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2023.06.09 22:31 ahszone EXCLUSIVE REVIEW: “Delicate Condition” by Danielle Valentine

“We all give something up in exchange for our babies. Nearly everyone on this planet was welcomed by the sounds of a woman screaming.” Danielle Valentine’s highly anticipated Delicate Condition takes a visceral look at the sacrifices of motherhood through blood-colored glasses. The novel is written from the first-person perspective of Anna Victoria Alcott, a teen starlet-turned-indie actress of rising renown who is desperate to have a baby before her thirties wind up in her rearview mirror. Leaning on the support of her equally eager husband Dexter Harding and fellow actress Siobhan Walsh, a mentor facing her own aggressive health battles, Anna gruelingly subjects herself to round after round of IVF before it finally works. However, the lead up to her positive test is hellish: first, her calendar is hacked and her perishable medications are misplaced. Then, an anonymous hate campaign is waged against her online. Anna notices a stranger lurking around every corner, wherever she goes. After something frail slithers into bed and whispers not-so-sweet nothings in her ear, Anna thinks she’s reached her breaking point and flees to her friend Talia’s home in the Hamptons. Little does she know, this is only the beginning of an unfathomable nine-month nightmare.
Valentine mines the bulk of Delicate Condition’s horror from the often overlooked reality of women’s fertility struggles and pregnancy complications. This choice lends staggering authenticity to passages featuring a brutal miscarriage and those chronicling the deterioration of Anna’s physical and mental well-being. Among the strongest features of the narrative are the brief detours Valentine takes from Anna’s suffering, which is at times so pregnant with braising tension (pardon the pun) that it becomes taxing to read. These occasional reprieves tease out the unfortunate, supernaturally-tinged stories of other women who’ve found themselves entangled in circumstances suspiciously similar to Anna’s. Valentine does an excellent job of letting the periods of each of these chapters– which range in setting from Massachusetts Bay in the 1600s to 1950s Cleveland to Texas in the 1970s, and so on– inform the style and language of her writing in a captivating way. The inclusion of Dr. Silas Weir Mitchell in one such chapter serves as a grim yet effective reminder that misogyny has deep roots within the institution of American medicine.
One of the pitfalls of telling much of this tale from Anna’s point of view is that the ample ensemble, which Valentine has so meticulously crafted, ultimately feels underutilized. Io Preecher, an enigmatic crone on a mission, is the only core character aside from Anna that we’re afforded any direct insight into. The story could have benefitted from peering into the histories of key figures like Dex, Talia, Anna’s IVF physician Dr. Hill, or even the smaller players like Siobhan, Anna’s publicist Emily, and Dex’s first wife Adeline. The final act of the book is explosively climactic, but an earlier glimpse at certain supporting characters– beyond Anna’s limited perception of them– may have alleviated some of its clutter and planted further seeds of suspense for readers.
Overall, Danielle Valentine has concocted an eerie allegory that isn’t for the faint of heart. Comparisons to the Ira Levin classic Rosemary’s Baby are certainly justified, but this novel blazes its own timely trail within a well-worn genre. Valentine seems less interested in torturing a typical hapless victim of patriarchy with Anna Alcott and more intent on using her pain to illustrate the real-life horrors of childbearing. Particularly with its subversive twist ending, Delicate Condition cements itself among “gynaehorror” literature as an unabashed war cry against the ignorance of women’s suffering.
Rating: ★★★★
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2023.06.09 22:31 MegaMugabe21 [Phil Hay] Excl - Talks over the past 24 hrs have sealed a deal between Andrea Radrizzani and 49ers Enterprises for the sale of Leeds United. Announcement expected tonight. Takeover needs EFL approval. But Leeds finally headed for new ownership.

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2023.06.09 22:30 Gloomy_Emphasis_1225 Husband swears he’ll change since I decided to leave but I don’t know if I should believe it?

I (23f) left my husband(24m) a couple weeks ago because I was too overwhelmed with how terrible I’ve been feeling pretty much the entire time we’ve lived together. We have been together since 2019 and didn’t move in together until after marriage in 2021. We were long distance prior to this. It seemed to go fairly well as long distance although now I look back and realize it wasn’t always that great. I wish so much we’d lived together first. I very quickly began feeling like he just wanted me to take care of him and everything for him when we started living together. All of the cooking and cleaning. One of the first days in our apt he went out to buy a pc setup he’s been wanting but couldn’t have where he was before. And he was on the computer all the time. It didn’t seem as bad at first I figured we had to get into a groove and I wasn’t necessarily upset about taking care of things. I grew up basically the parent in my household so I was good at it and used to it but not what I wanted my life to be like. He brought up getting a dog so we did a couple months later. I thought since he brought it up he would help. He does not.no walks no feeding plays with her occasionally leaves her in her kennel when I’m at work for 8 hours on weekends and he doesn’t work weekends. I’ve brought up to him a few times about how I need help around the house and it feels unfair that I’m also working full time but then coming home and cleaning making dinner being the only one caring for the dog. And not even always getting to enjoy and relax on my days off because that’s when the laundry gets done and the grocery list and shopping and budgeting. I brought this up to him and couple times. He said he would help more and he did a couple things the week that I talked to him and then stopped. I bought a chore chart so he could see the chores because his excuse was he never knew what to do. Didn’t change much. He’s always on the computer and we never talk to each other about how our days went or anything. He gives couple word answers if I ask about his day or mention mine. He’ll text me from the game room if he wants or needs something. I started to feel like I was loosing the feelings I had because I was feeling more like his mom than a partner and now I don’t think I feel anything for him. I hate having sex with him and have told him even if I come back I don’t want to. I’ve never been huge into sex even speaking about it can make me uncomfortable but I also feel uncomfortable at times during the act but he does have a higher drive and even though he said it’s fine to give it up I feel bad doing that to him. I don’t even really want to be close to him though I don’t even want to cuddle or hug. I’m not a very physically affectionate person. I only hug him my best friend and mom and refuse to other family or not as close friends. But I don’t want to be that affectionate with him and he says that makes him feel unloved. And I already have fears about him cheating because well he was when we were dating and engaged and I thought it would stop at marriage and I’d get over it. But I haven’t. I am always worrying that he’s talking to other girls still and he is on onlyfans all the time personally I think he’s spending ridiculous amounts on it. But since I don’t give him sex often I don’t bring up the onlyfans just a few times I’ve asked if there’s someone he has an actual connection with. He always says no and there’s never been and won’t be anyone else but I don’t know if I’ll ever trust him. I feel bad not feeling I can trust him or asking like I’m accusing him. But I feel like I can’t help it. I see now i should’ve seen that red flag before. I did I just ignored it even to the point of him telling me while we were engaged another girl wanted to start dating him and would an open relationship be okay. But I also wasn’t all honest with him. I had agreed to have a child with him even though I didn’t really want one but he did so I said we could but now I know I can’t do that I can’t at all see myself having a child and that would be so unfair to being a child into our life when it’s own mother wouldn’t want it. He has now said it’s fine to not have one but again I feel like I’m taking away something important and that’s not fair to him. I also agreed to not drink because he hates alcohol and all substances but I still sometimes have a little especially on the days I know he wants to have sex. So I know I’m also not being open and honest. He’s been asking me to come back he’s said we don’t have to have kids or sex and he promises he’ll help with the house and the dog but refuses to try and cook but he keeps saying he’ll do whatever it takes he’ll spend less time online but wants to keep watching onlyfans if we’re not having sex. And he’ll talk to me and try to be closer and more open and try to form a connection. I’m just not sure if I believe that this time he’ll actually stick to helping or if he’ll actually try to treat me like a partner. I’m not sure that he can be happy going into the future with no kids or sex when sex is important to him and he did seem serious about wanting a child. I’m not sure if I can gain love back for him because I really do feel it’s gone or if I’ll ever trust him. I haven’t cried since like the 5th day after I left. He keeps saying the only thing that’s unfair about what I’ve said is if I don’t give him a chance to prove himself or fight for me. But he also said if I can’t feel like I give him a chance he’ll end up alone because he wouldn’t want to put anyone else through this which made me almost feel he wants a second chance with me as still a trial to figure out how to be better for someone else? I just don’t know I feel so lost and so unsure. I’d almost want to give him a second chance just because we’re already married so I guess it seems easier to try and stay but I don’t know if we can ever be happy and I don’t want to be around him really. I hate this situation so much
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2023.06.09 22:30 planck_verse LOVE !!!

LOVE !!!
Love. and understanding and tolerance and respect and kindness and compassion and LOVE !!!
we will all do this together as one as unity as a state as a country as a planet as a solar system as a galaxy as a universe.
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2023.06.09 22:30 Mediumglassofwater_ I’ve never worked a full 8 hour day and I can’t tell if it’s normal

I am in sales and have been doing it for a few months. I’m hybrid. I go in 2-3 days a week and typically go in from 8:30am and leave either after lunch or around 4pm. When I’m in the office I feel productive until lunch. Afterwards I feel like I am just trying to wait out the day. I could be doing more work, but it feels Herculean to pick up the phone sometimes. When I am home I work a solid 2 hours in the morning. Then I answer emails. Sometimes I have scheduled calls later in the day or I feel a sudden urge to do some more work. For the most part I’m watching YouTube and have my laptop next to me if anything comes in. I don’t think I’ve ever worked a full 8 hour day, the title may be a slight over exaggeration but they are very few and far between and they definitely weren’t a full 8 hours of hard work. Other members on my team talk about how much work they have/do. I am hitting my numbers for now and just need some reassurance or inspiration on what I’m doing.
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2023.06.09 22:30 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Patrick Bet-David – All Access Bundle ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 22:30 Flying_Snails_today Steven Universe vs Invincible analysis Cosmic Clash

Genesis: Back thousands of years ago a gem named Rose Quartz was made on Earth! You see these space aliens called gems were killing the planet to make more of them and Rose wasn’t with that so she lead a rebellion called the Crystal Gems to take on the diamonds who were the leader of the gems. She ended up shattering Pink Diamond but yellow, blue and white diamond retaliated by leavening a blast that covered all of the planet affecting every gem turning them into monsters! Only Rose and some of her closest allies remained but she soon settled down with a human named Greg and gave up her body to make a son. Steven Universe.
Snail: Steven may look like the small chubby kid who gets bullied in school but he’s anything but! This kid saves the day with the Crystal Gems!
Genesis: Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl! And Steven started off weak and powerless be became stronger from his adventures with the gems even unlocking some of his mom’s abilities!
Snail: Such as his mothers shield able to block an attack from three diamonds that covered the entire planet!
Genesis: He can make bubbles to teleport small objects away or shield himself. He can also use them as makeshift boxing gloves to fight with!
Genesis then made some magical boxing gloves she used to knockout Snail
Genesis: Like that!
One Angry Snail getting up later
Snail: So mad at you I just can’t… Whatever Steven has control over his personal gravity being able to slow his falling and jump insane heights! He also scales to Garnet who was able to punch a damn mountain in half! That’s badass! But with all of this in mind Steven was treated like a child by his fellow gems. And while he was he wasn’t treated like a member of the team.
Genesis: Yeah like when your mom needs to take you to the movies with her friends on girls night since your dads not around and she doesn’t want you home alone
Snail: That’s not oddly specific or anything.
Genesis: What?!
Snail: Steven would gain the respect he so desperately wanted through many of his missions with the Gems! He is stronger then Lapis who lifted all the ocean on Earth at once! That’s roughly 352,670,000,000,000,000,000 gallons of water! That’s like an entire planet man!
Genesis: Almost as much as your mo-
Snail then slapped her in the face
Genesis: Yeah I deserve that…
Snail: Steven has dodged laser from near point blank, he can survive the g force of light speed travel, he even lifted a giant injector!
Genesis: This injector had enough poison in it to wipe out all life on Earth! And it was already a giant metal space ship thing! And Steven was able to lift it for a short time when his powers were fading!
Snail: So Steven after trail and trail fight after fight manage to save the universe by redeeming the diamonds!
Genesis: Bad writing aside Steven always had shows looming over his head the biggest one his mother
Genesis: Turns out Rose was actually Pink Diamond and she was a lier who manipulated all her friends and even had them trapped for thousands of years!
Snail: Fuckin parents… yeah Rose was a shitty person and even years after her death Steven was stuck with people thinking he was his mom.
Genesis: Combine that with years of mental trauma from getting almost killed repeatedly and you have Steven go into a breakdown. Or his pink state
Snail: While pink Steven can move faster than his light dodging friends the crystal gems. He moved so fast that time moves at a near standstill for him! His powers also go into overdrive with him getting stronger, the power to straight up fly, screams loud enough to crack buildings, and new hexagon versions of his bubbles that are way stronger and more destructive! But he’s way more unhinged he’s losing control in this form to the point where he killed a gem.
Genesis: After bringing her back to life Steven felt like a monster and he spiraled into self hate creating monster Steven.
Snail: He lost all control but with the love of his friends and family Steven was able to calm down.
Genesis: While Steven struggled over learned to be a gem his greatest feat was being human.

Mayo_Enjoyer:every world needs a invincible hero except this one isn't invincible,meet Mark grayson the son of Nolan grayson who's more commonly known as omni man. Mark is a viltrumite like his father, viltrumites are a human like alien race who decided to kill off most of their population just to leave the strongest ones and they then started to conquer planets from the inside, Nolan was send to conquer earth he decided to play along as a hero, and after some hand holding with his pet I mean wife a baby was born because holding hands makes babies, and that baby was Mark grayson.
Mayo_Enjoyer:when Mark first discovered his powers he was lost but luckily for him his father was there to help him learn his powers and then mark started doing hero stuff, he fought against criminals, fought against a alien invasion, got his ass kicked by battle beast which I don't blame him for because battle beast is like the second if not the strongest character in the entire series, saved people got the girl and did some hero stuff until that day, one day mark found out that his dad is actually a alien conquer breed to kill and enslave other planets so he got his ass kicked so hard it became a meme maybe mark should think more often, anyways I'm not going to spoil the comics so to the abilities and feats we go.
Mayo_Enjoyer:Mark's viltrumite origin grants him several abilities such as super strength, super speed, flight, enchanted lung capacity, a ability which makes him stronger every time he gets beaten into a pulp, longevity, a enchanted healing factor, mark got all the basic powers now time for his feats, hurth thragg the strongest viltrumite who upscales from every viltrumite in the series, tanked hits from thragg while sun dipping in a fight with him on the sun, threw a trash can to London, played baseball over the globe, traveled from planet to planet, temporary outspeed teleportation, was unfazed by a nuke, killed thragg's kids, was able to fight while sun dipping, took a beating from battle beast and survived, was able to force dinosaurus to transform back, defeated conquest, defeated thragg who was able to defeat battle beast. That's all impressive feats of mark Grayson and now it's time for him to show that he's invincible
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2023.06.09 22:30 HKB VOTING THREAD for The Modellies Odyssey: Movie Magic Award Competition Show and GaME 2021 (MOMMACSG2021): Egregious Product Placement (The Cast Away FedEx Brief)

VOTING THREAD for The Modellies Odyssey: Movie Magic Award Competition Show and GaME 2021 (MOMMACSG2021): Egregious Product Placement (The Cast Away FedEx Brief)
Set 3 Brief 1

The Brief: Most Hollywood movies have some kind of product placement deal. You’re going to take inspiration from the movie Cast Away and make your desired product integral to the plot of your movie. In Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays some kind of FedEx executive who charmingly berates his employees to do things faster and better the FedEx way*. When his private FedEx plane crashes, he manages to survive on a desert island in part because of the items he recovers from FedEx packages, most notably a ball named/branded “Wilson” (another example of plot-integral product placement). FedEx is HUGE in this movie, as so will be your product in your movie. This is no Coca-Cola product in the background product placement, but much more!

Helen Laura-Prescott Walsh in DIET COKE HEADS
Helen Laura Prescott Walsh stars as Vicki Valentine in 'Diet Coke Heads' the story about a group of mean girls living in the suburbs. Think Heathers or Jawbreaker but with upper middle class moms. Vicki is the newest member of an exclusive clique in Edina, Minnesota where the film takes place. All the women drink diet coke to stay thin. The women begin to target Vicki when one of their husband's make a pass at her. This shot is from a party in which Vicki has been kicked out for confronting the mean girls and she is fantasizing about harming the main queen bee and replacing her and taking her wealthy husband who's been trying to get with her. Soon she and the husband start and affair and then plot to take the mean girl group down but Vicki soon realizes that the man of her dreams is a complete psychopath and she must find a way to take him down.

Glenda Haven in PRIME CADET
I'm used to gear like this because I was in a full body cast from ages 3-10 so I was the Prime candidate to star as Astronaut Prima Vonalise. She travels to outer space to find a new home for Planet Earth but needs home goods shipped to her as she rebuilds a new community. COMING SOON.... To Prime video 2034

Post Hastings in CAUGHT RED HANDED
Biz Kazoo is the greatest thief in the thieving business. Until... he gets addicted to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. They’re just too damn good! * Turns to camera and winks *
He can handle the flaming hot butthole. He can handle the few extra pounds. But when he starts leaving copious amounts of Cheeto dust at the scene of every crime, something needs to change.
Follow this bizarre tale as Biz evades some close calls and tries to rid himself of these flamin’ hot powder fingers and get back his old sticky thieving fingers. Before it’s too late. These are not thieving fingers.... THESE are thieving fingers!

Jon Cocktoasten in CIGARETTE DREAMS
Cigarette Dreams is a movie about a man named Julian, who is struggling to find his place in the world. He is lost and hopeless. One day, Julian stumbles upon a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, and decides to try one. To his surprise, he finds that smoking gives him a form of escaping from his problems. However, as Julian becomes more and more dependent on the cigarette, he begins to neglect his responsibilities and relationships. He also starts to experience negative health effects from smoking. What should he do? Should he stop smoking? But if he does, how will he cope with the hopelessness called his life?

Missy Moonlight in ALL THAT GLITTERS
From the creators of "I'm feeling blue" staring model failed turning actress Lily Nova comes "All that glitters"
Mckinleigh was born with a curse, that she is permanently sparkly with craft glitter. She doesn't mind it all that much until she meets Jaxon, who is allergic to craft glitter. She really likes Jaxon so she buys the Neutrogena grapefruit wipes. They wipe the sparkles off perfectly.... for maybe about 20 minutes. She goes through 20 packets a day because they are only things that semi work. The wipes smell absolutely amazing, but she has to figure out if she can beat the curse or if Jaxon is worth using 2929203830382 Neutrogena grapefruit wipes in her lifetime. Taking place in Utah, this movie will make you laugh, cry and yearning to buy Neutrogena Grapefruit Wipes

Xander Tuffcun in THE CHASE
Daniel (played by Arran Slay) is a poor man who came across a PS5 during one of his dumpster dive. Thinking he hit a jackpot, he took it home with him. Unbeknownst to him, info about one of the biggest crime organization, led by Tristian (played by Xander Tuffcunt), is stored in there. If that info got leaked, it may bring down the whole operation so Tristian is willing to do anything to get it back.
As the mafia closes in on him, Daniel must use all his wits and skills to outsmart his pursuers and stay one step ahead of them. Can he get out of this with his life intact? Find out in "The Chase" coming to theatre near you

Abra Candelabra in SCAVENGERS
Scavengers begins with our filthy, bedraggled heroine, Onyx, played by Abra Candelabra, walking through a post apocalyptic rural wasteland until she comes across a deserted town where she discovers a fantastical gold mine: a diner with a somehow still working soda fountain and walk-in full of freezer-burnt fast food. She holes up in this magical oasis and, from that point forward, is never seen without her trusty and refreshing cup of Coke. (In fact, 33% of the film’s total audio is simply Onyx refilling or loudly slurping her Coke.) All is well until another scavenger stumbles upon the diner. Scrambling to hide, Onyx forgets to grab her Coke, and to her horror, the interloper dares to TAKE A SIP! This leads to an extended fight scene, culminating in the first line of the film, delivered with Onyx’s hand around his throat: “Don’t touch my fucking Coke.” Will the two scavengers battle to the death, or will they fall in love and band together to defend their artery clogging oasis from marauders? (It’s clearly the latter, or else how would we stretch this movie to 100 minutes?)
Scavengers: Officially sponsored by Coca-Cola; unofficially sponsored by the American obesity epidemic

Blue Aida in DUCK BOX
A remake of the hit classic Bird Box (2018), where a mysterious force decimates the population. If you see it…you die. Blue and a group of other expendables are stuck inside a Home Depot when it all begins. They learn to blindfold themselves with duct tape (with literally in your face Duck Tape branding) to protect themselves from the entity. However, with them blindfolded inside a Home Depot, their clumsy butts fall victim to all the dangerous home improvement tools instead.

Sonya Boom in MOTHER'S MILK
There’s a cult. There’s cultsex. There’s milk. Lots and lots of milk and cults and cultsex. There’s also teats and feet.
But this film is sponsored by GOT MILK? and the Dairy Association of America and FAIRLIFE. So this film is also wholesome and nutritious and suspiciously expensive and suspiciously bleached.
“Mother’s milk is not the only thing being homogenized this Summer,” said Sonya Boom in her promo tour. “This film is so creamy it made me a lesbian and will probably make you one, too.”

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2023.06.09 22:30 anitafillintheblank So... I asked a Noho-based therapist for the restroom during our session and was not prepared for her answer.

My husband and I had an uneventful session with a couples therapist recently and I went back today for my individual session. When she wrapped up her previous session and joined me, I asked to be pointed to the ladies room before we started and was told that there was "no public bathroom."
WE WERE AT HER HOUSE. Also, her place of business. BUT HER HOUSE.
Is this a thing? If she makes her bathroom available to paying clients, is she subject to the obligation of providing facilities to strangers?
Otherwise, it feels like maybe it's because I'm black.
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2023.06.09 22:30 PowerfulCapital4195 LGBTIA+ Questions

Okay Pride month has got me thinking and reflecting and deconstructing again. I grew up fundie-light and homeschooled K-12. All curriculum was abstinence only, homophobic, and void of nuance.
I live in a diverse area now and have done a lot of growing, but I still have some questions and (cough cough) brainwashing rattling around in my brain whenever I think about Pride and LGBTQ topics.
Can anyone provide any resources/insight on the following? I’m really not trying to be offensive, please feel free to point out anything offensive in my wording. My intention is to learn. It’s so hard when one grew up in a homophobic bubble to know where to go to discuss these topics. There is so much hate and fear about even discussing these things. If they are discussed, it’s THE BIBLE SAYS SO! As science progresses, society changes, and religion develops, people have to adjust. I’m still a Christian, but I’m trying to re-educate myself on this area in particular as I know the fundamentalist denominations I grew up with have twisted so much. Biblical or secular input welcome.
  1. Gendesex as a construct - This I mostly have accepted even as a young person. Gender roles specifically are so culture-by-culture and the Bible has very few actual guidelines that are gendered. For example, I never understood why a woman who liked machinery or something “masculine” was “wrong.” Another example would be a man into fashion. I still wonder though about what sex is biologically. To me there are people with X chromosomes, Y chromosomes, and people with a genetic difference. So sex seems like it has 3 categories. Men, Women and Intersex at least medically. Is this incorrect?
  2. Sexual attraction being natural to one’s person and not moral- This one is harder for me. As it seems the Bible acknowledges different sexual attractions, but then has guidelines for all of them around “purity.” Isn’t sexual attraction in some ways also seen as “good”/“bad” based on culture? For example, someone might have a kink or fetish which is considered safe with consenting adults, but mainstream American society also sees some as not appropriate (being attracted to those that are younger, married, etc.) Fundies draw the line way over on one side of the spectrum. How does a non-religious society determine the line? Also, isn’t sexual attraction developed a little by society and models a child sees? For example, what is “sexy” seems flexible based on time period and geography at least a little bit.
  3. Body dysmorphia- When is a disconnect between oneself and one’s assigned gender a hormonal issue or is that never the right way to look at it. In other words, is it always the best thing to live within the cultural norms of the gender that feels correct to you?
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2023.06.09 22:30 planck_verse LOVE !!!

Love. and understanding and tolerance and respect and kindness and compassion and LOVE !!!
we will all do this together as one as unity as a state as a country as a planet as a solar system as a galaxy as a universe.
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2023.06.09 22:29 gettin_wiggy I feel like my life is over

I work a warehouse job that includes a lot of heavy lifting. I've had back issues for a while but never more than a couple days of soreness here and there. On Monday I came home from work and had the worst lower back pain of my life. I looked up all my symptoms and everything points to me having a herniated disc. I just turned 26 2 months ago and my boss messed up and my health insurance doesn't kick in until July 1st. I haven't been to work in 4 days and my boss is saying that he needs me back but I don't feel good about going back until I go to the Dr but I can't go to the Dr because I have no money and no health insurance. I dont know what to do and I'm so scared. I just got engaged a month ago and I was so happy and now I feel like my life is over. I have no degree, no job experience outside of working in a warehouse and, if I lose my job, no health insurance. I'm just so scared and don't know what to do.
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2023.06.09 22:29 honeybadger1591 coworker tried to get me fired and it backfired on him

I (28F) used to work as a custodian at a fitness center with this dude (43M), let's call him Moby. Sorry for the long post, I've been steamed about this for years and wanted to get it all off my chest.
Moby had beef with pretty much everyone, not just those on the cleaning crew; his main thing was going to complain to supervisors about coworkers, but most of these claims were inflated and exaggerated. At first I had no idea he would do this at all; every day Moby would go out of his way to be friendly to me, strike up conversations, compliment my baking when I'd bring in treats, and was generally a pleasant guy if a bit too friendly. He tended to bring up the subject of dating a lot and how tough it was for him (he was balding, morbidly obese, lived with his mother, didn't have much in the way of money) and I (along with a few others) got the vibe he wasn't too happy to hear I was seeing someone. Still, he never crossed a line and I thought we were cool.
After a few months where my shift changed and I came back to work my usual hours with him, Moby had done a complete 180. He essentially gave me the cold shoulder and he seemed to be avoiding me. I figured maybe something happened while I was gone and he was having a rough time, except he was still acting normally with everyone else at our job. I brush it off and go about work; we get a new supervisor. About three months later I'm talking to my other coworker; let's call him Dave. Dave works the exact same shift as us and we're talking about Moby; I don't like to pry but his cold shoulder behavior is making it hard to work with him. I ask Dave if something happened while I was away or if I said something to offend Moby without realizing.
Well, as it turns out, Dave tells me that he, a few select coworkers, and most of our higher ups have heard from Moby that I'm a lazy good for nothing who takes two hour breaks at a time and he has to do most of the cleaning. He also demanded I be fired, multiple times. From the first day our new supervisor had set foot in the center he had been telling him lies. Dave thought I knew already; Moby was even telling lies to the people who come to work out, literally gossiping about me to patrons for months and basically trying to turn everyone there against me and urging them to make complaints themselves. My jaw drops: not only is none of this true, but I was the one who had to pick up the slack for Moby and was even asked to clean areas he was supposed to because he wasn't doing HIS job (I found this out later and would have refused if I'd known I was taking on extra responsibilities; the general consensus is they should have fired him years ago.)
Not long after this, I talk to my supervisor; he says Moby has in fact been talking to him and gave him an ultimatum: either I go or he does. My supervisor is getting sick of it and flat out says there's no way he would choose Moby over me and in the few months he's been here I've basically proven myself to be the best employee there. I mention everything else Dave has told me. Eventually, Moby gets called into a meeting about his conducts and gets written up. To this day I don't know why he was gunning for me to be fired: Dave thinks he was mad I had gotten engaged and being recognized for my work, but I don't know for sure. I just knew I wasn't satisfied with the outcome; I know I could have let it go and turn the other cheek but I felt so hurt and betrayed, I wanted to pay him back with more than a little reprimanding from our boss.
Following the meeting, I end up having to take multiple shifts that week: it's worth mentioning at this point I'm acquainted with pretty much everyone and to toot my own horn a bit, they all have a generally positive opinion of me (custodians, trainers, front desk, even people who work in the pool and building maintenance etc. and the higher ups to boot) or at least appreciate my work ethic, that I'm always willing to lend a hand or an ear, and share my baking hobby. I say this because the rest of the week when I chit chat with my coworkers, I end up bringing up the whole fiasco with Moby. Keep in mind, he's already made some enemy's but this is the final straw. Word gets around and most of our coworkers are shocked and appalled he would go so far to make me out like a lazy bum and get me fired. By the end of the month Moby has essentially become a pariah in part because he's still talking sh*t about me (but not to the patrons or managers anymore) and no one is having it. I hear about Moby getting shut down, chewed out, and told to shut up on my behalf. So, I basically d the exact thing Moby was trying to do to me, though to be fair, most of it he did to himself anyway.
TLDR: possible niceguy coworker suddenly starts ignoring me, turns out he's been spreading lies to get me fired and tells other staff and patrons I'm a horrible employee when I've been unknowingly covering for his incompetence. He gets written up and through me telling everyone what he did and his continued efforts to ruin my reputation, he ends up disliked by everyone.
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2023.06.09 22:29 Comprehensive_Row627 VERSES AI: Bridging the Gap between Humans and Machines

VERSES AI Inc. (NEO:VERS) (OTCQX:VRSSF) is a company that makes advanced technology that works like the human brain. Their main product is called GIA, which is like a super smart helper for everyone. It's powered by a special operating system called KOSM, which helps different machines and people work together more effectively. KOSM can take lots of different kinds of information and turn it into something useful that everyone can understand. VERSES wants to create a world where people and machines can work together in a way that makes everyone smarter and better at what they do.
Some recent $VERS Highlights:
Note: this is not financial advice please do your own research before investing
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2023.06.09 22:29 airpuria463 Your Questions Answered: Do Saunas Help You Lose Weight?

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2023.06.09 22:29 planck_verse LOVE !!!

LOVE !!!
Love. and understanding and tolerance and respect and kindness and compassion and LOVE !!!
we will all do this together as one as unity as a state as a country as a planet as a solar system as a galaxy as a universe.
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2023.06.09 22:29 ImNotGivingUpOnMe [US,US] [H] High End Slabs, Umbreon Vmax, Espeon VMAX, Misty's Favor, Sealed Team Rocket Pack, etc [W] Paypal

Hey everyone!
Me and my family are a bit tight at the moment, so I am selling off some of my collection to try to make bills. I am trying to come up with 1k so once I have it I will cut off the sale for whatever is left. Shipping will be $4 BMWT or $5 boxed and shipped.
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/1nmLsgF
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Celebrations Mew PSA 9- $40
Reshiram Charizard GX CGC 9- $18
Long Crimp Team Rocket Booster Pack- $160
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2023.06.09 22:29 sunnybunnyone I slapped my boyfriend out of fear in response to his abuse- am I also abusive?

My boyfriend and I had a dumb argument the other morning. It started over me advocating for literal space for myself. I was frustrated when I brought this up but I did not raise my voice. He got upset, so I went outside. We live in a studio. I could hear him still talking through the door so I came inside to put my shoes on, I was just going to hop on my bicycle to get away from the situation. When I came inside to get my shoes so I could leave, he grabbed a knife and stabbed the tire to my bicycle. This immediately filled me with fear 1) because knife. 2) because he took out my escape route.
He kept yelling at me and got so close in my face screaming so loudly I could feel the air whooshing past my face and his teeth scraped my nose on the way down. I was saying get out get out get out and he was just yelling louder and closer. Finally without even thinking when his teeth went down my nose I open palm slapped him across the face. Not hard. It didn’t leave a mark.
I feel so bad but I was so afraid.
After things cooled down we agreed he needed to leave for at least a month (though I don’t feel like the relationship is salvageable he wants to go to counseling). He said he was sorry for doing a “stupid irrational thing” and took my bicycle to have the tire replaced. I told him what he did was not stupid and irrational it was violent and psychotic and made me fear for my safety.
Every time I reiterate that what he did was not ok he just says “well you slapped me”.
I know it wasn’t ok but I was literally dissociating and trapped.
He has also thrown a coffee at me sitting in bed that hit the window about 2” from my face and when I tell him that was abusive behavior he says it isn’t because he didn’t hit me with it, if he wanted to he would have.
He also has snatched and broken things from my hands.
He doesn’t seem to understand that he has instilled a fear of him in me. Which to me is not taking accountability for how he’s been treating me.
He thought I was recording our fight at one point (I wasn’t) and when I said “why did you stab my bicycle tire???” He was like “I don’t know what you’re talking about I didn’t do that.” To later admit he only said that because he thought I was recording him. He was like “you know I did it, I know I did it, but you were recording me.” I’m like “WHAT that makes you sound even more unhinged!!”
This happened at 8am and it took me until 2pm to get him out of my house.
I don’t really know what to do. Can couples therapy change this??
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2023.06.09 22:29 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Christian Mickelsen – Rapid Results Coaching Academy ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 22:29 Necroboner Oil smoke points

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2023.06.09 22:29 Wulf_Hunter Skip the offer wall until conditions improve

I have done a few of these since a year ago, one notable and fun game being Rise of Kingdoms. I recall a couple of options for that game, the one I chose being optimal for F2P.
In checking those same offers now, I see it more strictly requires getting past the paywall mechanics that appear before any meaningful rewards are given. Also, there are much fewer reward steps/tiers now, having been moved beyond said paywall.
For example, in Rise, getting to CH level 10 is a big grind on its own taking up several days. The reward condition requires you to reach and overcome an exponential increase in resource/time cost in an amount of time that iirc would cost you a few hundred USD.
The scaling of rewards to the money you're spending is entirely too steep to be fruitful for the average person, and this feels targeted at the obscenely wealthy, unhealthy, or otherwise normal person who simply wastes their time discovering what is actually required to fulfill the task for your gem reward. These games don't respect economy the same way The Tower does within its own reward systems.
Rather than continuously deprive you of effective progress scaling, this game gives you multipliers to work towards that directly defeat specific mechanics, requiring balance and routine effort.
In short, it isn't worth playing another game just for gems that also aims to drain your wallet and misleads you into a losing/impossible scheme, especially if the game is uninteresting/built in a predatory manner. Just interacting with this game every 15-20min for about 30s should give you the gems you're hurting for.
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2023.06.09 22:29 planck_verse LOVE !!!

LOVE !!!
Love. and understanding and tolerance and respect and kindness and compassion and LOVE !!!
we will all do this together as one as unity as a state as a country as a planet as a solar system as a galaxy as a universe.
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