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2023.03.25 11:09 Boosted_Snowman Update: PC keeps randomly shutting down during load intensive tasks.

OG post here:
So I've done some work to see what it could be.
I exchanged my power supply thinking it could be a fault in it (went back to my 500w) and the problem persisted.
I got a cpu that doesn't have a history of overheating and the problem persisted
I updated damn near every driver I can think of short of the printer and the problem persisted.
This next bit is irrelevant but, just to put in perspective how desperate I am to fix this shit, I went looking for RAM drivers and shortly found out there is no such thing. Learn something new every day.
Updating my drivers fixed a cooling issue atleast but that's about all it fixed.
To test the waters even further, I used Ryzenmaster to stress test my cpu. All cores running max speed, at 77w (which shouldn't be possible cause the R7 5700x has a wattage of 65) and the damn thing barely got to 61C (max is 95C) and didn't crash my PC. I did this twice. Once with the CPU gutted at 80% max speed, another at 100, which is when it reached 61C.
If I never have to do PC troubleshooting again, it'll be too soon.
Using Eventviewer, I got EventID 6008 and a Critical Kernel-Power Event 41. Basically just telling me "Your shit stopped".
I switched back to my 1kW PSU in hopes of the issue being a lack of power, and nothing.
Even did the stress test and the CPU got hotter trying to open discord on startup than running at 77w with all cores going full blast.
What is there left to check? Any help would be appreciated because I'm at a loss for what it could be.
To be more specific, it dies whenever I try to render or export anything in premiere, or whenever I try to record a game while on Discord. Sometimes it just crashes when I'm editing. Is it the sudden ramp up? I'm at a genuine loss of ideas here short of replacing my mobo.
Tldr; PC still fucked, slightly less so but still unusable for what I need. Stress tests fine but God forbid I ask it to do anything. Any advice would be appreciated.
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2023.03.25 11:08 7jaykyuyu766 Who Killed Zeke in Energy E-book 2 Ghost? How Did He Die?

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2023.03.25 11:06 Salt-Translator2554 I came here just to ask a question, do you ever remember big league chew releasing a gum that grows as you chewed it?

I promise I'm not making this up, and I know I'm not crazy because as a kid I almost died, it's like this is another one of those Mandela effect cases or something.
Back in the mid 90s my brother's used to bring me home giant gummy dinosaurs, jolly ranchers or lifesavers (I can't remember which) that were square like charms candy, and these drinks called asteros that had these little jelly balls that float at the top of the bottle. I wasn't any older that 5 or 6. One day they came home with big league chew and I found it in their room on the dresser already opened. It was outta here original. The baseball player was ready to swing and was blowing a big bubble from his mouth that covered part of his glasses on his right eye. On the bubble it read "Grows as you chew".
Me being a kid I was like yeah I want some! So I grabbed a little handful of the shredded gum and started chewing on it, and sure enough the more I was chewing it was getting bigger and harder to chew. Me being little and never eating gum before I didn't know what gum was I just figured it was a candy. I had tried to swallow some of the gum and it was still growing and got stuck in my throat to the point I was choking, I did the best I could and was lucky enough to get it out (I happened to be alone at home at the time because my big brother was getting my younger big brother from school down the street and had put cartoons for me to watch while he was gone). I threw my chewed gum away and never forgot that day.
Fast forward to this year and we were talking about near death experiences and I told my story. I went online to find the gum I was talking about to show them what the package looked like and to see the ingredients list and I literally can't find a single thing about it anywhere! Not in discontinued chewing gums, not in lawsuits over chewing gum, no google images, nothing.
So have any on you reading this ever had chewing gum that grows in your mouth the more that you chewed it? Because I can't make this up, nor would I want to. I was actually just trying to figure out what ingredients they used to make the gum grow.
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2023.03.25 11:06 zackphoenix123 I always get that "child-like" feeling of happiness when-

Information popping up about an anime makes it seem like the studios working on it are bringing their absolute A-game. Like dropping everything else to work on this one anime. Or like a studio being made specifically for it.. Or, or like when a director or some of the staff members are open about absolutely loving the source material they're adapting.
Like, just off the top of my head
Chainsaw Man. I know there are people who didn't like the more cinematic approach of the anime, but EVERY. SINGLE. FRAME of the show just oozes with passion and love. The director was always open about respecting the source material so much, and when it was revealed that Kensuke Ushio was doing the ost and that Fujimoto himself was very involved. that made me so hype.
Then we have Mushoku Tensei, a show that had a studio (Studio Bind) made just so it can bring Mushoku Tensei to life. Mushoku, just like Chainsaw Man, oozed passion, life and love with every shot. It's clear that the people who worked on it respected the source material and wanted to bring it to anime form in the best way they could.
Then we have Oshi no Ko. I've seen like 2 Doga Kobo anime before (Senpai ga Uzai and Shikimori), so I thought I had a pretty good idea of what that studio was willing to do. but then they announced they'll be doing Oshi no Ko, a highly acclaimed manga that has a die hard manga fanbase (I haven't personally read it yet). I heard the manga is just as good as Kaguya-sama, with the same writing style but in a completely different genre. But that's getting side tracked. When I heard that the first episode of Oshi no Ko was gonna be a 90-minute episode.. A FREAKIN MOVIE, I jumped. It's clear that DK is bringing their A-game to this and seeing as how (from the PVs at least) every shot looks F'ing gorgeous, I can't wait to see it when it comes out.
And finally, the main reason that prompted me to making this post, the Re:Zero season 3 announcement. White Fox has not been at their best for a while now. I remember when season 2 of Re:Zero ended, it just felt like such an ending that even if I knew there was more content to adapt, I didn't mind if it had just ended there. The way it ended, the way Studio White Fox just seemed to be done with it, and the way it just ended on such a high note left me in a state of happy emptiness.
I didn't think Re:Zero would ever get a continuation, and... BOOM! it did. Not only is Re:Zero making a comeback, but it seems like Whitefox itself is making a comeback as well. They have been on a mass hiring spree recently, and they still haven't touched any anime other than Re:Zero. It seems like they're really gonna dig, put all their manpower and efforts into the return of Re:Zero.
Now, I don't know much about Season 3. I've heard rumours that it'll be split into 4 cours, I've heard people say it'll have 35 long episodes like with what they did with season 2, there's no confirmation. But still, the idea that Re:Zero is getting a continuation by a studio who has always gone the extra mile to make it the best it could possibly be makes me hype.
Idk, I guess I just wanted to vent about how good it feels for me whenever i find studios or staff just put effort into the works they're adapting. One of the few things that makes me have that childlike joy beyond just watching the show itself.
Ps. I know white fox hasn't been confirmed to be adapting Re:Zero season 3, but like- every possible info I have on it is pointing towards it being done by Whitefox.
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2023.03.25 11:00 AutoModerator Time to get on with Suck It Up Saturday

u/BlacksmithOk4686 came up with Suck it Up Saturday. I thought it was such a great idea that it is now officially a Banned Weekly Topic. Congrats to you, Blacksmith!
So, if Friday is FML Friday, how do we deal with today?
Suck it up. Face the fire with a fresh cheek.
This isn't about the monumental mountains we die on every day; make it about small, equalizing and altruistic contributions.
Perhaps you found a small solution to the problems you experienced on Fuck My Life Friday? Maybe you did one thing which helped maintain your mental health. No matter what, you know you need to suck it up and get on with things.
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2023.03.25 10:59 resurrective Chapter 20 – Business, treats and threats

It was way beyond the midday, when Keyaruga woke up from his restless dream. Freia, Setsuna, Eve – all of his companions clung to him in some way or another, so it took a bit of effort not to wake them up.
It didn’t work. I still see them. I still… dream of them.
The hero stood up, but a heavy burden on his soul never allowed him to straighten his stiff shoulders. His vengeance was almost complete. Even if Blade survived, she would have to live with her trauma from her encounter with the healer for the rest of her miserable days.
Josephine too carried deep scars within her, and after what happened in the night, her wounds would never heal. Takemikazuchi didn’t save his daughter, he merely took away the tormented doll from the lad, thus prolonging her suffering.
So what now? My vengeance wasn’t worth it?.. No… It was. Someone had to do something about that bitch, and I even got my divine armament, so I mustn’t think about it too much.
My issues, though… Nobody can help me with that, so sparing myself will only make me weaker. Persevere, Keyaruga. You’re a man, so keep it together and don’t whine.
With that in mind, the man pulled his clothes from the wardrobe, dressed, and even gathered Blade’s tattered clothes. He had a pretty nice idea of who would pay for these rags and scraps. Before that, though…

Eve Reese was the second to rise. She slept in a sitting pose, covering herself with a pair of shiny black wings. Not like she felt cold amidst the summer in her dark nightgown, but the first thing she wished to obtain was her outfit. Conveniently enough, it hanged on the nearest chair.
“Good morning, birdie. I washed your dress, it must be dry now.” The man spoke monotonously, sitting behind a table in the far corner of the room.
“It’s not… morning.” The strained maiden replied, as she changed her clothes. From one side, there was nothing to be embarrassed of, since the healer was never distracted from his deeds. From another… “Do you always keep your guard up? It’s hard, you know? Living like that.” The maiden deadpanned, staring at the lad’s back. She didn’t actually fear this man. Remained cautious – certainly, but at the same time she saw traces of her deceased father in him. Sure, he did cheat on her mom a few times, just like Keyaruga indulged in sexual debaucheries with Freia and Setsuna, but at the same time, both of them never spared themselves from having to protect the ones close to them. Somehow… “I wouldn’t want you to die too.”
“Calm down, Eve, I’m immortal.” He dryly replied to her comment. He didn’t want her to fear for him, and yet the lad couldn’t stop worrying about her. His various phobias were rooted in the same memories of past traumas as his nightmares. Even if he knew, that only the toughest could defeat his girls. “Are you hungry?”
“I think… A little bit, yes.” The black-winged girl spoke, strolling toward the man. She noticed alchemical tools, a few pouches of different roots, plants, some fresh, some dried, some turned into fine powder in the glass mortar. “What’re you doing, Keyaruga?”
“Pondering my orb.” The man responded, half-jokingly, half-serious. The white sphere was placed on a towel on the far left corner of the table. But even so, he barely even looked at that direction.
“It doesn’t look that way.” The queen-to-be noted, taking one of two dozen phials from a small wooden box. The liquid of green and red piqued her curiosity with its peculiar nature. The color didn’t mix, after all, no matter how much the girl shook the vessel. “What is it?”
“Our money. So please put it back from where you took it.” Despite his own words, Keyaruga snatched the bottle from Eve’s hands himself. Put it in back in its place. Everything must be in order, after all. “I’m almost finished. After that, well, a carriage will come and take us to a restaurant.” He elaborated, briefly showing the maiden a sheet of deformed paper. The was an invitation in almost perfect Phasian, written by none other than Karman.
“I see… Hey, Keyaruga, you don’t look so good. Would you, you know, like to speak about something? Like, what’s happening between you and Freia? Why do you… growl in your sleep? Why…”
“That’s enough.” Keyaruga nagged, pouring his miraculous brew into the last vial. “This is something only me and Freia share.” The hero stated, closing the box he bought, while the girls remained asleep. A perk of living in a trustworthy deity’s house – you can always be sure nothing would happen to your treasures. And even that brief outing was stressful enough for the man.
“Ehm… Alright. Would you want to ask me anything?” Eve carefully wondered, making space for the man. Surprisingly enough, not only did he put the box in the bag, he also stuffed it with the same attire he came home in.
“Yes… It’s not a question, though.” The lad declared, turning his crimson eyes toward Eve’s red pupils. Just like his… “Norn, the princess who leads this entire army, and Freia’s sister, will come with us, regardless of whether she wants to or not, even if I have to butcher her entire army on my own and wipe her memories altogether.” The healer admitted, still staring in Eve’s eyes. There, he saw confusion, a little bit of fear, a little bit of stress, a little bit of anger. Clearly, the girl didn’t accept this reality.
“W-why?” The queen-to-be asked, trying to take a step back, only to find herself unable to do so. The twisted grin on the man’s face filled her with dread, as if the hero dropped his mask to reveal his true colors. She didn’t know much about the second princess, but even the rumors she heard painted Norn as an uncaring devil of plagues and murders in a child’s body.
“Because I made a promise, because I can’t leave her in Margurth’s hands. Because Freia asked me to let her live. Because she’s the visionary of a brand new world, a tactical genius who we can’t do without in our revolutionary campaigns. Because otherwise, her talent will be wasted on mass destruction and genocide. Because I saw the future, in which she razed Tenanulic and left you with only a few hundred cripples among the wasteland of Gurthal, because…”
Because I still love her? Did I ever love her? Did anyone love me? Freia only seeks redemption, Setsuna… Nayuta said she loved me, but she craves the strength I can give her, Kureha sees me as a paragon of justice, an idea rather than a man. And Norn? I was her spy… Maybe, she would use me, until I outlive my usefulness, and then…
The man got lost in his thoughts. So much so, that his own knees failed him and he almost crumbled on the ground right before Eve.
“…y… hey… Hey! Keyaruga!..” He remained deaf to the girl’s exclamation. In a haze, the man hardly even reacted to the reality, barely registered Eve’s attempts to grab him, to keep him from falling. As if hundreds of scrawny arms dragged him into hell, poisoning his tattered mind.
Oh? I passed out for a moment? That’s not good, how can I be strong, when I can’t even hold myself together?
Eve… Wait, what’s Eve doing? She holds me? Why? What can she achieve by that? What?..
“I’m fine, Eve.” The Hero of Healing said, wiping cold sweat from his forehead. It wasn’t a common occurrence for the man to lose his grip on reality that easily, and neither would he allow it to become one. “Let go.”
“No, you’re not, moron! What’s going on with you?” The kokuyoku scion asked somewhat harshly, refusing to break her embrace. She demanded at least some form of explanation. After all, why would anyone want to depend on someone, whose passions and suffering are beyond their comprehension?
“In the future I saw, you had to kill Norn for what she did, and I had to kill you. I hated it, so I’ll make my own destiny, where you and Norn will live.” Keyaruga announced, before patronizingly tapping Eve’s shoulder.
You’d become a Me-ua even without me. But that slut Panakea killed your man. Man… strange, he killed your friends, and you gave him two children… No matter, Panakea wants me to become your champion. And so I will. I will make you the queen myself.
“Thanks…” The maiden quietly said, taking a step back from her guardian. “For your honesty, I mean.” She added, puffing her cute cheeks. “You should get some rest, though.”
“No, I’m fine. And don’t thank me… You don’t even know what you were robbed off.” Keyaruga declared, rising in full height. Then, he turned toward his two other lovely companions. “Wake up, girls! We’re going after our breakfast now!”
After that, I’ll have to get back to the sphere. I’ll finally become a proper hero.

Finally, after so many labors, both physical and emotional, Keyaruga could enjoy a moment of peace. Forget about the war, ignore the fact that his ‘destined’ reunion with Eve was orchestrated by the goddess, bury his trauma under a layer of comfort. At least for now, anyway.
Keyaruga, Eve, Setsuna and Freia sat around a single table. They had plenty of expensive food, drinks (both alcoholic and not). Starters and snacks, soups and stews. All of that was paid from Karman’s wallet, of course.
“Allow us to thank you for your generosity.” Keyaruga said to the seller, after at least a minute of his silence. All that time the beastman spoke with Freia about her preferred cosmetics, Setsuna indulged him with a conversation about battle arts, and how some equipment could compliment certain moves, while debilitating others, and even Eve managed to have a comprehensive talk about how the world is turning to shit, referencing political crisis in Confederation.
“You know, I prefer to think of it as investments, rather than gifts. I don’t think you’ll disagree that trust is the most valuable asset.” Karman replied, seamlessly switching from speaking Tarenago with Eve to Phasian with Keyaruga. “Especially when I can enjoy the company of your beauties.”
“Yeah, well, I don’t really deserve these cuties.” The lad commented, taking a brief look at each of his companions.
“Keyaruga, you’re being too harsh on yourself.” The sorceress, who sat to the right from the healer, said, caringly covering the man’s hand with her own palm. For better or worse, she loved him dearly, which everyone around the table could tell. Except Keyaruga himself, to whom that seemed but a temporary passion from the princess, and even his own feelings he perceived as a desperate need for companionship.
“Uh-huh. You deserve Setsuna.” The girl to the left of him even went so far as to jump on the hero’s neck. In a peculiar way, the phlegmatic she-wolf was the beacon of positivity in the party. Not even her recent defeat changed that fact.
With those two Karman had literally no chances. Their infatuation to Keyaruga was still fresh, and even if it was otherwise, their loyalty wouldn’t shatter that easily. Eve, though, wasn’t among the man’s lovers, that much was for certain. So what did the green-haired beastman do? Well, at first, there was a smile. Then, a wink. Did it work? In some way…
Mi nanpa wor midunarund (I’m not seeking for relationships right now).” Eve indeed noticed the merchant’s attempts to flirt, but she almost instantly cut it off.
“Haa… No luck for me here, I guess.” Karman shrugged, taking a sip of his favorite wine. He knew too well, how easy it was to lose a partner by standing between him and his girl. The vendor already had such a lesson, that he wouldn’t share with the red-haired ‘alchemist’.
“Speaking of luck, is the client satisfied with my potion?” The hero asked slyly. He had little appetite outside of the bare minimum for refilling his body and mind with energy, and yet he was glad to see his companions enjoying the feast.
“You’re a miracle-maker, pal, I’ll give you that! I’d even kiss you for what you did for us!” The merchant sneered, enjoying a fine beef goulash. “It healed the girl in one sip! Although…”
“It hasn’t healed her soul.” Keyaruga admitted, recalling the vigilante’s words. He saved the man both directly and indirectly. After all, it seemed like if nobody offered Nina a free remedy, he wouldn’t listen to Keara, and Blade would’ve squashed him. Would that be beneficial to the healer’s revenge?
Too much of ‘would’s for my liking.
“Basically… Eh, no matter, she’ll get through it, eventually. The girl’s dad went out for a hunt himself, though. Said he saw some chick going toe to toe with Blade, can you believe it? Damn, I hope she’s still kicking.” Karman noted, looking at Keyaruga indifferently shaking a cup of wine in his hands. Fortunately, at that point Setsuna and Freia got back to banqueting.
“Why wouldn’t I believe? I… hired her.” Although it took a little bit of lie, that brief explanation didn’t fail to attract the beastman’s ultimate interest. “She’s a killer, just so you know.”
“No… fucking way!” Karman swore, making sure his distressed is properly conveyed to everyone. Even if Blade’s ‘name’ was deliberately omitted.
“And look, what she brought me.” His astonishment got even greater, as the red-eyed lad grabbed an inconspicuous leather package from under the table and slowly levitated it right to the trader’s hands.
Farafinatia Ahurama! Is this-?” The magic trick didn’t fail to impress the vendor, sure, but after he peeked inside… “Huh… This is what I think it is?” The merchant mused, evaluating the dirty tattered coat. The cuirass was in much better shape, but either way, he did recognize, who it belonged to. And right after that, the merchant unceremoniously tossed a heavy poach right in Keyaruga’s hand. In would smash his face, if not for the hero’s reaction, though.
“I’m buying this!” The vendor declared, hiding Blade’s clothes under the table, before some nosy folk beside them could tell, over whose demise was the transaction.
“Sold.” Keyaruga nodded, amused with how accurate his prediction turned out to be. The bag, filled with various jewels approximately equaling hundred of Jioral kadmi, Keyaruga hanged onto his belt. Probably, Karman would get even more from the victim’s father anyway. “Although, you shouldn’t sell these before Buranikka’s ‘guests’ get the hell out of here.” The lad warned the merchant, before nodding to Freia, so that the sorceress prepares the real goods.
“Heh, I knew it! My intuition never fails me!” Karman exclaimed, pointing his finger onto the man. His right arm shook in an gesture of enthusiastic endorsement.
“Really now? And what does it tell you now?” Keyaruga wondered, resting his chin onto his joined fingers.
“That you, my friend, didn’t just come here to brag on behalf of your mercenaries, or for a free meal. Ready to meet the market’s demands, alchemist?”
“Heh-heh.” The man chuckled, putting a box right between the dishes. Some were still untouched, some already empty, but what stimulated the monger’s appetite was within the container. “Take a look.”
And so he did. Karman pulled a peculiar monocle from his pocket, and proceeded to meticulously inspect each and every vessel among what Keyaruga presented to him.
“Thirty vials, huh? Restoration potions?” The beastman wondered, cautiously putting the last bottle of non-mixing double-colored liquid back in the box.
“Certainly. First comes the mundane effect – they mend your wounds. Then, this potion rejuvenates endurance. Dare I say, this is my masterpiece?” The red-haired man declared with pride.
“Did you also have to put your blood in it as well?” Karman asked, fighting with an urge to jump from the excitement.
“No, that was an exception.” The Hero of Healing shrugged casually.
“Exception this, exception that. You helped good people, that’s all that matters.” The green-haired man declared before closing the wooden box. “Alright, this is good stuff.”
“Won’t you give it a taste, then?” Keyaruga sneered, feeling like he discovered another golden mine.
“I’m a merchant, brother. I can tell, whether you’re pushing good stuff or not!” With that said, Karman offered the lad another poach with even greater amount of precious minerals as before. Keyaruga opened it, accessed, and silently accepted the payment, letting the beastman take his purchase. “Say, why won’t you sell it yourself?” The vendor pondered, tapping onto the precious box.
“What do you think I’m doing? Or you’re implying I have to spend days upon days, trying to cajole the locals to purchase my wares?” Keyaruga scoffed, and glanced at Setsuna, then Freia, and later Eve. All of them finished their meals, and just sat silently, waiting the healer to finish the transaction. Getting them to sell potions seemed like a good idea… but Keyaruga would never go for it.
“True, getting folk to trust you takes a while.” Karman spoke, impressed by the man’s sense in business. Not many wonder-mongers could actually profit, unless they were actually talented crooks. “I wonder if you also know, how much time I have to resell your potions.”
“Three days.” Keyaruga eagerly replied. “Today, tomorrow, and…”
“My, oh my! Can I be your first customer?” A deep and mannered voice resonated throughout the premise. It was a well-dressed gentleman, and his gentle tone had to himself pretty well.
“Certainly, I’m always rea…” Karman was ready to trade with the customer right there, but seeing Freia, Setsuna, and Eve jumping from their chairs and getting ready to battle put a halt to his intent.
“Careful, Keyaruga!” The Hero of Magic snarled, snatching her staff right from the thin air.
Grrrr!” Setsuna growled, summoning the icy crust on her forearms. After a swift jump she found herself standing atop of the table, cautiously avoiding stepping into the food. The huntress, no matter how swollen her belly was, prepared for battle. To protect those she loved.
“…” And even Eve summoned a small constellation of bright stars. The group prepared for battle, they attracted attention from all the guests, most of which wisely decided to leave the restaurant through the second exit, some of which didn’t even pay.
“Have you come to finish your task, Organ?” The princess snarled, rapidly pumping her new staff with magic potency. Along with her two sisters-in-arms, the caster was ready for the second encounter with Hawkeye. “If so, we…”
You will do nothing, Freia.” This time, though, Keyaruga was there to stand against the Champion. “Setsuna, please get off the table. This one came for me, apparently.” The Hero of Healing spoke smoothly, stepping next to Eve. With a single swipe, he extinguished her spell. “Don’t. This will hurt some passerby much more than him.” The man uttered, approaching the murderous archer.
“These girls are under my protection, good sir. Should you raise your blade on them, you’ll have to pass me first.” The red-haired man calmly declared, standing between Organ Trist and the table with his allies.
The tension kept rising, underneath Hawkeye’s indifferent façade Keyaruga noted a cold-blooded focus and the ultimate will. The sword, the bow, two hidden blades in his sleeves, a tiny firearm in the right gauntlet, a set of throwing knives, tiny razors and a pair of brass knuckles. Add a fighting capabilities to stand his ground against the very god of fencing, and the fact that most, if not all, of his comedically numerous weapons were heavily poisoned, and you get a recipe for a catastrophe.
Race: Human
Name: Organ
Class: Divine Archer
Level: 34 ☆
Mana: 67/108
Physical attack: 84
Physical defense: 91
Magic attack: 32
Magic defense: 53
Speed: 133
Fencing: 5th level
Spearsmanship: 4th level
Archery: 7th level
Battle arts: 5th level
Throwing skills: 6th level
Healing magic: 1st circle
Blood of Artemis: Artemis’ descendant’s exclusive skill. Improves ranged attacks capabilities
Amber eyes: Artemis’ blessing. Greatly increases the user’s speed, reaction, and visual comprehension.
Heavenly precision: Divine Archer’s exclusive skill. Greatly boosts accuracy of ranged projectiles.
Yes… That didn’t look promising.
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2023.03.25 10:56 aIexandra69 TIFU by telling my boyfriend I’ve slept with his cousin

What happened between my boyfriend’s cousin and I was a one night stand at a party before my boyfriend and I even met let alone started dating, I also didn’t even know they were cousins. Anyways, a couple of weeks ago after six months of us being together my boyfriend wanted me to meet his family, he drove us outside of the city to their town which is about an hour drive away. You know one of those days where everything is going so smoothly you know a fuck up is bound to happen? Yeah it felt like that. I met his parents and siblings then about half an hour later his aunt came in with her husband, followed by their son. I had to take one look at his face to experience a mild heart attack at the ripe age of twenty one. And then my boyfriend introduced him as his cousin, let’s call him Ryan, who I’ve been hearing all sorts of stories about, they’re as thick as thieves and basically just like brothers.
Ryan was a bit shocked but nowhere near the state of absolute mortification I was in. I literally froze. All I could think about is what my boyfriend’s incredibly nice family would think about me had they known what I actually did with not one of their sons, but two. Ryan was all cool and collective when he “introduced himself” to me as if it’s our first time ever meeting. I was a bit relieved and hoped he just forgot about me. But that was the furthest thing from the truth. Throughout dinner I was feeling seriously anxious cause all I could think about was how tf would I tell my boyfriend something like that? I knew there’s a high possibility of him never looking at me the same. I excused myself to the bathroom and in the midst of me panicking and trying to get a hold of one of my friends or sisters to ask for moral support, Ryan comes in and tells me to calm down and that we don’t have to tell my boyfriend anything about a meaningless one night stand that happened a long time ago. The idea of keeping it a “secret” sounded awful to me, but I thought what could be the harm of keeping the past in the past, and it’s not like I gave my boyfriend a list of every man I’ve slept with.
I’ve been having a guilty conscience ever since. And today in the middle of our drive up to their town to celebrate his sister’s engagement, I decide that I couldn’t handle being in the same room as Ryan and keeping what happened a secret from my boyfriend, I thought that he simply deserved to know, if I was in his shoes I would’ve wanted to. Sooo he didn’t exactly react very well, and he hasn’t said a word to me ever since we’ve arrived at his family’s house, I’m currently upstairs in his room alone, his sister came up to me and told me that him and Ryan were having a fight, I felt insanely bad and embarrassed for causing unnecessary drama but I didn’t want to meddle between them and make things worst or more awkward so I simply am still upstairs venting to Reddit about how much I fucked up.
TL;DR I admitted to my boyfriends that I slept with his cousin prior to us dating while we were driving up to his family’s home and caused a bit of unnecessary drama
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2023.03.25 10:56 woodendoor0470 Why does Allah let nature harm animals?

First of all, it's a geniune question and I'm a born Muslim. (Alhamdulillah) I've always had questions about my religion and all of them have been answered as I did my research. But this one specific thing has been bothering me. Few days ago, in my country it hailed like crazy. Livestock was killed or harmed (skin pealed off). My question is, why does Allah let nature cause harm to animals who can't speak nor can do anything wrong or right? How can we justify that?
  1. Also, why does Allah let young/newborn children get incurable diseases or conditions?
  2. How can you justify a child being born with disabilities or incurable diseases? What is his/her mistake to deserve that?
Note: Please don't hate me on this. I've been really depressed thinking about this lately. Help a brother out. Jazak Allah.
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2023.03.25 10:56 secretgem77 Muslim suggest some advice?

Im upset with feeling low on my deen, especially during this time of the month Ramadan but I cannot help wondering some questions. If someone could guide me it would be helpful. In my opinion, I feel that women are always second in Islam, Adam sa was created first so does that mean that would be just here to please men? I feel that we alone are not enough generations we hear that baby girls are murdered because they are seemed as less than a man until Islam came to say this is wrong. Mothers are truly appreciated in Islam but I feel that we are not seen as a person alone. Only as wife, daughter or mother than we have some ranking. Do some men not see us as humans with personality. Do most just love us because of those titles?
We all know that the idea of polygamy in Islam is for men to provide for orphans, widows and the poor. So it is an exception not defult or biologically they are in need of more than one wife. So my question is why can’t women also provide for men who choose not to work or are not able to do so? Are men not able to be okay with polygamous? We know that it's human nature to feel jealousy just as the prophet Sa wife Ayesha ra did. Are some women only okay with it because of society?
I know there are roles for both men and women and procedures and rules. But as a woman sometimes my deen feels weak because I may feel that it's unfair. Sometimes it feels like we are just objects men always speak for women saying we are okay with this or that. I feel that women are always taught to be obedient and just obey. With the right man, it would feel okay as we know he has huge responsibilities and will get punished if he disobeys Allah. but if the roles were reversed how would men feel?
We are all slaves to Allah. But girls we must obey, our parents then our husband and if he passes away our son has more power over us. We need his authority to leave the house travel so on. I really hope people don’t take this the wrong way I just want confirmation or feel contempt.
Divorce in sharia law a man can say divorce three times and then women have to obey. Men can marry another without the permission of the wife. How can men be that cruel not to care about our feelings. If it's written in nikah conditions then the wife is allowed to divorce straight away. After she has spent most of her life with him. Also, did Allah create men to be that obsessed with the desire for women’s bodies. I know some women who can lust over a man's hands or voice but mostly everything is awra for her because men can’t control themselves.
Lastly, this has broken my heart and I continuously cry but I can't seem to find an answer that I’m contempt with. There are many debates about "Hoor al ayeen" but we know that it exists. 72 pure virgins with the most beautiful eyes. I know your wife will be even better but thanks now I know that my man can also be with another one in dunya and akhira. it feels so hurtful that it never ends. The quran mentions breasts but men also have them so some say it's only women and some say it's both. But from a hadith that I have read the companion of the prophet Sa who died as a maytr on the battlefield. He had a wife in the dunya and still got hoor in Jannah. It leaves me feeling like are women objects of desire. its all we are seen as that's why we are covered up to protect us from getting men lusting. I also read which has helped my perspective that some men and women in the dunya don't have good spouses so they receive hoors. This makes sense but what about the ones that are happily married and do not desire it. Is it wrong to reject that gift of god? In the Quran it also says that the reward for women is unimaginable so it might not be hoors. However, we can ask whatever we wish for so if we want a spouse it's fine. But I do not want to share my partner in this life or the hereafter. Some say its like a reality a dream so even if he has in your reality he doesn't. Somehow still don't feel easy. Are we all just going to be wired to feel satisfaction which is why there's no jealousy there.
Did god really create women to be accepting or wanting of just one man while men can be with others. It's almost like our feelings don't matter or we shouldn't have them.
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2023.03.25 10:53 7n226re4d Who was Trevor Wilkes & How did Trevor Wilkes die? - WWE News

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2023.03.25 10:53 paranoid_horse How do you do, fellow xkcd fans

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2023.03.25 10:52 7n226re4d Who was Trevor Wilkes & How did Trevor Wilkes die? - WWE News

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2023.03.25 10:47 TheSkewsMe [Grade 13 History: Embryology] Researching experimental embryology while making Dolly the cloned sheep a star it appears the death of German "twinning" expert Hans Spemann is buried in the fog of war. There was a link ChatGPT provided when questioned further, but it didn't mention Spemann.

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2023.03.25 10:46 heyuiuitsme are you really going to post that....

guess so,
You know. Bad. that’s how easy it is to make money selling timeshare, you can be a complete dumbass and do it. Like, for fucking serious. They’re selling the same condo 51 times and calling it legal. No shit.
That’s where i working, she’d caused so much trouble in town for me, cause the indians don’t fuck with them, and that’s where was working and implementing my plan.
My business plan that no one would hire me for. I just pushed him into it, kept pushing and pushing til he did it.
Not all my plans are dastardly
And, they don’t like me doing well, so they kept fucking with my ability to keep a job, i mean, i’m getting fired like every two weeks. It was bad. And, he’s the one making money, and i couldn’t even keep a job
And, he was like, it’s cause you’re so crazy. You don’t try to fit in and everything with you’s just a fucking joke, it’s all just a fucking joke to you, heather.
And, they were trying to break me up from him, but he was doing a pretty good job of it himself, you know. Hey. these are good jokes and i didn’t make a post that i could post. Like, you know.
There’s shit that would get me sued up there and, you know. So, i won’t post that on reddit.
Wow, ok heather, not crazy at all, i mean, how can i not post that fabulous joke, dear diary, sorry you weren’t in on the first part of the story, it’s private.
There’s definitely a bum migration season. They never talk about that one the news. The bums change out, like, idk, there’s no place for them to set up here and that’s all outlawed and they’re kinda dicks about it. You know.
The homeless come through but keep moving. Going north with the weather, i guess.
It’s locked, that’s what the ghost said. When i was in there, you know, hunting up snacks. In what’s left of the breakfast room. Sometimes i imagine that i’m living in apocplyical america, and still here. You know.
What if this is it, you know. Just a slow spiral down and down and down, to where, the power just went off. I’m on a laptop with a hotspot. But, i love this. I love it when the power goes out. It’s my favorite.
I like being without electricity. I feel like it provides privacy from the world, but i’m still just on a laptop. But, i’m going to go look out the window while it’s dark now.
So, anyway, the lights came back on, no apocalypse for now. I think it’s the aliens from mass effect. Like, fucking seriously. Something. Terrible things. Idk, i’m bored. I mean, it would be something to do, i guess.
But, if i had something to do i wouldn’t have time to type this absolute nonsense on the internet.
So, just before the lights went out, i went into the ..idk, storage room, and there’s another storage room behind it, with a door, and that door wasn’t all the way closed. And, i was in there, you know, sorting out my stuff, i had some stuff delivered and i was sorting it in there.
that's where the snacks were, i was rummaging for snacks
Anyway, then idk, i guess the wind caught that door and it made this double click and when the door made that noise, idk, it sounded like it’s locked. like, that's the tone of the clicks, it sounded like a door latch clicking, but it also sounded tonally like "it's locked"
And, it was. I had to go check another room over on that side, and i tried the door, you know. The door to the ghost room, it was locked. I just wanted to see.
I was just going to go in there and see if i saw any ghosts. You know, so many people have died in there, three suicides, or what was ruled as a suicide anyway.
That. so, idk, i just wanted to go in there. For some reason. Idk, but the master key doesn’t open the door. That master key opens hardly any of the doors, really. I don’t like to go exploring the storage rooms late at night anyway. Or, anything else for that matter.
But, i did try to go in the ghost room. It was locked.
Then, while the lights were out, i heard this pop sound, like a corkgun. Idk, from behind storage, idk, it’s raining, could be anything. Then, like idk, 15, maybe 20 minutes later. That sound again. like one of those old fashioned wooden guns that fires a cork. you know. something made a sound like that. idk
so, fucking weird.
Victims of suicide often shoot themselves twice in the head, i saw it on the news today, story about a woman who did it. Shot herself in the head with her non dominate hand, then shot herself in the head again. I guess she really wanted gone.
Welp, that was crazy, right.
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2023.03.25 10:45 AnswerSmith how did juice wrld die

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2023.03.25 10:45 AnarchyLaBlanc The absent queen and the blasphemy engines

Everything changed when the absent queen appeared in the sky. It came in a form of a constantly shifting void black pyramid. Though its four sides would widen and narrow they never increased or decreased in number. From the murky black, writhing fleshy masses and tendrils and orbs rose. The darkness parting with sprays of black puss where they did that returns to the surface as the masses fell back into the gloam. The pyramid eclipsed the sun and for centuries, the sun did not moved. The plants shriveled and blackened, feeding on what little light that wasn’t blotted out by the pyramid. The faint sound of humming could be heard across the lands, the queen was singing.
From the darkness came the celestials, crystalline beings brimming with golden light hiding gory innards of flesh and pulsating organs. At first, they were peaceful beings, coming to the world below to invite humans to come with them to their paradise. A world of light with succulent fruits and bountiful harvests awaited. Some were tempted to escape the hell that the world had become and left with these entities, never to return. However, there was a day, a day like any other when the peace was broken.
The celestials descended from the absent queen in shapes and numbers unseen and slaughtered humans without hesitation or remorse. The grotesque true forms of the celestials would leave their crystalline shells and consume those humans they killed and those they hadn’t in equal measure.
Humanity fought back, striking what celestials they could after they left their fortresses of crystal. This led to the discovery of godsteel, a metal near unbreakable in most circumstances. For when celestials died, their body broke apart and turned to this material. When it was picked up voices of the celestial’s broken mind could be heard. But humanity would ultimately be forced underground to survive.
In the dark, they created tools that used the strange powers of the godsteel. Chemical engines that sapped the strength of the celestials to create unnatural energy and fuel engines of war. It was learned these shards would drive those around them to madness, but the influence of these shards could be suppressed. Those who suppressed this influence, called blasphemers, made prayers and mantras reminding themselves of the greatness of humanity and the power of their ingenuity to stave off the pain of the godsteel’s influence. This is how the blasphemy engines came to be.
And so with these war machines, humanity would return to the surface, ready to fight the celestials in a war to end all wars.
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2023.03.25 10:45 j2pwjhdd Who was Trevor Wilkes & How did Trevor Wilkes die? - WWE News

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2023.03.25 10:43 oamahmouds71 Who was Trevor Wilkes & How did Trevor Wilkes die? - WWE News

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2023.03.25 10:43 j2pwjhdd Who was Trevor Wilkes & How did Trevor Wilkes die? - WWE News

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2023.03.25 10:42 CADTE Do you think this girl liked me and should I try talking to her again?

This all happened during Summer 2022. This girl (A) and I were part of the same class in college. At first I've only thought of her as an acquaintance. We would say hi if we passed by each other and we would talk about our test grades, but apart from that, we barely spoke to each other. On the last day of class we were the last people to leave and we spoke about our summer plans. Then one day during summer vacation, she texted me and asked me how I was doing (she got my number through the class group chat). I was surprised at first because none of the people that I would consider my friends in class texted me to see how I was doing but she did. I felt like we really vibed together and that day we texted on and off but at night, we texted for hours and our conversation ended at 4am. Afterwards she would text me like every 2-3 days and one day she invited me to play a game with her (8 ball pool) which was also surprising to me because she told me she doesn't play games, so I figured she did it because she knew gaming was one of my hobbies and wanted us to do an activity together. One of the most memorable things about her is that she would usually answer my texts within seconds to minutes. We spoke about pretty much anything from what happened in our day to more personal things. Unfortunately, she failed one of the classes and was left back a semester so I don't see her anymore. On the first day of class she texted me that she wishes me the best of luck and that she hoped that I have a good time in class. I thought that this was the sweetest thing and I told her thank you with a heart emoji and she went one back. Eventually I developed a crush on her and after that we texted for like 2 months after and stopped. My issue is at that time, I didn't really feel the need to socialize much. My friends usually text me first and I can go months without texting them. I just find it difficult to consistently text people because I don't really know what to say or send. I think eventually she saw that I didn't put the same effort into texting as much as she did and things died off. She would text me every 2-3 days at first but eventually she stopped texting first and I did, but I would text her every 2-3 weeks. The last time we texted was like 6 months ago. However, lately I feel like wanting to socialize more. I have a really nice friend group in school and they're all very outgoing and they pushed me to be more social. My social anxiety isn't as bad as it used to be and I feel like wanting to talk to people more but the biggest issue is sometimes I don't know what to say. I've been thinking about her lately and I wanted to know if I should try talking to her again. At first I thought she was just being really friendly, but looking back at everything, I think she might have liked me. Overall, she was fun and had a great sense of humor and I kind of miss texting her. I'm just afraid that if I do text her, that things will go back to the way they are now. I'm not the most interesting person, so I don't have much to say. Everyday, I pretty much only study/do school related things, go to the gym and play video games so I feel like I don't have much to mention in terms of things that are currently going on in my life. I don't have other social media besides reddit, so would it be okay to send her posts/videos/memes of things I see that interest me? I feel like it would be an easy way to start conversation or just consistently communicate.
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2023.03.25 10:40 Well_howdidwegethere Horrible Fear of Food Being Drugged

Lately I’ve been having this massively irrational fear of my food being laced with LSD or some other form of psychedelics. I won’t eat something that’s been already opened regardless of whether or not it’s mine, which has led to me not only wasting food, but actively avoiding eating unless I make it right there, and even then it takes quite a bit of effort. This in turn has also led me to having a fear of an undiagnosed mental illness, and I can’t quite afford to go to a doctor currently to figure out if that is the case.
I’ve only ever been technically “drugged” once when the cannabis my friend bought was laced with PCP a few months ago but this fear extends back to when I was around fifteen (twenty three now). I’ve done acid only twice and while I did enjoy it, it’s not something I’m likely to do again, and I rarely smoke cannabis or drink, but I did do a lot of both for a few years.
Obviously nobody is gonna waste good acid on me but the fear is constantly there to the point that I yelled at my brother the other day for jokingly pretending to drop something into my Gatorade on the way to work (he’s unaware of this fear) and threw it away despite it being completely full, and even avoided eating the cookies my mom brought down for Christmas, which made me feel awful as there is absolutely no way my mom would ever do anything like that to me.
I’m iffy on telling anybody close to me about this fear for a few reasons, the main one being the irrationality of it all, but I also do not want to be sent to an inpatient center (again, can’t afford it) as I was for depression as a minor. Sorry for the rambling wall of text but I just need to know if this is signs of a more major illness or at the very least how I can possibly cope with it.
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2023.03.25 10:40 Sinpleton025 Rifts of War - Chapter 2

Three moon cycles later
Galdush fields, Meilume region of the Empire
The time has come and the troops are ready. The chosen commander of Imperial forces is Ylyndar Glynra, general of the IV army, commanding twenty-five thousand infantry, ten thousand cavalry, ten thousand archers along with one hundred wyverns, one hundred battle mages and hundreds of siege elements for a total of fifty thousand troops. The vassal forces number forty thousand. Ten thousand dwarves from Nundolar commanded by Bardek Leadmaster and ten thousand from Halboram under Dalmin Bronzering. The Rosians sent twenty thousand in total under the command of Bodin Zorgen of Alston, king Thavok's eldest son. The imperials have also brought an auxiliary force of ten thousand slaves, which include ferral orcs, trolls, ogres, swine, lepians, feelians, leanoids, and welfen.
In total, the invasion force numbered one hundred thousand strong and they were to start the land attack in the Galdush fields. At the same time, the VI fleet of one hundred ships of various sizes gathered in the western waters away from the port city of Lashil. Admiral Lothar Tanros was also tasked with opening a rift and to attack the enemy's shoreline, making the invasion a pincer assault.
"It is time, general.", a captain said proudly.
"Indeed.", Ylandar replied, "I cannot wait to bring the emperor's light to this savage world. Are the mages in place?"
"Yes, general. They are finishing the ritual. It is a pity we cannot open more rifts."
"Any more and the spiritual energy of North Altia will be completely drained. I do not wish to destroy our world along with theirs."
"Understood sir.", at that moment, a large rift opened up. It was thirty steps wide, ten steps tall, and shining in bright blue. All soldiers stared at it with amazement and fright. This was the gateway to the savage land they were warned about, they must remain vigilant. "I shall prepare the first wave."
"Hold. I shall go.", Ylindar said.
"S-Sir? Are you certain?"
"Yes. I will lead the first wave.". With that, he rode to Bardek, Dalmin, and Bodin. "You know the plan. All Rosian troops, half of the dwarves, the entire auxiliary, and ten thousand of my own troops. Once a foothold has been established, a messenger will ride back and inform the rest of the troops to begin the second wave. The navy has most likely begun its attack. We must hurry. For the light!"
With that they marched forward into the rift, unaware of the dangers they will face. All they could do is pray to the spirits.
History is not kind. Many bad things happened throughout human history. Wars, plagues, destruction, and death beyond counting. On top of that, humans themselves were never the best of people. It is they who caused all of it to happen and it is also they who keep doing it. History has always described humans as selfish and self-harming, but history is written by the winner. And this time, the good wins.
The great virus that occurred in the third decade ravaged the planet, killing millions of people. But through human genius, a cure was made and the death was stopped. However, it was then that the true culprits were discovered. One of the greatest problems of humanity is overpopulation. We have grown soft and stopped "culling the herd" so that a sensible number can thrive and be strong. A group calling themselves 'True salvation', sought to fix this. Through decades of careful planning and manipulation, they've reached a solution. For mankind to prosper it needs to suffer. So they showed themselves in 2034 and declared that they will do what was necessary to save the Earth. So they set off fires and explosions all throughout the world. Thousands upon thousands of factories and industries were destroyed, the capital and major cities were devastated, planes kept crashing, ships kept sinking, and it was chaos. The death toll was in the millions, even hundreds of millions as every country suffered.
But the salvationist forgot one important thing. These are human beings. By attacking them all they've united them all. Global governments decided they will not stand by idly while their people were being killed for some 'greater good'. In a united effort, after fifteen years, they tracked down and eliminated the salvationists, ending the crisis. But now the bigger problem took the stage. The world was in chaos and it needed fixing. So for the future years, that is exactly what happened. A new generation replaced the old one and with everyone united they not only repaired but also advanced. New technologies were invented, and life became better. Artificial limbs became more common, medicine was more advanced and the military received more than one upgrade so that no future threat can harm the nations.
NATO got more support from South America and Australia, while East Europe and Asia created a new block called Easter Powers Alliance. The UN now strictly enforces laws against drugs and poachers are shot on sight so to protect the wild and plant life. Renewable energy sources are spread across the world and the atmosphere is being healed. Many monuments were built for the victims of the salvationists. It goes to show that no matter how much humanity is battered, it would always rise stronger.
And now? Now it is the year 2070 and things are going just fine.
5th of May, 2070
Lumberton, North Carolina
The Northeast park is always a wonderful place to visit. With playgrounds and baseball fields, it was always cheerful. Right now the Jaguars were playing against the Bulls and hundreds of people gathered to watch. Officers Bradly O'Neil, or just Brad, and Jack Mitchel pulled their police car over to watch the game.
"So who do think is winning this time?", Jack asked.
"My money is on the Bulls.", Brad said, "They're winning right now."
"No one knows man. I have a gut feeling the Jaguars are gonna make a comeback."
In that moment, a Jaguar pitcher threw the ball and the Bull hit it with the bat, sending it out of the ring.
"Hooooo! Another home run by the Bulls!", said the announcer, "If they keep this up they will win it all!"
The Bull ran full circle and when he finished, a tremor shook the ground. Suddenly, a large rectangle of light appeared. It was nearly fifty feet wide and sixteen feet tall. People were confused and everyone tried to wrap their heads around what exactly was happening.
"Brad?", Jack asked, "Did anyone order a light show?"
"At four pm? Unlikely.", Brad said as he grabbed his radio, "Dispatch this is officer O'Neil, we have a situation at the Northeast park. Unclear if it is a threat but I require reinforcements and-"
Out of the light, men started appearing. They were strange to say the least. They wore medieval-like armor and has pink skin. Behind them appeared something that freaked people out and scarred them even more. Things they would only see in fantasy movies. Green-skinned orcs, dwarves, and even huge dragon-like lizards. No one understood how they got here but they understood their purpose as they attacked the players and spectators.
The green-skinned and pig-like monsters killed and ate everyone they could find. The dragons flew in the air and arrows rained down on the people.
Brad took the radio again and shouted, "Threat confirmed! I repeat the threat is confirmed! Send reinforcements and alert the national guard! They're killing everyone! We need-"
A pig-like monster jumped at him but it got blasted away by a shotgun. "Power or speed?", asked Jack who shot the gun.
"Speed. I'll take the smaller ones.", he replied and grabbed the shotgun while Jack took the SMG, "We have to save as many people as we can! Come on!"
The attack is a success. Already these pale-skinned savages flee and are killed by the dozens and soon hundreds. This field will serve as a good foothold for the invasion.
Prince Bodin looked over the scenery and thought, 'This doesn't look like a land filled with chaos. Were the visions a lie after all?'
"Prince Bodin.", called general Ylindar, "It is glorious is it not? We will slaughter these savages and take the lands in the name of the light. I need you to send your forces over to the structures to the southwest, I have already dispatched the dwarves and auxillia to the south."
"This place is not like the one explained in the vision."
"That does not matter. You are to gather as many slaves as you can and kill all the soldiers that attack you. We must clear a path for the second wave." Bodin internally cursed but went with the orders and called his men.
"Sir!", called a captain, "There are several savages that are causing problems for us."
"What do you mean?"
"They are hiding behind strange metal carts and it appears they have boomsticks much like the dwarves."
"Send a group of mages with dwarves and crush them."
"Right away sir!". With that, the captain left and Ylindar started setting up the stronghold and preparing the letter for the second wave.
Five mages along with a hundred dwarf warriors and shooters. The two dozen savages hid behind metal carts and fired at the orcs and swine that ran at them. The dwarves took aim and fired but they only killed a couple. The savages fired and the mages tried to create a force shield, but something was wrong. There was no energy in this world and magic didn't work.
"What's the problem?", asked a dwarf.
"I-I don't know. I can't-"
Before he could finish, he fell to the ground with a hole in his head. The dwarves started to fall as well. The warriors put up their shields, but the weapons of the savages tore through them. Eventually, enough orcs and swine pushed them and killed most while taking one prisoner.
Some time later
Noble self-service storage
Bodin never liked the empire or the emperor. They killed his grandfather just because they wanted freedom. But right now, he didn't have a choice. Denying a direct imperial order is a death sentence. He needed to make sure his kingdom, as well as the others, by doing their bidding and dirty work.
On his way to the strange structures, he encountered strange things. Metal carts that moved without horses and the wide roads made of flat stones, as well as soldiers with repeating boomsticks. For every one of them he lost dozens, but they couldn't hold on for long. Bodin gave explicate orders not to kill any retreating soldiers or innocent people. They won't become monstrous killers like the elves.
After a while, they reached the structures. Rows of identical buildings locked with metal doors. They opened them one by one and only found different pieces of furniture and sometimes jewelry.
"Take anything of value.", Bodin said, "We have taken enough people captive. After we are done here we will report to general Ylindar. Captain, take the captives back quickly. I fear the men we've faced are but a fraction of their army."
"Yes my lord.", the captain said and left with his troops in a hurry.
"Are you starting to doubt the visions, prince Bodin.", spoke a man next to him, "Because so far I am."
"Viscount Iaw.", replied Bodin, "I know what you mean. These people don't look like the savage barbarians the elves told us about. They look like us."
"While I do agree with you on that, you cannot deny the differences. These structures look so robust, and the roads are completely flat. The boomsticks, and the metal carts, clearly these people possess great magic and machines. I cannot imagine what would happen if the empire got its hands on them."
"Don't even say that. Let's just get these items back to-". His sentence was cut by a loud explosion that came from the other side of the structures. Bits and pieces of armor, weapons, and bodies fell on all sides. The men panicked as more explosions came from all sides.
"They have cannons!", yelled Bodin, "Scatter! Find the shooters!". After he gave his orders the soldiers ran to all sides, but they stopped shortly after noticing something in the air. Enemy wyverns? No. They looked different and were made of metal much like the carriages. Several of them filled the sky and inside were soldiers with aimed cannons who opened fire on the Rosians. The soldiers died by the hundreds and Bodin knew he was in danger.
"We have to get out of here!", yelled Iaw and hurried forward on his horse. Bodin and the others followed but they slowed down as they saw a roadblock of large and bulky metal carriages. Dozens of enemies came out of them and prepared their weapons.
"I shall clear a path for you!", said Iaw and charged at the enemy with his troops. Bodin attempted to stop him but to no avail. The enemies opened fire and Iaw was filled with holes along with his men. They didn't even get close before they were slaughtered. Paralyzed by fear, the remaining Rosian troops did the only sensible thing, they surrendered. Now they can only hope for the enemy to be merciful.
'This was supposed to be a slow day.", thought lieutenant Jefferson, 'What the hell did we get ourselves into.'
This was beyond strange. A portal opening up in Northeast park, fantasy, and medieval people coming out of it and attacking people? This wasn't what Mark signed up to fight. But he did sign up to defend the United States from any threat. This one counts.
As he rode in his helicopter he saw the other choppers literally slaughtering the 'enemy'. If you can call people with swords and bows riding on a horse a proper enemy. They were being killed in the thousands and only several hundred were left at the storage facilities.
"Lieutenant, are you ok?", asked a sergeant, "You spaced out."
"I'm fine Thomas. This is just beyond me. But I guess it's not our job to think about it.", he stood up and grabbed the rope, "We're going down!"
They lowered themselves from the helicopter and got into formation. They moved through the roads and shot every enemy that came after them. It wasn't hard, these 'knights' weren't much of a threat as long as they were out of range.
"Cavalry behind us!", yelled Thomas. The platoon got into a firing line and opened fire, cutting down the dozens of horses and 'men' riding them. As they continued forward they arrived at the JLTVs placed to block the enemy's advance.
"Lieutenant Mark Jefferson.", he said as he saluted.
"Sergeant Norman Cole. Sir, you're not gonna believe this."
"We are under attack by Lord of the rings characters in pink. Try me."
"Well, these people speak a different language, unsurprisingly. But when I introduced myself they spoke English."
This did surprise Mark. "English? Are you sure?"
"Yes. There's an accent definitely but it's unmistakable. And that guy with the cape and silver helmet? He's the leader. Prince Bodin of Alston."
After some pondering, Mark answered, "Load them up in the trucks. Separate the more important ones. I need to get in touch with the forces sent to Food lion."
"Yes, sir."
'This keeps getting weirder and weirder.', Mark thought.
Near Food lion
Zoya was not happy about this. Being forced to fight for these oppressors alongside animals. It was degrading. But she didn't have a choice. It was serve or die. Because of their animal features, lepians and feelians are sent first to scout the area and bring information. But what the others were doing was horrible.
All around she could see the feral orcs butchering people and raid homes, the swine, trolls, and ogres eating people alive, and the dwarves plundering treasures and taking weapons. It was disgusting. The forces did suffer casualties. These people were armed with weapons more powerful than even the dwarves had. The feral beast suffered the most. Even the trolls and ogress fell to being shot enough times. But eventually, they had to run away.
Plunging her dagger into a blue-clothed soldier's back, Zoya let out a tired sigh. "How much longer?", she asked herself.
"As long as it takes.", said a woman behind her.
"Bora. I thought you were killed."
"I was almost. But I lost many of my own. These weapons are deadly. If we dodge one shot ten more appear."
"What's taking you so long, rabbit?", asked the dwarven general Dalmin in a disrespectful attitude, "I thought you lepians were supposed to be expert scouts."
"Don't talk down at us, dwarf.", said Bora.
"Shut it cat! Or I'll grind you into meat and feed you to my hog.", Bora hissed at that, "Now, get going. It won't be long before Bardek arrives and I intend to have more fun.". With that he rode off, leaving Zoya and Bora.
"I'm going to kill him one day.", said Bora.
Zoya looked behind her and saw a group of children running away from a swine and a feral orc. They went inside what looked like a large market. Zoya ran after them and Bora quickly followed. They reached the mark and when they entered it they saw the women and children cowering in a corner as the swine and orc closed in. Zoya rushed at the orc and slit its throat then quickly spun around and kicked the swine, knocking it to the ground. Without wasting time she plunged her dagger into its heart. She walked over to the children and gestured for them to calm down.
"What was that?", Bora asked.
"I'm not letting let innocent people get butchered and eaten by monsters."
"But if the elves find out-"
"They won't. We can-", she stopped midway after her ears twitched. Looking out the window she saw and hear explosions. That must be this world's army. Dalmin rode on his hog to lead a charge against their metal carriages but was cut down by the enemy's weapons.
Zoya and Bora were scared. Their people were dying and soon they will follow. But just then, a little girl walked to her side and pulled her hand. "Don't worry.", she spoke in the imperial tongue, which surprised Zoya, "We'll tell them you saved us."
"This is pretty insane isn't it sir?", asked a soldier.
"It sure is Paterson.", said the sergeant, "Let's just kill everything that can't talk first and worry about the rest later."
"Rodger.". They exited the Bradley and got to work, opening fire on what looked like dwarves and orcs. The Bradley itself focused on the larger targets while the soldiers moved in. House by house and street by street they moved in. The dwarves fired their musket-like weapons but they only managed to land a few lucky shots. The new M16A5 assault rifle with 6.8mm bullets tore through their armor and shields.
An ogre started charging from the back lines, swinging his large stone on a chain. "Paterson! Fire your grenade launcher!", ordered the sergeant. Paterson fired and upon impact the grenade exploded, leaving a gaping hole in the ogre's chest and bursting its organs all around. The battle continued and the stubborn dwarves fought as well as the ugly monsters. The only ones that surrendered were the animalistic 'people'.
As the soldiers progressed they saw horrid things. People were being eaten and ripped apart by the monsters as they screamed and begged for their lives. Homes burned and vehicles crushed. This won't go unanswered. "Kill them all!", yelled the sergeant, and the soldiers happily obliged.
With rifles, grenades, and machine guns they slaughtered the monsters. Trolls and ogres were blown to pieces, orcs, and swine riddled with holes like Swiss cheese. Even the stubborn dwarves were shown little mercy. The sergeant continued with his men to Food lion where he spotted two animal-like people, one looked like a cat and the other like a bunny, with over a dozen children.
They entered and pointed their guns at them immediately, but the children stood in front of them. "Don't shoot them.", said a boy.
"What?", asked the sergeant.
"They saved us from the monsters.", said a girl pointing to the dead orc and pig.
After some delay, the sergeant spoke, "Lower your weapons.". He walked to the two women. "I am gunnery-sergeant Jeff Miller. Who are you?"
"I am Zoya and this is Bora.", answered the rabbit woman, "We are the slave auxiliary of the empire of light."
Confused, Jeff asked, "The what?"
Before she could answer, Paterson walked over to Miller, "Sir, I have a message from lieutenant Mark Jefferson. He asks about a report and if we're ready to join them in the attack on Northeast park."
Jeff looked at the two women before turning to his men, "Paterson, tell the lieutenant that we'll join them soon. Johnson, and Shane, take these two into custody. I'll question them more when I get back."
"Where are you going?", asked Bora suddenly.
Jeff turned to her slowly and answered, "We're gonna end this."
End of chapter 2
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