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Professional eSports in a Bar

2011.06.09 03:29 o_Oskar Professional eSports in a Bar

----- *"For fans, watching in bars fulfills their desire to share the love of a game that many watched at home alone before. Fans organize so-called Barcraft events, taking over pubs and bistros from Honolulu to Florida and switching big-screen TV sets to Internet broadcasts of professional game matches happening often thousands of miles away."* - [The Wall Street Journal]( ----

2016.10.19 23:01 90405 The way to the volcano is teamwork.

A place for players of Battlezone on the PSVR to meet, find co-op companions, discuss strategy, hints and tips, and more.

2016.12.16 17:48 CrazyGabey Corrupt Clearfield

Learn how false domestic allegations and corrupt government officials conspired to destroy one man’s life.

2023.06.09 22:24 ReturnOfTheMacAndChz Prop Comedy is Stand up ... right?

Hello guys and gals. Thanks for that applause! Now let me give you all a big hand.
Ok this is my box of props. Oh look at what we have here... a telephone for when you're lost in the Mariana trench. Ummm hello a little help please?
Here's a good one! No grandma I can't see in front of you.
lets see lets see OH! For when you can't catch the ice cream man. 'hey wait can i get a Blue Tornado bar!'
Whats next?
Never be born in a waiting room again!!
No? Ok how about this. You'll love this one! Ok ok ok. guess who i am guess who i am. bigly
Thank you thank you! have a good.....BITE?!?!?!
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2023.06.09 22:23 HorrorJunkie123 I Work at a Small Town McDonald's. My Manager Makes us Follow a Strange Set of Rules - I Think I'm in Way Over my Head.

If you need to catch up, you can do so here.
A couple of college kids stumbled in, trying to hide the fact that they were obviously stoned out of their minds, and retrieved a pickup order. I watched as they clumsily staggered out the door. One of them held it politely for a small old lady. An old lady wearing a shawl. She didn’t utter so much as a thank you, beelining up to the register with purpose. I was exhausted, up well past my normal operating hours, so I had completely forgotten about the rules. Big mistake.
The woman glowered up at me, face obscured from view. Her head covering was black as well as the rest of her outfit, not unlike a ninja you’d see in a movie. The aura she radiated frightened me, but not enough to release me from my sleepy haze.
“Hello, how can I help you?” I yawned, lazily covering my mouth.
The woman didn’t move a muscle. She scowled at me, yellow reptilian eyes piercing my psyche and sending my heart into overdrive.
“Ma’am? Would you like to order something?”
Nothing. The longer we continued our staring match, the more sedated I felt, and not just due to the lack of sleep. She had some sort of strange pull over me. I nearly nodded off, my mind wandering back to the instructions.
Before I passed out, I murmured, “where’s Tony?”
Suddenly, I was released from my trance and the woman was nowhere to be found. Like she had simply vanished into thin air. My eyes widened. That was close. Too close. I trudged to the sink and splashed some cool water in my face, then poured myself a large cup of coffee. I knew it would probably keep me up well past closing, but hey, if it helped me avoid another incident like that, I was all for it.
I had just finished dumping the dustpan into the trash when I felt it. A peculiar sensation crept over me like bugs crawling on the back of my neck. I was being watched. But from where? I sensed it coming from the drive thru. I whipped my head in its direction. Empty. It shifted to the dining area. No one was there. I grew lightheaded and panic began to surge through my system. A breeze swept past my ear, and I swear I could hear a soft almost imperceptible voice whisper, “Blair.”
I bolted to the office, slamming the door shut as quickly as I could. What was that? I paced around the office like a caged animal, anxiously waiting for something, anything to happen. After what felt like an eternity, it began to dissipate without incident. I sat there for a moment, contemplating if this was really the right career path for me.
Was every night like this? I was snapped back to reality by static emanating from my headset. I ripped it off until the noise stopped. A bumbling male voice crackled through it.
“Hey, uh, is this place open?” he slurred, obviously under the influence.
“Yeah. What do you want to order?”
I was beginning to lose my cool. Between all the strange occurrences and the inebriated customers, my patience was wearing thin.
“I’ll have a filet-o-fish meal.”
“Coming right up.”
I made my way back to the kitchen and began preparing his order.
“Who the hell comes to McDonald’s at one-thirty in the morning for a freaking filet-o-fish?” I grumbled, purposely dousing his sandwich in sauce.
I served the man, hoping to be rid of him as soon as possible.
“Thanks. Hey, is that a kid at the counter?”
I turned my head and sure enough, there he was. A mess of blonde tangles and deep blue eyes peered at me from the register. I sighed.
“Yeah, I’ll take care of him. Have a good night.”
Click here to continue reading.
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2023.06.09 22:23 AsleepOcelot6 Carpool to upcoming UC Berkeley Hackathon

I'm a non-Berkeley student currently located in Palo Alto, and was recently admitted to the hackathon. I was wondering if anyone is near me and planning to drive there and willing to carpool. I don't have my own car but I will pitch in for gas or treat you for a meal!
I also don't have a team if anyone is looking to fill slots. I am currently an ML intern and recently built a tool that scrapes data of any input website, embeds and stores it into pinecone, and creates augmented queries that can be passed into any LLM (similar to chatbase but with more flexibility for our company).
Please comment or DM me if you're interested in carpooling or having me on your team!
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2023.06.09 22:23 threepedalsorbust Advice on subwoofer/amp combo for my 2023 VW GTI

I'm looking to install a 12 inch ported subwoofer in my 2023 VW GTI. However I need some advice on part information regarding the quality of brand product lines (Alpine Type S/R,JL W's, Kicker Comp C/VR) since it's been about a full 10 years since I last put together a system in my car and also I just am not very knowledgeable about all this.
I sorta gather how brands that used to reign supreme back then went through a steep degradation of quality control so their products now are nowhere near as solid as they used to be, ie Alpine Type R Subs, JL W Series Subs, etc.
I ran 2 12" JLw0s in a sealed ebay box for a bit for my first setup ever with some random amp then w2's which were absolutely amazing, I loved that. Those sounded so damn good, I enjoyed that setup a lot just to give some frame of reference for what I'm looking for except now I want a single ported 12" ideally cause I want to keep some room in my hatch of my GTI.
Another important reference point comes from when I heard my buddie's single 12" Alpine Type S (Sealed I think) in his old 2004 VW GTI which sounded SO good that I always wished my 2 12" JL setup was even half as good. It was most likely just a better tuned setup with actual thought and knowledge put into things better quality parts etc, what a shocker that it was so much better right?
Anyways, I listen to primarily rap, some uk garage, and metal/hardcore. I have always loved powerful, clean, loud bass with my music. I'm a total audiophile but I don't have the budget nowadays to afford
What I really would want is something like a Sundown 12" setup with a custom box tuned perfectly, like stupid low @ 24hz and I realize that my low budget won't be able to allow buying a setup that can accommodate anything close to that low of a frequency.
I have a ~$500 budget for sub, box, and amp. I have an LC2i and Knuconceptz Kolossus 4 gauge OFC amp install kit already.
Really want a powerful, reliable, clean sounding setup that would compliment the music genres I enjoy listening to the most that sounds the best at primarily the lower range of frequencies but still performs decent in higher frequencies. Most important is clean, impressive sounding low end.
I really wish I knew someone that could build me a custom enclosure for a good price but unfortunately I don't think a custom enclosure is in the cards which is why I'm considering only prefab stuff...
I've been thinking of:
$360 Kicker Solo Baric L7S passive 2ohm 750w RMS + box
$260 Kicker Comp R passive 2ohm 500w RMS + box
$280 Kicker Solo Baric L7T passive 2ohm 600w RMS + box
~$200 Alpine Type R 2ohm just the driver and find some prefab somewhere online that would do it justice.
And finally the best one, my top pick I think:
$280 Sundown SA-12 D4 Classic dual 4ohm 750w RMS - Only possibly issue is that 4ohm might not suit my needs but this thing might slap so hard it might not even matter lol. I don't think I'd be able to get an enclosure that would do this thing justice at all, at least not for a year or so when I can work on paying for a custom box for it. It's just hard to justify paying the equal cost of the sub itself on an enclosure at the moment but for a Sundown it would be worth it down the line.
For all of those subs though I'm totally clueless as to what amps I should run...
If you made it through this flood of text I salute you and would GREATLY appreciate any help in pointing me in the right direction. I want to get everything installed this month so I want easily accessible parts. Thanks!!!
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2023.06.09 22:22 huckbarnes Technic 1500C Frustrations

I'm at my wit's end with my tone arm! It skates backwards near the end of records. I've adjusted the weight and the anti-skate but it still does it. AND with that much pressure on the record, it sounds awful. Super sibilant.
But that's not my biggest problem. What's driving me crazy is that I'm getting ZERO help from Technics! They have no phone number. They have no chatbot. Panasonic will not field Technic calls. All I'm left with is an email form. I've now emailed them 4 times over the past week. Absolutely no reply.
Has anyone else had this type of problem and dead end? Any help is appreciated!
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2023.06.09 22:22 NotReadyForGameOver ¿Sobrepienso?

Hace unas semanas mi novia está todo el día hablando con un amigo que conocio en el trabajo (4 meses de verlo 1 día a la semana).
Hubo una secuencia rara de inicio que me generó mucha duda e inseguridad, yo estaba de pesca a 200km lejos de mi casa cuando me llega un mensaje por la tarde noche diciéndome que iba a salir con este amigo a solas porque la otra amiga canceló.
Cuando llegó al día siguiente me cuenta lo que pasó esa noche, fueron a un bar a comer, tomar, después fueron al cine y desde que terminó la película a la media noche hasta las 2.30 AM estuvieron en el auto del tipo dando vueltas, hablando y fumando marihuana. De por sí eso ya me pareció raro pero lo charlamos y quedó ahí, nego cualquier cosa que haya pasado y dice que solo es su amigo.
Los posteriores días la convivencia es que ella esté todo el día con el celular hablando con el, riéndose y a mi ojo totalmente sesgado parece enamoramiento. Tambien hablado con ella y solo comenta que está muy feliz de tener amigos (también está muy contenta con tener una amiga del trabajo)
Resulta que ya pasado bastantes días estoy dejando pasar el tema y calmando mi mente de dudas pero ahora cuando le envía audios por Whatsapp habla bajo a diferencia de como lo hace con otras amistades. (Esto implica a que yo trate de escuchar lo que estaba diciendo por lo que no puedo decirle esto)
¿Cómo ven estás actitudes? ¿que opinan? ¿es normal en amistades? (yo no tengo amigas ni amigos cercanos para tener una referencia)
Detalles: - Yo trabajo en casa y por eso veo todo esto. - Venimos mal hace meses - Ni tenemos relaciones sexuales por esto último y porque a ella dice no interesarle mucho - No la divierto al tener salidas cuando con otras personas me remarca que si
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2023.06.09 22:21 bwma My employer has been directly depositing my paychecks into a lab account other than mine. What can I do?

I started a job in February. I gave them my account information for direct deposit. From then on I would get an email showing my pay stub and so I was assuming it was going into my account. Recently my bank contacted me because my account was overdrawn.
I went to the bank to see what was going on. As they went through everything, the noticed that there were zero deposits from my employer. I’m owed nearly $12k and my employer is not eager to help. What can I do? How can I recover money that is mine.
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2023.06.09 22:21 Accomplished-Rent-64 Pay your performers!

Pay your performers!
Hi there! Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me, I’m a drag performer from the Wellington region and I recently performed for a local bar - after the night was all wrapped up I inquired about sending an invoice and receiving my payment (it is standard practice to pay a drag performer ranging from ($100-$400) I was informed that because I was given free drinks and food on the night that I will not get any payment in Lou of the food and drinks (a small charcuterie board and some wine) I was not told this prior to accepting the gig and as drag takes 3-4 hours to get into, travelling to and from the gig and being in drag at the bar from 7.30pm till 12am I expected to be paid fairly, I have attached the original email outlining the night where no payment is mentioned or in Lou of, previously this bar HAS paid me for my work so I’m super upset and confused about this
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2023.06.09 22:21 blindsight List of completed LitRPGs (final version, possibly)

In protest of Reddit's API changes, I have just finished deleting as much of my post and comment history as possible. I have heard that this list has been useful for many readers over the years, so I am reposting the list as a new post here, instead of a comment.
I expect I will be using Reddit very little, if at all, going forward. I will not be updating this list any longer.
Thank you all! It's been fabulous being part of this community.
Each subsection has my favourites near the top, then aren't really in order.

Complete LitRPGs:

Threadbare series (including Small Medium and Dragon Hack) by Seiple (suggested order: trilogies TB1, SM, DH, TB2) Limitless Lands by Henegar Master Hunter K by From Hell World Tree Online by Hooper New Game Minus by Lin (and Street Cultivation, but it's not a LitRPG) Light Online by Larcombe Eternal Online by Reynolds Retired S-Rank Adventurer by Wolfe & Falcon Life Reset by Kuznits Blessed Time and Viceroy's Pride by Plamann Towers of Heaven by Milan CivCEO by Karevik Forever Fantasy Online by Aaron and Bach (great series, but very limited progression; max level from the beginning) This Trilogy is Broken (a.k.a. This Quest is Bullshit! from Royal Road) by Valentine (a.k.a. Nixia) War Aeternus by Dean PrimeVerse by Billiau Everybody Loves Large Chests by Iliev (NSFW gore, nudity, demons raping each other but asexual protagonist doesn't understand sexuality and is mostly uninvolved) Somnia Online by Hanna The Dungeon Alaria by Kern Rise to Omniscience by Oster The Idle System by Pegaz Last Born of Ki'darth by McGowen Accidental Traveler (two complete trilogies) by Davis Savage Dominion by Chmilenko & Penman The Last Warrior of Unigaea and The Feedback Loop by Cooper Factory of the Gods (a.k.a. Keldora) by Raizman (complete arc; once *Dinosaur Dungeon** concludes, this series will continue.)* Nova Online by Knight Axe Druid by Johns Tower Climber and Arcane Kingdom Online by Tanner Emerilia by Chatfield Euphoria Online by Tucker Aether Gate Online by Hultberg Chronicles of Ethan (and standalone sequel Overpowered Howard) by Monk System Apocalypse, Adventures on Brad, and Hidden Wishes by Wong Combat Codes by Darwin is great, but it's /ProgressionFantasy Below here I haven't read yet: Death's Mantle by Cooper Space Seasons by Chapman Heroic Villain, and Bathrobe Knight by Dean Metagamer Chronicles by Hunter Fall of the Black Seraph by O'Kelley (a.k.a. The Genesis Game by Locke) Afterlife Online by Finn The Iron Teeth by Straughan Dungeons of Perdition by Basu Pangea Online by Rowland The Weaponized by Deckard Never Die Twice and Kairos by Durand (a.k.a. Void Herald on RR) Headshot Online by Siege Trinity of the Kairos by Sinclair Chronicles of Wycon by Moore Abduction Cycles by Cressman They Called Me MAD and The Houndsman by Pal The Bright Lord by Knowles Nora Hazard by Corvin Beast Realms by Jones Arena Manager by Opo Frostworld by Peel Magnus by Prime Metamorphosis Online by Grey Alterlife by Moss Underverse by Cajiao The Orzare Chronicles by O Toole Alpha Physics by Kozlowski Legends of Ascension by Hultberg Badges of Dorkdom by Hodges Star Divers by Landry Legendary Farmer by Elizabeth Oswald Class Shift by Sean Oswald Ten Realms by Chatfield The Weight of it All by Thorn Phase Shift by Johnson Voidbringer Campaign by Hall Sky Realms by Osgood Cultivator vs. System by Valerios Uniworld Online and Glendara Awakens by Brooks Freedom Online by Lingard Enora Online by Adams Harbinger by Keene Bad Luck Charlie (a.k.a. Dragon Mage) by Baron Apocosmos by Gkirgkiris Real-Time Starcommander by Gregory Dungeon Realms by Yang Death's Favorite Warlock by Dean The Game of Gods by Kern Tower Apocalypse by Cassius & Tang Real-Time Starcommander by Gregory Hack, Slash & Burn by Herzman Cowboy Necromancer (some novellas to follow) & Tokens & Towers by Cooper Apocalypse Gates (and I think other series) by Schinhofen (I've heard there are lots of sex scenes and he's known for "secret harems")

Standalone LitRPGs:

How to Defeat a Demon King in Ten Easy Steps by Rowe Tales from the Upgrade by Henegar The Card Job by Falbo (I used to also include The Crafting of Chess, but it now has a sequel. Regardless, it's already a complete story in 1 volume.) Leveled Up Love by Wong and Marshall Battle Spire by Miller Kaiju: Battlefield Surgeon by Dinniman (trigger warning: gore, abuse of various types) Below here I haven't read yet: Zombie Slayer by Milan Axilon99 by Cox The Ridden by Kern Aether Frontier by McCoskey Royal Bodyguard and Just A Bronze by Richter Hazelhearth Hires Heroes by Willison Nigmus Online by Barnett An Old Man's Journey by Allanther Toothless by Thomas

Sci-Fi LitRPGs:

(this is my attempt to include science fiction stories with LitRPG elements, but that focus on the science-fiction implications of VAI/games, not on progression)
Continue Online by Morse Virtual Realities by Schott Puatera Online by Chapman (the first three books have very little /ProgressionFantasy elements; later books are a bit more typical of the genre)

Series that can be read as complete with a midway stopping point, but have been continued:

The Gam3 by Yap (a sequel series started in August on RR, but book 3 ends a complete story) Nova Terra by Ring (to be continued in Forgemaster )

Series that are on permanent (?) hiatus but at a stopping point that could be an ending:

Desire by Milan (not harem... Really poorly-named series! Milan calls it complete, but it's an open ending.) Monster Hunter NYC by Cooper (harem) Below here I haven't read yet: Greystone Chronicles, Shadow Sun, The Darkelf Chronicles and Mars System Reboot by Willmarth

Dungeon core series:

Elemental Dungeon (a.k.a. Bone Dungeon) by Smidt Dungeon Crafting, Dungeon Fairy, Dungeon World, Station Core, Dungeon of Chance and Holiday Dungeon Core by Brooks Derelict by Henegar (complete trilogy; more books to come) Divine Seed (a.k.a. Tree Dungeon) by Karevik Bio Dungeon by Logue and Brooks Divine Dungeon by Krout (imho stronger as a complete trilogy, but it's also a complete series at five books.) Guild Core by Reynolds Futuristic Dungeon Core by Grant Below here I haven't read yet: A Lonely Dungeon (RR) by cathfach Cat Core and War Core by Henegar Blue Core by InadvisablyCompelled (adult content chapters marked; I assume so they can be skipped)

Complete web serials:

Worth the Candle by Wales The Infinite Labyrinth by Vincent Archer The Humble Life of a Skill Trainer by altonsleet Mother of Learning by nobody103 is amazing, but it's /progressionfantasy not LitRPG. Below here I haven't read yet: Vainquer the Dragon by Void Herald Azarinth Healer by Rhaegar (book 1 on KU, epilogue to follow still) Everybody Loves Large Chests by Exterminatus (trigger warning: rapey demon sex, gratuitous gorey violence) (also Small Chests Are Fine Too) more NSFW than KU version? Epilogue by Etzoli Damage=MA: A Rolling Stone LitRPG by zechamp Death Singer by geminirand Or maybe just peruse COMPLETE-tagged stories on Royal Road.

Russian-translated complete LitRPG series:

Level Up by Sugralinov Dark Herbalist by Atamanov The Way of the Shaman by Mahanenko (ending on book 6) AlterWorld by Rus Below here I haven't read yet: Galactogon by Mahanenko Animus and Chronicles of KieraFreya by Anderle Mirror World by Osadchuk Realm of Arkon by Akella An NPC's Path by Kornev The Neuro by Livadny Clan Dominance by Mikhailov The Final Countdown by Ulengov

Asian translated LitRPGs:

Master Hunter K (on KU) by From Hell Solo Leveling/I Alone Level Up by Sung-Lak Infinite Competitive Dungeon Society and Everyone Else is a Returnee by Toika The Legendary Mechanic by Peija Seoul Station Necromancer by Jin Rebirth of the Thief Who Roamed the World by Mad Snail Reincarnation of the Strongest Sword God by Lucky Old Cat Emperor of Solo Play by D-Dart borderline LitRPG: Throne of Magical Arcana by Cuttlefish That Loves Diving A Returner's Magic Should be Special by So-Nan Below here I haven't read yet: Demon King by Toika Advent of the Archmage by Mo Xiang Night Ranger by Dark Blue Coconut Milk Warlock of the Magus World by The Plagiarist Desolate Era by I Eat Tomatoes The Second Coming of Gluttony by Ro Yu-jin And there are a lot of complete translated cultivation web serials; search over at /ProgressionFantasy or /NovelTranslations for recs. I also expect this list is missing many complete series. Please recommend any you think are worth reading!

Harem series

World Seed by Miller Reborn by Jackson Reborn as a Baron Lord by Yang Wolf King's Lair by Drake
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2023.06.09 22:21 Accomplished-Rent-64 Pay your performers!

Hi there! Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me, I’m a drag performer from the Wellington region and I recently performed for a local bar - after the night was all wrapped up I inquired about sending an invoice and receiving my payment (it is standard practice to pay a drag performer ranging from ($100-$400) I was informed that because I was given free drinks and food on the night that I will not get any payment in Lou of the food and drinks (a small charcuterie board and some wine) I was not told this prior to accepting the gig and as drag takes 3-4 hours to get into, travelling to and from the gig and being in drag at the bar from 7.30pm till 12am I expected to be paid fairly, I have attached the original email outlining the night where no payment is mentioned or in Lou of, previously this bar HAS paid me for my work so I’m super upset and confused about this
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2023.06.09 22:20 Almightytubs90 Heavy & Explosive Build

Howdy all,
I just spent far too long and many, many trial and error edits to arrive at my (hopefully) final version of a hybrid build, so I thought I’d share!
The idea is to have full health, live in power armor, and destroy your foes with any and all heavy weapons, explosive or otherwise!
Now, the end point of this build requires a few specific end-game bits, but revolves around a full set of Union Power Armor (poison resist let’s you drop Funky Duds and carry weight rules) with AMMO weight reduction on 4~5 pieces. The other stars are actually quite flexible, but I’ve included some examples that would be useful. Overeater’s and Fire Resist would be ideal, but that ammo is priority one - it lets you drop three different perks for weight management and carry the whole armory with you easily.
For the perks, I like varied Legendary stuff so I only took one SPECIAL. Energy Absorption is pretty important, but the other legendaries are totally flexible. Early on, you’d want Inspirational (you could drop Gunsmith or Chem Fiend easily enough) and Funky Duds but once you make it to full Union PA and all 6 legendary slots, I think those can both go back on the shelf, except for horde public events where I’d swap out Tenderizer. I also like Lock & Load and Bloody Mess since they work on launchers and heavies both. Finally, Basher is one you can swap in for melee events where a Shredder Minigun with no bullets does wonders 😎
For weapon legendaries, I’m a fan of Junkie’s (general use) and Anti-Armor (better for bosses).. Both are great all around though. You can also play with Aristocrats, but I like shopping! I listed 5 perma-addictions that I find suit this build, and take Psychobuff to go HAM. Second star explosive is fun, damage aiming is good, faster fire solid, loads of good options. Last star depends on the gun - breaks slower is always good, move speed while aiming is fun, reload speed for smaller mag weapons, you get the idea. Don’t need weight reduction with bear arms, though if you got it on every gun you could drop bear arms and finish heavy gunner perks.
Overall, I just use VATS to find targets, except when using a Gatling Gun or a Plasma Caster. The rest are gonna drain AP too fast to bother with, and it’s honestly more fun letting rip with 500 rounds of mayhem freehand!
So this may not compete with a Bloodied build for maximum deeps, but you basically can’t die (I’ve held the hill in mutated Eviction Notice on my own using my shredder) and you can carry EVERY SINGLE heavy weapon, copious ammo for each, and use them all effectively without respecs or load outs. This build is FUN, so give it a go if you’re fed up of that red HP bar, can’t afford unyielding everything, or even if you’re just new and looking for a roadmap to becoming a walking wrecking ball!
Much love, and any input is welcome! Got any tips for me, I’d love to hear them. Any questions, and I’ll do my best to answer.
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2023.06.09 22:20 Secure_Village_5747 Every season ranked

Hey guys, so I just finished binge-watching the entire series last night (after six months) so I figured that i'd give you guys my opinions

11). Double Feature
pretty basic last pick but it was really the best one. The two plots themselves were pretty good and if they were there own seasons they would've been higher, red tide in particular was really clever and pretty good. That being said, it was all just too rushed. Red tide felt hollow, it felt like it had to be rushed to a conclusion with no time to make it satisfying. Death valley was that x10. The season wasn't bad but it wasn't good, it was just nothing
10). Hotel
I really really don't like hotel, it felt like they tried to do too much with it and it wasn't captivating enough to pull it off, I personally just didn't find it all that interesting. The whole season felt like I was finally getting into it and then it jumped to something else totally random. There were many positives (for example, I liked more characters than I hated, even though I hated a few HARD) but I lost interest like 2/3rds through.
9). Apocalypse
Apocalypse would've been such a great season if they'd stuck to the original plot. After they killed the bunker crew off they spent far too much time on Michael's backstory, in fact they spent so much time on it that when the season ended I literally said to myself "wait, that's it, the seasons over?" They didn't need the coven or the murder house cast back and I would've much rather seen what they did with Tim and Emily or Ms. Venable. What really turned me off for this season was Michael's death, that was the most anti-climactic death I've ever seen and he's the son of Satan. Would re watch but not right away.
8). NYC
This was a fairly good season, it took a while to get the ball rolling but once they did the show was pretty good. The season had a lot of dull moments but also a lot of really climactic moments, my personal favorite was the hospital chase between Patrick, Gino, and the Mai Thai killer. The season also avoided a regular theme of AHS which is a week ending, the requiem is one of AHS' strongest endings.
7). Asylum
I like this season but not nearly as much as the fan base does. It was a really good, efficient, and fun season but it didn't quite jump at me like that. I thought the characters were done very nicely, the plot was entertaining, and overall it was very enjoyable. This season is a safe pick but it didn't stand out to me like some others did (except for the Thredson plot-line, OMG!)
6). Freak show
The hate this season gets doesn't feel totally deserved to me. Yes, the season did decline as time went on but not significantly enough to warrant that much hate. I loved the atmosphere of this season and everything felt like it fit. Overall, solid 7.5. Get's the bump over asylum because it feels more unique.
5). Murder house
Spectacular way to start the series, this season had me constantly wondering what was up with the season and I loved it. Constant twists and turns kept you on your toes and the characters were likable enough to enjoy (I mean some were, really disliked the Harmon parents and Larry). Great series start, loved it and it had me wanting more
4). Cult
This wasn't the perfect season by any means, i'll agree that the season is far too heavy-handed with political ideology and yes the Valerie Solanas episode was hot trash. Other than that though, this season is crazy good. Personally, I love shock horror so this season was a really good one for me, I was constantly shocked by what I was seeing and on top of being incredibly captivating, just made this season so good. Also, Kai Anderson is Evan Peters crown jewel of AHS (just saying).
3). Coven
This season made me feel invested in the way the previous two hadn't, this season totally hit on most aspects. The characters in this season are some of the best in the show's run, the plot was not only entertaining but also interesting, and I was genuinely unnerved a decent amount this season (which I love). Top tier season, no doubt
2). 1984
1984 was an homage to classic horror fans everywhere. The season was just so good and captivating, I loved the characters, I loved the cultural recreation, I loved the theme, and I loved the twists. I'm usually one to predict twists before they happen but the Margaret Booth reveal totally got me. Such an entertaining watch, I was sad when it was over.
1). Roanoke
There is no season quite like Roanoke, the season didn't focus much on atmosphere which I do think is very important but the scares made up for it. The season is the most investing and was honestly what I expected when I started watching the show. I was on edge a lot this season and it truly was just such a great experience. My favorite shot in this entire season is when Rory stands up in the hot tub and faces the house, completely unaware of the army of torches through the woods. Nobody notices and this placement has no payoff but it still sent chills down my spine, it's just a reminder that they are there and watching, waiting. I loved this!!
Let me know what you think, I know I've got weird opinions but I think they're fun.
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2023.06.09 22:20 MaynardWaltrip Spin Sccoters & the McDonalds Drive Through

When was the last time you could say you saw something for the first time?
Today was that day for me thanks to the folks taking the spin scooters thorough the Mickey D’s drive through near Trader Joe’s. I wouldn’t have thought to do that, but heck, why not?
I’ve heard of folks riding these through the tunnels, etc… what’s the craziest places you’ve seen ppl riding spin scooters in PGH?
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2023.06.09 22:19 throwthatawayjen02 Advice for a Female Seat (Facesitting)

Hello! I recently posted on this sub for some help and I love the advice I received!
So quick background, I met an older woman at a bar and she’s super into facesitting (like it’s all she wants to do and I am happy to let her haha). It was hard at first and I’m still working on improving to let her sit for longer, but I’m getting better. Her dream is to be able to sit on a girl’s face for like over a minute at a time or more without stopping. I’m not even close yet but I’m working on improving so I can do it for her 🥰
Yes yes I know if you read the other post I have to have a conversation and figure out how to set limits and stuff, but I really do enjoy doing it for her and I would love some advice on how to make it even more enjoyable for her.
For some more context when I say sitting I mean like sitting sitting. Not to get too graphic but like, full weight, directly on me while she takes care of herself lol. Because of the pressure I like physically couldn’t do anything if I wanted to do, and just sorta sit there while she does her thing. This sounds bad but I promise you I’m enjoying it haha. All I can really do is like tap her leg to let her know I need a break.
Okay so this is what I could use help on - is there anything I can do to make it more fun for her? It’s really clear she’s enjoying it (it’s all she talks about wanting to do to me haha and yea she looks reaallyyy satisfied when she’s done), but yea I just kinda let her do her thing. Again I LIKE IT. She asks me several times if I’m okay and if I want to stop and I always want to keep going and we keep meeting up haha.
But yea I guess I would like to hear from other women who enjoy doing something like this! What is it that would make it even better? What about it is she enjoying that I can make even more fun for her? I’ve done it a few times and while I’m still working on lasting longer, I want to also improve on other ways if I can. For reference it’s not breathing that I have an issue with, just holding the weight without getting scared or panicking haha.
Thank you!!
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2023.06.09 22:18 Bigtemp517 MVA attorney has check but we have not received our portion?

My wife’s MVA has settled and last Thursday we got an email from the paralegal saying they received the check and will notify us when the payment is ready.
I called twice and the receptionist says it’s jts in there accounting office and can’t give us any sort of time frame. Paralegal and attorney won’t call me back or email back.
Now I have been to the office and there are only 4 employees so this whole it’s in accounting line is bullshit.
I just called again and the paralegal and the Attoeney are in mediation she said (which I hear every time I call)…..
Come to find out this Attoeney has 2 reprimands from the state bar and being we filed so late their fee is 44% before medical is taken out
Guess this has turned more into a rant.
Am I being unreasonable to get a clear time frame on when we will receive our portion of the settlement? Any idea how long it usually takes from when the attorney receives the check to when the client gets their portion?
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2023.06.09 22:18 Psychological-Gas183 Kind of a funny glitch coinciding with first flight.

So I just purchased my first mod plane (the JC3 that you can get on Xbox) and when I went to fly it I just hurriedly set a small field near my actual home as a departure and hit fly. Immediately upon getting in the plane it started moving very quickly backwards. Add to that, I've been getting an odd throttle chop glitch and it actually took off and rolled over under idle power.
Obviously I was like "wtf, no reverse on this little guy lol". Restarted game twice and same thing. So I was beginning to think the plane code was jacked and I'd just wasted money. Tried all the usual things and nothing but then I realized that even holding full brake and stopped, the wind noise was insane. So I back out and realize that for some reason the live weather was showing 184 KNOT WINDS, straight headwind. I looked outside IRL of course and did not see any desert hurricanes or tornadoes and turned live weather off and all was well. Odd glitch, wonder how it happened.
TLDR: Funny coincidence of circumstances and glitches made me think a pro modder accidently programmed their plane to fly backward. Promptly realized it was Microsoft, Microsofting.
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2023.06.09 22:18 sapere_aude Tesla Collision center estimate

If you used a Tesla Collision center for collision repairs - how close was your final cost to the “preliminary estimate” ?
I’m planning to bring my Y to Tesla for collision repairs because they can get me in much sooner than the Tesla approved shop. I’m just worried the cost could change because their estimate is lower than a highly rated shop near me.
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2023.06.09 22:18 sopynO Replacing OEM Brakes/Rotors on 2018 RDX

I have a 2018 RDX with 80k miles on it. My brakes were squeaking so I took them to an Acura mechanic near my house to be looked at. He said that the pads are on their last few thousand miles and the rotors have hot spots and everything needs to be replaced soon (both front and back). He suggested I go with genuine OEM Acura Parts for replacement, but a bit of google searching has led me to understand that the OEM brake pads are not good on the RDXs in my year.
Does anyone have suggestions on what Aftermarket brake pads to buy, and if I should also go aftermarket for my rotors as well? He quoted me ~$1100 for parts and labor, I'm in Southern California.
Thanks in advance!

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2023.06.09 22:18 ItsMeUrDishie Inviting Crew for Drinks?

I've been working the pit at this place only a few months, but I've enjoyed my time here. I've been a dishwasher before, but I actually like this pit, I like the people throwing shit into it, too.
My birthday's a few months out. I got friends and stuff I could hang out with, but I honestly just want to grab a drink with the cooks. Partly because I've never worked with people I've wanted to see outside of work before, partly because I want them to see me outside the context of being a human garbage can.
Feels kinda cringe, though. I'm just the dishwasher, I haven't worked there very long, and I'm like, as old as the head chef, like 10 years older than most cooks. Some aren't even old enough to drink.
Plus, maybe it's drinks on my birthday, but it's still a work thing. I don't want someone to feel obligated to go somewhere/do something they don't want to, we all work hard and deserve our time alone.
I never intended to care about this job or these people, so I could just as easily leave the idea, but I was wondering if the idea is even appropriate to begin with? Just roll across the street to a bar after the shift for a bit, then everyone goes home?
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2023.06.09 22:18 throwaawayyyy714714 I unknowingly bought a 2018 with an LP Adventure lift-kit. How different are handling characteristics?

The car is entirely stock except for the LP kit - hence the oversight on my end. Was looking for a used/6MT car and was hard to find so I didn't get a chance to compare any other options back to back. Before I try to remove, I was wondering how negatively impacted on-road handing is with this kit? It looks like it is the 1.5 inch LP kit. I LOVE the car, but am just curious how much better the car might handle with the kit removed or adding any accommodating mods like sway-bars. My other car is a Miata so off-road stuff is all new to me. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 22:18 Quartz-crush Looking for advice

Hello! First time posting in here, looking for some advice on my current weight loss journey. I've tried a few times before in the last several years and always fell off of it, and I thought this time was working but I'm hitting a plateau after not much progress. Let me know if I need to provide more details..
I (29f, 5'5) started around 425 lbs, and began in mid-January this year. I use the Lose It! app for calorie tracking and while I have my off days for sanity, I am generally at or under my calorie limit. The app is set at the highest deficit, which should yield about 2lbs lost a week purely based on the math.
I go to the gym sometimes, but work and life are very busy and it is hard to make the time. When I do go, I stick to a little treadmill and mostly elliptical.
The past few weeks I have been hovering at 390-395, with the lowest being 389 about 3 weeks ago. I realize that there's a lot of little factors that affect weight and cause it to fluctuate. I only weigh in the morning and not every day.
The app has my calorie limit at about 2800 calories, which is a decrease from when I started as it changes with your progress. I have very few days I go over, and most days I am well under, in the 1500-2000 range.
I have all but completely cut out soda and drinks with sugar, sticking to zero sugar energy drinks for my caffeine fix and unsweetened tea or sugar free flavored watedrink mixes. Fast food is a minimum and when I do, I watch the calories. Mostly cooking at home and bringing homemade lunch to work, with dinner being my biggest meal. I tend to have several small low- calorie snacks throughout the day so I don't get as hungry, things like granola bars, apples, fruit snacks, string cheese. Lunch mains are usually simple sandwiches, soup, salads, or the small lunchables. Dinners vary a lot but I am meticulous about the calorie counts when I cook something thats not so simple, usually a meat and bread/pasta/potato side, or low calorie microwave meals if short on time.
All this to say, I feel like I shouldve made some progress in the last 3 weeks but I am stuck around 395ish. Am I doing something wrong? I realize I could exercise more but if I don't have time, shouldn't the calorie deficit be enough with my current weight? I looked at many different website calculators and they all say I need over 3000 a day to maintain my weight.
Any advice would be appreciated!
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2023.06.09 22:17 NoButterfly2830 The hardest thing I had to do was leave you

I love you and please don’t ever forget that.
You went away to school because I wanted you to follow your dreams. I didn’t know that it would come with losing you. We spent everyday together and every night we would fall asleep on FaceTime. When you got to school all that changed… we talked less and less everyday and those nightly FaceTime calls I held so close to my heart never rang again. I found myself depressed and would cry every night damn near for a hug from you and tell me you loved me. I told you multiple times how I would feel and you promised me you would change and we would talk more and I could start to FaceTime you more. Those changes never happened and yeah you would FaceTime me but it wasn’t long until you had to go.
Fuck this hurts
You told me it would only be one more year. One more year of me being unhappy and depressed. That’s something I can’t handle. Mentally and emotionally I would’ve given up if I had to do another year of that. I know that you love me because you would tell me everyday but it didn’t feel like it anymore. Please understand that I do still love and care for you very much but at this time we can no longer be my love.
I want you to take this time and grow. GROW to your full potential because I know damn well you have it in you. Find yourself! I love you my boots❤️.
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