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[TOMT][Song] by female singer from around 2010-2017

2023.03.25 00:35 dankrmemer [TOMT][Song] by female singer from around 2010-2017

4th times the charm. Repost. I’m getting really desperate as i have tried everything. Also sorry for the long post.
It was a chill, calm and a little dark sounding, pop-ish(?) song with a female vocalist. Her voice was soft and quiet, almost a whisper at times. Also it was pretty feminine but not too high pitched but in some parts of the song she would sing this melody which went like „a aha ahaha“ ( ) in a much higher pitched and louder voice. Her voice and singing, as well as the melody had a very Ellie Goulding vibe but it wasn‘t her. The instrumentals were some kind of electronic sounds (maybe a piano, bell or xylophone). At the beginning of the song and after each chorus (i think) was a relatively fast bit with one of these instruments. Otherwise, the melody throughout the song was slower and kinda ‚chunky‘ and less busy. It sounded a lot like the part in Glamorous by Fergie at the beginning when she sings „We flying first class“ but in a different pitch and not as energetic. (Here is a link of me trying to sing the melody in question (not the Fergie one): ) -> she would sing during this part. The lyrics might have contained something like „keep it going“ or something similar but i don‘t quite remember. The song is from around 2010-2017, could be older though - or maybe a sample of an older song. It was not that popular where i live (Germany) but it was on the radio a couple of times.
Keep in mind that i‘m going off of my memories so the song could differ a bit from what i have described here. Every kind of help or recommendation is highly appreciated as i am really desperate. I have checked out a lot of artists and internet resources but couldn‘t find it anywhere.
previous suggestions by you: - Hey Now by London Grammar - Down by Marian Hill - Martina Topley Bird - Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish - Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift - Lorde - Lana del Rey - City lights by Blanche - Motion sickness by Phoebe Bridgers - Saw you in a dream by The Japanese House - Mitski - Christine and the queens - The Greatest by Sia - Sweet Ophelia by Zella Day - Stockholm Noir - Boy Like A Girl - XX - Beach House - Habits by Tove Lo - Summertime Sadness by Lana Del Rey - Marina and the diamonds - The Marias - Cameo Lover by Kimbra - Dress by Taylor Swift - Never be the same by Camila Cabello - Lights - Lykke Li - Aurora
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2023.03.20 01:39 LuiShirosagi20 What are we thinking 'bout 'Premonition'?

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2023.03.18 18:57 mryjunior Can anyone name this pop (I assume) piece or no

Does anyone know a song (pretty popular I assume) where a girl was singing a chorus like the sia-unstoppable chorus but the vocals are basically replaced with the i sound (almost like humming)
If noone knows its fine might be remembering it wrong (I also don't know if pop is the right filter for this but I do know it must be a popular song)
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2023.03.18 04:51 TheSpaghetti1 I asked ChatGPT to write a song with *NF's TWIN* and NF, as well as give me a title. Here's Legacy:

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2023.03.17 11:51 accure18 Comeback predictions with "I have IVE"

Comeback predictions with

  • Butterfly
They have been hinting it lot lately. Yujin was asked for spoiler during recent Youtube live. She refused to give them but then said there is something interesting in her phone, and pretend to look at it. Everyone thought its the new MV or song in her phone, and kinda dissapointed cuz she cant show it. But now it make sense.
Shes actually showing her phone case. Its a design with BUTTERFLY pattern printed.
Either its the title track name, part of the song lyric or their choreography it seems butterfly gonna be introduced as part of their lore/theme.
Love her mind with the acting bait.
Another hint : Teaser poster with butterfly design
Funnily it works.
More hints : The choreography point?
Butterfly also appeared at their MMA performance during Liz solo stage with Eleven , before flying over towards their next stage for LOVE DIVE and After LIKE . It makes me think if its going to be a symbol which represent DIVE, IVE or both in their journey.
And how can anyone forget about Rei and butterfly as her animal emoji.
Herself with ribbon looking like butterfly,
  • Black-Dark & White-Bright theme
The additive/RGB and substractive/CYMK color combinations with Eleven, LOVE DIVE, and After LIKE mixed colors outcome will be either White & Black or both. Black represent their dark-side image and white represent their bright-side image. "I Have IVE" b-sides "Blue Blood" which is dark-badass and "Not your Girl" which is bright-cheerful is a perfect manifestation of this theory .
It's also emphasized how each member has distinct and unique color of their own, while as a group IVE is a versatile and cohesive group to pull 2 opposite concepts. My guess the title track gonna combined both of them being both dark and bright or something in between. Could it be EDM with RnB-jazzy influenced? Powerful and intense metal verse with funky-bubble gum chorus?

Each member colors in addit-ive/RGB color space.
It will be interesting to see how they gonna fare in this comeback after receiving mixed positive and negative reactions during After LIKE era. The plus point is from awards and achievements with ROTY and multiple daesangs, and minus point from orchestrated attacks and slanders against them on daily basis.
I see this comeback as breaking point for their growth and streak as one of the top 4th gen KPOP group and how all the plus-minus points will affect them. I personally leaning toward the minus point being a major impact to this comeback due to various factors, like being somewhat new in the industry with less core-fandom and no big company stans either to support them . In other words, IVE is returning back handicapped in comparison to other groups.
However, their biggest catalyst which gonna determine will remain on the song itself. If the song is really good, it will be somewhat neutral and they might break their own achievements. Knowing that its Ryan S Jhun again (Eleven and After LIKE producer) , his song can be a hit-or-miss. His songs have some good reputation domestically but quite not internationally. But again everyone is doubtful with LOVE DIVE being a nugu producecomposer back then, and we know what happened next.
However, if they somehow able to overcome all of those minus points, and keep breaking records left and right i will call it miracle and they gonna be unstoppable this era onwards.
Do share your thoughts. It could be anything else, like do you think the members will participated or contributed to the album, or if they gonna has MV with storyline etc.
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2023.03.16 19:57 TigerClient Similar to Dusk Till Dawn (Zayn)

So Im looking for a song with lyrics very similar to Sia's parts in Dusk Till Dawn with a female singer who sounds much different than Sia, there are no male singers in this song and the tune is sort of light and bubbly but Im not certain of the genre (pop, edm ish) it is also most likely an older song (early 2010's) as Ive heard it in the past several years but dont remember the song name. (dusk till dawn)
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2023.03.16 17:55 Impossible_Ad1269 Let Me Out - A journey in a playlist

Sorry. Very long. This is the only warning you get.
Many moons ago I started this playlist, when I first tried to leave my abusive partner. You can see from the dates which songs were added first (2018!) when I originally tried to leave my abusive partner, and which were added after my last and final attempt to leave in January. I made the playlist because everything was an emotional rollercoaster. From the lovebombing in the beginning to hope, and fear, and despair, hopelessness, anger, self-wrath, and self-acceptance.
Things have changed a lot for me in the past 3 months, and the emotional rollercoaster has been wild. Adding to the playlist has helped me address a lot of the emotions I’ve been feeling, as well as helping me to identify which part of the grief cycle I’m in. I knew I was past the depressive stage and into the anger stage, for example, when the sad songs I had added didn’t really reach what I was feeling, and what I wanted was the selection of songs closer to the bottom of the list. My personal journey has looked like denial->bargaining->despair->anger->acceptance. But even now I bounce between stages as certain thoughts strike me.
I hope this playlist can give someone-anyone-comfort on their own emotional rollercoaster journey. Maybe one of these songs strikes home, or explains your feelings for you in a way you weren’t able to realize yourself. When you get to the anger portion, however, you’ll find out that I’m a certain kind of individual with certain kinds of heavy metal music tastes, so I understand that portion may not help many besides myself lol.
I organized the playlist based on my own grief cycle journey. Feel free to skip around. I do every day. Here is each song and the excerpt that hit me hard, if you are unfamiliar with any of them.
Denial/Bargaining This is the relationship. Contentious. Hurtful. Full of anger. And hope for a better future.
Graveyard - Halsey; “It’s crazy when the warning signs feel like they’re butterflies”
I Put a Spell on You - Screamin’ Jay Hawkins; “I put a spell on you because you’re mine. Stop the things you do”
Go to War - Nothing More; “With every battle we lose a little more”
(I Just) Died in Your Arms - Hidden Citizens; “ I…I just died in your arms tonight. It must have been something you said”
Made of Stone - Evanescence; “It’s never enough for you baby, don’t wanna play your game anymore no matter what you say”
I Want Out - Young Guns; “Cuz if this is love, baby, I want out”
Louder Than Words - Les Friction; “War is more than heard, coming in louder than words”
Whisper - Evanescence; “I can stop the pain if I will it all away”
I Will Not Bow - Breaking Benjamin; “I will not bow. I will not break. I will shut the world away. I will not fall. I will not fade. I will take your breath away and I’ll survive, paranoid. I have lost the will to change”
I Disagree - Poppy; “I disagree everything you believe is a tragedy. I disagree with the way you keep preaching insanity. I disagree with all of the reasons you’re mad at me.”
You Want a Battle? (Here’s a War) - Bullet for my Valentine; “Too scared to speak. You’re only alive when you torture the weak. Now hear me roar.”
Stay Alive - Hidden Citizens; “I do what I need to-what I have to-to survive…you can try to be civilized, but I’m gonna stay alive”
Call You Out - Flyleaf; “Your time’s up now. That’s enough now. Shut up get out! Truth calls you out”
Dead Weight - PVRIS; “Do you even notice how easy you got this? Taking wings off a goddess”
Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling feat Lzzy Hale; “If I break the glass then I’ll have to fly, there’s no one to catch me if I take a dive”
Let Me Out - Hidden Citizens; “Let me out. Let me out of here now. Let me out and I will run. I will run.”
Fleeing/Waffling/Despair This is the part where maybe we get sucked back into stage one, whether we made it out the door or not. I did on more than one occasion.
Fly on Foot - Philip Shepherd; No lyrics in this one. Just a powerful driving force and the feeling of having eyes on your back
On the Nature of Daylight - Max Richter; No lyrics. The first moment of silence after you’re away. No more belongings to move. No further to run. Not sure whether to laugh or weep. Pride and shame. Fear and freedom. Longing and hatred.
Move Me - Badflower; “How you used me…how you moved me”
Monsters - All Time Low feat blackbear; “Why do I run back to you like I don’t mind if you fuck up my life? Why am I a sucker for all your lies?”
Jar of Hearts - Christina Perry; “Who do you think you are running around leaving scars?...So don’t come back for me, don’t come back at all.”
Wet Metal - Chester Lockhart; “You burned me to the ground but I survived somehow. If only you could see me now.”
The Rains of Castomere - The National; “And so he spoke, that lord of Castomere, but now the Raynes’ weep o’er his hall with no one there to hear.”
Bulletproof - La Roux; “All you do is fill me up with doubt. This time, baby, I’ll be bulletproof”
Anger Pretty self-explanatory on this one. Mad at your partner. Mad at yourself. Just mad. Mad is good. Mad brings heat. Mad burns away the despair. Anger, like a fire, can heal and warm us, give us the energy to fight, so long as we control it.
Thousand Eyes - Of Monsters and Men; “I am the storm, now wait.”
Breakdown - Kayzo, SYN, Zero 9:36; “I won’t be restrained on my own. I can’t control how the fuck this is gonna play out. As long as this doesn’t end here I will never break down”
Emperor’s New Clothes - Panic! At the Disco; “I’m taking back the crown, I’m all dressed up and naked. I see what’s mine and take it”
Devil’s Calling - Parkway Drive; “We’re fighting fire with gasoline”
Broken Hands - Lamb of God; “There’s a bad storm blowing in and most of us won’t make it. The wreckage of your past means nothing now-forsake it. The memories cripple you. You’re torn apart, your doubt must die.”
See You in Hell - Ad Infinitum; “Goodbye my love, may we meet again. Heaven is closed, see you in Hell.”
The Devil Within - Digital Daggers; “I tried to be the lover to your nightmare. Look what you made of me”
Mr. Magic - Reliqa; “Dear Mr. Magic with your healing hands: I want to be as far from magic as I fucking can!”
The One to Survive - Hidden Citizens; “Even if the sky is falling, even if the waters rise, even if the world is ending, I will make it out alive. I will be the one to survive.”
Invincible - Adelita’s Way; “I’ve had enough. I’m rising up. I’m feeling invincible tonight. I’m alive, take a look into my eyes”
The Impaler - Winds of Plague; “This time you will not forget the images of those you denied”
Acceptance You’ll get there
Stand in the Rain - Superchick; “So stand in the rain. Stand your ground. Stand up when it’s all crashing down. Stand through the pain, you won’t drown. And one day what’s lost can be found.”
Unstoppable - Hidden Citizens; “I cannot be contained, cannot be held. I am an army by myself. I am a titan, I will leave my legacy. I am unstoppable.”
TRIALS - STARSET; “These trials make us who we are. We’re motivated by the scars that we’re made of…Obey no more in silence. The steel in our hearts will be monuments.”
Unbreakable - Fireflight; “God I want to dream again…Forget the fear it’s just a crutch that tries to hold you back and turn your dreams to dust.”
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2023.03.15 09:18 alltherach_ Namjoon IG Story 150323

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2023.03.15 05:27 jsmetalcore Motionless in White-Unstoppable with lyrics FFO Metalcore

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2023.03.12 15:14 Tobol_2021 Sia - Unstoppable (MXEEN Remix) Atomic Heart [4K]

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2023.03.12 06:53 CoRob83 How or what would you equate punk rock to in a High Fantasy (DnD) world?

TLDR: I wanna create an angsty punk rock style Big Bad and i want your help figuring out how to make someone punk rock in High Fantasy. He's angry at the world, thinks most people are stupid and waste their life worshiping deities and trying to be part of the system and he even hates the deity that gave him is powers. The punk rock song that inspired this idea is The Distillers Hall of Mirrors (if you want to look up the lyrics) and I am not only gonna use it to give ideas about what he can do but it kinda explains the angst and anger he feels towards who gave him his power. I feel like its exactly how he'd talk to you. So help me by giving me advice on how to make someone punk rock in DnD.
Raging against the oppression of the system and hating your parents definitely didnt start only when there was distortion for guitars. So heres my idea and why I'm doing it. Every story ive ever heard about the powerful wizard trying to live forever, or the cleric trying to ascend or whatever, they all want it so bad. They are trying so hard. And I want a new spin on a bad guy. That hes not really that bad, hes just sick of it all.
I'm thinking he's a divine soul sorcerer and was a prodigy. Like from when he was a toddler he was touched and gifted. And he rode that to incredible power. He's that kid in class that everything came easy and natural to and he didnt even do his homework and slept through class. And every who knows him at all knows if he even applied himself a little he'd be unstoppable. But now, he doesnt want to play your sport, he doesnt want to go to class, he doesnt want to be part of the rat race and he thinks youre stupid for trying. eff it all.
I think id make him like mid teens in level. early adulthood in age. And my thought behind the story is maybe the god who was helping him let him down or betrayed what they believed in. We all had that moment when we realized our parents or our hero wasnt infallible. And when this happens, he doesnt want his power anymore. He won't use it. He's gonna listen to his punk rock and hang with his friends. He doesnt want to take part in the rat race, even though he could become powerful enough to rule the "world" or maybe even ascend. And this "dont give a eff" attitude is actually helping him. He is gaining more followers by being the i dont want your job bad boy rather than begging to become a god.
Also my thought is that the party can sway him. Like he could be the Big Bad if he turn if the party cant reach him. But if they can theres some other evil in the world that maybe they can motivate him to help them. Id track this literally from the beginning of the campaign and see if they could gain his trust and give him something to fight for.
The punk rock song that inspired this idea is The Distillers Hall of Mirrors (if you want to look up the lyrics) and I am not only gonna use it to give ideas about what he can do but it kinda explains the angst and anger he feels towards who gave him his power and the general population. I feel like its exactly how he'd talk to you. Some examples "I come down like a hurricane sucked up inside, Now I spit out the suffer-ing." knowing how powerful he is " You're free at liberty is this what you want. Sometimes I wonder…" a loki like thinking, like youre free to do what you want and look at you. its like you want to be oppressed and "I watched you burn in the eye of my sun" like you dont understand, in my position youd wilt, and, also, he would just kill most the idiots out there cause he thinks the average person is just dumb.
SO how do i make someone punk rock in DnD. I run a pretty classic DnD world normally. Not a lot of steam punk, not a lot of guns, not in ebberon. Its high magic, low money but a pretty pure High Fantasy world. So what would you do?
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2023.03.12 04:49 EtillyStephlock It’s Time That Flo Rida Enters The GOAT Conversation

The father of modern rap, also known as “Flo Rida” is not only the most underrated rapper in the industry, but possibly the best to ever touch the mic.
It’s disrespectful how often I see people disregard his contributions to rap, constantly separating his all-time-relevant tracks with his persona. Here’s a list of some of his greatest hits, just in case some of you forgot.
Low (feat T Pain)
Wild Ones (feat. Sia)
Good Feeling
Right Round
My House
GDFR (feat. Sage the Gemini & Lookas)
Elevator (feat. Timbaland)
In the Ayer (feat.
Club Can’t Handle Me (feat. David Guetta)
Sugar (feat. Wynter)
And don’t forget his legendary features on Olly Murs’ “Troublemaker”, David Guetta’s “Where Them Girls At” and his verse on Iyaz’s “Replay (Remix)” that nobody heard.
Mr. Rida is so versatile that he even has a pop-country-rap track with Walker Hayes!
These are some of the most iconic tracks in rap history, and he owned the late 2000s to mid 2010s. Most forget that Flo Rida was the genius behind these beloved pieces of art, but will still gladly go crazy in the club when they come on. Flo Rida owns modern night life.
His influence is overwhelming, and modern rap would not be the same if wasn’t for him. His flow and production was ahead of its time, and both the pop and rap scenes were struggling to mimic Flo Rida’s ever evolving sound everytime he released a new project.
This man has some of the most iconic lyrics of all time. “Apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur with the fur” “Can you blow my whistle” “You spin my head right round” and more. It’s not just his lyricism though, his maturity to let the instrumental play out is one of the core principles to his music.
Also, we can’t disregard the fact that he was the one who put the state of Florida on the map!!
I suggest everyone dive into his rich discography and do some critical thinking before giving the GOAT title Kanye or someone else. I’d say Pitbull and Train come close, but that’s a discussion for another post.
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2023.03.11 04:40 RedHeadReviews Miley Cyrus’ Endless Summer Vacation Is Laid-back And Lame - Album Review

Although the first stage of Miley Cyrus’ career was carefully mapped out for her by Disney executives, she’s been hell-bent on being whoever she wants to be since separating from the Hannah Montana brand. The singer has affected a new striking skin with each album cycle, a process that’s helped keep her at the top of the pop world even when her music has lacked quality. 2013’s Bangerz was filled with gaudy neon lights and unmelodious hooks, Younger Now was a mild foray into country, and Plastic Hearts was Cyrus’ uneven love letter to the rock music that shaped her.
On her eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation, the thirty-year-old covers vintage dance-pop. She dials down the controversial antics to make the music the centre of attention, but it’s all so square and predictable. Pedestrian synth-laden beats hold back Cyrus’ quest to rediscover love and redefine herself. It’s pop music without the pop. Never has there been less of an incentive to tune into whatever Cyrus is doing.
The singer has made worse-sounding albums, but Endless Summer Vacation is Cyrus' first release that is bland. It is cookie-cutter pop without pizzaz. You can even track down the geneses of so many of the album’s facets: The chintzy tropical accents on Island mimic a sound that’s recently brought Harry Styles stupefying levels of success, River is a clunky facsimile of Lady Gaga’s signature mechanical frenzy. Cyrus doesn’t even bother hiding that her overwrought chanting on Muddy Feet is inspired by pop’s most inordinate voice Sia, and just tacks her onto the back end of the song.
Around a dozen names are given production credits, the list reads like a who’s who of pop purists yet no one injects their personality into the soundscape. The beats are consistently summery and run together smoothly; the pleasant plodding bassline of Rose Coloured Lenses leads into Thousand Miles, a country-pop ballad, without complication, but that plateau is precisely the problem. The unit creates an undisruptive, placid experience but the album would benefit greatly from having its layers defined more clearly to break up some of the gooeyness. When Maxx Morando finally takes the initiative to venture outside of the box on Handstand, its distortion is immediately ear-catching.
Ahead of the album’s release, Cyrus said that she had separated it into two parts, “The ‘AM’... where there’s a buzz and an energy and a potential of new possibilities,” as well as a ‘PM’ that embodied “slinky, seediness and kind of a grime but a glamour at the same time.” It’s an engaging theme that is limited by the lack of contrast in the production. The record’s second half does, in fact, house the more mellow moments (Wonder Woman and Flowers (Demo)). If you’re feeling extremely generous, you might describe them as slinky and glamourous, if you aren’t the words lethargic and dull will come to mind.
Cyrus’ wonderful raspy tone, her greatest asset, is severely underutilised here. It’s only during a rip-roaring chorus on Jaded and a prickly, jubilant performance on You that Cyrus deploys it freely, flexing her vocal prowess. Elsewhere, she opts to colour inside the lines instead, further neutering notes of energy across the album. Cyrus spends the opening minute and a half of Handstand whispering with an unsettling metallic twang. As her voice briefly fades away, giving space for the acrobatic synths to blare, it feels like she might erupt on re-entry but she just goes back to the hushed delivery. She builds up so much tension yet there’s no real pay-off.
There are many parallels between the lyrical content of Endless Summer Vacation and Plastic Hearts. On both, Cyrus seems to be reframing her thoughts on romance, scrubbing away her wide-eyed naivety and replacing it with mature insight. There are lines like “I'm sorry that you're jaded/I could've taken you places/You're lonely now and I hate it,” from Jaded and “Don't wait for me/'Cause forever may never come,” from Wildcard that are expertly sculpted after Cyrus’ experience with a rocky marriage and divorce from Liam Hemsworth. It’s a sign that even though a fixed musical identity still evades her, Cyrus is growing more comfortable with herself.
As is, Endless Summer Vacation is the lackadaisical affair its title suggests it might be. There's a silver lining to all the stability, though: Cyrus' most turbulent, exhausting instincts are muted. There’s evidence that Cyrus is evolving, albeit slowly, and not just shapeshifting. While this album is too safe to strike a chord, should Cyrus continue to prioritise her tunes over promotional gimmicks, her next one may well be the sizzling, pleasure-filled experience she intended to make here.
Endless Summer Vacation - Miley Cyrus - 4/10
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2023.03.10 07:32 bigppgfan y'know how we're discussing about what unspeakable thing kakashi did to naruto? anyway here's a meme involving who quite a few of you consider best girl

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2023.03.10 03:53 bigppgfan being a naruto fan, it's not hard to see why I made my preferred choice if it comes to listening to unstoppable, it ain't hard to see who my favorite naruto character is either

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2023.03.10 00:45 CosmegaInReddit Finally heard Living Room, here are my thoughts:

Overture: I was actually surprised by how good it is, I mean, I didn't think it would be bad, just thought it was going to be weaker than the other overtures, considering it's their first album and all. But this is genuinely good. I think the main negative criticism with this song is that it changes melodies too fast and out of nowhere, the melodies are good, yes, but I just think it doesn't have the necessary build up to hype me throughout it. But I like it. 6.9/10
Infinity: It's not bad. I like the guitars and the percussion is great. It also has some really nice and lovely lyrics, it's one of the most wholesome love songs they've made. I think the thing holding back this song and this album as a whole is Jack's voice. And I know that they were young when they recorded it and everything, but considering what his voice is going to be later in their career, it doesn't really stand out in this. But hey, Adam sings in this, so yeah, instantly good. 7.1/10
I'm Ready: Ok, I'm just gonna say it, I don't like this song. It may be one of the worst in their discography. I know it made them being more known to people and, you know, SIA, but I don't like it. The lyrics don't really stand out and considering that it's placed right after Infinity makes the dubstep even weirder. This is just a weird song even for them. And then there's the infamous Spongebob sample, that makes the song WORSE for me. I know it's catchy and recognisable, but after listening to it after the first chorus, it just gets annoying. VERY annoying. 3/10
My Calling: It's nice. I like the positive message within the song and idk why but the chorus gave me some Bud Like You vibes. Other than that, I find it hard to care about it. Idk there's just not much for me to say about this song. It's not bad, but it's not incredible. But it's nice. 5.8/10
Thirsty: Yodelay/Hee-hoo
Pitchfork Kids: GOOD GOD I love this song. The haunting guitar and organ melodies, the ghostly choir, the incredible percussion, the vocals on the chorus, the bells on the bridge, there's just so much that makes this great. It might be one of their best early tracks, and best on the album. I love whoever at Pitchfork that made them angry enough to make them something like this. Those ghost choirs can and WILL haunt them in their dreams, for the better or the worst. 9/10
Woody Allen: uhhhh... yeah this didn't age well, did it? It's not bad of a song, it just sorta... is. The spoke step is interesting, but it does annoy me after a bit. The lyrics are fine, I do like the rhyming on here. And, plus, Adam sings, so it's good, I just wish they gave him a bit more lines in here, I think that the bridge is just a bit too small, and there's also the off-putting piano. But it's ok, but I guess that's it. 5.7/10
Livin' on Love: It's not bad, it's decent, actually. Didn't really care for it, but it's good. Feels like something I would hear on a Disney Channel musical or something, and I think they've perfected the Disney Channel musical feel. Main Criticism includes: the dubstep drop on the chorus. Look, I know I'm bashing a bit too much on the dubstep on this, but it I think it doesn't really click with me on this. For the record, they do know how to make good dubstep on this, like another song that is coming up on this, and they do know how to use processed vocals, like in The Click, but here? Not for me, thanks. But Ryan and Jack do rap on this so it's no so bad. 6.3/10
Big White Bed: Ok, now THIS is great. The acoustic guitar, the claps, the vocals, the wholesome lyrics. It kind of feels like if they fused Infinity and Turning Out and made it sound tropical. It's lovely, and a nice little diversion from the heavy dubstep and accelerated tempos in this album, love it. 8.2/10
The World Is A Marble Heart: Ok, this is straight up commercial music. And I love it! The vocals, the melody, the rhythm, jeez. Remember when I said on Livin' on Love that there was a song on this album where they used good dubstep and processed vocals? This is that song. So, with that, I can confidently say that yes, the world IS a marble heart. 7/10
The Green and The Town: This song is incredible. The guitars at the start, the percussion the lyrics, the vocals. Actually, now that I've noticed, the songs that I like the most on this album include acoustic guitars. Huh. That may be why I hate the dubstep ones. This song is one of my sibling's favourite AJR song, and I can truly see why. This song is the kind of song that, if they put it in any adventure or fantasy movie or series trailer, it would make me VERY hyped for it. Also, should I need to tell the other reason why it's a great song? That's right! ADAM SINGS ON IT, LET'S GOOOOOOO!!!! 8.5/10
Big Idea: This is the song that Jack said that he tries day after day to make it blow up on TikTok, right? Anyway, it does start weird, it's like an alien robot invaded their studio in the middle of the recording session, and then Ryan said: "This is great, but if we pitch it up an octave..." Lyrically, it's good. I like that the song is about their rise to fame and stuff, the complications within the journey to the top, it's good. Also, Ryan kinda raps in this song, and, ya know, Adam singing, so this song is good. 6.8/10
Growing Old On Bleecker Street: And now, with the closer. Great closer. Lovely closer. With an acoustic ukelele and piano and lovely lyrics and vocals (including Adam's!!!!!!), yeah this is the best way to close this album. Did I already tell you how much I love the acoustic songs in this? Again, the love songs in here are SO wholesome (for the most part (looking at you, I'm Ready)). I like this song, it's kinda like a continuation to Big White Bed, so nice. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if the instrumental in this song, excluding in the outro, was used as Animal Crossing background music, like c'mon, you know you can't deny that. I also find it funny how Jack, in the chorus, sings "we may be lOWSt" 7.9/10
Conclusion and overall thoughts on the album: so, basically, acoustic songs are good, I don't like dubstep and/or vocal processing, we hate Spongebob, if a song has Adam singing and/or Ryan rapping it's automatically good, and it's thirsty thirty Thursday. I don't really think this album was as bad as some people say it is, it's an ok album for me. Good songs, bad songs, songs I didn't care about and some yodelling. I think that it's a good album, but compared to what they would produce next, I don't find this one as remarkable as the other ones. Overall ranking: 6.6/10
If you want, be free to ask me questions in the comments ^^
Have a nice day!
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2023.03.09 21:01 yeetbay Gas pump song that haunts you

Anyone else have that one song that is always playing when you pull up to the gas pump? I wish I was joking when I say that “Unstoppable” by Sia played 7/10 last times I filled up.
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2023.03.08 16:01 micronesiarain Episode 9- "Break Up, Bye Bye" 🎤🎶

Episode 9-
the queens return to the workroom after Alex's elimination and Slerna's return
Slerna: Sheback again!
Summer: Wrong queen, wrong queen.
Slerna: Never forget the queens who fought for us! Our fallen sisters!
Bellaron: I don't think I even know what you're trying to say.
Slerna: Exactly, exactly!
🏁Slerna CF: I should probably be more focused on winning, but I made it back, let me have my moment! A little awkward since I had dinner reservations. Can someone call them and tell them I won't be there? Or like...take me there maybe? I go out in public? I be good?
Wren: That was a tough one to watch.
Summer: I know that a lot of people were expecting Alex to still be here, and I was one of those people, so I don't blame you.
Zodya: Don't undersell your work though. You turned it out.
Summer: Oh trust and believe, I know that!
🏁Wren CF: I didn't see a scenario where Alex goes before me. I would've put money on her making it to the end. Not a lot of money, but something.
Wren: Is it the outcome I was wanting? No.
Summer: I-
Wren: Not like that, not like that. I'm just trying to say that even if you think you know what's happening, it can change in a second.
Summer: Very that. But also, fuck my drag.
Greantee: No matter how we got here, this top six feels correct. It feels great to be part of a group like this.
Bellaron: Thanks Grean. I know it must be really intimidating to go against someone like me, but you've all made me feel so normal.
Greantee: It's not often you get to meet your idols. I'm still starstruck.
Bellaron: That feeling won't go away unfortunately. But trust me, I'm human just like all of you.
🏁Bellaron CF: All these times of getting close to the win without winning, it'll get to you. I feel like Jackie Cox, just with substantially better makeup skills. I can't let it break me though. Whether or not I've gotten a win, I know that I've been delivering at a consistent level. Maybe consistently safe, but consistent nonetheless. I'm not delusional about what I've done here, but I won't dismiss it either.
the queens de-drag and Wren pulls Slerna aside
Wren: I think I have a plan.
Slerna: Plan B? My mom had one of those, don't think it worked.
🏁Slerna CF: Slerna bangs a plastic hammer against her head
Wren: Alex was not supposed to go home this week.
Slerna: I mean, the lipsync spoke for itself though.
Wren: Exactly. All it took to get a frontrunner out was them messing up in the lipsync.
Slerna: I think I get what you're saying.
Wren: If we want to change the direction of the season, this is our chance.
🏁Wren CF: At this point, Greantee is running away with this. The chances of her naturally going home, close to zero. We need to put our thinking caps on, and devise some sort of plan to take her out before it's too late.
an eery violin screech rings over a shot of Wren glancing over at Greantee
🏁Wren CF: Really? The villain music?
The Next Day
Bellaron, Greantee, Summer, Wren, and Zodya walk into the workroom, followed by a tall modelesque lady with long platinum blonde hair
Summer: Ma'am, the camera crew used the other door.
Slerna: Guys, it's me, Slerna. Miss Jimbles. Jimble Bell Rock?
Zodya: There's no way.
Wren: No, no. That's her.
🏁Bellaron CF: It's a new day in the workroom, and Slerna is...a whole new person. Are we sure this isn't someone from the crew? Is the real Slerna locked up in a closet somewhere?
Slerna: Ah, it feels good to finally show the real me and take the drag off.
Greantee: But wait, you always looked like that.
Slerna: Mmyeah, I never took it off.
🏁Slerna CF: Remember how Lawrence Chaney didn't want to take her drag off because she was all ugly? That's like me, except not at all. I've been known to make some people fall over just by the sheer sight of my beauty. I was actually non-verbal for a good five years because pretty is my preferred language and people knew what I meant just by my facial expressions.
Summer: Congratulations to Zodya on getting that win. I know you've been wanting it!
Zodya: Want is an understatement. It was a need! I was so happy to be paired with Slerna, and I saw it as a chance to really prove myself.
🏁Zodya CF: When I came into this season, I wanted to prove that I could turn some looks. But then we get going, and runways are a little bit of a rough spot for me. To go against every single queen last week and come out on top with a look I made? Ugh, I really needed that...yeah.
Greantee: How did everyone sleep last night? Anything keep you up?
Wren: I slept like a baby.
Greantee: Oh, did you? That's such great news.
🏁Greantee CF: The best part about having Slerna back in the competition is that for some reason, people tell her absolutely everything. And for some reason, she tells me everything! And I heard a little buzz that Wren may have been trying to plant some seeds about getting me out. Hey, maybe it's a compliment?
the workroom door swings open and Micro walks in, wearing a multicolor fur coat with thigh high boots and crimped hair
Micro: Bonjour ladies! Congratulations on making it to the final six. And this time, I mean it! No more second chances, no chances to come back, this is it. For your next challenge, you will be splitting into two teams of three, and form iconic girl groups!
🏁Bellaron CF: This is the challenge I have been waiting for! I've been climbing the ranks, getting closer and closer to the top, and this is an opportunity for me to cross that line. Entering my winner era? Oh I can feel it!
Micro: You will each remix a verse from "Break Up, Bye Bye". And then as a team, you'll be creating a cohesive girl group visual aesthetic. The direction you take is up to you, just make sure you stand out! As the queen who returned to the competition, Slerna will be in charge of picking teams. And might I just say, you are looking gorgeous today!
Slerna pouts her lips and sighs, showing that she can in fact get her point across without speaking a single word
🏁Slerna CF: To me, there's a clear choice. Zodya and I work well together, it's just easy. And then Greantee, she's been dominating the competition. I know Wren might feel a little slighted when I don't pick her, but a win right now would show that I came back for a reason.
Slerna: Gimme gimme Greantee and Zodya!
🏁Zodya CF: As soon as Slerna picks Grean and I for her team, I look over at the other girls, and you can practically see the tears forming in their eyes. You can't count anyone out, but this is the dream team right here.
Micro: Slerna has chosen Greantee and Zodya. And that means Bellaron, Summer, and Wren will be our second team.
🏁Wren CF: Hmm. Yeah, this is interesting.
Micro: For our second team, you will be able to choose the set of verses you would like to remix. Talk it over, and make your decision.
Wren: Shouldn't be a big surprise, but we have to take the Frock Destroyers' verses.
Micro: Alright! Big challenge ahead for you all, so I'll leave you to it. And be on the lookout for a special guest stopping by to give you some words of wisdom. I'll see you on the runway! Oh, and did I mention, Unieke will be judging this? Good luck!
🏁Wren CF: Unieke?! This is an iconic moment. Not only is she the Season One winner, but she's a working queen outside of this. She bucks, she kicks, she serves face, she does it all. This raises the pressure for sure. I need to impress her!
the queens begin to separate on opposite sides of the workroom before Greantee stops them and gathers everyone around the couches
🏁Greantee CF: If people have something to say, I want to address it right away. Not talk behind their back, or let myself get paranoid over it. Let's just get to it and move past it.
Greantee: Good evening distinguished panel of judges. No, no. But um...I wanted to talk to you all about a little rumor I heard.
the camera cuts to Wren rolling her eyes while Slerna holds onto Zodya
Greantee: It was brought to my attention that there was an attempted alliance to get me sent home. I trust the person who told me, and I don't think they have a reason to lie about it. But I want to put it out there and see if anyone had anything to say about it.
Summer: You haven't been shady with me, so I won't start that with you. Wren did get us together last night to try and sabotage you.
Greantee: And this was last night?
Bellaron: Yeah...
Greantee: Everyone was part of this?
Wren: I don't want people to take the fall for something that they weren't spearheading. Yes, I was trying to put together a little plan.
🏁Wren CF: Look, I know this looks bad. But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. Let me take you back to when it all happened.
the scene flashes back to the previous night
Wren: Psst...psst. Bella, get over here.
Bellaron: What's up?
Wren: Shh, whisper, whisper. I need you to go grab everybody but Grean.
Bellaron: Huh?
Wren: Slerna, Summer, Zodya. Get them over here and don't mention anything to Grean.
🏁Bellaron CF: Wren wants to get everyone together to talk. Everybody but Greantee that is. Maybe it's a surprise party type of thing.
Bellaron grabs the other queens and they all gather around Wren
Wren: First things first, I hope this conversation can stay between us.
Slerna: Absolutely.
🏁Slerna CF: Absolutely not.
Wren: It's clear right now that Greantee is the biggest obstacle between us and the crown. And after seeing Alex go home like that, it just shows how a lipsync can change everything. Every week, what is Greantee doing during Untucked?
Zodya: Sitting?
Summer: Learning the lipsync song.
Wren: Exactly. To the lipsync part, not the sitting.
Slerna: She does sit sometimes though.
Wren: Not the point, not the point. Every week, Grean thinks there's a chance she might be in the bottom. Has it happened yet? No. But there's a chance, and that's all we need.
Summer: What are you trying to suggest?
Wren: Whatever we can do in the next challenge to make Grean feel as confident as possible, we do it. We can act like we're so sure we sucked, anything. And then at the last minute, turn it out, and catch her off guard.
Slerna: I think you're forgetting that this plan would only work if she lands in the bottom.
Wren: What other choice do we have?
Summer: Well, we could've been getting some sleep and saving our energy for the challenge, instead of what we can do to trip her up.
🏁Wren CF: Am I losing my mind? If we try it and it fails, Grean is still here. If we don't try it at all, Grean is still here. This is such an easy little thing to do, and the reward may be huge. I'm not about to roll over and die, even if that's what everyone else is apparently dying to do.
end of flashback
🏁Zodya CF: I feel like we might have just set off a bomb. This is a substantial challenge, and we're losing time by talking about this stupid alliance. But if Greantee wants to talk about it, let me grab my popcorn and sit back.
Greantee: It's flattering that you'd go through the effort to do all that. But also, are we really doing all of that? Over this?
Wren: Don't do that. I don't want this to impact our friendship.
Greantee: You know I'm not the person who would do that. But it's hard for me to look at this and feel rock solid about where you and I are at if you're willing to organize a whole revolution against me.
Wren: It wasn't like that.
Slerna: It was though.
Wren: Slerna, don't get involved in this.
Slerna: Just own it. Why do we need to be shady all of a sudden?
Wren: Oh shut up, you're about as shady as they come.
Summer: I don't want to be seen as someone who is so insecure in their abilities, that they need to go after someone in order to do well.
Wren: You'd rather go home?
Summer: If it's my time to go, it's my time to go. I'd much rather leave with grace and class, than scrambling to sabotage people.
Wren: It was something that would've helped us all. If you see that as sabotage, that's on you.
Slerna: It literally is though? This is a team challenge, that is almost always judged in teams. Yet you come to Greantee's teammates, and want to screw her over. What happens if the shot misses and went after me or Zodya. Is that what you wanted?
Wren: No, it's not like that.
Slerna: Are you sure? Because it's really starting to feel like that.
🏁Slerna CF: If this is where Wren and I go our separate ways, so be it. But let it be known that it's because she's trying to play dirty. I'm a loyal friend, but you have to draw the line somewhere, and this is that moment for me and Wren.
there's a knock on the workroom door before it swings open to reveal Natolé from Season Five!
Natolé Special Guest Look
Natolé: Hello ladies!
🏁Bellaron CF: Micro. You're going to hell for sending her in right now. Poor girl is walking into a war zone!
Natolé: How's everyone feeling?
Greantee: I feel like shit Eureka.
Natolé: Awesome! Micro asked me to stop by and share a few tips and tricks about the girl group challenge.
Zodya: I love this so much.
Natolé: So Natolé after S5 they have grown into an person of Fashion Modeling, Runways, Dancing In Videos and even having their own music, all of them has lead them into working with amazing artist and doing their makeup since Natolé was an fashion Chameleon on S5, they have worked with Dolly, Zendaya, and Naomi Campbell! My Advice for the S6 artist are I wrote about being myself and what I’m good at, I wrote I can dance, sing Obviously you can tell by the voice and note at the end and being a little dirty so I wrote about some of the best things I see in myself and branded It into music which lead me in the top that week.
Natolé: So uh...yeah! Well, I wish you all luck. Go give it your best!
Bellaron: Thanks girl, great to see you!
🏁Zodya CF: That might just be the highlight of my life. We go from an all out bloodbath, to this sweet sweet lady walking in and talking about Dolly Parton. Peak programming, it's too good.
Zodya: I don't know about you, but that really broke the tension.
Wren: I'm over it. We have a challenge to work on.
Slerna: A lot of challenges evidently.
Greantee, Slerna, and Zodya move to the table and discuss ideas
Slerna: First, how are you doing after all that?
Greantee: It's not the best feeling, but I'll be okay. To have people like you two and Summer here to keep me in the loop with things like that, it's nice to know you have my back.
Slerna: I do. I've been meaning to get it back to you. I keep it in my freezer.
Zodya: What matters now is that we use this challenge as a way to really rub it in that as hard as you try, you can't stop us.
🏁Zodya CF: My biggest worry right now is that the drama will keep us from reaching our full potential. This group could not have turned out better, but we need to focus on the task at hand.
Greantee: I think the first thing we should decide is whether we want to go full on rap diva with it, or if we lean into the comedy.
Zodya: Micro has said before that she doesn't mind if you go for the typical route, you just need it to be the best she's ever seen.
Greantee: I know us, and I know what we're able to bring in a challenge like this. We can make sure the quality is there no matter what.
Slerna: We have what it takes to lay a good foundation, let's take it there with some humor.
Greantee: We're all just a bunch of fairies online, right?
Slerna: Wha?
Greantee: Oh sorry, I was just making a joke.
Slerna: No. That's it! Fierce little fairies. We can be The Twinks.
Greantee: Twinkies?
Zodya: What about Twinxies?
Greantee: TWINXIES.
🏁Slerna CF: The more we work on this challenge, the more I'm feeling micromazing. This is our moment.
Bellaron, Summer, and Wren go over ideas by the mirrors
Summer: ...
Wren: ...
Bellaron: As much as I'd love to sit here in silence, we have work to do. Whatever happened in the past is in the past. If they're stressed about the drama, this is when we sneak in and win.
Wren: Could've used some of that support a few minutes ago.
Bellaron: I'm focused on us right now. We need to move past that.
🏁Summer CF: I don't feel necessarily inspired to get Wren a win right now. She's made her position clear, and I don't think I can trust her. Actually, no. I know I can't trust her. If she wants to enter the world of sabotage, better make sure it doesn't come back to get you.
Wren: It's important to me that we impress Unieke. It's a big deal, I don't know what else to say!
Bellaron: I've definitely said this before, but this is really the challenge that I've been waiting for.
Wren: Same here. In my head, I'm a popstar.
Bellaron: Oh it's not even in my head for me. I'm on a world tour all the time.
Summer: I'm glad the two of you feel good about this, I'll need you to rub that energy off on me.
🏁Summer CF: The last time we had to write verses, I was sure I bombed it. But then I kinda did what needed to be done. As long as I can channel that same energy into this challenge, we should be solid. Hopefully!
Bellaron: How cunty would it be if we made an anthem that was pure girl power. We don't need no boys, we just need each other.
Wren: What if we had that, but then circled back to it all being about men. Throw them off a little.
Summer: Um...
Wren: If you don't like it, just say that.
Summer: I don't like it.
🏁Bellaron CF: I'm trying to make sure we have a polished idea. And Wren is throwing out some concepts. But as long as her and Summer won't even look each other in the eyes, it's pointless. We started off as a united front, but now we could not be more divided.
the queens rehearse their choreography and start their makeup as Greantee sits by herself at her station and shuffles through her makeup brushes.
🏁Greantee CF: I thought maybe I could make it through all of this without crying. But alas, here we are. When I came into the competition, I felt the pressure. It's something I've had to get used to. And I get that in a way, it's flattering that people see me as a threat. And I know people would kill to be in my spot right now. But people expect me to be this unstoppable force and I don't see myself that way. I haven't made it this far because it just happens. I've made it this far because I'm giving every last ounce of what I have. When people assume that you've got it, you don't want to let them down. I don't know, I guess I'd just feel embarrassed to disappoint anyone. It's a lot of overwhelming feelings, but there's nothing I can do except let it push me even harder. I know what I'm capable of, and I feel like I've found what I was born to do. I will win Micro's Drag Race Season Six, let me prove it.
the lights flicker and a purple light floods the runway as Micro struts down the center
Micro Episode 9 Look
Micro: Welcome back to the runway of Micro's Drag Race! Only six queens remain in the competition. And this week, they split into two rival girl groups, as they created the next big smash hit. And by smash hit, I mean record breaking. And that record? Lowest amount of streams. Yeah...yeah. Joining me on the panel tonight, our OG queen who dominates the Northern California scene, it's Unieke!
Unieke Guest Judging Look
Unieke: No baby, you have to go up more on the end there. A little more Beyoncé. Try it again, try it again.
Micro: Okay, I think I understand. Ahem...UNIEKE.
Unieke: That's how it's done.
Micro: Now, are you more Hot 100, or Bubbling Under?
Unieke: After the craft service I had earlier, I think something is bubbling under.
Micro: Oh, we haven't had craft services since Season Three...
Unieke: Whet?
Micro: Yeah...that might be the summer food...
Unieke: That'll do it. Low budget, I swear.
Micro: Let's get into it, what say you?
Unieke: I say lots of things!
Micro: Me too girl, me too.
Micro: Presenting the world premiere of "Break Up Bye Bye" (MDR6 Cast Version)!
The Twinxies (Greantee, Slerna, Zodya)
Assigned Verses: Cheryl, Crystal, Vivienne
Twinxies Visual
”Femmedependence” by The Castrators (Bellaron, Summer, Wren)
Assigned Verses: Baga, Blu, Divina
Full Song
Summer Verse
The Castrators Visual
Micro: On the runway, category is "Inflation, Inflation, Inflation"!
Bellaron: Tonight I am bringing a slowly growing dark storm, and I'm ready to strike down on the competition. I think it's safe to say that I have been quite the dark horse in the competition so far, being that I've come so far without a win, but I hope tonight I'm going to change that! And if not, I mean at least I'm the prettiest out of the top 5!
Bellaron Runway
Greantee: omg they made the girls from the soju posters in real life!
greantee steps out onto the runway wearing little little mini dress and a large large large plastic inflatable ensembles around her body. she's holding a little actual bottle of soju while a big inflated balloon bottle of soju pours onto her head while she stands inside a little shot glass while balloon hangul characters 소주 (soju) hang from it and ballon splashes of soju splash behind her
Greantee: Tonight on the runway i am stepping out AS the models from all the soju advertisement posters. because of my family's line of work i grew up within korean communities, very adjacent to korean culture, and would often be taken to korean restuarants and supermarkets where i would always notice posters of girls wearing the fiercest mini dresses posing with bottle of soju. they're a big inspiration to my drag and i am paying homage to them tonight!
Greantee: greantee waddles down as the clacking of her clear plastic shoes and the squeaking sound of her legs rubbing against the inflatable shot glass fills the runway, holding a stiff pose of her pointing to a bottle of soju with a wink on her face, looking like a soju model come to life
Greantee: My drag is very campy, but i like to pull my references for camp from asian culture and what i grew up with instead of just more western references. i hope that the people who also grew up in similar cultures to me can recognize the characters i'm bringing to life and laugh and giggle along with me
Greantee: before greantee leaves the runway, she cracks open the bottle of soju, takes off one of her shot glass earrings, and pours herself a drink, cheering to to judges before walking off while taking one big sip.
Greantee Runway
Slerna: This week for the inflated runway, my mind wanted to go a different route! At first I was thinking of making a money look, but I didn't want it to be too complicated or intricate. Her dress is made of latex cut pieces layered on top of each other, on a classic dress base, to appear as if there's fluid leaking down her body. On her head, the gas leak is pouring out of the pump, dripping down her face. This look represents inflated because the gas prices are ever inflating getting higher and higher every waking day. If you don't get the prices because you're american scum, 193/L is 193 cents per litre. Which is a lot a lot!
Slerna Runway
Summer: I am serving you apple couture! I'm fully painted green with a giant inflated skirt. This right at the intersection of glam and camp for me.
Summer Runway
Wren: I’m DRIVING on the runway and with this look, I’m making sure you’ll never get TIREd of me. STEER clear or bitch, I might just RUN YOU OVER. Hell is a HIGHWAY and bitch, I’m going way over the SPEED LIMIT. ……I’m a fucking tROLL for all these tire puns.
Wren Runway
Zodya: For my look this week, I am walking down the runway in a look made up completely of balloons and hoses! The balloons, while smaller, are inflated and connected together to help create a more dynamic depth to the garment, while the hoses and pumped with air to help mold them across the look. I’ve taken this more traditional garment silhouette and have truly made it one of a kind!
Zodya Runway
Micro: Thank you queens! Dare I say, the best girl group performances we've seen in the history of this competition. It's time for your critiques!
Micro: First up, we have Greantee, Slerna, and Zodya. Or as they're known now, "The Twinxies"!
Unieke: Hey twinxies!! I would say as a group , you a did a very good job! I felt like the lyrics overall were a tab bit simple imo but y’all did the assignment and did it GREATLY!! Your looks as a group are really funn!!! Good job tonight!!!
Micro: This team is so powerful, the powerpuff girls are shaking in their little size two boots! I thought you all did a great job at creating a signature aesthetic. Trapped hooker fairies was not something I expected to see here but you developed the idea so well. I think the white bubble around the text may be a little stark, but the rest of the cover is perfect to me. With your verses, they were solid across the board. Slerna, I maybe connected the most with yours because it had so much humor and personality infused into it. But all three verses, they work for me! On the runway, let’s go down the line. Greantee, I love that you always pull inspiration from references and source material that are connected to you. It gives you such a signature style. Slerna, this idea is exactly why I created the runway. I was at the gas station a month ago and thought “not the inflation”, and then the runway theme hit me! This is so campy and the colors are bright and really pop. A great return for you. Zodya, this runway look isn’t my favorite, I have to be honest. The idea is killer, but the silhouette of the skirt cuts your height quite a bit. Overall, this was a strong group with a great showing.
Micro: Next up, we have Bellaron, Summer, and Wren. Known now as "The Castrators"!
Unieke: Oh The Castrators!! I wanna start by saying these looks!!? BOMB! Y’all all look so good! That’s where the positive kind of ends for me though..I LOVE the message y’all were going for but it didn’t translate well imo. I love the risk y’all took on changing the WHOLE song but in the words of RuPaul, “you ain’t gotta reinvent the wheel!” I feel like y’all took much on y’all hands and got a bit lost. Most of the verses didn’t match up with the originals so it was hard to keep up!
Micro: You all might have had a disadvantage since you weren’t able to pick your team. But if that’s a disadvantage, baby I want that disadvantage! You all owned this challenge. The message of the song was great, and the verses all bounced off of each other but still stood on their own. The recording really helped me get into the flow of everything, and the tweaks to the chorus added an extra pop. With the visual graphic, I think it’s really well made. The vibe is cunty, it works for me. However, the looks really give me nothing. They’re all so similar, and it goes past the point of connected, it more so gives the vibe that they’re all the same person. I hate saying that because I love everything else about this graphic! Runway time, let’s begin! Bellaron, I think you took an interesting approach to this runway. It isn’t fully inflated, but has lots of volume and plays with shape and air, and I really enjoy that. Summer, this look is very campy compared to what you’ve served previously. However, I really do not enjoy it, I’m sorry! I think you lose a lot of shape with this. It hits the mark, but maybe it’s too literal as just an inflated ball. Wren, I adore this look. It uses tires in a way that creates a structural element and a strong silhouette. This team pulled through, really great work!
Micro: Thanks ladies. While Unieke and I deliberate, you can head backstage to untuck.
the queens enter Untucked
🏁Zodya CF: This has to be the most stressful Untucked I've ever been in. Do we celebrate? Do we learn this lipsync? What's the tea, Christine?
Greantee: To a week that some of us might want to forget, but also one that we'll remember forever. Cheers ladies!
Slerna: There's no other way I'd want to start this second part of my journey here. That was so much fun.
Wren: I'm really hoping what we did was good enough. There are things I wish we could change, but it is what it is.
Zodya: Care to share with the class?
Wren: For once this week, I'll keep my mouth shut.
Wren: ...okay that was long enough. I don't want to throw anyone under the bus, but-
Slerna: Here comes the throwing.
Wren: Summer, you talked all about how you were this amazing dancer, and had all these tricks, but you missed your mark several times.
🏁Summer CF: I'm genuinely surprised that Wren is taking this as a moment to break me down, when we should be enjoying this moment after slaying the challenge. But at this point, should I even be surprised?
Summer: In the lipsync last week, I came down wrong on my foot. I thought I could keep it hidden and work through it, but maybe I dropped the ball.
Wren: We love a convenient injury moment.
Summer: Wren, can you leave the drama at the door for one week. Please?
🏁Slerna CF: I didn't know Blondie was back in the competition. Messy boots!
Wren: I'll be the first to admit that I can be a little shady. But truthfully, I don't want issues with any of you.
Slerna: I just don't think you can poke the bear then run away when the bear pokes back.
Wren: What do I need to do to prove myself to you all. I want to get back to where we were before this week.
Greantee: Just make a commitment, and stick with it. I don't have any problems with you. I forgive you for what happened.
🏁Zodya CF: Honestly, I don't know where Wren's scheming side comes from. When she gets like this, I don't even recognize her as the same queen who was here in the beginning. There's just this switch that happens. I want to fix things with her. And I want to build trust again. But it's a lot harder in moments like these.
the queens return to the runway
Micro: Welcome back ladies! This was an intense week, but you all really delivered.
🏁Slerna CF: My first week back in the competition, and I gave it my very best. There's a new fire inside of me, and I burnt that stage up tonight.
🏁Bellaron CF: We left everything on that stage. The odds were against us, but winning would prove why we're a force to be reckoned with. And let's be real, if this isn't my challenge to win, I don't know if that day will ever come.
Micro: The winning team this week is...
Micro: Twinxies!
🏁Greantee CF: Looks like they had a reason to be scared! It felt like the world was against me this week. But when it came down to getting it done, I was able to pull through. And I can't thank these girls enough for helping me get back up and push forward.
🏁Zodya CF: Back to back, we did it!! We're getting closer to the finale, and I can see a way for me to get to there. Can't let up now, I'm almost there.
Micro: Greantee, Slerna, Zodya. Congratulations, you are the winners of this challenge, and may step to the back of the stage.
Micro: Sadly, that means The Castrators, you are the losing team this week.
🏁Wren CF: We were up against an amazing team. And it should be enough to get close to beating them. But at this point in the competition, you can't settle for anything less than the best. I really wanted this win. Damn.
Micro: But for one of you, you really blew up on the runway.
Micro: Wren, you're safe. You may step to the back of the stage.
🏁Wren CF: It's such a relief to be safe. This week was an absolute mess for me, but I did everything I could to push through, and it was just enough for now. But don't get it twisted. You won't see me in the bottom again.
Micro: Bellaron, Summer. I'm sorry, but that means the two of you are up for elimination.
🏁Summer CF: I've won a lipsync before, and I can do it again. I might be fighting through an injury, but when the lights go down, that's the last thing on my mind.
🏁Bellaron CF: For so long in this competition, I saw myself as "the next one to go". But standing here right now, I know it's not my time. Whatever I need to do to stay, it's happening.
Micro: Two queens stand before me. Prior to tonight, you were asked to prepare a lipsync performance of "Circles" by Mariah Carey.
Micro: This is your chance to impress me, and save yourself from elimination. Good luck, and don't fuck it up!
"Ever since you left me
I've been trying to hide the pain
Painting on a smile with lipstick
Putting on a big charade
So difficult to keep pretending
It's getting harder everyday
It's plain to see I'm cold and heartsick
Since you turned and walked away
I just keep going round and round
And round in circles
Keep on tumbling down"
Bellaron channels an immediately emotional tone, and it's all real. She's stood still with her hand on her chest, and having still and simple movements
Summer's video lipsync
"Oh boy my world has changed
And I don't think I can make it without you
Nothing's the same
You got me running around in circles over you
(Running around in circles over you)"
Bellaron drops to her knees gracefully, singing the words up and waving her hands as she pronounces every word and pours her heart into the lip-sync. Tears roll down her face
Summer's video lipsync
"Saturday I saw you
Holding hands with someone new
Somehow I kept my composure
Just like everything was cool
But inside I kept repeating
Don't you let them see you cry
So I casually turned my head
As the tears rolled down my eyes
I just keep going round and round
And round in circles
Keep on tumbling down"
Bellaron spins in circles with her gown flowing in the air, and her hair spins down as she performs, with the spotlight glimmering every sequin in the gown. Bellaron almost pleads as she performs, but she really channels her emotions and feelings about the competition into her performance
Summer's video lipsync
"Everything is you
How can I pull through
My heart is consumed
I'm so confused
Still caught up in you love can be so cruel
Baby don't know how to turn you loose"
Bellaron raises her hands to head and holds herself together as she slowly lowers to the ground, showing her emotion as she pulls in her hands to her heart, and lays still on the floor
Summer's video lipsync
"Oh boy my world has changed
And I don't think I can make it without you
No, nothing's the same
You got me running around
And running around
And running around
Nothing's the same
Baby baby cause you
Got me running around
In circles over you
(Running around in circles over you)"
Bellaron lays on the ground, and reaches out her arm one last time, as a black tear of mascara drops down her face, she inhales, and slowly exhales, before turning her head away.
Summer's video lipsync
Micro: Gorgeous. Wow!
Unieke: Chile, I do not envy you right now with this decision.
🏁Bellaron CF: I look over at Summer, and there's this moment where we both can see it in each other. We can see that we've given everything we have.
🏁Summer CF: I can barely compose myself to hear the results. I know there's nothing more I could've done here. And if it's my time, it's my time. But I'm just hoping that I can stay.
Micro: Ladies, I've made my decision.
Micro: Bellaron, shantay you stay.
Bellaron covers her mouth in shock as Summer sheds a tear
Bellaron: Thank you so much.
🏁Bellaron CF: Sending somebody home who's won two challenges...that's wild. I'm still in a state of shock.
Micro: Summer T Winters. You are a queen for all seasons. And the summertime isn't over just yet. Shantay you stay!
Summer falls to her knees and weeps as the queens in the back cheer and Greantee does a cutesy little spin
Summer: Don't play with me! My heart can't take it. Are you for real?
Micro: Both of you have shown a drive and determination to be here, and I want more of it. You are both staying!
Bellaron runs over to Summer and hugs her as the two fight back tears of joy
Micro: This group is truly something special. Now, let the music play!
"Banjo" by Bebe Zahara Benet plays
Next Time on Micro's Drag Race
Micro: Grab your sleeping bags and bug spray, we're throwing a nature ball!
🏁Summer CF: This is what I do. My seat in the finale is looking real cute right about now!
Track Record
Cast Shot w/ Placements
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2023.03.07 18:26 dankrmemer [TOMT] [song] by female singer from around 2010-2017

Repost. I’m getting really desperate as i have tried everything. Also sorry for the long post.
It was a chill, calm and a little dark sounding, pop-ish(?) song with a female vocalist. Her voice was soft and quiet, almost a whisper at times. Also it was pretty feminine but not too high pitched but in some parts of the song she would sing this melody which went like „a aha ahaha“ ( ) in a much higher pitched and louder voice. Her voice and singing, as well as the melody had a very Ellie Goulding vibe but it wasn‘t her. The instrumentals were some kind of electronic sounds (maybe a piano, bell or xylophone). At the beginning of the song and after each chorus (i think) was a relatively fast bit with one of these instruments. Otherwise, the melody throughout the song was slower and kinda ‚chunky‘ and less busy. It sounded a lot like the part in Glamorous by Fergie at the beginning when she sings „We flying first class“ but in a different pitch and not as energetic. (Here is a link of me trying to sing the melody in question (not the Fergie one): ) -> she would sing during this part. The lyrics might have contained something like „keep it going“ or something similar but i don‘t quite remember. The song is from around 2010-2017, could be older though - or maybe a sample of an older song. It was not that popular where i live (Germany) but it was on the radio a couple of times.
Keep in mind that i‘m going off of my memories so the song could differ a bit from what i have described here. Every kind of help or recommendation is highly appreciated as i am really desperate. I have checked out a lot of artists and internet resources but couldn‘t find it anywhere.
previous suggestions by you: - Hey Now by London Grammar - Down by Marian Hill - Martina Topley Bird - Ocean Eyes by Billie Eilish - Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift - Lorde - Lana del Rey - City lights by Blanche - Motion sickness by Phoebe Bridgers - Saw you in a dream by The Japanese House - Mitski - Christine and the queens - The Greatest by Sia - Sweet Ophelia by Zella Day
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2023.03.07 16:38 escapew33d Help, I have done it again. I have been here many times before. Hurt myself again today. And the worst part is there's no-one else to blame.

Lyrics to Breathe Me by Sia.
Just exactly expresses how I feel.
I know exactly my trigger. In fact, I tolerated it for 2.5 months. Moving cities for a new job that once I started I realized is a toxic work environment. It is also a type of job that is very really busy/stressful/high pressure even if the work environment was healthy and they gave me the resources I need to do my job properly (which I currently don't have).
So I know my trigger. I tried to cope a bit with other "healthy" strategies. But I didn't even try that hard.
I first self harmed like 17 years ago, and it took me a long time, but I pretty much stopped. Self harmed like twice in the past three years, just a one time thing and never made it a habit again.
Now it's the 3rd day I'm back at it. I can feel it inside, I'm just saying fuck it. It feels so good and I missed it so much and I want new scars.
Desperate times call for desperate measures right?
It's like, this situation is bad enough that I'm allowed to go back to self harm right? I'm trying to justify it but I'm also just making the choice to not call someone, not do yoga, not find a gym in the new city. I just don't have energy. I'm making the choice to embrace this relapse. I want to relapse. I'm sick of trying. I've been thinking about it for years and held on. But I just can't anymore. Something's gotta give at some point.
It's better than the alternative anyway...
edit: thanks for reading I think I just needed to get this off my chest. If anyone relates or has any words of wisdom I'd be happy to read you!
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2023.03.07 16:02 RobYaLunch Billboard Chart Discussion - Week Of March 11, 2023

Billboard Hot 100 chart
Position Title Artist ▲/▼ Last week Weeks Charting Peak
1 Die For You The Weeknd & Ariana Grande ▲+5 6 31 1
2 Flowers Miley Cyrus ▼-1 1 7 1
3 Kill Bill SZA ▼-1 2 12 2
4 Boy's A Liar, Pt. 2 PinkPantheress & Ice Spice ▼-1 3 4 3
5 Last Night Morgan Wallen - 5 5 3
6 Creepin' Metro Boomin, The Weeknd & 21 Savage ▼-2 4 13 3
7 TQG Karol G x Shakira ▲+94 [FRESH] 1 7
8 Unholy Sam Smith & Kim Petras ▼-1 7 23 1
9 Anti-Hero Taylor Swift ▼-1 8 19 1
10 Cuff It Beyonce ▼-1 9 29 6
11 I'm Good (Blue) David Guetta & Bebe Rexha ▼-1 10 27 4
12 Just Wanna Rock Lil Uzi Vert ▼-1 11 20 10
13 Thought You Should Know Morgan Wallen ▲+2 15 29 12
14 As It Was Harry Styles ▼-2 12 48 1
15 Calm Down Rema & Selena Gomez ▲+4 19 26 15
16 Players Coi Leray ▲+1 17 9 16
17 Rock And A Hard Place Bailey Zimmerman ▼-1 16 38 16
18 Under The Influence Chris Brown - 18 25 12
19 Thank God Kane Brown With Katelyn Brown ▼-6 13 25 13
20 Rich Flex Drake & 21 Savage ▼-6 14 17 2
21 You Proof Morgan Wallen ▼-1 20 42 5
22 Escapism RAYE Featuring 070 Shake ▲+1 23 13 22
23 Lavender Haze Taylor Swift ▼-1 22 19 2
24 Going, Going, Gone Luke Combs - 24 16 23
25 Painting Pictures Superstar Pride ▲+9 34 3 25
26 Something In The Orange Zach Bryan - 26 45 10
27 Until I Found You Stephen Sanchez ▲+4 31 35 23
28 Sure Thing Miguel - 28 31 28
29 Heart Like A Truck Lainey Wilson - 29 16 29
30 Superhero (Heroes & Villains) Metro Boomin, Future & Chris Brown ▼-5 25 13 8
31 Golden Hour JVKE ▼-4 27 27 10
32 Snooze SZA ▲+1 33 12 29
33 Shirt SZA ▼-1 32 18 11
34 Made You Look Meghan Trainor ▼-13 21 19 11
35 Bad Habit Steve Lacy ▼-5 30 35 1
36 The Kind Of Love We Make Luke Combs - 36 32 8
37 I Like You (A Happier Song) Post Malone Featuring Doja Cat - 37 36 3
38 Wait For U Future Featuring Drake & Tems ▼-3 35 41 1
39 Love You Anyway Luke Combs ▼-1 38 3 15
40 Wait In The Truck HARDY Featuring Lainey Wilson ▲+1 41 26 23
41 Bebe Dame Fuerza Regida X Grupo Frontera ▼-2 39 10 25
42 Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 Bizarrap & Shakira ▼-2 40 7 9
43 Nobody Gets Me SZA ▲+5 48 12 10
44 Favorite Song Toosii ▲+7 51 2 44
45 She Had Me At Heads Carolina Cole Swindell ▼-3 42 36 16
46 Bloody Mary Lady Gaga ▲+1 47 9 46
47 Spin Bout U Drake & 21 Savage ▲+10 57 17 5
48 X Si Volvemos Karol G x Romeo Santos ▲+43 91 4 48
49 Unstoppable Sia ▲+1 50 29 28
50 About Damn Time Lizzo ▼-5 45 42 1
51 One Thing At A Time Morgan Wallen ▲+9 60 13 37
52 Dawns Zach Bryan Featuring Maggie Rogers ▼-9 43 5 42
53 Special Lizzo Featuring SZA ▲+2 55 3 52
54 What He Didn't Do Carly Pearce ▼-1 53 11 53
55 Handle On You Parker McCollum ▲+3 58 9 55
56 Watch This (ARIZONATEARS Pluggnb Remix) Lil Uzi Vert ▲+6 62 2 56
57 Que Vuelvas Carin Leon X Grupo Frontera ▼-1 56 10 50
58 Wild As Her Corey Kent ▲+1 59 21 58
59 Love Again The Kid LAROI ▼-5 54 5 40
60 Ceilings Lizzy McAlpine ▲+15 75 2 60
61 Freestyle Lil Baby ▲+3 64 22 59
62 Heaven Niall Horan ▲+1 63 2 62
63 Low SZA ▲+2 65 12 17
64 I Wrote The Book Morgan Wallen ▼-3 61 5 38
65 Lift Me Up Rihanna ▼-13 52 18 2
66 Kant Nobody Lil Wayne Featuring DMX ▲+35 [FRESH] 1 66
67 Next Thing You Know Jordan Davis - 67 6 67
68 Mientras Me Curo del Cora Karol G ▲+33 [FRESH] 1 68
69 In Ha Mood Ice Spice ▼-1 68 4 68
70 Tennessee Orange Megan Moroney ▼-4 66 12 53
71 Gucci Los Panos Karol G ▲+30 [FRESH] 1 71
72 Private Landing Don Toliver Featuring Justin Bieber & Future ▲+29 [FRESH] 1 72
73 Tus Gafitas Karol G ▲+28 [FRESH] 1 73
74 Gatubela Karol G x Maldy ▲+27 -- 11 37
75 Nonsense Sabrina Carpenter ▼-3 72 7 56
76 Forever Lil Baby Featuring Fridayy ▲+5 81 8 8
77 No More Talk Yeat ▲+24 [FRESH] 1 77
78 You Didn't Brett Young ▼-7 71 8 63
79 Split Yeat ▲+22 [FRESH] 1 79
80 AMG Gabito Ballesteros, Peso Pluma & Natanael Cano ▼-10 70 6 66
81 10:35 Tiesto Featuring Tate McRae ▼-8 73 6 69
82 Cairo Karol G & Ovy On The Drums ▲+19 [FRESH] 1 82
83 Shmunk Yeat Featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again ▲+18 [FRESH] 1 83
84 Hope NF ▼-35 49 2 49
85 That's What Tequila Does Jason Aldean ▼-8 77 8 77
86 Pero Tu Karol G & Quevedo ▲+15 [FRESH] 1 86
87 Trance Metro Boomin, Travis Scott & Young Thug ▼-11 76 4 42
88 Dirt Key Glock ▲+13 [FRESH] 1 88
89 Joe Luke Combs ▲+12 [FRESH] 1 89
90 Gold Dierks Bentley ▲+9 99 2 90
91 PRC Peso Pluma X Natanael Cano ▼-12 79 4 73
92 Human Cody Johnson ▼-7 85 7 84
93 Everything I Love Morgan Wallen ▼-13 80 5 51
94 Here With Me d4vd ▼-16 78 9 60
95 Ojos Ferrari Karol G, Justin Quiles & Angel Dior ▲+6 [FRESH] 1 95
96 Besties Karol G ▲+5 [FRESH] 1 96
97 Yandel 150 Yandel & Feid ▼-7 90 4 90
98 Manana Sera Bonito Karol G & Carla Morrison ▲+3 [FRESH] 1 98
99 The Color Violet Tory Lanez ▼-15 84 9 63
100 Die 4 Me Halsey ▲+1 [FRESH] 1 100
Billboard Global 200 chart (most popular songs globally)
Position Title Artist ▲/▼ Last week Weeks Charting Peak
1 TQG Karol G x Shakira ▲+100 [FRESH] 1 1
2 Die For You The Weeknd & Ariana Grande ▲+17 19 52 2
3 Flowers Miley Cyrus ▼-2 1 7 1
4 Kill Bill SZA ▼-2 2 12 1
5 Boy's A Liar, Pt. 2 PinkPantheress & Ice Spice ▼-2 3 4 3
6 Calm Down Rema & Selena Gomez ▼-2 4 35 3
7 Bzrp Music Sessions, Vol. 53 Bizarrap & Shakira ▼-2 5 8 2
8 Unholy Sam Smith & Kim Petras ▼-2 6 23 1
9 Creepin' Metro Boomin, The Weeknd & 21 Savage ▼-2 7 13 3
10 Last Night Morgan Wallen ▲+2 12 5 10
Billboard 200 chart
Position Title Artist Sales Change Last week Weeks Charting
1 Manana Sera Bonito Karol G err err [FRESH] 1
2 SOS SZA 86,206 (419 pure) +1% 1 12
3 Cracker Island Gorillaz 58,289 (43,299 pure) -- [FRESH] 1
4 AfterLyfe Yeat err err [FRESH] 1
5 Midnights Taylor Swift 47,658 (10,835 pure) -13% 3 19
6 Dangerous: The Double Album Morgan Wallen 43,093 (1,243 pure) -1% 5 112
7 Heroes & Villains Metro Boomin 42,030 (251 pure) -9% 4 13
8 Love Sick Don Toliver 37,849 (804 pure) -- [FRESH] 1
9 Starboy The Weeknd err err 14 278
10 Un Verano Sin Ti Bad Bunny 37,909 (571 pure) -7% 6 43
Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Why is X artist higher than Y artist on the 200 chart, even though X artist sold less?
A: This is because of a discrepancy between Billboard's ranking and the ranking from the website that the sales data is scraped from
Q: Where do you get the sales data from?
Q: What does "err" mean on the 200 chart?
A: If you are seeing "err", that means that the bot I use to gather chart data couldn't identify sales data for a particular album because of a difference in album naming between Billboard and HitsDailyDouble
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2023.03.02 17:38 EngineeringDispute Six in February = 14/52. Enjoyed them all but my god you guys were right about Project Hail Mary 😘👌🏻

Six in February = 14/52. Enjoyed them all but my god you guys were right about Project Hail Mary 😘👌🏻 submitted by EngineeringDispute to 52book [link] [comments]