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2023.03.25 12:07 Holiday_Dingo_5385 First longer drive and feel like a total newbie again

Sorry I know this is for learners but I feel like one again after today, passed in feb but have basically just been doing my commute and driving around my city. Today was my first longer journey on my own, only an hour and a half but the longest I've done and also my first real dual carriageway alone as the local one stays 50mph and I've only joined and left via the roundabouts so far.
Was going okay to start with but then started pouring down out of the blue which I think I dealt with fine but was stressful. Then got to the town I wanted and took a wrong turn despite following the satnav which meant going way out of my way, then the most terrifying hill start (somehow did it but thank god no one was behind because I rolled way more than I should have) and to top it off I just drove through a no entry bus lane to get into a supermarket because I wasn't focusing and by the time I saw the sign there was a bus behind me and I couldn't reverse (guessing I can expect a fine for that but dreading the risk of points).
Was gaining confidence but feel like I'm back to square one now. Questioning how I passed my test tbh, and the worst part is I still have to drive home.
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2023.03.25 12:07 who_are_you123 My (22F) fiance (23M) never asks me any questions? Why is he even with me?

It didn't bother me before, but in the last few days I've taken notice. So I ask a bunch of questions everyday because I'm interested in him and want to know stuff. I ask abt his opinions, how his day went, things abt his life...
But he never asks me anything! I'm starting to think he doesn't care or isn't interested. I sometimes tell him stuff by myself, and he listens and comments but if I didn't, he wouldn't hear much about me. Maybe I stop telling about my stuff to see if he is interested and would ask me.
I know people are different and it's not okay to force someone to "ask questions" which seems silly anyway.. but I've been wondering. And since this is something that comes so naturally to me I find it weird how you can not ask questions..
My father (56M) once told me how he met my mom (56F) and she was delighted how for the first time someone was actually interested in what she had to say. But my dad said to me he was only interested in my mother's looks and how she was the most beautiful woman in the city. And didn't care what she had to say. Then I kind of notice this now as I look for the dynamic in them. I guess I'm sfraid of having that for me as well.
I've also been thinking if he rly respects me much.. I found out accidentally that his ex was apparently making a lot of money and quite successful but he says she was abusive and stuff and I'm not worried about any ex whatsoever. But I'm NOT successful. I want to be in the future, but I made a mistake and chose the wrong career to study which now is costing me time and money. He also told me how his sister (20F) got a good paying job and how he is so proud and how she will be such great example to our kid (I'm pregnant 26 weeks). And from this I also think maybe he doesn't really respect me much? Like success-wise.. then he often also calls me a doormat and he's right I kind of am.. and he then also said his sister doesn't take shit so she will be a good rolemodel.
I keep thinking why is he even with me. He says I'm his best friend and favorite company but I don't see much value in me I guess. I kind of feel I'm just company to him and if I really asked in depth what he respected or liked about me there wouldn't be many things.. I asked him once I think like a year ago and I remember he was somehow struggling to think of things. But then I don't want to "test" him and it also feels self centered to ask someone list off good qualities of mine..
Tl;dr I noticed fiance never asks me anything. Is this a sign he is not truly interested in me and I'm just an accessory? Also I feel he does not se me as a respectable person.
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2023.03.25 12:07 throwawayiunkydhju Should this be reported or is it legal?

So, my spouse's boss is doing some sketchy seeming stuff. He's the owner, Mike, of a smaller manufacturing type company. One facility, maybe 75 employees altogether. Mike does a lot of questionable things but this may be putting the company at risk, and no, HR can't handle it because HR is his wife. They bought a house recently and they are completely renovating it. The thing is, Mike has been bragging about using a "loophole" to get things for his new house tax free by purchasing everything through the business. Things like flooring for the house. The other thing is, the business works with wood, so he has had all of his cabinetry and such made in the factory. That could be fine but the really weird part of that is as things are completed he pulls people from the floor and office and takes them to install it at the new house. Along with installing things, he has been pulling people to move things. Like, they brought a bunch of stuff to be stored at the factory for a little while and now has been using people to bring it to the new house. He isn't paying people any extra, they have no warning, and it all of this has been at the expense of time and resources that are supposed to go towards customers as he wants his house prioritized.
Is this legal? Especially the purchasing? It makes us nervous that an audit down the road could financially come back on the business and with Mike, there could be a lot more, and that they could be shut down or unpaid without warning. If we're on top of it, maybe it won't get worse?
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2023.03.25 12:07 Terrierist69 So they DO exist!

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2023.03.25 12:07 dominik-self-love Anyone here also feels like they'll be Lonely Forever because of Social Anxiety?

Well I feel you, because that's exactly how I felt too!
I think ever since I was bullied in school I always was afraid of people. I missed so many opportunities in my life because no matter how many self help books I was reading, I was just not able to overcome my anxiety. And even if I managed to be "normal" around people I still felt lonely. Because I felt like an alien, like I was different to everyone else.
❌ A normal relationship with a woman who accepts me for who I am? Not available since I finished school!
❌ Friends with whom I can share my hopes and dreams and who I feel deeply connected with? Not for me!
❌ Just interact with people without feeling completely nervous and socially awkward? Impossible!

With 22 I knew that either I have to change something or it will stay like this forever!
It was a wild journey ever since and despite a lot of set backs, rejections, insecurities and the feeling that I am too unlovable for anyone I can say that I overcame my social anxiety.
I don't want to brag with this post, the only thing I want is to give you hope in times where you maybe feel no hope.
Maybe this here is the motivation for YOU to take the first step today. To look out of the comfort zone a tiny little bit. To get help when you need help, as it is a sign of strength to ask for help not of weakness. If this here reaches one person who is struggling today I've done my job.
Because no matter how tall the wall seem that you are looking at right now, it is possible to overcome it.
If you need help or advice, let's discuss in the comments!
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2023.03.25 12:06 Far_Researcher_6045 AITA for not wanting my parents to meet my fiances mother?

I never liked my fiances mother. Neither does my fiance. Shes a terrible person. She used to abuse her quite a bit. Some examples are pushing her down the stairs when she was little, neglecting her when she was sick and throwing up and couldnt take care of herself, verbal abuse, ECT. Even when we announced our engagement at a family gathering , where it was my first time meeting some of her extended family, while everybody was happy for us her mother started shit talking us to everybody, went home angrily and didnt text us for two months because she's.. upset for some reason? I always thought she liked me enough, so I'm not really sure.
So yeah. She's a character. Shes also extremely passive aggressive. Shes kind of like an evil witch. Because of this, my fiance doesnt really want my parents meeting her quite yet. She likes my parents and my family, and she feels cloeer to them then i think she feels to her own mother, and i dont think shes comfortable sharing that part of her with my parents right now. Since she doesnt want my parents meeting her, i don't want them meeting her either, as I will always support her.
My mom isnt taking too kindly to this. She keeps asking me to meet her mother and i keep telling her no, not yet, just be patient, and i provide explanation as to why as well. But she just cant seem to accept it. So the other day when we were over at my parents for dinner, instead of asking me, she asked my fiance directly. My fiance is very non confrontational and sweet and doesnt easily say no to people, so she uncomfortably agreed and texted her own mother about it.
After we left, i texted my mother, upset, because i felt that she was overstepping the boundaries i had set, and she made my fiance uncomfortable even though she knew what was going on. Were now fighting over it and not really speaking to each other. I know she just wants to know more about my fiance and meet her family since we are getting married, but i feel as though this was unfair and callous, as well as selfish and she isnt thinking about how my fiance might feel about it.
So, give it to me straight, AITA? I want to know if I am being one. Thank you guys!
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2023.03.25 12:06 dragonmistress8 Deactivation/Legal Paranoia

I DD part-time along with other apps.
I took my first few alcohol deliveries tonight.
On my last one, I'm worried I might have submitted a photo of an ID that was punched "VOID." I couldn't really tell bc of poor lighting and it's not like I could look back at the pic when I realized, after the fact, "oh shit." I remembered it being sorta textured and am wondering why now.
Anxiety and paranoia about getting in some sort of trouble are setting in.
Does anyone have experience with this or have insight? Should I contact support or will that make it worse?
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2023.03.25 12:05 ElSuave_7u7 Should I say something?

I made some new friends while playing online during the pandemic 2 guys (which new each other in person and were good friends) and one girl to be exact and we use to play apex and other games almost every weekend, with time we got kind of close even do they never met me in person. Guy #1 started dating the girl since they use talk a lot and lived fairly close to each other but with the relationships ended after 2 years because they never workout. After the breakup the girl began to talk more to guy #2 and they began to hangout and watch movies on discord. The girl with time knew that she was doing something wrong because she only was trying to keep things as friends but the guy #2 got the wrong idea and began to try to be more than friends. The girl stopped it by clarifying that she only liked him as a friend. One month later guy #1 comes back and tries to get back with the girl but fails since he made her realize why it never worked out since he was too mentally abusive, guy #1 stopped talking to me and guy #2 after that. Now about 3 months later, after about 2 years of getting on almost every weekend to play online or sometimes just talk I feel like I don't really hang with them anymore mainly because of my job. For the past few weeks I've been suspicious of what they have going on, every time that I get to talk with guy #2 sometimes I would ask about the girl the answers were always kind of disinterested even though she would always hangout with him more than I would with guy #2. My conclusion came true and they recently started dating and it made me feel weird. I don't know if I should say something because I feel like that relationship it's base on them trying to find emotional support (which guy #2 was constantly and desperately looking for) and not really on having a good relationship. I've been feeling lonely and left out recently since they're the only friends I got at the moment and I haven't feel too included with them as we use to. I don't really know if I should say something about how I feel that their relationship is not base on true feelings or if I'm just thinking this because I've been feeling left out and lonely. (This is long but I felt like I had to give all the context)
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2023.03.25 12:05 WheeeeeThePeople NPR shutting down "Louder Than A Riot," podcast about Black women and queer persons in hip hop, and this university gender studies professor is not happy about it

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2023.03.25 12:04 dinkomaricic [H] Kartkraft, Call To Arms, Slay The Spire, Pathfinder WotR, Hell Let Loose, SCUM, Gotham Knights, Back 4 Blood, ETS2, Obduction, State Of Decay 2 Juggernaut, Tower Unite, Man Of Medan & Little Hope, Friday 13th, Satisfactory, Mordhau, Empyrion & 100's more [W] Wishlist, Paypal (EU)

I'm from EU,so GAMES SHOULD work pretty much anywhere
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My Steam account so you don't offer me something I own
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Only looking for Steam games - so don't offer origin,uplay,rockstar,bnet or ANY other launcher
100% of my games keys are bought by me from official stores & I expect the same in return,so don't offer me keyshop games or game keys you got in a trade as I will decline
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Don't offer me VR games as I don't own a VR headset

List of games I have:
Also have the Earthquake Relief bundle,but reddit wont let me write all the games cause my topic would be too big - just ask
7 Billion Humans
8Doors Arum's Afterlife Adventure
10 Second Ninja X
60 Seconds!
112 Operator
911 Operator
A Case Of Distrust
A Year Of Rain
Aeolis Tournament
Age Of Wonders III
Airport CEO
AI War 2
Alien Spidy
Aliens Vs Predator Collection
All You Can Eat
Almost There The Platformer
American Fugitive
Amnesia A Machine For Pigs + The Dark Descent (1 key for both games)
Amnesia Fortnight 2012
Amnesia Fortnight 2014
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Aragami (X2)
Army Men RTS
Attack Of The Earthlings
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Azkend 2 The World Beneath
Back 4 Blood (EU region lock)
Band Of Defenders
Baseball Riot
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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock
Beholder 2
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Bendy And The Ink Machine
Betrayer (delisted)
Between The Stars (X2)
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Beyond The Wire
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Dead In Vinland
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Drawful 2
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Dread X Collection
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Dungeon Of The Endless
Dungeons 2
Dungeons 2 Complete
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Elden Path Of The Forgotten
Emily Is Away
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Epic Manager
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F1 2018 (delisted)
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Going Under (X2)
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Golf Gang
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Grand Pigeon's Duty
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Gremlins Inc.
Grip Combat Racing + Cygon + Nyvoss + Terra + Vintek DLC (X2)
Guts And Glory (X2)
Haiku The Robot (X2)
Hamilton's Great Adventure
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Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice NEW
Hello Neighbor
Hero Defense
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Hidden & Dangerous Action Pack
Hidden & Dangerous 2 Courage Under Fire
Hive Jump (X2)
Hiveswap Act 2
Hiveswap Friend Sim
Hiveswap Friend Sim Complete
Homeworld Deserts Of Kharak
Hotshot Racing
Hot Tin Roof The Cat That Wore A Fedora
Hot Wheels Unleashed
Hover (X2)
Human Resource Machine
I Am Bread
I Am Not A Monster First Contact
Ice Lakes
If Found...
Impact Winter (delisted)
In Between
Inexistence Rebirth NEW
Infinite Air With Mark McMorris (delisted)
Influent NEW
Internet Cafe Simulator
Interplanetary Enhanced Edition
Ion Fury
Iron Danger
Iron Harvest
Jack Axe
Jet Set Knights
Juanito Arcade Mayhem
Jump Stars
Jurassic World Evolution
Jurassic World Evolution 2 NEW
Just Die Already
Kathy Rain Directors Cut
Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (X2)
Kill To Collect
Kingdom Classic (X2)
Kingdom New Lands
Kingdoms Of Amalur Re-Reckoning Fate Edition
King Oddball
Last Oasis
Last Tide
Lawn Mowing Simulator
Lead And Gold Gangs Of Wild West (X2)
Legacy Of Dorn Herald Of Oblivion (delisted)
Legend Of Keepers Career Of A Dungeon Master
LEGO Movie Videogame
Leisure Suit Larry Retro Bundle (1 to 7)
Lethal League Blaze
Liberated (GOG key)
Lifeless Planet Premium Edition
Light Fall
Little Big Workshop
Love Is Dead
Lust For Darkness
Lust From Beyond M Edition
Magrunner Dark Pulse
Maid Of Sker
Main Assembly (X2)
Mars Horizon
Masquerade The Baubles Of Doom
Max Payne 3 (Rockstar Launcher)
Midnight Protocol
Mind Scanners
Mini Metro
Miscreated (X2)
Monster Crown NEW
Monster Train Collectors Edition
Moon Hunters
Morbid The Seven Acolytes
Motorcycle Mechanic Simulator 2021
Motorsport Manager
Mount And Blade Warband
My Lovely Daughter
Nairi Tower Of Shirin
Naruto To Boruto Shinobi Striker
Nascar Heat 5 Ultimate
NecroVisioN Lost Company
Neighbours Back From Hell
Neo Cab
Neon Abyss
Nickelodeon All Star Brawl (X2)
Ninjin Clash Of Carrots
No Time To Relax
Not Tonight
Numba Deluxe
Odyssey The Story Of Science
Of Orcs And Men
Old School Musical
OlliOlli World Rad Edition
On Rusty Trails
One Finger Death Punch 2
Onikira Demon Killer
Orbital Racer
Orcs Must Die 2 Complete
Original War
Orwell Ignorance Is Strength
Out Of Reach Treasure Royal
Overlord II
Override Mech City Brawl
Paint The Town Red
Paper Fire Rookie
Paradise Lost
Pathfinder Wrath Of The Righteous
Pathologic 2
Path Of Giants
Paw Paw Paw
Payday 2 + Big Mike mask
Peaky Blinders Mastermind (delisted)
People Playground (X2)
Perfect Heist 2
PGA Tour 2K21 (X2)
Phoenix Point Year One Edition
Pinstripe (X2)
Plane Mechanic Simulator
Playne The Meditation Game
Popup Dungeon
Post Void
Pound Of Ground (X2)
PowerSlave Exhumed
Prehistoric Kingdom
Primal Carnage Extinction (X2)
Project Cars GOTY (delisted)
Project Hospital
Project Warlock
Pumped BMX+
Punch Club
Purrfect Date
Quest Of Dungeons
RAD (X2)
Radio Commander
Rad Rodgers Radical Edition
Railroad Tycoon 2
Railroad Tycoon 3
Railway Empire
Raji An Ancient Epic
Rebel Cops
Rec Center Tycoon
Red Faction Armageddon
Red Solstice 2 Survivors
Redeemer Enhanced Edition
Redout Enhanced Edition
Remothered Broken Porcelain
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition
Resident Evil 6
Resident Evil Revelations (X2)
Resident Evil Revelation 2 Deluxe Edition
Ring Of Pain
Rings Of Saturn
Riot Civil Unrest
Rise Of Industry
Rise Of Insanity
Riven The Sequel To MYST
Roarr! The Adventures Of Rampage Rex
Rogue Heroes Ruins Of Tasos
Rogue Lords NEW
Rogue Stormers
Rover Mechanic Simulator
RPG Maker VX
Sable NEW
Salt And Sanctuary
Satellite Reign
Saturday Morning RPG
Say No! More
Serious Sam 2
Serious Sam BFE (X2)
Serious Sam Classics Revolution
Serious Sam Double D XXL
Serious Sam HD The First & Second Encounter (1 key for both)
Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter Legend Of The Beast
Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter Serious 8
Serious Sam Kamikaze Attack
Serious Sam The Random Encounter
Serious Sam Bogus Detour
Shadow Tactics Aiko's Choice
Shady Part Of Me
She Remembered Caterpillars
She Will Punish Them
Shock Troopers
Shogun's Empire Hex Commander NEW
Shuyan Saga
Sid Meier's Civilization VI
Sid Meier's Railroads
Simulacra Collection
Skullgirls 2nd Encore
Slay The Spire
Slime Rancher
Slinger VR
Smoke And Sacrifice (X2)
Sniper Elite V2 Remastered
Sniper Elite 4 Deluxe + Season Pass
Song Of Iron
Spacebase DF-9
Space Hulk Ascension (delisted)
Sparkle 2
Sparkle Unleashed
Spellcaster University
Spelunx And The Caves Of Mr. Seudo
Starsand (X2)
Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy
Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic
State Of Decay 2 Juggernaut Edition (X2)
State Of Mind
Steel Rats
Stick Fight The Game (X3)
Stories Untold
Streets Of Fury EX
Stubbs The Zombie
Styx Shards Of Darkness
Submerged Hidden Depths
Suchart Genius Artist Simulator NEW
Super Indie Carts
Super Magbot
SurrounDead (X2)
Surviving The Aftermath
Swag And Sorcery
Sword Legacy Omen
Swords And Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon
Swords And Souls Neverseen (X2)
Syberia II
Syberia 3 Deluxe Edition
Syberia The World Before NEW
System Shock Enhanced Edition
Table Manners The Physics-Based Dating Game
Tabletop Playground
Take On Helicopters
Tales From Candlekeep Tomb Of Annihilation (delisted)
Tales Of Monkey Island Complete
Talisman Digital Edition + City,Frostmarch,Sacred Pool (trading only as a bundle)
Talisman Origins
Tank Mechanic Simulator
Telefrag VR
Teleglitch Die More Edition
Tennis In The Face
Tennis World Tour (X2)
Tesla Vs Lovecraft
Tharsis (X2)
The Amazing American Circus
The Ambassador Fractured Timelines
The Adventure Pals
The Battle Of Polytopia
The Battle Of Polytopia Moonrise Deluxe
The Count Lucador
The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope
The Dark Pictures Anthology Man Of Medan
The Free Ones (delisted)
The Golf Club 2019 featuring PGA Tour
theHunter Call Of The Wild (X3)
The Journey Down Chapter Three
The King Of Fighters 2002 Unlimited Match
The Last Blade
The Long Dark Survival Edition (X2)
The Manhole Masterpiece Edition
The Mims Beginning
The Night Of The Rabbit
The Serpent Rogue
The Signifier Director's Cut
The Textorcist The Story of Ray Bibbia (X2)
The Uncertain Last Quiet Day (X2)
The USB Stick Found In The Grass
The Walking Dead Season 1 + 400 Days
The Wild Eight (X2)
There Is No Game Wrong Dimension
They Bleed Pixels
Think Of The Children
This War Of Mine
Thronebreaker The Witcher Tales
Through The Darkest Of Times
Time Recoil
Titan Quest Anniversary
Toejam & Earl Back In The Groove
Tools Up
Tooth And Tail (X2)
Torchlight (X2)
Total Tank Simulator
Toto Temple Deluxe
Tower Of Time (X2)
Tower Unite
Townscaper (X2)
Townsmen A Kingdom Rebuilt
Toybox Turbos
Tracks The Train Set Game
Train Station Renovation
Treasure Hunter Simulator (X2)
Tribes Of Midgard
Tropico 4
True Fear Forsaken Souls Part 1
Tyranny Deluxe Edition
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Unshaded NEW
Vambrace Cold Soul
Verdun (X2)
Vikings Wolves Of Midgard
Volcanoids (X2)
V Rally 4
Wanderlust Travel Stories (GOG key)
Warhammer End Times Vermintide
Warlock Master Of The Arcane
Wasteland 2 Director's Cut NEW
We Are The Dwarves
We Should Talk
West Of Dead
Western Press
We Were Here Together
When Ski Lifts Go Wrong
Where The Water Tastes Like Wine
While True: Learn() Chief Technology Officer Edition
White Day: A Labyrinth Named School
Wooden Sen'SeY
Worms Rumble + Legends DLC
Wrath Aeon Of Ruin
XCOM Complete Pack
XCOM Ultimate Collection
Xenoraid The First Space War
X Morph Defense + European Assault + Last Bastion + Survival Of The Fittest (1 key for all)
XIII Classic
Xuan-Yuan Sword The Gate Of Firmament
Yet Another Zombie Defense HD
Ylands Exploration Pack
Yoku's Island Express
Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair
Zack 2 Celestine's Map
ZIC Zombies In City NEW
Zombie Kill Of The Week Reborn

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2023.03.25 12:04 iEmerald How to Update my Old Resume? What Requires Changing?

Here's my old Resume ..
I built it using NovoResume, and it helped me land my current job.
I believe the time has come to update this, especially since I am mostly applying to Remote Jobs, I want to use a single-column one instead, with no photos, so I won't face any trouble with ATS's.
I would be happy if you help me out with the following!
And please, do share your tips for me if you have any! My main goal is finding remote work as a Software Engineer, I have about 3 years experience in the field. With my current employer being a US-based startup.
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2023.03.25 12:04 AgentTrip I (24F) blew up at my parents (67M) (55F) for their treatment of my brother (26M), but I feel guilty.

TLDR at the bottom. So my (24F) brother (26M) is getting married in around a month's time to his fiancé of like 5ish years (25F). They're both such lovely handsome people and I'm thrilled for them both. Honestly their pre wedding photoshoot was so gorgeous.
The issue is my parents. My brother is going to be going joint surname with his fiancé for their wedding, to a double barrel, like Smith-Stone for instance rather than just Smith. My parents are really angry about this, and I think its more than they outwardly show. I will use Smith as the example for the rest of this.
Around this time last year they called me to moan about the name situation to me. I told them they were being childish and that my brother is an adult and if they want to do that, there is nothing wrong with it. I thought that was the end of it.
However over the past few months, my parents have been on my brother's case about the name. My dad (67M) has been sending my brother texts of supposed quotes and signing them off "your Grandfather, a Smith". He'd told my brother that his great Uncle is going to be really hurt about him "Giving up his name", and my brother responded that if he's that hurt he's welcome to come talk to him about it. My dad is one of 3 brothers, 3 uncles, and he's the only one with a son, and his perspective is his lineage is dying and he's upset by it.
My brother has been communicating these things that they've been saying to him over the months, but with the wedding drawing close its only gotten worse. I woke up this morning to a text from my brother saying that my mum (55F) had just gotten off the phone with him and told him quote: "You wanting to change your surname is so upsetting, I just can't get over it, I think that's why things changed for me."
My brother told me he now feels like less of a parents in our parents' eyes, and I'd just had enough. I'll transcript what I sent here.
Me: I'm incredibly disappointed in you and dad for how you've been treating *brother* about his wedding. Poor boy is so very upset. It's only a name, get over yourselves. My views on you both as parents have been damaged, but I imagine they're damaged beyond repair for *brother*.
Mum: This is all being blown way out of proportion. Of course we're happy for them. It maybe only a name for you but it means a lot to us that's all but it's his decision and we accept that but I'm allowed to feel a bit sad about it. That's an upsetting thing to say.
Me: If I changed my name upon marriage would you be upset? I chose to keep part of my partner's name would you be upset? Or if they took mine entirely? If I married a woman and took her name would you be upset? As these are all real scenarios that could happen. I'm not ranting because of my brother, I'm ranting for myself . I thought you and dad were more modern than that, you had this conversation with me almost a year ago and I'm shocked you're both still upset, how long are you going to be upset for?
She hasn't responded to my message and I'm worried I went a little bit too harsh on her. I also do believe though that she's not being truthful when she says that its been blown out of proportion due to the things my brother has been telling me over the months. My friends are worried that my parents are going to try something at the wedding, which is why I felt like I needed to have a word. Still, I guess I feel guilty for upsetting my mum. Was I too harsh, or did I do the right thing in defending my brother?
TL;DR: My parents are upset at my brother for wanting to take his fiancé's surname and become joint surname. They're upset that they're losing a lineage, and have been guilting him for months, so I told them off for it pretty harshly.
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2023.03.25 12:04 Altaccount1445 I (26M) am hopeless and need advice on what to do about my crush (30F)

This is bound to become at least a little longwinded, apologies in advance. Also mandatory "not a native English speaker" disclaimer. TL;DR at the end. I also apologize if this is not the correct sub for a post like this.
So I enrolled in uni in january. Everything's been going great and I've met a lot of cool new people. One of these new people I'll call Kate.
We talked for the first time during a board game night held by some of the senior students to help us freshmen get better acquinted. Her effect on me was rather immediate. She's charming, funny, smart, and pretty too. When I mentioned that I was starting a D&D campaign for some of the other freshmen who were interested, she asked to join too. Of course I accepted, even though the party was already too large. One of the other players dropped out though so it's fine.
Anyway, Kate has been very interested in the homebrew setting I'm building for the campaign. For example she was constantly asking me when my overview of the world history would be ready to share. And although she was the last to join she was still the first to submit a backstory for her character and a character portraid she painted herself.
Through all this it feels my crush on her only grew. But I also knew since our first meeting that she already had a boyfriend so I pushed my own feelings aside, not interested in trying to get between them. I asked during a freshers party how long they'd been together, and she said a little over 4 years, with this also apparently being the healthiest relationship she'd ever been in. So I pretty much abandoned all hope at that point.
At this point I guess I should also point out that I have never been in a relationship myself and I've also only ever had one crush in my life before in middle school. There are several reasons for this but chief among them would be the trauma of my dad abandoning me and me internalizing that I am utterly unworthy of affection and being loved. So there's that. Working on it but it's been slow going.
But obviously I wouldn't be writing this if this was the end of it. Kate and I are part of the same group project and during our last discord meeting she said she's moving and doesn't know if she'll have wifi in her new apartment during the next meeting since it's unclear yet if she or her now-apparently-ex boyfriend will be taking the router. One of our other group members, let's call her Alice, said Kate would be welcome to come to her place to work on the project together since she was moving into her neighborhood. Alice also kind of off handedly invited everyone else in the group to come over and work at her place. I asked her the next day if the invitation was a serious one or just banter (I honestly sometimes have difficulty differentiating the two) and she said I'd be welcome to join them.
That is tomorrow. I don't know what to do about Kate. I mean, she's apparently single now but if so she has just gotten out of a pretty long and serious relationship and I don't want to try and butt in if she's hurting. Should I do something? Say something? I'm not sure if it's my place to even ask her about why her relationship ended since even though I would consider us friends I'm not sure if we're yet close enough for that. I still like her a lot though. My gut says that I should give her some space but I'm also worried that if I don't act soon this will be just another opportunity among many that I've let pass me by.
Any chance you guys might have some advice for me?
TL;DR: My crush just got out of a long term relationship and I don't know how to, or if I even should, approach her.
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2023.03.25 12:03 xi-ve non aro asexuals, what does jealousy feel like?

i hope this is the right reddit and that you all could give me a bit of insight to this. i’ve been comfortable with the term pan demi since i learned about it when i was younger, but about a year ago i began exploring the idea of being aroace. won’t get into it too much, not really essential to the story/question
a couple of months ago when i was finally becoming comfortable with the idea of being aroace after spending all my life being a hopeless romantic, a guy i knew messed it all up cause i feel like i developed a crush on him. it seemed different from all the “crushes” i thought i had in the past (part of the reason why i began questioning if i was aro as well as ace). i didn’t tell anyone in our circle. there was no way i could have after blabbering their ears off with my confusion over my identity. mostly, i wanted to wait it out. i hoped that it was just infatuation or a friend crush or a bit of obsession over this somewhat new guy in our group who’s attractive and attentive. if i put it out there without even knowing for sure my feelings, it would definitely change everything.
the infatuation never went away though, the secret constantly at the tip of my tongue, desperate to be let out. i was so worried i was being so obvious and that my friends already caught on. and then everything changed in just a few days.
couple days ago, he talked about kissing this guy who likes him (guy i like is straight, so he knows they wouldn’t work out and he doesn’t wanna lead this dude on, but he did admit to maybe liking him a little, but definitely putting boundaries and not doing anything more than he friends) that’s all i’d been able to think about for the past couple of days. i can’t even look him in the eye properly whenever we hang out, but when he’s not around my thoughts always go back to him somehow.
and then just today, a long time mutual friend of ours admitted to having liked him for almost two years now. i thought they had a silly sibling-like relationship, but now that she mentions it her actions around him make a lot of sense as awkward but somewhat romantic.
i don’t even know if i properly like the guy, and given what i know from reading romance books all my life, i feel like feeling jealous over people liking him should be the way for me to finally be able to figure out if i do or not. only, romance books are always so exaggerated and at the same time so simple, so i want to hear how other people, especially asexuals feel jealousy, given that maybe the blurred lines between platonic and romantic feelings might give way for some more complex feelings that i could connect with.
tldr: thought i was aroace and the guy i might like has two other people “vying” for him, trying to figure out if i’m jealous or not, what even is jealousy.
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2023.03.25 12:03 WillIeverfindtheway Chapter 12. Volume 1.

Now, reason itself, strange as it may seem, is guilty of the same one-sidedness, indeed one might say of the same crude ignorance arising from vanity, for it classes under the one concept, “feeling,” every modification of consciousness which does not immediately belong to its own mode of apprehension, that is to say, which is not an abstract concept. It has had to pay the penalty of this hitherto in misunderstanding and confusion in its own province, because its own procedure had not become clear to it through thorough self-knowledge, for a special faculty of feeling has been set up, and new theories of it are constructed.
§ 12. Rational knowledge (Wissen) is then all abstract knowledge,—that is, the knowledge which is peculiar to the reason as distinguished from the understanding. Its contradictory opposite has just been explained to be the concept “feeling.” Now, as reason only reproduces, for knowledge, what has been received in another way, it does not actually extend our knowledge, but only gives it another form. It enables us to know in the abstract and generally, what first became known in sense-perception, in the concrete. But this is much more important than it appears at first sight when so expressed. For it depends entirely upon the fact that knowledge has become rational or abstract knowledge (Wissen),, that it can be safely preserved, that it is communicable and susceptible of certain and wide-reaching application to practice. Knowledge in the form of sense-perception is valid only of the particular case, extends only to what is nearest, and ends with it, for sensibility and understanding can only comprehend one object at a time. Every enduring, arranged, and planned activity must therefore proceed from principles,—that is, from abstract knowledge, and it must be conducted in accordance with them. Thus, for example, the knowledge of the relation of cause and effect arrived at by the understanding, is in itself far completer, deeper and more exhaustive than anything that can be thought about it in the abstract; the understanding alone knows in perception directly and completely the nature of the effect of a lever, of a pulley, or a cog-wheel, the stability of an arch, and so forth. But on account of the peculiarity of the knowledge of perception just referred to, that it only extends to what is immediately present, the mere understanding can never enable us to construct machines and buildings. Here reason must come in; it must substitute abstract concepts for ideas of perception, and take them as the guide of action; and if they are right, the anticipated result will happen. In the same way we have perfect knowledge in pure perception of the nature and constitution of the parabola, hyperbola, and spiral; but if we are to make trustworthy application of this knowledge to the real, it must first become abstract knowledge, and by this it certainly loses its character of intuition or perception, but on the other hand it gains the certainty and preciseness of abstract knowledge. The differential calculus does not really extend our knowledge of the curve, it contains nothing that was not already in the mere pure perception of the curve; but it alters the kind of knowledge, it changes the intuitive into an abstract knowledge,

which is so valuable for application.

But here we must refer to another peculiarity of our faculty of knowledge, which could not be observed until the distinction between the knowledge of the senses and understanding and abstract knowledge had been made quite clear. It is this, that relations of space cannot as such be directly translated into abstract knowledge, but only temporal quantities,—that is, numbers, are suitable for this. Numbers alone can be expressed in abstract concepts which accurately correspond to them, not spacial quantities. The concept “thousand” is just as different from the concept “ten,” as both these temporal quantities are in perception. We think of a thousand as a distinct multiple of ten, into which we can resolve it at pleasure for perception in time,—that is to say, we can count it. But between the abstract concept of a mile and that of a foot, apart from any concrete perception of either, and without the help of number, there is no accurate distinction corresponding to the quantities themselves. In both we only think of a spacial quantity in general, and if they must be completely distinguished we are compelled either to call in the assistance of intuition or perception in space, which would be a departure from abstract knowledge, or we must think the difference in numbers. If then we wish to have abstract knowledge of space-relations we must first translate them into time-relations,—that is, into numbers; therefore only arithmetic, and not geometry, is the universal science of quantity, and geometry must be translated into arithmetic if it is to be communicable, accurately precise and applicable in practice. It is true that a space-relation as such may also be thought in the abstract; for example, “the sine increases as the angle,” but if the quantity of this relation is to be given, it requires number for its expression. This necessity, that if we wish to have abstract knowledge of space-relations (i.e., rational knowledge, not mere intuition or perception), space with its three dimensions must be translated into time which has only one dimension, this necessity it is, which makes mathematics so difficult. This becomes very clear if we compare the perception of curves with their analytical calculation, or the table of logarithms of the trigonometrical functions with the perception of the changing relations of the parts of a triangle, which are expressed by them. What vast mazes of figures, what laborious calculations it would require to express in the abstract what perception here apprehends at a glance completely and with perfect accuracy, namely, how the co-sine diminishes as the sine increases, how the co-sine of one angle is the sine of another, the inverse relation of the increase and decrease of the two angles, and so forth. How time, we might say, must complain, that with its one dimension it should be compelled to express the three dimensions of space! Yet this is necessary if we wish to possess, for application, an expression, in abstract concepts, of space-relations. They could not be translated directly into abstract concepts, but only through the medium of the pure temporal quantity, number, which alone is directly related to abstract knowledge. Yet it is worthy of remark, that as space adapts itself so well to perception, and by means of its three dimensions, even its complicated relations are easily apprehended, while it eludes the grasp of abstract knowledge; time, on the contrary, passes easily into abstract knowledge, but gives very little to perception. Our perceptions of numbers in their proper element, mere time, without the help of space, scarcely extends as far as ten, and beyond that we have only abstract concepts of numbers, no knowledge of them which can be presented in perception. On the other hand, we connect

with every numeral, and with all algebraical symbols, accurately defined abstract concepts.

We may further remark here that some minds only find full satisfaction in what is known through perception. What they seek is the reason and consequent of being in space, sensuously expressed; a demonstration after the manner of Euclid, or an arithmetical solution of spacial problems, does not please them. Other minds, on the contrary, seek merely the abstract concepts which are needful for applying and communicating knowledge. They have patience and memory for abstract principles, formulas, demonstrations in long trains of reasoning, and calculations, in which the symbols represent the most complicated abstractions. The latter seek preciseness, the former sensible perception. The difference is characteristic.
The greatest value of rational or abstract knowledge is that it can be communicated and permanently retained. It is principally on this account that it is so inestimably important for practice. Any one may have a direct perceptive knowledge through the understanding alone, of the causal connection, of the changes and motions of natural bodies, and he may find entire satisfaction in it; but he cannot communicate this knowledge to others until it has been made permanent for thought in concepts. Knowledge of the first kind is even sufficient for practice, if a man puts his knowledge into practice himself, in an action which can be accomplished while the perception is still vivid; but it is not sufficient if the help of others is required, or even if the action is his own but must be carried out at different times, and therefore requires a pre-conceived plan. Thus, for example, a practised billiard-player may have a perfect knowledge of the laws of the impact of elastic bodies upon each other, merely in the understanding, merely for direct perception; and for him it is quite sufficient; but on the other hand it is only the man who has studied the science of mechanics, who has, properly speaking, a rational knowledge of these laws, that is, a knowledge of them in the abstract. Such knowledge of the understanding in perception is sufficient even for the construction of machines, when the inventor of the machine executes the work himself; as we often see in the case of talented workmen, who have no scientific knowledge. But whenever a number of men, and their united action taking place at different times, is required for the completion of a mechanical work, of a machine, or a building, then he who conducts it must have thought out the plan in the abstract, and such co-operative activity is only possible through the assistance of reason. It is, however, remarkable that in the first kind of activity, in which we have supposed that one man alone, in an uninterrupted course of action, accomplishes something, abstract knowledge, the application of reason or reflection, may often be a hindrance to him; for example, in the case of billiard-playing, of fighting, of tuning an instrument, or in the case of singing. Here perceptive knowledge must directly guide action; its passage through reflection makes it uncertain, for it divides the attention and confuses the man. Thus savages and untaught men, who are little accustomed to think, perform certain physical exercises, fight with beasts, shoot with bows and arrows and the like, with a certainty and rapidity which the reflecting European never attains to, just because his deliberation makes him hesitate and delay. For he tries, for example, to hit the right position or the right point of time, by finding out the mean between two false extremes; while the savage hits it directly without thinking of the false courses open to him. In the same way it is of no use to me to know in the abstract the exact angle, in degrees and minutes, at which I must apply a razor, if I do not know it intuitively, that is, if I have not got it in my touch. The knowledge of physiognomy also, is interfered with by the application of reason. This knowledge must be gained directly through the understanding. We say that the expression, the meaning of the features, can only be felt, that is, it cannot be put into abstract concepts. Every man has his direct intuitive method of physiognomy and pathognomy, yet one man understands more clearly than another these signatura rerum. But an abstract science of physiognomy to be taught and learned is not possible; for the distinctions of difference are here so fine that concepts cannot reach them; therefore abstract knowledge is related to them as a mosaic is to a painting by a Van der Werft or a Denner. In mosaics, however fine they may be, the limits of the stones are always there, and therefore no continuous passage from one colour to another is possible, and this is also the case with regard to concepts, with their rigidity and sharp delineation; however finely we may divide them by exact definition, they are still incapable of reaching the finer modifications of the perceptible, and this is just what happens in the example we have taken, knowledge of physiognomy. *I am therefore of opinion that a science of physiognomy cannot, with certainty, go further than to lay down a few quite general rules. For example, the intellectual qualities are to be read in the forehead and the eyes; the moral qualities, the expression of will, in the mouth and lower part of the face. The forehead and the eyes interpret each other; either of them seen alone can only be half understood. Genius is never without a high, broad, finely-arched brow; but such a brow often occurs where there is no genius. A clever-looking person may the more certainly be judged to be so the uglier the face is; and a stupid-looking person may the more certainly be judged to be stupid the more beautiful the face is; for beauty, as the approximation to the type of humanity, carries in and for itself the expression of mental clearness; the opposite is the case with ugliness, and so forth.
This quality of concepts by which they resemble the stones of a mosaic, and on account of which perception always remains their asymptote, is also the reason why nothing good is produced in art by their means. If the singer or the virtuoso attempts to guide his execution by reflection he remains silent. And this is equally true of the composer, the painter, and the poet. The concept always remains unfruitful in art; it can only direct the technical part of it, its sphere is science. We shall consider more fully in the third book, why all true art proceeds from sensuous knowledge, never from the concept. Indeed, with regard to behaviour also, and personal agreeableness in society, the concept has only a negative value in restraining the grosser manifestations of egotism and brutality; so that a polished manner is its commendable production. But all that is attractive, gracious, charming in behaviour, all affectionateness and friendliness, must not proceed from the concepts, for if it does, “we feel intention, and are put out of tune.” All dissimulation is the work of reflection; but it cannot be maintained constantly and without interruption: “No one can wear a mask for long. Dissimulation soon reverts to its own nature." says Seneca in his book de clementia; and so it is generally found out and loses its effect. Reason is needed in the full stress of life, where quick conclusions, bold action, rapid and sure comprehension are required, but it may easily spoil all if it gains the upper hand, and by perplexing hinders the intuitive, direct discovery, and grasp of the right by simple understanding, and thus induces irresolution. Lastly, virtue and holiness do not proceed from reflection, but from the inner depths of the will, and its relation to knowledge. The exposition of this belongs to another part of our work; this, however, I may remark here, that the dogmas relating to ethics may be the same in the reason of whole nations, but the action of every individual different; and the converse also holds good; action, we say, is guided by feelings,—that is, simply not by concepts, but as a matter of fact by the ethical character. Dogmas occupy the idle reason; but action in the end pursues its own course independently of them, generally not according to abstract rules, but according to unspoken maxims, the expression of which is the whole man himself. Therefore, however different the religious dogmas of nations may be, yet in the case of all of them, a good action is accompanied by unspeakable satisfaction, and a bad action by endless remorse. No mockery can shake the former; no priest's absolution can deliver from the latter. Notwithstanding this, we must allow, that for the pursuit of a virtuous life, the application of reason is needful; only it is not its source, but has the subordinate function of preserving resolutions which have been made, of providing maxims to withstand the weakness of the moment, and give consistency to action. It plays the same part ultimately in art also, where it has just as little to do with the essential matter, but assists in carrying it out, for genius is not always at call, and yet the work must be completed in all its parts and rounded off to a whole.
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2023.03.25 12:03 michaelstevenharris PTGUI and other pano stitchers

I've tried Photoshop and Microsoft ICE, but wondering whether I should just spend the money and get PTGUI.
PS does a pretty good job but often stitches the wrong bits, or leaves weird marks across the sky. MS ICE actually seemed to do a pretty great job the one time I tested it, but the quality didn't seem great especially when I had to make a few further adjustments to the photo I was doing.
PTGUI I've heard nothing but good things about - ideally I'd rather not pay a few hundred pounds for something I can technically already do, but I've got a photo that I really want to come out perfectly so thinking it might be worth it?
In which case do people think the PRO version is worth getting over the regular version? I don't really understand a lot of the upgrades and what they do tbh! I want to stitch 180+ degree panoramas of landscape astro photos including the Milly Way etc.
...I have also just read about another free photo stitcher called Hugin and wondered about opinions on that too.
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2023.03.25 12:03 EmptySky93 "GOLD BRICKS", a chapter out of The Book of Lies by Aleister Crowley—plus Crowley's commentary (What are your thoughts on this?)

I am a bit surprised that this excerpt from, and 88th chapter of, Aleister Crowley's The Book of Lies (published 1912 or 1913) has never been posted here on Thelema.
I would love to show it to you all, most especially in consideration of those of you who may have never read it, or The Book of Lies as a whole, and get a discussion going on this little parable of a chapter.
Anyway, here it is:
Teach us Your secret, Master! yap my Yahoos.
Then for the hardness of their hearts, and for the softness of their heads, I taught them Magick.
Teach us Your real secret, Master! how to become invisible, how to acquire love, and oh! beyond all, how to make gold.
But how much gold will you give me for the Secret of Infinite Riches?
Then said the foremost and most foolish; Master, it is nothing; but here is an hundred thousand pounds.
This did I deign to accept, and whispered in his ear this secret:
Crowley's commentary on this chapter is as follows:
"The term "gold bricks" is borrowed from American finance.
The chapter is a setting of an old story.
A man advertises that he could tell anyone how to make four hundred a year certain, and would do so on receipt of a shilling. To every sender he dispatched a post-card with these words: "Do as I do."
The word "sucker" is borrowed from American finance.
The moral of the chapter is, that it is no good trying to teach people who need to be taught."
What I find most intriguing about Crowley's commentary on this chapter is his statement that "it is no good trying to teach people who need to be taught." I find it hard to wrap my head around the inner meaning or deeper, esoteric significance—if any—of this statement, though maybe I'm trying to read more into it than I should. Part of me finds the statement perplexing, given that people who "need to be taught" tend to benefit the most from teaching, since they have the most to gain out of being educated, namely in comparison to individuals who do not need much education in order to further themselves in life. (In other words, people in desperate need of education would naturally find education aids in their development more than in the case of a genius or polymath, for whom a teacher can only do so much.)
At the same time, I also find the idea that it's no use teaching those who "need to be taught" quite sensible, at least on one "plane"—maybe call this cognitive dissonance—given that, if the depth of someone's lack of understanding is profound enough, it can prevent real learning from ever even beginning, let alone getting anywhere significant.
... Anyway, I'd love to hear your thoughts on this chapter and it's commentary.
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2023.03.25 12:03 Significant_Shoe_17 Help with Korean mobile apps?

I'm a foreigner living in Korea. I recently got a local sim card and I've been trying (and failing) to use the mobile apps here. For example: I was trying to place an order on a food delivery app, and when I entered my payment information, I received an error message. Now I'm blocked because I entered it incorrectly too many times. It's frustrating because I don't know which part was incorrect, or the correct format to use. Has anyone else had trouble with this? Why is something that should be simple and user-friendly so complicated? Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.03.25 12:03 Startgem Bulk Bag Dischargers

Bulk Bag Dischargers
Bulk Bag Dischargers
Bulk Bag Dischargers
Bulk Bag Discharge Systems: Streamlining the Process of Material Handling
Bulk bag discharge systems are an integral part of material handling processes in many industries. They are used for the safe and efficient transfer of dry bulk materials, such as powders, granules, and flakes, from bulk bags to downstream processing equipment. These systems are designed to eliminate the need for manual handling, thereby improving worker safety and minimizing the risk of product contamination. In this blog, we will take a closer look at bulk bag discharge systems, their components, and how they work.
What is a Bulk Bag?
Before delving into the details of a bulk bag discharge system, let us first understand what a bulk bag is. A bulk bag, also known as a FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), is a large bag made of woven polypropylene material. It is designed to hold and transport dry bulk materials in a safe and efficient manner. Bulk bags are available in various sizes and configurations, ranging from small bags with a capacity of a few hundred pounds to large bags that can hold several tons of material. Stratgem Projects provides all sizes of bulk bags for various purposes.
Bulk Bag Discharge System Components: A typical bulk bag discharge system consists of the following components:
· Bulk Bag Support Frame: The support frame provides a sturdy base for the bulk bag and ensures that it remains stable during the discharge process. The frame is designed to accommodate different sizes and types of bulk bags.
· Bulk Bag Lifting Device: The lifting device is used to lift the bulk bag and place it on the support frame. It can be manual or automated, depending on the system's requirements.
· Bulk Bag Discharge Station: The discharge station is the point where the material is emptied from the bulk bag. It typically includes a discharge spout, which is connected to the downstream processing equipment, and a dust collector, which captures any airborne particles.
· Material Flow Control Device: The flow control device regulates the rate of material flow from the bulk bag to the downstream equipment. It can be a valve, a feeder, or a combination of both.
· Control System: The control system monitors and controls the bulk bag discharge process. It includes sensors, switches, and a programmable logic controller (PLC) that can be programmed to meet specific process requirements.
How a Bulk Bag Discharge System Works?
The bulk bag discharge process typically involves the following steps:
· Loading the Bulk Bag: The bulk bag is loaded with the desired amount of material, which can be done manually or using an automated filling system.
· Placing the Bulk Bag on the Support Frame: The lifting device is used to lift the bulk bag and place it on the support frame.
· Securing the Bulk Bag: The bulk bag is secured to the support frame using straps or clamps to prevent it from moving during the discharge process.
· Connecting the Discharge Spout: The discharge spout is connected to the downstream processing equipment, such as a conveyor or a hopper.
· Activating the Material Flow Control Device: The flow control device is activated to regulate the rate of material flow from the bulk bag to the downstream equipment.
· Discharging the Material: The material is discharged from the bulk bag and transported to the downstream equipment.
· Controlling the Process: The control system monitors and controls the bulk bag discharge process, ensuring that it operates efficiently and safely.
Advantages of Bulk Bag Discharge Systems offer several advantages over traditional manual handling methods, such as:
· Increased Efficiency: Bulk bag discharge systems are designed to handle large volumes of material quickly and efficiently, reducing the time required to move material from one process to another.
· Improved Safety: Bulk bag discharge systems eliminate the need for manual handling, reducing the risk of worker injuries and improving workplace safety.
· Minimized Product Contamination: Since the bulk bag is sealed during the entire process, there is a lower risk of product contamination from external sources.
· Reduced Labor Costs: Bulk bag discharge systems eliminate the need for manual labor, reducing labor costs and improving overall process efficiency.
· Increased Productivity: By automating the discharge process, bulk bag discharge systems allow workers to focus on other tasks, increasing overall productivity.
Stratgem Bulk bag discharge system is efficient, safe, it has low risk of product contamination from external source. It also reduces labor cost and improve overall process efficiency. So, that it increased the productivity.
Applications of Bulk Bag Discharge Systems Bulk bag discharge systems are used in a wide range of industries, including:
· Chemicals: Bulk bag discharge systems are used to transfer dry chemicals, such as powders and granules, from bulk bags to processing equipment.
· Food and Beverage: Bulk bag discharge systems are used to transfer food ingredients, such as flour, sugar, and spices, from bulk bags to mixing and blending equipment.
· Pharmaceuticals: Bulk bag discharge systems are used to transfer pharmaceutical ingredients, such as powders and granules, from bulk bags to processing equipment.
· Construction Materials: Bulk bag discharge systems are used to transfer construction materials, such as cement and sand, from bulk bags to mixing equipment.
Stratgem, Pune, India, provides bulk bag dischargers of all sizes for different industries. We provide bulk bags in various sizes and configurations, ranging from small bags with a capacity of a few hundred pounds to large bags that can hold several tons of material. The Stratgem bulk bag discharge system is efficient and safe, as well as having a low risk of product contamination from an external source. It also reduces labor costs and improves overall process efficiency. So, it also helps with increased productivity.
Bulk bag discharge systems are highly efficient methods designed to hold and transport dry bulk materials in a safe and efficient manner. If you have any questions, please contact us today!
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2023.03.25 12:03 totalfakeqt My (32F)'s partner (35M) lost a high paying job after I've financially supported us and I can't forgive him.

Throwaway acct.
TLDR: My partner lost a high paying job after I've financially supported us.
My partner and I have been together for almost a year now. When we met, I was getting out of a really bad relationship with an abusive ex. I was living alone, comfortably. I wasn't looking for a long term relationship, but we had so much in common and felt so connected to him that I couldn't help falling in love with him. He lived over an hour and a half away, but with the flexibility of my job I was able to visit him often.
He was barely scraping by financially. His job paid him slightly over 40k a year, while I work two jobs that comfortably total over 100k. I paid for everything - dates, gas, groceries - you name it. At the time, I thought little of it. I saw it as a natural compromise of making more, and I was so happy to have found a nice guy who was emotionally intelligent. This past fall, my grandmother died. She was the only relative I have. My mom is a drug addict, and my father passed away when I was 19. I got to spend Christmas and Thanksgiving with my partner and his family and feel like I belonged somewhere. He was so supportive through the entire experience.
I've been wanting to buy a house for some time. Around the death of my grandmother, I put in offer in on a house and it was accepted. I can pay for it on my own, but to save the way I want to, I need help. The house is big enough for me to have a roommate, and honestly with the housing costs in my area, I could have them pay well over half my mortgage. But I offered it to my partner who agreed to move in and pay half the mortgage. I figured down the road, he could put his name on the lease, or we could buy a house together. Ultimately it was about the same price as an apartment.
After 10 years of applying for (and being rejected from) jobs he got a new job making over 60K. This was a huge relief, and I was so excited for us to have more equal footing. But instead of being happy or relieved with his new job, he was grumpy and annoyed by it. His complaints were his commute time (20-30 minutes), his work (full time grant writer), a dreary office, and that he didn't believe in the company he worked for. On his third day of work, he teared up in his boss's office and told her that he didn't think that he could do the job. Seven weeks later, she fired him.
I totally understand why my partner lost his job. A big part of his work was front facing to major donors. He knew almost nothing about the organization - instead of researching and asking his new boss how to best prepare for his new role, he spent his transition time leading a job search for his old organization (partially unpaid, they ended going with a friend of the company for his role).
I've been so upset with him for messing up this opportunity. I work between 50-70 hours a week. Since meeting him, I've put almost no money into savings. He's been applying to jobs, but most of them are retail or counter jobs that pay less than the one he had making 40K. This past week, he's gone out to lunch three times. He's done work around the house, but hasn't been been proactive in larger projects to help us move in -- like assembling furniture or setting up a room. He's applying to jobs, but it just feels like he has no fire to get back what he lost -- namely financial stability.
I have not been able to be supportive. I've been so angry at him for throwing away an opportunity and a stable source of income. All I see when I look at him is laziness and selfishness. I want to move past these feelings, and find love for him again, but I just don't know how to make it better.
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