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Hayley Williams

2010.07.28 21:30 Hayley Williams

Hayley Nichole Williams (born December 27, 1988) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and businesswoman who is best known as the lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and keyboardist of the rock band Paramore. She has also released two solo albums and owns the hair-dye company Good Dye Young.

2009.03.07 21:15 webdoodle Buck up! Only three months of winter left to go!

Montana is the 4th largest state by land area. It was the 41st state included in the United States on November 8, 1889. Montana's population is ranked 43rd in the U.S., with an estimated population of 1,104,000 ornery cusses. This is a place for sharing our passion for this beautiful place. If you have questions regarding moving to Montana, please direct them to the sticky at the top. If you're looking for road conditions, check https://www.511mt.net/

2013.09.16 14:59 FinbarMac Best of Britain

Find out what to see, when to go and how to get there! A place to share the best of British sightseeing, attractions and holidays.

2023.06.09 23:09 Alzerkaran Following my previous publications on NHS Ucronia, now comes the History of Mu and its Continent.

The Techno-Federation of Mu is a Technocratic Federal State whose transformation is somewhat early, but its birth and emergence as a Nation-State comes from antiquity, more specifically 10,000 years ago, which if we can place it in Earth time would be in the 8,000 BC...
Mu's origin did not originate from this world... Not the one he came to either... If he did not come from one of the many alternate Realities of Planet Earth... His World... Terra in the Muan Language was a World almost equal to Earth... Almost, since in that World there were several very powerful and important Civilizations that in our world are only legends...
The First and Known by the Western World was "Atlantis" is a Civilization and Empire that arose in an Archipelago of large Islands near North Africa, more exactly 100 kilometers from the Moroccan Atlas... That Civilization had wide influence and colonies throughout North Africa and the Western Mediterranean...
The second best known and most powerful Civilization was Mu, the Pacific Continent a continent of about 40% Africa in the middle of the Pacific Osean... It was an Atlantis-like Empire that spanned the length of the Pacific Ocean colonizing multiple islands and touching each Continent, having colonies in Melanesia, Polynesia, Micronesia which at that time were a chain of larger islands and touching the Australian Continent of Zealand, which in the latter had a Civilization Similar to that of Mu, the Mauri...
The Third Civilization and the third most powerful in the world was Lemuria, formed in a Chain of Archipelagos and a small continent in a triangular formation that came to have the entire area of ​​the Indian Ocean under its power...
And of course, there were other Civilizations in that World, such as Shangrila in what is now China, Civilization that agglomerated the peoples of Corea and Tíbet, and Yamuto (A Population Group that wanted to break away from Shangrila) which is now Japan, a civilization that originated after arming itself with Muan Weapons to corner the Ainus Settlers of the Islands where they lived. settled, this move on his part cost him the reputation of having Mu as his only ally due to his distrust and contempt for the rest of East Asia...
In the Américas (Specifically in the South) was the Civilization Whose City made of Gold extended its name and wealth to the rest of what would be Latin America, while in North America a Confederation of Tribes from East to West would be born...
Besides of course, the Finnish Proto-State, which had all the information on the Scandinavian Peninsula under its Control and part of Northern Russia and Europe...
Everything was going well... Until the Korean part of Shangrila separated giving the Jō-an Empire, which quickly seized much of Central Asia and Siberia rivaling Proto-Finland, which led to clashes that ended in a War that was made a Hyper-war that was only made that the rest of the World will go to war itself, Atlanteans against the Gold Civilization of South America, Lemurians against Shangrila, Muans being neutral but due to the impertinence of Yamuto that he entered at war with Jōam led Mu to a war that was leaving him ending little by little...
And so it was until Mu one day was suddenly transported from his World to another, his disappearance gave rise to many unknowns in his previous world, but in the next, World faced an Apocalyptic panorama...
-Taken from the writings made by the scribes of Mu in regard to their history-
"Cloudy Skies... Cold Weather... And, many, many refugees who, desperate for help, arrived on the Mu Continent where they were welcomed... All, in their language, claimed to be survivors of what was the Longest Day in History of his World"
"Where the Floating Cities fell precipitously from the sky to the bottom of the sea... Where all the Lights of the Cities were turned off forever, and their technology only went out to never be turned on again"
"When the remains of the Machines they created arrived from Space... Where, after the worst had happened, huge Balls of Fire fell that set the World on fire... And one that, despite impacting on the other side of it, made its impact felt by thousands of kilometers of distance"
"All this as a result of a Civil War between their benefactors from another world, a civil war between a Racist and Supremacist Group of theirs against which they helped their World to prospero"
"That Civil War made the Use of all the Weapons of its Benefactors against themselves and they erasing islands and deforming continents, turning fertile forests into wastelands, turning deserts into glass, exterminating living beings with invisible weapons, and Disintegrating Cities into a blinding flash of Light"
"And even though their 'Vehicles' were nearly indestructible, in a fight between equals it only prolonged the battles and left death and destruction, the flying Ships they deployed smaller consequently fell to the ground and into the burning sea, their Sea Ships fared the same, and the Submarines never knew what happened to them"
"And their Land Vehicles... Or disintegrated by their own weapons... Or torn to pieces until we recognize... Their small arms scrapped... Their Imaging Mirrors extinguished forever... And their Humanoids of Metal and from other unrecognizable materials"
"And no one knows how to handle their technology... And all their knowledge was lost in the devastated Cities"
"And his Biological creations while some lasted others in time fell by themselves"
"Only the Animal Humans, the Reptiles, the Felines, the Canines managed to survive since these were of equal intelligence to the other Humans and the Long-eared Humans"
"There was a race of Sea People whose Tails replaced their legs, when the Ravernal arrived they helped this people to be terrestrial using their technology, giving them legs and the ability to breathe on land, even so they retained the iconic tails of this people, giving it an improvement like the fins of a Shark, these oceanic people like others of the Semi-Human Races were one of the best examples of the technology of the Ravernal "
(Technically similar to what would be the Dragonborn of GATE only being based on Jaws)
"The same was done with the Reptilian and Dragon People, the Dragon being a huge improvement over what they were previously."
(Technically like the Dragonborn from GATE)
"All these genetically modified peoples along with normal humanoids and others had to survive what came next."
"This was the Story that the Muans were told when they arrived, and it was the only thing they knew about the Empire that ruled that World and was betrayed by its own Inhabitants, at least a part of them, it was only known that in the end what What was left of that Empire went somewhere"
"Thousands of years passed, many things happened, the Civilizations re-emerged, Mu spent a large part of that History helping the rest of that world by giving knowledge and technology to the Survivors of that World called by them "Eliysium" it was not until later when the Mu suffered a Fragmentation in their Empire, either by descendants of those refugees who came to them, or only by very powerful Muan governors, from there they founded their own nation states dividing the Mu Continent, and falling under the influence of others and the belief that the strange energy of that world was superior to Science... That Energy was called "Magic" after all"
"It was not until the 1500s when after the independence of an important colony from the Milishial Rivals that the era of innovations and the lights of science and technology arrived"
"From Rudimentary Hydraulic Technology, to Steam, from steam to Internal Combustion Engines, and from them to Electric Power"
"Multiple means of transportation arose... Steamships (Steam-Propelled Ships first with "Shovels" and then with Propellers) Trains (First using Coal, then Fuel derived from Petroleum such as Diesel, and now with electric motors most powerful together with metallic or synthetic Light materials, electric trains) both terrestrial and underground, Autocars or Automobiles, and the most important and great achievement of Science, the power to Fly, first Aircraft such as Hot Air Balloons, then Airships using Light gases like Helium or Hydrogen (Although Helium is always used) and later, Aircraft, first with a propeller, then a Turboprop and now a Turbine, the human Ingenuity has no limits for science"
"So many achievements given by the Scientific Civilization of Mu made the world welcome all their inventions and knowledge with open arms, and the Nations of the so-called Second Civilized Area little by little rejoined Mu as entities of the New Organization. Supranational of this and Leifor, the Techno-Union, The previous Kingdoms are now Republics Technocratism of all kinds of names, even the one that was the Magikareich Community (Which alluded to magic in its name) became a Techno-State"
"Even so, this growing Union of States did not stop the inevitable conflict between Mu and Milishial, a Great War that marked a before and after in the belief in the Supremacy of Magic in the world, now eclipsed by Technology"
"And all this is thanks to the Rebellion made by the Ancient Milishial Colony of Vestal, now called "Vanguardist Republic of Vestale" or "Avant-Garde Republic of Vestale" Of ideology similar to the Technocratic one called Accelerationism"
"This is just the beginning of the Age of Technology Primacy in the World"
"And the Great War of the early 1600s which demonstrated Machine Power and World industrialization at that time, the World was not the same again, the age of Science proved its prevalence over Magic, the Milishial will not give up on Show otherwise, even if they end the World in another War in the process"
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2023.06.09 23:09 c-digs Just got back from a 3 day sleep-away outdoor-ed trip as a parent chaperone...

You want to know the worst part of the trip?
It wasn't the kids being loud. It wasn't the kids not following directions. It wasn't the kids who didn't want to sleep after lights out.
It was the other adult parent chaperones!
In general, the parent chaperones on the trip were far more concerned with their own kids rather than owning the responsibility that they had for the other 10 kids that were entrusted to their care by other parents. I treated every kid I dealt with like my own the same way I'd want another parent to treat my child. And aside form occasionally saying "Hi", I completely left here alone.
Don't be these parents. If you go on any kind of activity where other parents are entrusting their child to your care, treat their kids like your own and treat them the way you'd want them to treat your kid.
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2023.06.09 23:09 Leuk_geweest I’m leaving Belgium due to racism/discrimination

Please note:
** I’m not generalising and I’m talking only about my own experience ** I know many nice Belgians that are very good and open minded people
I’m a 27M originally from north africa and I moved to Antwerp 4 years ago to work, now I’m studying cyber security, during my stay I learned fluent Dutch and I met my Flemish girlfriend as well, I was very positive about this place and I did all my best to integrate hoping that I will make of this city my home, but things went differently and I experienced a lot of difficulties.
-people here are claiming to be open minded but I found out it’s the opposite, the mentality here is very closed and limited.
I’m not gonna say that all Flemish people are bad but I have to admit that living in Belgium is one of the worst experiences I had in my life due to the stereo-typical closed minded thinking therefore I decided to leave this country as soon as I finish my degree.
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2023.06.09 23:09 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ Alex Cattoni – Posse Eye Brand Voice Challenge Program ✔️ Full Course Download

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In this video masterclass with Anita, she’ll take you through her proprietary process and powerful questions to ask for a stellar creative brief and reveal the 5 biggest takeaways when it comes to building (and writing for) a soul-aligned brand.
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2023.06.09 23:09 001A002B No contact, I hurt. I am sure she is not wanting to be with me anymore.

I'm (48M) a mess, 2/3 weeks out from having ice cream bought for me, then dumped. We've known each other about a year, but she was fun.
First mistake was saying I think I love her, like 6 months into the relationship. Fuck, I don't know if I've said it first before, but she is so different than anyone else. I likely was infatuated by her outgoingness and cuddly nature.
Second mistake, I went on holidays with friends without her. I made a promise to them, and wanted to keep it. I talked about bringing her, but the group said no, and we had all the tickets and rooms figured. I was in a room with a female friend, and I do not cheat, so nothing happened. I think my former SO knew and trusted, but the SO had been cheated on as well as I in the past. That stuff doesn't go away easily.
The final mistake (so far), was I know I messed up when I went to her house to give her a hug that I felt she needed from a family situation. I went to her place, knocked on the door, no answer, so I opened the door and said her name a couple times, but she didn't hear me immediately, and me standing in her back entrance freaked her out. I apologized, she stated she accepted. Then she told me she hadn't slept in a week after, that she felt violated.
Then the ice cream dumping, she brought up the violated feeling again, asked what my future was, then basically said she does not have time to be a girl friend with everything going on.
I'm forcing no contact as best I can. I have messaged twice in the last couple weeks, I am concerned of her family and friends who are going through a lot of health shit. However, I know I need way more time to not be hurt. I also have stuff of hers that I have packed and am ready for her, and I want a couple of my things back.
I am doing my best to leave it be. Get some air, good food and exercise. But I am anxious and need to vent whatever way I can. Thankfully I have some friends I can talk to, but I always feel like I deal with all my stuff on my own. Old, bad habits die hard.
Happy friday!
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2023.06.09 23:09 AdhesiveHagfish Blackbeard knows about Im / Mary Geoise’s national treasure

This is a really wild theory with very little going for it, but here it is anyway. Blackbeard stated in chapter 1080 that he wants to make Hachinosu a World Government member state. Knowing his history as a Shichibukai, it’s obvious that he’s just trying to abuse the position for his own benefit in some way. The main privilege he’d get from World Government recognition would be the right to attend the Reverie and admittance to Mary Geoise, so it's obvious he wants something that's there. This could either be Im, the “national treasure” that Doflamingo also knows about, or potential spoiler for 1086. Worth noting in the case of the second option is that combining the national treasure and the Ope-Ope no mi can supposedly allow one to obtain true world power. Is it then a coincidence that Blackbeard, who is known for stealing fruit powers, went after Law?
This scheme to become an official king does seem a little ridiculous for someone as calculating as Teach, but it's possible that he has some information to blackmail the government with, such as the existence of Im or the national trasure, in the same vein as Doflamingo. We know Lafitte was able to sneak his way into Pangaea castle totally undetected before the timeskip, so might he have found out something while there?
There's also the fact that Teach was one of the pictures Im was cutting up in the flower room. Could this be because Im considers him a uniquely great threat for what he knows?
If we want to get really crazy, there's also his connection with Shanks. It's been suggested Shanks is a member of the Figarland family, which is likely a family of Celestial Dragons. Shanks personally spoke to the Gorosei about a "certain pirate" who we can be all but certain was Blackbeard during the Reverie. Could Shanks be concerned because of a connection he has with the Celestial Dragons? If so, it must be because of something that's pertinent to them, such as Mary Geoise's great secrets.
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2023.06.09 23:08 Upbeat-Grab-43 Shopify Store Link

I am a new drop shipper and looking for someone who can help me improve my shopify site and product selection. I started the site two months back and have good sessions but no conversions yet. I did product research on my own, now I feel I should seek help. Please contact me if you are someone who has helped drop shippers improve their site and have proven experience.
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2023.06.09 23:08 Roseartcrantz Things I’ve tried to learn in my time as a Standardized Patient

I never thought I would find my dream field. I got diagnosed with a kidney autoimmune disorder so severe that I was diagnosed and on treatment within a month. Full-time work was out of the question, and I wasn’t good at it anyway. I was able to scrape by as an actor, networking, getting gigs here and there, using the public speaking skills to advocate for chronic illnesses with lawmakers. Every insurance switch meant finding new doctors and trying to suss out the competent ones from the not so competent ones, always conscious that they know more than I do, and trying to balance learning about my health without “well I DID MY OWN RESEARCH!ing.
Becoming a standardized patient seemed like the perfect job. Part-time, putting my awesome short term memorization skills to use, and it was a chance to be acting, but without the drama of actual productions. I could be real people doing routine things.
SPs come in a few general categories, retired folks, parents looking for some flexible income, and actors. I spent time reading about the medical school experience and how students feel about SPs, the good, the bad, the annoying.
dId nOt sHoW EmPAThY WhEn i (79) SaID tHaT My fAtHeR HaD DiEd 20 YeArs AgO
dId nOt aSk aBoUt mY HoBBIes DuRiNg sOCIaL HiStORY
HaD A VoIcE ThAt i fOuNd aNnOyInG AnD HaNdS WeRe cOlD.
I decided that to be a good SP, I needed to do a few things:
  1. Understand how medical school even works. (Don’t judge me, shit’s complicated!) What you focus on each year, how a rotation doesn’t necessarily mean that’s your passion, what percentage of your time is simulation and the insane amount of other lectures, tests, and work you do. And the pressure. I’m just a small part of your super busy schedule, I get that.
  2. Understanding what kind of encounter is scheduled, and tailoring to it. If you’re learning some new clinical skills, no case, orientations, etc. I smile at you, give you the fake name I made for myself when not assigned, and tell you that I’m here for you to practice on, and that you’re not gonna hurt me. (This works really well for pelvic exams, weirdly enough. A reassured student is usually better with a speculum than a nervous one.) If you’re percussing for my liver, do it till you find it! I will admit I do have to grit my teeth with blood pressure cuffs sometimes, but I blame the design.
  3. If it is a case, I put a ton of effort into looking the part, but not cartoonish. I act my ass off. Slight accents, different slang, I can be teen or I can be 45 or anything in between. (Although I probably look like a CW “teen” lmao.) I can cry on cue. Maybe just slight eye watering, all the way to sobbing (except my nose runs like a fountain, gross.) I’m not saying this to be like bragging or whatever, I just really want it to feel real. For dark stuff, like being suicidal or child abuse, things like that, I put myself in that place mentally. I picture how and why I did whatever I did. I justify it, and then the appointment is the consequences and I react to those.
  4. I can do this because I also can straight up let it go at the drop of a hat. Even between rounds. Some actors really struggle with that, but I don’t. It’s not skill, it’s luck.
  5. I’m honestly pretty generous with my evaluations, not that I lie or excuse things that should be dinged, I’m not a huge part of a grade usually and I’m still honest. But when I write comments, I tend avoid criticisms about things that don’t actually matter. I don’t care if a student spends a lot of time taking notes if I can tell they’re at a place where they need to, I don’t mind a little awkwardness (obviously there’s a limit but few reach it) and as much as I hate when they’re overly sympathetic about information I give them, I know it’s how they’re taught, that other SPs might ding them if they aren’t, and that eventually they’ll find their groove. You have to learn the rules by the book and then when you get your practice you kind of have more leeway.
I just want you all to know that I’m honestly so proud of you all and respect what you guys go through and why you’re doing it. I appreciate being able to see what you guys really think, and when SPs help and when they don’t, and I really hope that I stay in the simulation field and can make a difference for the people who are training to make a difference too.
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2023.06.09 23:08 Throwaway91847817 A minor redesign for Bo! Which colour is your favourite?

To give Bo a more distinct outfit style, I decided to give her jeans, as most of my principal OCs wear some style of dress or skirt (besides Florence who wears jumpsuits). A couple of colour opinions, which do you think works best?
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2023.06.09 23:08 Suspicious-Ad2278 I wish I would’ve waited to be involved in bfs life with his kid.

I wish I would’ve waited. There is literally no benefit from being a step parent. I met his daughter when she was 4 months and she’s almost 2 now and fudgeeeee I wish I wouldn’t of gotten involved as much as I did. Maybe put up boundaries.
I love babies and had went through a miscarriage before I met him and just being around kids brought me so much joy. I love every child I come into contact with and they love me but this one was different. She was such a cute baby but she just screamed all the time and at first, I thought he’d work on it but then she started walking and getting into more stuff and he just didn’t parent at all. So she went from a cute little 4 month old who slightly annoyed me with the obnoxious screaming to screaming even more now and harming other kids/adults. Her behavior is so much worse and I’m just so shocked. I can do about 40 minutes of playing with her and then I have to stay in my room or leave the house because she’s screaming, biting, attacking u because she doesn’t get her way, hitting her cousin in the face with hard toys, throwing her electric tablets on the ground and etc. I can’t handle that because that’s not the way I’d parent and seeing kids not be parented really doesn’t sit well with me.
Anyways I started out helping my boyfriend pick up his daughter every weekend because I felt bad that he crashed his car and if I could do it, I’d offer. I also offered because my car was in shape, she was tolerable, and she didn’t do shit like destroy my back seat by purposely spilling her sippy cup over at that time. So now I’m always looked at as the drop off/pick up person and I’m not the person who created that baby nor is her transportation my responsibility at all. He doesn’t drive and neither does his bm right now so they always look at me for pick ups and don’t EVEN ASK FIRST. I should be there to help not be the first person they assume will take care of everything.
I told him the other day I’m leaving to DoorDash and he got mad at me for leaving while his daughter was there. But I can’t handle the screaming seriously. It causes panic attacks and my breathing gets really weird when kids/people are screaming idk why. He also proceeds to tell me after I pick him up from work that he has to pick his daughter up and I said I assume I’m also dropping her back off and he said nothing. This was the second time he’s told his bm he can pick her up in my car but hasn’t told me. My car is in shambles right now and only I fix it so I don’t want his child in there, when it’s not a need. That extra wear and tear on my car is not something that’s for me or offered by me so I shouldn’t have to do it.
Anyways we dropped her off back at home and on the way back my car shut off. And I had to wait 2 hours before my insurance could send someone to help. If I didn’t have to take her back, my car would be at home with less miles. I was so upset because now I’m sitting in a gas station lot waiting for assistance because I had to take ur child home. Then when shit happens to my car his bm and him don’t fix it so why am I doing all this shit?
He asked me to leave a night out with my girls a while back because his daughter needed milk to go to sleep. It was 9:00 and he wanted ME to stop my fun, go to the store, grab milk with my money, and go home for a baby I had no parts in making.
He expects too much and I am wanting to set boundaries but I know when it comes it to his daughter he thinks everything is an attack. I wish I never offered so he could figure things out on his own and not depend on me so much. I feel like I should’ve birthed his daughter with all the work I do
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2023.06.09 23:08 JoeGiveMeBaggage Do you publicly celebrate your sobriety?

I’m curious to do a poll on how many people quietly quit, never talk about it and have clever answers up their sleeves for when someone asks why they don’t drink, vs. how many people do things like post milestones on Facebook, Instagram etc and share thoughts about their journey.
I’m currently going through my alcohol free journey and am battling with this. As a writer, it’s strange for me to not want to express myself, but I also have career considerations. While I haven’t been my best self and want to show I’ve made changes, I’m not ready to own terms like “alcoholic” and “recovery”. So if I were to share, I would probably tie being alcohol free to another accomplishment like running a race.
Part of my reluctance is that I have a couple negative/competitive people in my life who have been critical of how much I drank/partied, and not in a concerned way. I’ve been made fun of for being the high functioning party girl. I hate the idea of them sitting there saying “ha, we were right about her - she can’t drink like the rest of us.”
My other thought is I could show I’ve made life changes while saying nothing about alcohol - run that race, look great, be more productive overall.
Then again, I have other friends who quit and talk about how important it is to share and talk to or be an inspiration to others.
Lots of thoughts here but just opening up the discussion… what are your views on publicly sharing versus staying private about your journey? I know it’s a personal choice, I’m just curious to hear your thoughts on yours!
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2023.06.09 23:08 Worth_Action_42 Surprised Koala

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2023.06.09 23:08 mammymanny I have become cold towards my partner over time & i don’t even know if i shall hang in there when i feel hurt & invaded

F/25 i am in a long distance relationship. We meet every two to three months two- three times. I had a loving relationship but a few things happened for ex- He invaded my privacy when i was out with a bunch of friends. He logged in my gmail & took out contact of a random person(one of my friends) he didn’t know with whom i was out & called him to talk to me because he couldn’t reach to me & told that he was worried about my whereabout when i clearly told him i am on a hiking trip & there might be network issue & i informed all my family members & no one was worried a bit it was 11 am in the morning.
Whenever i go out he had shown his disapproval of me hanging out with male friends which i respected & didnt see my friends or anyone else -male/female because whatever time i had got he wanted me to spend only with him because we already get less time to meet
I liked spending time & i didnt really had any problem until it started burning me out & kind of started having a problem
I wanted a comfortable space where we can do our tasks & come back to each other at night instead of me doing all my task hanged on a video call ( i am not saying i am right i am just venting out because i have kept it all bottled up & now i cannot anymore)
I am very uncommunicative because of some past events in my childhood it has made me very uncommunicative . In the beginning we used to have alot of fights & we used to fight with each other & for each other & i am sure every relationship hits the point where you feel this tired . Or maybe its me
I also have anger issues if i am angry i will go mad & when we used to fight i used to completely shut him off & he needed instant communication which made me even angrier. & when i used to shut myself out & become rude to him because i didnt wnat to see him , i would become stone cold & block him dor some time so i can have peace, he used to cry & get anxious with this & every little fight because he had never dealt with that & i have seen so many fights it is very normal for me & even if he genuinely needs help i am unable to help him because i m overshadowed by anger & most importantly i am far, i wanted myself to be left alone & it used to break me that when i am angry & need support i am the one who had to forget & invalidate my anger & be with him because i can deal with me being angry because i have done that my whole life & i had to pacify him because he is crying there . This used to irritate & irk me even when i am being there for him . Even if he is genuinely in problm it always invalidated mine bwcause i cant be communicative & i will completely shove everything under the carpet & let the moment pass .this happened for about 9 months & i was so done trying to fix the mess of a relationship or a perosn i am
I had asked him to go visit a therapist for his anxiousness & depression- he did one session & never tried & his argument was that i am the partner i should help him heal I understand that but i am not a professional who can deal with it .
I told him that i have this problem that to every argument ends up in him being anxious & crying & everything goes downhill drom there so he stopped crying in front of me , now he cries behind me & that is the worst , what kind of person does it make me I am hurting so much i sound like a narcissist i read online i really do have traits of a narcissist. But i cant help keeping myself the priority i will get angry & blame everyone else .
I wanted this person the most at one point & when i got it - its not how i imagined i wanted a stable relationship but its not ,because of how i am build , i cant even change myself . I have done the same thing in my past relationship i will like someone & when i have that relationship i will always find something to throw it. I understand we need to put a few things behind us in order to build a relationship but i just cant .m function like a normal person, i always try to get rid because i will not feel the way i used to feel i dont know how people stay in love for years when i cant do it after a certain time & i bail . I remember being head over heels with this person but everything annoys me now , even to the extent where i dont care & i will be rude & disrespectful. (& i wonder if this is the case how will i find a lifelong partner for me )& he is willing to take that disrespect because he wants to keep me & this relationship. He wants nothing in return he just wants this relationship to be anchored even if there is no give & take .
My whole life i had been shelled by my parents , i had never gotten the opportunity to live on my own . I went on a work trip & i only have one male friend .we used to hang out (who knows i have a partner & he is also not single) which made my boyfriend insecure & made the days which were supposed to be my golden days of freedom to be miserable because he wanted me to spend his time with me sitting in a room on phone call which we always do . It really made me feel pathetic . There are more such incidents taht left me cold & sour hearted bit this is all in a nutshell i am glad i wrote it down because i never got a chance to address my feelings even to myself.
I have been so cold towards him i can not realise what is it & i want a break i dont know what should i do . I dont want to discuss thsi personal matter with close ones thats why i am posting it here hoping to get some clarity
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2023.06.09 23:07 Alice_Sterling Egg donations

The thought popped up in my mind again amidst the slew of ads I get about how much you could(in theory) get from selling your eggs. While the money would be nice, I would never be comfortable with the idea of having mine used, after all, biologically that child is half mine and half some random husband's. Even if in theory I donated, I still would consider myself childfree as I would have nothing to do with its care or raising. Also, I personally find in vitro or similar methods selfish, why spend all of that money, especially when it might not work, just so you can proclaim you've got a cum pet of your own? Why not save that money, and maybe adopt one of the thousands of children already begging for homes? Yeah, yeah, there's a lot of nuance with in vitro and similar methods and the many reasons ppl use them, but in general the point still stands. I'm curious what those on here with technically viable eggs think about this subject. It's probably crossed your mind at some point, maybe someone has even approached you about it personally, or you've gotten some inane bingo about how your eggs are going to waste or similar bs. Or maybe you've been asked to be a surrogate or similar situation. Feel free to rant about it here, I'm curious about others opinions on either side. I'm a long time lurker on this sub but I'm not overly chatty about being childfree so I don't post as much. I do vote a lot though and throw out random cheap awards. Would you consider donating? What price, if any, would be good enough for you? How would you feel about the idea of a kid out there being half you? Would you donate knowing that, but also knowing you wouldn't have to care for said child? This sub has been really great for me to cement that I am 100% child free, so I'm throwing this out there. I don't have a whole lot of friends irl who are biologically female and also childfree that I'm super close to, so anonymity of the internet to the rescue.
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2023.06.09 23:07 Baileycream Christians: What do you like most about atheists or non-religious folks? Atheists: Vice versa?

I see a lot of posts on here trying to evangelize with the sole purpose of conversion, and many comments are downright hateful and mean-spirited towards others (or very factually incorrect, lacking research or understanding). Likewise, I see many posts or comments on atheism that are equally as hateful and mean-spirited, and while most of them are factually correct, they are still often extremely prejudiced against religious folks. What I'm trying to say here is that there's a lot of hate on both sides, instead of love.
It saddens me to see people hurt by personal attacks, especially by narcissists who believe their flavor of religion or beliefs is the only one that's true and that others must be forced to follow them at all costs.
So I want to make a post to bring us together for a positive discussion celebrating what we like about each other. And no snarky or sarcastic comments - I want this to be honest and hopeful. If you can't think of anything nice to say, then don't comment.
I will start: I love those who call out hypocrisy they see with religious folks and really force us to examine and challenge our own conscience and beliefs. And those who remain respectful and open-minded when having debates, who find commonalities instead of attacking the differences, and accept that you probably aren't going to change the other person's mind (not on Reddit, at least).
I think it's important to look at your own worldview and beliefs from different perspectives, and to be willing to change if you no longer agree with your own beliefs, so I love and appreciate those who are able to offer me those different perspectives that help me learn and grow in knowledge and understanding.
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2023.06.09 23:07 DamagedFreight Husbands: How much are we expected to endure? How do we cope without curling up into a ball? I need to function in life.

During the good-times we've been very frank with each other and we both know what's going on as best we can without a medical degree. I understand it's a medical condition and I understand that her outbursts and social problems with her friends and family and crying and throwing stuff (even at me) is not her but a symptom. I understand. I really do.
How much do I have to endure? At what point does she have to take responsibility for her actions and words? How much do i have to tread on eggshells and avoid any confrontation or holding her to account for anything she says or does? Like seriously. How much can a person endure before they just realize it's affecting their own mental health so much that they are literally, although only a little, urinating in their pants out of nervousness like they are a 7 year old boy. I'm afraid of her when she's like this. I'm afraid of what she's going to do or say. Our kids are older now and they understand it's medical but it's severely affecting them too. I'm not an outwardly emotional person. I can usually keep it together but sometimes I just can't.
There has to be some measure of how much other people have to endure here.
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2023.06.09 23:07 Signal_Procedure4607 Partner told me I’m an extension of him

My partner and I are in our mid 30s and both similar in our careers. We don’t live together and have been dating only for 6 mos but so far I’ve seen that he is a completely different person when he’s angry, almost like night and day. Not a lot of things get him mad, but it does happen and he will say the worst things.
Last night I was drunk and casually said I would rate him a 7.5 (in my eyes that is high) I told him I rate myself 4 but this whole rating thing is stupid cause beauty is subjective and beauty is always changing.
He hung up on me and didn’t speak to me for over 12 hrs. Then he said we will breakup cause he said I view him as ugly.
I told him he’s the most handsome man I’ve ever seen and that I think Brad Pitt was actually a 7.5-8 in his heyday. For some reason he really won’t buy it and got angrier as I tried to say sorry and explain myself.
My female best friend said I should’ve said 10 because it’s his bday anyway. I just didn’t want to say that he’s a 10 cause it seems like I’m brown nosing. I don’t know anyone who I can see as a 10.
Right now I’m very hurt cause my partner isn’t happy with me and doesn’t want to see me on his bday.
I just feel all bad inside. But I have to be strong
He also said he’s embarsssed to take me out with him because I don’t ever speak up. I’ve only met his friends less than 5 times and the ones I’ve met a lot more frequently , I always talk to. Just the ones I haven’t met I’m still shy about.
He said he was embarrassed cause he views me as an extension of himself and I was acting all timid around him.
I don’t know what to do anymore. I told him I will speak up more. He still seems to be really disinterested with me at this point.
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2023.06.09 23:07 Josh-f-1 Tips for a new manager

Hey guys, recently bagged myself (23M) my first management job in events at a very nice 5* hotel, feeling somewhat nervous about starting and trying to not seem too clueless to begin with; any and all tips from people who have had similar experiences greatly appreciated!
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2023.06.09 23:07 tehjohnrocker [Static][LFM][MC][Savage][Ultimate] Looking for Non-DRG or RPR Melee.

Social mid-core group who clears savages and will be doing ultimates in the future. :) Relatively new static who gets along well. We focus when it is required in fights to either hear callouts or have silence, but we enjoy our own goofy moments during breaks and reclears! We're LGBTQ+ and Streamer friendly.
Currently roster is WAR, PLD/GNB, SCH/SGE, AST, DRG/RPR, DNC, SMN. Looking for Non-DRG/RPR Melee DPS with Savage Raid experience (please provide FF Logs).
Contact: axoketl#5972 on Discord or tehjohnrocker via Reddit DM if you want to know more! We are open to run trials with people. You can also apply via XIV Recruit.
Times: Thurs: 11:30 PM - 1:30 AM EST Fri/Sat: 10:30 PM - 1:30 AM EST
<3 Group Rules:
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2023.06.09 23:06 Pure-Ad-2967 Soft American? or an actual problem? Rant!!

This is my first work away, here in europe. I have two work aways planned and the second one I am very excited for. The host reaches out to me often and the work feels very close to my natural skill set so I am not worried about that one. But the second one doesn't begin until late June and I thought it might be interesting to work on a farm on the countryside for the first 3 weeks. I was very clear with the host that this would be a new experience for me and that I am willing to help but I have never done anything like this before and would need help. She was said this was no problem at all and that many people in my situation do the same thing with no problem.
When I got there I was greeted with one other work-awayer (There was supposed to be 2). The workawayer still there explained that after work his second day he packed his bags and walked the 2 hours into town and left. That was a bit concerning to hear but I didn't think to much about it. The workwayer went on to explain that the host is older and is very impatient and her husband doesn't speak any english. She explain that this was her 5th day and that on the 3rd day she had to tell the host to "fuck off" and told her that she was extremely rude and she didn't feel welcomed and would be leaving because clearly she wasn't wanted there. The host than took her for coffee and tried to be "nicer" to her. This convinced her to stay for the time being. When I arrived and the host still seemed very rude but the other work-awayer claimed that this was the nice side of her.
I am ending day 4 here and not especially enjoying my time here but also not hating it. The work is very hard for me because like I said I have never done anything like this and honestly 5 hours under the sun in the fields feels very intense. But the hardest part is that there is no clear instructions, the english speaking host every morning just starts yelling at us for not already being done or for not working hard enough. And if we are working we are doing it all wrong and need to start over. She goes to work until the evening and while she is gone it is very relaxing to just focus on the work. But honestly the being rude part is not the biggest issue it's just how hard the work is with no sense of direction and than receiving no approval over what I believe is a job well done.
That being said, this place is absolutely stunning beautiful and after work that last few days I try to just grab my book and sketching material and go on a hike alone overlooking the land and that has been incredible. And when work is not involved I do love talking to the host and learning about her exciting past and she likes me as well. I've expressed my concerns to her and asked if I could ether get better direction or tasks that I could better manage on my own. She said she's giving me the easiest tasks and I should be able to do them correctly. So I guess my question is, is this normal for a farm working type work away and does it just feel difficult just because I come from a very blessed life in America? I am deciding if I should stay here and finish the next 2 weeks or if I should just find a place that I would feel more comfortable.
The options I have explored are:
First, my second host has been very involved and said that I can come early if I decide to leave.(I know this is a great option but I don't want to be a burden on an already incredibly compationant women.
Second, find a new host for 2 weeks,
Also, My trusted house sitter has opening for the dates I would need. That being said I have never used this so I am not sure how likely this possibility would be)
And I can always Couchsurf, or just paying for a place for a week or so.
The main point of this is a rant but I also would like to hear the advice of experienced travelers that stuck it out and found meanings and those who decided that to leave.
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2023.06.09 23:06 antoniow831 A Battle Royale

Fubuki: Wah- wats going on out there.
Peaking out from underground, Bomb would witness everything going on, and would say to Fubuki, "It's best if we don't get involved, my survival instincts are going crazy."
Fubuki didn't have to hear those words from him, with her esper powers, she knew just how strong everyone up there fighting were. At least she thought she did, with her level of power, it was impossible for her to grasp the power they held. If she actually knew, her brain wouldn't even be able to process it.
On The Surface
Right now, all hell was breaking lose. Fights were getting interrupted by other fights. Explosions we're going off everywhere. Limbs were flying, just to heal back. Blood was hitting the ground and walls, just to dry up from the temperature. Bodies were getting tossed, thrown and punched. Energy beams we're flying everywhere. Slurs and just about every word in the vocabulary of insults, were screamed. It was just pure insanity, and chaos.
"HYAH!! Duck Block
"TAKE THIS!!" Throwing A Right Jab, Followed By A Left Hook
Veldora was relentlessly attacking Dagruel, making him stay on the defensive.
Dagruel: DAMNIT!!
On the other hand, the exact opposite was happening between Fenn and Velgrynd.
Coughing Up Blood "Fuck!!"
Velgrynd would be sent flying back, unknown to her tho, the same thing happened to Dagruel, making the two of their backs collide. Both pissed off, they simultaneously turned around and collided fists with each other. Causing a massive explosion and shockwave.
Velgrynd: GRAAAAAHHH!!!
Both letting out battle cries, as they rotated in a circle, colliding and causing explosions to go off around them. Fenn and Veldora would stare down at their older siblings, then stare at each other.
Fenn: Heh, guess we should let our older brother and sister talk.
Veldora: HAHAHA! Guess you're right! But that just means... We have our own talking to do...
Fenn: Heheheheh....
The two would have a small stare down...
Simultaneously letting out battle cries, the two would clash with each other. Now older siblings fighting older siblings, while the youngest siblings went at it.
While that was happening Diablo, Testarossa and Ultima battles intertwined with Zalario and Obera's battle.
Ultima left leg would get chopped off, while she barely dodged Glassord thrusting his sword at her face, leaving a scar on her eye. This caused her to go flying backwards, hitting Testarossa while she was fighting Vega. Before Testarossa even had a chance to yell out frustrated at Ultima, Zess came hurling in, kicking both in the head, sending them skyrocketing across the sky, Glassord and Vega, giving chase.
Turning around, Zess would block an attack, from a stoic Zalario, jumping up to dodge a leg sweep. Firing off a magical blast at Zalario, caused him to neutralize the attack, and fire his own, Zess side stepping it. When the attack missed him, it went towards Diablo. Sensing this, Diablo would scoff and knock the attack in a different direction. Doing this, gave Jahil an opening for an attack. Even tho Diablo was able to avoid his abdomen getting pierced, his left arm, wasn't so lucky.
Charging at Jahil, out of pure rage, Diablo would knock him to the ground, creating a giant crater, and ending up right in front of Jahil. Fortunately for the old emperor, he was fast enough to block Diablo's claws, with his spear, and countering with his own attack. Coating himself in fire, Jahil would unleash a foroushis fire attack at Diablo. Diablo would erect a stronger multi-dimensional barrier, and avoid being harm to much by the attack.
Obera was having a much easier time fighting, Minaza. Minaza was very frustrated, striking Obera's head. Obera easily dodged and countered, ripping off her legs.
Obera: Aww, where did all that confidence go?
Minaza: DIE!!!!
Mindlessly charging at Obera, Minaza would attempt to grab her, with both of her hands, outstretched. However, Obera would merely grab both of her wrists, knee her in the stomach and drop kick her through multiple buildings. Obera was about to give chase, but got knock off course, from the shockwaves of, Milim, FB Feldway and both of the Zelanus's battle.
The atmosphere shook and cracked. Lighting formed from collisions of fists, and weapons meeting head on. Beams from Tatsumaki's and Psychos battle were thrown in every single direction. Both Milim and Zelanus had come to a conclusion, to end the battle, once and for all.
Milim: I'll show you the best! Drago Nova!!
Stardust sparkled between Milim's hands, and a force of unworldly destruction began to swirl about them. Milim gathered it into a bundle and launched it at Zelanus.
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2023.06.09 23:06 jhsojhaf I (don’t wanna) hate myself tonight

Flashbacks returned this evening. Visually and somatically. Couldn’t do anything about it, but let it flood me. Then the pain hit. That fucking agonizing pain. In a matter of seconds, I might add. I was in bed and I cried and cried and cried and then, in an actual attempt to let my boyfriend see me like this, I went to the livingroom and asked if he could hang out with me. He did, but I could feel that he wasn’t fully there, which kind of only worsened some of my flashbacks. I tried to let him know what I felt and what I needed, to which he said: “That’s funny, cause I haven’t felt your presence all day, so what do you expect?” At that point, I just.. couldn’t. I am known to react on my emotions in the heat of the moment and I own up to that, but right here, I was calm and tried my best to have a constructive conversation, but I just couldn’t continue. So I did the thing I also am kind of known for -- I left the conversation. Walked the dog and went to bed. Now I’m here; feeling more alone than ever, vulnerable, completely messed up, still with flashbacks running through my mind and in the midst of throwing all that inner work aside, wondering if I actually am to blame/a bad person/what’s wrong with the world. I’m trying so hard not to, but turning it inwards and hating myself is the only thing that feels comfortable right now.
Posting here, cause I litteraly have no one to turn to. If you read all of it, I thank you for your courtesy.
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