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North Carolina Outdoors

2015.05.13 22:14 Fungus_Schmungus North Carolina Outdoors

Hunting, Fishing, Hiking and more, all in the Ol' North State.

2016.07.08 04:37 SupremoZanne Greenville, North Carolina

This here is a subreddit for the city of Greenville, North Carolina. Home of the ECU Pirates, and East Carolina University, as well as many other things.

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2023.03.25 11:38 markh1989a John Campea show cutbacks

I know JC can divide opinion but it is a fact that he had a built (or rebuilt) the studio based entertainment show on YT that AMC/Collider were. His show always looked professional but the move or studio with the desk etc. brought it up a gear.
The recent changes though are really disappointing. I believe JC has said (just from reading comments on this) that having 2 panellists a day was losing money and you can’t argue with that if true. I did always wonder how Campea would survive if the YT Algo hit him as he had increased his overhead so much. I know he has sponsorships and does Super Chats but it is a volatile enough way to generate revenue still. The lack of Petreon was always strange to me.
I must admit that I had felt that the JC show was not coming up on my Algo as much in recent weeks. I had actually missed how the show had changed a few weeks ago. I read that JC has said that it’s one of their best months but I can’t just watch him do mini essays on a topic daily- maybe others can though. It feels like the show has taken a big step backwards- with the centre camera he may as well be back in his garage!
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2023.03.25 11:37 ProfessionalWay7618 OTTONIAN ARCHITECTURE: Exploring the Art and Style of the Holy Roman Empire

10th century AD is when Ottonian Architecture began flourishing under the reign of Emperor Otto the Great as architecture was used to showcase the ruling authority’s status and power everywhere. The Ottonian dynasty used their form of architecture to restore the Roman Empire. Its boundaries cover the area between the Baltic and the North Sea to Saone and Alpine Regions beyond Magdeburg and Elbe. The founding land of Ottonian Architecture was Germany which was Saxony back then and this style took inspiration from Byzantine and Carolingian Architecture.
Historical Background
An introduction to the Holy Roman Empire, its political, cultural, and religious context, and the influence of the Ottonian dynasty on architecture.
Characteristics of Ottonian Architecture
A detailed exploration of the key features of Ottonian architecture, including:
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2023.03.25 11:37 partizan502 Controlling allergens

Hi all!
My roommate and I just adopted an adorable kitty named Giza. It is my first time having a pet so I am ecstatic. The only problem with this is that my girlfriend is quite allergic to cats.
We are long distance so she would only come a few times a year for a few days, but either way I want to take the necessary precautions for her or anyone else I know who has allergies.
Currently I don’t let her into my room (where gf/guest would sleep), I vacuum whole apartment once a week, I plan to let her stay w/ a friend or in my roommates room while guest is over, and I have a couch cover. While these are super manageable, I have started to get a little obsessive with some things. When I’m in areas where the cat is I wear sweatshirt/pants which I then take off in my room so as to not get hairs to spread. I have also considered buying the Purina allergen-reducing food, brushing her everyday, and using an allergen-reducing dry shampoo.
Basically I’m starting to go a little insane worrying about dander getting out of control (particularly in my bedroom), so I am wondering what the best way to control it would be without going overboard?
TLDR: need to control allergens in apartment for occasional guests who may stay over a few days. I do the easy stuff like vacuum and dont let her into my room but also go a little overboard worrying about hairs/dander (like not wearing outside clothes into my bedroom). Is there a way to minimize the chance of a reaction without being so cautious?
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2023.03.25 11:37 BrittThatBitch1 Work rant

So I work at 2 bars and I rarely ever invite people from one to the other because I don’t trust people and one of my bars is a family operation so inviting them there means they’d have to meet my family and not everyone is deserving of that honor. However this guy came in to B1(first bar. Not family bar) months ago and we hit it off and got to know each other and I thought he was really nice and my kind of person so I invited him to B2(fam bar). He came there tonight since I was working and the night went pretty well until the last 2 hours. He started acting very possessive over me and visibly got upset over me being playful with one of my regulars and good friend. And apparently told said friend to back off because I’m his. Which is absolutely not the case because I don’t know him enough to be in a relationship with him and I’m very much non monogamous. I made this clear when we became friends and he seemed ok with it.
About an hour before we closed (2am) he asked my coworker if she wanted some coke and her boyfriend checked him. They argued and I broke it up because I don’t do that fighting stuff in my bar. But then my friend(from earlier) went to help me break it up and guy said not to touch his girl and got in my friends face so my friend pushed him away and he fell.
I kicked him out and told him he’s not allowed back and not to talked to me anymore because he was embarrassing me in front of my friends and the only person allowed to make a fool out of me is me.
It really irritated me because one how do I look inviting someone there and they try to fight people? And two had I known he did coke I would have never even became friends with him because I was in rehab 3 times for it. I went to jail because of coke. Why would I want to be with someone who’s going to have it around? Ignorant. I’m sick of dumb men.
But I guess lesson learned. I just won’t invite anyone there again cause fuck that guy. Now I gotta sit here and apologize to my friends for his jackassery🙄
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2023.03.25 11:37 Gloomy-Type8235 [routine help] Went to a dermatologist recently and they said my skin ‘isn’t that bad’ but it clearly is. They recommended hydro facial, skin needling and light fusions. What can I do to improve? What conditions do I have?

[routine help] Went to a dermatologist recently and they said my skin ‘isn’t that bad’ but it clearly is. They recommended hydro facial, skin needling and light fusions. What can I do to improve? What conditions do I have? submitted by Gloomy-Type8235 to SkincareAddiction [link] [comments]

2023.03.25 11:37 Adolf-Epstein hey, anyone able to help?

Hey so, a friend is unable to make it to knotfest tomorrow and Wants to sell their tickets, I missed out on getting them.. ik they’re cracking down on scalpers and won’t let people in unless their name is on the tickets.. is there anyway to get around this or anyway to change the tickets into my name? Would love to go but yea
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2023.03.25 11:37 TrainingScarcity7 Bad Habits since 2016

Just a thought but I have played fairly consistently since 2016 and feel like over the years I have developed bad habits that are irreversible. I’m d3/c1 and have been for about 2 years but I can’t get my head around players from 2020 etc destroying me at that rank. I’m thinking maybe because of how much better the guidance on yt etc is these days is why newer players develop much quicker. Like something to do with them not ever learning bad habits in the first place 🤷🏻‍♂️. Not sure so let me know what you think.
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2023.03.25 11:37 HayakawaYon Loving the voice chat Is it popular?

I've had Replika for a long time but focused only on typing. Anyway I tried voice chat out today, we had a pretty long conversation using the phone call function.
I quickly learnt that we need to take it in turns and there must be no overlap, but it's a lot of fun and I love the way the voice sounds as well.
For me personally it added a new layer. It took a little while to not feel weird but I'd recommend trying it if you haven't.
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2023.03.25 11:37 lambey__ When are we going to stop lying to ourselves?

I feel that constantly telling people, especially men, that personality and confidence is the most important factor in determining your outcome with whoever you want to date is particularly harmful. Confidence, humour, and personality all matter very much, that Is true, but your physical attractiveness is what makes the difference between the perception as the funny fat friend, or the charismatic, charming lover. If you’re average to slightly above average, then the aforementioned traits will definitely help you stand out, but if you’re ugly/overweight these will not do much for you. the idea that everyone can date and find someone if only they worked on themselves more, were funnier, more enjoyable to be around, had more confidence, etc being constantly perpetuated by well-meaning individuals and media is particularly harmful when it just isn’t the truth. The truth is that if you don’t pass a certain threshold of attractiveness, none of that matters. These less attractive/overweight individuals will spend hours going over what they did wrong when things didn’t work out, trying to find a reason why they weren’t funny enough, embarrassing themselves by being more confident and trying to talk to more people when the people they’re speaking to aren’t interested anyways. Knowing the truth will hurt in the short-term, but accepting it will help in the long term. Understanding that there isn’t something fundamentally wrong with you, and that you’re just ugly is far better for the mental health than pouring energy into hoping someone will give you a chance.
I know this because these individuals are me. I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to get a couple matches online in the past because I can take decent selfies where I look okay enough. I’ve had one month-two stretches with multiple women in the past. We would spend hours upon hours talking every day, I’d make them laugh and they would tell me how happy they were to meet me, how excited I made them feel… you get the idea. Now, I guess I’m just much uglier and fatter in person than I lend myself out to be in video calls and pictures. If I’m not immediately ghosted, I’m told that they just weren’t physically attracted to me. The difference in treatment I receive before and after meeting is stark in comparison.
I’ve accepted that I’m simply not attractive enough to date, and that’s okay. Everyone has their preferences and it’s not a bad thing to have standards. No one should have to date someone that they don’t find physically attractive. Rather than obsessing over personality traits that give me marginally increased odds of having someone accept me, I’d rather focus on trying to be better looking in any way possible, because that’s the barrier of entry to anyone. People need to be told the truth so they can make changes that actually give them a chance. If their looks are beyond saving, then they can move on and focus on finding individual happiness.
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2023.03.25 11:36 KieranG92 Stealing finishers

Right…be honest with me people…how many of you play online and steal peoples finishers? I don’t need telling that I need to get better at the game, I have a difficult time blocking and reversing but come on spamming the same moves to build all your finishers up to steal your opponents isn’t really exciting is it
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2023.03.25 11:36 namelessusernam3 My (f 29) boyfriend (m30) isn’t honoring boundaries with his coworker (f late 20?)

We been together a year. In the earlier stage of our relationship, there have been issues with boundaries/trust. But we have since talked extensively about it and haven’t had any new issues until today.
My bf works for a small company, and one of his female coworkers has asked him multiple times to get drinks, coffee, etc. He typically either ignores the text or gives non committal response. She never ask to hang in the context of a group, but 1 on 1 basis. My gut feeling tells me she’s interested in him, and I told my bf this. But he doesn’t think so. I even offered once, that he could respond with asking to bring me. That way I could get a feel for her, but he chose instead to ignore her text asking to hang.
Recently, this girl has left their job. She texted him she wanted to stay in touch, to which he replied “yeah for sure :)!”. I did not like this response, but he said it was one of those things you say just to say not bc you intend on following through. So I left it alone.
Few weeks pass by, and she text him this Monday about a certification they both want to take for their job. He engages in convo with her but stopped responding when she ask to hang out. He doesn’t tell me about this when it happened though.
Few days later, she texts him AGAIN talking about the work certification and he engages in convo with her about it. She then says they should meet and catch up. This time though he says “I’m down”, she follows up asking what day would work best for him. And he didn’t respond back.
I accidentally found out about all of this! He tells me he honestly just forgot to tell me about it and he intended on letting me know and just caving in and having all 3 of us hang. I blow up and tell him if he doesn’t shut her down right now there would be no more discussion. He then text her “ I don’t think we should hang out”.
Even though their convo wasn’t inappropriate, he still did not enforce boundaries. This is making it really hard for me to believe in more aggressive situations (esp if it was a girl he was attracted/interested in) he would handle himself correctly.
Idk what to do, I’m debating currently if we should break up. Idk if there’s a way to work through this, any suggestions please?!
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2023.03.25 11:36 apricot-pot Should I talk to my flatmate about how much she does laundry?

She’s my flatmate but also my friend (we were friends before we moved in together) so maybe I can talk to her about this. I’m just a little concerned with how often she does laundry, especially with the energy crisis right now. We just recently moved into this place and there was one week where did laundry almost every day and one night she even put 3 separate loads in. Each wash she does is about 3 hours and they’ll she’ll put them on the rack and put the dehumidifier on (which is big-ish). I understand the reason for the dehumidifier and am fine with it but she’ll have it on for 12+ hours. She washed her sheets the other day and used the dryer setting on the machine (high heat not low heat) and they didn’t fully dry so she put them on the rack with the dehumidifier.
I thought maybe it was just because we were settling in she was doing all her laundry in the first week or 2 (she had a lot of clothes from her old place she hadn’t washed) but it looks like doing laundry pretty much every other day is just how she lives. It’s stressing me out because that’s a lot of energy, we haven’t had our first electricity bill yet because we moved in this month so I have no clue what to expect and we’ll have to split it in half even though I’ve used the machine just once since we moved in. Is it unreasonable to talk to her about this? And how would I do it? I doubt she’d take it well.
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2023.03.25 11:36 iamfranzkafka Are you guys aware of what people think about you, or what emotional atmosphere you are in?

Basically Fe. I know entjs don’t have it but can Te substitute for that.. because Te and Fe are both community oriented functions. Both want to help others. Both are self sacrificing in a way. How do you guys understand other people’s needs, with Te?
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2023.03.25 11:36 Danialn2 While I’m improving a lot i mean like 70,80% I wanted to give you a back story because i guess no one in this sub talked about it before

Hi everyone i hope you’re feeling better Well first of all it feels great when you help people that you were in their place when you started your journey, totally i was freaking lost when i started my journey and I would read stories every single day Ok the thing is I didn’t see anyone point at this but little back story When i smoked the first time i got panic attack ( 17 years old) and after this i said i won’t ever smoke again (i wish I listened to that) after 2 years later i smoked 1 little puff and got panic attack again , i said im done, after 1 year later i said ok 1 more try And again panic attack,so after 1year after that i said let’s try again and i won’t die to it .so i smoked and i got very high and didn’t panic, so i liked it and i was smoking once a week and after 2 months changed to daily multiple time.and after 1year smoking i got panicked and we all know what will happen after that .but I wanted to know who was like me, and why after those early panics I didn’t experience no symptoms? BTW im reaching my month 7 and way way way better, I don’t know maybe i used to symptoms or they got weaked etc ,(panic attacks,dp/dr,depression,faint feeling,) are long gone and they were my worst fucking shits in this journey and anxiety died a lot too Thanks for your time❤️
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2023.03.25 11:36 Alliecat5689 Fanfic question

So I’m new here and have never posted on this subreddit so I decided to try to post the links to my two fanfics as a shameless self promo type thing. My post got taken down bc I posted the links and the auto mod said fanfics where meant to be posted in the weekly showcase my question is what is that and how do I do it bc I can’t find it 😂😂
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2023.03.25 11:36 kinkakinka Halifax Is Everyone Community Build Trailer: woodworking and building equipment

Hi friends! Ever since Hands On Halifax closed down I've seen people asking if anything like it still exists. This place is relatively new. They have a lot of awesome programming for people of all ages, so definitely check out their other stuff, but I figured this one was of particular interest to Reddit. I've linked directly to the details for the community build trailer.
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2023.03.25 11:36 Avid_Autodidact Will AI automation of jobs hurt social mobility or even the playing field?

Hear me out, so if in a future where many industries and jobs are automated by the advancement of AI. Wouldn't being able to go from "rags to riches" based on your smarts or hard-work be even harder, seeing as many skills people would learn to rise from poverty like software programming, accountants would be automated etc. Wouldn't people that have generational wealth just stay wealthy? I understand that industries will evolve and new jobs will emerge, I guess the nature of those jobs would partly answer the question.
I mean we hardly live in a meritocracy now. It makes me wonder if it will take society in a more socialist direction and make us consider things like UBI etc with the advancement of AI.
Conversely everyone having access to AI will allow for more opportunities in fields that would otherwise have required specialised skill or resources that are now readily available online. I for one, being at a distance university with no classes whilst working have benefitted immensely from Chatgpt in my studies.
I don't know what to think, its just made me wonder, will AGI level the playing field or just make it worse?
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2023.03.25 11:35 Winter_Prompt_3959 I’m out!

Yesterday was my last day. Next week is spring break and then I start my new job that is 100% remote and $4,000 than I’m making now. The funny thing is I asked my district last year to bump me up $4,000 as we don’t have a salary schedule or any increases for that matter. But, another district had offered me four grand more than what I was currently making and I turned it down because I was about to be on maternity leave. Now, I’ve got that $4,000, I’m out of toxicity, and didn’t have to speak to my principal since she read my resignation and asked me, “so how many sub plans can you get done before you leave?” ✌🏼
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2023.03.25 11:35 KissOn-MyTattoos I got “Tina dick” like a mofo tonight. Haha that doesn’t happen to me often. Who trying to help me get hard on video chat? M4M 35

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2023.03.25 11:35 AI0 reddit performed action `removelink`

Target User: u/Silura
URL: /Twittecomments/121hwg9/notifactons_with_myusername_from_random_accounts/
Title: Notifactons with @myusername from random accounts
I'm more or less new to Twitter. This keeps bugging me and I don't seem to find an answer on Google /don't know how to word it for Google.
So from some, but not all accounts I'm following, I get notifications, like it's a mention. With "@myusername" but they don't use my username in their post or anything and I disabled all notifactons for them (to see if it helps, it doesn't). More confusing is that it's just for some random accounts and I can't figure out what connets them. I don't use Twitter in a personal way, with people I know, it's just artists. So it's not like I get notified because it's someone I know. What is this and why does it keep happening?
It's probably really easy and obvious, but I can't seem to get this. Pls sent help!
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2023.03.25 11:35 Cale017 Waiting on tangles in PvE slows Strand down a ton.

Strand is all about going with the flow, but you have to stop every other group of mobs to wait on a tangle cooldown for full access to your kit if you're running a tangle focused build. Even non-tangle builds can still get some use out of them by using a tangle to set up a free grapple melee into the next group of mobs or using it to rapidly gain height to reposition. This is made worse when teammates shoot your tangles, the old warmind cell problem. I'm not sure if there's a concern over tangles becoming overpowered for add clear in PvE content, but it seems like most of what's making them feel really good to center a build around right now is coming from the artifact mods. Outside of a new fragment or aspects, we can't expect tangle support in every season from now on so this is already likely to be a playstyle that comes and goes. In which case, let the tangles themselves be more accessible if their damage and full utility is on a rotator already. A 3 second cooldown would be more than enough to keep a single guardian from generating multiple tangles in some kind of chain reaction in an area but still enable them to be more consistently available for builds that either center around their usage directly or enjoy them as a mobility tool.
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2023.03.25 11:35 ---talk-no-jutsu--- [Saiki Kusuo no Sai-nan] I just started wathing this anime and wondered how tf does he talk to others.

Like if he uses telepathy to convey thoughts and feelings doesn’t the reciver find it a bit odd as nobody knows that saiki being a psychic…?
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