying cringe) and lets enjoy this first few weeks. Newhook will be the 2C until Bednar has serious concern and other than that this team almost all came back. Time to go Back to Back! Let's have a great year everybody NHL Hockey is Back!
2 (4.15) Carolina Hurricanes - 0-0-0 0-0-0 The preseason was good to get it over with. The competition to make the team is fierce and the bottom pairing might still take a month to get sorted out. Coghlan until he got hurt in preseason looked like such a steal from Vegas since he was the other freebie with Pacioretty for future Hall of Famer, Future Considerations. Bad luck on Patches injury, but getting him back hopefully before the trade deadline is such a fantastic way to see what else will need to be done. Brent Burns as a Hurricane is already incredible and has slipped in seamlessly, 5 points in 2 games, just awesome. Preparing for a huge year with Slavin-Burns. Also if Necas figures it out with Kotkaniemi, this team will be excited. The second line clicked well in preason, but need to in October through June. This team is built for a long run as long as injuries don't derail like last post-season losing Andersen at the end of the season and Raanta in Round 1. Also Glittery Stripe Jersey, get pumped.
3 (4.6) Tampa Bay Lightning - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Another year, another offseason where Tampa loses some more parts from their Championship roster. They still remain the cream of the crop from the East until someone can finally knock them off.
4 (4.9) Calgary Flames - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Actively Looking for a Flames ranker, if you are interested please message thatmikeguy429
5 (6.05) Florida Panthers - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Actively Looking for a Panthers ranker, if you are interested please message thatmikeguy429
6 (6.05) Toronto Maple Leafs - 0-0-0 0-0-0 The leafs had an exciting preseason with strong performances from Murray (.970 and 3-0 in 3 starts), Denis malgin and Nick Robertson. And it looks like the latter two forced their way into the opening day lineup after we waived Clifford, Simmonds and a few others. Auston Matthews threw out the first pitch at a Blue Jays game last week, is there a chance he also passed over the first round exit curse? Is this our year!?!
7 (7.2) Edmonton Oilers - 0-0-0 0-0-0 A full season of Evander Kane should amplify the Oilers scoring. Jack Campbell will have some shoes to fill with Mike Smith hanging them up now.
8 (9.8) New York Rangers - 0-0-0 0-0-0 All eyes on the Rangers youth movement as they'll need to take a step to keep their progress going forward.
9 (10.8) Minnesota Wild - 0-0-0 0-0-0 No real major additions but a full season from Matt Boldy, Marco Rossi, and Calen Addison appears to be here. It's going to be the first of several cap strapped years given the Parise and Suter buyouts.
10 (12.05) Boston Bruins - 0-0-0 0-0-0 I don't think there were too many surprises with Bruins preseason hockey from the offseason. I still have cautious optimism with the team overall as they weather key injuries to Marchand, McAvoy, and Grzelcyk to start the season. The D looked pretty shaky in preseason and Monty was already line-jumbling. The biggest surprise was the Czechmate line of Zacha-Krejci-Pastrnak: "instant karma" there. I am still disappointed McLaughlin was sent down to PVD as he was one of the bright spots with the forwards in preseason. I am sure he will get his time to shine in the regular season again.
11 (12.05) Pittsburgh Penguins - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Some nervewracking moments for Penguins fans this past offseason as Evgeni Malkin re-signed only at the 11th hour. The Penguins are all in on this core to win now.
12 (12.2) St. Louis Blues - 0-0-0 0-0-0 This offseason brought the crippling loss of our beloved DP 57, but even with him gone the blues are still one of the deepest teams up front and possibly the deepest team up the center. Peron will be missed most on the power play, where we currently don't have a one timer to replace him. The question marks this season are the same as last... can the defense be okay enough and which Binnington are we going to get? Psycopath serial killer Binnington or the other one that loses focus and lets in a few softies. At the end of the day, its tough to see the blues not make 2nd or 3rd in the central. I could ramble on an on about random anecdotes but we'll leave that for when the real hockey starts.
13 (13.62) Nashville Predators - 2-0-0 2-0-0 Call me biased all you want, but I think the Reds had a sneaky good offseason bringing McDonagh and Niederreiter into the fold. Combine that with Vezina candidate Saros, Norris candidate Josi, 40-goal scorers in Duchene and Forsberg, and a core of young forwards coming into their own. Anything short of a playoff run will be a disappointment.
14 (14.5) Washington Capitals - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Let's see... we have a bunch of people injured up front, but thankfully, we have a consistent blue line and a much better duo in net that previously. Dylan Strome is showing he's going to be a really good 2C and having Connor Brown in the top 6 is working out really well. We have a lot of young talent, but they need to play to develop. Here's hoping they can stay and play. But with the team projected to carry 14 forwards with Wilson and Backstrom on IR, two of these guys are going to have to force their way into the lineup. I'm really excifted to see how this season plays out!
15 (14.6) Los Angeles Kings - 0-0-0 0-0-0 They didn't really lose anyone and added Kevin Fiala to the roster. Cal Petersen finally taking over in goal will be a necessary step.
16 (15.85) Vegas Golden Knights - 0-0-0 0-0-0 look, I'm an optimistic person by nature. We made a lot of changes this offseason, changes that needed to be made imo, whether these will pay off is yet to be seen, I think they will. personally, I think the goal for the season should be to get into the playoffs without too much of a fight, to achieve this we're going to need some consistent high-level net-minding for Logan Thompson and a competent powerplay. If we get those 2 things, I think Bruce should be able to lead us right into the playoffs. Other things we have to look forward to include a fully healthy Jack Eichel (who's been ripping shit up in the pre-season) and Phil Kessel, I love Phil Kessel.
17 (15.95) Dallas Stars - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Not a fan of the Peter DeBoer hiring, but this is mostly the same team intact. Jake Oettinger being a full time starter over the course of a regular season will be the major key here.
18 (19.55) New York Islanders - 0-0-0 0-0-0 The Islanders sucked last year. But they also had a very weird year, with a ridiculous road trip followed by an absolutely insane COVID outbreak. Despite a relatively quiet offseason, they did actually get better, adding Alexander Romanov and (more importantly) subtracting Zdeno Chara and Andy Greene. Here's the bottom line: The Isles have the best defense in the Metro and a top-three goalie in the entire league. That's more than enough to drag a fairly mediocre offense into the playoffs.
19 (19.65) Ottawa Senators - 0-0-0 0-0-0 The Summer of Pierre seems to have come to an end. There's been a lot of amazing moves, but we're still running an unproven and shaky defense out there. It's gonna be up to our forwards and the more offensively inclined defensemen to outscore our problems and Anton Forsberg to show that he can be a workhorse starter in the NHL in order for us to win some games. This is probably not Ottawa's year to be a serious contender, but making sure that the team doesn't embarrass themselves out of the gate would be great, otherwise heads are likely going to roll to start the year. Pierre Dorion's likely saved his with his summer, but the same can't be said for the coaching staff.
20 (20.5) Detroit Red Wings - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Actively Looking for a Red Wings ranker, if you are interested please message thatmikeguy429
21 (20.7) Columbus Blue Jackets - 0-0-0 0-0-0 With a fun off-season, the Jackets are a huge unknown going into this season. Was last season a fluke? Will our young team exceed expectations? Who will center Gaudreau and Laine? Which one of our many rookies/sophomores will make the team? Will Kent Johnson win the Calder and the Selke? How many moms will line up for Laine? Will Elvis win the Vezina for Kivi? Will Gudbranson allow the rest of our young D core to stay up on a school night? The future is bright here in Columbus, but it is unlikely that this year will be it. However, there is enough raw talent on the team that could easily put us in a last-in or first-out position this year.
22 (21.05) Winnipeg Jets - 0-0-0 0-0-0 "Consider, if you will, the humble cicada. Oft forgotten, the cicada lays dormant underground for years before arising from the ground, screaming, and boning everything in sight. I say to you, so too shall the Jets emerge from their dormancy and take this league to Bonetown" - gabumonstar.
23 (21.15) Vancouver Canucks - 0-0-0 0-0-0 The Canucks now have a 24 season long streak of having an ex-Florida Panthers draft pick on their roster. For perspective, this will be the 29th season of Panthers hockey. Elsewhere, Andrei Kuzmenko looks to be a player having worked his way onto the top Powerplay unit. Injury concerns to start the season, however.
24 (22.45) Buffalo Sabres - 0-0-0 0-0-0 With Captain Okposo at the helm, this years' Sabres are poised to be the best they've been in many years. This is obviously a low bar, nonetheless it is the truth. We have the chance to ice three actual NHL lines for the first time in what feels like an eternity, and we should also have two legit NHL D pairings. The real question marks are 41-yeart-old Craig Anderson and recently acquired Eric Comrie. Opening night is thursday.
25 (22.8) New Jersey Devils - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Because my ranking system uses win totals from this season only, i've just given my rankings as the standings from last year more or less. More shenanigans coming next week. I know I say this every year, but there's reason for optimism in Jersey this year. Even average level goaltending and a healthy seasons from Hughes, Hischer, Bratt, and Dougie should see us sky rocket the standings to a playoff contender. Of course the other wrench in the plan is that the spot we need to take will have to be pulled from a team like Washington or Pittsburgh, both of whom have refused to fall off their expected aging cliff.
26 (23.25) Anaheim Ducks - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Mason McTavish's transition to a full season of the NHL off of his heroic Juniors performance will be of major interest. Trevor Zegras's sophomore season should be exciting as well. It's also time to put your predictions in for where John Klingberg ends up traded to at the Trade Deadline.
27 (25.48) San Jose Sharks - 0-2-0 0-2-0 The Sharks continue to retool as their previous core continues to age. How far can Tomas Hertl and Timo Meier carry this team on offense?
28 (26.4) Seattle Kraken - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Really good offseason out here in Seattle. It looks like Wright will be sticking around! Beniers picked up where he left off at the end of last season. I think Seattle mgmt is hoping that both Wright and Beniers flourish into 1A/1B centres similar to what the Penguins have. The additions of Burakovsky and Bjorkstrand give this team the scoring they've been missing. If Grubauer can return to form, look out! Future looks bright.
29 (28.75) Montreal Canadiens 0 0-0-0 0-0-0 It's time to see how far Martin St. Louis can coach this team back from the deficit they ran into last season. Cole Caufield and Nick Suzuki were much better after the coaching swap and that should remain. Having Jake Allen healthy will be handy as it'll give the young Habs some reliability in their play.
30 (29.05) Chicago Blackhawks - 0-0-0 0-0-0 The Blackhawks have embraced the rebuilding process, forming a roster to compete for Bedard. Hawks fans will likely be more invested in results in Rockford than Chicago. The biggest questions seem to be: How much longer will Kane and Toews stick around? What can we get for them in a trade?
31 (29.4) Philadelphia Flyers - 0-0-0 0-0-0 Actively Looking for a Flyers ranker, if you are interested please message thatmikeguy429
32 (30.05) Arizona Coyotes - 0-0-0 0-0-0 The Yotes are going to be historically bad. The goaltending looks atrocious, the defense is suspect, and there were so many holes that the veterans added must feel like bricks thrown into the Grand Canyon. Worst is that Keller and Chychrun - both of whom missed extended periods of time last year - are out for the start of the season with no clear timetables for their return. Starting its second straight season without a captain, the team seems rudderless and in search of an identity. Starting the season with two extended road trips should have the Coyotes solidly locked into 32nd place by New Year's Day. Yotes fans will tell you that hope on the horizon - a good 2023 draft pick, Dylan Guenther, Logan Cooley, Conor Geekie, and the arena deal.
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2022.09.29 13:35 Borsund 29 September, 2022 - 2.6.2 Update Discussions Megathread

Ahoy! This post is created specifically for discussions of Season 7 update. Some other useful links to follow:
For bug reports please comment on 2.6.2 Update Bug Reports Megathread
Previous Discussions Megathread
Sea of Thieves Season Seven: Official Content Update Video
Be More Captain: Official Sea of Thieves Season Seven Deep Dive
Official Release Notes


Dread is the watchword for this new Emporium update, as the tale of the broken-hearted Bleakheart Banshee takes life in an eerie new ship set, costume, tankard and weapon bundle. Alongside that, the Season Seven Plunder Pass is still on offer to boost rewards as you build Renown...

Season Seven Plunder Pass

  • Anyone wishing to take full advantage of Season Seven rewards can still buy the Plunder Pass. Any rewards unlocked will become available upon purchase, so players who have raised their Renown throughout Season Seven can instantly see their hard work rewarded before the Season ends.
  • This Season’s Plunder Pass offers early access to the complete Beachcomber's Bounty ship set and the evolving Baleful Bloom Costume, and can be purchased at any time through the Pirate Log, Pirate Emporium, Microsoft Store or Steam Item Store.

Bleakheart Banshee Ship Collection

  • Browse the entire Bleakheart Banshee Ship Collection. Premium items such as the Collector’s Figurehead and Sails are separate purchases outside the main Ship Bundle.
  • Players can also pick up just the core components of this set at a discount in the form of an Essential Ship Bundle.

Bleakheart Banshee Costume

  • Dress as a grim spectre from Sea of Thieves legend, whose devotion to a love lost at sea led to an afterlife spent seeking retribution.
  • Players can also perform the Banshee Cry Emote while wearing this costume.

Bleakheart Banshee Tankard

  • This tankard was supposedly used in the ritual that transformed a heartbroken bride-to-be into a vengeful spectre. Don’t worry, it’s been rinsed out since then.

Bleakheart Banshee Weapons

  • In this bundle are four carefully restored weapons, salvaged from the ash and ruin of a gothic ghost story.

Freebie Skull Crusher Emote

  • Show those skellies exactly what they’ve got coming to them with this freebie emote.

Banshee’s Bait Bundle (Store Only)

  • Available only from the Xbox, Microsoft and Steam Stores, this bundle contains the Bleakheart Banshee Costume, Weapon Bundle and Tankard, along with 550 Ancient Coins to spend in the Pirate Emporium and a free 25,000 gold bonus for use in the Outpost shops! Head to the Microsoft Store or Steam Item Store to find out more.

Furtive Fox Bundle (Store Only)

  • Available only from the Xbox, Microsoft and Steam Stores, this bundle contains 550 Ancient Coins, an Auburn Fox, the Hide and Peek Emote Bundle, Hunter clothing for your pirate (Hat, Jacket, Trousers, Belt and Boots) and a free 10,000 gold bonus for use in the Outpost shops! Head to the Microsoft Store or Steam Item Store to find out more.


Twitch Drops

Continue to unlock even more cosmetics throughout Season Seven with Twitch Drops! Stay tuned to Sea of Thieves social channels to find out when Twitch Drops will be active for Partnered streamers, allowing players to earn Eastern Winds Sapphire items. Find out how to link your accounts and more on our dedicated Twitch Drops page.

Gameplay Improvements

Rebalanced Ferry Time Across Crew Sizes

  • Following reductions to the Ferry of the Damned wait time in previous updates, these times have undergone further adjustment to provide a more balanced experience across all sizes of crew.
  • Solo crews will now be held for 15 seconds, two-pirate crews for 19 seconds, three-pirate crews for 23 seconds and four-pirate crews for 25 seconds.

Replace Gamertags and Replace Ship Names

  • Players can now choose to replace gamertags or ship names independently, allowing creators who wish to protect themselves and others they meet on the seas to see Captained ship names if they choose.

Replace Captain’s Gamertag on Ship’s Banners

  • Captains now have access to a new setting, providing creators with more control over their Ship’s Banners. Captains enabling ‘Replace Gamertag on Ship’s Banners’ will now find the Captain’s name on the banner is replaced when their ship is viewed by any other player.

Fixed Issues


  • Vanquishing emergent Skeleton Captains will now progress the Hunter of Cursed Captains Commendation.
  • Players who are away from their ship when migrating servers will now drop any held items before migrating.
  • Players passing through the Tunnels of the Damned should no longer find their Emote Radial is reset.
  • Cargo Runs should now appear on emergent maps found inside barrels.

Legend of the Veil

  • Pirate Legends will once again encounter Shipwreck Graveyards during Legend of the Veil Voyages.
  • During a Legend of the Veil Voyage, crews should now be consistently directed to the next quest after completing the initial quest from Belle.
  • Starting and cancelling Legend of the Veil Voyages should now ensure that treasure from Shipwreck Graveyards is removed from the world.

Captains of Adventure

  • The first Captained ship to join a server should now consistently retain previously saved ship decorations.
  • Saving a customisation to a Captained ship should now consistently ensure that the item is equipped in the next session.
  • In the shipwright stock shop, Voyages will now appear locked and unavailable for purchase if a ship does not have enough space to store the Voyages.
  • After migrating servers, players should now consistently see all purchased Captain’s Voyages on their Captain’s Bookshelf.
  • Captain’s Logbook customisations should no longer reset after migrating servers.
  • Crews will no longer be offered the option to restore a ship if the ship is already in pristine condition.
  • Crews defeating specific skeletons such as Gold Skeletons and Plant Skeletons will now progress the expected Milestones.
  • Trinkets now have a small chance to be nudged if they are submerged in water.
  • Players who skip the Captaincy tutorial 10 times will no longer be shown the tutorial in their next session.
  • Milestones related to Tall Tale completion will now progress as intended for larger crew sizes.
  • Within the Captain’s Logbook, Quests Completed in the current Voyage will now progress as intended for larger crew sizes.
  • When purchasing a Trinket tier, players no longer have to close and reopen the shipwright’s shop to buy the next tier.
  • Retrieved Captain’s Logbooks will now advise players to take them to The Reaper’s Hideout to be cashed in.
  • Realigning a Trinket will now cause controller vibration.
  • The Scorched Forsaken Ashes and Silent Barnacle tables, chairs, curtains and chandeliers now use the correct colours and match the rest of the items in their sets.
  • The text within the Captain’s Logbook regarding pets has now been corrected.


  • More seats have been added to the tavern at New Golden Sands Outpost to offer players more choice.
  • Players should no longer become stuck in place when walking around the palm trees near the Order of Souls tent at Ancient Spire Outpost.
  • The incense burners at Ancient Spire Outpost will no longer intersect with the rock around them.
  • Players can no longer get stuck on trees at Old Brinestone Fortress.
  • Players should no longer see overlapping textures at Wanderers Refuge.
  • Players at the Treasury of the Lost Ancients who become stuck in the environment will now appear at the entrance to the Treasury.
  • Players can no longer walk through the ropes attached to the Sovereigns’ lifts at the Outposts.

Visual and Audio

  • Players sprinting or switching weapons shortly after eating will now hear the audio effect stop short, clearly indicating the action was cancelled.
  • Wood burned in campfires will now disappear when fully depleted.
  • The steam effects on the Ah, Coffee! Emote can now be seen properly when performed with all body sizes.
  • Crews venturing into the Shrine of Hungering while the Fort at Shark Fin Camp is active will now hear the appropriate Shrine music.
  • There is no longer a visible texture seam on the finger of the Jack O’ Looter Costume.

Text and Localisation

  • Notifications received when earning Trading Company reputation will now display the correct text.
  • When switching to a language other than English, the prompts to show and hide Tall Tales should now change to the selected language.

Performance and Stability

  • Improved server stability to reduce scenarios where crews are removed from a game session.

Known Issues

Reduced Server Performance

  • Players may experience scenarios where they encounter ping spikes at random while playing, resulting in rubberbanding or client stutters. While improvements were most recently released in update 2.5.3, the team continue to work on further improvements for future updates.

Ranged and Melee Weapon Hit Detection

  • In areas of intense action, players may find themselves firing shots or landing strikes that do not cause damage to their targets. While small improvements continue to be delivered during our regular updates, we are continuing to investigate and identify further improvements to the player combat experience.
Download size:
Xbox Series X: 6.93 GB
Xbox Series S: 4.5 GB
Xbox One X: 6.93 GB
Xbox One: 4.5 GB
Microsoft Store: 6.46 GB
Steam: 6.55 GB
submitted by Borsund to Seaofthieves [link] [comments]

2022.09.22 23:46 rahleebb I make ~$73k and spent $4,617 getting scuba certified (+2 other certs) and on a week-long diving trip to Cozumel, MX

Section One: Bio
Age: 29
Occupation: Attorney
Hometown: Raleigh, NC
Number of PTO days and how you accrue them:
For this trip, I used 2.5 hours of comp time, 29.5 hours of vacation time, and 8 hours of holiday time since the trip encompassed a state holiday.
Section Two: Assets + Debt
Retirement Balance: $17,139 (pension contributions: 6% pretax, supplemental 401k: 7% pretax, Roth IRA monthly contributions ranging from $170 to $500 a month)
Equity: N/A
Savings account balance: $12,069
Treasury bonds: $6,618
Checking account balance: $701
Credit card debt (and how you accumulated it): $357 (general life expenses and I purchased a secondhand dive computer after this trip, I'll pay it off before the end of the month)
Student loan debt (for what degree): $130,493 (Federal loans for undergraduate + law degrees)
Consumer loan: $2,033.21 (laser hair removal financing)
My significant other (“S”) and I do not combine finances.
I did a money diary last year if you want more context about my finances.
Section Three: Income
Gross Per Month $6,081.92
Taxes $1,205.38
Parking $15
Health Insurance $25
Dental Insurance $35.90
Vision Insurance $4.50
Pension $364.92
Supplemental 401k $426
FSA $25
Charitable Giving $20
Net Pay Per Pay Period $3,960.22
No side gig or other income.
Section Four: Travel Expenses
Pre-Vacation Spending
Scuba Certification Costs
Prior to signing up for classes, S signed me up for a “Discover Dive” ($50, he paid) at a local dive shop with an indoor pool, he came with and rented a tank to come hang out underwater. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is interested in getting scuba certified, I was freaked out at the discover dive and only calmed down toward the end of the time in the pool. All of the divers on this trip agreed that getting through that freaking-out feeling was the hardest part of certification. In my opinion, the Discover Dive made the Open Water classes easier, partially because I’d already worked through the shock of breathing underwater and learned some skills.
TOTAL OW certification: $1,135.49
Nitrox certification is not required as part of OW certification, but it mostly consists of an online course and then some practical skills that can be done at the dive shop. It seemed worth it to me to go ahead and get it early so that I could use nitrox in Mexico and get the most out of our dives there. Notably, nitrox tanks didn't have an additional fee so it made no difference to the dive costs for this trip.
On the trip, I got an Advanced Open Water (“AOW”) Certification, so several of my dives on this trip count toward that – those costs will be accounted for in “trip-specific costs” below. However, I had to complete an online course and pay for the actual certification in advance. I could have saved myself $55 by switching to a different certification organization, but I wanted to keep everything consistent.
TOTAL AOW certification: $209
General “Extra” Costs (Practice + Fitness)
To get scuba certified, you need to be able to pass a swim test (10 minutes of floating/treading and 200m swim without any aids). I started going to the gym and biking with S to work towards general fitness to prepare for the trip and the swim test. I am excluding the gym/biking costs because we are continuing that fitness routine going forward.
S and I also signed up for a social at the quarry with a local dive shop to get some extra dive practice in to work on buoyancy/air consumption (for me) and as a refresher (for him). Many dive shops at resorts will require divers do a refresher scuba course or additional checkout dive if they have not gone diving within 6 months, so this ensured S had no problems there and I was grateful to have the extra practice. I am including the cost of swim practice in a local pool and extra diving practice for this trip, since those things only happened as part of my scuba certification journey and as preparation for this trip.
TOTAL extra costs: $121.27
Non-trip specific costs
TOTAL non-trip specific gear costs: $240.75
Trip-specific dive costs
TOTAL trip-specific dive costs: $913.80
A few notes:
FINAL TOTALS: $4,617.09
Section Five Use this section to share how you afforded this trip.
I didn’t really save in advance for this trip – I paid for portions of it over time. I bought gift cards to my local dive shop to cover the cost of OW + Nitrox classes and some gear in March, so most of that cost was front-loaded (I was hoping this would make points available to pay for flights through my travel credit card). I ended up not having many points available by the time we booked the flights, but I still used my available points to pay for a small portion of the flight cost when we booked the flights in April. S paid for the hotel and I reimbursed him my portion in May. The biggest financial hit came in August when I actually purchased gear and paid for the dives, but I had set aside $650 over the previous few months for part of that and moved money around from other sinking funds to cover the rest. The final hit came in September with the actual trip.
Final Reflections
This was a trip of a lifetime in a lot of ways and overall I don't regret any part of this. No matter what: diving is expensive. It feels worth it to me, but here's what I would do differently if I had a time machine:
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2022.09.04 17:18 edderiofer [Crosswords] Timothy Parker's Plagiarism and Downfall

This particular puzzle-related drama is far more high-profile than most other puzzle-related dramas, as it's been featured in major news outlets. The drama is very public, so there's not very much personal information to be redacted.
TL;DR: World's most-syndicated crossword editor (who already has a reputation for bad puzzles) is found to have plagiarised many puzzles between the two publications they edit for. He's eventually replaced with better editors and everyone is happy.


If you somehow don't know what crosswords are, crosswords are a type of word puzzle where you're given a bunch of clues and they have to write letters in the spaces to form words that give the answers to those clues. These words are written in two directions, Across and Down, which results in the words crossing, as you would expect. Many newspapers have one or two crosswords every day or every week.
There are various different types of layouts for crosswords, but here we concern ourselves only with the American layout of crosswords. In these layouts, every letter is part of both an Across and Down entry. Further, American crosswords generally have a theme, which is generally (but not always) some clever bit of wordplay present in some of the longer answers. For instance, the April 7 2021 New York Times crossword had the clue for 34A be "Video game franchise with characters found at the ends of 17-, 20-, 53- and 58-Across". The answer to this clue was MARIO BROS., and the four long answers referenced were HORNED TOAD, GEORGIA PEACH, MURIEL BOWSER, and OOPSY-DAISY. Four otherwise-unrelated things, but all tied together by the theme. (This particular crossword is itself the subject of a minor squabble that certainly doesn't merit a full post, but essentially, some solvers argue over whether Mario is well-known enough to be used in a crossword, while ignoring all the opera, Shakespeare, geography, and old dead people that are present in many crosswords.)
A good theme is often difficult to come up with, and it's generally not acceptable to copy someone else's theme. Here is an article where one constructor, Matt Gaffney, apologises and explains how his duplication of a theme was in fact entirely coincidental, after people accused him of plagiarising someone else's theme.
Crosswords published in newspapers are generally written by independent constructors, but are edited by a crossword editor employed by the newspaper. The editor's job consists of, among other things, checking that the clues and fill don't contain offensive words, that the clues and answers are correct and not too difficult or too easy for the readers, that the answers do not appear in the clues, and editing the clues/grid to facilitate this. If an editor accepts a puzzle, they generally buy all rights to the puzzle, though it's generally informally understood that the constructor will be attributed alongside each reprinting of the puzzle.

Who is Timothy Parker?

Prior to 2016, Timothy Parker was employed at Universal Uclick as the editor of both the Universal Crossword and the USA Today Crossword. As I understand it, at least, the former is syndicated to many newspapers worldwide, as well as various other websites like; while the latter is licensed from Universal Uclick to the USA Today.
Even before this drama, though, the crossword community's opinion of his puzzles was generally "not that good". Tyler Hinman, 7-time American Crossword Puzzle Tournament winner, has a series of tweets of bad clues in the Universal/USA Today:
The USA Today puzzle screws it up again. "Crayon color: burnt ___" = SIENA. Sorry; it's "sienna". Inexcusable. #badpuzzles
Universal clue: "Attempted to no avail". In the same puzzle: "'...but to no ___'" = AVAIL. Freebie! #badpuzzles
Kudos to the USA Today crossword. Nothing jazzes up a 3x4 corner like crossing RYA and AYAH at the Y. #badpuzzles
Eric Berlin explained his own beef with Parker in a now-inaccessible blog post (note: a disconnected grid is an absolute no-no in crosswords), and also stated on Twitter that Parker had threatened to sue him at one point for investigating some exaggerated claims his Twitter bio. A former friend of mine, reviewing Parker's book Brain Teasers for Dummies, questioned why MOUE, IAMBS, and OMPHALOS were in "an "easy" crossword in a "for Dummies" book". Needless to say, Parker was not a popular editor.

The Plagiarism

Perhaps his mediocrity was why people didn't notice his plagiarism until 2016.
Near the start of 2016, a software engineer and crossword amateur called Saul Pwanson had embarked upon a project to analyse a bunch of crossword puzzle data, in order for him to improve his own crossword-writing skills. But this first entailed finding archives of a lot of crosswords and getting all that data into a single format that could be easily analysed, which was difficult because every publication, if they had a digital copy of their crossword that went back years that he could access (since there may be copyright restrictions at play here), would be using a different format.
Anyway, Pwanson managed to do all that (here is his talk on the incident), and then looked to see if there were any identical sections or rows. And lo and behold, he found that a bunch of themes are often duplicated (though you'd certainly expect that to be the case over 25 years of crosswords from multiple outlets, especially with the same crossword occasionally being reprinted by the same source).
Well, OK, what about identical non-theme rows? Seems like a bunch of those happen too. Then he found two almost-identical grids that had only a few rows changed, both of which had been edited by this Timothy Parker guy he'd never heard of. One was written by a well-known constructor, Elizabeth Gorski, but the earlier one was written by this obvious pseudonym Tim Burr. Huh, that's weird...
One thing led to another and eventually he compiled a list of pairs of crosswords that had identical or near-identical grids, and posted it to a crossword mailing list. Ben Tausig, another crossword writer and editor for American Values Club Crosswords, and who was in the mailing list, then tweeted this instance of plagiarism of his crossword. The only change in the grid here is in the top left corner, where SAMBA and WOTAN have been changed to TAE BO and JONAS (so only six letters have changed), and many of the clues have been wholesale copied. The later crossword was attributed to a pseudonym instead of Tausig.
At this point (March 4, 2016), Oliver Roeder of the politics site FiveThirtyEight noticed the tweet, got in touch, and then ran an article reporting on the situation (well worth a read), with some damning statistics:
In the article, Will Shortz, the crossword editor for the New York Times, said:
I have never heard of something like this happening before. This would never have come to light except in the electronic age, where you can track these things. To me, it’s an obvious case of plagiarism. It’s unethical, and I would never publish a person who plagiarizes another person’s work.
Roeder also interviewed Parker for the article. Parker denied all allegations, as well as making some baffling other claims. For instance, he said that:
Obviously, crossword constructors are now very angry, specifically because Parker has published their puzzles, edited, under a different name (thus scrubbing their authorship); because Parker has wholesale copied theme entries and theme clues from the New York Times (which is plagiarism, even if it's not enough to be legally actionable), so they may have been affected even if they'd never sent anything to Universal or USA Today; and because he's been doing this for years.
Three days later, Universal Uclick announced that they would be investigating the allegations and that Parker would "temporarily step back from any editorial role". USA Today announced similarly that it would be investigating the allegations, and would be publishing other contributors' crosswords in the interim. Constructor Fred Piscop wound up being the acting editor.
(Around this time, the plagiarism allegation was added to Timothy Parker's Wikipedia page, with a citation to the original FiveThirtyEight article. It was then removed from Wikipedia. Repeatedly. By various IP editors, and a user named Arcenter. It was shortly after found that Arcenter was, you guessed it, Timothy Parker himself. He was subsequently blocked from Wikipedia indefinitely for edit-warring.)
Just in case there was still any doubt, Matt Gaffney, who you will recall wrote an article about his own theme-duplication, wrote this article debunking Parker's defense that his plagiarism was actually innocent coincidence, arguing that even in the case of innocent coincidence, theme answers, theme answer placement, and black cell placement should normally still be quite different, and that any such "coincidences" certainly shouldn't be happening to a single editor repeatedly, over a long period of time.
Then, radio silence from USA Today and Universal Uclick. During this time, American Values Club Crosswords (who you will recall is ran by Ben Tausig, the guy who first broke the news on Twitter), ran a fantastic pair of bonus puzzles on April 2nd, written by Francis Heaney. A writeup of them (well worth a read!) can be found here, though as the AVCX requires a paid subscription, the clues are not given in the writeup.

The Boycott And The Conclusion

Almost two months went by before Universal Uclick announced that, despite investigating the findings and finding that some of the allegations were true, Timothy Parker would return to being a crossword editor after a three-month leave.
In response, Lone Shark Games, a publisher of board games and puzzle books, announced a boycott of USA Today and Universal Uclick. That went viral on Twitter among fans of Lone Shark Games, and was reported on by Forbes.
Within a week, Parker was also boycotted by USA Today; they would refuse to publish any crossword from Universal Uclick edited by Parker. Disappointingly, although Universal Uclick must surely have silently obliged and only sent USA Today crosswords edited by Piscop, this failed to elicit any other response from Universal Uclick.
One and a half years later, at the end of 2018, Universal Uclick declined to renew Parker's contract, replacing him with David Steinberg. USA Today replaced Piscop with by Erik Agard at the end of 2019. Both of these have been welcomed as good decisions that have since vastly improved the quality and diversity of their respective crosswords:
David Steinberg is the editor of the widely syndicated Universal Crossword. Under his leadership, that puzzle has gone from a "no thanks" to a very tight, professional, respectable daily.
The USA Today puzzle, previously regarded as too easy and too boring -- not to mention plagued by a plagiarism scandal known as “Gridgate” -- was not a popular choice, [Stella Zawistowski] says. But since Agard took over, that’s changed. It’s still relatively easy to solve -- words are generally short, clues have context that enable good guesses even if something is unfamiliar -- but there’s no predicting what will be in it.
As for Parker, he never apologised for what he did, or admitted that he had plagiarised. He did resurface once to criticise his detractors (oh yeah, I guess I forgot to mention that time he used a rape joke in the Universal Crossword, though this was after the plagiarism scandal) after he was let go from Universal Uclick, and he still has his own website where he still sells his own puzzle books, but at this point no newspaper will touch him. Nowadays, his name is mud.
And, other than the occasional joke that references this incident (Who's Adrian Powell, you ask? That's a story for another time.), that pretty much wraps it all up.
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2022.08.07 23:09 PhoneSteveGaveToTony [PRICE DROP] Cold Steel, Kizer, MXG Spyderco Clip and freebie w/purchase

Hi, everyone! Got a couple nuggets for your consideration today. Prices include standard shipping to CONUS. PayPal FF preferred, add for GS.
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Like new. Put it on my knife, tried it in and out of the pocket a couple times, and decided I just like deep carry better.
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2022.08.06 23:14 Atheros01 You Meet in a Tavern: Chapter 28

Chapter 28
The phantom words melted away, revealing the large, dimly lit room beyond. Burning idols lined the room’s sides, each accompanied by a chanting goblin. Their shrill voices began to echo throughout the room, all repeating the same thing. Uugor.
A large section of the western part of the room was covered with shin high stalagmites. A pair of large pillars framed the gap between the east and west sides of the room. Humanoid skeletons coated, or maybe made up the pillars, smashed together without regard for their shape or fragility. Most of these were definitely from human sized beings.
At the cavern’s north end sat a sprawling throne flanked by flaming idols. As the goblin’s voices rose in intensity, the being upon the throne slowly rose. Dull, metal armor was strapped to its body, interspersed with gaps which revealed a grotesquely muscular form. Its head was hugely misshapen, swollen and lopsided, a ragged jawline spanning nearly the whole width. Its huge solid red eyes seemed to glow with malevolence. Although it was built like a goblin, it was over six feet tall. This was clearly Uugor.
The chanting goblins at the throne’s sides each offered up a large axe, struggling with their weight. They were seemingly identical, viciously designed with serrated half moon blades. The edges glistened sharply, designed to cut through light armor like butter. Each axe was topped with a small, but definitely goblin skull.
Will and Cassia, who’d been stunned into inaction, charged. James followed, daggers in hand. Dan held out his wand, hurridly muttering the trigger phrase. Magic Missile careened past the others to impact with Uugor’s plated chest, making him roar with fury as lightning arced through his body.
Uugor’s roar continued, growing louder as he leapt towards Will and Cassia in a massive arc, beginning to twist midair. He passed between the pillars, seeming almost to slow midair as he neared, suddenly in range of his targets. Axes flashed as the gap closed, deadly blades crashing down with a violent diagonal motion.
Will stumbled back to the left, the massive half-moons barely missing the top of his head. Cassia leapt forward, rolling heavily and avoiding the strike. The blades crashed down almost simultaneously, rock flying and dust clouding.
The goblins continued chanting. Uugor. Uugor.
Lira’s hands shook as she raised her borrowed bow, aiming towards Uugor. It didn’t look like the smaller goblins were going to engage yet, and the others needed her help. She couldn’t get a clear shot.
“Damnit, James. Move!” Her lips made the motions, but barely a whisper escaped them. She moved to the side, looking for an opening.
James stood frozen as Uugor recovered from his strike, eyes wide and unblinking. Cassia’s sword found one of the gaps in Uugor’s armor, stabbing into his side. Uugor grunted, adopted a stance, then violently spun in a ragged circle, axes extended.
James backstepped, avoiding the attack.
Cassia got her shield up in time to intercept the hit, but the force ragdolled her backwards. Her shield flew from her grasp, and she crashed to a stop at the base of the east pillar.
Will made a strangled gasp as the edge of the spin caught him in the gut, and he stumbled back, a hand going to his belly. It came away wet with blood. Will’s eyes narrowed in rage. “You cut my fucking beard!”
Lira, seeing her opening, took a shot at Uugor. It glanced harmlessly off his chestplate. Half a foot higher and it would have hit his neck. She drew another arrow, beginning to aim.
Uugor’s gaze fixed on James, and he advanced, sweeping his axes from both sides in a wide, scissoring attack. Will’s warhammer struck the haft of the axe on his side, violently and rapidly redirecting it. The vicious edge hewed through Uugor’s left forearm. The axe it was holding spun violently towards James, forcing him to drop flat to avoid it.
Another of Dan’s missiles connected with Uugor, but the goblin ignored it. His foot lashed out at Will, catching him in the gut. Will doubled over, and Uugor raised his remaining axe high, slashing down with horrifying speed.
Cassia’s armored form crashed into Uugor from the side, shoulder first. It wasn’t enough to knock him over, but his attack went wide. He bodily flung Cassia aside, charging after her, axe rising menacingly.
This time Lira’s arrow found its mark, sinking into the side of Uugor’s neck. He didn’t slow. Cassia struggled to her feet, raising her sword to block the incoming strike.
“You cut!” Will roared, charging from behind Uugor. “My fucking!” He drew back his warhammer as he ran, the head beginning to crackle with lightning. “Beard!” Uugor turned towards Will just in time for the glowing steel head to connect with his chestplate. The resulting thunderclap drowned out the chanting goblins, making Lira cover her ears at the sheer volume of it.
Uugor’s insides exploded from his back, showering the area in gore, shattered bones, and the odd bit of metal. The scent of ozone mixed with the coppery mist to form a truly unpleasant smell.
Uugor staggered, eyes glazing over. He growled out a few last words in the goblin tongue, and collapsed.
Will bent over, clenching his weapon and breathing heavily. Cassia relaxed slightly, but didn’t sheathe her sword, instead going to retrieve her shield.
“Good work, team.” James approached the body, and bent to inspect it. Was he seriously about to start going through Uugor’s pockets?
“Team?” Will panted. “You didn’t do anything.”
Something was wrong. Even though Uugor was down, the goblins were still chanting. Uugor. Uugor. Uugor.
A feeling of dread washed over Lira. Something bad was about to happen.
As one, the goblins stopped chanting as they turned to ash, red light from them being drawn into their idols. The idols extinguished, casting most of the room into darkness.
James yelped in surprise, backing away from Uugor’s body as flames began to erupt from it. The smell of charred meat filled the air, and the body began to move. Slowly, it stood, fire raging from its open wounds, sealing them and reforming into reddish-orange flesh. Armor burned and melted off. The missing forearm regenerated, the resulting hand being monstrously huge and deformed, with scythe-like claws.
Uugor’s eyes changed, becoming reptilian and flame colored. Flames slowly coated his body, blackening and hardening into wicked-looking armor. Will and Cassia regrouped slowly. Lira wanted to react, fire her bow, or do something, but something was preventing her from acting.
Uugor drew himself up and let out a roar of fury, fire billowing from his shark-like jaws.
Uugor, Blessed of Xanath
The words appeared above Uugor, stark red against the blackness beyond.
“Crap.” Lira murmured to herself. “Phase two.”
Nearby, Dan began casting something. Lira tried to aim, but her hands were shaking so badly that if she fired now she’d surely miss. Will and Cassia lunged forward.
Uugor, Blessed of Xanath backhanded Will, sending the dwarf crashing through the field of stalagmites. Will probably weighed around four hundred pounds with all of his gear. Cassia’s sword bit into his side, flaming blood seeping from the wound. Uugor grinned, and grabbed the blade of Cassia’s sword. She tried to pull it back, but he held it immobile, reaching for her with his other arm.
Lira’s arrow caught him in the shoulder, the momentary distraction enough for Cassia to retrieve her weapon. Uugor snarled something in a language she didn’t know, and power-stomped, causing a long crack in the ground from which lava began to seep. Cassia was able to avoid the line, but it separated her from the group, spanning the room’s width. The heat was immediate, changing the temperature from clammy to oven-like. One of the axes lay atop the faultline, beginning to melt as lava pooled under it.
Uugor advanced on Cassia rapidly, his movements lacking refinement but full of explosive violence. The arrow protruding from his shoulder had caught fire, and was being ignored. Will groaned in pain from amidst the stalagmites, stirring weakly.
The first of Uugor’s attacks slammed into Cassia’s shield, the force of it sending her reeling. The second ripped it from her hands, Uugor’s claws leaving deep indents on her arm plates. Uugor drove the fist of his smaller hand into Cassia’s chest, knocking her prone several yards away, her hands covering her chest as she curled into a ball.
Relentlessly, Uugor bore down on her, leaping towards her and smashing his fists down savagely. Cassia screamed in pain, plate bending under the force of Uugor’s blows. An icy beam lanced through the room, taking Uugor in the back. He stumbled away from Cassia, a circular hole just to the right of his spine. Flames poured from it, but it wasn’t healing.
Uugor rallied with a roar of anger, reaching down to grab Cassia. She struggled to get away, but his massive fingers closed around her calf, and he raised her into the air, his jaws opening wide, far wider than what should be possible.
“No!” Dan screamed, breaking into a run towards them, wand clenched in his fist.
Lira fired again, and her shot connected with the tip of one of Uugor’s fangs, breaking it. Uugor’s head snapped towards Cassia like a striking snake.
Uugor stumbled to the side, dropping Cassia and clutching at his eye. His bellow of rage was loud enough to hurt. With a violent motion, Uugor ripped an object out of his eye socket, and tossed it aside, the dagger rebounding off the east pillar. The next dagger buried itself in Uugor’s throat, cutting off his windpipe.
Uugor clutched at the blade ineffectively, then tore this one free as well, liquid fire pouring from the gash. Behind him, Cassia struggled to regain her feet, two-handing her longsword. Uugor began to turn towards her, jaws opening again.
Dan collided with the massive goblin with all the force of an angry toddler. Uugor grinned, and said something in its language, then bit down at Dan. He jerked his head to the side barely in time to avoid the descending fangs. Instead, they closed on his right shoulder. With a sickening crunch, Uugor closed his jaws.
Dan’s face went pale, his mouth opening with wordless agony. His right arm dropped lifelessly to the cavern floor. Uugor’s fangs came away bloody, filled with flesh and bone. The bow slipped from Lira’s fingers. No…
She could hear James shouting, but it came from far away. Her body, her face, felt numb. She tried to reach for Cure Malady, but there was no Mana left to fuel it.
Uugor swatted Dan, sending him flopping bonelessly across the stone floor, then turned back to Cassia, laughing evilly. Vile sounding words spilling mockingly from his misshapen lips.
Cassia looked back to Uugor from Dan, her blade steadying, golden light emanating from it. “In the name of Velstahd.” Her voice was filled with cold fury. “Face justice.”
Her upward slash caught Uugor under his right arm, shearing it off along with the majority of his head. He staggered backwards, flames oozing from the wounds. After a moment, he collapsed, the fire fuelling him going out. The magma oozing from the earth immediately cooled and hardened.
Wretched Caverns
The script appeared, scrolling through the room in a massive, excitedly flashing banner before fading away. In the wake of it, a surge of energy filled Lira, her aches and pains fading.
Her eyes widened in realization. Allen used milestone level ups.
Sprinting hurt, her lightly padded boots doing little to protect her from the shock. It didn’t matter. Mana filled her, rushing to her fingertips as she began the process of Cure Malady. Her canteen sloshed messily, but she extracted the stream of healing energy from it, sending it towards Dan’s prone form.
It soaked into his still body, and he coughed, stirring and rolling onto his back. Lira crouched over him, freezing in place. His arm was slowly regenerating. Lira knew what Cure Malady did, and it didn’t regenerate lost limbs. Right? That hadn’t been what Allen had described it as doing.
Dan’s eyes slowly opened, staring off into nothing for a moment before seeing her. He managed a smile. “We won?”
She nodded, her small laugh threatening to become a sob. “Yeah. We won.”
Dan’s eyes closed, and he relaxed. “Good. Is everyone okay?”
Lira remembered Will. “I hope so. I need to check Will.”
“No need. I’m good.” Will announced, rising heavily from the stalagmite field. “Just a few scratches.”
Lira shook her head. “No, bro. I’ve got Mana, so you’re getting healed. Cassia, you too.”
She went around, administering healing to anyone with even mild injuries. Will’s were more than minor in nature. He had a gash in this stomach which exposed internal organs, and was actively bleeding. Lira had no idea how he was still standing, much less shrugging off the injury. Protection From Evil still lingered over his form. That had to have contributed.
Dan’s arm had nearly reformed. He was staring down at Uugor’s body, a frown on his features, lips moving silently.
James had reclaimed his daggers, and was inspecting the throne, sticking odds and ends from it into his pack. It was a ghastly thing made of bones and iron. He was welcome to it. Cassia was kneeling in silent prayer a short distance from the group. Lira administered healing while she did this, neither one speaking. Interrupting the praying paladin seemed like a bad idea, but Cassia definitely needed the care.
Dan was muttering to himself, repeating the lines from the Guidestone. Finally, he motioned to James. “Hey, man. Do you feel up for some impromptu surgery?”
James curiously looked back from looting the throne. “What’s up?”
“I need you to open this guy up, but don’t break anything. I have a theory.”
A smile slowly formed on James face. “I thought you’d never ask! I’ve always wanted to dissect something.”
Dan nodded blithely. “I remember you complained for weeks after missing lab when we did frogs.”
“Damn right I did.” James approached, beginning to inspect the body, daggers flipping into his fingers. “That’s the one thing you think of when you think science class.”
“Maybe for you.” Will joined them. “I liked chemical reactions.”
“You can keep your shitty baking soda volcano.” James replied happily. “I’m gonna be a doctor.” He cackled to himself, and began slicing into Uugor.
“How’s your arm doing?” Lira asked Dan quietly. It had completely regenerated, the skin pink and baby-soft. He kept flexing his fingers.
“It itches like crazy, but that’s starting to die down.” He answered. “It seems to work fine. I don’t have words for how relieved I am that it’s back. You have no idea how it felt to not have my arm.” He shuddered, focusing his pale eyes on James’ blades.
James hummed as he separated skin from musculature, peeling back flesh to expose bone. Blood coated everything, its coppery stench making Lira want to heave. Slowly, James exposed Uugor’s ribcage and sternum. The latter was covered with tiny black markings.
“Cut the sternum free.” Dan instructed. “Don’t damage it.”
“Yeah yeah.” James waved off the cautionary words. “Easy peasy.”
“I want a couple ribs.” Will announced.
“What? Why?” James demanded.
“For scrimshaw.” He said this as if it were perfectly obvious. “Boss gob scrimshaw.”
James’ eyes lit up. “Great idea! Fuck it, let’s get all of them! I know a good business enterprise when I hear one! You can carve, and I’ll get them sold for top dollar. We can do this with all bosses.”
“Oh, hell yeah!” Will agreed. “We can be Drunken Dwarf Scrimshaw!”
“Incorporated.” James added.
“Sternum first, if you would?” Dan suggested pointedly.
James sighed, and laboriously extracted it. “This one is a freebie. In the future you’ve gotta pay for the services of DDS inc.”
Dan ignored him and inspected the bone, pouring a bit water over it to clean it off. As he did so, his eyes slowly widened, an odd gleam filling them. “It’s a spell.” He whispered.
James and Will were preoccupied with Uugor’s corpse, now ignoring Dan. Cassia was still in prayer. Dan’s eyes were slightly manic, rapidly passing back and forth across the barely visible markings.
“What kind of spell?” Lira asked, offering a weak smile.
“I’m… Not sure yet.” He murmured, as if to himself. “I wonder… Maybe if I put it into proper writing I can translate into Arcana. Definitely a spell. Yes, definitely. What does it do? What, what, what? Hmmm…”
Dan continued absently muttering to himself, taking out his pack and moving closer to Cassia to be in better light. He withdrew his spellbook, flipping through it to a blank page.
“Maybe this isn’t the best time to do that.” Lira placed a hand on his slender shoulder.
He jerked in reaction, then calmed, blinking rapidly a few times. “Yeah… Yeah. Time and place for everything.” He shook his head as if to clear it.
Cassia finally stood, looking over the group. She sighed audibly as she spotted James and Will dissecting Uugor. “We should get ready to head back. There should be a treasury nearby, from what I understand. Let us obtain proof of our clear, and leave this foul place.”
“Treasury is behind the throne.” James told her. “Under it, really. I was working on finding the lever to move it.”
As James claimed, they located a pair of large chests under the throne. In the end he never found the lever. Will simply ripped the throne from the ground, dismantling the whole contraption. Both chests were locked and trapped, but James dealt with this in short order.
The contents were fairly impressive. Between them they gathered a total of one hundred sixty-eight silver, and four hundred ninety-three coppers. They also found a set of mildly magical shuriken, nicely engraved gauntlets, a shield bearing some sort of fox-eagle hybrid, and a small, elaborately carved stone. Besides this, the chests contained some mundane goods, most of which could be sold or used. James insisted on recovering Uugor’s remaining axe, so they could sell it.
Tension was starting to coil in Lira’s gut. It was time to leave. Apparently, she wasn’t the only one feeling this way. James was the first to suggest that they bail, although he waited until after they’d finished looting the chests. Somehow, the Rift was letting them know in no uncertain terms that they’d overstayed their welcome.
The whole way out she kept looking over her shoulder, unseen eyes crawling over her invasively. James being able to leap over the triggered pit traps took her by surprise, but she was too exhausted to comment on his superhuman athleticism. At this point she just wanted the Rift to be over with. She wanted to go home and take a nice, long shower.
At long last, they came to the last tunnel, natural light bringing tears to Lira’s eyes. They stepped out of the Rift into the small clearing. There was only one acceptable way to greet the outside world after such a grueling task. Lira moved to the fore of the group, posing in the wonderful daylight as it bathed her in its golden glow.
“Praise the sun!”

This concludes the first arc of the story. Feel free to comment below if you're enjoying the story and let me know what you like or dislike, what you think of various characters, plot points, or interactions. I welcome feedback. To everyone who has been enjoying this project, thanks for reading! :D
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Hi, everyone! Got a few nuggets for your consideration today. Prices include standard shipping to CONUS. PayPal FF preferred, add for GS.
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