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A place for discussion of Canadian politics and culture.

2018.08.21 17:45 YoshiFan999 When predictive text makes a good response

It's basically a sub for when a phone's predictive text makes a better response than you could come up with.

2016.02.19 02:31 Vivaldist For all things fantastical and awful

Ever wanted to see someone applying terrible history views to make-believe worlds?

2023.03.25 11:53 Zoooosss7 8 years of Folliculitis and what has helped me manage my condition

Hello everyone, i was a member of this subreddit once before exactly 2 years ago before leaving it for personal reasons. Mainly to improve and work on my mental health.
I've been struggling with scalp folliculitis for a total of 8 years now. I've went and got treatment by more dermatologists than i can count and naturally i have tried everything roaming around this sub as well.
The list would go on and on. In short. Nothing worked. BP and IP have given temporary relief but have terribly dried out my skin leading to more issues such as increased itchiness and dandruff.
After suffering one my desperation attacks I've decided to stop all treatment and accept my fate. The Dermatologists have admitted that they have no ideas left.
But stopping all treatments is what has helped me the most! For the past 2 years i went on "No poo" (means no shampoo usage but only water to clean scalp/hair) and it was a miracle. In just the first 3 months it has brought me improvements and relief I've never experienced before. Now 2 years later the itchiness is 95% gone same for the bumps. I still have folliculitis though unfortunately. Here and there i feel a small pimpel that's slightly itchy but i guess that's better than not being able to sleep and scratching your head into a bloody mess.
Due to my increased balding (MPB) i had it easy because I have a buzz cut anyways but stopping any type of shape was really the deal breaker to me. I have experimented a lot but every time i use Shampoo again doesn't matter what it is Eucerin, Neutrogena, BP, selesin etc, i suffer under terrible breakouts that only go away after going on no Shampoo again.
The doctors can't explain it. They guess that the constant stripping of oils and sebum prevents my skin from self-healing and this may cause increased breakouts.
Whatever it is. It works and i can live this short life again. I get absolutely no breakouts from dairy or sugar if that's interests someone but i actually did when i was still using treatments, weird right ?
I am NOT folliculitis free nor have i cured it but at least it's manageable. Maybe there's a soul out there that gets help from this.
Good luck and don't give up. I'll probably leave the sub again because constantly thinking about this topic is not good for mental health.
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2023.03.25 11:53 throw599help I’m afraid I might do something bad in the future (periods). I don’t know what to fking do.

I don’t know how to go about giving a warning, but I might describe something graphic..I don’t want to trigger anyone but I need to put this somewhere and I don’t know where.
I started my period at the beginning of the year and it is draining me like shit. The mental symptoms last 2-3 weeks which causes me to believe I have pmdd, but we can’t do anything about that. The sensory experience of cleaning all this shit up is so fucking complicated and messy, it’s also actually humiliating. The whole time I’m bleeding (about 2-4 days for now, don’t know how it to be later on when I adjust, if I adjust.) I’m completely bedridden. I can’t do anything but type this sort of crap on my phone. Not because of the pain, it’s my brain. It’s like im reduced to 50 brain cells each period.
I was so happy before this started and now the whole of 2023 I have been depressed as hell. I think this goes beyond pissed. I actually think I might try something to my abdomen, nit I’m the near future but it is bound to send me out of whack in the next 10 years, and we have a history of not being taken seriously at all. Right now I have complained all of this to my family and everyone is taking it as a typical pre teen who’s upset about her period. I’m not just upset, I feel debilitated. A complete disability which is wasting my life. Why should I have to suffer in this “life” when I’m not living it because of something which could’ve been prevented had I either been born a boy (no thank you, and then there’s the chance I could’ve been born with another disability so I’m not putting it down to just me being a girl.) or if someone would just listen. No one will put me on contraceptives because there’s a chance it won’t go well with my body. Hysterectomy is a no-no of course, so I might just give one to myself. huh? Not to mention this weighing on top of all my other chronic illnesses and neurodiversities.
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2023.03.25 11:53 WingedMoth Basic delimiters, struggles

This is using GPT 3.5, because apparently I have hit my cap on GPT-4 (what is it now? 5 posts per 3 hours or something?)
I'm trying to split dialogue up and get it to apply accents on only characters I specify. Whatever I try, or whatever I do, it just completely ignores me and does what it wants.
My input strings are like this:
Bill_Well hello there#Ted_Hello bill, how are you?#Bill_Not doing so good, had a bad experience at the barbers#Ted_Would you like to talk about it?#Bill_No 
I have given it rules: 1) Split using the delimiter "#" 2) Split each of these again using the delimiter "_", index 0 being the character and index 1 being the dialogue 3) If the character is "Bill", change the dialogue to a thick texan accent 4) Give me the output in plain text, no python scripts or code
What usually happens is it does the accent, but then applies the accent to all proceeding dialogue. I have tried asking it to apply it ONLY to this index but it says "ok" and then just does the same over and over. I have reworded the rules in countless ways and had it break down step by step what it's doing, which seems to be right, but then gives me stupid output.
Any idea how I can force it to do what I want?
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2023.03.25 11:52 adulthoodisnotforme What's your favorite resource right now?

I thought it could be cool to have a brainstorm what you are really excited to use right now to improve your arabic. I feel like there is so much stuff in other languages, but for Arabic it takes some effort to find stuff - subtitled exactly like spoken, on a specific level, all the dialects, etc. Also you can add the level you are at and the dialect :-)
For me, right now I watch the AJ+ عربي videos on YouTube and work through them. It's nice because they have subtitles which are exact and I cannot yet watch things without subtitles, the voice is MSA (although when they interview people I find it hard to understand) and they also have some quite short videos. My level is intermediate.
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2023.03.25 11:51 hoopsechord I feel useless and angry, I need a book

I'm in the arts. At work I have to deal with older colleagues with whom I don't get on and I can't work on my personal projects because of health problems.
I need to read something that will interest me and get me through this period.
Suggest literally anything (genre, ficton/non fiction). I want to be surprised and have something interesting happening.
Some basic info: I don't tend to gravitate towards fantasy or something that I'll read only for escapism right now. Light reads are ok, but I think not necessarily something I need at this moment. Classical literature is ok, or anything from the 20th century. I want to be challenged but also enjoy the book.
But, here you go, find me something that will give me an existential crisis, that will make me cry or something that will freak me out so much. Just anything. I want chaos in the suggestions.
Thank you
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2023.03.25 11:51 NewAthos Pinned tabs on NavBar... doable?

From the Great Master It_Was_The_Other_Guy I'm using:
And now I would like to have Pinned Tabs on my NavBar. Is it possible? At my current CSS layout, TabBar is under NavBar, and Pinned Tabs are on the leftmost corner of the TabBar. Please, I would like to have Pinned Tabs on NavBar, right side (but not rightmost corner), Pinned Tabs after UrlBar (it'll be nice a tiny small separator or space between UrlBar and first Pinned Tab).
Any help, as usual, will be more than welcome.
Thank you all in advance!
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2023.03.25 11:50 KathyBlakk My Story

  1. Mid-February 2018, begin to experience severe head pain, gait impairment, speech impairment.
  2. Fall 2018, enroll in Kaiser. See Kaiser PC who immediately wants to send me to Psychiatrist, does no examination.
  3. Nov. 2018, obtain brain MRI.
  4. Kaiser PC says brain MRI is "unusual," asks if I want to see a neurologist at Kaiser Memory Clinic (dementia).
  5. I see first neurologist (not Memory Clinic). Neurologist does no examination, no neurological testing. Refers me to Kaiser Psychiatry. Says my problems are due to untreated anxiety and depression.
  6. See second neurologist for second opinion. Second neurologist administers min-cognitive test, provides me with the answers, says "you don't have dementia." Does not do neurological exam. Refers me to psychiatrist. Does not wish to do further neurological testing as that would be "shooting in the dark."
  7. Ask to see second neurologist again as condition worsens. Second neuro is now very concerned about the "course" quality of my voice and says "you may have IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE." Twice. Refers me to speech therapist.
  8. Speech therapist says I have Mild Cognitive Impairment.
  9. 2019, see psychiatrist. Psychiatrist says MRI was abnormal, that my condition is most likely due to underlying physiological condition. Refers me for neurocognitive testing. I tell her I don't wish to have psychiatric medication. She says that's fine because we don't know what condition I have yet.
  10. Psychologist who conducts neurocognitive testing says "neurology has signed off on you," says my neurocog testing is "invalid" because of my "anxiety" and refers me to same psychiatrist for medication. I decline to see psychiatrist. Psychologist diagnoses me with "Dependent Personality Disorder" because I brought a parent to our visit. I literally have trouble walking and speaking.
  11. Psychologist calls me up and repeats reference to psychiatrist for medication. Again, I decline.
  12. Psychologist contacts psychiatrist against my stated wishes. Psychiatrist's office calls so I can "make an appointment to get medication." I decline.
  13. 2019, see fourth neurologist, who is Head of Neurology. Head says my MRI is "stone cold normal" (despite it showing cerebral atrophy and white matter disease, which concerned first PCP and psychiatrist). Says I have "conversion disorder" because I was not rehired for a one-semester teaching position in 2010. Says all my problems are due to psychological trauma. Refers me to a neuropsychiatrist.
  14. I drop out of Kaiser care for two years due to frustration with system. Kaiser is all I can afford (through Covered California, the poor person's coverage) so it's not like I have a huge choice anyway.
  15. 2022, at insistence of family go back to see a new Kaiser PCP. I insist that there will be no talk of psychology or psychiatry and that I wish to be evaluated for my physical problems alone. (If my dates are mixed up, apologies--cognition not what it used to be).
  16. 2022 see fourth neurologist. Surly, seems angry with me for some reason. Takes my hands and literally puppeteers them while performing finger to nose test, so I am unable to do the test myself. Writes in notes "patient performed finger to nose successfully." Says my symptoms are "atypical" and that I "have no signs of a neurological disorder." Says my severe chronic head pain is "head discomfort." Says nothing about my gait other than it is "short-stepped."
  17. Jan 2023 fourth neurologist agrees to do a PET scan, at my request. Does not inform me what the PET scan will check for. I assume, incorrectly, it will be for symptoms I actually have. Neurologist messages me that "PET scan will be normal." Also, "you do not have dementia." Also, "if PET scan shows dementia, I am referring you back to your PCP who will refer you to Memory Clinic Dr. Z."
  18. PET scan performed. Results are abnormal, and radiologist recommends another PET scan do determine the presence of beta-amyloid plaque, a biomarker of Alzheimer's disease. It is at this point I discover PET scan was performed to distinguish Alzheimer's disease from Frontotemporal Degeneration. Two disease conditions neurologist has denied I have.
  19. A week and a half later, neurologist messages me to say "your PET scan was normal" and reiterates that I have "no signs of a neurological condition."
  20. I insist that the radiologist said PET scan was abnormal. Neurologist denies abnormality but consults with Dr. Z at Memory Care. (Remember him?)
  21. I accidentally discover that Dr. Z has been convicted of "Gross Negligence" and nearly killed a patient under his care because he failed to send a patient to emergency surgery. I am concerned why he, of all people, has been consulted on my case.
  22. Neurologist again denies abnormal, recommends psychiatry.
  23. At my insistence neurologist again consults with "Gross Negligence" dude, who denies abnormality. I'm again recommended psychiatry.
  24. At my insistence neurologist again consults with "Gross Negligence" dude, who denies abnormality. I'm again recommended a psychiatrist.
  25. I ask neurologist point blank why he did not give me informed consent about PET scan, why he ordered it for a condition he never thought I had. Neurologist writes, "you asked for a PET scan, I gave you a PET scan."
  26. I ask neurologist point blank a second time why they ordered PET scan for a condition they say I never had, neurologist repeats "you asked for a PET scan." I say that I did not ask for an ALZHEIMER'S PET scan as I do not have symptoms of Alzheimer's.
  27. I ask my PCP whether I have symptoms of Alzheimer's. She does not respond.
  28. I ask my PCP why PET scan was ordered even though neurologist found no symptoms of dementia or any other neurological disorder. Tell PCP neurologist has failed to answer same question two times now. PCP says contact neurologist.
  29. I again contact neurologist, ask why given PET scan for a condition he doesn't think I have. Ask if I have signs or symptoms of dementia. Neurologist denies dementia and refers me to psychiatry. Again says "you asked for PET scan."
  30. Again contact neurologist, say "I never asked for an Alzheimer's PET scan." Also "PET scan was abnormal. Please see radiologist's report."
  31. File three grievances with Kaiser about fourth neurologist failing to provide me with informed consent over PET scan, failing to move on radiologist, hand puppeteering, etc. Also file grievance against the mysterious Dr. Z for failing to correctly identify abnormal PET scan results.
  32. Kaiser Grievance Dept. offers me a "second opinion" neurologist, does not address any of my concerns about fourth neuro, refers me directly to Dr. Z for consultation on my PET scan results.
  33. PCP recommends psychiatry.
  34. Neurologist consults with Head of Neurology, Mr. "Stone Cold Normal." Head looks at radiologist's report, agrees with radiologist, ok's beta-amyloid PET scan.
  35. As Kaiser Grievance has failed to give me any satisfaction for my complaints, escalate to Department of Managed Health Care.
  36. DMHC immediately contacts me within the day I complained, due to severity and duration of my symptoms. Recommend filing a Grievance with Medical Board. Expedites my case.
  37. I file a grievance with Medical Board.
  38. Fourth neurologist orders beta-amyloid PET scan.
  39. Fourth neurologist becomes "very upset" when they discover a grievance has been filed on my behalf (Medical Board does not disclose complainant's identity), messages me saying they do not wish to see me again. Refers me back to third neurologist, Mr. Stone Cold Normal.
  40. Kaiser convenes a committee to review my requests made because of expedited case DMHC. Comes back and denies all my requests, including beta-amyloid PET scan, on the basis that "you do not have clinical signs of Alzheimer's based on your medical record."
  41. I ask Head of Neurology point blank if Fourth Neurologist found signs or symptoms of Alzheimer's. HON says no. Also says beta-amyloid PET scan is proceeding ahead because of abnormal results of first PET scan (consistent with early stage Alzheimer's).
  42. I file a grievance with Kaiser over the "very upset" message.
  43. Head of Neurology away from office between March 15 and March 21.
  44. Kaiser Grievance Operations replies to "very upset" grievance that "Team Lead" contacted them March 19 (a Sunday, when KGO office and Neurology Office were both closed). Says "Team Lead" stated they had contacted me. However, nobody from Neurology had contacted me during that period about fourth neurologist or anything else. Also, that "this" has been referred to Kaiser Legal."
  45. HON returns to office March 21. I contact them and ask who Team Lead is, they respond it is they, HON. HON "doesn't know anything" about fourth neurologist/grievance/first PET scan as that was "two months ago." Perhaps HON does not know how to pick up a phone to contact their employee???
  46. I contact Grievance Operations directly. They deny Team Lead is Head of Neurology. I say Team Lead self-identified as Head of Neurology. They continue to deny Team Lead is HON. I say nobody from Neurology Department had contacted me about fourth neuro/grievance/anything between March 16 (when grievance was filed) and March 19th (when "contact" made between "Team Lead" and Grievance. Grievance Op says "contact was made before" March 16.
  47. Also Grievance Operations: states three times that "contact" was made in May 2023. Gets snippy when I point out that May has not occurred yet.
  48. Five plus years later, my condition continues to deteriorate. I have trouble forming words. I have trouble walking. I am seeing a physical therapist because I can't walk in a straight line and my coordination is shot. I'm seeing an acupuncturist because my pain is off the charts. I'm seeing a speech therapist to try to relearn how to talk.
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2023.03.25 11:50 Thomisawesome [TOMT][MOVIE/TV SHOW] Scene with mother telling her kids how she met her husband.

I only remember this one scene vividly. A family is sitting around the table eating dinner. Maybe it’s in a trailer. The dining room is very small. The mom says to the kids “I’ll tell you how I met your father” and they say “Oh mom, we know that story.” She says “Not the whole story.”
Then she tells them how she was on a date with another guy. For some reason, her husband tried to hit on her while she was alone for a moment. She said “I’m on a date right now.” The husband said “In that case, I’ll leave you alone. I’m not going to try to steal another guys girl.” She then says that’s what made her know he was a really good guy. I vaguely remember the husband telling her the ice cream was really good as well, but it was just store bought ice cream.
I don’t remember a time, but it’s could be from the 90s up to now. I don’t think it’s older than that.
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2023.03.25 11:50 marclettu GM Mode with created team

So I'm trying to start new gm mode with my own teams. Since ECHL teams are still unavailable, I created my own - one for NHL: Utah Grizzlies and AHL: Alaska Astros. I've watched videos and read threads here and there to get the bigger picture. Here's where I am now:
-Fire all pro scouts and keep amateurs - maybe couple pros to use in trades -Owner mode off: staff budget does not matter -Head coaches should be similar? When you're choosing players in expansion draft, it only gives you the match for nhl roster. Same goes with signing free agents, I do not see option or anything where it says this player is perfect for your ahl team. -You only need head coach + assistant? -Scouts: 2 per league if theres lots of prospects + use only potential and comparison "chart". -Scout 2 months at a time: fall, around NY and spring -Check new scouts in the summer
Q's: - When firing head coach in the first year and hiring or promoting one, you still see your old coaches "playbook" everywhere - e.g when trading players. Is this a bug or what? - Who has the most realistic downloadable roster? I would like to have all the picks in their rightful owners and at least some of the highly touted prospects in the game. -How can I get those old "about to retire" players to be my scouts or even coaches - Should I just trade them to my AHL team and hope for the best? -Can I change coaches playing strategy somewhere? Now its just grayed out. -PP formation - any advice on this?
Is there something else/ what am I missing?
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2023.03.25 11:50 AutoModerator [Get] Jonathan Montoya – Freedom Accelerator

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2023.03.25 11:48 wenti200 lday death

I woke up with a loud gasp as I heard loud booming noise coming from outside, deciding it was thunder I turned around to see a dark silhouette of a man standing outside of my door. I quickly covered myself with the blanket accepting the childhood belief if the monster can't see you, you're safe. I heard clicking noises as the silhouette moved from one end of my bedroom to the other. The loud clicking it made as one of its hands reached over to me but stopped halfway. Time stood still as my heart was thumping in my chest threatening to explode at any moment. That's when I heard in a deep and grave tone. 'It is not your time young one.''
I sighed in relief as it hasn't had chosen to come for me. A deep chill ran down the back of my spine I had a sudden realization if the creature is not coming for me then it must be coming for my sick and dying mother. happen I want her to live. Another bolt of lightning flashed and followed by a loud clap a few seconds later the figure was gone from my room. The thunder clapped from the darkness and through the lightning strike I saw a retched figure with fingers of decade flesh and bugs crawling in between the joints of the creature's standing over my mother. I gasped at the vile creature looming over my mother's poor defenseless body. Covering my mouth, I didn't want to grab the attention of the horrifying beast, but I couldn't let it feast upon my mother's frail and youthful body I screamed for it to get away from her, but the figure just continued its feast on her. I looked around the room and saw a small book perched on the table stand next to me. This should grab its attention I thought to myself. I threw the book with great force at the lumbering creature to grab its attention. It worked I got its attention as it swayed and staggered from the impact of the small book as it hits it squared in the face. Now realizing I got its attention with fury blazed from its shrieks, with no plan on what to do I thought of the thing that came into my mind and ran straight out of the room. Without looking back, I glanced in the corner of my eyes seeing a toothy and strained smile coming from the creature smiled at me and bent unnaturally on all fours arching its stomach toward the air. In one massive leap like a goat towards the ceiling sticking its claws in causing holes to form as it moved its head in a one-hundred-and-eighty-degree turn, with its black and voidless eyes moving towards me with frightening speed. I ran out of the room with the entity close behind me, panicking I ran straight towards my living room hopefully to lose it, and backtrack towards my mother's room. I dodged one of its strikes narrowly missing my legs. The creature skidded towards the table crashing and knocking itself out giving me the chance to run and lock myself in my mother's room. Out of breath and wheezing as tho, I just ran a marathon is slammed the door shut. Hearing a screech that sounded like the cries of an animal that was in pain I looked down to see that I caught the creature's hand in the door and was violently wailing its hand around the hand caught my face leaving a massive gash across my uppermost right eye down towards my lower lips. I stumbled back and hollered in pain as I felt warm blood trickling down my face and the taste of iron penetrating my split lips and seeping down my mouth. Running towards my mother and stood by her side as I heard the door come crashing down and splinters of wood flying into my legs. winching at the pain I stood my ground with an iron glare I stared at the creature, not wanting it to take my mother. it stopped and stood up like a normal human would do with all its joints cracking and popping. It lifted one of its arms and brought it back towards its back in an impossible manner that would surely break a normal human's arms, it brought out a long, massive scythe that glistened in the moonlight reflecting my bloody face in it. At that moment I knew that I was facing the embodiment of alt that ends, the reaper of souls, the grim reaper. The grim reaper raised its boney arms along with the massive scythe I barely had enough time to doge as the massive scythe scrapped across my back leaving a nasty scar. I landed on my back on the dresser whining in pain as the nerves on my body were shot like I just walked through fire butt naked. I looked up toward the creature and closed my eyes when a bright light surrounded us and I heard a giggle and then blackness.
It felt like I was falling into the inky darkness for eons nothing to see in either direction. Just me alone for all eternity to reflect on my past. I smiled at the thought of my past. Never really did anything to carter any attention to myself except that I was born into a rich family on a very big farm. We inherited it when my father died protection my mother from the local rival gangs when they caught a whiff that the drug lord is having a child. They planned their attack three days after I was born. My mother told me that the night they broke was a wet and muddy night with low visibility the guards never knew what was coming until it was too late, they were shot dead without hearing or seeing them. They broke down the front gate by ramming their cars into it. Once they broke through my mother and father woke up and ran towards the window.
My father yelled towards my mother to run and hide she did as she was told. There were gunshots as my father fought valiantly as the rivals kept pouring in like vultures on a dead body. They slaughtered my father and began ransacking the house looking for me and my mother they eventually found us hiding in the bathroom, my mother trying to silence a crying me as the intruders pointed our guns towards us. As if the gods were looking down on my mother that day the men in the bathroom were shot dead blood dripping from the bullet wounds from the head. As they collapsed down onto the floor my mother saw one of the guards limping towards her. He let out one of his injured hands towards mother and she took it with much hesitation.' What's your name?
The guard looked at her and gave a small smirk. 'Madam Avila if we survived this, I'll tell you' 'As they ran down the hallways past piles of rival gang members. one of them grabbed mothers' foot and tripped her knocking over an oil lamp that caught fire on the curtains. She screamed and kicked him as hard as she can cracking his neck and killing him. The guard looked shocked but didn't say anything. As they were about to exit from the burning building towards the back gates shouting can be heard and five men converged on mother and her protector all drawing their guns toward the last two. weapons were drawn the guard managed to shoot down four of the attacking before being fatally wounded. Seeing the surviving guard fall to the ground something snapped within mother that day. Was it the loss of her husband the guard or the loss of the hacienda maybe a combination? whatever caused mother to pick up his gun and shot the last man in the head. A faint gasp can be heard coming from the guard she knelt beside him. He smiled.
'Looks like you're going to make it miss Avila''.
Through weeping tears mother could only sniffle ''please don't die on me''.
''Miss it's all right I did my job your safe''.
she burst out in tears as he said those words. He leaned toward mother and whispered something into mother's ears before taking his final breath and collapsing to the ground. Mother let out a scream of agony and sadness for the loss of everything. And vowed revenge on those who had wronged her. As she was walking away, she looked back at the guard. Whispering that he will be remembered, and his name will live on in her son.
Nineteen years later I learned that mother went on a rampage killing all the rival gangs and their leaders in brutal and quick ways that not even the gods could stomach. Throughout town, she became known as lady death the scourge of the desert plains. The vengeful ghost of the night. After losing everything that night she built back up her empire and slaughtered any rival gang that dares to oppose her or gives a hint of betrayal. She became so feared in my town that everyone knew to never cross her and tend to stay well clear of me whenever I went to the markets, but she was well respected as she was also known as the protector.
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2023.03.25 11:48 retromama77 Surveying question…answer needed ASAP!

Hi friends! We are in our “due diligence” period on 4 acres of land in North Carolina. We are planning a multi-generational homestead and would like to subdivide the land into 3 lots.
I spoke to the land/zoning/planning person from the city, and he said that he didn’t see a problem with how we want to break it up, but that we should get a survey done to make sure what we want to do is possible.
My question is, how does a survey tell us that? We’ve only ever lived in a suburban neighborhood, so we’ve never had a survey done. It will cost us $1900, so I want to make sure that we are doing the right thing!
Thanks in advance!
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2023.03.25 11:48 Gotthatguacandglock 3x mcat test taker (test date April 15) in need of some help

Hi guys so I wanted to make this post because I’m really struggling to break past 510 and I think the reason why boils down to strategy and some content review. My only issue is I don’t know how to go about it. As the title says this will be my 3rd time retaking the mcat. First time I took it I got a 499, second time 501, so this time I really need like a 520. The only issue is my exam is April 15. My practice scores so far have been 504 altius, 501 altius, 499 altius, 509 aamc 3, 507 altius, 498 altius, 508 aamc, 510 aamc, and 509 aamc. My strategy rn has been I have finished most of U/Vomit and I’ve been going back and redoing incorrect answers now in the areas that I got wrong on practice tests, I do at least one Jack Westin cars passage a day, and I review my practice exams by seeing what I got right and wrong and why I got it wrong.
During my test what I do is in CP section I skim it and only highlight things that I’m sure they will ask. Consistently I’ve been scoring between 125-127 in this section
Cars is one of my best sections. I try to summarize the main idea in each passage and highlight words that are related to the main idea of each Paragraph. I score between 127-129 each test
Bio I just started a new strategy by going over the independent variables, dependent variables, and conclusions for each research passage. I’ve only been scoring between 124-126.
P/S I just highlight phrases that could possibly be asked and look at the answer choices. This is one of my best ones too but I really want to get to 130 in this section. Currently I score between 127-129.
If y’all have any tips and tricks to get passed 510 plz let me know. Also lmk if you have tips for retaking the mcat. I’ve been hesitant about taking aamc practice exams because some of them I’ve taken 3-4 times already which is why I started off with altius first. Idk if that makes a difference.
So again any help will be appreciated, thanks so much !
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2023.03.25 11:46 lmlem2521 Well we can't speak

But there isn't much left to say. You say it out of your hands now which I'm sure it is but why did you even make me apart of this anyway. Such a shitty almost 5 years I couldn't take it anymore we should've never have gotten married I should've taken the kids and just gone by myself. Stayed at the boat house spent 700$ on something exciting and not food that was bad. Quit lying to soothe the pain it was shit I was shit you were shit we took turns being shit it was shit the whole thing. I love you and all your shit. You hate me and blame me for things that are not really my fault don't blame the lepar for the leporacy. Do you have mental problems why yes sir you should really ought to know better quite frankly. . Joshua started it where does raping Craig come in where's that? Carlos screw you I'm so happy I got out before you did me like you did Rachel. Matt told me you were not a nice guy. You know your songs are not funny I don't feel judged my small town prayer was for you to leave me alone but you never could could you? We push until their more problems too many to fix I'm stripping your illusion one by mf one. Keep it coming really what else ya got? I'm exhausted yes all those bad things ive ever said really happened do you care nope does anyone care no not really we cre enough to tourcher you on behalf of a lying old man who we believe is so innocent....right so innocent your crazy now i see why some people just can't help but to commit capital murder. It's not them it's you because I'm me and I would never dare you see. I can hardly hurt a fly and you people got me ffffd up. Where's your proof? Oh that'd right ya ain't got none...imagine that.
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2023.03.25 11:46 KateandJack Coworker backstabbed me over something petty and I don’t know what to do

I’m in my 40’s and am a preschool teacher . There’s a lady who is 31 who works there I’ll call Mandy . I thought me and Mandy were becoming friends . We talked about a lot of stuff and I opened up to her about a lot and assumed at the very least she’s cool with me.
I’ll point out Mandy is VERY tight with the high school/ college age kids there. Like very tight. My boss has two college aged grandsons who work there that Mandy is constantly texting and hanging out with. I don’t care but it’s part of the issue. She’s considered “cool” and I’m just there to do my job then go home.
Too long to explain but there’s been a TON of extra pressure on me there lately due to another teacher leaving. I have a lot to prove right now.
So yesterday me and another coworker were in the big activity room letting the kids play . My boss stuck her head in and said to keep the kids all up against one wall while some parents came through to pick up kids who only stay half day. So I’m corralling thirteen 4 year old kids who don’t understand why they have to be on the wall and trying to handle it.
A parent and her kid walk through and the kids water bottle is leaking all over the place. I was standing there thinking I need to wipe that up but in dealing with the kids I honestly forgot about it like 2 seconds later .
So Mandy comes waking through , yells at me and my other coworker about not wiping it up, literally stomps off and comes back and mops it up. My other coworker is literally sitting on her ass the whole time by the way.
I was upset but didn’t say anything . About 10 minutes later my coworker I was with said she heard Mandy in the office telling my boss what happened and said “ neither of them were decent enough people to wipe it up”.
I admit I got upset and left my room for a few minutes to collect myself. Then I went to my boss to apologize for what happened . She saw I was emotional and hugged me and said not to let it get to me and I’m doing a great job.
My thing is now what to do about this . I don’t trust Mandy anymore and also can’t make a enemy of her because the majority of the workers there are young college / high school kids and she’s their queen and I don’t wanna be the hated old hag there or anything .
Do I ask her why she did it or just go quiet around her? I know it sounds dumb but I’m really hurt she tried getting me in trouble over a dumb little thing at a time she knows I’m trying to prove myself to my boss .
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2023.03.25 11:44 SinstarMutation None of my players knew what a monkey's paw is. I found this out when I gave them one.

This is an incredibly overdue follow-up to this post that I had originally put off writing because I realized the necessary context would make it long, but then completely forgotten about until recently. Sorry about the wait, folks! There is, of course, a TL;DR at the bottom, but I wanted to include the larger context for those interested in just hearing some D&D stories.
The next session began a few weeks later, and I was prepared for the party to resume debating the 'best' way to take advantage of what they thought were their new Wish spells, but they actually didn't jump right back into it. I went through the recap, and they pretty much immediately began exploring deeper into the dungeon.
'The Lich's Library' was the name of the dungeon they were in, and it was a fairly large homebrew affair with something like a dozen bosses (though not quite approaching 'megadungeon' size). Over a thousand years ago, it was slowly constructed deep within the earth by a wizard to serve as a palatial home for himself and his beloved. When she began to waste away from disease, he burned through his wealth trying everything possible to see her saved. When she died, he immediately turned to attempting to find a way to bring her back to life. His hopeless quest eventually led to lichdom.
The part of the dungeon that they were exploring was the level that once served as the 'mansion' of the married couple. It was also the only part of the dungeon that the lich (by and large) didn't mess with; too many painful memories for this now-evil creature of undeath. This meant that the majority of the enemies in this section came from the Underdark (a passage had naturally opened some 400 years ago). It was in this section that they encountered the Beating Yew.
The Beating Yew was once four trees that stood at the end of the massive underground garden the wizard had created for his wife. The ceiling and walls were enchanted to make it look like it the garden was outside, with beautiful 'weather' at all times. Despite the lich's absence from this wing, however, the evil of his magic began to permeate it; the vegetation in the garden eventually grew twisted and sickly, and the four large trees at the end fused together and became an animate, carnivorous plant creature. The fight went fairly well, but the cleric was already fairly injured from an earlier encounter with an illithid known as 'the Swordsman.' He dropped.
Uh-oh. The party had a backup healer--a druid. The problem is, said druid was currently trapped in the Shadowfell (the player had to step away from the game for a bit, so he and I did some stuff on the side for his story). The other party members present were Barbarian, Rogue, and Sorcerer. We were playing 3.5, so every round that passed, Cleric was getting closer to death, with only a 10% chance of stabilizing. I'm not too worried, because I know that Rogue has potions. Rogue, on the other hand, isn't bringing up her potions because she thinks Sorcerer has more potions. Sorcerer, in fact, does have more potions, but he knows they aren't going to be as effective as a magic wish.
He pulled out the Monkey's Paw and said, "I wish that, on a scale from 1-100, Cleric felt like he was at 100. Actually, 105." See, earlier in the session, they had asked how injured a boss looked. I'd told them, "He's pretty messed up. On a scale from 1-97, he's probably feeling like a firm 14."
One of the two outstretched fingers closed inwards, and after a moment the party at large realizes that Cleric doesn't look so good, bro. His skin was flushed, and he was twitching and groaning in his unconscious state. Rogue made a Heal check and finds out that he's got a dangerously high fever. Sorcerer's player looked at me with a slack jaw and says one of the favorite things I've ever heard at my table: "Motherfucker invented Fahrenheit on us."
The infection that was racing through cleric's system as a result of their battle would keep him from regaining consciousness until it was dealt with (Cleric's player was absent that session, so it's not like he was being sidelined for the challenge). Through a series of Heal checks and player ingenuity, they were able to break Cleric's fever and by using the potions that they always had they got him back to consciousness. Cleric used his own healing when he was back up to get himself up to full health again. "Why are my clothes wet?"
Here's the thing: I didn't know it at the time, but what Sorcerer took away was 'Don't use any jokes in your wish or it will go wrong.' He thought the issue was one of wording, and that the only reason the first wish went awry was because he hadn't phrased it 'seriously' enough. At this point, I thought that it was obvious that the Paw was cursed and they'd lock it away until they could get the curse cleansed. Nope.
Later in the dungeon, they found a locked room with a large, pristine pool--apparently untouched since the days when these halls were inhabited by the living. The pool was filled with impossibly clear water, and there was a faintly chemical scent in the air. "Chlorine," one of the players chuckled. It wasn't.
Once they saw the metal chest deep at the bottom of the pool, they started to realize something was amiss. Barbarian reaches down to test the water's temperature. Her finger starts itching--like, a lot. She starts scratching, some flesh comes off. She takes a point of acid damage. "Hey, guys--not water."
They start brainstorming as to how they can get the chest at the bottom of the pool (it contained the lich's enchanted wedding ring, but they didn't know that yet). They had some cool ideas that I was interested in seeing play out, including Barbarian's offer to just get really pissed off before she jumps into the pool and swims to the bottom.
Sorcerer had a better idea. He pulled out the Paw. "I wish that all of the acid in this pool was replaced with water." The last finger on the paw closed. The last of the magic enchanting the item dissipated.
The dungeon had been created some 1,200 years ago, and at that time there was a large underground reservoir--part of the Underdark--about a half-mile away. Since that time, the earth has shifted and moved, and for about 300 years a section of that reservoir had pressed up against the roof of this room.
The roof cracked. Rogue and Barbarian both heard it and looked up. A spiderweb of cracks was slowly unfolding across the ceiling. Neither was quite sure what was happening. Then a wagon-sized chunk of rock fell into the pool, followed by a torrent of water. Acid surged up in response, hissing and bubbling violently as it reacted to the water flooding into it. The party bolted, the acid rapidly following them into the hallway. A series of checks ensue as they pelted towards the safety of the stairs.
The rest of the party (including Druid, who returned that very session) roasted Sorcerer for using the Paw again. Sorcerer (and his player) took it on the chin, and admitted that he hadn't really realized that it was truly cursed. "I figured as long as I could figure out just the exact right words to use, we'd be good." Nah, man. "Yeah, I know that now. Hey, at least now we don't have to deal with the acid in the pool. It's gotta drain eventually, right?"
They left the dungeon that day, returning a few days later. Once they returned to this particular part of the dungeon, the 'waterfall' had ended, and the acid and water had indeed largely drained into the Underdark through another tunnel. The room with the pool was not occupied with a creature that had fallen in through the roof--a Deepwater Cobra, a huge fire-breathing sea serpent. They killed the creature and dove in for the chest, and the ring ended up being quite a boon to the party (it provided a bonus to AC and to saves).
That's basically the whole tale of the Monkey's Paw! This campaign sadly ended a few months later when Cleric and Rogue had to drop out, but the remaining three welcomed two new players and rolled new characters for a sailing campaign featuring a ship that can travel to the Astral Sea and beyond. Sorcerer now plays a swordchucks-wielding monk, Barbarian plays a dual-wielding ranger with a penchant for axes, and Druid plays a bard with a predilection for mushrooms from the Feywild that have...effects.
Wish one: "I wish that, on a scale from 1-100, Cleric felt like he was at 100. Actually, 105." The cleric, instead of being healed, broke out into a terrible fever and the party had to rush to keep him alive.
Wish two: "I wish that all of the acid in this pool was replaced with water." Underground reservoir breaks through the ceiling, flooding the room with a combination of acid and water. The party departs, and later finds a very large creature fell through the same hole.
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2023.03.25 11:44 LoboWhite Working remote outside of CH

Hello everybody!
A few weeks ago I wrote a post detailing my situation. I am a foreigner who lives and works in your beautiful country, in IT, and who recently had his father diagnosed with cancer (My father lives in my home country).
I would like to keep living and working here, I just want some flexibility to work outside of the country.
I do not want to do 100% outside, none of that. I just want to have the freedom to maybe work Monday or Friday out of Switzerland.
My employer recently said that it is strictly forbidden to work outside of CH. However, in my last post, many said that this was not the case.
I ask now for your help, since I'm having a meeting with my manager and the HR sometime in the following weeks and I really want to be prepared, with the knowledge of what rights I have and what rules me and my employer have to oblige to.
I want to persuade them for this flexibility, but to do that I really need help. I tried reading rules of employer, taxes and insurance but my German is still on a beginner's level...
Can someone help me?
Thank you for taking time to read!
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2023.03.25 11:44 glitchbxby Being a ghost would be my ideal form of existence.

I really enjoy watching people live their lives, listening indirectly to their conversations while in public, being an observer of events etc. My problem is having to interfere on the world, I hate having to talk and to do things that will have consequences in it. I wish I could just watch life like a tv show or as if I was a ghost, in a way that no one could see me, nothing would be expected of me and I wouldn't need to worry because I would be certain of it. I could just contemplate the world in peace.
Some of you guys may have watched Euphoria and I definitely feel a connection with the description made about Lexi, how she felt like she was an just observer and that her life was not really her life, just some sort of play or movie.
These days I been having the classic "I want to leave all behind and live in the woods with just a dog" idea and daydreams, and I guess that a big part of it is because I feel like there I could be like this, or at least similar enough. Be an observer of nature, never having to deal with socialization again, only brief interactions for, let's say, buy necessary stuff from other people (which I don't mind). I know this isn't realistic for my context and also that it probably wouldn't be this magical thing, but it's a fantasy that brings me satisfaction.
I guess I'm just burned out of people. A lot of bad things happened in my relational and social life since childhood till last year and I'm really bitter about it right now. Of course I want to find real connection, where I could be myself openly and comfortably, but because it always goes wrong and brings disappointments I'm really hopeless at this point and honestly kinda angry. I don't have patience for people anymore, I'm tired, I'm being judgy as hell and I'm activelly avoiding new people.
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2023.03.25 11:43 Head-Blackberry-398 Mei Suruga & X Vs SLK & X

So as many of you know Mei Suruga and Starlight Kid will have a tag match on the 23rd of April the question being who will their tag partners be.
It has to be Mei & AZM vs Starlight Kid & Haruka Umesaki, right? They have been teasing this match for about a year now with Kid & Umesaki forming a team, AZM winning the right to team with Mei, Mei's interaction with SLK on twitter (when SLK fought Umesaki at New Blood in a tag match) etc.
The alternatives are Mei Suruga teams with Momoka Hanazono or Mei Hoshizuki, and I don't know I just like the idea of Mei Suruga having teams exclusive to certain promotions, Momo Ringo being exclusive to Oz Academy or MeiMei being exclusive to SEADLINNG (when Hoshizuki still wrestled).
Or she teams with someone from Gatoh Move with Chie Koishikawa being the most likely choice. Warm Caterpillars vs Black Desire would be interesting I honestly think Momo Watanabe & Chie would work really well against one another.
There maybe a possibility that Haruka Umesaki teams with Mei instead of Starlight Kid
And finally Mei Suruga said she's picking her best partner and that happens to be Baliyan Akki which means Best Bros vs SLK & El Desperado. And look I know there is a big change that this doesn't happen but just imagine if it did.
With that being said who do you think their partners will be.
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2023.03.25 11:43 Zamans_ I need advice on how to make my situation-ship work or if I should still hold on to it

I (24M) met an incredible lady last September through a mutual friend at a party. We clicked instantly. Asked her out on a date and things went well, although she was the one who made the first move. She left the next morning after our date as she came to visit my city.
During our date, we talked about expectations and where we saw this going. At the time, I really didn’t feel like doing a ldr as my previous relationship was one. I also mentioned that I wanted to work on myself. She agreed. But after she left, something felt off and reached out to her explaining that I want to scrap our conversation about being together and try to make it work. Once again, she agreed until a month later, I blurted out something that put her off. In one of our conversations, we spoked about being on the same page when it came to our situation-ship. I spoke about the frequency of us visiting each other and how we can make this work which stomped her and she wanted to call it off. The reason was I dropped out of school and she was about to start working at a big financial consulting firm from the following month and it would only be me who would have to make the effort of visiting her. Not that she didn’t want to visit, she wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so.
It was radio silence from the following day. But few days later I reached out to remind her about a promise I made to that I would visit in one of our conversations before she wanted to call it off. She was cool with me visiting. During my visit, we had a conversation about our expectations again and this time she told me that she doesn’t want a ldr as she her love language is physical touch. I respected her decision and tried to make the best our time together. After I came back, she changed her decisions and told me that she’s okay with continuing this. She thanked me for fighting us.
My second visit was in the beginning of this year. This time things went smoothly. Well, there was that one time I asked her out to be my girlfriend and she said no because she wants to be with a man who is serious with their career. She gave me an ultimatum to move to her city with a proper job (I’m a web developer). Meaning no odd jobs. Honestly, even before she asked me to move cities, I was planning on making the move this May because job opportunities are higher in her city than mine and I would be closer to my family. I took it as a motivation to push myself. I shared my plans with her and she agreed.
Post second visit, her job was occupying most of her time as tax season is coming. She would be working seven days a week 9am till 11pm. She was drained. Yet, she made the effort to call me every night to talk to me. She needed someone to be there. I couldn’t make it due to financial reasons. One fine day, we were on a call when I blurted something like breakup about a certain couple and that triggered her again. She wanted to call it off again because with everything going on in her life, she felt this situation-ship to be a burden. I tried fighting for us again but she was hell-bent over cutting me off.
Third visit. Still on-going. Before, she called it off for the second time, we planned on meeting this month. The itinerary was to spend time with her and also meet my family, they moved to the states this January, and we haven’t seen each other since pre-pandemic. I thought this visit would turn out to be like the first one. Where we work it out again. But it didn’t. After my family left, our time spent together was mostly me trying to convince her to just wait a bit longer since May is around the corner. She didn’t want to and kept on saying the same thing she told me before- this feels like a burden right now. I tried to make her open up about why she feels that way and she gave vague answers.
Now, I would like to address something before we move on. She’s an avoidant. I’m the anxious one. I like communicating when I deal with problems. She runs away. In this situation, she is running away again.
I explained this to her and told her that the only way we can try to fix this is by either communicating or by talking to a counselor. She mentioned that she’s depressed but didn’t go in-depth and she wants to cut-ties for good. I suggested us taking a break so that she can have her space and work on herself but she didn’t approve of that. I thought maybe we can make it work once I move for good in May and maybe she’ll be able to figure things out by then. So, I agreed.
My flight got cancelled on the day it was supposed to depart and the airlines rebooked it for the following Monday. We both talked about meeting the next day (she lives with her mom but was staying with me at my airbnb) to watch a movie. Everything was fine until that very evening she started giving me the cold shoulder. I got triggered and asked her if she didn’t want to continue this anymore let’s just call it off. She told me that it’s not that she doesn’t want to be with me but meeting me or talking to me is making it harder for her. She is going to fall for me more. Right after that, she canceled the movie plan and any other plans of meeting till I’m here. I tried asking her several times to spend time with me till I’m here but that led her dig deeper into her hole. I think I hit a new low that day.
The next morning, she sent me a text briefly explaining how she really appreciates me and likes me but she needs some time and space to figure things out. She doesn’t expect me to wait. She will eventually reach out when she thinks she’s ready. Ended the text by saying that she wants me to work as hard as her as she doesn’t want to be with a man who’s a bum.
I think the text made me a little happy and maybe was the closure I was looking for. I immediately called her back and apologized for pushing her into staying to which she said she’ll call me back later. Its been two days since then. I want to give her space and wait but I do not know if I should hold on to this or move on. What should I do? Should I be expecting anything, reddit?
TL;DR: My situation-ship partner is an avoidant and needs some space and says she’ll be back when she’s dealt with her problems. Should I hold on?
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2023.03.25 11:41 yahboy1998 Saw her with a new guy last night.

We're in college living on the same dorm. We broke up in January, but until a couple weeks ago, she wasn't getting it through her head that I wasn't coming back, so she was still coming around to talk to me.
For 2.5 weeks, I hadn't seen her and I knew it was for either of two reasons: it finally clicked for her that I wasn't coming back, or she found a new supply. The very last night I saw her, she came to the kitchen, asking me "How are you doing" and I didn't answer, because I had kept asking her to stay away, and then she went straight to talk to the new guy: he was by the stove cooking.
Now, last night, I saw them on her block, cooking together, and he was in and out of her room. Knowing her, she doesn't let just ANYONE into her room.
Since being diagnosed in January, she has been on antidepressants (fluoxetine), but DBT is not available where we live, and her doctor told her that if she were to even start CBT, it would be so intensive that she would need to stop school. But she does see a sports psychologist for a talk a few times per month.
The messed up thing is that I know the new supply. He's a great guy! We're not friends, but we say hello everytime we see each other and even get into small-talk. I don't know whether to warn him or to watch her eat him alive to prove I was right about her all along.
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