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2023.03.25 11:24 nomorebullshit00 what genre is dpr ian?

i was interested in knowing what genre DPR Ian is, especially the songs in his MIITO album. most websites list him as R&B, but his music is pretty diverse. I'd appreciate it if someone could help me out with all the songs in his MITO and MIITO albums, but I was specifically interested in these songs:
Scaredy Cat
Merry Go
No Silhouette
Dope Lovers
Sometimes I'm
Mr Insanity
Miss Understood,
Welcome To The Show
thank you!
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2023.03.25 10:17 Carne_Asada_Friez Has there ever been a more fascinating Elite 8 than this this one?

All No 1 seeds already knocked out
Bluebloods in Cancun already
Texas vs Miami- a matchup of football schools who have finally found a bit of success in basketball. Texas overcoming firing their coach midseason, Miami with a drubbing of #1 Houston
Creighton-San Diego State: A rematch of last season's epic Aztec collapse and two brothers (Seiko - SDSU and Kalama - Creighton) going toe to toe
Kansas State vs Florida Atlantic: An underrated mid major vs an underdog high major, plus Keyontae Johnson's incredible comeback for KSU after passing out on the court a couple years ago, leading to a coma
Gonzaga vs UConn: Tournament mainstay who still hasn't won a natty vs a program with lots of changes over the past 15 years, but still a threat in every tourney and can turn it on at any moment
So glad we don't have Kentucky vs UNC or Duke vs Kansas
We wanted parity and upsets. We got them.
But at the expense of a shitty elite 8 and final 4
Never have I been more excited for a tournament to continue
All the passive players and weak teams are gone and we're stuck with a bunch of hard-nosed winners
Whoever wins this tournament will go down as the best, grittiest champion ever
After last year's glorious FF, Houston is likely to top that this year
One Shining Moment? This year, it's gonna be a supernova
All the people who only care about upsets and only upsets- hope you enjoy it because this shit is fucking dope.
Go Aztecs
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2023.03.25 09:50 BebeFanMasterJ Just finished all of the episodes + Blood Trail OVA. Here are my thoughts.

What I liked:
The gun action. The gun action moments were easily my favorite parts, and I loved every second of bullets and explosions. The time dedicated to some of the custom ones like Revy's Cutlasses were also dope. I love guns in anime, and this was super fun to watch solely for the action.
The characters. While I didn't like them all, I did like the small changes in characterization over time. Revy became less of a bitch and the moment where she played with those kids in the park was nice. Rock also went from being a coward to being a complete 4D chess player that outsmarted everyone. It was super satisfying to watch. Garcia is also a favorite because he's a child character that is not only not annoying but is actually useful to the plot and pulls his weight to save Roberta. Caxton was also a good man and I'm happy to see a positive portrayal of a US soldier in media for once. The overlap with the cast of My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic was fucking funny too (Revy is Gilda, Roberta is Rarity, Garcia is Spike, Fabiola is SmoldeSilver Spoon, Benny is Mr. Cake/Double Diamond, Chang is Iron Will, Jane is Starlight Glimmer, Maki is Rainbow Dash/Applejack, Lotton is Flim and so on).
What I disliked:
I managed to get through the Twins arc and I felt it was a bit out of place where it was in the season. It almost felt like I was watching a different series for a bit. Going from mercs and military to creepy slaughter kids was just...a tonal whiplash. I personally think that this should have been the finale of the second season instead of the premiere. After watching it, I was so desensitized to everything else that I didn't care about the deaths of any of the other characters. Not Yukio, not Ginji, nor did I care much about Roberta's downward spiral. The Twins arc was just so sad that I think it would've worked better as the S2 finale. The fact that it has a unique outro also would've made it work better as a finale. But that's just my opinion.
I'm also not really a fan of shows/worlds where "everyone is a shady asshole" but that's just the way the setting is, and I get that. Just not really my cup of tea.
In conclusion:
I really only watched this because a friend said I would like it. While some parts put me off and made me cringe, it was a decent gun action anime. Just don't think the setting was really for me honestly. Not a fan of "crapsack" worlds but hey, at least it had fun gunfights to watch! I give it a solid 7/10.
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2023.03.25 08:58 ThodinThorsson Ahhhh, Vantucky

So there I was sitting on the number 71, the last northbound. Four seats in front of me was this guy, I paid no attention until he got it. At first I thought he was asking for a cigarette so I stopped my music and asked "What?" He mumbled something at me as he got up and sat in front of me, it sounded like he was looking for some dope or something. I told him "Nah dude, I'm not the guy for that in the slightest."
He shook his head and looked at a guy across the aisle from us and asked a question that resembled something like: "why were we following him? And if so we can take care of it off the bus." Both of us were just mystified at that point, so I asked "what?", again. He just looked at me with a wierd stare that indicated he wasn't exactly plugged in.
"You alright buddy?" I asked. He said "yes I'm fine, quite alright", got up grabbed his pack all super wierd like and got of the bus. Both me and the other guy were just like what in the fahk was that?
LOL I love this town
Edit: oh yeah and that was after noticing a couple doin' what horny couples the driver's seat directly across from my stop
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2023.03.25 08:49 KelfanSiu Thoughts on this id? I think the melody is very dope, super catchy overall, Bonn vocals is also amazing as well

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2023.03.25 07:29 BonelessHS Frost Sorcerer Build/Good Items?

I’m midway through the beta rn (level 16) and I’ve been respeccing a lot just to find out what feels good. Right now I’m basically just spamming hydras and chain lightning for max dps, which feels pretty good. That said, I’ve heard frost builds that spam vulnerability are also super busted. I tried one and frost blades in particular stands out as being a really dope skill but I think my build was poorly built and lacking necessary items.
What abilities should I be investing in for a frost build like this and are there certain items that I need?
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2023.03.25 07:12 sleepcow3 I let my neighbor use my car a few times, can it get actually get impounded if she’s going to a “dope house” ?

So long story short my neighbor across the street has asked to use my car a few times and I let her because I’m really bad at saying no to people lol. But I honestly hate lending her my car. She’s supposedly moving mid-may so I’m just trying to run out the clock at this point. But when I went to get my mail today I found a handwritten note (someone put it in my mailbox, it didn’t actually go through the postal service) that says:
“I don’t know who you are but you letting people use your car to go to dope houses I bet you don’t know… but if you keep letting them use it the cops will take your car and you will be without a way to go as well as them.
[signed] concerned neighbor”
If she is in fact taking my car to a “dope house” as this neighbor is stating instead of the store like she told me, can my car be impounded?
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2023.03.25 06:15 kushapatel07 Introducing OZANKI: The Ultimate Anki Deck for AUSTRALIAN Medical Students

G'day mates!
I am a final-year medical student from down under and am incredibly excited to share an Anki deck I've been working on. This deck is tailored specifically for Australian medical students who want to optimize their Anki GAME. With cards from multiple pre-made decks like Anking, Dope, and several imaging decks, this deck is your go-to resource for all things medicine.
We all know how fantastic and comprehensive pre-made decks like Anking are for medical students worldwide. However, we need resources that align with Australian guidelines and recommendations. That's where OZANKI comes in. I've spent months curating and editing this deck to ensure consistency with Australian guidelines like eTG, RCH, QLD Health, RACGP, and more.

Which pre-made decks have I pulled from to make OZANKI?

This deck has around 12.7K cards. This is what the split looks like:
  1. 9.5K from Anking v11
  2. 2.5K personal adds
  3. 0.5K from Dope
  4. 0.2K from Imaging decks
Basically, it's the Anking deck with some personal adds to make it AUSTRALIAN!

How did you edit the pre-made cards to make OZANKI?

  1. All cards were reviewed and edited for consistency in formatting, style, and cloze deletions. Close to 95% of the cards are in the "AnKingOverhaul" note type. Most of the cards are in the "ZANKI-cloze" format, with some cards in the "question-answer" format. I have also used the one-by-one feature where appropriate to decrease card load and make remembering a string of information easy. Imgur 1
  2. All cards have been edited to reflect the latest Australian guidelines and recommendations, ensuring you learn the most up-to-date and locally relevant information. I have mainly used eTG with some other Australian guidelines where appropriate. A lot of the Child Health topics have RCH guidelines. A lot of Womens Health topics have QLD Health Maternity guidelines. And so on. Imgur 2
  3. The deck is organized with tags for each BLOCK / ROTATION and subdivided by common resources such as AMBOSS, B&B, etc. Originally this deck was made to be shared amongst my fellow Bond medical students, and thus, it follows our curriculum (especially for YR3 with the BVH tags). The topics are very much from "Australian Curriculum Framework For Junior Doctors", so it's relevant for all Australian medical students. Imgur 3
Click on the Imgur links above to see what it looks like!

How do I get started with the OZANKI deck?

Here is a GOOGLE document detailing all the steps: Kush_OZANKI_Instructions
Here is a YOUTUBE video showing the whole process: My YouTube Video
Here is the DOWNLOAD link for OZANKI_v1: Kush_OZANKI_v1_NO_MEDIA.apkg

How do I get started with ANKI altogether?

If you have never used Anki and want to get started, you should do so by learning about it. There is definitely a learning curve associated with it. You shouldn't consider your time spent learning about Anki as time wasted. It is time well invested. You will most likely use Anki throughout medical school and BEYOND!
In the past, I have delivered Anki workshops for beginners. You can find the PPT slides for those below. Use them to get set up and learn the basics.
Voice-Over PPT to get set up: PPT slides
Anki Workshop to learn the basics: PPT slides; YouTube video - skip to 16:40
Google, Reddit, and YouTube are your friends when it comes to learning more and fixing problems. The Anking YouTube channel is a fantastic place to start. They also have THE Anki Mastery Course if you are willing to pay. I also like the Anki 101 YouTube playlist by Mad About Medicine.

If you have any questions, ask away in the comments.

I hope that OZANKI becomes an invaluable resource for all of you. I encourage everyone to share their feedback, suggestions, and updates. Right now, this deck is not up on AnkiHub because I have yet to play around with it and understand the logistics of it all. I have called it OZANKI_v1 because that keeps the possibility of _v2, but I make no promises.
All the best!
Big chunks of this post were written by GPT-4!
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2023.03.25 06:10 RequiemAA How do you do the Pestilent Cauldron/Restorative Burst combo fast enough on MTGA?

Pretty much title. Playing Mono G Devotion I just lost the match taking me to Mythic because my APM wasn't high enough. I won game 1 with a pretty straightforward aggro plan, then on game 2 on the draw I played a grindy match-up in to a pretty dope Enigmatic Incarnation deck.
I lucked out and cast Cityscape Leveler out of Karn to kill a Deputy of Detention and get back a Cavalier of Thorns. Cav found Nyx, I had two untapped dorks, Nyx cast two Storm the Festivals in to more Nyx and another Karn.
1 Kiora and 1 Karn in the GY, 1 Kiora and 1 Karn on the battlefield. Pull [[Restorative Burst]] from Karn, return Kiora and Karn, create a loop. I had a [[Treasure Vault]] on the battlefield to create black mana for the [[Pestilent Cauldron]] half. Once you gain a shit ton of life you cast Cauldron and mill your opponent out.
The problem is the Enigmatic Incarnation deck was a Yorion deck and still had 56 cards in the deck. I had to gain 56 life through the loop to win, at 4 life per loop. The problem is my hands are fucked. Repetitive motions like that are difficult for me. I still do it insanely fast, just not fast enough for the turn timer. It is also possible to misclick and turn off your combo if you select the wrong Karn, or if you have exactly enough mana for the loop in devotion, the wrong kiora. I still had 15 minutes on my match timer, but I ran through 3 timeouts clicking through the combo as fast as I could. What the fuck?
My opponent did not concede despite showing him a win condition in my infinite loop (because they were a piece of shit).
I obviously queued again and won twice to make it to mythic, but like... why does the turn timer force you to waste your timeouts and eventually pass your turn when you're clearly taking actions. Is there a way to combo faster in mono g to get around this limitation? It was a clear and definite win, but passing the turn and playing it out fair was super unfavorable. Idk.
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2023.03.25 05:01 mollytime Legal Weed in Canada: After prohibition.....we've entered a far darker place

I've not posted in forever.
One of the main reasons is that legal cannabis in Canada has been driven by market realities: people want cheap dope while plentiful illicit supply exists.
This situation has manifested in publicly listed cannabis companies (and their investors) watching the money go poof almost as fast as it can be smoked. Large cannabis companies, small ones, and even the ones in the middle....have seen their future earnings potential disappear. Along with their share prices. Uncertainty about more regulatory meteor strikes, and the arbitrary nasty-grams sent out by Health Canada isn't exactly helping.
On the 'closer to home' side of things (British Columbia)..... the politicos and sycophants and fart-catchers see nothing in charging small business $money$ to 'engage' political decision makers.
In BC, you can belly up to the bar - pay cash to be there - and happily sit in the very room (OMG!!!!) with those very people. Those who built and installed the provincial State Monopoly. A State Monopoly that needlessly warehouses product. And arbitrarily skims 15% of every transaction that they 'choose' not to have to sully their moist-handed-State-Monopoly hands with.
What has prompted this though isn't the rolling shit-show of 13 State Monopolies confiscating tithes from the citizen.
That horse bolted before most Canadians ever knew what even was happening. Quebec remains a statist ghetto of illicit dope....and Ontario imports. Other provinces are muddling along, taking in hundreds of millions of dollars.....and pathing it into 'General Revenue'. No earmark nor intended purpose attached. They don't have to ;)
They all came along too late anyway.
The Federal Government had already defined the economic landscape. The Provincial-Ministerial-Grubs came in as soon as they take as much as they thought possible. With the same speed as garbage pickers flocking in the moment after the dozer finished moving the latest pile in the landfill. The federal gov't the dozer, municipalities as the seagulls.
Remember the impetus behind federal legalization?
i) Keep children safe
ii) safeguard public health
iii) eliminate the illicit market
(don't feel bad if you laughed out loud, I just had a laugh typing that).
Not much to look at in hindsight. Not much to look at now.
What did prompt this write is the arbitrary dunking of a BC legacy medical cannabis fixture: The Victoria Cannabis Buyer's Club.
They got popped yesterday for doing what they've always done.
I saw some quotes from that article....straight from NDP-CENT-COM: "illegal retailers would face enforcement activities from the CSU.” ; “proactive strategies and in response to complaints received from the public, government agencies, police, legal market operators and others,”
So fucking rich it hurts.
There's 5 dispensaries within a 75km radius of me that aren't licensed. In any way at all. They've been reported. By me. By 2 local retailers (BC Licensed too!) that I know of. Yet, the good ppl of CSU can muster an enforcement action in Victoria and bring along local police as muscle. All in 72 hours. Presumeably the police were there 'just in case'. Maybe the NDP's phones can call the CSU faster since it's closer to the Legislature.
The illegal dispensaries near me have been operating freely for years, happily turning over tens of thousands of tax-free dollars in sales weekly among the lot of them.
The BC NDP gov't is pursuing selective enforcement, and I'm assuming pretty damn proud of it. After all, if you only chase one 'bad guy' - that must be the only 'bad guys' out there. Right? To all you small and mid-sized businesses in BC: it may sound good on the ear to be invited to 'engage' and 'create dialogue' with the wider base of 'stakeholders' (read provincial NDP MLA's and their Party).
I relate much of this because it is local, and I can see it and engage with it and know the folks and reality of it. I know how 'stakeholders' are seen as nothing more than a potential donor.
If you don't pony up? Well, there's many 'priorities' political parties face. If you 'aren't at the table'....well, your voice might not be heard'
That's the reality folks. The savvy reader will note that I haven't even broached the topic of medical v recreational. Which, is the central piece of the NDP kneecapping Victoria Cannabis Buyer's Club. Provincially, they can decide: they are in charge of health care delivery in the Province. Full stop. Their choice? Cite and prosecute. Says everything, all by itself. That I haven't even needed to go there....
Hey - if someone is at the pay-to-play access party the BC Craft Farmer's Co-Op is throwing......ask Brittny Anderson (] why she supports warehousing by BC's State Monopoly. Ask her why she supports the existence of a State Monopoly for cannabis. Ask her why the State Monopoly tithes craft-producers an arbitrary number where no-product handling occurs (yeah, the press release doesn't mention the 15% tithe. Talking about money isn't proper in polite company after all). Ask how if she knew that tithe crimps privately-owned retailer margins and stresses small-producer viability, would she work to change that. Specifically: HOW she WILL change that.
Ask Mike 'My Hand-Is-In-Your-Wallet-Because-I-Love-You' Farnsworth - why the BC NDP government has spent more than $275MM1 building their State Monopoly. Someone folksy enough might even get away with a "Why warehouse Mike? kinda question. .
Ask him how many $$$/yr in fees collected by the State Monopoly directly subsidizes State Monopoly retail storefronts in the Province. The storefronts that compete directly with small business owners.
Speaking of engagement...if we're asking questions......hey Mr. Farnsworth....and 'hi' there Ms. Anderson......why don't you reach out to me?
We can have a public conversation...engaging voters and citizens and stakeholders in a process of transparency...take a moment to present all of the the numbers....and have a fulsome discussion about the existence of State Monopolies, and their competing with small business.
Perhaps we could even broach the uneven/arbitrary enforcement of law in the province of B.C.
You adult conversation.
I know these issues must be of critical importance to legislators. I mean, you make the law after all. The laws that govern and treat all citizens equally, and enacted to build a better world. You know...the 'big stuff'.
I'll wait by the phone.
1 - that $275MM is imputed. All I can directly track is ~-$189MM...and can't split out any amounts beyond that. The BC NDP rolled their newest State Monopoly's budget into an annual "Federal Emergency Wildfire Funding' column of some ~=$500MM in 2019 - a fund which gets topped up annually through federal transfers. I lost visibility after ~=$192MM had been spent, and imputed the rest based upon additional storefront/warehouse additions performed).
The preceding is the opinion of the author
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2023.03.25 04:40 Sherpaguppy Almighty AscensionMan 2023 disclosure. It's time for some creative destruction!

If you were in this sub in 2020, you might have read some of my posts talking about saving the world and fighting back against the forces of evil and back then it's all seemed like a psychotic episode. Well now it is 2023 and I want to say I haven't stopped. Everything I was talking about was true. So I'm not gonna give up, I never will. I'm not even gonna post about any of the stuff because theres satanic bots and users who purposely distract others and derail seriously useful conversations. Just know that your days are numbered. Also btw if anyone out there actually has technology to know who I am I'm just curious why don't you just make me an offer. You fuckers are having all the orgies doing all the dope spending all the money on stupid shit but you couldn't invite your boy?
That's what pisses me off the most. You know what my weakness is but you refuse to let me have some fun so fuck you I'll bring in the new age and have my own fucking orgies and use magick to make a world more beautiful than ever imagined. People won't need to go to heaven because I'll make a place they'll want for nothing in and educate them on true spiritual mysteries.
This could've all went so differently. We want the same goal is just I see the sheep as equals not just resources. Power thru always beats power over.
A.M owt
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2023.03.25 03:46 niles_deerqueer The Art of Forgetting - Caroline Rose’s Masterpiece: An Odyssey of Mental Health and Identity by Niles Hollowthorn

Hello, and welcome to the final review of my LONER, Superstar, and The Art of Forgetting trilogy. It’s been a pleasure being able to write all of these and share my thoughts with everyone about how I feel about Caroline Rose’s records, and it sort of saddens me that the anticipation for The Art of Forgetting has vanished with the album’s release. However, that anticipation has been replaced with something else, which you will discover over the course of this deep-dive review.
After the tragedy that was Superstar, success-wise, Caroline had no intention of making another album. In fact, they were too depressed to do much of anything. Not only had Superstar failed, but the world was crumbling around them due to the pandemic, and their own personal universe collapsed after their heart was shattered by the ending of one of the most important relationships in their life. A relationship so important that it changed them and is the context of this record.
Caroline had some soul-searching to do. Eventually, this album had risen from the ashes of the split-level home where their love resided.
It’s no secret that this was one of the records I was probably the most hyped for in my lifetime (I literally had a countdown widget on my home screen for it). During my Superstar review, I explained how I had only really gotten into that record back in January of 2023, but you don’t need to have listened to an album for years to have a deep love and appreciation for it. Case and point. When Love / Lover / Friend was released, I was a little confused. This was the first music since 2020, and it was an atmospheric track with no percussion or drive? I didn’t connect with it at the time. Fast-forward to the announcement of The Art of Forgetting and the release of Miami and I was totally intrigued. I thought Miami was the best song they had ever done up to that point, and with the press release talking about how the album's focus was on mental health and more honest lyrics, plus a rawer sound, I was immediately hyped.
I will be completely honest in saying that I believe an album’s cover goes a long way, even though it’s the music that matters the most. Still, this is the photographic context of the entire record, like the cover of a book. Some people will be drawn in by an album cover alone, and I think one of my favorite things about albums is the cover. Especially if they have meaning. The Art of Forgetting’s cover, then, might be my favorite album cover in general. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I had first laid them upon it. Caroline sits in a big red chair, wearing a fur coat, and donning a scarlet blindfold. With a cigarette in their right hand and a glass of wine in their left, the house around them is engulfed in flames. The entire thing brings to mind the “this is fine” meme, but in a far more slick way. Though it may look badass at a first glance, the entire thing represents the collapse of your life and love, and learning to find ways to move on from that and inevitably be content. I just totally love it.
Now does the music live up to the sheer hype and incredible album cover, or is Caroline’s new work a step in the wrong direction? After all, they are shedding the quirky LONER and glamorous Superstar personas. They are abandoning tracks that make you get up and move your body (Though there are still some), and they are being completely open and honest with their lyrical storytelling. Well, my friends, I’m sitting here trying to write this review while Miami blares in my ears and I try not to let tears cloud my vision. This is an utter triumph from Rose, and I am a total sucker for honesty in lyrics and emotional music.
I am brought to my knees by The Art of Forgetting, so let’s find out why:
Love / Lover / Friend - As I stated before, I wasn’t too excited by this song when it came out, but boy does it give me so many feelings now. Knowing that this song is the opener to the album made me understand it completely, and it is quite the intro. The soft guitar strumming, the cinematic strings, the soft voice, it’s all meant to introduce you to a record that is a far departure from Superstar. Strap yourself in, we’re riding the train of emotions today, friends! During the 2nd half, Caroline showcases their love for songs that are purely vocal by using theirs in all sorts of interesting away and creating a desperate and pained feeling. And it makes sense, as this song is all about the frustration at a fraying relationship, Rose not keen with their heart being messed around with and achingly reinforcing who they are to their partner. It hurts but makes for a stunning track. This song is the denial stage of grief.
Rebirth - When I tell you my jaw hit the floor during this song, I’m not kidding. First of all, I don’t usually like vocal distortion most times, but Caroline’s voice just sounds so good here, and it was a super cool choice for the song. It gives the song its identity by being the only track that has that particular distortion, too. But the song starts with a cut-up guitar, which is an incredibly cool and freaky sound. Already, Caroline is showing off their creativity in this album. The part where my jaw fell on the floor is after the first “Packed for rebirth” when the Spanish guitar comes in and then Caroline’s vocals, followed by the feral drums that make this sound like a ritualistic dance. For a song called Rebirth, it just ties the whole thing together. To me, the song is about the longing to be someone else. The song describes the feelings after the relationship in Love / Lover / Friend has crumbled, and Caroline is explaining how they are ready to start over so they have another chance, but ultimately life isn’t that simple. Sick track.
Miami - This song was released and my eyes were open. It had the softer sound that Love / Lover / Friend had but I thought the acoustic guitar was beautiful. Cut to Caroline’s cassette clicking, then the song’s electric guitars EXPLODING in my ears. Holy shit. The feeling this gave me the first time I heard this song will never leave me. Those epic drums making this charge longer than live just fill me with so much emotion. That finale where Caroline is crying out and we get the title of the album as if to welcome us to the journey we are about to go on. After all, it’s still the beginning of the track list! At this point in the narrative of the album, Caroline has forgotten how to love themself, and this song documents the emotions they were feeling, and a conversation with their mother about their depressed state. The song’s epic finale tells us this is them forgetting how to love themself, but ultimately they will need to move on after all of the pain.
Better Than Gold - I’ll be honest, after hearing that this album was going to have voicemails throughout, I was prepared to not enjoy them, but boy was I wrong. They are one of my favorite aspects of the album and reinforce its themes so strongly. It might sound weird to review a voicemail from someone’s grandma, but I’m reviewing the album as a whole, so it can’t be helped. Caroline’s Mee-Maw’s voice sounds so comforting with the soft crooning, natural flow, and Southern accent. Hearing Caroline’s name, specifically, in the album personalizes the record to them, but that name can be replaced with anyone’s, I feel. We can all be Caroline, and maybe some of us have been Caroline. Heartbreak is a human experience and most of us will go through it. More on the voicemails later. The fact that Mee-Maw forgot to hang up the phone and we could hear her natural conversation and sweetness with her aid is so lovely. It reminds us of the kindness of other people in life which is one of the greatest traits humanity has. The movie Everything Everywhere All At Once says it best: “Be kind.”
Everywhere I Go I Bring the Rain - What a song! It’s upbeat and you can definitely dance to it, which a lot of the fans of their previous albums will appreciate. The acoustic guitar inspired a good feeling inside, yet this song is really a facade, as were the tracks on Superstar. Before we get to the lyrics, I want to say the bridge of the song is great with the percussion pattern flip, but the ending of the song is breathtaking, as well as unexpected. It’s only the last minute of the song, but Caroline knows how to craft an amazing ending, and the switch to a wild style of drumming at the end as the song fades out is one of my favorite artistic choices on the record. The lyrics being sung over the crazy drums emphasize the intensity of the message. The entire song is all of Caroline’s pain and self-doubt rolled up into one track. They are self-deprecating and brutally harsh on themselves, but in the end, we discover that it's time to face that pain head-on because you can’t just escape it, no matter what you do. In a way, I feel like it’s a message to anyone who is hard on themselves that maybe it's time to look inside of themselves and start the journey to improvement. “You can never run away from your pain” may sound hopeless on its own, but in my eyes, it’s a battle cry that means you need to get up and do something about that pain. Outstanding. The depression stage of grief.
The Doldrums - This was yet another single and, while dreamy and gorgeous, I didn’t understand it as the follow-up to Miami. It was slow and methodical but didn’t really feel like single material. I must say, in the context of the album, I freaking love it. It has the incredible sound of the album and some amazing piano work. Halfway through, when the percussion comes in, it just adds some depth to the song that it needed. The strumming of the harp adds a sort of heavenly feeling to an incredibly dark track lyrically. Originally, this song was far, far, longer, with about seven pages of lyrics, but Caroline felt they were far too dark to put out into the world. I can understand. I’ve been deeply depressed before, and it really hurts to look back on that version of yourself. Still, a song like this about mental health is important, and I’m thankful Caroline has shared any version of it with us. Definitely a necessary track to the album. After Everywhere I Go I Bring the Rain tells us we need to face our pain, The Doldrums is what that pain that we’re facing is. Haunting. The anger stage of grief.
The Kiss - I didn’t expect this song to be like this when I first heard it. I was expecting something to chill that would probably groove along, but instead, we got a synth dreampop track that continually builds during its runtime. This is the slowest moment of the album, but because The Doldrums was before it, it doesn’t bring the album’s pacing to a stop. As always, Caroline’s vocals sound incredible, and the way they layered them in this song is brilliant. It’s like multiple different versions of themselves experiencing the same thing. This song encapsulates the utter feeling of loneliness after a breakup, desiring the touch or kiss of anyone, just anyone. It doesn’t matter who it is, as long as Caroline’s feeling affection. When you’re alone with yourself and all the painful memories are playing over and over in your head, you just want nothing more than to create better memories with someone else. The loud final two minutes of the track cascade over you like the feelings in the lyrics cascade over Rose. I adore it and I’m glad they gave it so much time to build up.
Cornbread - What a beautiful interlude filled with guitar and synth. Mee-Maw is back, and we realize that Caroline hasn’t called her back or answered her voicemails since the last time. It’s heartbreaking, but hearing Mee-Maw’s voice grounds us, especially after the darkness of the last three tracks. It was overwhelming for Caroline, but having the voicemail from Mee-Maw showed something beautiful in humanity. Something as simple as thinking cornbread hit the spot reminds us that it’s the littlest things in life that add up to create joy. Just a wonderful and simple message and Mee-Maw isn’t even aware that she’s giving it to us, but that’s what makes it so pure.
Stockholm Syndrome - Why, oh why, oh why, couldn’t this track have been longer? It’s so lovely and beautiful and I wish Caroline had extended it further, but I understand some things aren’t meant to be. We are in the middle of a grieving process, after all. This is the album’s most humorous song, and it’s sort of like the bargaining stage of grief. “What if I kept trying to love you? Would you eventually love me back if I did something simple like writing a love song?”
Tell Me What You Want - The final single from the album, and I was thrown for a loop when it was released! You see, I was so hyped for this album that I had been constantly listening to a live version of this song on YouTube, so I thought I knew pretty much what to expect when going in. Boy, was I wrong. Caroline completely changed all of the lyrics, melodies, and instrumentals. It was a refreshing surprise and I must say, this is one of Caroline’s best vocal performances on a track. The vocal work on the album is stellar the entire time, but the performance here is just awe-inspiring. “ARE YOU TRYING, TRYING TO KILL ME?” sounds so desperate and pained and it is just fucking fantastic, excuse my language. This song goes through many dynamic shifts throughout, which keeps the song from ever feeling stale, always keeping you on your toes. Because the song talks about how confusing a relationship is, I bet Rose intended this to feel like how wild of a rollercoaster a faltering relationship is. It’s Caroline’s take on a classic breakup song, and one of the best I’ve ever heard, talking about the utter frustration from the lack of communication from a partner. Lack of communication is one of the leading causes of relationship deaths these days. Caroline also communicates how scared they are to let the relationship go because they know how much it will hurt, but they know that it can’t continue or it will just be an endless cycle of hurt. Sonically, the song is a sequel to Miami, and Rose ending the song with the wailing guitars from that song is such a great callback that it just elevates my opinions of them as an artist. What a track.
Florida Room - Originally a full song, this was meant to add more upbeat and happier tracks to the record, but it didn’t really end up fitting. Though it is not a message from the interlude, I think this situation still shows how you can’t force happiness into something like this, it has to come naturally. That’s true for any situation where joy is involved. The actual interlude, though, is another voicemail from Mee-Maw that again shows that Caroline is still not talking to her or answering her voicemails. The rule of three with these voicemails worked so well, and I feel that each one bookends a sort of chapter in the album. This one takes right to . . .
Love Song For Myself - Darn it, this melody gets stuck in my head so often. Truly a beautiful song that is another beat inclusion on the record. I haven’t talked about the bass that much in this review, but the bass on this song is super dope. The shift in the middle of the song where we get a slower drum pattern and Caroline comparing themself to a hurricane is amazing, but I love all the parts where the song’s main percussion pattern comes back in. It sounds amazing. The lyrics of this track show the journey to loving oneself again by affirming all the negative things that you think you are and then contrasting them with something good. Humans aren’t just one thing, they are a great many things, and Love Song For Myself is sort of cosmic in that way. At the end of the song, we get some beautiful synths that remind me of the stars, which ties into the cosmic feeling of the lyrics. Stunning song with some of my favorite lyrics on The Art of Forgetting. “If I am loneliness, then I’m the loneliest” is one of my absolute favorites.
Jill Says - Caroline Rose’s first piano ballad! I knew this going into it and expected something simple, yet powerful. I can’t believe how wrong I was again, as this song is complex in its layering and astounding all the way through. This is my favorite track on the album without a doubt, as much as I adore the rest. This song has so much room to breathe and gives us long stretches of instrumentals which are alluring and incredible and it all works so well. The song is a conversation with a therapist about a failed relationship and getting to the root of all the pain. In the end, Caroline finally accepts the loss of their relationship despite their continued feelings for their ex-lover. “I’m gonna miss you for a long, long time” never ceases to bring tears to my eyes.
Where Do I Go from Here? - The epic finale of our journey, Where Do I Go from Here? Has everything. It starts soft, then gets loud, then the drums continue in the second verse as the acoustic guitar joins it. The song then pulls back to give us gorgeous piano before SMASHING back into its utterly hopeful ending. This is it. Caroline Rose’s longest song is a cinematic masterpiece that ends the album with Rose finally learning to move on from all of the pain they have been experiencing through the course of the album. The end of the album recalls the Japanese art of kintsugi, without actually saying anything about it. Caroline has discovered this art on their own, for themself, and realized that all of the pain that we go through in life only leads us to be a more beautiful person in the end. I really began crying at the end when Caroline FINALLY calls Mee-Maw back. Throughout the album, we come to realize that Rose has included these voicemails to show just how much their grandmother was there for her, despite her failing memory. It’s what grounded them in this unbelievably hard period of their life, and what ultimately kept them going. It shows the support system that you have when you’re going through a mental health crisis and that despite not communicating with her, Caroline’s grandma was always thinking about them and missing them. It’s such a comforting feeling. I didn’t expect the album to have such a satisfying payoff, but Caroline’s voicemail at the end really completes the entire journey of the album. They are feeling good again and ready to open up and be happy. It makes me want to cry just thinking about it. What a fucking beautiful ending to, without a doubt, one of my favorite albums of all time now.
You know that feeling you get when you have been anticipating for so long and your expectations are actually met? That’s how I feel right now. It’s a huge feeling of relief, but in all honesty, I never doubted Caroline. This was their most personal album yet, and while yes it is about their personal journey of mental health, it’s meant to make people that struggle with depression feel seen and heard. I can’t even begin to tell you how validated I feel by this album and how incredible it is to have a queer artist that just gets me as a whole. I love quirky and fun Caroline, but as I stated before, humans aren’t just one thing. Caroline showed another facet of themself that elevated my appreciation for them as an artist.
From Superstar to The Art of Forgetting, it feels like multiple albums could have come out between then and now by Caroline because the progression is just that insane. People might complain that they can’t dance to these songs, but I genuinely don’t see how you can hear this album and think any part of it is boring. It’s meant to make you feel, and The Art of Forgetting once again shows just how powerful music is. Isn’t it a wonder how something created by someone else has the capacity to fish out feelings from our souls? Isn’t it incredible how a sequence of notes and words can drive one to tears?
It’s because it’s all part of the human experience. The artist is just giving us a glimpse into the world, allowing us to feel everything they felt at the time, and ultimately telling us a triumphant story of overcoming darkness. This is truly one of my favorite albums of all time and certainly will be my album of the year when we reach December. Thank you, Caroline Rose.
From the bottom of my heart,
Niles Hollowthorn.
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2023.03.25 03:22 Juinbug Haircuts that suit square-faced female idols?

As a square faced east asian girl, I am currently looking to expand my stan list and for dope hairstyles. What are some examples of square faced female idols and/or cool haircuts that suit them?
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2023.03.25 02:55 Snoopdiddly 24m Would love to hear from you!

✨ Interested in deep conversations , casual chats beneath the surface connections, and positive vibes✨
About me: I'm 24, from Michigan, my name is Reggie. I listen to a wide range of music and can also make a pretty dope playlist. I enjoy art, videogames, horror, sports, self improvement, and chatting with others as I have no friends lmaooo. Anyways feel free to send a chat.
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2023.03.25 02:53 XxYeshuaxX My girlfriend doesn't like the "End of the World" opening and I want to know the community's opinion

When I showed my girlfriend JoJo, she said she hated the End of the World but I think it's dope as fuck. It isn't my favorite, but it is so bad ass. Plus, the fact that the 3 original OP artists collaborated to make it and made an ultimate opening of sorts. She says she hates it for the part where the singers all say "ORA" but on the contrary, I think that's fucking awesome. Tell me what ya'll think.
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2023.03.25 02:37 Hybridkaiser Hex vs paradox.

I love my paradox and use it for some dope huzer flips as well as this sick back hand s line I've been practicing.
How does the hex perform compared? Seen it suggested as a replacement. Just would love to know why!
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2023.03.25 02:30 P------H------U First time seeing the Arctic Monkeys! How is it? (Live In Bangkok 2023)

My long wait and doubts have come to an end. This is a band that I'm a bit skeptical about their live performances. I have to say, I got into Arctic Monkeys after the release of their sixth album in 2018, well you can say I'm a new fan. My first impression of their live video was their sound that was kinda raw and not smoothly mixed. But my love for their live performance constantly grows from time to time. However, my bias about the band's gig was always skeptical.
I try not to expect anything from their newest set because we all know how they set their theme now (vintage oldie lounge music, how they rearranged 505 and Four Out Of Five, etc.). But when I first saw the stage, I was blown away by all their gear and equipment. It's like I’m staring at some kind of museum. All the synths and mics and amps and on and on, everything is rare vintage stuff. The show was one hour late because Jamie's guitar didn't work. So I spent an hour watching AM's technician work their ass off. Imagine you have to maintain a thousand years old equipment and make it work even though it's ready to break anytime. I don't blame them.
Was the performance like what I had in mind? Well, it kinda is lol. I mean their stage performance was absolutely great, no doubt. Seeing Alex being cool af in the fresh was unbelievable! But the sound was very muddy, especially at the beginning of the show. It keeps getting better but is still muddy. I can barely hear Jamie's guitar. Maybe it's because of the problem that occurred before the show starts, idk. I think the main problem is the show feels very slack. The obvious one was the Four Out Of Five and 505 rearrangements. Like, why do you change them man? It was boring tbh. Alex also often sings lay back (he did it for the entire song on Cornerstone). And there’s this breakdown-type stuff that they like to do. It's like slowing things down mid song or something like that. I mean when it works, it works. As they did it on Crying Lightning solo, that one was dope af! But other than that, it's just a bit too much imo.
Enough of the bad, let's talk about the good! Pretty Visitors.... hands down one of the best AM's songs to play live! Everything just went red and then boom, here comes the breakdown. That thing rocks the shit out of me! (It's when Alex did the bowling thing. He looks so silly but yet so cool at the same time haha). Rock songs on AM (Do I Wanna Know, Arabella, R U Mine) was spot on. Fuzzy, testy, and heavy sounding. Couldn't expect more! All of The Car (Sculptures, I Ain't, Body Paint, Mirrorball) were amazing! Especially Body Paint, man that's another one of my favourites from this show. The extended outro was so overwhelming. They just went all in on this song!
The band might've stuck a little bit too much of their oldie theme. But overall, they were still great! So if you like them, go buy the tickets! Just wanna write something to remind myself and share my opinion about the show. Hope you like it :)
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2023.03.25 01:22 milkbeforeyourcereal dope new cards for my collection! bought as singles

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2023.03.25 01:15 JamesRevan Druid attack speed is absolute trash compared to sorc LOL

Edit: Wind Druid is actually dope as hell. I wish i could edit my sleazebag post 😅
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2023.03.25 00:58 Vathy 34 [M4F] NYC/US - Still looking for either some short company or a long term thing, a connection/relalationship in person is nice, but will take what I can get

While I'm exhausted, I again know the only way to get anywhere is to put myself out there. If you think we'd click, reach out, please. I would love to get to know you, I really do. I appreciate the support, but I really want a message.
If you're here because you think we'd click due to us looking for something similar, I'd love to have you read on. I'd like to just find someone who doesn't want to feel any pressure in the way of expectations. I'm looking for someone I want to spend time with getting to know, where there's an eventual mutual interest (and attraction, I can save you the trouble by sharing with you a picture of myself here: and just, simply spend time doing stuff together.
I'll tell you a bit more about me: I'm:
I'm looking for someone who:
If you think we'd click, I'd love to hear from you. I get a lot of robotic messages (and not an actual person), so you can ask me what my favorite food is, or tell me your weirdest interest (according to your friends), or why you think my post brought you all the way to here. Just, well, anything.
Hope to hear from you soon :)
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2023.03.25 00:48 Vice-Value-Virtue [US,US][H] Pocketmonster, 10% off or free PWE for Purchases above $1, free BMWT for Purchases for over $50 [W] PP and Trades

Blister Pack Display Case
Never tried trading acrylic cases for booster packs. Let's see how it goes. I have about 50 of these. $13 TV for 1. 10 bucks each for everyone after that. TV. (Shipping included).

Prices below are based off Collector for Reference for English. TCG Republic for Japanese.

Baby Shinies
Trainer Galleries
JPN Scarlet and Violet
PP for the above for trade. I apologize if I did not get to some of you last time. Was hoping to move it as a lot. Failed spectacularly. I'll just be going in the order of what is asked.
$5 bmws for under 50. $1 PWE for purchases under $1
Trade Only NFS

PC Stuff for Wants and PC TV
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2023.03.25 00:13 KaiSen2510 Ranking every season’s final battle (No season 9 because I haven’t seen it and this is purely opinion)

For the best one, I’d have to say season 3. I love seeing team flash fight, IMO, the best villain the season ever had. This fights choreography, music, shots, everything was just awesome.
For the second best, I’d say season 1’s final fight. Literally everything applies here that did season 3, except thawne in the other best, they are tied for me. My only issue is that the fight is so short, it’s like a minute long. Other than that, amazing finale to one of the best seasons
Coming in at number three, I’d have to say season 7. Now this season was an absolute mess, but the Godspeed saga really saved it for me. The fact that this is the last time we see thawnes ONLY GOOD REVERSE FLASH SUIT IN THE SERIES, helps out. I love the lightning swords and the choreography is pretty dope. The very quick Barry vs Thawne showdown afterward is a great addition as well.
Number four is actually season 4. This is where the ranking gets tough for me, because off of these two are cool, but not legendary. This fight between Barry and Ralph fighting Devoe is dope, I love the hand to hand combat, and the moments where devoe just blocks and dodges everything. The agent smith moment was cool and all around, really love this fight.
Next up is number 5… with season 5. This fight is probably my second favorite thawne fight, which makes me kinda sad since it’s this low down, but aside from it being team flash fighting all together against thawne for the first time, nothing really happened. Nora disappearing was sad and… yeah that’s kind of it.
And now we get to the two I actually do not like. So, season 8’s final fight COULDVE BEEN THE BEST ONE! For a really lack luster season, they’d phosgene made it feel like Barry and thawne were just going full force for like five minutes just destroying everything… and we get that… for less than a minute. I’m not kidding, the fighting is less than a minute long and half of it is thawn throwing those tentacles at Barry. This fight was really disappointing for me because when I saw they both had pretty much godly powers, I was ready for an epic showdown… and that’s just not what we got.
And IMO, the worst final fight comes from probably the worst season. Season six… just… ugh. So, my first issue, the villain DOESNT EVEN FIGHT! Second, flash also doesn’t fight. Sure the choreography is actually pretty cool, but it just feels so meaningless. This season has the worst villains and this fight was just… I can’t even come up with anything other than… the villain wins?
So there’s my ranking, feel free to tell me your opinions down in the comments and hopefully season 9’s final showdown won’t be as disappointing as season 8’s.
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