The chic peach bainbridge ga

Artemis, starship bridge simulator

2010.11.11 07:15 ShrimpCrackers Artemis, starship bridge simulator

To boldly go where many a starship crew has dreamed of. For fans of the Artemis Starship Simulator game.

2023.06.09 23:04 alberto-matamoro Plagiarism seems to be a large deal at this program?

New admit here, 2 courses in. Have a few thoughts about how plagiarism is handled, especially in an online CS program.
I never had a plagiarism issue, nor do I intend to. I am here to learn, not to get an A. My expectation is that my grade is a rough reflection of my level of mastery and I believe this to be a reasonable expectation. Furthermore, if OMSCS is not tough on cheating, I do believe this will give OMSCS a bad reputation, which will devalue my hard work.
Now that we have that out of the way, I have heard of OSI referrals on false positives on various discord servers and reddit posts, and in it looks like false positives still exist with the 30% similarity cut off with MOSS. I would be curious about the FPR and how many students it is when using the 30% cutoff. After all, a small percent in a large program can be a sizable number of students, depending on the percent and cohort sizes.
Of course, minimizing FPR is not the goal of the paper, but rather to show certain interventions that reduce cheating rates, but I do wonder if there is a baseline plagiarism rate that OMSCS hopes to hit to maintain this image of "rigor."
Then again, often times people who cheat will insist that they didn't until they are shown the evidence, so I'm not sure about the credibility of the reddit posts or discord messages.
However, what measures are there for those who are falsely accused? I suppose this follows the age-old saying "nothing to hide" so nothing to fear. But how about those courses in which coding assignments are largely the same across semesters and in courses where there are only 5 lines of code to edit for very simple functions?
I know Dr. Starner has a few papers on this, one regarding a PDF similarity comparison tool, and another regarding watermarking code, but this seems to only work on those who copy code verbatim or close to verbatim. Of course those are considered the best cheaters because they are easy to identify. However my post really comes down to, how do we deal with students suspected of cheating on an assignment where a significant chunk of the class has very similar solutions on a very short and simple assignment? Is OMSCS's philosophy just to flag as many as possible to retain the value of the degree - or is it better to let a guilty cheater stay than an innocent student punished.
Perhaps false positives aren't actually that common and those that are indeed false positives always are resolved in the student's favor.

Side note: how to best prep for GA if I can expect to take it maybe after 7 classes in (which is lots of time to prepare)?
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2023.06.09 23:00 jthomas694 [Game Thread] Gainesville Super Regional Game One: 2 Florida vs 15 South Carolina - 6/9/23 at 6PM ET

NCAA Baseball on CollegeBaseball
2 Florida (48-15) 15 South Carolina (42-19)
Condron Family Ballpark, Gainesville, Florida - 6/9 at 6:00 PM ET
Television: ESPN2
Live Stats
Live NCAA Tournament Bracket
Florida’s Path to the Gainesville Super-Regional
Florida 3-Florida A&M 0
Texas Tech 5-Florida 4
Florida 8-UCONN 2
Florida 7-Texas Tech 1
Florida 6-Texas Tech 0
South Carolina’s Path the Gainesville Super-Regional
South Carolina 19-Central Connecticut State 1
South Carolina 6-NC State 3
South Carolina 16-Campbell 7
Starting Pitchers
Florida: Brandon Sproat, RHP, JR (7-3, 4.70 ERA)
South Carolina: James Hicks, RHP, r. JR (8-1, 3.32 ERA)
[Florida Starting Lineup]
South Carolina Starting Lineup
Game Two will be tomorrow, 6/10/23 at 3:00 PM ET
Game Three, if necessary, will be Sunday, 6/11/23 time to be determined
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2023.06.09 22:58 VegetableValuable764 Map

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2023.06.09 22:52 heyboolundon Coming in Friday morning, leaving Sunday. Which camping pass?

First timer. Hate to even ask here but can't find an answer. I'm looking for GA car camping like the Primitive Car Camping pass offers, but there's no Friday option. Only staying Fri & Sat night. Seems like that Thursday version would be the answer, but clearly says Thursday entry only. Appreciate any advice!
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2023.06.09 22:46 Strelka119 How long before we need to upgrade?

I have recently built a new PC for my GF which cost me about 200€, depends on how you look at it. Anyway my main question is for how long can it keep up with 3D render in Blender, drawing and gaming, before we need to upgrade something? Of course RAM is a good start but I wonder if we should get 4x4GB or 2x8GB (potentially even 4x8GB since the board and CPU can handle it).
We only play some mainstream or niche games like War Thunder, Terraria, Postal series games, DOOM(s), Quake, MC and so on.
By upgrading I mean how long before software developers ditch quad core CPUs or DDR3
The specs are:
Intel Xeon X3470
8GB DDR3 (1x8GB)
GTX 1660
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2023.06.09 22:40 poetryandpugs Nickelback Concert Ticket for Sale

Hello everyone! I can no longer attend the Nickelback show June 16th at Van Andel and want to sell my ticket. It is a GA Pit ticket I'll let go for $170 obo!
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2023.06.09 22:37 Spawn221 suggest manga please

Hi. Is there any manga you could suggest? I am looking for a drama/romance/slice if life type. the one that makes you depressed and stuff. kinda sad type you know. like your lie in april, akame ga kill etc etc. prefered if the ending is happy tho. thanks
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2023.06.09 22:35 Fortisimo07 Selling Two for DNBNL 6/9 at Avant Gardner

Selling Two GA tickets, 45 each or 80 for the pair. Will do Dice transfer, I prefer PayPal for payment. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 22:33 Jeffery_DahmerTV Got these to try today. Excited for the nitro peach.

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2023.06.09 22:30 HKB VOTING THREAD for The Modellies Odyssey: Movie Magic Award Competition Show and GaME 2021 (MOMMACSG2021): Egregious Product Placement (The Cast Away FedEx Brief)

VOTING THREAD for The Modellies Odyssey: Movie Magic Award Competition Show and GaME 2021 (MOMMACSG2021): Egregious Product Placement (The Cast Away FedEx Brief)
Set 3 Brief 1
The Brief: Most Hollywood movies have some kind of product placement deal. You’re going to take inspiration from the movie Cast Away and make your desired product integral to the plot of your movie. In Cast Away, Tom Hanks plays some kind of FedEx executive who charmingly berates his employees to do things faster and better the FedEx way*. When his private FedEx plane crashes, he manages to survive on a desert island in part because of the items he recovers from FedEx packages, most notably a ball named/branded “Wilson” (another example of plot-integral product placement). FedEx is HUGE in this movie, as so will be your product in your movie. This is no Coca-Cola product in the background product placement, but much more!

Helen Laura-Prescott Walsh in DIET COKE HEADS
Helen Laura Prescott Walsh stars as Vicki Valentine in 'Diet Coke Heads' the story about a group of mean girls living in the suburbs. Think Heathers or Jawbreaker but with upper middle class moms. Vicki is the newest member of an exclusive clique in Edina, Minnesota where the film takes place. All the women drink diet coke to stay thin. The women begin to target Vicki when one of their husband's make a pass at her. This shot is from a party in which Vicki has been kicked out for confronting the mean girls and she is fantasizing about harming the main queen bee and replacing her and taking her wealthy husband who's been trying to get with her. Soon she and the husband start and affair and then plot to take the mean girl group down but Vicki soon realizes that the man of her dreams is a complete psychopath and she must find a way to take him down.

Glenda Haven in PRIME CADET
I'm used to gear like this because I was in a full body cast from ages 3-10 so I was the Prime candidate to star as Astronaut Prima Vonalise. She travels to outer space to find a new home for Planet Earth but needs home goods shipped to her as she rebuilds a new community. COMING SOON.... To Prime video 2034

Post Hastings in CAUGHT RED HANDED
Biz Kazoo is the greatest thief in the thieving business. Until... he gets addicted to Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. They’re just too damn good! * Turns to camera and winks *
He can handle the flaming hot butthole. He can handle the few extra pounds. But when he starts leaving copious amounts of Cheeto dust at the scene of every crime, something needs to change.
Follow this bizarre tale as Biz evades some close calls and tries to rid himself of these flamin’ hot powder fingers and get back his old sticky thieving fingers. Before it’s too late. These are not thieving fingers.... THESE are thieving fingers!

Jon Cocktoasten in CIGARETTE DREAMS
Cigarette Dreams is a movie about a man named Julian, who is struggling to find his place in the world. He is lost and hopeless. One day, Julian stumbles upon a pack of Marlboro cigarettes, and decides to try one. To his surprise, he finds that smoking gives him a form of escaping from his problems. However, as Julian becomes more and more dependent on the cigarette, he begins to neglect his responsibilities and relationships. He also starts to experience negative health effects from smoking. What should he do? Should he stop smoking? But if he does, how will he cope with the hopelessness called his life?

Missy Moonlight in ALL THAT GLITTERS
From the creators of "I'm feeling blue" staring model failed turning actress Lily Nova comes "All that glitters"
Mckinleigh was born with a curse, that she is permanently sparkly with craft glitter. She doesn't mind it all that much until she meets Jaxon, who is allergic to craft glitter. She really likes Jaxon so she buys the Neutrogena grapefruit wipes. They wipe the sparkles off perfectly.... for maybe about 20 minutes. She goes through 20 packets a day because they are only things that semi work. The wipes smell absolutely amazing, but she has to figure out if she can beat the curse or if Jaxon is worth using 2929203830382 Neutrogena grapefruit wipes in her lifetime. Taking place in Utah, this movie will make you laugh, cry and yearning to buy Neutrogena Grapefruit Wipes

Xander Tuffcun in THE CHASE
Daniel (played by Arran Slay) is a poor man who came across a PS5 during one of his dumpster dive. Thinking he hit a jackpot, he took it home with him. Unbeknownst to him, info about one of the biggest crime organization, led by Tristian (played by Xander Tuffcunt), is stored in there. If that info got leaked, it may bring down the whole operation so Tristian is willing to do anything to get it back.
As the mafia closes in on him, Daniel must use all his wits and skills to outsmart his pursuers and stay one step ahead of them. Can he get out of this with his life intact? Find out in "The Chase" coming to theatre near you

Abra Candelabra in SCAVENGERS
Scavengers begins with our filthy, bedraggled heroine, Onyx, played by Abra Candelabra, walking through a post apocalyptic rural wasteland until she comes across a deserted town where she discovers a fantastical gold mine: a diner with a somehow still working soda fountain and walk-in full of freezer-burnt fast food. She holes up in this magical oasis and, from that point forward, is never seen without her trusty and refreshing cup of Coke. (In fact, 33% of the film’s total audio is simply Onyx refilling or loudly slurping her Coke.) All is well until another scavenger stumbles upon the diner. Scrambling to hide, Onyx forgets to grab her Coke, and to her horror, the interloper dares to TAKE A SIP! This leads to an extended fight scene, culminating in the first line of the film, delivered with Onyx’s hand around his throat: “Don’t touch my fucking Coke.” Will the two scavengers battle to the death, or will they fall in love and band together to defend their artery clogging oasis from marauders? (It’s clearly the latter, or else how would we stretch this movie to 100 minutes?)
Scavengers: Officially sponsored by Coca-Cola; unofficially sponsored by the American obesity epidemic

Blue Aida in DUCK BOX
A remake of the hit classic Bird Box (2018), where a mysterious force decimates the population. If you see it…you die. Blue and a group of other expendables are stuck inside a Home Depot when it all begins. They learn to blindfold themselves with duct tape (with literally in your face Duck Tape branding) to protect themselves from the entity. However, with them blindfolded inside a Home Depot, their clumsy butts fall victim to all the dangerous home improvement tools instead.

Sonya Boom in MOTHER'S MILK
There’s a cult. There’s cultsex. There’s milk. Lots and lots of milk and cults and cultsex. There’s also teats and feet.
But this film is sponsored by GOT MILK? and the Dairy Association of America and FAIRLIFE. So this film is also wholesome and nutritious and suspiciously expensive and suspiciously bleached.
“Mother’s milk is not the only thing being homogenized this Summer,” said Sonya Boom in her promo tour. “This film is so creamy it made me a lesbian and will probably make you one, too.”

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2023.06.09 22:28 ACADrinkard Triple Lane Closures Nightly On GA400 Starting This Weekend

Contractors working for the GA Dept of Transportation will have triple lane closures and traffic pacing nightly on GA400 this weekend and next week as they finish the demolition of the bridge at Kimball Bridge Road. The impacted area is between mile markers 17.5 and 19.
Motorists should anticipate hevy travel delays in and near the impacted area.
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2023.06.09 22:28 Middle-Cup-6310 RX 7900 XT Stuttering issues

Computer Type: Desktop
GPU: RX 7900 XT
CPU: RYZEN 7 5800X3D
Motherboard: ROG B450
BIOS Version: latest
RAM: 32Gb 3200mhz
PSU: Some ROG 1000W
Case: Fractal Define C
Operating System: Latest Win 11
Chipset Drivers: AMD B450 latest drivers
Background Applications: DISCORD, CHROME
So yeah im basically having stuttering problems(even in csgo), crashes, even windows running with 3fps when i dont log in fast enough. I have tried installing latest drivers on a clean windows install and running benchmarks and stuff. But nothing is helping. When switching back to my RTX 2060 Super i dont get any stutters nor crashes in my windows. I have tried to put my ingame setti ga as low as possible with a bad resolution to see if the issue is my CPU but its not.
Does anyone know if this is a model issue or am i looking at something else here?
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2023.06.09 22:28 Different_Egg9052 [TX] Can I file for unemployment benefits if my former employer prevents me from working my new job?

My former employer gave me a cease and desist notice to stop me from working my new job on the claim that it violates my signed non-compete contract and claims that my new employer is a competitor.
My new employer and former colleagues thinks this is such crap and that my old employer is just doing this solely to try to reduce turnover (a lot of people were quitting and they offered retainer bonuses, but not to me), or perhaps a vendetta against me since I asked multiple times for promotions and raises and bonuses that were denied (hence why I quit).
My new employer and I are planning to fight the cease and desist demands but in the meantime my new employer says I cannot work until we sort this out, so I never started and I never got on payroll.
The new employer offered to fund a lawyer for me and they told me not to worry and that they believe the non-compete contract is unenforceable because of how obscenely broad the language is, but they are dragging their feet and haven't paid the lawyer yet despite saying they would a week ago.
It's giving me a lot of anxiety because the outcome is uncertain and I already called and sent messages to my new employer all week. I am just sitting unemployed and without an income for another week while I cannot get in touch with my new employer or ask why they still haven't paid the lawyer retainer.
I'm curious if I can file for unemployment under these circumstances, since I resigned. I resigned not knowing that my former employer was going to do what they did.
I cannot go just find work at another company because the cease and desist demands that I do not work within my skill set, for this or any company. So I am relying on this new employer to help me fight this unjust cease and desist demand.
Edit: My new employer is in GA, my old employer is in IL, and I live in TX. The non-compete contract has no geographical constraint as my entire industry is very remote. It is also highly niche which is why I avoided stating here what type of work it is. But imagine if you work for a jewelry company and when you leave they give a cease and desist saying you cannot work with X new company because they have work in gold and you cannot work with gold, silver, diamonds, and titanium but you can find work in gems outside of those areas. That's essentially the scope of debilitation that I got.
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2023.06.09 22:18 haileyhurley Got from a garage sale for $1

Got from a garage sale for $1
Got this from a garage sale. Missing a few damage counters asides from that everything is there. Thought it was neat.
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2023.06.09 22:16 VinylAlerts [Amazon] Pedro the Lion - Havasu [Transparent Peach] @ $15.01

Pedro the Lion - Havasu [Transparent Peach] @ $15.01 direct
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2023.06.09 22:09 StardropScavenger [USA-NC] [H] Games for N64, GameCube, Wii, Switch, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, DS, 3DS, PS1, PSP, Nintendo Switch and GBA SP 101 systems [W] Paypal, Venmo, Cashapp or Zelle

Happy Friday everyone!! Have lots of things for sale, all things include shipping. Happy to provide photos upon request, will do my best to reply as soon as possible. I ship usually within 2-3 business days and if there's any issues with your item, I'm more than happy to help. :)
Always open to offers, a lot of prices I'd like to stay firm on but worst i'll say is no.
Would prefer Paypal F&F as I do have over 300 transactions, but understand if that is something you're not comfortable with and will accept G&S if you have at least a few confirmed transactions on the reddit.
On to the items!!
Nintendo Switch HAC-001 Red/Blue Joycon Console w/ Box, includes animal crossing (powerA controller, and Mario Kart Case) $225
Pink Gameboy Advance SP Pearl 101's (both consoles have scratches on them. Screens are both fine.) $90 each
N64 (Would ideally love to sell this all as a lot for $850 (obo), but open to separating too) Condition varies, some boxes have crushing/are crushed or flat.
Goldeneye 007 $25
Mario Party w/ manual (manual does have wear) $50
Diddy Kong Racing $25
Mario Tennis w/ box and manual $70
Goldeneye 007 w/ box and inserts $55
Mario Party 3 w/ box and manual $170
Mario Party w/ box and manual $130
007 World is Not Enough $15
NFL Blitz 2000 $20
Mario Golf $25
Wrestlemania 2000 with box and manual $40
WWF No Mercy $30
Mario Party 2 $45
WCW vs NWO Revenge w/ box, manual and poster $50
WWF Warzone $10
Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey 98 w/ box $20
Star Wars Shadows of the Empire w/ box $30
All Star Baseball 99 $5
NFL Blitz Box & Manual only $20
Wave Race PC Box & Manual only $10
Mario Kart 64 box only $25
Nintendo 64 controller pak box only $10

Animal Crossing [Disc only; resurfaced] $35
Ant Bully w/ movie ticket $15
GameCube Start-Up Disc (the disc only; no case or player.) $130
Go! Go Hypergrind (Includes case, manual and disc. The artwork has like a "wrinkle" to it, shows wear. The manual has a bend on the bottom right corner, and the disc has some white residue on the ring.) $365
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance CIB #1 (Very good condition, disc has little to no wear. Manual/inserts look good also.) $260
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance CIB #2 (Very good condition, disc has little wear. Manual/inserts are nice.) $260
Fire Emblem Path of Radiance #3 (Missing insert, includes the case, manual and disc. Very good condition as well.) $240
Harvest Moon Magical Melody [No manual] $25
Kirby Air Ride [Player's Choice] CIB $70
Mario Party 6 [No Manual, has case] $75
Pac Man vs Pac Man World 2 [Player's Choice, CIB] $20
Pokemon Channel [No manual] $35
Resident Evil Zero [Player's Choice, CIB] $20
Spongebob Squarepants Battle for Bikini Bottom [Player's Choice, CIB] $20
Rune Factory Frontier CIB $35
Love Esquire [New] $40
Octopath Traveler $50
Live a Live $35
Trails of Cold Steel III Extracurricular Edition $60
Liar Princess and Blind Prince [New] $50
Fire Emblem Engage Divine Edition + [New] Tarot Cards (no STEELBOOK OR GAME INCLUDED!) $70
Atomic Purple GBC Box w/ inserts (no system) $75
Dr. Mario Classic NES Series $15
Final Fantasy Tactics $25
Final Fantasy Legend [Includes Worn Box, Manual and Map] $80
Fire Emblem Sacred Stones $65
Golden Sun: The Lost Age $40
Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban and Goblet of Fire $15
Lord of the Rings The Third Age $15
Lufia The Legend Returns (Part of label missing) $35
Mario vs Donkey Kong [Game and Box only] $30
Mario vs Donkey Kong $15
Mario Kart Super Circuit [Player's Choice] CIB $50
Mega Man Battle Network $60
Mega Man Battle Network 3 White $20
Mega Man Battle Network 4 Blue Moon $25
Mega Man Battle Network 5 Team Protoman $25
Shining Force: Resurrection of the Dark Dragon $60
Random Games Bundle - Includes: Dora, Frogger (not working), Final Fantasy IV (loads, then doesn't work), Star Wars Jedi Battles (loads, then doesn't work), Sonic Advance, Incredibles, Finding Nemo, DBZ: Legacy of Goku, Cartoon Network Speedway, Star Wars Flight of the Falcon, Side Pocket, I Spy Challenge, Top Gear Rally (2 copies), Dungeons & Dragons Eye of the Beholder, Mario vs. Donkey Kong, Tetris Worlds, Namco Museum 50th Anniversary, Simpson's Road Rage - $80
Nintendo DS/3DS
3DS Card Case 18 $30
Batman Arkham [no manual] $10
Chrono Trigger [CIB, no map] $100
Cooking Mama 5 [loose] $35
Dragon Quest V [CIB] $200
Fantasy Life [loose] $40
Final Fantasy III [CIB] $20
Fire Emblem Awakening [World Edition] $35
Fire Emblem Fates [Special Edition] [CIB] $500
Hotel Dusk Room 215 [No manual] $20
Kid Icarus [loose] $50
Mario Kart 7 [CIB] $15
Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney & Ace Attorney Justice For All [both loose] $35
Pokemon Sun & Moon Dual Pack [Moon sealed] $110
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire [loose] $30
Pokemon Black [CIB] $100
Pokemon Platinum [Loose] $80
Pokemon X [Loose] $30
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity [Loose] $25
Pokemon Soul Silver #1 [loose, placed into new shell; old one broken but included.] $75
Pokemon Soul Silver #2 [loose, has some stuff on the back of it.] $100
Pokemon Soul Silver #3 [loose, best condition one] $110
Pokemon Soul Silver #4 [Same condition as #3] $110
Radiant Historia [CIB] $40
Starfox 3D [loose] $20
Steal Princess [CIB] $110
Suikoden Tierkreis [CIB] $80
Super Princess Peach [CIB, wear to cartridge] $100
Zelda Majora's Mask 3D [loose] $25
Suikoden II [Loose, has wear to disc and some scratching] $100
Harvest Moon Back to Nature [CIB] $50
Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII [CIB] $20
Dissadia Final Fantasy [CIB] $12
Dungeon Explorer Warriors of Ancient Arts [CIB] $15
PoPoLoCrois [loose in blank case] $20
Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together [CIB] $25
Tales of the World Radiant Mythology [CIB] $30
The 3rd Birthday [CIB] $55
YS Seven [CIB] $70
Dragon Quest V Guide $100
Dragon Quest I-VIII Symphonic Suite Collection $70
Harvest Moon Animal Parade Guide (tear on front cover, very minor.) $110
SWITCH CASES ONLY NO GAMES AT ALL FOR $120 [List: Carrion, Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games 2020 Tokyo, Pokemon Shield, Pikmin 3 Deluxe, Lego DC Super Villians[Steelbook], Pokemon Brilliant Diamond, Zelda Skyward Sword, NEO The World Ends With You, Super Mario Party, Wolfenstein II, Mitopia, The Mummy Demastered, Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Ninja Saviors, No More Heroes 1 2 3, Travis Strikes Back]
Avalon Code [Case,Manual, NO GAME] $40
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2023.06.09 22:04 Strelka119 How long before upgrade?

I have recently built a new PC for my GF which cost me about 200€, depends on how you look at it. Anyway my main question is for how long can it keep up with 3D render in Blender, drawing and gaming, before we need to upgrade something? Of course RAM is a good start but I wonder if we should get 4x4GB or 2x8GB (potentially even 4x8GB since the board and CPU can handle it)
The specs are:
Intel Xeon X3470
8GB DDR3 (1x8GB)
GTX 1660
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2023.06.09 22:03 aww_Nic0le Beta Results

Beta Results
I knew this would happen... Of course my mind is swimming. I'm currently battling the scary rabbit hole that always comes with the latest update. Literally just got off the phone with the lab. Had my betas this morning.
Hcg= 110 Prog= 13 (clinic likes to see 15) Est= 100 (clinic likes to see 200)
So, from everything I can find, the hcg is pretty solid, but the other 2 are stressing me out. Granted, I am only taking one 2mg estradiol 2x daily. And POI shot every other day.
The lab chic said the tentative plan is to double the estradiol daily. And increase shots to every day instead of every other. Just waiting for my fertility doc to put his official stamp on it.
Just stressin. Trying to appreciate the blessing of very very positive numbers, though I'm still so guarded right now. Nervous about my redraw on Monday.
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2023.06.09 22:02 wanderlust_tica Selling 1 GA wristband for $275. Only willing to meet up in the Atl area

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2023.06.09 22:02 Tall-Expression-5792 Have 2 GA tickets available for the Garrix show next Thursday (6/15) in Brooklyn, NY at the Mirage. Was planning on going Thursday but ended up deciding on Friday with friends. Selling them for $110 each. I can accept Cash App or Venmo, and can then transfer them to you via the Dice app. DM me!

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2023.06.09 21:59 Jkins20 Lamp from an Estate Sale

Lamp I bought an estate sale. Woman said she bought it for $200 in Atlanta, GA about 20 years ago. Solid, stone base, crystal body, interesting gold piece on the top of the lamp shade. It’s quite heavy probably around 10-15 lbs. Gold accents are metal. No maker markings anywhere in sight or underneath the lamp.
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2023.06.09 21:59 Familiar_Echidna_330 GA-P75-D3 Motherboard stuck on the logo screen(s), no keyboard works

I have a relatively old machine with GA-P75-D3 Motherboard, SSD and 4 cards of RAM (I think max allowed RAM is there).
Yesterday the computer stopped turning on. When powering up, it displays a big colourful splash screen with UEFI Dual BIOS and a prompt to press DEL / F9 / F12 / END at the bottom. But none of the keys work. Except for the Ctrl+Alt+Del combination, which turns the screen black for 2 seconds, after which the splash screen reappears. That means the keyboard works. Here's what we've tried:
  1. We took out the BIOS battery, switched the computer off and shorted the battery contacts on the board for 5 seconds, and place the battery again on, that didn't help.
  2. Pressed POWER with the computer switched off, hold and wait for the computer switched on and switch off again. This does not start BIOS recovery and didn't change anything.
  3. Pressed POWER and RESET simultaneously and held down as last point, i.e. until the computer turned on and turned off again. This does not restore BIOS again. There is no speaker on the board, so I can't figure out the fault code from the sound. Although once we did manage with some trickery to get the computer to display not a big colourful splash screen, but a small American Megatrends logo in the top left corner on a completely black screen (no more lettering) when the computer is turned on. This mode is then switched off by holding down POWER during the on - off cycle. Please advise what else I could try.
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