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True Crime Ohio

2018.04.05 15:15 True Crime Ohio

True Crime discussion for Ohio

2014.05.20 22:30 coreygrandy Pokémon Lumiose City Lottery Exchange

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2019.03.31 05:53 GlibIsMe Takarakuji de 40 oku Atatta ndakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru

After winning a 4 Billion Yen lottery, I quit my company job. But I ended up in a different world doing some serious volunteering, saving a poor village with contemporary Japanese materials and technology from the home center. What would happen if I bring modern home electrical appliances over there from Japan? And it seems I would fall in love with a beautiful girl in the village.

2023.03.25 12:08 thereddituser_com How to end this friendship? Please help.

Basically my best mate of two years has helped me so much financially. I met his mum and have her phone number, as well as his grandma's. I want to end the friendship because he's very toxic, but I'll feel bad because he's helped me out a lot. Before you ask, I am in no position to pay him back, and I made that clear. He still didn't mind helping me out. How do I end this friendship without his mum or grandma contacting me about it? Do I just slowly start unadding him on socials without a word, or say one last goodbye?
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2023.03.25 12:08 PleaseClap2022 George Bush wins despite telling voters that he would raise taxes. What if that happened in real life?

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2023.03.25 12:08 Tiny_Can8879 Mata Vaishno Devi is a Hindu temple devoted to the goddess Vaishno Devi located in the Trikuta Mountains of Jammu and Kashmir in India. The temple is considered to be one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism and is visited by millions of devotees every year. It is situated in the town of Katra.

Mata Vaishno Devi is a Hindu temple devoted to the goddess Vaishno Devi located in the Trikuta Mountains of Jammu and Kashmir in India. The temple is considered to be one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism and is visited by millions of devotees every year. It is situated in the town of Katra.
Mata Vaishno Devi is a Hindu temple devoted to the goddess Vaishno Devi located in the Trikuta Mountains of Jammu and Kashmir in India. The temple is considered to be one of the holiest shrines in Hinduism and is visited by millions of devotees every year. It is situated in the town of Katra, which is about 42 km from Jammu.
Jammu and Kashmir is a state in northern India, known for its natural beauty, including the Himalayan Mountains, stunning lakes, and picturesque valleys. It is a popular tourist destination in India and attracts a large number of visitors each year. In addition to Mata Vaishno Devi, other popular tourist attractions in Jammu and Kashmir include Srinagar, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Leh, and Ladakh.
The shrine is situated at an altitude of around 5200 feet and is nestled in the Trikuta Mountains.
The journey to the shrine is considered an adventure by many as it involves a 13-kilometer trek from the base camp at Katra to the shrine. The trek can be challenging as it involves steep inclines and rocky terrain. However, the trek is made easier by the provision of various facilities such as resting places, food stalls, and medical aid.
The pilgrimage to Mata Vaishno Devi is believed to be a fulfilling and spiritually uplifting experience. The shrine is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Vaishno Devi and is believed to be a source of great power and blessings. Devotees come from far and wide to seek her blessings and fulfill their wishes.
Apart from the pilgrimage, Jammu and Kashmir offer many other adventure activities such as trekking, skiing, and river rafting. The state is blessed with scenic beauty and breathtaking landscapes that are perfect for adventure enthusiasts. However, it is important to note that the state has also experienced political unrest, and visitors are advised to exercise caution and stay informed about the current situation before planning a trip.
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2023.03.25 12:08 Longjumping-Ant9026 *a rant* about telehealth and how hard it is to find care

Look, I know telehealth is a great option for so many people. But it simply does not fit my SO. Talk about doctors/ medication is a huge trigger for him, so something about bringing that into his safe space (home) sends him into a spiraling ball of anxiety. He used to have a psych he saw in person, who eventually left the practice. My SO was unmedicated for a while. Then, well, Covid. Barely anyone was seeing doctors in person then, obviously. But something about the post-covid landscape of mental health seems like no one is seeing people in person anymore.
I see my therapist online and it’s great and convenient. But I feel like for some with serious mental illness, seeing someone in person is much preferable. He’s in between psych again rn. The last lady I found randomly on a list of providers it insurance sent me. She didn’t work from a practice, it was just her in her house. We met via FaceTime, it felt VERY unprofessional, and she dropped him after he didn’t reschedule his visit in a “timely” manner after we all got Covid. Whatever, that was prob for the best.
So I’m back to square one calling provider after provider on this list of 100+ our insurance sent. I called 20 yesterday. Maybe 4-5 were incorrect numbers, didn’t connect to anything. Another couple told me they did not in fact accept our insurance. But nearly every single one told me they are not offering in person appointments, at all. A couple I did not even get to speak to a person, it was just a recording telling me to go enroll online and they would match us with someone online. Wtf? I literally just want to call/make and appointment/drive him there and get it over with. Why does this have to be so fking hard?!
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2023.03.25 12:08 Hospiwhater A small rant about Tornado Ratings/Pre-Ratings

As a casual learner of severe weather for the past 20 years I feel like I have a pretty good idea on tornadoes and the rating systems. I don't have an opinion on the ratings themselves but I do have a problem with the public perception of the ratings.
While following the storms online last night I noticed in the official NWS Tornado twitter account that people were claiming all sorts of EF ratings on these tornados, basically to elicit an emotional reaction and to get them to safety. And subsequently a few people asking them to never pre-rate a tornado. Because, yes, a tornado gets rated after the damage is inspected.
So, we have this dilemma. People know how strong a tornado is by an EF rating, but we won't know until it's long gone? I know a tornado is a tornado, and if you're in a warning you should get to shelter. Tornado Emergencies was a step in the right direction, but if people think that most tornados aren't an emergency until they see big numbers it's not a big deal.
I don't have the answer to this, the watch and warning to emergency process is well defined and used. But when it comes to the regular joe, they think any thing less than an ef3 means nothing to them unless it hits their house. This is frustrating to see.
I would like to see if there's a better way. Thoughts?
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2023.03.25 12:08 Cultural_World_9746 COCK HERO EVOLUTION christmas game sexy big ass latina teasing twerking giving a perfect blowjob and fingering her ass can you win in this game??

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2023.03.25 12:07 Darxploit Best picks for the remaining slots in my team to win against cell max?

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2023.03.25 12:07 ElectricalTie8325 The Kyrie trade has proven to be horrific.

Dallas is actually looking like a possibility to miss out on the play-in tournament. The team has 0 depth outside of the 2, but the 2 don't compliment each other enough to result in wins.
So not only do they lose a lot more, but as a casual, it was more fun watching Luka carry the team to .500 or above, and now it's just a bad mismatch. 0% chance Kyrie stays.
Can Dallas even get better around Luka? Or does Luka have to leave?
Some people have memed on Luka and used it as an opportunity to push their agenda as they didn't like him or his style of play, but if anything I think this experiment proved he was doing what he had to with the pieces to win. Dude got Kyrie, not a big, so I think most knew it wasn't going to work even if the duo is cool.
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2023.03.25 12:07 12nb34 I think it's obvious that the herd effect in a village doesn't compare to the herd effect in a city. The herd effect should be a direct function of the number of participants

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2023.03.25 12:06 Headless_Grammarian So glad the study of chemistry has progressed since the 1950s. ("Preparation of Zirconium from Zirconium Tetrafluoride" by C.J. Baroch and G. H. Beyer (1956))

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2023.03.25 12:05 Headless_Grammarian So glad the study of chemistry has progressed since the 1950s. ("Preparation of Zirconium from Zirconium Tetrafluoride" by C.J. Baroch and G. H. Beyer (1956))

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2023.03.25 12:05 raffu280 Memphis basketball player charged with assault after she punches a Bowling Green guard in the handshake line after Women's NIT loss in Ohio

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2023.03.25 12:05 InstructionHot9577 Uber vs bm is kinda similar match.

In latest manga we have Ubers high defensive formation with one striker to give finishing blow which is very similar to team y formation which was a really defensive team . Niko was playmaker of team y and now lorenzo is playmaker of uber.I guess niko suggested team y strategy to Uber with barou as cf. That last panel of manga is also similar to that panel in which niko passed okawa and isagi stole the ball . So I strongly believe that bm will win on counter attack just like team z won against team y.
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2023.03.25 12:04 Reasonable-Beach-775 Who would win in a fight?

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2023.03.25 12:04 OctoMod Game Thread: Detroit Red Wings (31-31-9) at Philadelphia Flyers (27-32-12) - 25 Mar 2023 - 01:00PM EST

Detroit Red Wings (31-31-9) at Philadelphia Flyers (27-32-12)

Link to GameGifs

Ticket Sales Thread
Join us on Discord!
Make your predictions on who will win here!
Submit your guess for /DetroitRedWings Light the Lamp here!
Contact schmaleo505 or midasx with any questions/comments/suggestions/issues
Time/Link Tweets updated: 07:08:49AM (updates every 10 seconds)
09:03:37PM RT @OHLHockey: The newest single-season points leader in @FlintFirebirds history, Amadeus Lombardi! 💪The @DetroitRedWings prospect finall…
09:03:27PM 🙌👏
03:44:44PM To Philly. ✈️
02:36:54PM HOWIE!#OTD x @CocaCola
12:59:17PM Per Coach Lalonde, Filip Zadina (lower-body) will be unavailable tomorrow. Day-to-day.
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2023.03.25 12:04 teeyames123 I May Live In Florida But My Heart Belongs To Raiders Just Win Baby Hoodie Shirt

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2023.03.25 12:03 WillIeverfindtheway Chapter 12. Volume 1.

Now, reason itself, strange as it may seem, is guilty of the same one-sidedness, indeed one might say of the same crude ignorance arising from vanity, for it classes under the one concept, “feeling,” every modification of consciousness which does not immediately belong to its own mode of apprehension, that is to say, which is not an abstract concept. It has had to pay the penalty of this hitherto in misunderstanding and confusion in its own province, because its own procedure had not become clear to it through thorough self-knowledge, for a special faculty of feeling has been set up, and new theories of it are constructed.
§ 12. Rational knowledge (Wissen) is then all abstract knowledge,—that is, the knowledge which is peculiar to the reason as distinguished from the understanding. Its contradictory opposite has just been explained to be the concept “feeling.” Now, as reason only reproduces, for knowledge, what has been received in another way, it does not actually extend our knowledge, but only gives it another form. It enables us to know in the abstract and generally, what first became known in sense-perception, in the concrete. But this is much more important than it appears at first sight when so expressed. For it depends entirely upon the fact that knowledge has become rational or abstract knowledge (Wissen),, that it can be safely preserved, that it is communicable and susceptible of certain and wide-reaching application to practice. Knowledge in the form of sense-perception is valid only of the particular case, extends only to what is nearest, and ends with it, for sensibility and understanding can only comprehend one object at a time. Every enduring, arranged, and planned activity must therefore proceed from principles,—that is, from abstract knowledge, and it must be conducted in accordance with them. Thus, for example, the knowledge of the relation of cause and effect arrived at by the understanding, is in itself far completer, deeper and more exhaustive than anything that can be thought about it in the abstract; the understanding alone knows in perception directly and completely the nature of the effect of a lever, of a pulley, or a cog-wheel, the stability of an arch, and so forth. But on account of the peculiarity of the knowledge of perception just referred to, that it only extends to what is immediately present, the mere understanding can never enable us to construct machines and buildings. Here reason must come in; it must substitute abstract concepts for ideas of perception, and take them as the guide of action; and if they are right, the anticipated result will happen. In the same way we have perfect knowledge in pure perception of the nature and constitution of the parabola, hyperbola, and spiral; but if we are to make trustworthy application of this knowledge to the real, it must first become abstract knowledge, and by this it certainly loses its character of intuition or perception, but on the other hand it gains the certainty and preciseness of abstract knowledge. The differential calculus does not really extend our knowledge of the curve, it contains nothing that was not already in the mere pure perception of the curve; but it alters the kind of knowledge, it changes the intuitive into an abstract knowledge,

which is so valuable for application.

But here we must refer to another peculiarity of our faculty of knowledge, which could not be observed until the distinction between the knowledge of the senses and understanding and abstract knowledge had been made quite clear. It is this, that relations of space cannot as such be directly translated into abstract knowledge, but only temporal quantities,—that is, numbers, are suitable for this. Numbers alone can be expressed in abstract concepts which accurately correspond to them, not spacial quantities. The concept “thousand” is just as different from the concept “ten,” as both these temporal quantities are in perception. We think of a thousand as a distinct multiple of ten, into which we can resolve it at pleasure for perception in time,—that is to say, we can count it. But between the abstract concept of a mile and that of a foot, apart from any concrete perception of either, and without the help of number, there is no accurate distinction corresponding to the quantities themselves. In both we only think of a spacial quantity in general, and if they must be completely distinguished we are compelled either to call in the assistance of intuition or perception in space, which would be a departure from abstract knowledge, or we must think the difference in numbers. If then we wish to have abstract knowledge of space-relations we must first translate them into time-relations,—that is, into numbers; therefore only arithmetic, and not geometry, is the universal science of quantity, and geometry must be translated into arithmetic if it is to be communicable, accurately precise and applicable in practice. It is true that a space-relation as such may also be thought in the abstract; for example, “the sine increases as the angle,” but if the quantity of this relation is to be given, it requires number for its expression. This necessity, that if we wish to have abstract knowledge of space-relations (i.e., rational knowledge, not mere intuition or perception), space with its three dimensions must be translated into time which has only one dimension, this necessity it is, which makes mathematics so difficult. This becomes very clear if we compare the perception of curves with their analytical calculation, or the table of logarithms of the trigonometrical functions with the perception of the changing relations of the parts of a triangle, which are expressed by them. What vast mazes of figures, what laborious calculations it would require to express in the abstract what perception here apprehends at a glance completely and with perfect accuracy, namely, how the co-sine diminishes as the sine increases, how the co-sine of one angle is the sine of another, the inverse relation of the increase and decrease of the two angles, and so forth. How time, we might say, must complain, that with its one dimension it should be compelled to express the three dimensions of space! Yet this is necessary if we wish to possess, for application, an expression, in abstract concepts, of space-relations. They could not be translated directly into abstract concepts, but only through the medium of the pure temporal quantity, number, which alone is directly related to abstract knowledge. Yet it is worthy of remark, that as space adapts itself so well to perception, and by means of its three dimensions, even its complicated relations are easily apprehended, while it eludes the grasp of abstract knowledge; time, on the contrary, passes easily into abstract knowledge, but gives very little to perception. Our perceptions of numbers in their proper element, mere time, without the help of space, scarcely extends as far as ten, and beyond that we have only abstract concepts of numbers, no knowledge of them which can be presented in perception. On the other hand, we connect

with every numeral, and with all algebraical symbols, accurately defined abstract concepts.

We may further remark here that some minds only find full satisfaction in what is known through perception. What they seek is the reason and consequent of being in space, sensuously expressed; a demonstration after the manner of Euclid, or an arithmetical solution of spacial problems, does not please them. Other minds, on the contrary, seek merely the abstract concepts which are needful for applying and communicating knowledge. They have patience and memory for abstract principles, formulas, demonstrations in long trains of reasoning, and calculations, in which the symbols represent the most complicated abstractions. The latter seek preciseness, the former sensible perception. The difference is characteristic.
The greatest value of rational or abstract knowledge is that it can be communicated and permanently retained. It is principally on this account that it is so inestimably important for practice. Any one may have a direct perceptive knowledge through the understanding alone, of the causal connection, of the changes and motions of natural bodies, and he may find entire satisfaction in it; but he cannot communicate this knowledge to others until it has been made permanent for thought in concepts. Knowledge of the first kind is even sufficient for practice, if a man puts his knowledge into practice himself, in an action which can be accomplished while the perception is still vivid; but it is not sufficient if the help of others is required, or even if the action is his own but must be carried out at different times, and therefore requires a pre-conceived plan. Thus, for example, a practised billiard-player may have a perfect knowledge of the laws of the impact of elastic bodies upon each other, merely in the understanding, merely for direct perception; and for him it is quite sufficient; but on the other hand it is only the man who has studied the science of mechanics, who has, properly speaking, a rational knowledge of these laws, that is, a knowledge of them in the abstract. Such knowledge of the understanding in perception is sufficient even for the construction of machines, when the inventor of the machine executes the work himself; as we often see in the case of talented workmen, who have no scientific knowledge. But whenever a number of men, and their united action taking place at different times, is required for the completion of a mechanical work, of a machine, or a building, then he who conducts it must have thought out the plan in the abstract, and such co-operative activity is only possible through the assistance of reason. It is, however, remarkable that in the first kind of activity, in which we have supposed that one man alone, in an uninterrupted course of action, accomplishes something, abstract knowledge, the application of reason or reflection, may often be a hindrance to him; for example, in the case of billiard-playing, of fighting, of tuning an instrument, or in the case of singing. Here perceptive knowledge must directly guide action; its passage through reflection makes it uncertain, for it divides the attention and confuses the man. Thus savages and untaught men, who are little accustomed to think, perform certain physical exercises, fight with beasts, shoot with bows and arrows and the like, with a certainty and rapidity which the reflecting European never attains to, just because his deliberation makes him hesitate and delay. For he tries, for example, to hit the right position or the right point of time, by finding out the mean between two false extremes; while the savage hits it directly without thinking of the false courses open to him. In the same way it is of no use to me to know in the abstract the exact angle, in degrees and minutes, at which I must apply a razor, if I do not know it intuitively, that is, if I have not got it in my touch. The knowledge of physiognomy also, is interfered with by the application of reason. This knowledge must be gained directly through the understanding. We say that the expression, the meaning of the features, can only be felt, that is, it cannot be put into abstract concepts. Every man has his direct intuitive method of physiognomy and pathognomy, yet one man understands more clearly than another these signatura rerum. But an abstract science of physiognomy to be taught and learned is not possible; for the distinctions of difference are here so fine that concepts cannot reach them; therefore abstract knowledge is related to them as a mosaic is to a painting by a Van der Werft or a Denner. In mosaics, however fine they may be, the limits of the stones are always there, and therefore no continuous passage from one colour to another is possible, and this is also the case with regard to concepts, with their rigidity and sharp delineation; however finely we may divide them by exact definition, they are still incapable of reaching the finer modifications of the perceptible, and this is just what happens in the example we have taken, knowledge of physiognomy. *I am therefore of opinion that a science of physiognomy cannot, with certainty, go further than to lay down a few quite general rules. For example, the intellectual qualities are to be read in the forehead and the eyes; the moral qualities, the expression of will, in the mouth and lower part of the face. The forehead and the eyes interpret each other; either of them seen alone can only be half understood. Genius is never without a high, broad, finely-arched brow; but such a brow often occurs where there is no genius. A clever-looking person may the more certainly be judged to be so the uglier the face is; and a stupid-looking person may the more certainly be judged to be stupid the more beautiful the face is; for beauty, as the approximation to the type of humanity, carries in and for itself the expression of mental clearness; the opposite is the case with ugliness, and so forth.
This quality of concepts by which they resemble the stones of a mosaic, and on account of which perception always remains their asymptote, is also the reason why nothing good is produced in art by their means. If the singer or the virtuoso attempts to guide his execution by reflection he remains silent. And this is equally true of the composer, the painter, and the poet. The concept always remains unfruitful in art; it can only direct the technical part of it, its sphere is science. We shall consider more fully in the third book, why all true art proceeds from sensuous knowledge, never from the concept. Indeed, with regard to behaviour also, and personal agreeableness in society, the concept has only a negative value in restraining the grosser manifestations of egotism and brutality; so that a polished manner is its commendable production. But all that is attractive, gracious, charming in behaviour, all affectionateness and friendliness, must not proceed from the concepts, for if it does, “we feel intention, and are put out of tune.” All dissimulation is the work of reflection; but it cannot be maintained constantly and without interruption: “No one can wear a mask for long. Dissimulation soon reverts to its own nature." says Seneca in his book de clementia; and so it is generally found out and loses its effect. Reason is needed in the full stress of life, where quick conclusions, bold action, rapid and sure comprehension are required, but it may easily spoil all if it gains the upper hand, and by perplexing hinders the intuitive, direct discovery, and grasp of the right by simple understanding, and thus induces irresolution. Lastly, virtue and holiness do not proceed from reflection, but from the inner depths of the will, and its relation to knowledge. The exposition of this belongs to another part of our work; this, however, I may remark here, that the dogmas relating to ethics may be the same in the reason of whole nations, but the action of every individual different; and the converse also holds good; action, we say, is guided by feelings,—that is, simply not by concepts, but as a matter of fact by the ethical character. Dogmas occupy the idle reason; but action in the end pursues its own course independently of them, generally not according to abstract rules, but according to unspoken maxims, the expression of which is the whole man himself. Therefore, however different the religious dogmas of nations may be, yet in the case of all of them, a good action is accompanied by unspeakable satisfaction, and a bad action by endless remorse. No mockery can shake the former; no priest's absolution can deliver from the latter. Notwithstanding this, we must allow, that for the pursuit of a virtuous life, the application of reason is needful; only it is not its source, but has the subordinate function of preserving resolutions which have been made, of providing maxims to withstand the weakness of the moment, and give consistency to action. It plays the same part ultimately in art also, where it has just as little to do with the essential matter, but assists in carrying it out, for genius is not always at call, and yet the work must be completed in all its parts and rounded off to a whole.
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2023.03.25 12:03 FFBot Official: [Keeper] - Sat , 03/25/2023

Post your "Who Do I Keep?" questions here rather than individual posts.
  • League specific rules and details (league size, std/PPR, roster details, custom scoring, bonuses etc.)
  • Specific keeper rules (number of players, rounds, what happens if you don't use all keeper slots, etc)
  • All players under consideration
  • Any other pertinent information.
When answering questions, please make sure to sort by NEW!
Individual Keeper threads posted after this point will be deleted in order to keep the subreddit clean. Post here instead! If everyone sorts by new, your questions should be answered.
The following users have helped the most people in this thread:
User # Helped in thread
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2023.03.25 12:03 janedoe15243 Should my daughter reclass or come home?

My daughter is currently half way through BMT with an AFSC with a top secret security clearance. She’s very young and has light marijuana use and used mushrooms twice, all of this was disclosed before she enlisted and she was cleared to book her job and leave. I don’t know what happened, the clearance investigator called her the before she shipped and talked to her for just a few minutes, and came over for a few minutes to get a neighbor reference from me a week after she left but never talked to the neighbor.
I have absolutely no idea what happened but she was just told on Thursday that her clearance was denied and now she can’t have the job she’s booked for. It was her number one pick and almost all the jobs on her list had TS clearances so they are all out.
They basically sat her down and said “you can’t have your job now, here’s the book of jobs, pick 5 and we’ll let you know what you get.” They let her call me because she’s only 17 and she was hysterical, naturally.
Her father and I are both army vets and have been screwed by the military, so our gut instinct is just to get out and come home because we don’t want her to have to make a major decision about the next 4 years of her life in like 5 minutes. We know what it’s like to be stuck in misery with no way out and we don’t want that for her so told her to just come home.
Now that being said, I’ve been told that the AF now is different than the army 20 years ago. She wants to do tech stuff and choose the jobs: client systems, loadmaster, inflight refueler, ATC, and the two avionics jobs. If the AF really will allow her to have a life, go to school, have her own dorm room, and have work/life balance then staying in would be a good option.
Regardless of whether or not she stays in or gets out she’ll have to work and go to school, and the AF would be a good way to do that if she can have a job that doesn’t make her life miserable for the next 4 years. Any insight, advice, etc? Has anyone seen a clearance be denied but then have that decision reversed later?
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2023.03.25 12:03 hizen101 2-3 time skips in the first 3 chapters?

So I’m always cautious of trying to distribute character or world information naturally in my stories without obvious exposition dumps.
The narrative is a third person perspective but the narrator is limited to the inner mind and situations involving the protagonist.
Basically I want to start my story with an inciting event to break the equilibrium but this event takes place when the protagonist is a child (age 10 or so). I have in my mind to dedicate a chapter to establish the equilibrium and probably introduce the inciting event at the end of the first chapter or dedicate a chapter to it itself. I then want to show the consequences of this event with another chapter (with the protagonist now a teenager) which will lead to establishing a new flawed equilibrium that will be the setting for the protagonist to start being active in the plot.
I could probably keep everything up until the the formation of the new flawed equilibrium in one timeframe but I do want the protagonist to be an adult once they start being active in the narrative.
I don’t want an audience to be lost or be uninterested by the protagonist quickly changing ages quickly. I do however believe that finding convoluted ways for characters to give a history lesson to an audience naturally would be less engaging.
Tldr: i want to show a certain event and it’s effects on the world/characters over a number of years in the first few chapters. Is this preferable to info dumps?
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2023.03.25 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collection of 99 remote jobs

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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